eightyeightis the kernel frozen for 12.04?00:04
brodereightyeight: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule lists kernel freeze as april 5th00:08
smoserslangasek, :-( no.00:36
smoseri'm sorry.00:36
slangaseksmoser: hmm.  are there any tests in particular you'd like us to do before landing it in the archive?00:37
slangasek(ones that we can get done before FF, I hope)00:37
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smoseri dont have a lot of expectancy of failure.00:47
smoserfor it.00:47
smosercloud-init is generally fairly light on it.  uses mounted event nof '/'.00:47
AaronMTHas there been a security bug filed for seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2012/Feb/25400:48
slangaseksmoser: sure; we're being very cautious this time around, owing to the two previous false starts00:50
slangasekso if you don't think there's anything special we need to test, I can just go ahead with the upload00:51
broderslangasek: thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/858122/+attachment/2683183/+files/insserv_1.14.0-2.1ubuntu1.unstable.debdiff ? it seems reasonable (modulo needing quilt and changelog adjustments)00:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Precise) "incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Triaged]00:52
broderif it's ok with you i can upload it and prep/upload an oneiric sru00:53
smoserslangasek, i'll start an instance and install right now.00:54
smoserppa link ?00:54
slangaseksmoser: ppa:jamesodhunt/upstart-job-logging00:55
slangasekbroder: YES PLEASE00:55
broderslangasek: haha, ok. any thoughts about attempting to unwind the damage?00:56
slangasekbroder: I think I sketched something out on the bug about manually putting the key bits of /etc/rc{0,6}.d back where they belong if we detect this kind of massive breakage on upgrade00:56
slangasekbroder: we might not get all of it right, but we can at least get the core initscripts stuff00:57
broderok. i'll sketch something up. it'd be nice to have you review it, since complex maintainer scripts are easy to screw up00:57
mwhudsonwhat could go wrong01:00
slangasekmwhudson: little more than already has done P01:00
broderlook, i'm absolutely terrified of uploading insserv. that's why i'm forcing slangasek to sign off on anything i do - so i can at least spread the blame :)01:00
smoserslangasek, ok. initial snif done.01:04
slangaseksmoser: thanks :)01:04
smoserno kittens sacrificed. 2 instances booted twice each.01:04
broderslangasek: ok, that actually seemed a little more straightforward than expected. how does http://paste.ubuntu.com/843826/ look to you?01:13
slangasekbroder: I had been thinking in terms of the fix-up being done in initscripts, as the owner of both the scripts in question and the /run transition that's gotten clobbered; are you sure that doing the fixup from insserv will dtrt everywhere?01:15
broderhmm, not really. i hadn't thought about it all that hard01:16
broderi guess i figured that correcting the shutdown sequence from anybody's postinst -> initscripts shutdown script will do the right thing next time you reboot01:16
cjwatsonScottK: bug 634215 - why are all-numeric host names prohibited?  I mean, I get that they might be considered unwise in some contexts, but my reading of RFCs 952 and 1123 in conjunction is that all-numeric host names are permitted, and indeed I think 1123 indicates that host software MUST support them01:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 634215 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity-kde install allows invalid hostnames" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63421501:17
slangasekbroder: two other things: 1) if the runlevel's been broken, you'll see S0{1,2,3}reboot; maybe it's better to check for one of these values instead of just !90, in case the admin had some other reason for renumbering (e.g., having fixed up all their init scripts so insserv actually works for them)?  2) the fix-up needs to handle rc0 in addition to rc601:17
slangasekcjwatson: hmmm, stgraber brought that one up the other day and I asserted that all-numeric is illegal; perhaps I should dig up a real reference :)01:18
slangasekcjwatson: in *practice*, an all-numeric hostname gets butchered by various unix tools, which will helpfully interpret it as a decimal encoding of an IP01:18
broderslangasek: ok. i guess i need to s/reboot/halt/ for rc0, but other than that fix up the same scripts in the same way?01:19
broderslangasek: but if you'd rather have this in initscripts, i'll drop the postinst from insserv and upload it, then we can work on getting initscripts fixed01:19
cjwatsonslangasek: I'm not necessarily opposed to making the installer forbid them, but I feel I'd like to have chapter and verse here :)01:19
cjwatsonespecially since netcfg has the same algorithm01:20
slangasekbroder: yes, s/reboot/halt/ should be the only change... and yeah, I have a slight preference for putting this in initscripts, rather than embedding knowledge of another package's init scripts in the insserv postinst01:20
broderslangasek: i'm fine with that01:20
stgrabercjwatson: from my last RFC reading (last week), there's nothing explicitly prohibiting the use of all-numeric host names, as long as they aren't also used as part of a DNS record (where a DNS label can't be made of all-numeric)01:21
cjwatsonstgraber: where does that restriction come from?01:21
stgrabercjwatson: 1912 IIRC01:22
slangasekcjwatson: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65041#34 ?01:24
ubottuDebian bug 65041 in libc6 "glibc does not allow numeric hostnames" [Normal,Open]01:24
infinityrfc2181 pretty much throws it all out the window, and only keeps the 63-byte restriction.01:24
infinityBut there's no reason systems can be more restrictive than the RFC (and, in our case, reasons why we need to be).01:25
slangasekwell, gethostbyname() is a deprecated interface, but we either have to modify its behavior or accept that anything using it will be broken with numeric hostnames01:26
cjwatsonah, gotcha01:26
cjwatsonthat's probably enough for me to change netcfg too then01:26
slangasek(also, not sure if the glibc implementations of the ipv6-friendly interfaces actually do a better job with them?)01:27
* infinity figures the summary at the top of http://www.zytrax.com/books/dns/apa/names.html is a fair representation of the pre-2181 rules, and probably not an awful constraint for installers to impose.01:30
infinitycjwatson: ^01:30
ScottKcjwatson: The hostname itself can be all numeric (the machine name), but the top level domain (at least historically can't).  Says so in RFC 1123 paragraph 2.1.01:33
cjwatsonThat point's clear (although the RFC is mainly making an observation about the existing set of TLDs, I think ...), but you aren't entering an FQDN in ubiquity.01:34
broderslangasek: do you have an opinion on whether or not i should also move /usr/sbin/{update-rc.d-insserv,update-bootsystem-insserv}?01:35
ScottKinfinity: I don't see anything in 2181 that changes that.01:35
