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micahglooks like upstream Chromium almost fixed the build on arm :)04:58
suihkulokkimicahg: I and markos attached patches that fix chromium on armel/armhf to the debian bug05:07
micahgsuihkulokki: now I find out, I just uploaded a new version :)05:08
micahgok, I"ll grab them for the next updat05:08
micahgsuihkulokki: I realized that I was only checking for armel in debian/rules, I fixed that for the next upload06:03
ogra_hey kalikiana, good to see you around :)10:28
kalikianaI checked out #arm before, seems the cool kids are all here :-P10:32
ogra_well, here is where the community is ... way more important than the other channel ;)10:32
ogra_hey micahg, whats that patch you talked about last night ? i think kalikiana would like to know about it10:56
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micahgogra_: patch, what patch?10:56
kalikianamicahg: oh, you're there, was just typing a mail10:56
micahgI think it might work now without any patches10:57
micahgI'm waiting on the first armel build from yesterday10:57
kalikianamicahg: so who builds it? where's the package source?10:57
* ogra_ only saw that riku said he attached the patches to a bug ... but didnt mention the bug number10:57
ogra_kalikiana, in the ubuntu archive i guess10:58
ogra_(precise sources)10:58
kalikianaI couldn't find working steps to get a cross-compile setup with all packages10:58
micahgkalikiana: chromium-browser? the same way anything else in the archive is built10:58
kalikianamicahg: well, but a human must have tested it :-)10:58
micahgkalikiana: I think Debian must have upstream their patches10:59
kalikianameh, so yet another possible team to poke...10:59
ogra_why ?10:59
ogra_they will just end up in precise10:59
micahgI also found a bug in the packaging, which I'll fix for the next upload to get armhf10:59
ogra_just pull the precise source package for your project10:59
micahgwe don't merge from Debian for Chromium10:59
ogra_micahg, that would be helpful, given we will make the switch today :)11:00
kalikianamicahg: so do you have a working build setup?11:00
kalikianaI'm running into broken deps11:00
ogra_(armel will become unsupported from today on)11:00
micahgkalikiana: no, these are archive builds, I upload 2 recent stable releases to precise11:00
kalikianaI really need to build it locally11:01
micahgogra_: I figured another chromium upload will come in a week or 2, if you need it sooner and armel works, I can upload with the armhf fix11:01
ogra_yes please, we will stop caring for armel from today on11:01
ogra_we wont stop building it, but nobody will look at issues11:02
micahgok, I'll keep an eye on it11:02
kalikianamicahg: can you recommend a person who cross-compiles usually?11:02
micahgkalikiana: only one I know is suihkulokki :)11:02
infinityogra_: "nobody" is a bit much, I always watch build issues on all ports.11:02
infinityogra_: I just prioritize. :P11:02
ogra_infinity, hey, you are not supposed to be up at that time !11:02
* micahg does that too :)11:03
infinityogra_: I'm not, it's all in your head.11:03
* micahg is also not supposed to be up now11:03
kalikianamicahg: k, I'll wait for him then11:03
* ogra_ was just trying to secretly spread FUD while infinity wasnt watching ...11:03
ogra_damned !11:03
kalikiana(or her)11:03
infinityI'll be sure to call Riku a her the next time I see him. ;)11:04
micahgkalikiana: did you try the instructions on the linaro wiki?11:04
kalikianamicahg: yes. but gconf2 and bzip2 at least are broken11:04
micahgfile bugs?11:05
* infinity wonders why everyone gets so excited about cross-compiling.11:06
infinityEspecially to the point of wasting days/weeks trying to make it all work right.11:06
kalikianainfinity: because it is several times faster11:07
infinityWhen you could just build natively (sure, more slowly), but be done with it.11:07
infinitykalikiana: Not when you factor in all the annoyance. :P11:07
kalikianawell, the setup is actually simple. the problem is really that arm is relatively recent11:08
ogra_yeah, its such a waste11:08
suihkulokkiwe even wronte instructions to cross-compile chromium: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/CrossCompile/ChromiumCrossCompile11:08
kalikianainfinity: as in packaging :-)11:08
kalikianaand those don't do it11:08
ogra_we have it since jaunty ...11:08
kalikianahey suihkulokki11:08
