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ogasawarabjf: yo01:18
mattihttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-iss-stream -- technology is so great. A live stream from above the Planet.01:24
mattiAhh. :)01:25
mattiIf somebody would suggest to me back in 1999 that in 2012 I will be watching I live stream from the orbit of our planet.01:25
mattiI would have rather mixed feelings.01:25
mattiAnd look at it now...01:26
matti[ Although, still not flying cars ;d ]01:26
ScottLapw,  TheMuso has made some changes to the lowlatency kernel, picking up on comments:  git://kernel.ubuntu.com/themuso/ubuntu-precise-lowlatency.git02:05
bjfogasawara: sort of figured it out, thanks though02:11
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* apw yawns08:33
* smb crawls out of a pile of emails08:33
* apw crawls out from under a pile of leaking nm-applet08:34
apwi am going to have to start killing it before i suspend, the machine is almost unrecoverable when its out of control08:34
aBoundHello all, is there anyway I can find out a few release notes for a Ubuntu kernel release?08:35
apwthere are release notes for each main release which contain any issues for the kernel08:35
apwfor instance08:37
apwaBound, ^^08:37
aBoundapw, Thankies I been trying to find that for quite a while.08:37
smbapw, nm-applet sounds fun. but how does it get worse on suspend? Or just worser than before because it has to rescan?08:37
apwworse cause the machine dumps all of its ram on the floor when it suspends08:38
aBoundapw, There's no kernel release notes for Alpha's are there?08:38
apwand swaps like a complete swine08:38
apwaBound, there are release notes for the latest one i believe08:38
apwthey get reused for the next one and become the final release notes08:38
aBoundapw, Awesome. :P08:39
aBoundAlways good to know what's been fixed.08:39
apwaBound, i found those by searching for 'ubuntu precise alpha 2 release notes' in google08:39
aBoundThankies again. :)08:40
apwsmb, ok now sound settings is crashing when i select an input source ... wtgf08:40
* apw reboots08:40
apwdiwic, i have sound setting dieing in a heap every time i select an external sound source, known?08:48
diwicapw, what does "external sound source" mean?08:48
apwdiwic, going to the inputs setting and selecting my external usb mic as input08:48
apw(or trying to as i don't believe its changing it)08:49
apwdiwic, today is the first time i have had _two_ input sources for my external mic08:49
apwi now have an iec958-stereo-input and Microphone08:49
diwicapw, oh :-/08:49
apwup till today i have only had Microphone08:49
apwthis is hampering my use of mumble to say the least08:50
diwicand that's for the usb mic I suppose08:50
apwyes my blue snowball08:50
apwnot that i can upgrade any further right now as it wants to ... guess ... go on ...08:50
apwremove half my machine again08:50
diwicapw, well, as an immediate workaround, install the pavucontrol package and select input through there08:50
apwdiwic, ok that shows just one input for it08:51
diwicignore the iec958 and use Microphone only.08:51
diwicronoc's been seeing the duplicate iec958 stuff some times as well08:52
apwdiwic, ok how does one actually select the input source with this thing ?08:52
diwicapw, easiest is, while recording in mumble, go to the recording tab. It'll show Mumble and a dropdown to select current input08:53
apwdiwic, yeah that seems to work08:54
diwicapw, btw, this might store an application <=> input connection in a database.08:55
apwdiwic, would this be 'gnome-control-center' crashing ?08:55
diwicapw, yes. And assign it to Conor Curran08:55
apwdiwic, as it it might use the mic i selected by default for that app ?08:55
apwthen i can't file a bug as its out of date, and i can't update it.  f*ck this archive ... "always installable all cycle" my ass08:56
aBoundGoody goody sounds like 12.04 will be a nice release. :P08:57
brendandapw - you can use pacmd10:30
apwbrendand, thanks10:30
brendandapw - list-sinks/sources, set-default-sink/source10:31
* ppisati -> out for lunch12:20
* apw pops to the pool12:48
tgardnercking, 3 ecryptfs patches have been queued for 2.6.32.y stable; Ban ecryptfs over ecryptfs, eCryptfs: Remove mmap from directory operations, and Add mount option to check uid of device being mounted = expect uid, CVE-2011-183313:08
ubot2`tgardner: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-1833)13:08
ckingtgardner, many thanks13:13
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Ezimso now I have reported 2 kernel bug.13:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933387 in linux "Bluetooth usb problem in Kubuntu 11.10! Kernel related? " [Undecided,Confirmed]13:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933443 in linux "Problem after installing cpufrequtils! Kubuntu 11.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:41