* slangasek looks at broder blankly01:35
slangasekbroder: not knowing what these are or why they exist, I don't have an opinion :)01:35
ScottKcjwatson: It used to be that all numeric wasn't allowed for the machine name, but that changed, so maybe I was confused.01:35
slangasek"update-rc.d-insserv is an obsolete implementation [...]"01:36
slangasekseems like upstream should move that one to /dev/null01:36
slangasekand the other one is a trivial script we don't need to care about01:36
slangasekbroder: ^^ so I think it's not worth moving them01:36
cjwatsonThe gethostbyname problem is somewhat persuasive.01:36
infinityScottK: We weren't talking about FQDNs until just now...01:36
broderslangasek: ok. sounds good01:36
ScottKnever mind me then.01:36
cjwatsonI've mailed debian-boot to ask if anyone cares if I make such a restriction01:45
* infinity remembers the bad old days when various operating systems used to tell him that his domain name was invalid.01:53
cjwatsonYou were just testing them, right?01:54
infinitycjwatson: NT4 had hissy fits about 0c3.net until SP3, I believe.01:56
infinitycjwatson: Which caused me some grief.01:56
broderoh what the heck. why does insserv ftbfs, but only in sbuild02:00
broder...with fopen(file_the_test_suite_just_wrote_out): Operation not permitted02:00
infinitybroder: In your local sbuild, you mean?02:00
broderinfinity: yeah02:00
infinitybroder: Is that running on top of an overlayfs-using schroot?02:00
infinitybroder: If so, that's your answer.02:00
infinitybroder: The good news is that the buildds won't fail that way. :P02:01
infinitybroder: The bad news is you need to test without overlayfs locally.02:01
broderwait, but why does it not happen if i build it with schroot dpkg-buildpackage, but not using sbuild?02:01
broderoh, i guess that would be hitting one of the bind mounts02:02
broderwhat is overlayfs doing wrong?02:02
infinitybroder: overlayfs plays fast and loose with inodes in ways that can confuse tools that assume that inodes don't (or do) change based on certain actions.02:02
infinitybroder: The tools (or, in this case, test suite) are usually wrong, not overlayfs, but...02:03
broderok. since i *can* build it without copying the source into the overlayfs, i'll go ahead and move forward02:04
geofftinfinity: out of curiosity, is there documentation of usual overlayfs issues?02:04
geofftI have a local buildd that I was just about to switch from LVM chroots to overlayfs one of these weekends...02:04
infinitygeofft: Mostly in apw's head, and scattered around to others who've had to deal with it. :P02:04
infinitygeofft: If you have a working LVM setup, I see no compelling reason to switch.02:05
geofftinfinity: "working" is a bit much, it randomly panics during rebuilds every so often02:05
broderalso LVM snapshot-based chroots are borderline unusably slow, especially when there are a lot of them in action02:06
infinityAnyhow, other than "some software makes stupid assumptions about filesystems that it shouldn't" and "overlayfs doesn't support inotify", I can't think of any other known gotchas.02:08
geofft(hm, I'm misremembering, we switched it to aufs IIRC because of the slowness, and aufs brings the panics)02:08
andy753421is it possible to request a sync from a PPA instead of from debian (or maybe not a sync, but something along those lines?)02:35
Davieyandy753421: raise a sponsorship bug and link to the PPA.02:35
nigelbman, Daviey is still awake?02:40
* nigelb looks at the clock and gets confused02:40
Davieynigelb: yes02:41
nigelbDaviey: Go to bed you crzy person.. err, I mean.. Hi!02:41
Davieynigelb: heh02:41
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* dobey wonders if he could possibly get someone to review https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/precise/twisted/backport-gireactor/+merge/93329 tonight02:55
broderslangasek: that insserv fix technically needs to be sru'd to lucid through oneiric, right?03:32
brodererr, that's a dumb question that i know the answer to, since i hit the bug after installing vmplayer 4 on natty03:54
pittiGood morning04:40
slangasekbroder: it's beneficial to SRU it to lucid through oneiric, but the most important is oneiric because that's where things go wrong with initscripts... for the other releases, nobody's reported any bugs yet05:07
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sorensoren`: ?!?!?05:29
sorensoren`: You're officially freaking me out.05:29
sorenOh! That thing!05:30
broderslangasek: i installed vmplayer 4 on natty before upgrading to oneiric, triggering the bug06:35
slangasekbroder: and the fixed initscripts cleaned it up suitably?06:38
broderslangasek: err, haven't made it that far in testing yet06:39
slangasekok :)06:39
broderat the time, i think i went for the "nuke it from orbit" approach of rm /etc/rc*.d/[SK]* && dpkg --reconfigure --something-clever06:39
pittibroder: --force-confmiss probably?06:45
broderi thikn i just had a complicated one-liner to figure out all the packages that had scripts in /etc/rc*.d and then reconfigure them to run update-rc.d06:45
broderslangasek: whoa!! vmware fixed their installer in 4.0.2!07:04
broderit checks for update-rc.d before insserv now07:04
broderslangasek: anyway, if i run insserv in my precise vm by hand and then install http://paste.ubuntu.com/844050/, it does seem to fixup the symlinks as expected07:08
broderit didn't seem like there was a particular spot in the postinst the code needed to live, so i picked a point a bit above the /run transition code, since it seemed like this should probably be fixed up before then07:09
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rickspencer3pitti, am I reading this right? Feature Freeze is today, but only a few problems (all armel) in the archives, and all of the ISO smoke tests but one are passing?07:26
rickspencer3that's pretty cool07:26
pittirickspencer3: yes, the recent compiz upload broke armel unfortunately :(07:26
pittirickspencer3: otherwise it's holding up pretty well indeed07:27
rickspencer3well, I think it's a great result, especially for the week of feature freeze07:28
pittinot sure whether didrocks has a trick up his sleeve to fix compiz on armel, though07:29
didrockspitti: the issue is in kelibs07:29
didrocksI ask Riddell to look at it07:29
didrocksrickspencer3: just to be clear, compiz FTBFS on armel is due to kdelibs which ship a broken header, Riddel is already aware about it07:30
rickspencer3thanks for the update didrocks07:30
rickspencer3just to be clear, I wasn't actually complaining, as I don't recall being close to this tight on previous FF days ;)07:31
didrocksyeah, it's just on this one "not compiz fault" :) (most of the time, it is, not one that though ;))07:31
pittibdrung: do you care about the vlc FTBFS on powerpc? if not, we could just remove the powerpc binaries07:32
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micahgmvo: sorry, was in the wrong channel, can I drop the intltools patch from aptitude?  it's commented out, but it's a 50k line diff08:15
