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cyphermoxhey jasoncwarner_01:59
cyphermoxI've been testing the hidden network case -- here it works fine; I can stop and restart network-manager after disconnecting everything, and since the hidden network is the last activated one, it gets re-activated automatically02:00
TheMusoGRRRR! Something has broken Orca's shortcut key functionality. :S02:15
desrtTheMuso: good money is on <Primary>02:15
TheMusodesrt: Ok, what may have changed things then?02:17
desrtTheMuso: does your orca shortcut involve the control key, by chance?02:18
TheMusoHrm and it seems numlock is perminantly on, at least according to orca.02:18
TheMusodesrt: No02:18
TheMusodesrt: Insert is used as the primary modifier when used on a desktop keyboard.02:18
desrtoh.  this probably isn't what i'm thinking of, then02:18
TheMusoHrm. I wonder if its settings-daemon...02:22
TheMusoOh wow, Even broken copy/paste shortcuts are broken.02:29
TheMusoCorrectino, they are not02:29
TheMusoOk, its gnome-settings-daemon...02:42
TheMusoJust downgraded and after turning numlock off, things work.02:42
TheMusoit seems that something is holding numlock on.02:42
mterryrobert_ancell, do you know how to prevent the cog background from being black?03:04
robert_ancellmterry, I assumed that was a GTK problem03:04
robert_ancellit never used to be03:05
mterryrobert_ancell, it is... but not sure if it is now our problem.  I've been playing with it a bit just now03:05
mterryrobert_ancell, if I just add a basic GtkDrawingArea or whatever, I get a black box03:05
mterryrobert_ancell, like our widget backgrounds aren't being initialized03:06
jasoncwarner_cyphermox: thanks, I'll do a another set of tests here....03:23
cyphermoxjasoncwarner_: please do03:25
cyphermoxjasoncwarner_: according to dcbw the case you saw working on gnome-shell could have been an shell bug, where connections got randomly autostarted in some cases -- but I really know nothing of it03:25
robert_ancellmterry, it's probably bug 93163003:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931630 in shotwell "don't set GtkDrawingArea to have transparent background" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93163003:31
ritzhmm, interesting http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2012-January/161306.html03:36
ritzChanges coming for CUPS 1.603:36
micahgyep, I think we're sticking with 1.5 for precise though03:37
micahgwe've already got cups-filters in precise though03:37
cyphermoxrobert_ancell: I noticed you started fixing up gnome-nettool, I was going to do it now :)03:38
robert_ancellcyphermox, beat you to it :P03:39
cyphermoxrobert_ancell: it was pretty cool to see a changelog with a date in the future (for me)03:39
ritz but would we not need avahi to be updated , assuming non-hetrogenous env ?03:39
micahgright, one reason not to do it for precise :)03:43
ritzfair enough. given the LTS stance03:47
micahgright, we'll probably get it early next cycle to get maximum testing03:47
pittiGood morning04:40
pittitkamppeter_: I see you already uploaded pnm2ppa; do you still want to sync it? (You can do that yourself, BTW)04:42
kenvandine_good morning pitti04:49
pittihey kenvandine_04:50
pittikenvandine_: nice gwibber work!04:51
kenvandine_shaping up :)04:51
kenvandine_i still have quite a bit i want to land before FF :)04:51
jasoncwarner_kenvandine_: before FF? cutting it close, aren't you? ;)05:00
kenvandine_it is mostly the error handling stuff05:00
kenvandine_now that the service can handle it05:01
kenvandine_i want to get the backend work in place so we can catch failures nicely... then maybe beg for a freeze exception to add the UI to handle them :)05:02
kenvandine_and i want to add an API in libgwibber, that would be used if we manage to get the UI bits in later05:02
micahgkenvandine: should gwibber be a dependency of Ubuntu desktop?  I'd like to fix bug 846031, I was wondering if you made it a dependency vs recommends for a reason?05:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 846031 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-desktop shouldn't depends from gwibber" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84603105:08
kenvandine_i thought it was a recommends05:08
kenvandine_it used to be because indicator-me depended on gwibber05:09
kenvandine_but that is gone05:09
micahgright, then you added it to the seed as a depends05:09
micahgdesktop: * gwibber05:10
micahgeasy enough to fix, was just wondering if there's a reason05:11
kenvandine_nope, just needs to be on the CD05:11
micahgpitti: are you planning a new meta upload for the change you made for the renames prinerdriver?05:11
pittimicahg: yes, will do; I collected a few renames yesterday as well05:12
pittimicahg: it's not that urgent, though, these packages have transitional names05:12
micahgpitti: can you close bug 846031 after I push up this branch?05:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 846031 in ubuntu-meta "ubuntu-desktop shouldn't depends from gwibber" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84603105:12
micahgI mean close in the meta upload05:13
pittimicahg: sure; i. e. you want to move it from depends to recommends, or want me to?05:14
micahgI just did it :)05:14
pittimicahg: need to wait a bit still for the pnm2ppa binaries to publish, will rebuild then05:15
micahgsure, no rush, just requesting the bug be closed on upload :)05:15
kenvandine_pitti, the latest gwibber version did shave 75K from the deb size :)05:23
pitti*applauds* :)05:23
kenvandine_i can probably trim it down a little more too05:24
kenvandine_i removed some unused icon sizes05:24
kenvandine_if i look closely there might be more05:24
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pittikenvandine_: FYI, CC'ed you on a mail about gwibber exposing passwords in its apport hook05:30
kenvandine_how could it do that...05:31
kenvandine_the secret token should never go in the log05:32
kenvandine_oh... the sina plugin05:32
kenvandine_that is a separate source, maybe they log info they shouldn't05:32
sm|breakdesrt: oh I asume you must know whats up with this <primary> thing then05:46
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BigWhaleGood Morning.05:47
kenvandine_hey BigWhale05:49
kenvandine_BigWhale, would you have a little time to do a couple reviews for me?05:51
BigWhaleand it seems that I fixed the utf issue05:52
kenvandine_i distro patched that :)05:53
tjaaltonniice, the new wacom goodness on g-c-c works05:54
BigWhalekenvandine, status bar looks ok to me... perhaps we just make it the same color as the toolbar05:55
kenvandine_BigWhale, that is kind of what i am hoping njpatel will do06:00
BigWhalewhoops I just removed empathy06:00
BigWhalekenvandine, is gwibber trunk now up to date?06:01
BigWhaleoh crap I removed a bazillion packages....06:02
kenvandine_BigWhale, mostly, i have two more branches i want to get in06:03
kenvandine_BigWhale, this is the easier of the two https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/gwibber/status_bar/+merge/9333606:08
BigWhaleis there a way to quickly install all the missing packages that are installed by default?06:14
RAOFsmspillaz: You need to know about <Primary>?06:15
smspillazwhats up with that06:15
RAOFGTK decided that <Ctrl> wasn't cool enough.06:15
smspillazin ccsm whenever I do <control> something it shows up as <primary>06:15
smspillazoh nice06:15
smspillazdoes it actually ... affect anything ?06:16
RAOFOr, rather, what was <Ctrl> is now platform-dependent; it's something different on Macs.06:16
smspillazdon't macs have a control key too?06:16
RAOFBut that's not the <Primary> key.06:16
RAOFI believe that <Option> is <Primary> on Macs.06:17
RAOFIt does change things, in that I'm not sure you can actually *bind* <Primary>.  Maybe you can.  It was breaking Do, though.06:18
smspillaz*facepalm* ?06:19
RAOFYeah, I'm not entirely sure why a fairly significant behaviour change was made to GTK2.06:19
didrocksgood morning06:34
RAOFHeya didrocks!06:34
BigWhalekenvandine, merge away :)06:34
didrockshey RAOF!06:34
RAOFHave you had time to play with barrier-test?06:35
kenvandine_grrr... my vala unit test won't pass, but the python-gi one passes06:35
pittibonjour didrocks06:35
* didrocks hopes he can see the nvidia issue on my system after the unity release06:35
didrocksguten morgen pitti06:35
didrocksRAOF: unfortunately not, had to fight with dx stuff all the day :/06:35
RAOFdidrocks: No problem.06:36
RAOFIt's not going to get stale :)06:36
RAOF(Well, it might if someone uploads a new xserver)06:37
didrocksRAOF: I'm still worrying about the nvidia blob driver that I can't install, I should see with tseliot, isn't it?06:39
didrocksRAOF: I had to rebuild the previous version to get my machine working with latest xserver06:39
RAOFWhy can't you install it?  It seems to be working heer.06:40
RAOFOr even here :)06:40
didrocksRAOF: if I install it, I don't get anything starting, weird artefacts on lightdm, no acceleration… (remember? I pinged you some weeks ago about it)06:43
RAOFI thought that turned out to be the libc thingy.  Clearly I misremember.06:45
bkerensadidrocks: How have you like this week?06:53
didrocksbkerensa: as usual, sometimes it's 4PM and I just realized that I'm on my chair since 7am and didn't move, even for a glass of water :p06:56
didrocksRAOF: no no, it was way before06:56
didrockshum, adding a compiz ABI break + unity release, today will be… interesting :)07:13
kenvandine_didrocks, good times!07:19
didrockskenvandine_: indeed07:19
kenvandine_didrocks, i just uploaded the videos lens/scope again07:19
kenvandine_whenever you have time07:19
didrockskenvandine_: will try…07:19
kenvandine_i need to get some sleep, i'll be back in a few hours07:20
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tkamppeterpitti, I have synced a lot of packages by myself now, but I did not succeed to sync pnm2ppa in the first place because its Ubuntu source tarball was this crazy DBS tarball-in-tarball whereas the equally-named source tarball of the Debian package was a straight tarball as every other package has. So even --fakesync did not work. See also the debian/changelog entry and my discussion with cjwatson on #ubuntu-devel.07:29
pittitkamppeter: right, thanks07:30
tjaaltondidrocks: hey, do you know if the new unity/nux(?) updates will fix bug 926859?07:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926859 in nux "llvmpipe software rendering needs blacklisting in unity-support-test" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92685907:30
didrockstjaalton: no, it won't from what I saw07:31
pittitkamppeter: will upload cups in a bit, but I need to add the dpkg-maintscript-helper bits to remove the conffile on upgrades (unless you beat me to it)07:31
pittitkamppeter: if the .deb merely stops shipping it, upgraders will still keep it, as it's a conffile07:31
