bobweaverHi there I am a server and can not connect to it via ssh I have opened the ports in my firewall and also in my routers firewall and I still can not connect any idea of what I might be doing wrong ?>00:07
bobweaverummm.. looks like only a little bit of that showed up00:07
bobweaverHi there I am a server and can not connect to it via ssh I have opened the ports in my firewall and also in my routers firewall and I still can not connect any idea of what I might be doing wrong ?>00:07
bobweaverthere we go sorry about that00:07
pleia2do you get an error, or does it time out, or..?00:08
bobweavertime out00:08
pleia2try: ssh -v user@address00:09
pleia2the -v will give you verbose output to see what's going on00:09
bobweaverthanks !00:09
bobweaverI am re-installing now got a busy box00:09
bobweaverwhen I tried to start it up00:09
bobweaverpleia2,  when I enter the  ssh -p <port number>  -v   <uname>@                  <-  then can I use the username and my reouters dns ?00:15
bobweaversorry hostname and routers dns name00:16
pleia2depends on your setup00:16
bobweavercould you help me make this public00:16
pleia2can you ping it via the host and dns name?00:16
bobweaverI am local right now00:16
bobweaver+ I am installing00:17
bobweaverwell setting up partitions00:17
pleia2I'm actually at work at the moment, I can answer quick questions but I can't really help you completely configure something right now00:17
bobweaverok thanks for the honest answer00:18
eclipse_11hello, I have my TV hooked up to my computer via HDMI and the sound was working initially with two monitors then it stopped after i restarted my computer and now i cannot get the sound to play through my tv, can anyone help? I am using the mobo outs with a Z68 and i701:01
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absolutionxQuick question but is there a way to incorporate gnome2 into 11.10 instead of 3?04:01
holsteinabsolutionx: not easily04:02
holsteini say, try XFCE... mate.. cinammon.. in that order04:02
holsteinxubuntu = ubuntu + XFCE04:02
absolutionxThanks for the input holstein. Another question more along the lines of repos. Is it possible to have ubuntu 11.04 use the 11.10 repos? Or is it not backwards-compatible?04:04
holsteinwell, not really04:05
holsteinmost stuff is just in both04:05
holsteinjust different versions04:05
holsteinyou wouldnt want to use them like that04:05
absolutionxI was trying to figure out how to get the latest versions of different software through apt04:06
absolutionxPPA's have been useful04:06
holsteinppa's are the way to go... or build them yourself04:07
absolutionxPretty much that involves downloading the source -> sudo make -> sudo make install?04:09
Unit193Depends on tha package.04:09
Unit193You'll also need any dev libs.04:10
holsteinthen you are on your own though04:11
Unit193Yep, readmes and wikis.04:13
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akarshi wanted to start off with contributing to open source development. since i am a active user of ubuntu i thought Ubuntu itself will be a good place to start. i wanted some advice on where to start. i have gone through many sites on ubuntu websites for beginning development. but i need some solid idea where i can take off. i would like to work on coding.11:47
lukjadTo run a command every time the PC starts in Ubuntu 11.10, where is that option? I vaguely remember it in older versions but I can't seem to find it in 11.1019:31
holsteinlukjad: can you find startup? or sessions? or startup sessions?19:32
lukjadNot in System settings19:32
holsteinthis is unity?.. try just typing that in somwhere as a search... im trying to load up unity i VM19:33
lukjadholstein No, I am using GNOME19:33
lukjadCan't stand unity19:34
holsteinyou can try http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=26352819:35
holsteinlukjad: open a terminal and try running.. "gnome-session-properties" ...this might be a GUI for it19:37
lukjadThanks holstein !19:40
holsteinlukjad: gnome-session-properties is there?19:41
lukjadholstein It is, and I've added it.19:42
lukjadThank you!19:42
holsteinlukjad: i'll make a note of that.. that makes life a little easier :)19:42
lukjadholstein Though, be forewarned I installed GNOME19:42
lukjadSo, I don't know about generic ubuntu19:43
pointydripHello I have an alsa problem, sound is not working certain applications (firefox, chrome, jukebox)19:43
holsteinlukjad: i dont use gnome3 either, but i want to be educated about how to provide support for it19:43
pointydripSound is working for gnome, but nothing else...can anyone help?19:44
holsteinpointydrip: is this something that broke? if so how? or is this a fresh install?... do you see your sound device in the terminal if you run lspci? or aplay -l ?19:44
pointydripholstein - this is what I did (in order):19:44
pointydripHad a problem with audacity (resolved), uninstalled reinstalled different versions of audacity, uninstalled/reinstalled jack, ardour and hydrogen, found an external work around for audacity bug, recorded a bunch of stuff last night...was listenting to youtube/grooveshark no problem, turn on the computer this morning and firefox, chrome and jukebox = no sound, but there is sound from gnome (button and whatnot)19:48