mvomicahg: yeah, if po and source are in sync again that is really not needed anymore08:19
micahgmvo: is there an easy way for me to check that?08:19
mvomicahg: well, I guess what it comes down to is if there are no po file diffs in the other patches it is fine08:21
micahgmvo: ah, ok, I'll check, thanks08:21
micahgnope, no po diffs, so I can drop it from the source then (I assume it's easy to recreate again)?08:23
Riddelldidrocks: as I said on the bug report nobody knows how to solve that compiler error, either get someone to port the code or drop the compiler -Werror or drop the kde compiz bits, alas I don't have time for much non-Kubuntu while I'm still allowed to work on it08:23
didrocksRiddell: ok, I'll drop the kde build from compiz then08:25
didrocksnot sure anyone is using it anyway08:25
mvomicahg: yeah, thats fine08:26
mvomicahg: its auto generated08:26
micahgok, thanks08:26
micahgI still need to finish it, the patches need refreshing, but I'm hopeful :)08:27
Riddelldidrocks: just be gentle so we don't get "you don't care about kde" comments!08:29
didrocksRiddell: hum? I just meant that people using kde are on kwin I guess, not compiz08:30
didrocksRiddell: I'll make it clear in the changelog, no worry :)08:30
Riddelldidrocks: yes you're right.  but if one troll sees it differently it could go down badly08:30
didrocksRiddell: right, will take great care on the changelog ;)08:31
Riddell(and I've had to do more than enough media and community management recently as it is!)08:31
pittiRAOF, Laney: do you have an idea about https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93054472/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.tomboy_1.9.5-1ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ? it built fine locally08:56
pittiI guess there's a missing build dep which I have installed locally; cli-common-dev ?08:56
* apw wonders how long before the archive might not remove every :i386 package he has installed08:56
pittidid that change recently? the previous tomboy built fine without it08:57
pittiapw: gcc-4.6/i386 still building :/08:57
apwthe compiler causes this mess, we really should build that in a PPA and copy it in if its going to cause utter uninstall every time08:58
pittiapw: we had a lot of similar cases recently (webkit, compiz, glibc, etc.)08:58
apwpitti, i take it that means the compiler triggers a multi-arch missmatch if amd64 and i386 don't hit together08:58
pittiapw: we discussed using precise-proposed for this, so that we have ONE staging area instead of dozens of PPAs, and we can  copy binaries (which is really a main point)08:59
pittiapw: correct08:59
apwpitti, hehe thats funny, thats was my solution too :)08:59
pittiwe just need a LP tweak to allow this08:59
seb128using ppa doesn't work, or we need non virtual ones08:59
seb128but yeah, -proposed would be better08:59
pittigreat, and now the buildds are all firefoxed09:01
apwpitti, i guess one needs to be able to copy your own packages from devel -proposed09:01
apwfor that work work any09:01
pittiapw: yes, but I don't consider that a blocker09:02
pittiinitially we'd only use it for a few packages which are huge and known to cause major damage if they FTBFS or go out of sync09:02
pittisuch as yesterday's mysql, or glibc, or webkit09:02
apwpitti, yeah that is a reasonable plan indeed if its optional like that09:03
bdrungpitti: vlc will build on powerpc once the final 2.0.0 is released.09:03
pittiapw: and for the time being it's a simple script invocation by any archive admin09:03
pittisru-release precise glibc09:03
pitti(we might rename it for this)09:04
pittibdrung: ah, thanks; I have a local build prepared that disables altivec for now, want me to try that?09:04
bdrungpitti: no. can you grab 2.0.0+git20120215+r81-0~r28~oneiric1  from https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/stable-daily and try to build that on powerpc?09:05
pittibdrung: that's more effort/responsibility than I'm willing to take09:06
pittiI don't care AT ALL about powerpc, just about getting rid of the NBS dependencies :)09:06
pitti(in fact, I think we should have killed it long ago, but *shrug*)09:06
bdrungpitti: you could either wait a few days or remove the powerpc binaries in the meantime. do what you prefer09:08
pittibdrung: ok, thanks09:08
SpamapSoh how I love php's crappy multiarch09:16
pittiRAOF, Laney: ah, tomboy does b-dep on cli-common-dev, so it's not that09:17
pittiso, I'm lsot :/09:18
Laneypitti: It's the DLLMap in debian/09:18
LaneyWebSyncServiceAddin.dll.config probably09:18
Laneythe soname needs fixing there09:18
Laneydid you build on a system with libproxy0 installed?09:18
pittiLaney: yes, it's still installed here09:19
pittiLaney: but the source diff was a no-change upload (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/93053939/tomboy_1.9.5-1ubuntu1_1.9.5-1ubuntu2.diff.gz)09:19
Laneythe DLLMap references the soname, it needs to be updated09:19
pittiLaney: ah, so that's why it worked locally09:20
Laneyyeah, it probably would have failed in a chroot09:20
pittiLaney: thanks, doing this09:20
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gotwigwhere is app development channel?09:41
bdrunggotwig: look at the topic: #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu09:43
gotwigbdrung: it will be an app for ubuntu09:45
gotwigI know, what ever09:45
vilahi guys, I'm running precise on my laptop and did a partial upgrade this morning,09:59
vilaI encountered  http://pad.lv/933343 and after reboot I can only login with the recovery console (Unity and Unity 2D are not presented anymore in the lightdm menu)10:00
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #933343 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/933343). The error has been logged10:00
vilaI also encounter transient connection issues during 'apt-get update' for extras.ubuntu.com and archive.canonical.com10:01
vilaapt-get -f install  failed with... ha, it was failing on the flash stuff but has just started downloading... hold on ;)10:02
vilaok, with archive.c.c letting download the flash upgrade, everything is back to normal, more fear than harm ;)10:29
frafuHi, We released Onboard 0.97.0 yesterday and it has been accepted as onboard 0.97.0-0ubuntu1 into Ubuntu main. Shortly afterwards, a bug with translations appeared, we already fixed it in trunk and are going to release 0.97.1 today. My question: Are micro releases (i.e.:  0.97.1-0ubuntu1) accepted in feature freeze or should I rather submit it as patch creating onboard 0.97.0-0ubuntu2?10:49
micahgfrafu: bug fix only releases aren't a problem generally10:50
micahgwell, at least at this point10:50
SpamapSThey're really not a problem up until beta10:56
SpamapSreally, beta210:56
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frafumicahg, SpamapS : So bugfix micro release updates are accepted until beta2. These were the pieces of information I was looking for. Thanks to both of you.11:01
SpamapSfrafu: its not a hard and fast rule.. but generally yes, fixing bugs up until the betas are out is a good idea11:04