tjaaltondidrocks: aww, ok07:31
tkamppeterpitti, OK, which conffile will get removed?07:38
pittitkamppeter: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-cups-usblp.conf07:39
tkamppeterpitti, I understand. Thanks.07:42
bkerensapitti: How would you describe this week?08:01
mvocompiz ate my keybindgs (maxizme, move)08:14
micahghi mvo :)08:14
mvohey micahg08:15
didrocksmvo: known issue, will hopefully get fixed today if we succeed in releasing :)08:19
pittibkerensa: describe how?08:24
pittihey mvo08:24
pittimvo: mine s well; I get crazy without my "put window to background" key08:24
pittididrocks: nice!08:24
mvopitti: yes, me too, move, maximze, I feel like one arm is twisted behind my back currently08:25
didrockspitti: did you see my "if" :)08:25
mvodidrocks: anything I can build locally to fix it?08:26
didrocksmvo: no, it's still under review and discussion08:26
didrocksmvo: and it will break ABI08:26
didrocks(also API)08:26
didrocksnot sure you want to rebuild libcompizconfig, compiz-plugins-main (+ fix), compiz-plugins-extra, unity :p08:27
jibelmvo, bug 93192708:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931927 in compiz-core "[regression] Customized shortcuts don't work in compiz 1:" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93192708:41
pittibonjour jibel, ca va?08:42
jibelI keep closing windows instead of switching desktop. It's driving me crazy.08:43
jibelpitti, good morning. ça va08:43
pittijibel: je suis bien, merci!08:43
pittibonjour seb12808:43
pittiseb128: so, g-c-c 3.4 after all :)08:43
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts? ;-)08:44
mvota jibel!08:44
pittiseb128: OOI, what else is missing for a complete 3.4 then?08:44
seb128pitti, yeah, new GNOME mostly after all ;-)08:44
pittiah, g-bluetooth, g-session08:44
seb128pitti, gnome-keyring gnome-menus gnome-session and the gnome-shell stack08:44
pittiseb128: ok, we talked about keyring; we have too many changes in -session, I guess too risky to update08:45
pittiseb128: is shell because it needs a newer keyring/session?08:45
seb128g-b as well, it's optional in g-c-c, I might have a look to see if there is any compelent reason to take it but I think I pushed my luck enough :p08:45
seb128pitti, gnome-shell needed a new g-s-d g-c-c08:46
seb128pitti, though I reverted the keybinding port to gsettings in those upload since compiz is still using gconf08:46
* pitti runs through versions.html and gives back the failed builds due to gtk armel desync08:46
pittiI did a few this morning already, but not from versions.html08:47
seb128I don't plan to spend time on that, but the patches are easy enough that if jbicha or ricotz wanted to do it a runtime choice to be able to update shell they could08:47
seb128pitti, thanks08:47
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:13
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?09:13
chrisccoulsonseb128, tired ;)09:13
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:13
seb128chrisccoulson, good, a bit tired though09:16
seb128chrisccoulson, late hacking again? did you finally start on your asm debugging yesterday? ;-)09:16
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i did09:16
chrisccoulsoni hate toolchain issues09:16
seb128did you manage to figure the issue?09:16
chrisccoulsonnot yet09:16
chrisccoulsoni will do though ;)09:17
seb128is that doko's fault again? ;-)09:17
chrisccoulsonyes ;)09:17
pittimvo, Sweetshark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lfcGEQRyaqI -- koestlich!09:25
mvopitti: alter! *fremdschämen*09:30
ricotzpitti, LOL09:30
pittione could see how that woman's brain tried to work out how to stop him09:31
pittiI wish I could talk like that when getting an advertisement phone call :)09:32
ritzsweet, ubuntu.desktop++ for thick borders09:35
BigWhaleSo, I have this dbus service signal which is emitted once ... and then I have this certain vala client that receives this signal 13 times ...09:36
chrisccoulsongah, things have stopped appearing in my alt-tab list, and clicking on icons just launches new instances of applications, rather than switching to them09:37
BigWhaleis there a command line utility where I could check who's doing it wrong? :>09:37
chrisccoulsonthis is the second time since yesterday that it's happened :(09:37
chrisccoulsondidrocks, have you seen that?09:37
didrockschrisccoulson: are you using precise unity?09:38
didrocksor unity from the ppa?09:38
chrisccoulsondidrocks, the one from the PPA09:38
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, known issue, we are working on it09:39
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks09:39
didrocksit's the release blocker right now09:39
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: do you have a working guest session? could you try something for me?09:55
seb128if you run the guest session, you should get a "enter a keyring password" dialog09:55
seb128if you click on "ok", it displays a "you are going to create an unsecure keyring, are you sure"09:55
seb128can you click on the confirmation button of this dialog?09:55
pittiseb128: what do I need to do to request the keyring?09:58
pittiah, I guess I could try connecting to an ssh server09:58
seb128pitti, it does autoopen for me in every guest session09:58
seb128I though maybe nm-applet or u109:58
seb128I guess run evo or empathy otherwise09:58
pittiseb128: right, it hangs10:00
pittiseb128: not for me; I use system-wide wifi connection10:00
seb128pitti, you can close by the decorator right?10:00
seb128but not click on the buttons10:00
pittiseb128: confirmed10:00
seb128pitti, can you add a comment on bug #931958 saying you get it as well?10:00
ubot2`seb128: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable (https://launchpad.net/bugs/931958)10:01
seb128bug #93195810:01
ubot2`seb128: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable (https://launchpad.net/bugs/931958)10:01
pittiUh oh!10:01
pittiSomething has gone wrong. We're sorry!10:01
* seb128 kicks launchpad10:01
seb128bug #93195810:02
ubot2`seb128: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable (https://launchpad.net/bugs/931958)10:02
seb128let's wait a bit10:02
seb128it seemed to work again for me10:02
pittiseb128: confirmed on the bug10:03
seb128pitti, thanks10:03
pittitkamppeter: ok, testing cups now (I added the conffile handling bits)10:04
tkamppeterpitti, great.10:05
pittihey czajkowski10:05
czajkowskipitti: hiya10:06
czajkowskilatestest updates have borked my machine :( no sw cneter any more applications uninstalled, battery not showing when it's charging or running out of juice. but am enjoying my 1st week at canonical :)10:07
pittiSweetshark: ah, 3.5.0 final released? I guess we'll see another upload soon?10:07
pittiSweetshark: did you figure out the unopkg.bin bug with the cyclic dependency, or do we need to discuss this more?10:08
pitticzajkowski: does apt-get -f install clean up?10:09
seb128czajkowski, can you go in the control center and check in the power capplet the "when to display the indicator" combo option?10:09
czajkowskipitti: let me try that10:10
czajkowskiseb128: aye did tat last night and changed the settings and restared and nothing happens10:10
seb128maybe what pitti said10:10
Sweetsharkpitti: 1) yes 2) yes 3) i have a workaround for it, but I am not to happy with it (testing the postinsts by installing right now)10:13
czajkowskiseb128: I thought buying a new laptop would remove my weird funky bugs. :)10:15
czajkowskipitti: no help, which is just odd10:15
czajkowskiand I keep getting this on update http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844158/10:15
pitticzajkowski: extras doesn't exist yet for precise10:16
pittithe GB mirror failures do look worrying, though10:16
czajkowskiah ok so no need to worry about the error10:17
pittinot if it's transient10:17
czajkowskimissin skype and center is kinda annoying but not the end of the world10:17
pittiif it's happening for longer than a day, asking IS might be good10:17
czajkowskibut the battery not showing it's losing power or showing its plugged in is kinda annoying, just wondered if anyone else had seen similar ?10:18
czajkowskipitti: will do10:18
pitticzajkowski: skype is known; I suppose your recent dist-upgrade removed it because gcc-4.6 is built on amd64, but not i386 yet10:18
pitticzajkowski: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?10:18
pittiit might have been lost during a dist-upgrade10:18
pitti(always read what it wants to remove)10:18
czajkowskipitti: aye ran the command,  but no effect, will wait and try again tonight and see if things fix :)10:19
czajkowskithanks for your hel folks10:19
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i wish the HUD would stop activating on workspace switches10:38
pittitkamppeter: cups uploaded10:39
* mvo weeps every time he write "hb.pack_start(widget, False, False, 0)"10:44
seb128chrisccoulson, there is a fix pending commit10:45
chrisccoulsoncool :)10:46
tkamppeterpitti, thanks.10:47
Sweetsharkpitti: fyi, this is the current workaround http://paste.ubuntu.com/844188/, but what I really need is a trigger that fires, if a) -core and -common are install b) one of them got updated10:54
pittiSweetshark: I guess I don't understand enough of this to be able to say whether it's correct11:02
pittiSweetshark: dpkg does have triggers, though11:02
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tkamppeterpitti, I need your help with Jockey.11:18
pittitkamppeter: sure, what's up? (I'm at lunch ATM, bbl)11:20
tkamppeterIt is about Epson's printer driver http://www.openprinting.org/driver/epson-201101w/11:21
tkamppeterThey are moving their drivers from Avasys' servers to Epson's servers.11:22
pittiurl 111:22
tkamppeterHere is what the web query interface tells when one has detected an Epson NX130: http://www.openprinting.org/query.php?type=drivers&printer=Epson-NX130_Series&moreinfo=111:22
tkamppeteror in XML: http://www.openprinting.org/query.php?type=drivers&printer=Epson-NX130_Series&moreinfo=1&format=XML11:23
tkamppeterNow if I do11:23
tkamppetercd /usr/share/system-config-printer/11:24
tkamppeterpython newprinter.py --setup-printer='file:/tmp/printout' --devid='MFG:Epson;MDL:NX130 Series;'11:24
tkamppeterthe driver does not get found, but manually loading the driver packages and signatures from http://www.openprinting.org/driver/epson-201101w/ works.11:25
tkamppeterpitti: ^^ Is it possible that the signature https://intouch.ebz.epson.net/key/fingerprint is not corresponding with the package's signature?11:26
tkamppeterpitti, how do I debug this?11:26
pittitkamppeter: it should appear in /var/log/jockey.log11:26
pittineed to run out for 20 mins, bbl11:27
chrisccoulsonhmmm, brain ache11:27
chrisccoulsoni should get some more caffeine11:27