ogra_and debian has it since ... hmm, forever11:08
kalikianasuihkulokki: gconf2 and bzip2 are broken11:09
suihkulokkibug# ?11:09
kalikianasuihkulokki: the packages don't install11:09
ogra_infinity, do you know if anyone talked to kate about armhf ? we should make her announce it in the FF announcement i think11:09
kalikianasuihkulokki: is it expected to work as described there, as in used by somebody on a regular basis?11:10
infinityogra_: I brought it up when I spoke to her on the phone on Monday, but we didn't discuss a formal announcement.11:10
suihkulokkikalikiana: yes if you don't deviate from the steps11:10
ogra_ok, i'll ping here if she is up to make sure she doesnt forget11:10
infinityogra_: Also, I think we need to be careful how we word such an announcement.11:11
infinityogra_: People seem gung-ho to say things like "we only support armhf now!" which is patently untrue.11:11
infinityogra_: It's just that we've selected armhf as the LTS arch.11:11
ogra_lets make sure that goes into the announcement then11:12
kalikianasuihkulokki: I don't. so is there somebody who I could poke about those packages? I'd think bugs might not exactly receive attantion very quickly11:12
ogra_though i suspect we will stop building armel images for some flavours11:12
ogra_at least until your LP changes are ready11:12
infinityogra_: (From a Canonical standpoint, yes, we only support armhf now, but Canonical != Ubuntu, and we need to be clear about that, or just steer clear of such statements, I prefer the latter)11:12
suihkulokkikalikiana: pastebin your errors please (as well as what is in your sources.list)11:12
infinityogra_: I intend to drop armel images for !omap tomorrow.11:12
infinityogra_: But installer/image support != archive support.  Again, distinction is key. :)11:13
ogra_if we can it would be nice to keep el and hf for ac10011:13
ogra_simply for the binary driver11:13
infinityogra_: Yeah, that's fair.  It's also a good platform for us to keep testing armel on as a community port.11:13
infinityogra_: Alright, I'll keep omap and ac100, and drop mx5 and omap4.11:13
infinity(The reason I'm keeping omap is simply because it's the only kernel that builds from mainline, so it's "free" from a maintenance perspective)11:14
infinityPlus, we might free up some beagles from the DC soon, and pass them around to people, thus making omap useful. ;)11:15
infinityogra_: Oh, we did get some indication at Connect that nvidia is actually planning armhf builds of their binary driver.11:17
infinityogra_: I was told they've already done builds in-house, they're just working on the tarball drop.11:17
ogra_yeah, but they dont exist yet and we have no promises they will be there by release11:17
infinitySo, we'll see.11:17
ogra_i'm carefule about them if it comes to timelines (unlike ndec whom i belive blindly if he says it will come)11:18
infinityWell, this was engineers, not legal.11:18
kalikianasuihkulokki: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844219/11:18
infinityWhich is a double-edged sword, I guess.11:18
infinityThe engineers are doing the real work, and they know what they've done.11:19
infinityThen again, they don't get to do the final release to the website.11:19
ogra_fi engeneering had a say, we would have everything in since a year or two, i know11:19
* micahg still would like an mx51 kernel for precise, but fears that's not happening11:21
infinitymicahg: For babbage, or efika?11:22
ogra_micahg, complain to linaro, we donmt maintain that arch :)11:22
infinitymicahg: For efika, talk to markos.11:22
infinitymicahg: He promised me a kernel.11:22
ogra_for what ? netbook or nettop ?11:22
infinitymicahg: I even promised him unofficial image enablement if he got me a working kernel. :P11:22
infinityogra_: Yes.11:22
ogra_there was an or in the question11:22
infinityogra_: (He seemed to think he could build one that would work on both)11:23
micahgogra_: I have both, would prefer the smartbook11:23
ogra_unless they very recently started having a unified kernel11:23
* ogra_ too, i have one here as well11:23
micahgalthough, I guess I'd prefer an armhf kernel for mx51 :)11:23
* infinity has a smarttop.11:23
infinitymicahg: Kernels are FP agnostic.11:23
micahgoh, ok, cool11:23
ogra_packages arent indeed :)11:24
infinitymicahg: But seriously, nag markos.  If he can get me something that's sane, I'll get it into universe.11:24
