bkerensapopey: LOL00:20
bkerensawhen was that seen?00:20
popey5 mins before i posted it00:22
jo-erlenddid you know that the Norwegian handball-team uses Ubuntu as a shout of power when they have timeouts?00:56
jo-erlendI think that's rather cool. In international championships, that is, and it's televised all around the globe. :)00:58
jonoUbuntu Accomplishments now awards trophies if you are an Ubuntu Member, developer, or member of a LoCo Team :-)00:59
jonogetting there...00:59
jo-erlendThings like that actually do mean something. I received an email from Mark Shuttleworth today, with appreciation of things I do. It's really nice to be noticed.01:01
jonojo-erlend, :-)01:03
jcastrohey popey01:03
jcastroeveryone told me spotify is awesome01:03
jcastrobut failed to mention the whole facebook logins only thing01:03
jonojcastro, is there a Juju charmers team?01:03
jonowhat team name?01:04
jo-erlendjcastro, Spotify is awesome for people who doesn't want to purchase the music from Ubuntu One Music Store. As I understand it, they have the same artists in store.01:04
jcastrothat's for reviewing01:04
jcastroif you want to check out contributors01:04
jo-erlendRobert Normann, for instance!01:04
jonojcastro, so charmers approves official charms and charm-contributors is...?01:05
jo-erlendby the way; wasn't U1MS supposed to be in Rhymthmbox now?01:05
jcastropeople who want to contribute charms but aren't interested in becoming reviewers01:05
jonojo-erlend, it is here01:05
jo-erlendjono, it isn't here. Do you know what package provides it?01:05
jonojcastro, if I add some accomplishments for this will you edit the docs?01:05
jcastrofor sure01:06
jonojo-erlend, do a apt search for rhythmbox and ubuntuone01:06
jonoI can't remember the package01:06
jonojcastro, ok, adding now, hang fire01:06
jcastrojo-erlend: rhythmbox-ubuntuone01:06
jo-erlendthanks :)01:07
jo-erlendI'm looking forward to cleaning up this old system. I've moved my root to btrfs and in April I'll start moving my home.01:08
jcastrois dpkg still slow with btrfs?01:09
jonojcastro, ok added, one sec01:10
jcastrojono: hey, so on a related note01:11
jcastrojono: how can we connect ubuntu accomplishments with askubuntu badges? I think it'd be nice if they were just mirrored inside your system so when I get a badge on AU it does your magic thing01:12
jcastrolike, display my badges from there in your thing, etc.01:12
jonojcastro, yeah, we should write a service on the server that just scans AskUbuntu01:12
jonoshould be simple enough01:12
jcastroso when I see my trophy case I have an amalgamation of all of my activity.01:12
jonojcastro, bzr branch lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments01:13
jonojcastro, in there is an 'accomplishments' directory01:13
jonoyou should see the Juju ones in there01:13
jonoedit the summary, steps, and links01:13
bkerensajono: Any thought on tying all of this into perhaps a site? accomplishments.ubuntu.com with like a leader board? Mozilla does something like this for affiliates01:13
jonobkerensa, that is part of the idea if it takes off01:13
jonojcastro, btw, before each step (apart from the first one) add a tab, and then I can add it as bullet points in the main app01:14
jonoand then just submit a merge proposal and I will merge it in01:14
jonoall the other accomplishment files need better docs too if you are bored01:14
jo-erlendhmm.. When playing music from u1ms on rhythmbox, it just did nothing… until I noticed the little text at the top, telling me that mp3 isn't installed with a button to do so.01:16
jo-erlendthat could've been colored.01:16
jcastrojono: I'm pinging George Edison about connecting AU<->Accomplishments01:16
jcastrohe's pretty awesome at things like this01:16
jcastrojono: also01:20
jcastrois it possible to get trophies more than once?01:20
jcastroso like, could we do "Reviewed 100 merge proposals"01:20
jcastroand if you do 500 you get 501:21
bkerensajcastro: I added the juju webinar to UWN for next issue01:21
jcastro<3 thanks!01:22
jonojcastro, no no!01:23
jonoremember, accomplishments are about experiences, not traffic01:24
jono5 trophies for 500 MP could be abused easily01:24
jonowhat is morew valuable is "I did my first MP"01:24
jcastroright, but people reviewing branches is behavior we want.01:24
jonoI am sure we can think of cool trophies01:25
jonobut I am reluctant to add you did n of this01:25