mvoseb128: any ideas about bug #921477 - the code in question has not changed and its fine in oneiric, so something else changed in gtk that broke it and I have a hard time figuring out what it might be11:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 921477 in software-center "drop down menus from app toolbar have black background" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92147711:44
seb128mvo, talk to Cimi, he changed menus theming11:45
seb128mvo, I bet it's either a gtk change (they did a lot of stuff this cycle on the css support) which requires a theme fix or a theme change11:46
mvoseb128: what channel is the best one?11:46
mvoseb128: its not easy to reproduce unfortunately :/ I have not figured it out yet11:46
seb128mvo, oh, it's not happening all the time, weird, dunno then11:47
seb128mvo, try asking Cimi when he's around11:47
mvoits happening all the time in s-c, but when I try to build a isolated testcase I get stuck11:47
mvoso some side effect11:47
mvothanks seb12811:47
seb128mvo, maybe the theme has special theming for s-c in its css?11:49
mvoseb128: oh, could be - especially since adwaita look fine11:51
mvoseb128: I will try to find out after lunch11:52
seb128mvo, but I know cimi changed the theming of menubars and menus recently11:52
tkamppeterpitti, back?12:11
tkamppeterpitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844226/12:12
tkamppeterpitti, it can be caused by an encoding problem, weird characters in the license text. See http://www.openprinting.org/query.php?type=drivers&printer=Epson-NX130_Series&moreinfo=1&format=XML, section "4. LGPL".12:13
tkamppeterpitti, can you make Jockey robust against this?12:13
pittitkamppeter: back now12:22
pittitkamppeter: I can reproduce this12:26
pittitkamppeter: jockey itself doesn't do the XML parsing, that's cupshelpers; I'll reduce the test case and have a look there12:28
tkamppeterpitti, great, patches welcome. Manufacturers do weird thigs and we need to make our software robust against that.12:30
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pittitkamppeter: FYI, reproducer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844292/12:38
pittitkamppeter: slighth correction: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844295/12:39
pittitkamppeter: it crashes with the current Ubuntu package, but not if I run it in s-c-p trunk with PYTHONPATH=.12:40
pittitkamppeter: so it seems fixed upstream already12:40
pittitkamppeter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844298/ <- prints traceback12:41
pittitkamppeter: curious, though; diffing /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cupshelpers/openprinting.py against trunk's only shows that we added the "fingerprint" option12:42
pittiooh, and self.onlyfree = 012:42
pittithat might be it12:42
pittiok, with an extra op.onlyfree = 0 it crashes in trunk, too12:43
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pitti(â<80>&amp;#65533; LGPLâ<80>&amp;#65533;).  Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, you may ^M12:46
pittitkamppeter: ^ that's the offending line12:46
pittitkamppeter: that's the final reduction:12:50
pittipython -c 'from xml.etree.ElementTree import XML; XML("<x>\x80</x>")'12:50
pittiso we need to filter out non-UTF8 stuff12:50
pittitkamppeter: there: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/0001-cupshelpers-Fix-XML-parsing-crash-on-invalid-UTF-8.patch12:58
pittitkamppeter: if you want to  "git am 0001-cupshelpers-Fix-XML-parsing-crash-on-invalid-UTF-8.patch" upstream and push it? then we can backport it to our packages, or wait for a new release12:58
tkamppeterpitti, testing your patch by patching directly into the system and it works!13:10
tkamppeterpitti, I do not have direct write access upstream, but I will pass on the patch to Tim Waugh.13:10
pittitkamppeter: oh, I thought you had13:10
tkamppeterpitti, one or two years ago, Tim Waugh changed the proceeding, not giving out direct write access any more.13:11
tkamppeterpitti, I will simply add it as distro patch for now and send a mail to Tim for getting it upstream (as I usually do).13:13
pittitkamppeter: cheers13:13
tkamppeterpitti, and thanks for the quick fix.13:14
=== CharlieMike is now known as ayan
pittididrocks, seb128: the "privacy" capplet, is that zeitgeist?13:18
seb128pitti, yes13:18
didrocksindeed, there will add some apport crash stuff from ev IIRC13:19
seb128pitti, it's what allow you to do a demo and showing your unity dash without exposing history of stuff you browsed for example13:19
didrocksbut it's mainly zg13:19
seb128mdeslaur, hey13:19
mdeslaurhi seb12813:19
seb128mdeslaur, do you have any idea (before I start looking at it) at what made numlock to be always on?13:19
didrocksseb128: btw, confirmed by multiple people on the french forum13:20
seb128didrocks, did they found what update caused it?13:20
mdeslaurseb128: certain bioses report it as always being on13:20
seb128didrocks, or when did it start?13:20
didrocksseb128: not, seems to have started yesterday13:20
mdeslaurseb128: or is this a new problem?13:20
seb128hum, I wonder if that's my gsd update13:20
seb128mdeslaur, it's a new problem started recently13:21
seb128mdeslaur, i.e bug #93340513:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933405 in gnome-settings-daemon "[Precise i386] Numlock cant be set "off"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93340513:21
seb128ok, that bug states its "remember-numlock-state" in gsd13:21
didrocksseb128: on the zg stuff, not sure there is this "conference mode" you describe apart from deleting your history. It was planned though. -> m4n1sh?13:21
seb128didrocks, oh, ups :p13:22
mdeslaurseb128: bug says downgrading g-s-d makes it go away13:22
seb128mdeslaur, yeah, I found the bug after pinging you ;-)13:23
seb128mdeslaur, I'm investigating, unping, sorry for the noise13:23
seb128mdeslaur, I though first it maybe had to do with your changes13:23
mdeslaurseb128: ok, cool. let me know if there's anything I can do.13:23
seb128mdeslaur, I guess it's http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=ebca1ce1287679c5cb470804abfcc8de3c2d740c13:25
seb128mdeslaur, well that's the fix13:25
seb128will try to backport that13:25
seb128didrocks, ^13:25
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
didrocksseb128: ah great! I can ask for confirmation on the forum once uploaded13:26
mdeslaurseb128: looks like it13:26
ockhamhi, i've recently filed a merge request for scribus-1.4.0.dfsg+r17300-1, that has been applied a couple of hours ago. now that scribus-ng has recently been updated to a transitional package depending on that scribus version, i'd like to file a sync request for scribus-ng (which is currently lagging behind scribus!).13:34
ockhamunfortunately, requestsync fails, complaining about a 404 error on packages.debian.org13:34
ockhamthis could be due to that upload of scribus-ng being rather recent...13:35
ockhamso, what's the best way to get that sync in before FF? file a request sync manually?13:35
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
jbichaockham: personally I'd just wait a few hours until requestsync works; if it's after Feature Freeze, it's easy enough to convert the bug into a FFe13:38
pittivuntz: bonjour13:38
ockhamjbicha: ok13:39
Laneyockham: I can sync it for you. What's your LP ID?13:39
jbichaor ask Laney ^ :)13:40
ockhamLaney: oh, cool! i'm ockham-razor on LP.13:40
LaneyI see what you did there13:40
vuntzpitti: hola13:41
pittivuntz: just replied to your pygobject bug report, perhaps you can have a look13:41
Laneyockham: there we go13:42
ockhamLaney: great, thx!13:42
pittivuntz: the thing I'm not sure aobut is: if you do g_ptr_array_add(), does the added object become owned by the ptrarray if you use g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func() ?13:43
pittivuntz: my understanding is that it does get owned13:43
pittivuntz: and PK seems to understand that as well, as it calls g_object_ref() when _array_add()ing13:44
vuntzpitti: well, it's not calling g_ptr_array_add() that gives the ref, but if the caller does g_object_ref(), then yeah, the ptrarray owns it13:44
vuntzpitti: and really, if the free_func is g_object_unref, transfer full sounds right13:44
pittivuntz: right, that's how I understood it, too13:45
pittiso (container) is a nice local workaround if you want to continue developing your script13:45
pittibut it wouldn't be appropriate to apply in PK, AFAIUI13:45
pittiand ISTR that even (container) crashed my test script back then13:45
vuntzthere aren't too many changes in pygobject between 3.0.3 and 3.1.0, so I'll bisect13:45
pittivuntz: probably c329bf2aee8d7513:47
pittivuntz: however, I'm 80% sure that this happened with 3.0.3, too13:48
vuntzyeah, that commit is the first one I'm investigating13:50
vuntz(rebuilding for python3 didn't help me, though ;-))13:50
pittivuntz: c329bf2aee8d75 seems to be it indeed13:52
vuntzpitti: ah, should be "g_ptr_array_free (ptr_array_, FALSE);" I guess; since there's a cleanup function called on all items before13:58
pittivuntz: I'm currently working on a test case13:58
pittivuntz: thanks for the report!13:59
vuntzpitti: it's likely that g_array_free() is wrong too, for the same reason14:00
pittivuntz: hm, I just discovered another bug, I think (in the test suite)14:01
pittivuntz:  array = g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func (g_free);14:02
pitti  g_ptr_array_add (array, g_strdup ("regress"));14:02
pittireturn array14:02
pittivuntz: ^ would you say that this is (full) or (container)?14:02
vuntzthat's full14:02
pittias the test suite calls this regress_test_garray_container_return, and (transfer container)14:02
vuntz"return array" is a bit weird14:03
pittibut _with_free_func would make this full, AFAIUI14:03
pittivuntz: it's just a test function14:03
pittiI was about to add a regress_test_garray_full_return when I noticed this14:03
* vuntz goes back to read the doc14:05
* pitti wonders whether Xavier Classens is on IRC14:05
vuntzpitti: actually14:05
vuntzpitti: if the GPtrArray owns the ref of its elements, then maybe it's container14:06
pittiI don't see how that would work14:06
vuntzsince the caller doesn't need to unref the elements14:06
pittii. e full -> python itself (i. e. pygobject) has to free the elements first and then the container14:07
pittiso that would be an g_ptr_array_new(), without a free func14:07
pittiright, so we got it the wrong way around14:08
vuntzpitti: indeed :-)14:08
pittiwith g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func(), the ptrarray owns the elements, not the caller14:08
vuntzsorry, my fault for adding confusion :-)14:08
pittiand with g_ptr_array_new(), the caller owns them and has to clean them up14:08
pittivuntz: no worries -- I fell into the exact same trap :)14:08
pittibut I'll still add a test case for (full) to ensure that this works14:09
* vuntz double-checks all PK annotations14:09