micahginfinity: I'm happy to be the second reviewer on that ;)11:24
infinitymicahg: I wouldn't mind a vaguely current kernel on my efika either. :P11:24
suihkulokkikalikiana: argh. looks like I have uploaded a precise targetted gconf to the ppa's oneiric side11:25
infinity(Though it is the slowest ARM device in my house)11:25
ogra_you dont have beacgle A/B versions ?11:25
suihkulokkikalikiana: tho the bzip2 should install just fine11:25
* ogra_ has a beagle A1, thats definitely the slowest11:25
micahgsuihkulokki: is there something we should fix in precise for cross compiling?11:26
infinityogra_: I have no beagles.11:26
infinityogra_: My N900 used to be the slowest ARM device on my desk, but I sold it to Sledge.11:26
ogra_yeah, and thats already twice as fast as an A111:26
infinityogra_: So, now I have the efikaMX, an i.MX53, a Panda, an ac100, and an LGP999 (Tegra2 phone).11:27
kalikianasuihkulokki: ah. yes, sorry, bzip seems okay at this point. I tried a different ppa before, but made sure to clean up before I pasted11:27
ogra_and has enormous amounts of ram compared...11:27
infinityIt's a bit sad that the phone is actually the fastest of the bunch.11:27
kalikianasuihkulokki: any chance you could re-upload it correctly? anything I can bribe you with? :-P11:27
ogra_stop using it as a phone then and send it to lamont as a buildd :)11:27
infinityI used it as a buildd during the armhf bootstrap. :P11:28
ogra_we should make tobin build a cluster of them in a rack case :)11:28
suihkulokkikalikiana: testing.. will ping back in a hour or so11:31
suihkulokkimicahg: gconf2 is probably the most annoying thing missing multiarch conversion in precise.11:32
infinitymicahg: So, I harassed markos, and he said they're (A) working on 3.2 for efika/mx51, and (B) it will be a unified smarttop/smartbook kernel.11:33
infinitymicahg: And he's going to try to get me half-functional bits ASAP so I can work with them in my copious free time.11:33
micahgsuihkulokki: we might be able to do something about that, it's still got a lot of reverse dependencies though11:33
micahginfinity: that's awesome, let me know if I can help with my copious amounts of free time11:34
suihkulokkican't we just make chromium not use gconf? =)11:34
micahgnot for another year :)11:35
* micahg wonders if they have an option to s/gconf/gsettings/11:35
kalikianasuihkulokki: wrt bzip2, I get this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844238/11:37
kalikianaremoving gconf from chromium shouldn't be that hard, but more time probably than fixing gconf2 packages :-P11:39
* micahg has plenty of other archive cleanup work to do11:39
ogra_well, it eventually needs to move to gsettings anyway11:39
infinitykalikiana / suihkulokki: That looks like the bzip2 in the linaro PPA was built with a broken gzip.  We've fixed that bug in precise... Though, if this is an oneiric PPA, it's a crap shoot if it'll break or not. :/11:39
kalikianayes, it's oneriric I need to build for11:40
infinitykalikiana: You can work around it by just doing "dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libbz2-1.0_1.0.5-6ubuntu2linaro1_armel.deb"11:40
suihkulokkiI'll throw backport of gzip to the ppa11:42
kalikianainfinity: same error11:43
infinitykalikiana: Oh, right.  "rm /usr/share/doc/libbz2-1.0/changelog.Debian.gz && dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libbz2-1.0_1.0.5-6ubuntu2linaro1_armel.deb"11:44
infinitykalikiana: That'll make it happy. :P11:44
kalikianaevil :-D let's try11:45
kalikianayou won't believe, same error11:45
infinityErr, that's not possible.11:46
infinityOr, shouldn't be.11:46
* ogra_ wonders how that cross build setup is set up ... might be caused by that11:46
infinityogra_: No, it's just straight up multiarch and gzip sadness, I'm sure.11:46
infinityBut deleting the target before installing the other arch's package should work...11:47
infinitykalikiana: It's not complaining about another file now, perhaps?11:47
ogra_kalikiana, seriously, how many days did you spend on getting that working now ?11:47
kalikianapresumably "different" here includes that it exists11:47
kalikianaogra_: I had a different setup before that, native arm, wither other problems. although I could get it to sort of work, it wasn't exactly working well11:48
kalikianait took in the hour range to test anything11:48
ogra_well, the build only takes 12h11:50
ogra_at least the lsat successfull one in the archive did11:50