pointydripaudacity also still works normally19:48
holsteini would *not* expect the pulse to JACK stuff to be stable yet. if you are running JACK, i would stop it19:48
holsteinyou dont *need* jack for what you are doing anyways19:49
pointydripjack is not in the picture...19:49
holsteinpointydrip: cool.. you just mentioned reinstalling it, and that can kill pulse, and do funky stuff right now19:49
holsteini install pavucontrol19:49
holsteini would sudo apt-get install pavucontrol, and reference it, and open alsamixer and check to make sure all is as it should be (and trust no labels)19:50
pointydripokay processing...19:51
holsteindepending on how you have H2 configured, for example, it ill try and start JACK when you launch it19:51
pointydripjack works fine on alsa...just non-audio apps without anything else running19:52
pointydripgoing for a reboot...19:53
holsteinsure.. im just saying... you try and launch H2 without JACK running, and if its configured to use JACK, it will try and start JACK19:53
holsteinthen, you have pulse suspended or broken or crashed maybe in some way19:54
holsteini personally dont use my audio production machine that way... i dont use it for web/pulseaudio19:54
holsteinnot that you shouldnt as well... im just stating how challenging it can be, and what i see as possible issues19:55
pointydripfound the problem, but not the solution: I realized I had my usb mic plugged in (blue yeti) unplugged reboot= everything works fine...except when I plug it in hot it kills sound for apps again AND the mic does not work in audacity, reboot with plugged in mic works, but no sound, reboot unplugged apps have sound again20:05
pointydripI did not have this problem before, I could plug/unplug hot and it would not affect anything20:06
holsteini would use pavucontrol to choose what does what on what devices20:07
pointydripyep... that did it, for some reason it had the mic as analog device20:10
pointydripFYI: the usb mic does not show up as an input device in the puvacontrol when selected as a digital duplex device in the configuration (as the blue yeti is a duplex device), however it still shows up in output and everything functions normally under this setting no matter what it says...20:25
pointydripthanks for the help...again20:25
trailblazerz11Hi i am currently on wubi and need more space. Would migrating to a partition be the best solution?21:51
stlsainttrailblazerz11: no, the best solution would be to install21:53
stlsainttrailblazerz11: trying to use fstab or manually mount a drive for long time use is very unstable21:53
Unit193Wubi isn't very easy to support, and it's not the best option.21:55
trailblazerz11Yes. I am trying to not use wubi. So create a partition and install ubuntu fresh on it? Then move my wubi files21:56
stlsainttrailblazerz11: im not sure how to safely move wubi files over to a actual install22:18
phillwtrailblazerz11: have a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935422:20
trailblazerz11Yeah ive been following tjat22:28
trailblazerz11But gparted isnt letting me expand my extension partition22:28
stlsaintbe back later22:30
trailblazerz11From ubuntu can i make a partition ext4?23:43
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Unit193You can reformat a non-active partition using gparted, yes.23:49
trailblazerz11Gparted erros when i select ext4 was wondering if i could do it from terminal23:52
holsteintrailblazerz11: what error?23:52
trailblazerz11Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while creating root dir23:52
holsteini would want to test that hard drive23:53
trailblazerz11It created the swap partition fine.23:54
trailblazerz11Would the following code be correct' sudo mkfs.ext4 -j -O extent -L backupdisk /dev/sdc1'23:54
holsteintrailblazerz11: i would test that drive... gparted has *never* failed to format an unmounted partition or drive for me23:55
holsteintry the CLI though.. just be sure you got the path correct23:55
Unit193Have had better luck live though.23:55
trailblazerz11Mk. After attempting ex54  becomes23:56
holsteinyup... i almost never use it otherwise.. i'll use it on a USB stick or something.. otherwise, i just use a LIVE CD23:57
trailblazerz11Unrecognizable . Which gparts can format but not make ext423:57
trailblazerz11Yeah  using live usb23:57
holsteintrailblazerz11: you can format as ext2 ?23:58
trailblazerz11Didnt try. Should i?23:58
holsteintrailblazerz11: you say "gparts can format but not make ext4"23:58
holsteinim trying to decide what that means to me... does that mean you can format as some other type?23:58
holsteinanyways, if you havent tested the drive, i would... it wont hurt anything, and it shouldnt take much over an hour or so23:59
trailblazerz11Opps i meant gparts can delete the unrecognizble partition23:59
holsteintrailblazerz11: what unrecognizable partition?23:59

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