pittivuntz: fun, all other pk_results_* seem to get it right14:13
pittipk_desktop_get_files_for_package() looks wrong, too14:14
didrocksnew compiz on the way, fixing keybindings and some other stuff :)14:14
* pitti hugs didrocks14:14
didrockspitti: I think we won't have unity though14:14
didrocks(just an unity rebuild for this compiz fix)14:14
pittiwill at least unbreak ARM, mvo, and me, so happy enough :)14:15
didrocksyeah, not building kde support in compiz anymore14:15
didrocksit's the "easy way", but well14:15
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
pittivuntz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844438/ fixes it, I think I caught them all14:19
pittivuntz: did you find more?14:19
vuntzpitti: I found one other which is wrong14:22
vuntzpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844438/14:23
pittivuntz: err, that was mine14:23
vuntzgrr :-)14:24
m4n1shdidrocks: ping14:24
pittivuntz: ah, thanks14:24
pittivuntz: ok with you if I push mine with the detailled changelog, and then push the fourth in your name?14:25
pitti(that one is not a crash, but a leak, and a different data type)14:25
m4n1shseb128: didrocks which conference mode? am i missing context?14:25
seb128m4n1sh, a way to say "don't publish my history"14:26
seb128m4n1sh, like if you want to use unity in front of people but doesn't show them your personally pictures in the dash14:26
vuntzpitti: sure14:26
didrocksm4n1sh: normally, we plan with design a mode where you can say "I don't wait zeitgeist to give any data right now"14:26
m4n1shincognito mode?14:26
m4n1shthe bottom right GtkSwitch?14:26
m4n1shthat just  disabled logging at that moment14:27
didrocksyeah, there were 2 options14:27
m4n1shdoes not  delete history14:27
didrocksone for incognito (don't log) and another for don't take from the history14:27
m4n1shmeans stop engine from serving events too?14:27
m4n1shthat should be implemented in unity14:28
m4n1shright now there is no API for zg which prevents from fetching events14:28
m4n1shonly logging blacklist is implemented14:28
m4n1shseb128: didrocks cant it be done in unity?14:29
pittivuntz: hm, why is that (full)? pk_package_sack_finalize() calls g_ptr_array_unref (priv->array);14:29
pittivuntz: i. e. it again owns the items in the PackageSack14:29
didrocksm4n1sh: not sure, I think you should discuss it in #ubuntu-unity with the unity guys14:30
seb128m4n1sh, dunno, and probably a topic for today, I just though it would be part of privacy14:30
m4n1shsadly it wasnt never a part of API14:30
seb128m4n1sh, that's the most frequent usecase I can see, don't show to everybody the personnal stuff I've been opening14:30
m4n1shblacklist is implemented as an extension14:30
m4n1shhow do you know something is personal stuff14:31
dobeypitti: want to sponsor an update to twisted for me? :)14:31
m4n1shdifficult to filter14:31
vuntzpitti: it's a GObject, isn't it?14:31
seb128m4n1sh, well just a "don't publish anything, or stop zg"14:31
didrockshum, it was on design's scope, if not, that means that despite summurazing this 5 time with them, it got lost :/14:31
seb128m4n1sh, like "I'm in public, I don't want my files to show, stop zg"14:32
pittivuntz: maybe, but any items you put into it are freed by the PackageSack itself14:32
pittivuntz: which again would be "container"?14:32
m4n1shseb128: didrocks I don't remember anything like that. Not on blueprint not on System Settings design doc14:32
vuntzpitti: I don't think a GObject is a container type14:33
vuntzpitti: "container is usually a pointer to a list or hash table, eg GList, GSList, GHashTable etc."14:33
didrocksit was discussed at the session, the blueprint is not detailed, it's juste "implement the privacy" I have logs though when I discussed with design about this 5 times14:33
m4n1shI was not at UDS14:33
pittivuntz: (meeting now, bbl)14:33
m4n1shnor was seiflotfy14:33
didrocksm4n1sh: not blaming you at all :)14:33
didrocksm4n1sh: can you talk with nutthinking?14:34
seb128m4n1sh, no worry, not your fault14:34
seb128m4n1sh, it's just an usecase we don't cover (yet)14:34
m4n1shI was just clarifying how it got lost :)14:34
seiflotfydidrocks: u guys really want a last minute redesign now14:34
seb128we will get there one day ;-)14:34
m4n1shseiflotfy: relax14:34
seb128seiflotfy, no, we don't want anything14:34
m4n1shseiflotfy: even with that feature it is not possible14:34
seiflotfym4n1sh: i have a soltuion for that14:35
m4n1shengine API needs to be updated14:35
seiflotfybut its an engine hack14:35
seb128seiflotfy, I just misdescribed what privacy was doing because I though that's what it would do14:35
seiflotfyand i dont think every1 wil lagree14:35
m4n1shplease dont mess with engine now14:35
seiflotfyits basically moving the DB to a temp directory14:35
m4n1shput all our energy on fts14:35
seb128seiflotfy, m4n1sh: yeah, just ignore that discussion, focus on what was planned14:35
seiflotfyand telling the engine to not reply to any requests14:35
seb128that was side chatting14:35
seb128no blaming or anything14:35
m4n1shyeah :)14:35
m4n1shnever mind, for P+114:36
pittivuntz: oh! nevermind me, should pay more attention (meeting still going on..)14:36
seb128pitti, dude, you spend your life in meetings nowadays it seems ;-)14:36
pitti10.04.4 meetings every day :/14:36
pittibut release is today *phew*14:36
pittiand it's looking good14:36
m4n1shseb128: seiflotfy didrocks, next cycle I will try doing things earlier rather than last moment. P+1 can have lot more done lot before FF14:37
seb128pitti, oh, "are we there yet?" "are we there yet?" "are we there yet?" meetings? ;-)14:37
m4n1shjust provide prototypes after UDS14:37
didrocksm4n1sh: sweet, that will be awesome! :)14:38
m4n1shdidrocks: I am not applying for UDS this time, so just keep the logs and update me in case something is missing in blueprint14:38
didrocksm4n1sh: sure, there is the audio available14:39
didrocksm4n1sh: so, just ping me, I'll point you to it14:39
m4n1shtoo much broken14:39
m4n1shlast time14:39
didrocksah? :/14:39
m4n1shdefault apps session was somewhat inaudible14:39
dobeyeh, i think that's a social problem, not a technical one14:42
pittivuntz: pushed your's as well, thanks! https://gitorious.org/packagekit/packagekit/commit/d1783721dc079e8cca8feb7192b904e2434fe30814:43
dobeysome people are pretty loud, and others are pretty quiet14:43
pittidobey: hand me the diff/branch/etc?14:43
dobeypitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/precise/twisted/backport-gireactor/+merge/9332914:44
mterrySo...  my numlock got stuck on ON for my user yesterday.  does anyone else see similar behavior?14:48
pittimterry: not here14:49
dobeymterry: turns off for me if i push the button14:49
dobeyi just want a keyboard without a numpad though14:50
seb128mterry, I just uploaded a fixed g-s-d with the fix as you asked14:50
seb128mterry, hey btw, happe ff day ;-)14:50
mterryseb128, :)  which fix?14:50
seb128mterry, the fix for the numlock issue14:51
seb128mterry, it was a gsd bug14:51
mterryseb128, oh neat!14:51
pitti$ bzr merge lp:~dobey/ubuntu/precise/twisted/backport-gireactor14:51
mterryso my keyboard isn't dying after all  :)14:51
pittiUnapplying quilt patches to prevent spurious conflicts14:51
pittibzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'DirStateRevisionTree' object has no attribute 'last_revision'14:51
pittidobey: ^ yay14:51
seb128mterry, no it's not ;-)14:51
dobeypitti: wtf?14:52
pittidobey: doing manually, don't worry14:52
dobeypitti: bzr broke i guess?14:52
pittidobey: uploaded, thanks!14:54
dobeypitti: great! thank you!14:55
seb128pitti, so with gwibber and ubuntu-sso-client on gtk3, do we still have a webkit-gtk2 rdepends?14:56
pittiseb128: ubuntu-sso-client is still gtk214:56
seb128nessita, hey, well done landing sso gtk3 on time!14:56
seb128pitti, ?14:56
pittiooh, is it? nice!!!14:56
nessitaseb128: :-D14:56
* pitti hugs nessita14:56
seb128pitti, nessita uploaded a gtk3 version ;-)14:56
nessitaseb128: thanks!14:56
nessitaand it works too! :-)14:57
pittiso this should drop CDs to 712 MB, nice!14:57
pittiand 11 MB are due to langpack updates, so we are effectively at 701 MB14:57
pittiwhich is within the new limit14:57
* ogra_ thinks pitti should really shove off another 1.1M just because it looks better14:58
dobeyugh, i can't resize the apport "send report" dialog any more :(14:58
pittiseb128: the only packages on my system which need it are gimp (not on CDs) and ubuntu-sso-client, so I think we're good14:58
seb128dobey, yeah, I was going to look at that and I noticed that the dialog was about to be replaced so I figured I wouldn't bother14:59
dobeyseb128, pitti: this means we can drop webkit gtk2 now14:59
seb128ev has been working on a new version for db work he's doing14:59
seb128dobey, right, that still doesn't mean we have CD space though :-(14:59
seb128dobey, it just brings us on target14:59
pittidobey: yes, the next images should not have it any more14:59
pittiwe carried the two stacks long enough, *phew*15:00
pittidobey, nessita, kenvandine: ^ nice work!15:00
pitti(also to the shotwell folks)15:00
seb128pitti, well done before the lts, that's what matters ;-)15:00
nessitapitti: we need room in the CD for python-qt4! :-D15:00
dobeyseb128: indeed. i hope to finish up some more work on that today15:00
seb128nessita, go away, we like gtk :p15:00
kenvandineseb128, do we really?15:01
* kenvandine hides15:01
pitti$ LANG= sudo dpkg -P libgtk2.0-0 2>&1 | grep 'depends on' | wc -l15:02
pittiseb128: ^ still a bit to go :)15:02
seb128well at least we dropped gnome-vfs from the CD this cycle!15:03
dobeynow we just need to drop firefox and thunderbird ;)15:07
dobeyshould free up about 100M :P15:07
pittifirefox and tbird both grew by ~ 3 MB since oneiric15:08
pittiso they do have their share in size increase indeed15:08
chrisccoulsonpitti - and we'll get basically all of that back once i've figured out how to fix bug 89416615:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 894166 in firefox "Make hyphenation work with system hyphenation patterns" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89416615:10
=== albrigha is now known as Guest39130
pittichrisccoulson: oh, did we move to builtin hyphenation since oneiric, or does it make up for growth that happened elsewhere?15:10
chrisccoulsonpitti - no, hyphenation support for non-english locales was only added to Firefox recently, and it ships its own patterns by default15:11
chrisccoulsonbut they don't map properly to the patterns that we ship15:11
kenvandineronoc, indicator-session says i have updates available!15:15
ronockenvandine, sweet - hopefully it's correct15:15
kenvandineseems to be15:16
chrisccoulsonbah, X has completely locked up twice today when hitting this barrier in between my 2 screens15:17
ronocgood stuff15:17