ogra_given that you alkready spent several days to get your cross setup working ...11:50
kalikianait was not 12h, more like 2h, but still, that's no basis for working on code11:51
ogra_2h ? for a plain make you mean, surely not for the package build (natively)11:52
* infinity decides to refrain from "when I was your age" stories.11:52
kalikianaogra_: when I say native I mean chroot. which I guess is faster, but still a pain11:53
infinityBesides, if you're "working on code", you don't rebuild from scratch every time, you have a built tree, and you let the magic of make only re-compile and re-link the bits you changed.11:53
ogra_and that should just take minutes11:53
ogra_unless you make clean every build11:53
kalikianainfinity: unfortunately it includes changing the build system11:53
kalikianayes. plenty.11:54
infinitySpeaking of build systems.11:54
infinityI'm grumpy that I need to teach fpc about armhf after all. :/11:55
ogra_give it to NCommander :P11:55
ogra_he did it several times before11:55
infinityBecause, despite not being VFP-aware, it DOES hardcode the linker path when linking with C code.11:55
ogra_and doesnt have libO anymore on his plate .... he needs a new challenge11:55
infinitysuihkulokki: Say, about LibreOffice...11:57
suihkulokkiinfinity: looks like janimo is ahead of me..11:58
infinityOh, I didn't realise Jani was working on it too.11:59
infinityDuplication of effort, for the loss.11:59
suihkulokkiogra_: I could always tell people to use ebuilds when they want to cross-compile ;)12:00
micahginfinity: any idea how to bootstrap gnat-4.6?12:00
infinitymicahg: Cross-compile from another arch, native compile and check for correctness.12:00
infinitymicahg: markos was working on it, and seemed to be stuck on the latter step.12:01
micahginfinity: right, but how to do for the archive, same?12:01
ogra_suihkulokki, lol12:01
infinitymicahg: Cross, native, plunk native in my stage-2 repo of doom, build on buildds.12:02
micahginfinity: ah, cool, ok, that's what I thought which is why I can't do it :)12:03
infinitymicahg: If you can get the first two steps done, I won't mind. :P12:03
janimo`\o/ libreoffice passes the bridge tests on armhf, on to the rest of the build12:03
infinitymicahg: If you give me a self-hosting gnat, I'll happily turn it into something archivey.12:03
infinityjanimo`: !12:03
janimo`infinity, !12:04
* janimo` does not let himself be intimidated by excalmation marks12:04
ogra_janimo`, !!!!12:04
* janimo` collapses12:04
xranbyjanimo`: !o!12:04
infinityjanimo`: That's awesome news.  And I suspect awesome news for suihkulokki, who now doesn't have to care. :P12:05
janimo`infinity, yep. I just need top make sure it works on OABI - the code still has that support although I am not sure who still cares12:05
janimo`xranby, is that the 'happy drummer' sign?12:06
infinityjanimo`: Pardon my French, but fuck OABI.12:06
infinityjanimo`: If anyone's building Open/LibreOffice for OABI, they should be shot.12:06
janimo`infinity, my thoughts exactly only I express them more delicately12:06
janimo`I was not sure how much Debian cares about baxckporting TBH, I am not sure either how much of Debian users are on legacy hw/installs12:07
infinityjanimo`: More to the point, while an upstreamable fix might need to keep OABI working (though, god knows why), a Debian/Ubuntu patch clearly doesn't.12:07
janimo`I plan on pushing upstream today12:08
janimo`and deal with bug reports if OABI people come along12:08
infinityjanimo`: Debian doesn't support OABI.12:08
suihkulokkiOABI is forgotten in debian. however we should check it doesn't break EABI softfloat12:08
janimo`I'll put ifdef around FP regs usage and that should be all I guess12:08
infinitysuihkulokki: EABI soft, or softfp?12:08
janimo`suihkulokki, test passes on armel as well12:08
janimo`but only hardfloat tested12:08
infinity(God, that's confusing)12:08
infinityjanimo`: Our armel is softfp, which is still VFP-aware.12:09
janimo`I have no soft (no FPREGS usage at all) setup12:09
infinityjanimo`: Debian's armel isn't.12:09
infinityAnd somewhere along the way, my head explodes.12:09
janimo`aha, that indeed needs to be checked for, I'll make use of the SOFTFP define then and hope it is not too much work12:09
janimo`infinity, suihkulokki can I test a Debian/softfloat setup in an ubuntu hosted chroot ? just create a sid-armel one?12:11
