Canadian1296Ubottu told me to ask here for a ubuntu cloak… I already have an account registered with NickServ01:16
ubottuCanadian1296: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:16
Canadian1296I wasn't trying to send a message to Ubottu, can anyone help?01:17
Canadian1296I currently have a generic freenode cloak. May I please have a Ubuntu cloak instead?02:05
EvilResistanceCanadian1296, if i'm not mistaken, Ubuntu cloaks are reserved for Ubuntu members...02:05
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership02:06
EvilResistance^ that02:06
Canadian1296EvilResistance: Okay, thanks anyways :)02:06
EvilResistancei'm not the IRC team, though, if there's other methods for an ubuntu cloak they'd know02:06
EvilResistancei'm only aware of the members status getting you a cloak (there's probably others)02:07
Canadian1296EvilResistance: Okay, I'm reading the membership article in the wiki now02:08
pangolinEvilResistance: The only way of getting a Ubuntu member cloak is describe in that link.02:26
EvilResistancepangolin, indeed.  i was curious about the other cloaks, becuase the person that asked is asking for an "ubuntu cloak" not necessarily a member cloak, hence why i said "I'm not the IRC team"02:27
Unit193Member of Kubuntu, DMB, IRC, RMB...02:28
pangolinthere are no other "ubuntu cloaks", you either are a member or you aren't.02:28
EvilResistancethats what i thought :P02:28
EvilResistancepangolin, ^02:28
pangolinthere are different membership boards as Unit193 pointed out.02:29
pangolinbut they all get you the same thing02:29
Unit193But all leading to membership nonetheless.02:29
jussipangolin: actually, thats not strictly true... we have bot cloaks also :P12:23
pangolin#ubuntu-bugs is missing a bot18:47
pangolincharlie-tca: which bot is missing?18:47
charlie-tcaThe one that gives us the bug info, but I don't know the name of the bot18:48
charlie-tcabug numbers won't give back a link yesterday and today18:49
charlie-tcapangolin: should it be ubottu? I haven't been around enough to keep track of what is happening with them. It used to be ubot2, I think18:51
pangolinprobably best to wait for one of the IRCC to figure it out, maybe jussi knows?18:52
jussiyou all really should look at the bots page on the wiki occaisionally :)18:53
charlie-tcaCan't even remember the webpage.18:54
charlie-tcabut if it will get the bot back in #ubuntu-bugs, I will go find it18:54
jussiubot2 -> Team channels A-L18:55
jussiso go bug jpds18:55
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks18:55
EvilResistancequestion about that page jussi, if one runs a bot for a LoCo team's channel, does the IRC team need to update that page, or can the bot owner update that page with the relevant bot information?18:56
jussiEvilResistance: its a wiki, go do it already ;)18:56
pangolinjussi: sorry :( but you know everything so I tend to default to "Ask jussi"18:58
charlie-tcaI am most grateful for jussi knowing everything, too!18:58
pangolinsee :)18:58
pangolincharlie-tca: we should setup a askjussi.com18:59
charlie-tcaheh, that would be a busy site18:59
pangolinwe could pay jussi 1 penny per answer (helpful answers) and make a fortune!!!19:01
jussimeh. Id end up with about 2 pence19:02
jussiunless every question was, "if you arent a finn, why is your name jussi?"19:02
pangolinit would require jussi relocates to Brazil19:02
pangolinwhy brazil you ask? because umm why not :)19:02
charlie-tcaI see no problem with that19:04
charlie-tcaat least Brazil is warm :-)19:06
jussiwarmth? yök!!19:08
EvilResistancei hit "save changes" after previewing, and a 500 error triggered o.O19:30
Myrttiwhat are you using to generate the statistics, EvilResistance?20:32
Myrttimircstats or pisg?20:32
EvilResistanceMyrtti:  generic supybot ChannelStats plugin20:33
EvilResistanceMyrtti:  it doesnt actually hit any web-page like logging20:33
AlanBellooh another volunteer :)20:33
AlanBellEvilResistance: so can you get it to scrape logs from irclogs.ubuntu.com instead?20:33
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  that'd be a lot harder... not without about 85 hours of plugin dev, unless one of you can find a plugin that does that20:34
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  my main concern is less the stats, more the private logging20:34
popeywhy do you need private logging of #ubuntu when we already publicly log it?20:34
EvilResistancebecause my ZNC has officially become unreliable for scrollbacks in #ubuntu20:34
popeyI mean, I can understand why ops need instant backscroll of #ubuntu, but don't quite fathom why anyone else does.20:36
AlanBellgot an example of the stats output EvilResistance?20:36
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  one sec20:36