kenvandinegrrr... focus stealing prevention.... clicking updates available in the indicator doesn't bring update-manager to the front15:19
kenvandinei am so sick of evolution, i really wish we had a calendar alternative15:22
skaetpitti,  didrocks,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/FeatureLanding - when is the next compiz upload expected?  (should it switch from today to monday?)15:25
pittiskaet: about an hour ago :)15:25
didrocksskaet: the new compiz is building15:25
didrockswith all the stack waiting for it to be published15:25
=== Guest39130 is now known as albrigha
didrocksskaet: we are almost done for the unity release15:25
didrocksI will suggest to only upload it tomorrow morning15:25
didrocksso that we have enough testing with the latest fixes15:26
Beretdidrocks, did you see compiz-dev is stuck?15:26
didrocksBeret: is it?15:26
Beretyou win, it's building now :)15:26
didrocksit's not :p15:26
didrocksit was dep wait15:26
didrockssame for the coming build-dep once libcompizconfig is built15:27
nessitaseb128: question: I split the ussoc source package in several binaries, so now we have the ubuntu-sso-client package that is just the dbus service, and we also have the ubuntu-sso-client-gtk that provides the Gtk UI. I guess we need to have the ubuntu-desktop depending on ubuntu-sso-client-gtk now, so we can fetch in the -gtk UI. What should I do to make that happen? :-)15:27
seb128nessita, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement15:27
seb128nessita, get the seed updated15:27
* nessita reads15:27
skaetdidrocks,   moving the upload to tomorrow makes sense.  +115:28
didrocksskaet: ok, we agree, thanks :)15:28
seb128didrocks, can you add an unity recommends on indicator-printers ?15:29
seb128didrocks, I think it's unity which pulls the indicators on the default install?15:30
seb128pitti, ^15:30
didrocksseb128: sure, doing right now15:30
didrocksseb128: indeed15:30
seb128didrocks, thanks15:30
didrocksyw :)15:30
desrthello europeans15:36
pittiseb128: hm, how does i-printers conflict with system-config-printer? is that applet going away?15:36
seb128pitti, the applet got dropped yesterday in precise by lars and till15:37
seb128pitti, I suggested to lars to bring it back and just not start it in Unity15:37
seb128i.e add a NotShowIn=Unity15:37
seb128to the autostart desktop15:37
pittidon't get me wrong, I'm all for dropping a gtk2 python process ;)15:37
seb128but we can fix that after ff15:37
pittiso the intention is that i-printer replaces applet.py?15:37
seb128pitti, yes15:38
seb128pitti, cf https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Printing if you are interested in details15:38
seb128pitti, indicator-printers is in precise and mir approved if you want to try it15:38
seb128we got it in yesterday15:38
seb128though I think lars was still looking at a cups issue making it not work15:38
pittivuntz: FYI, I added a test case for a (transfer full) GPtrArray15:39
pittivuntz: it's unfortunately hard to impossible to determine the internal refcount of the array items from python, but at least that will make sure that they don't crash15:40
mterryRiddell, ping.  i'm going to hit the MIRs you filed, but wanted to make sure you were around for a quick feedback loop if possible15:48
pittimterry: thanks for the recent MIR reviews!15:50
pittimterry: any chance you could do bug 931458 as well? should be very similar and fast15:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931458 in libcss-minifier-xs-perl "[MIR] libcss-minifier-xs-perl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93145815:50
mterrypitti, oh yeah sure15:51
pittithat would complete the new MIRs for eximdoc4 which we earned through the autosyncs15:51
* mterry restarts to fix numlock (hopefully)15:51
pittimterry: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg -> I assume we won't promote lyx?15:51
pittioh, gone15:51
mterryseb128, yay, fixed!  i can type again15:53
* mterry does a dance15:53
pittimterry: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg -> I assume we won't promote lyx?15:54
tkamppeterpitti, how can I make an applet only auto-start if the desktop is not Unity?15:54
seb128mterry ;-)15:55
* mterry sees what lyx is15:55
pittitkamppeter: well, I guess you also don't want to autostart in GNOME, as gnome-shell uses the upstream printing stuff?15:55
seb128tkamppeter, the .desktop has OnlyShowIn15:55
seb128tkamppeter, pitti: /etc/xdg/autostart/print-applet.desktop15:55
tkamppeterpitti, my current test is with the file /etc/xdg/autostart/print-applet.desktop15:56
pittitkamppeter: rather, NotShowIn=KDE15:56
tkamppeterand it has15:56
pittiseb128: should it really be used in GNOME?15:56
Riddellmterry: hi yes15:56
mterrypitti, oh goodness, I hope not.  Especially just for a Recommends15:56
seb128pitti, in gnome-fallback I guess?15:56
tkamppeterpitti, this does not prevent an auto-start at all.15:56
seb128pitti, I've no clue what is the equivalent for gnome-panel sessions15:56
mterryRiddell, cool, now that half my keyboard isn't a numpad, I can start reviewing in earnest  :)15:57
seb128tkamppeter, read what I wrote15:57
Riddellthanks mterry15:57
pittitkamppeter: so anyway, adding "Unity" to NotShowIn will do the trick for now15:57
seb128tkamppeter, change NotShowIn=KDE;LXDE;Unity;GNOME15:57
seb128you can add GNOME to the list15:57
seb128do we know if i.e xfce uses it?15:57
pittiyes, I think so15:57
seb128ok, so yeah, just add Unity and GNOME to the list15:57
pittiseb128, tkamppeter: do we still need to seed system-config-printer-gnome then? i. e. do we use the GUI from control-center, or is that replaced with the indicator and upstream capplet?15:58
seb128pitti, the upstream capplet use the s-c-p backend15:59
seb128pitti, the ui not sure15:59
pittiseb128: that would be s-c-p-common, and should be a dependency15:59
tkamppeterpitti, larsu (in #systems) tells that the switchover will not happen in Precise, so that s-c-p-gnome package is still needed.15:59
seb128pitti, well anyway we will still use scp for precise15:59
tkamppeterpitti, seb128, testing NotShowIn=KDE;LXDE;Unity;GNOME15:59
seb128lars didn't feel like we were on time to switch to the upstream ui15:59
seb128it's a bit rushed15:59
seb128so better after the lts16:00
pittijust confirming16:00
seb128pitti, btw https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-control-center-cleanup16:00
seb128[rodrigo-moya] Implement installation of languages in g-c-c: TODO16:00
seb128pitti, ^ should that be DROPPED?16:00
pittiPOSTPONED rather, I guess16:00
pittiat this point we'll keep l-s16:00
pittiI think I cleaned it up sufficiently now16:01
tkamppeterpitti, seb128, that works, will apply it.16:01
seb128pitti, done16:01
seb128tkamppeter, you need a trailing ";" to be correct I think16:01
seb128tkamppeter, validation tools will raise a warning otherwise16:01
seb128tkamppeter, i.e "GNOME;"16:01
seb128(it's a detail but we can as well do it right)16:01
tkamppeterseb128, OK.16:01
SpamapSAnybody know how to maximize windows w/ the keyboard in the latest unity-2d?16:02
desrtSpamapS: alt+space / x?16:05
SpamapSdesrt: great joke ;)16:12
SpamapSthe bug that removed alt-f10 suggested alt-f5 would be co-opted .. but alt-f5 seems to do nothing16:12
desrtSpamapS: what joke?16:13
SpamapSdesrt: thats not funny.. alt space, then x.. seriously?16:13
pittiSpamapS: alt+space invokes the window menu16:13
pittiwhich is in fact the only way known to me to get it these days :/16:13
desrtSpamapS: clearly you've never used emacs!16:13
SpamapSalt-f10 has always maximized windows in gnome and xfce.. for years and years.. don't make me train a 2 part shortcut now...16:13
desrt^ (see.  now that's a joke.)16:14
pittiSpamapS: that's just a bug16:16
pittiI don't think it's intended to drop them16:16
pittilast compiz broke quite a few keybindings16:16
pittioh, -2d16:17
mterryRiddell, what's the deal with several of these packages having libraries that have "internal" or "private" in their name, but are installed in public locations?  The intention is that no one outside the ktp stack should link to them?16:20
Riddellmterry: yes I expect so16:21
Riddellmterry: it's a fairly common practice within KDE /usr/lib/*priva*16:21
RiddellI have 5 installed16:22
nessita(bad window)16:22
mterryRiddell, weird.  like they only want "friends of the package" to link, but not random people.16:22
dobeyirc fail is contagious it seems :P16:22
dobeymterry: usually i just make libraries GPL if i want that16:23
mterryOr perhaps just reducing complaints when something breaks ABI16:23
Riddellmterry: yes, it's a quick and not elegant but better than nothing way to allow for unstable ABIs16:23
mterrydobey, ouch :)16:23
dobeyhehe :)16:23
Riddellmterry: they should still do all the right versioning practices16:24
tkamppeterpitti, seb128, s-c-p uploaded. Autostart now suppressed under Unity and GNOME and robustness against broken encoding of description or license of OpenPrinting-downloadable manufacturer drivers.16:28
seb128tkamppeter, good work, thanks16:28
davidcalleRiddell, ping16:31
Riddellhi davidcalle16:32
Riddelloh, new queue?16:32
davidcalleRiddell, no problem. If you don't have the time, I guess it can wait, it will be a FFE anyway.16:33
Riddelldavidcalle: I'm onto it16:34
Riddelldavidcalle: this was a personal project not part of any employment right?16:34
davidcalleRiddell, thanks. Part of a contract.16:35
Riddelldavidcalle: ok but not employment, that means you are indeed the copyright holder16:35
Riddelldidrocks: why did you reject it?  (you should post to ubuntu-archive list when you reject something)16:36
davidcalleRiddell, ok16:36
mterryRiddell, do you know why the tests for telepathy-qt4 aren't run during build?  If it's possible, can you enable them?16:36
didrocksRiddell: you didn't know about posting, I just handled that directly on IRC with davidcalle on IRC16:36
tkamppeterpitti, I did a printer driver auto-install test with your s-c-p fix on Precise now and itr works great.16:36
Riddellmterry: no I don't, maybe they require X or some other reason or maybe that's a packaging failure16:37
mterryRiddell, can you check?  If it's possible to enable them, it's a MIR blocker.  But if there's a good reason not to, it's OK16:38
mterryRiddell, at least one of the tests doesn't seem to require X (test-ptr).  Maybe a subset can be run16:39
Riddellmterry: let me look16:39
Riddelldidrocks: so can you remember?16:39
didrocksRiddell: let me show you the discussion yesterday16:40
didrocksRiddell: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/15/%23ubuntu-desktop.html#t16:44 and below16:41
pittigood night everyone!16:41
seb128'night pitti16:41
didrocksgood night pitti16:41
mterrypitti, bye16:42
seb128mterry, did you see my gimp ping yesterday?16:43
mterryseb128, no, what's up?16:43
seb128mterry, you forgot to push your recent revision16:43
mterryseb128, guh16:43