suihkulokkijanimo`: yes12:11
janimo`schroot I mean if it matters12:11
janimo`oh great then12:11
infinityjanimo`: Yeah, kernels are completely VFP agnostic, so debian-armel chroots work fine.12:12
infinity(And armhf, and, and)12:12
suihkulokkijanimo`: didn't you ifdef the hardfb abi with__ARM_PCS_VFP already? that should not be set on either debian or ubuntu armel12:14
janimo`suihkulokki, yes that one I used12:14
janimo`but I noticed there's another SOFTFP variable too12:14
janimo`so it may all just work indeed12:14
infinityWhich may or may not relate to softfp.12:14
ogra_hardfb ? hard floating bubble ?12:14
infinityBecause the soft/softfloat/softfp naming between toolchain and userspace applications is never consistent. :P12:15
infinity(Heck, it gets even worse when Oracle refers to softfp as "hard-float")12:15
xranbyheh yes.12:15
infinityAnd they're not wrong.  It is hard float.  Just not what WE call hard float.12:15
xranbyits kind of funny oracle compared their tuned armel builds against icedte built using debian squeeze12:16
ogra_could have been worse12:16
ogra_they could have built against woddy12:16
infinityWe didn't have armel in woody, did we?12:17
infinitywoody would have been OABI, I believe.12:17
ogra_only arm i think, if at all12:17
infinityBut it's been a while.12:17
xranbyi think we are doing good, at least our work runs on the armhf ABI12:18
infinityI dunno.  I gnored all you ARM weirdos back then.  I was working on promising new future technologies like m68k and parisc.12:19
ogra_mips ?12:19
infinityI wasn't a mips porter, no. :)12:19
infinity68k, parisc, powerpc, and alpha.  I sure can pick 'em.12:20
infinity1 out of 4 isn't bad, right? :P12:20
ogra_mmm, alpha ... i loved them12:21
* janimo` completely forgot how he created the precise-armhf schroot, now needs to figure out same for debian.sigh12:21
janimo`I do not recall running debootstrap explicitly12:21
janimo`and my bash history agrees12:21
janimo`it may have been mk-sbuild12:21
infinityjanimo`: debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch=armel sid sid-armel http://ftp.debian.org/debian12:22
infinityjanimo`: Ish?12:22
janimo`yes, it was not that I guess, probably mk-sbuild did it all behinf the curtains for me12:22
janimo`do debootstrap and schroot have a common location for chroots in which case I may just do that above12:23
janimo`mk-sbuild --eatmydata --arch=armel precise was it12:23
* janimo` remembers seeing the one and only alpha machine sometime in 94 at an expo. It was higher Mhz that the 486's (150 I think) and it had a video promo of Jean Luc Picard extolling its virtues12:25
janimo`probably they though it was meant for enterprise servers12:26
infinityjanimo`: debootstrap has no canonical location for anything, it just creates the chroot where you tell it to.12:26
janimo`infinity, ok I just started a mk-sbuild so it is stored along with the rest of schroots12:27
suihkulokkiperhaps I can do the debian/armel build and testing12:28
janimo`suihkulokki, sure thanks. I am setting up a sid chroot now but my panda would be happier if left to build only a precise armhf and not something else in parallel :)12:29
suihkulokkijanimo`: ok, on it12:32
janimo`suihkulokki, softfloat in debian mean no actual VFP instructions in asm right? Not that they are trapped and emulated by the kernel12:36
janimo`suihkulokki, you can stop the build after a couple of hours (not sure when) once the deps for bridges/ and testtools/ are built.12:41
janimo`then make bridges.deliver testtools alternating with changes to code is easy iteratin12:41
suihkulokkijanimo`: do you have a line to grep in the buildlog when bridges have compiled?12:42
janimo`suihkulokki, hmm, not sure I know where the bridges' module number is13:04
janimo`what I did was ctrl-c and see if make brdiges works or says it has files missing13:04
janimo`but  gcc3_linux_arm is a dir within bridges that needs to be entered so maybe good for grepping13:05
janimo`last build of libo on armel in the buildd: 5 days 19 hours. Ouch13:11
infinityjanimo`: On a babbage, I assume?13:11
janimo`assuming a panda is used instead of babbage it still likely be 1-2 days13:12
janimo`infinity, yes some old board13:12
janimo`I think with pandas it was over a day too last cycle13:12
janimo`or whenever we had pandas built libo13:12
infinityYeah, a dayish sounds about right.13:12
janimo`by accident13:12