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  the exact same module, loaded in #ubuntu-us-pa (but allows in-channel requesting, which is not allowed in evidence):20:37
EvilResistance<EvilResistance> @channelstats20:37
EvilResistance<PennBot> EvilResistance: On # there have been 358 messages, containing 11312 characters, 1921 words, 5 smileys, and 11 frowns; 11 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 17 joins, 4 parts, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 3 mode changes, and 1 topic change.20:37
EvilResistanceblah, hang on20:37
AlanBellSebastien made an almost identical request a day or two ago to have a bot to make these kind of stats http://chanstats.x10.mx/ubuntu.freenode.html20:37
EvilResistanceone sec.20:37
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  this is a better example:20:38
EvilResistance<@EvilResistance> @channelstats20:38
EvilResistance<@TheMightyKahless> EvilResistance: On #trekweb there have been 2 messages, containing 0 characters, 0 words, 0 smileys, and 0 frowns; 0 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 1 join, 0 parts, 2 quits, 0 kicks, 1 mode change, and 0 topic changes.20:38
AlanBellI think we probably could have a regular stream of people asking for read-only bots sitting in ubuntu making channel stats20:38
EvilResistancethat's from the identical module in #trekweb20:38
EvilResistance(i have a glitch in PennBot which uses shared-channel modules, i'm in the process of fixing it)20:38
AlanBelloh, so you are not generating graphical statistical summaries?20:39
EvilResistanceonly on-demand textual descriptors20:39
EvilResistanceabsolutely no graphical stats summaries20:39
AlanBellso it is totally fine for you to make private logs from your client, or use an irssi+screen proxy that logs etc20:39
EvilResistancealright (if i have to i'll do that, but irssi has a horrible notorious crappy-logging-to-file system)20:41
AlanBellfor people wanting to use the data for statistical purposes I would kind of rather they were pointing at the public logs on irclogs.ubuntu.com20:41
AlanBellotherwise your stats will be skewed by about 30 different stats bots stat in the channel!20:41
SebastienUpdate Available at: http://chanstats.x10.mx/ubuntu-irc.freenode.html20:43
Unit193EvilResistance: Actually, it's quite good and the official log bot for ubuntu is irssi.20:43
AlanBellso I don't think anyone minds you putting in a silent bot and I do appreciate you asking, but what I really want is a bunch of folk to get together in #ubuntu-bots-team to build something that will generate awesome stats for all our logged channels going back to 200420:44
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  hehe, i hear you.  i dont have a solution for that, unfortunately.  But if i come up wiht one, expect me to say "eureka!" in here or something :P20:44
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  i dont think a plugin would do that though, i think you'd have to develop a parser script or something, and that can be tricky if you have tons of logs (which #ubuntu does have)20:45
AlanBell!info pisg20:45
ubottupisg (source: pisg): Perl IRC Statistics Generator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.72-1 (oneiric), package size 216 kB, installed size 1024 kB20:45
AlanBell^^ that plus some scripts to slowly scrape the logs would be great20:46
AlanBellplus some whizzy modern css to make it look lovely20:46
Tm_Tpisg is that which runs ages for stats?20:46
Tm_Tcompared to just few seconds20:47
AlanBelland not just #ubuntu, all of these: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/16/20:47
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  i'll take a look in the next, say, 4 months :P20:47
AlanBellTm_T: a few seconds for what?20:47
Tm_TAlanBell: I mean time used for generating the statistics20:48
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  in the mean time, is there any objection to me putting the silent bot into #ubuntu, or do you guys want to deliberate more?20:48
AlanBellEvilResistance: no objection, does it have a cloak?20:48
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  yeah, its sharing the cloak that pennbot has (otherwise i'd have more-than-one bot account that isnt affiliated with a specific group), unaffiliated/resistance/bot/pennbot20:49
AlanBellideally can you put something visible in /whois that links it back to you20:49
AlanBellthat will do20:49
EvilResistance* [evidence] (~evidence@unaffiliated/resistance/bot/pennbot): Evidence - Stats / Log bot for Resistance   <--  ?20:49
EvilResistanceminus the log part20:49
EvilResistancei have to reconnect it to fix that ;p20:50
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  its sitting there now, thanks again/20:55

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