jcastrohey so, looking at the .accomplishment file01:27
jcastrothat looks like a description, but how are you checking to see if someone is actually done the part.01:27
jcastrooh nm01:28
jonothat is the script01:28
jonocan see the equivilent script in the scripts/ dir01:29
* jcastro sees that now01:29
jcastrohmm, so if it's about experiences maybe instead of 1-1ing each AU badge01:29
jcastrowe can do the top notch ones, like say, the gold ones.01:29
jonoso what is cool is that hackers can write the scripts and then docs folks can write the docs here01:29
jcastrothat don't really have much to do with "doing X of Y Z amount of times"01:29
jonoyeah the AU thing is something we will want to think carefully about01:29
jcastroso we would want ones like "Asked a question and accepted an answer"01:30
jonoyeah, or asked a question01:31
jonoand another for answered a question01:31
cprofitttomorrow night I will go full on Ubuntu at my LUG01:31
cprofittgoing to push askubuntu.com, etc...01:31
jonoas well as trophies for the different roles you earn01:31
jonocool cprofitt01:31
cprofittseems like I should mention these trophies too01:31
jcastroso basically, pick the major ones01:31
jcastrothat shouldn't be a problem01:32
bkerensacprofitt: It is fun :)01:35
bkerensacprofitt: The lugs up here know me as the Ubuntu Evangelist :P but thats because handfuls of each lug use Fedora, Arch, Gentoo and Source Mage01:36
jcastroI didn't even know sourcemage was still around01:37
cprofittwell... I have stayed away from doing so since I run my lug01:37
cprofittbut I feel the need for speed tomorrow01:37
cprofittI can't drive 55 :-)01:37
jcastrosigh, I totally broke my bzr01:39
jcastromaybe I can get a trophy for "totally sucks at ssh key management."01:39
* cprofitt quickly hammers on some tinfoil and then presents jcastro with a full size trophy01:40
bkerensajcastro: Unfortunately ^ one of their devs is the most outspoken haters of Ubuntu in Oregon :P01:42
jcastrohaters be hatin01:43
cprofittjcastro: http://tinyurl.com/857ypug01:43
cprofittI have a bunch of folks in my lug that have gone full out hate of Unity01:44
cprofittand full out hate of Gnome 301:44
cprofittand KDE 401:44
cprofittI am not sure which BSD they are switching too :-)01:44
bkerensacprofitt: These people hate on Ubuntu just to hate.... They love trolling sabdfl and Canonical while cheering on Redhat01:44
bkerensathen I point out they have no local events... No fedora booths :P01:44
cprofittbkerensa: depends on where you are... Fedora/Redhat works with the local tech college here01:45
cprofittand some of the Fedora Ambassadors are really cool01:45
bkerensacprofitt: They do very little here unless trolling on #ORLUG counts as advocating for Fedora/Redhat :P01:46
jonojcastro, how are you getting on with the docs?01:46
jcastrowhich docs?01:46
bkerensacprofitt: No doubt... MarkDude is awesome :) and he is ambassador01:46
jonojcastro, the accomplishments files you were editing01:47
jcastroI am only reading each one in lp right now, I have some kind of bzr ssh problem that won't even let me check out stuff for some reason01:48
jonofeel free to pastebin the changes01:48
jonoand I can merge them in01:48
jonothanks, pal01:50
nigelbcprofitt: Aren't you an ambassador as well?01:50
jcastrojono: first edit is easy, the charm-review one depends on the first one, as you can't review until you've written a charm01:50
jcastroI don't know the terminlogy01:50
jonojcastro, oh sweet01:51
jonothis is the first real multi-level dependency01:51
jonook so the charm contributor depends on a LP account01:52
jonoand the reviewer depends on being in the contributors team01:52
* mhall119 is going to have something to show for his 20% time on Friday :)01:52
jonomhall119, ooooooooh!01:52
cjohnstonnew changes to summit mhall119 ?01:52
mhall119cjohnston: you wish01:53
jonojcastro, could someone be a reviewer and not be a member of the contributors team?01:53
jcastrojono: ok so how's this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/843865/01:54
jcastrojono: no, you have to be a contributor first01:55
jonojcastro, looking good, but I want to include the steps in here01:55
jonoso people can right away what to do01:55
jonocan you add them to the PB and I will merge them in01:55
jonojcastro, also, this doesnt take markdown01:56
jonothese need to be full HTML links01:56