SpamapSfrafu: after beta2 .. its up to the release team11:04
frafuSpamapS: Maybe a few more words to the procedure to get it accepted until beta2: I should file a bug containing a debian source package based on the new micro release and add the Ubuntu Sponsor Team to the bug; correct?11:10
SpamapSfrafu: correct. Make sure you reference upstream bug comments/commits/etc.11:11
geserthe procedure should be the same as before FF (perhaps just mention in the bug that it's a bugfix release and adds no new features)11:12
* SpamapS wills the PHP test suite to pass, so he can sleep11:12
frafuSpamapS, geser: Thanks11:13
SpamapSalright.. latest (sane) version of PHP uploaded..11:22
ionIsn’t that an oxymoron? :-P11:22
SpamapSPHP is perfectly sane. Its the users who keep using it expecting a different result (non-suckage)11:23
micahgSpamapS: did the new sbuild help for dependency resolution?11:24
SpamapSmicahg: nope, still have to use aptitude resolver11:24
SpamapSmicahg: I haven't dist-upgraded since Friday.. was a new one uploaded this week?11:25
micahgSpamapS: I uploaded it tonight, commented on your bug :)11:25
SpamapSmicahg: I'm sure I'll have to build php5 again this cycle. :)11:25
micahgespecially if we go to 5.4 :)11:26
SpamapSmicahg: high degree of liklihood there will be *another* RC11:27
ajmitchSpamapS: did php manage to get 5.4.0 out yet? :)11:27
SpamapSmicahg: they broke signal handling, badly11:27
SpamapSajmitch: they promised "late December", or "at the latest January" when I proposed 5.4.0 at UDS11:27
ajmitchthe neverending story of php releases, and even then x.y.0 isn't really LTS materiel :)11:27
SpamapSpromise is a strong word11:27
SpamapSthey thought they could hit that11:28
SpamapSajmitch: agreed11:28
SpamapSIt would take a lot to convince me that 5.4.0 will have less regressions than 5.3.1011:28
* ajmitch should keep 5.4 merged in his PPA11:28
SpamapSI fully expect we will ship 5.4 in 12.1011:29
ajmitcheven if 5.4.0 has no regressions, there are plenty of other packages that it can break11:29
ajmitchso mariadb vs mysql might get sorted at UDS?11:30
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* micahg hopes it gets sorted before release11:30
SpamapSHeh, its a hot button item. definitely needs wide discussion.11:31
ajmitchthat'd be preferable, with the 5 year support thing :)11:31
SpamapSI had hoped to sort it by today, but I'd rather go the FFE route than jump blindly into something we don't fully understand.11:32
tmusWhat do I need to do, to try to make sure, a specific package is pulled from upstream (debian) into precise? This particular package is not a base/core package, but something that really should be in repo in a modern version... (pmacct - version 0.12.5 - http://packages.debian.org/sid/pmacct)11:39
SpamapStmus: it needs to be merged11:41
SpamapStmus: actually.. it looks like it can be synced11:42
micahgtmus: requestsync unless SpamapS is already processing it11:44
tmusSpamapS, can I somehow "suggest" such a sync somewhere?11:44
tmusmicahg, aah, googl'ing requestsync11:44
SpamapStmus: yes there is a program, 'requestsync', that will file a bug11:44
micahgtmus: install ubuntu-dev-tools (available in debian as well)11:44
SpamapSsyncpackage: Request succeeded; you should get an e-mail once it is processed.11:44
SpamapSyes, sorry.. next time.. use requestsync. :)11:45
tmusSpamapS, Does that mean you requested a sync of it right now? :-)11:46
SpamapSalright and with that, I will retire to my tempurpedic11:46
* micahg wonders if SpamapS can build something that fast11:46
SpamapSmicahg: pmacct is tiny11:46
SpamapSmicahg: and the Ubuntu delta was my own, which was applied in Debian. :)11:46
micahgheh, previous experience ftw :)11:47
SpamapSI should go back through all the libmysqlclient bugs I filed and sync back up11:47
tmusawesome! :-)11:47
SpamapSanyway, right now, I will retire to the tempurpedic11:47
SpamapStmus: should be available within 60 minutes in precise11:49
SpamapStmus: I stand corrected.. should be available on i386 within 60 minutes in precise ;)11:49
SpamapSmore like 3 - 4 hours on amd6411:49
SpamapSFF always backs up the buildds :-P11:50
micahgyeah, someone's hogging a lot of the buildds :)11:50
infinitymicahg: *stare*11:50
tmusSpamapS, perfect... I know of a few minor issues with it - already resolved locally - and communicated upstream. Will it simply be re-sync'ed later on or do I need to file bugs and patches for the ubuntu version as well?11:50
* micahg is actually surprised at the lack of feature freeze uploads11:51
* micahg will upload aptitude when he wakes up11:51
ogra_must be the LTS-nature of this release11:51
SpamapSYeah we're actually trying not to break this one  ;)11:52
SpamapStmus: You will need to use requestsync if things are fixed in Debian11:52
SpamapStmus: auto-syncing will resume after precise is released11:53
tmusSpamapS, okay, cool - I'll make sure things are fixed in debian11:53
tmusThanks a lot11:53
SpamapStmus: if Debian can't get them fixed.. then feel free to file a bug w/ a patch in Ubuntu as well, and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors ..11:53
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hrwyes! finally gcc-4.6 landed in archive12:38
hrwtime to rebuild cross toolchain12:39
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cjwatsonbdrung: FYI your vlc package (that you were talking about with pitti this morning) fails to build on powerpc; are you already aware of that or do you want the log?13:25
pitticjwatson: I talked to bdrung about it this morning13:25
pittihe says the final release will fix it13:26
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
cjwatsonI read that discussion, and he said to try a PPA package which should fix it.  I tried it and it didn't.  That's why I'm mentioning it to him13:27
cjwatsonLooks like missing -maltivec when building the altivec module, possibly.13:27
valavanisalexHi All, I'm planing an update of the Inkscape package to the latest upstream version (the Debian maintainer is inactive).  My issue is that the Debian package uses the now-obsolete dpatch system, and this is giving me a lintian error (not warning).  Do I just ignore the error, or should I convert the package to using quilt?13:32
cjwatsonIt's best not to do major packaging rearrangements as Ubuntu deltas, on the whole13:33
cjwatsonThe purpose of the Lintian error is to encourage Debian maintainers to stop using dpatch13:33
cjwatsonAt this point it's not a big deal for Ubuntu, except in that we'd generally like to reduce the breadth of alternatives in our packaging tools; but not urgent, anyway13:34
valavanisalexGreat, thanks for the explanation.  I'll just update the upstream component of the package then, and leave the patch system alone.13:35
=== doko_ is now known as doko
mdeslaurslangasek: dpkg-reconfigure doesn't know about $DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH?14:48
