Ultimoorehow are you jive turkeys tonight?01:55
khooverPPCA meeting, irc.piratepart.ca/#canada01:56
khoover#riffraff is the off-topic01:57
Ultimooreso where is the meeting ?01:57
khoover#canada's the meeting channel, riffraff the off-topic01:58
khooveralso, +m on #canada01:59
Ultimooreso what did you guys talk about in the last meeting02:00
khooverexecutive board elections. tonight's political. we're in the middle of a restructure, so, not much major activity.02:01
Ultimoorerestructuring what per say. Members or executives?02:02
khooverexecutives, party structure, and setting responsibilities02:04
Ultimooreso in lame-mans terms (me) : Voting a new boss, re-organizing groups and giving new jobs to do? Is that somewhat close?02:06
Ultimooregood enough for me. I'm a on the streets kind of guy.02:07
dscasselWelcome grant_lovell!02:35
grant_lovellhey action02:35
BobJonkmanCool.  Action in the channel02:35
grant_lovellAction at the table02:36
dscasselGreetings from the Waterloo ubuntu hour! :D02:36
Ultimooreback again. Has this group been keeping up with whats going on with Ubuntu's TV/Tablet and Phone message boards?03:13
khooverello ello ello03:13
UltimooreOn the TV board I mentioned that LoCo's should talk to local production companies to get them to sell their products via Ubuntu One Store. Now with that being said advertising on has to be done. What Ubuntu needs is a tv spot. anyones thoughts on this?03:19
BobJonkmanHaven't watched TV in ages.03:27
dscasselElectrohome is long gone, sadly.03:27
BobJonkmanDo you mean "Production Companies" that produce TVs, or TV shows?03:27
grant_lovellanyone have any contacts at sony?03:27
UltimooreOr even direct tv stations that do Online tv like :Space  to Canonical and get them to make an App for the TV03:29
mimcpherkhoover: khoover !04:17

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