jonowhile you do that jcastro, I am going to eat, back soon01:57
jcastrohah man01:57
jcastroeverything SHOULD BE MARKDOWN01:57
jonopatches welcome ;-)01:57
jcastroI am disappointed you didn't do markdown by default01:58
jcastroit's the new black01:58
cjohnstoni dont like black01:58
jcastrohmm, my fear is that putting too detailed instructions in description it will fall out of date01:58
jcastroawesome, went from doing something fun to translating moinmoin to HTML.02:01
jcastroKill me02:01
jcastroI should have kept playing xbox02:01
jcastrojono: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/843873/02:05
jcastrook that should be decent enough, when I get back to my PC with working bzr I can clean it up since I'll have to update the URL for the charm store anyway.02:05
mhall119jono: it's not 100% yet, but it's a start02:20
mhall119I still need to work out the packaging details02:21
mhall119especially around getting things installed into /opt/02:22
jonomhall119, nice!!!02:27
jonomhall119, any idea if CanoniStack is back up?02:28
mhall119jono: I haven't checked it02:29
jonothanks jcastro02:29
=== koolhead17|afk is now known as koolhead17
jonoadding now and will send you a screenshot of the output02:29
mhall119jono: euca-describe-images against canonistack appears to be working02:30
mhall119euca-describe-instances confirms that my instances are all gone though02:30
jonomhall119, cool02:30
jonomhall119, when it is back up would you mind building me an instance again?02:30
jonoand then I will set all the headless U1 stuff up02:30
jonothanks, man02:30
jonoI really appreciate it02:30
jonojcastro, around?02:31
cprofittnigelb: yes I am.02:38
cprofittnot very active one though02:38
nigelbI had a vague association from some time in BT.02:40
cprofittI did it mostly so I could arrange to get CDs for the LUG02:55
cprofittman... my blog post about the Global Jam hardly got any hits02:56
mhall119yay! http://mhall119.com/2012/02/singlet-quickly-better-faster-simpler/03:11
jonomhall119, woo! reading03:20
jononice work!03:21
mhall119I need to get 'quickly run' and 'quickly debug' working, and then it'll be in a pretty good spot I think03:22
mhall119then I can drop all that junk from Singlet itself03:22
jonoand then we should ensure it packaged ready for 12.0403:26
mhall119yeah, I'll have to get an FFE for it to be in Universe though03:34
mhall119hmmm, I suppose it could go through the ARB too, since lenses and scopes created with it don't need to depend on it at runtime03:35
mhall119but it'll have to install to /usr/share/quickly/, so that might be a problem for the ARB03:36
mhall119I'll have to talk to didrocks about  that03:36
mhall119this is awesome, people will be making lenses and scopes like mad03:38
jonomhall119, cool03:44
duanedesignjo-erlend: thanks for your help answering ubuntu one questions on askUbuntu05:59
dpmgood morning all07:02
bkerensadpm: Good morning07:05
dpmhey bkerensa :)07:05
bkerensadpm: I guess I will also see you tomorrow morning (for me)07:06
bkerensaGood Night all!08:20
dholbachI love mixcloud as a service but the ads on there just don't make sense - why would I pay 100$ to get 100 "plays" of a mix I made?09:26
nigelbAlanBell: Heh, that was an interesting tweet :)10:45
dholbachhuats, we missed having our call yesterday11:04
dholbachhuats, and I'll be too busy this week - so let's talk next week11:04
dholbachhuats, but I think we should both mail a couple of people on our list and both blog about the initiative11:04
=== daker is now known as daker__
=== daker_ is now known as daker
cprofittjcastro: dude... where should I start if I want to learn about juju charms?14:03
popeycprofitt: ^^14:07
mhall119cprofitt: the easiest way to get started is to bribe jcastro with beer and tacos14:11
mhall119I don't even think they have to be good, he'll probably work for bud light and taco bell14:12
cprofittI would likely have to travel to Florida though, heh?14:13
mhall119well yeah, there is that14:13
snap-lJust have mhall119 deliver them14:40
jcastrodid someone say tacos?14:42
jcastrocprofitt: ^14:42
bkerensaGood Morning15:07
bkerensacprofitt: I had Tacos last night :)15:07
duanedesignha! I had tacos as well15:13
jcastrobkerensa: I dig your interviews man15:13
bkerensajcastro: Thanks15:15
cprofittbkerensa: nice!15:16