barrymvo: hi.  have some time today to talk about bug 876298 ?14:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876298 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] We need to better handle external payloads (Flash, msttcorefonts) not being available." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87629814:53
mvobarry: I have a meeting now, maybe later?14:58
barrymvo: devx?  me too (if i can get it to work this time ;).  after would work14:59
mvobarry: yeah, devx - its in g+15:03
=== arand_ is now known as arand
barrymvo: i think i need to be invited.  i don't see it15:04
mvobarry: oh, sorry15:07
=== albrigha is now known as Guest39130
Davieycjwatson / doko: Please don't scream.. but the experimental python udeb.. still an option?15:10
Daviey(^ roaksoax: fyi)15:10
dokoDaviey, it's in the archive15:11
Davieyit is?!  I thought it was still a 'maybe'15:14
cjwatsonit's only there for python3.215:14
cjwatsonrmadison -s precise -S python3.215:14
cjwatsonshouldn't be that hard to use python3 for a new project15:17
Davieycjwatson: right15:22
=== Guest39130 is now known as albrigha
dokobah, the new Xorg with nividia drivers is so unstable ... getting logged out every 2h15:28
ogra_doko, use a tegra ;) thats stable nvidia ;)15:30
apwcjwatson, i have an initramfs-tools update to include hyper-v modules to allow root to be on paravirualised disks, i am wondering if you might be able to look it over: lp:~apw/ubuntu/precise/initramfs-tools/add-hyper-v-drivers15:36
cjwatsonapw: looks good to me15:40
RiddellTheMuso: I am getting lots of reports of "Failure: Module initalisation failed" on start-pulseaudio-kde, can you check?15:44
slangasekmdeslaur: dpkg-reconfigure> correct15:46
meerkatswhat does linux-source synaptic's package do?15:48
mdeslaurslangasek: ok, so I have to get rid of $DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH in the flash packages then. So...would having the rules file sed a "postinst.in" file with $DEB_BUILD_ARCH be the right way?15:48
slangasekmdeslaur: oh bah.  well, it should be DEB_HOST_ARCH15:49
apwcjwatson, would you be able to upload that puppy15:51
mdeslaurslangasek: why DEB_HOST_ARCH vs DEB_BUILD_ARCH?15:51
apw(and thanks for reviewing)15:51
slangasekmdeslaur: because of the definitions of host and build in the C standards :)15:51
cjwatsonmdeslaur: DEB_BUILD_ARCH is the architecture you're building the source package on; DEB_HOST_ARCH is the architecture you're building for.  They differ in the case of cross-compiling15:51
slangasekmdeslaur: host is always the arch that the code is hosted on; while it's unlikely anyone will ever need to cross-build a flash package, we should still use the right variable15:51
m4n1shev: hey15:52
evm4n1sh: hi15:52
mdeslaurcjwatson, slangasek: ah! thanks for the explanation, that makes sense15:52
m4n1shev: you got any update about contributor agreement?15:52
cjwatsonapw: done15:55
apwcjwatson, thanks a lot15:55
evm4n1sh: nothing yet. I'll keep you posted15:55
m4n1shev: so if I integrate it in alm, then what about the code in whoopsie?15:55
evm4n1sh: can you elaborate? I don't follow.15:56
m4n1shI take those two files15:56
m4n1shand integrate it15:56
m4n1shthen this functionality is in two pakages15:56
m4n1share you going to disable that in whoopsie?15:56
m4n1shev: is whoopsie going to be enabled by default? right?15:57
evm4n1sh: the idea is that we'll take the preferences page code from whoopsie, put it in a GtkNotebook page in activity-log-manager, and then remove the code from whoopsie.15:59
m4n1shyeah, I am working on it15:59
m4n1shlooks fine15:59
m4n1shit uses gtkbuilder15:59
evm4n1sh: I'm not sure if it falls under the contributor agreement or not yet, and given that today is feature freeze, I'll be doing an upload of whoopsie where the page it creates in GNOME Control Center is called "Diagnostics" rather than its current "Privacy"16:00
m4n1shas per Colin this falls outside FF16:00
m4n1shso should be fine to move it from one to other16:00
m4n1shso it is in main?16:00
evit will be by the end of the day16:01
pittiev: hm, does 'test/run local' work for you in your whoopsie apport branch?16:24
pittiev: I get a ton of errors in apport/ui16:25
pittiev: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'16:25
evI had been running test/{gtk,kde} manually16:25
apwyay ... unity now rendering the archive uninstallable16:25
davidcalleHi everyone, I'm looking for an archive admin to look at two new packages in the universe queue.16:25
evwill fix now16:25
pittiev: thanks; reviewing in the meantime16:26
pittiev: I need to run out in about 10 mins, I'd rather finish this tomorrow morning than crowbaring it in today16:26
pittiskaet: ^ if that's alright with you16:26
pittiskaet: (these are the apport GUI and logic changes for whoopsie)16:26
evpitti: sure thing16:26
pittiev: I'll test this locally in the meantime16:26
skaetpitti, ev =116:27
rbasakI have a line that creates a .so with: 'gcc -shared -Wl,-soname=lib$$i-openmpi.so.1 -o lib$$i-openmpi.so.1.1 -L/usr/lib/openmpi/lib/ -lmpi -lmpi_f77 $$(find tmp -name "*.o")'. The generated .so does not declare dependencies on libmpi and libmpi_f77. I know order matters, so I tried moving the -l's to the front, and also tried -Wl,-E. What am I doing wrong?16:31
evpitti: weird. I only get two failures in ./test/run local. Both relate to add_gdb_info: readelf: Error: /tmp/core: Failed to read file's magic number.16:32
pittiev: hmm, weird; I'll have a look at this tomorrow morning then16:32
evpitti: cheers16:33
evFWIW, I just did a bzr export /tmp/apport-whoopsie; ./setup.py build; ./tests/run local and it worked just fine (well, with the same two errors)16:36
pittiev: I followed up to the MP with various bugs16:40
evpitti: okay, reviewing now16:40
pittiI'll look at the ui.py test crash tomorrow then16:41
pittineed to run now, sorry (theater tonight)16:41
dokoCalculating upgrade... Done16:43
dokoThe following packages will be REMOVED:16:43
doko  unity16:43
didrocksdoko: this is what happen with ABI breakage and correctly handled packaging to prevent you partial upgrade16:45
didrocksdoko: rmadison tells that 5.2.0-0ubuntu5 is published now16:46
dokodidrocks, no, this is when you assume features are implemented in Debian, but not in Launchpad, and not working around these16:47
didrocksdoko: do you prefer I don't break on older version and let people upgrade at a bad time?16:47
didrocksso that they start with the new compiz and unity fail to load?16:47
seb128doko, when the compiz abi change unity needs a rebuild, without rebuild it will not start ... what is your issue with the way it's handled?16:51
dokowell, removing unity will make the system unusable as well?16:51
seb128well, it's an apt bug16:51
seb128it should put compiz on hold16:51
seb128not remove unity16:51
cjwatsonIWBNI somebody could encapsulate this situation in an apt integration test case16:51
cjwatsonthey're not that hard to write if you can work out what exact dependency relationships trigger it16:52
seb128cjwatson, do you have any documentation on how to do that? or an example?16:52
didrockscjwatson: maybe I can give it a try (will probably need guidance from where to look at), but will be after UIF16:52