Riddelldavidcalle: any reason not to use source format 3.0? (not a rejectable offence)16:44
seb128mterry, do you still have it and can push or should I just commit from the src package in the vcs?16:44
mterryseb128, looks like I just worked from the src package16:44
seb128mterry, don't bother if you didn't do it in the vcs, I just wanted to know if that was a push away or not16:44
seb128mterry, ok, fine, don't bother then, thanks ;-)16:44
mterryseb128, sorry!  :-/16:44
seb128mterry, no worry16:44
davidcalleRiddell, it's a change from kenvandine.16:45
seb128mterry, btw stop undoing my changes the day after I do this :p16:45
Riddellkenvandine: any reason not to use source format 3.0? (not a rejectable offence)16:45
Riddelldavidcalle: what happened to "the lens refers to /usr/share/unity/5/lens-nav-video.svg" ?16:45
Riddell"which isn't installed by the package"16:45
mterryseb128, when did I do that?16:45
seb128mterry, I switched indicator-messages to source v1 tuesday and you switched back to v3 yesterday ;-)16:45
davidcalleRiddell, the file is already provided by Unity. Didrocks wasn't aware of it.16:45
mterryseb128, hah16:45
mterryseb128, I wanted to patch!  Why did you use v1?16:46
kenvandineRiddell, so we can merge changes from other branches inline16:46
seb128mterry, because v3 sucks with full source bzr16:46
seb128mterry, the way I patch indicators is bzr merge lp:~mterry ... or bzr merge lp:indicator -c rev16:46
mterryseb128, whatever happened to "3.0 (bzr)"?16:46
kenvandineRiddell, basically the same thing seb128 is complaining about right now :)16:46
seb128mterry, so next merge upstream just do the right thing and see the commit was there and skip it16:46
mterryseb128, guh, in-source changes  :-/  I love me some patches16:47
seb128mterry, so no need to add a patch, update series and undo in the next update16:47
seb128mterry, well it's in the vcs and a proper upstream commit backport16:47
Riddelldavidcalle: accepted!16:47
seb128but yeah it's less nice to apt-get source16:47
mterryseb128, I still don't think in bzr.  My internal voice is quilt16:47
davidcalleRiddell, thanks! First packages in the archive for me :)16:48
seb128mterry, well quilt is work :p you need to get the patch and update the serie and drop the patch and update the serie16:48
seb128mterry, bzr merge is easier :p16:48
seb128mterry, but yeah, we only do that for dx packages (and lightdm) basically16:48
mterryplaces where upstream is bzr  :)16:48
seb128it's only worth when you backport your fixes from a compatible vcs and can merge them with bzr16:48
seb128mterry, upstream is bzr and downstream is full source bzr16:49
davidcalleRiddell, who should I talk to for a MIR?16:49
didrocksmterry: ^16:49
mterrydavidcalle, more MIRs!?  man...  :)16:49
mterrydavidcalle, give me a bug #16:49
Riddelldavidcalle: file one as a bug following the wiki page then talk nicely to mterry16:49
davidcallemterry, Riddell, ok16:50
Riddellmterry: oh they require dbus, that might explain why it's fiddly17:12
Riddelland selinux17:12
mterrydbus-test-runner is in main...  selinux is a harder sell  :)17:13
Riddellmterry: ok I can manually patch those out and get it working in my chroot, of course that's no guarantee it'll work in soyuz's chroots17:17
mterryRiddell, worth a shot?  PPA would be a good test17:18
* mterry gets warm fuzzies when tests run17:18
nessitaseb128: so, I read the wiki page you pointed me at and branched lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.precise. ubuntu-sso-client is not listed in any seed (I would have expect it to be in desktop). Shall I add an entry there, or shall I ask software-center (which seems the one pulling in ussoc) to depend on ubuntu-sso-client-gtk instead?17:22
seb128nessita, how does it work? do clients use a frontend in some way? or do they just use the service which is in -common and that triggers an ui?17:23
seb128nessita, i.e who is calling the ui, and how do you decide which one to use if both are installed?17:23
nessitaseb128: clients accesses the dbus service, which spawns the UI. The ui by default is the -gtk one, but can be changed passing a specific parameter17:24
nessitaseb128: ubuntu-sso-client recommends the ubuntu-sso-client-gui virtual package17:24
seb128nessita, well I guess that s-c etc should depends on the binary which has the service then17:24
nessitawhich is provided by both ubuntu-sso-client-gtk and ubuntu-sso-client-qt17:24
nessitaseb128: but then who will pull the UI package in?17:25
seb128nessita, you shouldn't recommends only a virtual package17:25
nessitaseb128: no?17:25
seb128nessita, Recommends:  ubuntu-sso-client-gtk | ubuntu-sso-client-gui17:25
seb128nessita, you always recommends "preferred option | virtual"17:25
seb128well, always -> usually17:26
nessitasehum... ok, did not know that. Shall I upload an ubuntu2 version of the package then?17:26
seb128nessita, that should be enough to pull it in17:26
seb128nessita, wait17:26
* nessita was waiting already :-)17:27
seb128nessita, yeah, you can do that17:27
seb128though I'm not sure how well that will play for i.e kubuntu17:27
seb128nessita, you should probably do that and get ubuntu-desktop to recommends ubuntu-sso-client-gtk17:27
seb128nessita, then kubuntu-desktop can recommends the -kde version17:27
nessitaseb128: so, do both? why not just making ubuntu-sso-client recommends the -gui package only, and having ubuntu-desktop recommends ubuntu-sso-client-gtk?17:28
seb128nessita, because you don't want to recommends a virtual only, it makes the install not predictable17:28
nessitaright, I saw that in my vm17:28
seb128nessita, how does it determine which of the guy you want when you install it?17:29
seb128you prefered | virtual17:29
seb128so people get the prefered if they install it "by hand"17:29
seb128then you get the seeds to put their preferred one17:29
nessitaseb128: ack. And then, the kubuntu-desktop recommends will win over the ubuntu-sso-client recommends?17:29
seb128nessita, yes17:29
nessitaok then. Any wiki page to have the ubuntu-desktop recommending ubuntu-sso-client-gtk?17:30
seb128nessita, the gtk | virtual will be true already if kde is installed17:30
seb128nessita, you want to add a (ubuntu-sso-client-gtk) to the desktop seed17:30
seb128nessita, i.e what I pointed you before17:30
nessitaseb128: ok, will do that. Thanks!17:30
seb128kenvandine, ^ can you do that for nessita?17:30
seb128kenvandine, nessita: I will have a look later otherwise but I want to finish something first17:31
nessitaseb128, kenvandine: FYI, ubuntu-sso-client-gtk is still in the NEW queue since is a new binary package17:31
seb128nessita,  let me review it for you17:31
nessitaseb128: no rush!17:31
nessitafinish your thing first17:31
seb128well it will take me a bit so I will review the binaries first then go back to what I'm working on17:32
seb128no worry ;-)17:32
davidcallemterry, #933609 and #93361017:33
kenvandineseb128, nessita: what should i do?17:33
nessitakenvandine: hola!17:33
seb128kenvandine, get ubuntu-sso-client-gtk added as a recommends to the desktop seed17:33
seb128kenvandine, I didn't do seed changes for ages, I will look at it later otherwise17:34
kenvandinei have only done it once :)17:34
nessitakenvandine: I split the ubuntu-sso-client in several binary packages, so we now need the -gtk package there17:34
seb128ok, I though you had better experience than me with that :p17:34
seb128kenvandine, don't bother if you are busy, we will sort it tomorrow otherwise17:34
kenvandineseb128, haha... i think i asked you about it when i did it :)17:34
seb128nessita, so I installed the new sso, ubuntuone-control-panel is unhappy, it tells me in red that there is a problem while trying to fetch the authentification informations17:40
mterryRiddell, kde-telepathy-approver needs fixing, see bug17:40
seb128nessita, that's login in my test user session and click on either "I've an account" or "create an account" in the ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk from precise17:40
mterrydavidcalle, ACK17:40
nessitaseb128: hum... I tested in a clean VM. Let me re-check that.17:41
davidcallemterry, many thanks17:42
seb128nessita, do I need to reboot?17:42
nessitaseb128: theoretically, the ussoc service automatically stops after each use. DO you have a ubuntu-sso-login process running?17:43
mterryjdstrand, you around?17:44
mterryjdstrand, I'd like a security review for a MIR if you have time17:45
seb128nessita, it's spawned when I run ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk17:45
nessitaseb128: yes, but it disappears  after a couple of seconds, right? if you don't do anything else in the controlpanel17:45
seb128nessita, correct17:46
nessitaseb128: what new packages did you install?17:46
nessita(for SSO)17:46
seb128nessita, the binaries from sso, all but qt17:46
seb128well I dpkg -i *.deb but the qt one I'm missing some python-qt4 so I removed it17:46
nessitathat should work just fine, I'm using in it in a VM. WOUld you please paste the output of the log file located at:17:47
seb128ii  python-ubuntu-sso-client                  2.99.4-0ubuntu1                                 Ubuntu Single Sign-On client - Python library17:47
seb128ii  python-ubuntu-sso-client.tests            2.99.4-0ubuntu1                                 Ubuntu Single Sign-On client - Test suite17:47
seb128ii  ubuntu-sso-client                         2.99.4-0ubuntu1                                 Ubuntu Single Sign-On client17:47
jdstrandmterry: feel free to add it to my quite long list17:47
seb128ii  ubuntu-sso-client-gtk                     2.99.4-0ubuntu1                                 Ubuntu Single Sign-On client - GTK+ frontend17:47
mterryjdstrand, :)  just assigned to you17:47
jdstrandmterry: I don't have time before ff though17:47
mterryjdstrand, bummer, but understandable17:47
Riddellmterry: fixed17:48
mterryRiddell, ^ we may not be able to approve whole stack in time17:48
mterryRiddell, awesome!17:48
seb128nessita, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844697/17:48
nessitaseb128: looking17:49
seb128Traceback (most recent call last):17:49
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu_sso/credentials.py", line 85, in inner17:49
seb128    result = yield f(self, *a, **kw)17:49
seb128UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 71: ordinal not in range(128)17:49
seb128 17:49
seb128not happy I guess17:49
nessitaseb128: I know what it is...17:49
nessitaseb128: why would you use .fr locale?17:49
mterryRiddell, I'll do rest that I can.  Is the auth-handler something that can be dropped for now and added as a FFe?17:49
seb128nessita, it doesn't like my french utf8 ;-)17:49
nessitaseb128: nopes, it does not. We need to have gettext returning unicode translation17:50
nessitaseb128: let me build a branch for our trunk, and will make that a patch for the package17:50
nessitaseb128: would you please file a bug?17:50
