charlie-tcaJibel didn't mean anything, that is a message from the log file00:00
charlie-tcaAll I see there are a couple of log reports. No one is asking for more information yet00:01
charlie-tcaI would guess the next step would be to try the install again and see if it still fails, since it was failing for alpha200:03
charlie-tcaThat was about 14 days ago or so, and there is a new image daily. Perhaps that has already been fixed00:03
grmlsi need the hole iso new?00:07
charlie-tcayes, it needs to be the iso dated today, to have the most current fixes in it00:08
grmlswhere can i see the iso dated today or yesterday, etc. ?100:13
charlie-tcagrmls: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/00:16
grmlshmm i taken the iso form here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/206/builds/11115/downloads00:17
grmls<--- a little bit confused.00:19
charlie-tcaThat's a dvd instead of a cd, but you can try it00:21
charlie-tcaYou took the precise one, not the lucid one, right?00:21
charlie-tcaI don't know if it will be exactly the same, since I only the see the bug report listing the cd, but try it anyway. see if it works00:22
grmlsokay i will try next the daily build00:26
grmlscan you plz explain me "status function" at the launchpad00:28
grmlsmy reported bugs are "status new". i need or dont need to change?!00:30
charlie-tcaIf you are the reporter, you should not change them from new00:31
charlie-tcaStatus is what is current happening to the bug report. If no one has triaged it yet, it would be in new. If someone else had the same issue, it moves to confirmed. If it has been reviewed and determined to be ready to work, it is triaged. If more information is needed, it is usually set to incomplete00:32
charlie-tcaYou are welcome00:34
grmlsthx :)00:37
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grmlshave you some information about the bugsquad for me? (hmp, i think improve my english is a very good idea)00:46
charlie-tcasure, let me get you a wiki page that helps00:47
charlie-tcaThis is a very good starting point:00:47
grmlsthy a lot00:50
charlie-tcaThank you for helping with bugs00:53
grmlsnp :)00:57
grmlsthis is a great community with a great os :) i help gladly :)01:00
charlie-tcaThat is what makes this a great community, too01:03
grmlsgn8 together. thx for your help charlie cu :)01:28
mfischbdmurray: do you own this page?  http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/bugnumbers/yesterday.html03:48
mfischIf I mark a bug as Incomplete and then comment on it, does that freeze the 60 days, or does the OP have to respond?04:00
micahgno, someone has to respond04:00
mfischmicahg: someone meaning OP or anyone?04:00
mfischmicahg: so when I mark a bug as incomplete and then comment as to why, I've just stopped the clock04:01
mfischmicahg: reset back to 60 days?04:02
mfischmicahg: okay.  I thought any response permanently stopped the clock.  Thanks for clarifying04:02
mfischmicahg: I'm going to add that to the wiki page04:07
mfischI'm thinking of invalidating this one: bug 733443  It's been sitting as new for almost a year and the only real solution here is to have 1 bug per package04:24
mainerrorbkerensa: Regarding bug #893926. I heard that I'd have to use quilt for that bug to get it fixed.10:51
mainerrorI just had no time to start learning about quilt and how to use it. :(10:52
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kamusinis any known bug report about a low noise when you are copying or transfering files into a usb storage or similar?13:42
kamusinby the way, I am running precise fully updated13:43
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mfischis there a way to put a bug into several different packages?17:13
mfischspecifically bug #189852 which needs to go to 4-5 packages17:14
roadmrmfisch: the one about opengl man pages missing?17:15
roadmrbug 18985217:15
roadmrwhere/s the bot?17:15
charlie-tcaIt was missing yesterday too17:15
mfischroadmr: yeah17:15
roadmrok, one bot missing in action17:16
charlie-tcaWill each package require a separate fix, or will a fix in one package fix all of them?17:16
mfischroadmr: is this a known one?17:16
roadmrmfisch: the same bug can track tasks for several packages17:16
mfischcharlie-tca: hmm, I suspect a different fix for each17:16
charlie-tcaThen you click on project and add a new package for each one17:16
mfischcharlie-tca: so I need to figure out the package -> project relationship17:17
charlie-tcaYou need to know each package you want to add is all17:17
mfischand some projects may not be registered, which ,means I need to send it upstrea17:17
charlie-tcaYou simply click project instead of package17:17
mfischactually from first glance only freeglut is in LP.  So I will file 5 upstream bugs17:20
mfischI can see why this one has lingered so long ;)17:22
zzecoolTake a look here and confirm please17:53
zzecoolBot still dead  ;/17:53
charlie-tcabug 18985218:50
charlie-tcajpds: can we get ubot2 working again?18:57
joumetalbug 18985219:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 189852 in freeglut "OpenGL man pages missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18985219:05
charlie-tcajpds: Thank you for fixing it19:05
charlie-tcaor whoever did fix it, Thank you19:06
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