seb128I can have a look (not this week though)16:52
didrocksor seb128 can :)16:52
seb128cjwatson,it's not really a "bug", I guess compiz scores high since it got rdepends and unity lower since it doesn't16:53
seb128the way to fix that would be to upload to proposed and pocket copy as it was discussed at UDS I guess16:54
didrocksyeah, we definitively should do that, will be way easier16:54
didrocksseems for nux -> unity -> unity-2d16:54
cjwatsonseb128: I found it fairly self-explanatory when I looked in apt/test/integration/17:00
cjwatsone.g. test-bug-657695-resolver-breaks-on-virtuals17:00
seb128cjwatson, thanks for the pointer17:01
seb128in apt's source then ;-)17:01
cjwatsonthat test was for http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65769517:01
ubottuDebian bug 657695 in apt "apt: gives up too easily when resolving Breaks of virtual packages" [Normal,Open]17:01
cjwatson(I didn't write the test, though I should have done :-) )17:01
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
m4n1shev: do I need to copy those .policy, .conf and .service file too?17:24
m4n1shis it for server or preferences client?17:24
evm4n1sh: everything in the preferences directory is required for the whoopsie gnome control center page to function properly17:26
m4n1shev: I dont think .desktop file is needed17:26
=== cpatrick08 is now known as cpatrick008
evm4n1sh: everything except that :)17:26
m4n1shev: I can integrate it easily17:27
m4n1shcan you make some minor changes in the codebase?17:27
evm4n1sh: the privileged dbus backend is definitely required though.17:27
evm4n1sh: what's that?17:27
m4n1shwhoopsie_daisy_preferences_panel_init contains all the glue code17:27
m4n1shit should be outside17:27
m4n1shand should be invoked from the method17:27
m4n1shotherwise I am not able to understand which is a part of it and which is not17:28
m4n1shpart of cc integration and which for whoopsie17:28
m4n1shso that I just have a g_box17:28
m4n1sha method call which will give me GtkBox17:29
m4n1shev: so that i can put it in the Notebook17:29
evm4n1sh: I'll endeavor to fit that in tomorrow, or at worst, early next week17:30
evquite busy with changes to apport at the moment17:30
m4n1shapport for for bug reporting?17:30
evm4n1sh: yes17:31
m4n1shI will try myself17:31
m4n1shI am pretty bad at C17:31
evpitti: found the reason why I wasn't seeing this test failure. ./tests/run exits on the first test failure, which I was getting for those gdb ones. I've fixed this in my branch (but not your other concerns yet).18:01
=== tjbarber is now known as TorpedoSkyline
lifelessbarry: #launchpad-dev please ;)18:04
broderdoes debian currently support using sysvinit without using insserv?18:22
broder(i'm trying to figure out if i can kick bug #884402 back to rra, since our update-rc.d is, in fact, identical to debian's)18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 884402 in shibboleth-sp2 (Ubuntu) "package libapache2-mod-shib2 2.4.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88440218:22
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
slangasekbroder: only in the sense that sysv-rc is not mandatory18:34
slangasekif you have sysv-rc installed, you have insserv installed; but there are still alternatives to it in the Debian archive, such as file-rc18:35
broderslangasek: there's a comment in update-rc.d: "[...] upgraded systems might keep the legacy ordering until the sysadm choose to migrate to the new ordering method"18:35
broderwhich makes me think that debian intends to support running without switching to insserv for an arbitrary period of time18:35
slangasekoh, yes, you can have insserv installed but not active18:36
broderi'm assuming that the shibboleth-sp2 bug would be reproducible on debian if you deactivated insserv, because update-rc.d looks completely self-contained and is identical between debian and ubuntu18:37
broderi guess i can test that easily enough18:39
kelemengaborhi dobey, do you have a little time to review the merge proposal for bug #856728 ?18:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 856728 in Ubuntu Translations "Missing translations (Learn more, Install) in ubuntuone-installer window" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85672818:45
kelemengaborkenvandine: same question to you with bug #926665 :)18:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926665 in Ubuntu Translations "Untranslatable strings in gwibber 3.3.3" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92666518:45
kelemengaborjust some trivial i18n fixes18:46
dobeykelemengabor: not before 2100Z, so probably not today; but ping me tomorrow18:47
kelemengaborwill do, thanks!18:47
stgraberkirkland: pastebinit 1.3 will ship without your scripts as they're still in bkieshed, let me know when it's no longer the case and I'll update pastebinit19:00
kirklandstgraber: k -- i can do that asap today19:01
kirklandstgraber: would you be willing to update subsequently?19:01
stgraberkirkland: sure, I'm planning the pastebinit 1.3 upload within the next hour or so19:01
kirklandstgraber: okay, give me a moment ...19:02
kirklandstgraber: where can I find your code to make sure the current functionality is identical?19:02
stgraberkirkland: lp:pastebinit19:02
kirklandstgraber: 18579bab7d17780bcceae23b8b7dd01d  pbput19:02
stgraberkirkland: doesn't match :(19:03
kirklandstgraber: let me diff19:03
kirklandstgraber: okay, looks good;  changes are http://paste.ubuntu.com/844801/19:04
kirklandstgraber: ie, license only changes19:04
stgraberkirkland: ok, good19:05
kirklandstgraber: changes committed;  i'm releasing and pushing right now19:06
kirklandstgraber: bikeshed 1.21 no longer contains pbput/pbget19:06
stgraberkirkland: perfect19:07
kirklandstgraber: uploaded19:07
kirklandstgraber: thanks!!!19:07
stgrabernp, sorry it took so long ;)19:08
slangasekbroder: followed up on the update-rc.d bug; shibboleth is plainly invoking it wrong19:09
Laibschping stgraber19:15
stgraberLaibsch: hey!19:15
LaibschI'm almost dying, but I'm preparing another upload19:15
stgraberLaibsch: awesome, thanks!19:15
Laibschwhat version is the last bikeshed package?19:15
stgraberLaibsch: kirkland just uploaded bikeshed 1.2119:15
LaibschI'll conflict with anything before that19:16
stgrabersounds good19:16
LaibschI'll pastebin a diff, I'm too tired to deliver quality19:16
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Laibschstgraber: http://paste.debian.net/156526/ is what I'm thinking about (with proper changelog, of course)19:22
Laibschwill compile now and see if the result is as expected19:22
stgraberLaibsch: diff looks good (haven't tried it though)19:30
Laibschthe scripts currently end up in /usr/bin/utils19:31
Laibschwhich is not the intention19:32
stgraberutils/* usr/bin then19:32
Laibschyeah, I guess19:34
Laibschbut not sure19:34
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
Laibsch25 or 85 minutes left?19:35
stgraberLaibsch: 8519:36
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