bkerensacprofitt: Before I moved across the city there was this "World Foods" store one block from where I lived and they had by far the largest selection of hot sauces I have ever seen... About half a aisle15:18
bkerensaGhost Chili.. Haberneros... Chinese Chilis.... Intense stuff15:18
cprofittI love my hot sauce15:18
cprofitthave about 10-20 of them from all over the place15:18
=== greg_g is now known as greg-g
jcastrodholbach: we have a call today right?15:49
dholbachjcastro, yep15:49
dholbachUGJ love15:49
jcastrohey when jono gets here remember to ask if it's on irc or G+15:49
dholbachg+ I think15:50
dholbachbut yeah, better ask ;-)15:50
bkerensajcastro: G+15:50
cprofittso 10 minutes15:51
bkerensa8 minutes15:51
dholbachhey jono15:51
jonohowdy dholbach15:51
jonodholbach, nice work on the dev update15:51
dholbachjono, I enjoyed doing something else for a change ;-)15:52
dholbachjono, and bkerensa did the interview with Robert15:52
dholbachso a nice team collaboration15:52
jonodholbach, lol15:52
jonocool :-)15:52
jonodid you post it to FB and G+ ?15:52
jonoto the main Ubuntu FB page?15:53
dholbachall the @ubuntudev accounts15:53
dholbachah no15:53
jonolets start posting them there every week15:53
jonodo you have access?15:53
dholbachto G+ I don't15:53
jonoI mean to the FB page15:54
dholbachah yes15:54
dholbachdoes anyone know how we can have more admins per G+ page?15:55
bkerensadholbach: Is there a hard limit?15:55
bkerensaPerhaps ping Bradley Horowitz on Google+15:56
bkerensahe is Google's Product Manager for G+15:56
dholbachbkerensa, I didn't find out how to add a single one :)15:56
jonodholbach, I figured it out15:56
jonoinviting you now15:56
dholbachah yes?15:56
dholbachthere'a page circle of "team members" - is that it?15:57
jonodid you post to FB yet?15:57
dholbachno, will do in a bit15:57
jonoI will post now15:57
dholbachjust to the @ubuntudev accounts on FB/twitter/G+/identica15:57
jonoI am there15:57
jonolets keep the main Ubuntu GB/G+ pages in the loop too15:57
dholbachwill do15:57
bkerensayou guys need a nice python script to hit all the various twitter, facebook and g+ accounts via api :)15:58
jonobkerensa, indeed15:58
bkerensaBut I think G+ api is still readonly15:58
jonoballoons, dholbach, dpm, jcastro, mhall119, bkerensa, czajkowski, cprofitt, call time, will send an invite now16:00
balloonsyour just thinking too small.. build your own api :-)16:00
jonoballoons, lol16:00
czajkowskijono: on a call with my team16:00
dholbachballoons, with HTTP POST the world is yours, right?16:00
mhall119jono: is daker on the invite?16:00
dakermhall119, can't make it :/16:01
dakerat work16:01
dholbachbah, is fridge slow for everyone else too?16:01
cprofittdelayed a minute... be right in16:01
bkerensadholbach: Yes epic16:01
balloonsdholbach.. you just have no idea!16:02
mhall119daker: ping me when  you're home, I'd like to start working on another deployment16:02
czajkowskicprofitt: can you please either sub the right address to the LC or else send from the one that is subscribed16:02
czajkowskiI have to keep doing it mannually here for you16:02
dpmjono, I'm there in a minute, webcam still not working well, setting it up on my desktop computer...16:02
balloonsservers are getting tricky now.. rc4'ing there comms, demanding undocumented header values, etc16:02
dholbachah, I guess it's slow because Jono posted the dev update on the G+ page :)16:02
mhall119cprofitt: sent you an invite to the hangout16:03
bkerensadholbach:  It is totally down :)16:03
jcastroI'm not seeing a G+ invite at all16:03
jonodpm, yeah yeah :-)16:05
jonodaker sorry you cant make it16:05
jonojcastro, let me invite again16:05
bkerensajono: none here either16:05
mhall119bkerensa: PM me your g+ email and I'll invite you16:06
bkerensaballoons: I need to sort out my mic situation.... for some reason the mic goes up higher16:21
bkerensaeven when I set it low16:21
balloonsyea, trying to autoadjust your mic i'd guess16:22
bkerensaballons: Well I will just toggle on and off as needed (I have it dropped low but I dont think it will obey me)16:33
nigelbjono: eh, the loco call is at 0430 my time :P16:53
jononigelb, slacker :-)16:53
dholbachjono, CC meeting for me17:00
dholbachjono, see you later17:00
bkerensajcastro: For the social media efforts it might be nice if ubuntu-marketing list could be utilized to share event related posts around the web that could then be re-shared17:05
bkerensaI really think /r/ubuntu and /r/linux are worthwhile efforts17:06