nessitaI will setup my VM with a non-english locale now17:50
seb128nessita, ok17:50
seb128nessita, I'm disappointed your vm is not in french by default :p17:51
seb128nessita, do you want me to hold the binaries until the bug is fixed?17:51
Riddellmterry: um, I guess so, why?17:51
nessitaseb128: I guess is for the best, I don't wanna break every non-english locale :-/17:51
seb128nessita, ok17:51
mterryRiddell, needs a security review, and jdstrand is overloaded with those17:52
nessitaseb128: I will try to get a patch today, so I can also add the preferred | virtual tweak to the package17:52
seb128nessita, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/93363217:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933632 in ubuntu-sso-client "new sso client has issues on utf8 chars" [Undecided,New]17:53
seb128nessita, thanks!17:53
nessitaseb128: thanks you!17:53
mterryRiddell, same empty thing with contact-applet18:00
dobeyhrmm; apt-cache show not printing Source: for a binary package that has the same name as the source, is annoying18:01
Riddellmterry: new telepathy-qt4 uploaded with tests18:02
Riddellmterry: new ktp-contact-applet uploaded18:03
mterryRiddell, I'm going to stop mentioning bug subscribers in my comments, we'll take that as read18:04
Riddellmterry: yes kubuntu-bugs will be subscribed18:05
m4n1shmterry: have a min18:17
mterrym4n1sh, sure?18:17
m4n1shin com.canonical.unity-greeter18:18
m4n1shwhich is the key for disabling the dots?18:18
m4n1shdraw-grid or xft-antialias?18:18
m4n1shmterry: and what are the possible values of xft-hintstyle18:18
m4n1shIIRC you were managing the greeter18:18
mterrym4n1sh, draw-grid18:19
mterrym4n1sh, yeah, me and robert-ancell, but he's in Australia18:19
mterrym4n1sh, don't like the dots?  :)18:19
mterrym4n1sh, you should be able to see the possible values in dconf-editor18:19
mterrym4n1sh, in the dropdown for the field18:19
m4n1shmterry: making a UI for configuring it18:19
mterry(or in the schema file18:19
m4n1shthe work on alm is nearly done18:20
m4n1shev has to refactor the whoopsie thing before I integrate18:20
m4n1shmterry: I like it, just was looking at the config options.. not to tell I love the greeter <318:20
mterrym4n1sh, note that it reads the lightdm's users dconf values, not yours18:21
m4n1shmterry: so lightdm works as a seperate user?18:22
m4n1shmeans runs as a seperate user?18:22
mterrym4n1sh, yup18:22
m4n1shso any hints how to read it? some *kit?18:22
mterrym4n1sh, uh, I think you can if you sudo as the lightdm user?18:23
mterrym4n1sh, not sure actually.  dconf would need dbus?   so maybe you need to sudo a dbus-launch command line?18:24
mterryRiddell, ktp-common-internals needs some symbol tightening, FYI.  Commented in the bug18:24
m4n1shmterry: sudo a gui? doesn't sound good18:24
mterrym4n1sh, you can sudo the gsettings command line18:24
m4n1shisnt that a ugly hack? if gsettings can be accessed via gi18:26
mterryRiddell, and a minor bug with ktp-presence-applet, comment in bug18:28
mterrym4n1sh, hm?18:28
m4n1shmterry: isnt there a way to program-matically read the gsettings value?18:29
m4n1shinstead of invoking the gsettings command line which spawns a child process18:29
mterrym4n1sh, oh sure.  I see.  You're asking from the POV of how to write a gui.18:29
m4n1shaccessing the greeter's dconf values18:30
mterrym4n1sh, I bet there is a policykit permission you could ask for?  So the user would still need to authenticate to be able to read/write the values (as makes sense, lightdm is a system user), but it wouldn't be full root privileges18:30
mterryIf that's not possible, invoking a child process is probably safest way to minimize security concern18:31
m4n1shyup, but that's a hack18:31
m4n1shmterry: but even if I get the policykit permission, then a SessionBus needs to be started?18:32
mterrym4n1sh, eh... doesn't strike me as bad.  You could write a tiny helper app to reduce the security concerns that used gi to write to gsettings, but that's no different than calling gsettings executable yourself18:33
mterrym4n1sh, yar, policykit talks on dbus18:33
m4n1shmterry: bus name?18:34
mterryRiddell, ktp-text-ui ships a library in it.  Do you know why?  Does anyone else use it?18:34
mterrym4n1sh, I'm not sure off hand.  policykit has a nice gobject library18:34
m4n1shplanning to use it18:34
m4n1sheven if it is not running18:34
m4n1shfor unity-greeter user18:35
m4n1shthan should start by dbus-activation18:35
* didrocks waves good evening18:36
didrockswill probably restart some build later18:36
didrockssee you18:36
Riddellmterry: upstream says..18:36
Riddell18:35 < d_ed> no-one else does18:36
Riddell18:36 < d_ed> it was discussed patching to not ship it18:36
Riddellmterry: so that's in progress18:37
mterryRiddell, lintian really hates it.  :)  messages like "postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/libktpchat.so" but I see that it's rather common in Debian to override that error in KDE packages18:38
Riddellmterry: well I guess this is why they weren't enabled https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93089493/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.telepathy-qt4_0.9.0%2Brepack-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:38
mterryRiddell, ah, that just needs an LD_LIBRARY_PATH being set18:39
mterryRiddell, OK!  Just two incompletes and then the security review needed.  The two incompletes should be easy to fix.  Let me know when you upload new ones and I can approve.  Then you might want to drop the auth-handler for now so we can promote the stack without it and file a FFe later for it18:44
* mterry turns to davidcalle's packages18:44
kenvandineuploading my last tp-indicator feature for precise :)18:54
chrisccoulsonlol @ http://i.imgur.com/2Kq6Y.jpg18:57
kenvandineyeah :)18:57
dobeyi guess PNG is HTML then19:03
* nessita installs french langpack in honor to seb19:07
dobeyoh look, weather indicator missing again when i want to look at it; it's so playful with the hide-and-go-seek19:15
mterrywhoops, was off-irc accidentally.  was wondering why it was so quite  :)19:21
mterryI'm getting 'ghost' outlines of closed windows/popups in latest compiz.  Is that known?19:23
nessitaanyone knows why I can not choose a language different from english in a updated precise install, even if it's installed? see http://ubuntuone.com/1cpYDpn1ZCMtEv3NNASbvu19:47
nessitafrancais is greyed out...19:47
federico1ubuntu patches gnome-control-center to allow external modules - does anyone know which such modules get installed?  I'm looking for how distros extend the control center in general19:48
nessitaseb128: I tried to have it in frensh ;-) ^19:48
seb128nessita, that ui sucks19:49
seb128nessita, just click on french and dnd it to the top19:49
nessitaseb128: where what? :-)19:50
seb128nessita, the grey ones are the lower rank, they become active if you dnd it at the top19:50
seb128nessita, you can reorder lines19:50
seb128it's not obvious...19:50
nessitalet's try19:50
seb128nessita, you should be able to dnd french first19:50
nessitaseb128: what do you mean with dnd?19:51
seb128nessita, drag and drop19:51
seb128nessita, click on french, hold the click, move up19:51
nessitathere is *no way* to guess that19:51
nessitabut I did it19:51
seb128that ui sucks19:51
seb128it was planned to be replaced this cycle19:51
nessitaoh, and now a crash on unity-applications-daemon19:51
seb128rodrigo was supposed to work on the control center equivalent19:51
seb128but he left canonical19:52
seb128so next cycle19:52
seb128nessita, well anyway, did it work?19:52
seb128you need to log out and in again19:52
seb128locale changes are not dynamic19:52
nessitaseb128: right, will do that, in the mean time I wanted to ask: given that the ff is very close, I can upload the new package the same? I will be doing that tomorrow... or do I need a ffe for the whole changeset I uploaded but is in the NEW queue?19:53
seb128nessita, what count is the upload date, not when it's accepted19:53
seb128nessita, so you are good19:53
seb128nessita, you can upload tomorrow19:53
nessitaseb128: ack, will do. The lang change seems to be working, I get "mot de passe" now ;-)19:54
seb128nessita, excellent ;-)19:54
* federico1 makes pretty eyes at seb12819:55
seb128nessita, see, bugs are nice, they force you to practice french ;-)19:55
seb128federico1, hey?19:55
seb128federico1, hey19:56
federico1seb128: got my question above?19:56
seb128federico1, I got "* federico1 makes pretty eyes at seb128"19:56
seb128federico1, oh, reading scrollback19:56
federico1seb128: ubuntu patches gnome-control-center to allow external modules - does anyone know which such modules get installed?  I'm looking for how distros extend the control center in general19:56
seb128sorry I'm just back from dinner, I missed what you said earlier19:56
seb128federico1, we have actitivity-log-manager there (zg privacy preferences, since we use zg in the unity dash), deja-dup (backup), indicator-datetime (different implementation datetime from upstream)19:58
seb128federico1, jockey (binary drivers), though that's not a proper panel (yet)19:58
seb128federico1, and ubuntuone19:58
federico1seb128: perfect - I'm going to add those to https://live.gnome.org/Design/SystemSettings/Brainstorm20:00
federico1seb128: btw, if you have ideas for that page, they are much appreciated20:00
seb128federico1, thanks20:00
seb128ok, I will think about it20:00
seb128federico1, while you are here, I upgraded to the new g-s-d (was eager to test your dock station work)20:01
seb128federico1, my dock dell latitude laptop with lid close still default to "mirror"20:01
seb128federico1, do you know if that's a bug, or an hardware limitation, or if I lack updates in the kernel space or something?20:02
seb128federico1, that's intel i5 video with external hdmi monitor and lid closed for the docked laptop20:02
dobeyhrmm, splitting up pyqt4 packaging is a lot of tedium20:03
federico1seb128: does up_client_lid_is_closed() return the right thing?20:03
federico1seb128: try building g-s-d with debug info and setting a breakpoint in the callback we install for UpClient - that one monitors whether the lid is closed20:04
federico1seb128: if it doesn't get called when you closed the lid, you have a problem lower down in the stack20:04
mterryRiddell, ping?  If you're not up and about, Imma fix those incompletes in the kde telepathy stack20:05
Riddellmterry: about but busy20:06
Riddellmterry: are you offering to do them for me?20:07
mterryRiddell, that's fine.  I can do them for ya.  They are simple20:07
seb128federico1, ok thanks, I will have a look20:07
Riddellmterry: that would be much appreciated20:07
seb128federico1, I wanted to ask if that was a known issue before spending time on it20:07
mterryRiddell, if I just remove the auth-handler from the meta package, is that sufficient?20:07