stgraberLaibsch: let me know when it's in incoming as it'll need manual syncing from there19:50
LaibschI'm still fixing some minor issues19:50
slangasekSpamapS: does bug #933566 ring any bells with you (upstart job with no main process, fails to run pre-stop script)?19:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933566 in resolvconf (Ubuntu) "Stopping resolvconf doesn't disable updates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93356619:50
Laibschstgraber: can you grab from incoming or is there a chance you might not get the upload in time?19:51
SpamapSslangasek: restart and pre-stop do not play nicely.. hmm.. reading19:51
Laibschmaybe I should provide you with a debdiff to current testing just in case19:51
slangasekSpamapS: yeah, this isn't restart, just stopping19:51
stgraberLaibsch: I'll grab from incoming and push manually. Debdiff works too.19:52
Laibschunstable package is building now19:53
SpamapSslangasek: very strange. I'd love to see the full syslog from an affected box at shutdown.19:59
om26erIs there a way to know how many packages I got sponsored to Ubuntu archives?19:59
slangasekSpamapS: well, this is the only job on my system that uses pre-stop+pre-start w/o a main process, so I'm not sure there's anything to compare it with19:59
broderom26er: you can look at https://launchpad.net/~broder/+uploaded-packages and https://launchpad.net/~broder/+synchronised-packages (substitute your lp id as necessary)20:00
slangasekor just use /~/20:00
broderoh right, i always forget about that20:00
om26er_broder, ah, great thanks :)20:01
broderom26er_: that list may not be complete - it will only list uploads where your name was at the end of the changelog entry. sometimes sponsors will re-sign the changelog if they make extensive changes before uploading20:02
broderso if you know there are cases where that happened, you'll need to keep track of them yourself20:02
om26er_that have happened on rare occasions but I'll keep track. thx20:04
micahgom26er_: http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu-sponsorships.cgi20:04
broderslangasek: Bear in mind that dbus is not running on servers by default> uh, i don't think that's been true for a very long time20:05
slangasekbroder: really?20:05
broderi thought the default install had included dbus since the lucid era or so20:06
slangasekit's in task: standard, which I suppose might do it20:06
Laibschstgraber: got disconnected, but upload is finished now.  good night.20:09
stgraberLaibsch: thanks!20:12
stgraberLaibsch: will wait for it to show up on incoming and will grab it from there.20:13
micahgstgraber: it's there20:14
stgrabermicahg: I'm waiting for -220:14
micahgah :)20:14
slangasekSpamapS: interesting report of nfs mounts not working reliably, fwiw: bug #93357520:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933575 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu) "NFS not being mounted at boot time - rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93357520:22
* TorpedoSkyline weeps at the departure of jono20:24
highvoltageTorpedoSkyline: hmm?20:26
TorpedoSkylinehighvoltage: jono left the chatroom.20:28
=== Guest22071 is now known as gord
TorpedoSkylineI always liked jono. I'd like to talk to him next time he comes on.20:28
TorpedoSkylinethat was weird.20:31
EtienneGquick question about isc-dhcp (slangasek, perhaps?): I see we are on 4.1.1 in precise, while Debian unstable is on 4.2.2.  Are we staying on 4.1.x in the LTS to benefit from 4.1 being an "ESV"?  (http://www.isc.org/software/dhcp/versions)20:33
EtienneGESV == Extended Supported Version, in ISC parlance20:33
slangasekEtienneG: I don't believe it was an explicit decision; we're on 4.1.1 because that's the latest version in Debian testing20:34
slangasekand for the LTS we sync from testing, not unstable20:34
EtienneGslangasek, fair enough.  Someone pointed out to me that we where "behind" in term of isc-dhcp, but I guess it make most sense to stick to the ISV "ESV" release20:35
stgraberDaviey: speaking of isc-dhcp-server, what's the status of the work item to get it upstartified with a job for dhcp4 and one for dhcp6?20:35
slangasekstgraber: ^^ have you put any thought into isc-dhcp 4.2 for precise?  I think you may have mentioned it before but I don't remember the context20:35
slangasekright, dhcp6 server, that would've been it ;)20:35
stgraberslangasek: I only had a quick look at the isc-dhcp version, but 4.1 looked good because of ESV and it wasn't clear what would be the benefit of 4.2 (except for the nightmare of getting it to build + apparmor + ...)20:37
Davieystgraber: untouched.20:37
slangasekstgraber: ok20:37
stgraberDaviey: will you have it done for 12.04?20:38
Davieystgraber: i hope so, but the whole team are currently cooking way over capacity20:38
Davieywhich means the best i can say is 'maybe', not a commitment at this stage20:38
slangasekbladernr_: hi, can we talk about bug #933723?20:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933723 in resolvconf (Ubuntu) "resolvconf creating bogus resolv.conf file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93372320:39
stgraberDaviey: ok, should I still the work item then?20:39
stgraberDaviey: *steal20:39
bladernr_slangasek:  sure20:39
slangasekbladernr_: do you see this somewhere under /run/resolvconf?20:39
slangasekif so, what file / can you pastebin it for me20:40
Davieystgraber: If you did, you'd earn beer tokens20:43
bladernr_slangasek:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844946/20:45
bladernr_looks like it's actually pulled in interface/lo.named20:45
slangasekbladernr_: right, so you've got bind9 installed and running and hooking itself into resolvconf20:45
slangaseknot a resolvconf bug ;)20:45
bladernr_apparently so...20:46
slangasekbut I think by default, bind9 is supposed to *not* do resolvconf20:46
bladernr_and about as soon as I started catting files in run I realized that20:46
bladernr_that's good then... that means perhaps this is easily solvable on our end... just gotta figure out why bind is being installed20:46
bladernr_slangasek:  sorry to alarm you :)20:47
slangasekbladernr_: n/p - is it actually breaking name resolution, btw?20:47
slangasekI think the bug should probably be reassigned to bind920:47
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
bladernr_well, we don't actually USE bind20:48
bladernr_I'm not sure why it's being installed20:48
slangasekbecause if bind9's not working as a local resolver out of the box, the default value for the bind9/run-resolvconf template should be fixed20:48
bladernr_ugh... thi smeans there like 50+ machines in the lab all running their own nameservers20:48
bladernr_oh, well yes20:48
bladernr_to answer THAT question...20:48
slangaseknothing so wrong with running a caching-only nameserver as long as it works ;)20:49
bladernr_BUT, we're not configuring bind, so that may not really be a problem with bind iether20:49
slangasekbladernr_: so hostname resolution *is* broken?20:50