jcastrowe should leverage reddit more17:07
jcastrothere's a ton of people there.17:07
balloonsi have been planning an ama actually17:08
balloonsi've been on the fence about creating a new reddit account or not  :-)17:08
bkerensajcastro: Yeah the only thing I can complain about is that because we do have a CoC.... Moderation could be improved to clean up major distro trolling17:09
balloonsso i haven't done it yet17:09
bkerensaballoons: Reddit is fun in doses17:09
jcastrothe trolling seems to have gotten better17:09
bkerensaI find news on their sometimes :)17:09
jcastroby better I mean people aren't being suck jerks17:09
balloonshehe.. it's worth engaging the community.. I'll go forward with my ama nonetheless17:09
jcastroI just got reddited 2 blog posts ago and the comments were surprisingly awesome17:10
bkerensajcastro: Yeah it was bad for awhile and occasionally some Linux Minters come around looking for opps to convert people :P17:10
bkerensajcastro: Yeah Reddit has sent me a few hundreds hit a day for the last few days17:11
bkerensaPinterest seems to be picking up fast too17:11
bkerensaThey say its the fastest growing social network17:11
jcastrojill is on that, it's weird17:12
jcastrobut pretty cool17:12
bkerensaYeah I don't totally understand it.... It seems like a notice board for links with photos :P17:12
bkerensajcastro: Will juju ever have any swag?17:13
jcastroit does, tshirts17:13
jcastrowrite a charm, you get a shirt and mug!17:14
bkerensajcastro: :P you dont have my size I bet though.... Only PuppetLabs, OpenStack and Eucalyptus have had it so far :P17:14
jcastroMy shirts fit Robbie.17:14
jcastroAnything short of an original xbox can fit in them17:15
bkerensahmm I might have to consider it... I heard you guys need a improved Wordpress charm anyways17:15
jcastroI need nginx'ed17:16
jcastroright now it's apache17:16
bkerensaoh forget that17:16
bkerensaApache for the win17:16
jcastrobut I guess that's not leet enough17:16
jcastroor tweak apache so it's awesome17:16
bkerensajcastro: Have to tweak apache and mysql :)17:17
bkerensaMy wordpress install can blow the bricks off any nginx setup :)17:17
jcastroyeah! You're the kind of guy we want writing juju charms17:17
jcastroso that everyone who deploys wordpress gets the awesome setup17:17
bkerensajcastro: But they also need varnish and a isolated mysql container and CDN :)17:19
jcastrowe have varnish17:19
jcastroyou'd just need to customize the hook to make varnish do exactly what you want when related to wordpress17:20
jcastroso that's nearly there17:20
pleia2jam planning people: it would be great if you could keep the loco-contacts mailing list in the loop, I know it's old-style communication but one of the teams in the US emailed me to follow up with my "announcement" about how they could learn more and didn't even realize the new, fancy loco.ubuntu.com page for the jam existed17:21
pleia2not as fancy as all our social media stuff, but it still is a prime way to get ahold of team contacts :)17:21
pleia2just trying to be helpful17:25
bkerensapleia2: :) loco-contacts what mentioned in the call17:25
cprofittpleia2: I will be sending out an email to the first half of the alpha in North America later tonight17:28
cprofittrandal will be doing the other half17:28
pleia2"the alpha"?17:28
cprofittwe split North America17:28
pleia2to the mailing lists?17:29
cprofittas far as who will email what teams17:29
cprofittI am going straight to the contacts list on loco.ubuntu.com17:29
bkerensacprofitt: I already have New Mexico, Idaho and Washington covered17:29
bkerensajust a heads up17:29
cprofittbkerensa: cool... I think the I is on my list...17:29
cprofittrandall would have the N and W -- though I took NY17:29
pleia2yeah, california is already aware too17:29
bkerensacprofitt: What is Randall's IRC nick?17:30
cprofittrrwnexec or some such17:30
cprofittyeah that is it17:30
cprofittI do not often see him on irc anymore17:31
bkerensaoh goodness... Nigerian Money Scam on a Ubuntu Mailing List17:31
bkerensaor something like it perhaps17:31
bkerensanot sure if it is legit or not but seems odd17:32
cprofittthat is a well known scam17:40
cprofittusually from a hacked account17:41
PendulumI'm a little more concerned by the reply to it that doesn't recognize that it's a scam17:41
bkerensacprofitt: looking through archives though that individual does appear to be a contribute or at least was at one point17:45