janimo`so I am not holding my breath today for it to complete13:12
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slangasekinfinity: actually, the test suite failure I was fixing in upstart was unrelated... the one on arm*/ppc is still there, and I'm not sure what to make of it15:48
infinityslangasek: Oh, it just happens to be in the same test.  But, you're right, different error.15:52
slangasekinfinity: yes, the "same", 4kloc test ;)16:12
infinityslangasek: Ugh.16:16
kalikianasuihkulokki: did you upload updates for libbz2 or gconf2 yet?16:27
suihkulokkikalikiana: yes but bzip2 is still building16:36
pbuckleythis morning's dump of updates seems to have another alsa bug16:56
pbuckleyALSA lib conf.c:1220:(parse_def) show is not a compound16:56
pbuckleyALSA lib conf.c:1686:(snd_config_load1) _toplevel_:24:26:Unexpected char16:56
pbuckleyALSA lib conf.c:3406:(config_file_open) /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf may be old or corrupted: consider to remove or fix it16:56
pbuckley                show {16:57
pbuckley                        @func refer16:57
pbuckley                        name defaults.namehint.basic16:57
pbuckley                }16:57
slangasekinfinity: ah, I understand jhunt has figured out the race in the test that was causing things to fail, so we should have a fixed package tomorrow-ish17:34
infinityslangasek: \o/17:34
orion___ALLCON:  I am attempting to setup ubuntu server 11.10 on a Pandaboard es with no luck.  I attempted multiple times with the same pre-installed distro with different outcomes. They range to when the system unpacks and reboots, I either booting and then nothing, booting and then root access.  With root access I try to adduser and get one of two options:  The user is added but not in the sudoers list, or the user is not added and I18:17
orion___I gave up for a while and tried installing 12.04 and had no issues at all.  It went straight to the installation screen, gave me all my options, and then worked great.  I just went back to 11.10 since it is supported18:18
orion___Is there anyone who may know what is wrong and could help18:18
GrueMasterorion___: 11.10 doesn't have full support for the 4460 in u-boot or kernel.18:18
GrueMasterIt can cause overheating.18:19
orion___is there a better option to go with18:19
GrueMasterI am testing 12.04 daily.  It is very stable, but since it is in development, constantly updating stuff.18:19
GrueMasterYou should be fairly safe running Alpha 2, then upgrading during milestones (beta 1, 2, etc).18:20
orion___yeah, this is going onto a robot that needs to be mostly stable.  I will only need usb, ethernet, wireless (maybe bluetooth), and the ability to work with the gpio if needed18:20
GrueMasterAh.  Yea, stick with the 12.04 and just turn off auto-updating.18:21
orion___How are the service packages with 12.04.  For instance, I tried to download openjdk as a quick test with 12.04 and couldnt find it18:21
GrueMasterIt is there.  I use it daily to run a Jenkins slave.  I use open-jdk-jre-headless, but I also just tried default-jdk.18:22
orion___got it18:22
orion___just must have missed it then18:23
GrueMasterdefault-jdk will give you a lot more packages, but only really usefull cor compiling java.18:23
orion___and would you say that 12.04 server is the fastest build for pandaboard es right now?18:23
GrueMasterYes.  Especially the armhf release.  BTW, we will no longer be making armel images after today.18:24
pbuckleyorion___: i will voice for 12.04 armhf builds be wicked fast18:25
orion___got it.  I would rather hf anyways18:25
pbuckleyerr confirm18:25
pbuckleymy english this morning is a little off18:25
orion___thanks to both of you.  I will go back to 12.04 then18:26
pbuckley(though slap a hard drive on the thing.. running off the sd card is pure pain)18:26
orion___yeah, that is another area I am noticing18:26
pbuckleyLinux panda 3.2.0-1406-omap4 #8-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Feb 14 16:12:38 UTC 2012 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux18:26
orion___thinking of getting an ssd18:26
pbuckleyhere is what i did18:26
pbuckleyLABEL=home /home ext4 defaults,noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 018:26
pbuckleyLABEL=usr /usr ext4 defaults,noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 018:26
pbuckleyLABEL=var /var ext2 defaults,noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 018:26
pbuckleytmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 018:26
pbuckleytmpfs /var/log tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 018:26
pbuckleytmpfs /var/run tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 018:26
pbuckleytmpfs /var/lock tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 018:26
pbuckleythough ill probably migrate /var/log to the hard drive18:27
pbuckleyi had it in a ramdisk before i added the hd18:27
orion___got it18:27
pbuckleyGrueMaster: btw it looks like that sound patch made it in the recent kernel build \o/18:28
orion___thanks to both of you18:28
GrueMasterfor your robot usage, SD should be fine.  It really only sucks when you have a lot of io load.18:28
pbuckley(by a lot he means more then 2 MB/s18:28
GrueMasterpbuckley: Yes, I was told today.  Also fixed the ucm configs last week.18:28
orion___the robot will be communicating with the google cloud and with other robots18:28
pbuckleyindeed.. there is a new alsa bug i mentioned earlier18:28
pbuckleybut it doesnt break functionality18:28
GrueMastersounds cool.18:28
pbuckleyjust throws a warning18:28
pbuckleyorion___: sweet.. graduate project?18:29
orion___also, may be using opencv, so there is a bit of IO18:29
GrueMasterpbuckley: I'll look into it.18:29
orion___pbuckley: yes18:29
pbuckleyreminds me of18:29
orion___pbuckley: pioneer robots?18:30
orion___pbuckley: same ideas.  Going to be multiple ground and air vehicles cooperating togehter18:32
pbuckleyif you want me to hook you up with that author of that paper hes usually interested in talking about robots ;)18:32
orion___that's be great, however this wont be my common irc name.  Using webirc now, working on setting up a more permanent version right now18:33
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orion__pbuckley: think i got it setup18:37
orion__pbuckley: yeah, looking at the paper, it seems pretty good with the adaptive controls18:39
GrueMasterorion__: When you start diving into this on the panda, I recomment you keep a complete copy of your workspace on your desktop that you can just dump into the SD after flashing a new image.  It is much faster to flash a fresh image than it is to update on SD.18:40
orion__GrueMaster: do you mean a complete copy of code, etc.  I haven't moved anything to the distro yet.  I am currently getting the board setup first to move code from a chumby hacker board18:41
GrueMasterYes.  What I do with my test projects is store them in a self-contained tarball,  When I run them, I assume a clean image and install the necessary packages, change the environment settings, etc accordingly.18:43
GrueMasterToo often someone on here complains that they lose a lot of work when they decide to upgrade and they are on SD.18:44
GrueMasterI prefer to think of the SD as a good demo image/embedded project storage that is volatile.18:44
orion__I see what you are saying.  I will be working on setting up a cross compiler environment on my laptop soon.  I will then be holding my projects both on the laptop and pandaboard so that shouldnt be a problem18:45
GrueMasterCan't wait to see your project on youtube.  :P18:46
pbuckleyorion__: distcc is also fun18:47
orion__me too.  We already have 6 ground vehicles working well.  Working on building 2 quadcopters at the moment, but those won't be done until the beginning of summer18:47
orion__Anways, I don't want to tie up the board.  I appreciate both of your help.18:49
pbuckleycome back soon ;)18:50
orion__I'll be hanging out.  Still have to see if this goes smoothly18:50
orion__and the download for 12.04 is going very slow today18:51
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Epsilonorionpbuckley: This will be my main name if I am on18:55
pbuckleyalright.. ill let him know.. he's in the zone tippity tapping18:58
EpsilonorionGrueMaster: Actually one question.  Should I download the current daily build or the alpha 2 version the channel provides a link for18:58
GrueMasterEither or.  The daily-preinstalled has a newer kernel with some fixes, mainly for audio.18:59
Epsilonorionok, then I will stick with that one.  Thanks again19:00
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GrueMasterOoo, new shiny.  http://makeplaylive.com/21:25
GrueMasterPrice and specs are comparable to a Nook Tablet.  More usb ports and a camera as well.21:27
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