seb128federico1, was your work depending on upower or kernel fixes?20:07
mterryRiddell, or is there tighter integration in the stack?20:07
federico1seb128: no special fixes that I know of20:07
federico1seb128: though upower has to work as advertised; there are no fallbacks for anything :)20:08
federico1seb128: hmm, I forget the /sys stuff you can check to see if the lid state is accurate...20:08
Riddellmterry: I don't know20:10
mterryRiddell, ok20:10
mterrydavidcalle, ping, do you need to make dependency changes elsewhere to have the lens/scope pulled in by default?20:25
kenvandinemterry, didrocks said he was going to add a recommends20:28
mterrykenvandine, cool20:28
mterrykenvandine, before FF?20:28
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* mterry looks at time20:28
kenvandinei suspect with tomorrow's unity upload20:28
seb128kenvandine, mterry, davidcalle: didrocks got a delay to tomorrow for the unity upload20:30
mterryseb128, cool20:30
* mterry is just making sure his MIR reviews don't go to waste20:31
kenvandineseb128, do you think adding error handling counts as a feature? :)20:31
seb128kenvandine, no, bug fix :p20:32
kenvandinenow that gwibber-service can give catch the errors20:33
kenvandineit would be a shame to not do something with those in an LTS :)20:33
kenvandineBigWhale, ^^20:33
* mterry was hoping I could rent/buy shows & movies in this new video lens like the Ubuntu TV mockups have20:35
seb128mterry, don't tell me you can't do that!20:35
seb128would be disappointing :-(20:35
chrisccoulsonhmmm, thank god it's nearly friday :)20:36
dobeythere is no way this pyqt build is going to finish in my pbuilder before the FF hour20:38
davidcallemterry, seb128, regarding external sources, for now it uses standard Amazon, Youtube, BBC, etc but it's not Ubuntu TV yet.20:40
davidcalleAnd it might have TED too20:41
seb128davidcalle, cool! ;-)20:42
seb128davidcalle, I'm eager to try it, I will in a bit when the ff rush is over ;-)20:43
davidcalleseb128, all the sources are handled on an external server and are reloaded when the lens starts, so don't take the ones you see in there for release ready choices.20:44
kenvandinei assume this window shadows left around with the latest compiz is a known bug?20:46
dobeyseb128: i guess we'll have to do a ffe to get pyqt changes in and on cd, and the qt sso and ubuntuone-control-panel packages?20:47
kenvandinei guess it isn't window shadows, but shadows of indicator menus20:47
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seb128dobey, yes20:48
seb128dobey, you will need to find CD space to start20:49
seb128kenvandine, not sure, check that you got today compiz's update20:49
dobeyseb128: well, to start, i am splitting up pyqt, so we don't need as much space :)20:49
kenvandineseb128, i just updated 10m ago20:49
broderdobey: you should chat with ScottK about that - i remember seeing a debian bug suggesting that they were about to do that split20:50
broderof course, it was from a couple of years ago, so something clearly went wrong20:50
brodermight be good to figure out if it was anything you should know about20:50
broder(but in general, +1 for actually doing it)20:50
seb128kenvandine, ok, so dunno if it's known20:51
seb128dobey, how much space will you need?20:51
dobeyseb128: i think around 6MB.20:52
seb128dobey, lol, good luck20:53
seb128but yeah, it's going to be challenging20:53
dobeyyeah i know20:53
seb128we are still like 10mb over size, we should get back on size with the langpacks refreshes20:53
seb128but still 6mb is a lot20:54
dobeyyeah, but gtk2 webkit was more than 6MB20:54
seb128and we were like 10mb over limit before dropping it20:54
seb128pitti said we will be at 710mb without it20:55
seb128which is still like 10mb over limit20:55
kenvandineseb128, ^^20:55
dobeyremove libreoffice ;)20:55
seb128kenvandine, did that just start with the recent update?20:56
kenvandineseb128, yes20:56
seb128ok, tedg was just mentioning something similar I think20:57
kenvandineseb128, it is much worse now20:57
kenvandinei have lines all over my screen now20:57
seb128so regression in the compiz update?20:57
kenvandinehard to read text20:57
seb128didrocks and dx will love it...20:57
dobeyi wonder what all we can drop20:57
kenvandineit seems to be any menu20:57
kenvandineand using the gimp to crop that caused it to look much worse20:57
tedgkenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/93361520:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933615 in compiz "menu shadows not clearing when menus close" [Critical,Incomplete]20:58
tedgkenvandine, Apparently try the new version :-)20:59
tedgHaven't done that yet.20:59
dobeyseb128: hrmm, what lang packs are supposed to be on the CD?21:00
kenvandineonly french :)21:00
kenvandinethe official language of ubuntu :-D21:01
dobeyfrench doesn't seem to be on there :)21:01
tedgWoot!  We've won!21:01
seb128dobey, as many as we can21:02
seb128dobey, there is no strict rules, out of the fact that we don't drop one without a good reason and we fill the space when we get some21:02
BigWhalewhat what? what did I miss?21:03
seb128dobey, oh, and no, we want to change toolkit is not a valid reason ;-)21:05
kenvandineshadows are gone :)21:05
* dobey doesn't want to change the toolkit21:06
seb128kenvandine, you were not uptodate after all?21:06
kenvandinei was21:06
seb128dobey, well that's what you ask for though21:06
kenvandinejust had to grab the debs :)21:06
kenvandinethe fixed version isn't published yet21:06
seb128kenvandine, oh ok, there was newer than new?21:06
seb128ok ;-)21:06
kenvandineindeed :)21:06
kenvandinethat was aweful!21:06
dobeyseb128: i'm just trying to help keep all of ubuntuone in the default install :)21:06
kenvandinetedg, there is hope :)21:06
seb128dobey, we have all of ubuntuone, we are happy with the gtk control panel thanks ;-)21:07
seb128kenvandine, weird, there was only one upload today...21:07
seb128kenvandine, do you use the daily ppa builds?21:07
kenvandinei use staging21:08
kenvandinehas the fix21:09
kenvandine1: was broken21:09
seb128kenvandine, ok21:09
seb128kenvandine, I see, thanks to Didier who came back to upload after having it called a day21:10
dobeyseb128: how is it decided which languages end up on the CD when space is available, though, and how much of those languages get supported in the default install?21:10
kenvandinedidrocks rocks :)21:10
seb128dobey, the langpacks are filed by number of people in the world speaking the languages, they have a list from wikipedia or something which has the most spoken langages ranking21:10
seb128dobey, we support as many as we can, i.e file the CD until we can't put an extra one21:11
seb128dobey, as said before if you want a language dropped you can try to argue but I doubt that "we want to switch from gtk to qt" is a good enough reason to drop a language spoken by an hundred million users21:11
seb128which is where the current languages we ship rank21:12
dobeyseb128: i'm just trying to understand the relationship21:12
seb128between what and what?21:13
dobeyfor languages being on the cd21:15
mhr3kenvandine, thx for merging my branch, but weren't you too quick? as the description said it's not yet fully working with latest dee :)21:25
dobeyseb128: hrmm, does being in alternate recommends/depends cause something to stay on the CD?21:30
kenvandinemhr3, but it works at least as good as before :)21:30
dobeyseb128: like Recommends: foo | bar, would keep bar on the CD along with foo?21:30
seb128dobey, no21:30
seb128dobey, if the first alternative is available it will not look for the or21:30
mhr3kenvandine, well the dee issues cause the search to maybe return wrong results plus duplication of some items21:31
kenvandinehummm, ok21:31
dobeykenvandine: what version of gwibber is the gir version?21:32
kenvandinemy testing it seemed fine21:32
kenvandinedobey, what do you mean? what version included your branch?21:32
dobeykenvandine: yeah; what version in ubuntu? 3.3.5?21:32
kenvandinedobey, yup21:33
dobeykenvandine: can you change the gwibber-service depends from python-notify to gir1.2-notify-0.7 then please? :)21:33
dobeyof course, system-config-printer-gnome still depends on python-notify :-/21:34
dobeybut it's tiny anyway21:35
kenvandinedobey, good catch21:35
dobeythere's a lot of python packages on the CD, so trying to see which ones we can drop :)21:36
mhr3kenvandine, yea, my testing tried to be more thorough as gwibber is now first to use DeeTreeIndex outside of our test cases :)21:38
kenvandinemhr3, ok, well it is good enough for now :)21:38
mhr3kenvandine, ok, the fixes will be merged when kamstrup gets back so it'll get only better :)21:39
kenvandinedobey, i had also forgotten to remove the depends for python-gtk221:44
kenvandinenot that we can get that off the CD :)21:44
dobeykenvandine: naughty nellie!21:44
dobeyyeah, unfortnately21:44
dobeyand unfortunately a lot of the python-foo packages are just a few K, so not enough to make us any room21:57
dobeykenvandine: why does gwibber depends on python-wnck? :P21:57
kenvandineanother that can be dropped21:58
dobeykenvandine: oh i guess that's the gtk2 deps you meant21:58
dobeykenvandine: yay! that gets us 28K :P21:59
dobeynow i just need to find 1000 more like that22:00
kenvandineshouldn't take long :)22:00
dobeywhere is system-config-printer-gnome upstream?22:02
dobeyis it a rh thing?22:02
kenvandineit used to be22:04
kenvandineso probably still is22:04
kenvandineseb128, hey... what about that g-c-c change?22:04
dobeywhy isn't ubiquity ported to python-gi? :(22:04
* seb128 kicks kenvandine22:04
seb128kenvandine, I'm working on g-c-c as we speak :p22:04
stgraberdobey: ? ubiquity is using gi22:05
kenvandineit is pretty easy to forget to remove old depends22:06
dobeystgraber: oh sorry; was looking at rdepends for python-libxml2 which it still uses, and had a brain fail for a second :)22:06
dobeywonder why it's not using elementtree though22:06
dobeywhee, and python-indicate is 14K. only about 7000K left to go22:08
dobeywtf; python-dbus depends on python-dbus-dev?22:09
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeylater. maybe i'll find a few more K tomorrow :P22:29
jasoncwarner_hey RAOF I saw your name aside the corruption at boot bug I reported (reminder: nvidia, which I believe you responded with a 'kjsakjjfeijajklaejakdjfalenvnavlieer nvidia' or something like that)....so, what do you think? anyway we can clear the buffer at boot to at least ensure a blank screen?23:51
RAOFjasoncwarner_: I've not yet investigated it thoroughly.  We *can't* reasonably clear the VRAM, but it might be possible to get the X server to draw a full black display after each modeset.  I'm not sure what side-effects that would have.23:53
jasoncwarner_RAOF: ok..thanks. let me know what you find when you have a chance to dig in a tad23:54

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