Pendulumbkerensa: it's not the person, it's the e-mail content17:45
PendulumI've seen almost verbatim content in hacked e-mail accounts17:46
Pendulum(where I know it was hacked because the person whose account it was contacted everyone in their address book to let them know they'd been hacked)17:46
bkerensaPendulum: Yeah... I figured it was :) I wouldnt ask strangers for money if I got mugged in a third world country :P17:46
popeythe scam isnt aimed at strangers17:47
Pendulumand, now the person has responded saying there was a hack17:47
popeyits aimed at people in yoru address book which is assumed to be your friends17:47
popeyanyway, scam, move on ☺17:47
bkerensaShould ask if he got hacked while booted into his windows partition :P17:47
bkerensapopey: k17:47
jcastroPici: where can I find info about the bot jam?17:48
koolhead17mhall119: hey there17:49
Picijcastro: At this time, the information is available here, we'll be providing more info as we get closer: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-irc/2012-February/001490.html17:49
popeymmm tasty bot jam17:51
mhall119hey koolhead1717:54
koolhead17mhall119: we are planning the global jam over coffee and  snacks without Internet though :)17:54
mhall119koolhead17: there's no problem with that17:55
mhall119make sure it's on the loco team portal though17:55
mhall119plus tweet when you're there, take photos, upload them, use #ubuntu to tag *everything*17:55
* mhall119 thinks "#ubuntu all of the things!" should be our new meme17:56
jonomhall119, think you could expedite setting my CanoniStack up?17:59
jonoI want to throw it open so some folks can test the accomplishments stuff17:59
jcastrothere were issues with the upgrade, they're still working it18:00
jonoballoons, slangasek wants to do some cross-grade testing between 32-bit and 654-bit installs18:00
jono64-bit installs18:00
jcastro654 bits, brutal.18:00
jonoballoons, can you reach out to him and kick off a testing campaign18:00
jonojcastro, \m/18:00
jcastrojono: check this out18:00
jcastrosound familiar?18:00
jonojcastro, ;-)18:01
mhall119jono: sure18:01
mhall119on it now18:01
jonojcastro, think you can have that outreach ideas doc and try.ubuntu.com plan in place for us to discuss tomorrow?18:01
jonomhall119, legend!18:01
jonojcastro, btw18:01
jonoin terms of your Charm docs for the .accomplishment18:01
jonoyour docs talked in the context of contributing a charm as opposed to being a member of the team18:02
jonoI think those docs are cool, but is there a way in which we can check in LP if someone contributed a charm?18:02
balloonshey jono.. hmm cross grade testing?18:02
jcastrooh so you want it to be about the team then?18:02
balloonsi'll reach out to him18:02
mhall119jono: smoser-cloud-images/ubuntu-precise-alpha2-amd64-server-20120202.manifest.xml work for you?18:03
jcastrojono: ack wrt. being ready by tomorrow, I have all the info I just haven't updated the information yet18:03
jonomhall119, can we use the image as last time? not sure if 64-bit causes issues with U1 headless18:03
bkerensadholbach: Is it possible that the LP Privacy Policy might even prohibit such?18:03
jonoballoons, I think this is upgrading between arch...the multi-arch18:03
mhall119jono: I don't remember the exact image we used last time18:03
jonoballoons, he can explain more18:03
mhall119was it i386?18:04
dholbachbkerensa, we're talking about possibilities right now18:04
jonomhall119, lets try the 64-bit and I will see if it works18:04
dholbachbkerensa, we need a way to do elections18:04
jonomhall119, can you use a x86 image?18:04
bkerensadholbach: I know :) I didnt want to interrupt18:04
jonojcastro, cool, lets review the doc tomorrow18:04
mhall119jono: I can use either18:04
jonothen I can discuss in my call with sabdfl on Monday18:04
jonomhall119, lets do x8618:04
jonomhall119, thanks!18:04
mhall119still precise alpha 2?18:04
jonojcastro, will stick a call in our cal tomorrow to discuss18:04
jonomhall119, cool18:04
mhall119well I have one of each now..18:05
bkerensajono: Were doing another UGJ call next week right same time?18:05
jonobkerensa, yep18:06
jonoballoons, I added a call for us tomorrow to discuss the consolidation plan and the checkbox stuff18:06
mhall119hmmm, weird, it's not telling me the IP of the instance...18:07