bladernr_well... define broken... as I said, bind is being installed but we're not actually configuring or doing anythihng with it.20:51
slangasekI'm asking you if host lookups work20:51
bladernr_that being said, we get NO resolution with the resolvconf including
slangasekthen bind9 is broken out of the box and mustn't hook into resolvconf by default20:52
bladernr_so as soon as I purged bind9, resolv.conf was re-written and now includes the working nameserver line from eth020:52
broderbladernr_, slangasek: err, i've used bind9 as a local resolver out of box20:52
broderis this a policy-rc.d-at-install-time interaction?20:52
slangasekbladernr_: are there firewalls blocking bind from forwarding DNS requests to arbitrary DNS servers on the internets?20:53
slangasekbroder: no, because bind9 *only* hooks into resolvconf *from* its init script :)20:53
broderslangasek: ok, good. that's what i suspected, but didn't have the code in front of me yet20:53
bladernr_slangasek:  you have now exhausted my DNS vocabulary and ability :(20:53
slangasekbladernr_: is there a firewall ;)20:54
bladernr_we have no firewalls on the machines...20:54
slangasekbladernr_: bind9 *should* work without further configuration; however, it will fail to do so if it can't actually reach port 53 on the public internet20:54
slangasekbladernr_: yes, but is there a fw for the lab as a whole20:54
bladernr_yeah, just thought about that...20:55
bladernr_because we're pointing servers to the satellite as the nameserver, that could well be the case then.20:55
bladernr_sorry for being dense20:55
barryRiddell, ScottK: any thoughts on these build failures?  they don't fail for me locally.  build skew perhaps?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-qt4/0.9.0+repack-0ubuntu221:19
jtaylorbarry: in -packaging a django dev wants to talk about django 1.4 in precise, you had some uploads of it maybe you want to speak to him21:23
Riddellbarry: I added test coverage cos mterry demanded it to feel warm and fuzzy, it works for me locally too but it seems to need an LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to keep it happy in soyuz21:23
RiddellI can look at it tomorrow or feel free to fix it21:24
barryvirtualenv 1.7.1 was just released.  i'm thinking about upgrading our 1.7-1 to it.  any objections21:24
Riddellit's cdbs which I seem to have lost the nack of a bit21:24
mterryRiddell, it's cold in Massachusetts!  Tests keep me warm21:24
Riddellyeah you need something to keep your CPUs busy to keep the room temperature up I get you21:25
barryRiddell: i can take a look.  if you don't see an upload fixing it today, you'll know i failed miserably :)21:25
Riddellthanks barry21:25
chrisccoulsonmterry, it seems like you should try building webkit. that would definitely keep you nice and warm21:29
chrisccoulsonask seb128 about that, he's our webkit expert now ;)21:29
mterrychrisccoulson, no way.  I'm worried if I bring it up, he'll be like "you like webkit?  it's yours"21:29
seb128chrisccoulson, did mterry just volunteered to maintain webkit?21:29
stgraberkirkland: new pastebinit for you ;) enjoy!21:41
kirklandstgraber: cheers mate21:45
kirklandstgraber: one question for you...21:45
stgraberkirkland: sure21:46
kirklandstgraber: do you publish ppa builds of pastebinit for older ubuntu releases?21:46
kirklandstgraber: ie, i always simultaneously push my projects (bikeshed included) to a ppa for all supported ubuntu releases21:46
kirklandstgraber: and some of my users track those21:46
kirklandstgraber: so someone who's running, 10.04, say, that's tracking my bikeshed ppa21:46
kirklandstgraber: will update tomorrow, and actually lose pbput/pbget21:47
stgraberkirkland: nope, I usually release once a year or every two years, never bothered setting up a PPA for it ;) (I do for most of my other projects though)21:47
stgraberkirkland: I guess pastebinit would be interesting to backport though if there's interest21:47
kirklandstgraber: okay, i'll push a copy of pastebinit sources to the ppa:bikeshed/ppa21:47
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kirklandstgraber: yeah, if you had one already in a ppa, I'd just pocket copy it21:47
stgraberkirkland: ok, sounds good, make sure you remove the dh_python2 stuff though as it won't work on lucid21:47
micahgkirkland: stgraber: pastebinit seems like a good candidate for backports21:47
kirklandstgraber: if not, I'll just upload21:47
kirklandstgraber: nah, i'll just set my ppa's builds to backports ;-)21:48
stgraberkirkland: won't work, dh_python2 isn't even in lucid backports ;)21:48
kirklandstgraber: oh21:48
kirklandstgraber: shucks21:48
stgrabermicahg: yep, I'm really surprised nobody did it already, I guess people are happy with the default pastebin and don't need the new stuff :)21:49
TorpedoSkylinewhen does hardy die?21:49
tumbleweedTorpedoSkyline: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases21:50
TorpedoSkylinethx tumbleweed21:50
dobeybarry: ping; why does python-dbus depend on python-dbus-dev?22:10
barrydobey: from the control file:22:12
barry# Depends on python-dbus-dev for backwards compatibility, until packages22:12
barry# are fixed to depend on that directly22:12
barry 22:12
barrydobey: could you file a bug here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?package=dbus-python22:14
dobeyi guess i should just run reportbug or something. that web page is confusing22:15
barryreportbug -B debian i think does it (but i have to look at the manpage every time)22:16
dobeyi guess i have to tell it that it doesn't have direct internet access or something. eh, i don't really feel like dealing with configuring a bug reporting tool to be able to report a bug, right now :-/22:20
cjwatsonor just use the mail interface, takes a few minutes to learn :)22:21
cjwatsonsubmit@bugs.debian.org with body "Package: dbus-python" / "Version: ITS-VERSION-NUMBER" / blank line / your report22:22
* dobey prefers apport22:22
cjwatsonwhich is fine but I just told you how to work this one in one line of IRC22:23
cjwatsonso, not *that* hard22:23
dobeyi'm not saying it's hard22:23
dobeyi'm saying it's work :)22:24
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ScottKdobey and barry: There's no need to file a bug with dbus-python.  The maintainer's well aware.23:01
sabdflcongrats on FF folks23:26
RAOF@pilot in23:29
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bdrungcjwatson: can you provide a build log for the stable-daily vlc package?23:39
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barryScottK: cool23:45
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andy753421Is there a naming convention that I should follow for having the a package for different ubuntu versions in a ppa?23:53
andy753421I'm thinking something like mypackage_0.7-1ppa1.11.10.dsc and mypackage_0.7-1ppa1.12.04.dsc or something?23:53
infinityandy753421: If you want 0.7-1 to be higher, then you want 0.7-1~ppa...23:55
infinityandy753421: But tacking the release version on the end is a reasonable way to keep them in a sane order, sure.23:55

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