bkerensajono: I know this a long ways off but any thought on making UCADay a Global Event on loco.u.c? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay18:07
jcastrojono: I thought we have a call on fridays now anyway?18:08
jcastrook, either way, woo.18:08
jonojcastro, I don't see it in my cal18:09
jonosounds familiar18:09
jonobkerensa, I agree, I think it should be in there18:09
jcastroI think we've been winging it18:09
mhall119bkerensa: ask the lococouncil to add it, they have access18:09
balloonsjono, sounds like a plan.. I'm pushing hard for traction on this stuff.. but it's interesting to see what's been happening as I mix the pot18:10
jonoballoons, cool, I also want to help to manage this influx of testing so you don't have a nervous breakdown :-)18:10
balloonshehe.. it's fine.. it's a temporary thing18:11
mhall119jono: the /topic in IS's channel says precise images aren't booting at the moment18:11
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day18:11
dholbachbig hugs18:11
dholbachsee you tomorrow18:11
balloonswell.. I mean i hope/know it will grow.. but the non-scalability is temporary18:11
jonodholbach, night, pal!18:11
balloonsbye dholbach !18:11
* balloons hugs dholbach 18:11
mhall119bye dholbach18:11
jonoballoons, yeah, we can keep an eye on this18:11
jonoand once you have the foundation bits done, balloons, we will have more availability for you18:12
jonoe.g. once you have the processes in palce18:12
balloonsdid you see the doc I shared on keeping track of everything that's going on?18:12
mhall119it's 1:15 already? where did today go?18:12
balloonsis that metrics enough for you atm?18:12
bkerensacprofitt: Any chance at seeing UCADay on loco.u.c18:12
balloonswhoa.. lunch was missed somewhere in there mhall119 :-)18:12
mhall119balloons: yeah18:13
mhall119at least I had my Cheerios18:13
balloonsguess i should have prefixed my comments with jono.. jono, did you see the doc I shared on keeping track of everything that's going on? is that metrics enough for you atm?18:18
mhall119jono: nvm my previous comments, I was just confused about things18:18
jonomhall119, we can run a Precise image?18:19
mhall119jono: yes18:19
jonomhall119, woo!18:20
jonoballoons, you mean the doc which lists the queue of things being tested?18:20
balloonsyep.. the one your looking at now :)18:21
jonoballoons, cool, I have a call now but will review properly when I am done18:22
jonoand we can discuss tomorrow too18:22
balloonsgreat.. I'm with you. I don't want to be looking at that next monday and have a 'deer in headlights' moment again18:23
jonothanks, pal18:23
jonoI appreciate the time you are taking on this18:23
balloonsjono, yvw.. it's good :-)18:24
jonooh wow, I didn't realize that Chromium downloads show in the Launcher icon progress bar thing19:45
mhall119I can't remember the last time I had a download take long enough that I would have noticed19:50
jonoI am downloading an ISO19:50
jonomhall119, can you add the Unity Launcher progress bar as a column in your upstream targets list?19:51
mhall119jono: I'm making it generic "Launcher", since it can be either progress or numeric indicators19:52
jonomhall119, cool20:16
mhall119jo-erlend: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA0ODk nice!20:17
jcastrohey Daviey20:28
Davieyhey mr castro20:45
jcastrohey did you apply for a trystack.org account?20:45
jcastroanyone owe you any favors? I would like to get a "Running juju on trystack" page started20:45
jcastrobasically, what we talked about yesterday -- we can do that on this thing they got running20:46
jcastroDaviey: ^20:52
akgranerballoons, yanked the HD to send to Collin once I get the new one installed (tomorrow am) I can start testing.21:31
balloonsakgraner, hehe.. +1 for linux being hardware agnostic21:32
akgranercuriosity on this one got the better of me - I am dieing to know what the heck happened.21:33
mhall119akgraner: kill a harddrive?21:35
akgranermhall119, yep on an update21:35
akgranersome kinda libc6 error that won't let me do anything b/c dependencies are screwed up - cjwatson was helping me but it's so borked that he can't even ssh into it21:36
akgranerso since that's the first time in 3 years I've had an error on an update that we can't get back to a good state it might be interesting to dissect it, but I know he has a tone of other stuff to do as well - so I am sending this with no expectation of a quick turnaround.21:40
akgranerdang it - somehow all my downloads are being opened by default with gimp - this includes libreoffice files and more.  I have absolutely no clue I set this to do this.  Anyone know how to change this or where to change this at.21:56
balloonsfirefox or chromium or ?21:57
akgranerfrom my downloads folder in my home directory21:57
akgranerI changed it in the browsers21:57
balloonsi'm confused.. after you download the file it's opening in gimp?21:58
akgranerbut now if I go to my downloads folder in my home directory it trys to open everything there with gimp21:58
balloonsright click and hit properties21:58
akgraneron each file?21:58
balloonssee the open with tab?21:58
balloonsyou can change it there21:58
balloonsit's set for each file type association21:59
akgranerahh ok21:59
balloonshave a look at this file:/usr/share/applications/defaults.list22:00
balloonsit controls all that goodness22:00
mhall119wow akgraner, you're being very destructive on installs lately22:00
mhall119you sure you're not on the QA team?22:00
akgranerI've been told the only QA person I can interact with is on jono22:01
akgranerjono's team22:01
akgranerballoons, you can thank pgraner next time you see him...thank you I think it's fixed now22:01
mhall119akgraner: what, are all the other QA people afraid?22:02
balloonslol.. you get to interact with him only eh? good luck with that22:02
balloonsmhall119, yes, she's a wonderful tester.. she is excellent at breaking things22:02
balloonsbut, lol, people don't always want things to be broken.. it's more like looking for an everything's good..22:03
akgranermhall119, they aren't afraid of anything, pgraner is afraid to let me near them I think he's looking after them I think :-)22:04
mhall119akgraner: it would be bad for the company if they all quit :)22:04
balloonsmhall119, i feel out of my chair again22:04
balloonsmhall119, is that part of your goals for the week -- caused me to fall down? hehe.. your so good at it.. the one-liners.. so painfully funny22:05
mhall119I eat a full serving of snarky-os every morning22:05
mhall119balloons: the great thing about akgraner is that her bug reports have a charming southern accept that just keep you wanting more22:07
technovikingok good to precise on bare metal22:08
cjohnstoni attached a video to a bug report today22:08
akgranermhall119, I think I resemble that remark.  :-P22:08
balloonsnice.. i don't think i've had the privilege of perusing her reports yet..22:08
akgranerI need to file more bugs, but sometimes now when I get pissed about something I throw things at the person in the other office.  No wonder he likes to travel.  Now he tells me, don't look at me file a bug.22:09
cjohnstoni try not to write yall in bug reports22:09
technovikingand installer dies :(22:10
mhall119akgraner: I got this from Michelle the other day, when she was complaining about something not working right in Unity: "And don't tell me to file a bug report, you work for them, so I just did!"22:14
akgranermhall119, that's polite compared to some of the things I've said to someone here22:16
mhall119akgraner: I bet it's a bad day in the Graner household when you get a kernel panic22:17
akgranerand still he sends me to find more information and try to fix it myself, find someone else to help or file a bug and says, "you wanna be technical right?"22:17
akgranerat least when working with tip builds are ARM boards, there is no expectation of it's perfect.  Heck if it boots the first time it's cause for celebration :-)22:19
pleia2speaking of falling out of one's chair "Similar to" @1990sLinuxUser lists @mpt ;)22:39
mhall119pleia2: ?22:40
pleia2mhall119: was just following a link on jcastro's blog to a funny twitter user22:41
pleia2twitter has a recommended thing for users simliar to the one you're looking at22:41
mhall119ah, yeah22:42
technovikingjcastro: is there a proper way to get two screen working in precise with an nvidia crd23:01
akgranerDoes Jenkins rate up there with Launchpad and Bazaar?  I guess I am trying to figure out if I should mention it and how it's being used in the QA Lab...23:21
jonoakgraner, Jenkins is entirely different to LP and Bzr23:54
jonoit is like comparing apples and oranges23:54
akgranerjono, yep I know now23:54
akgranersomeone here just explained that to me in a slighly more wtf way23:55

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