* apw fails to see why the second of those is kernel related14:11
apwcking, when you did your governer tests, you said you tested a userspace one, which one was that ?14:13
ckingapw,  cpufreqd14:13
ckinget al14:13
apwand cpufreqd was worse right, badly so ?14:13
ckingit could not beat the default, and it made some less than optimal choices on some scenarios. Also, I suspect it added some extra overhead14:14
apwgot a link to the testing there ?14:14
apwthen i can shove it in this bug and dump it on cpufreqd :)14:15
ckingapw, http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/power-benchmarking/cpu-governor/14:15
apwcking, is the results.txt URL there likely to be persistant ?  so i can put it in a bug ?14:16
ckingapw, they should be persistent enough14:16
ckingI won't be removing them in a hurry14:17
apwcking, yay, great writeup, saved me wodsmithing anything, excellent14:23
ckingapw, that was my aim - collate, analyse, report14:23
apwwhen will this archive be installable fully again14:24
smbapw, May14:24
apw2013 ?14:25
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apwogasawara, am final build testing the HV update and will the push it in15:12
ogasawaraapw: ack15:12
apwogasawara, seems that this combination works well for them and is performant, the v3.2 hv drivers just crap out after a few seconds and lose the drives, not hot15:13
* ogasawara back in 2015:14
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apwogasawara, tgardner-afk, ok Hyper-V combo pushed, deviations.txt included15:29
ogasawaraapw: thanks15:34
apwogasawara, just realised that i am still waiting on the initramfs-tools update to go in, check back with me before this gets uploaded, we may need to hold the flipper if its not gone.  am asking for it to be sponsored nwo15:37
ogasawaraapw: will do15:38
apwogasawara, the initramfs-tools bits just went up so i think by the time any builds you do make the archive they will be done15:56
ogasawaraapw: cool.  I was thinking of uploading tomorrow.  I want to get this rc6 thing sorted first as if we are going to flip that on by default I want to have it in the beta-1 kernel upload for maximum testing exposure.15:57
apwogasawara, sound plan indeed15:57
apwogasawara, persuade that cking to do you a call for testing :)15:57
ogasawaraapw: am going to ping eugeni about it and also Sarvatt mentioned having some feedback as well15:57
ckingif anything needs testing by community I'm happy to blog about it15:59
ogasawaracking: I'll for sure solicit your input for the cft.  what I'm thinking is that we'll want to craft a blurb about it in the Beta-1 release notes and reference a wiki set up with all the info and to capture any test results16:00
ckingogasawara, so we should capture the results in a wiki, it depends on what we want to exercise really with rc616:01
ogasawaracking: is there a simple test we can have users run to compute their overall power savings?16:02
ogasawaracking: and obviously I'm interested in any regressions should they arise16:02
ckingogasawara, yep, lemme write up some notes on this and I'll send them to you16:02
ogasawaracking: perfect, thanks!16:03
sforsheeapw, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844550/16:07
ckingogasawara - instructions in you inbox 16:23
ogasawaracking: thanks16:23
keestgardner-afk: I mis-spoke, you can't only use upstream since it lacks link protections. I sent email with a pointer to a repo to pull from.16:31
oratedI'm finding delay in boot time and these are the bootcharts for last two booting - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/199035 . I'm not too much concerned about boot time but can anyone explain me what exactly is consuming time and how can I fix it?16:40
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tgardnerkees, ack17:06
scott-worktgardner: TheMuso made the changes you requested i believe for the lowlatency kernel : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency17:21
scott-worktgardner: would you be a person who could check the kernel package and advocate on REVU?  we still just one advocate17:21
tgardnerscottI'll have a look in a bit17:22
tgardnerscott-work, ^^17:22
scott-worktgardner: thank you very, very much :)17:22
tgardnerkees, jjohansen: have a look at the last 5 commits on precise master-next now.17:39
tgardnerfor yama, that is17:39
jjohansentgardner: will do17:39
* apw isn't convinces that disk separation hasn't regressed. i just had my music stop when i was doing a git reset --hard HEAD17:40
bkerensaapw: Thanks btw for reviewing.... I actually had thought about the description being split and it was a oversight on my part17:46
apwbkerensa, no worries, the changes are applied to precise now already17:52
apwbkerensa, and if you'd not looked it'd have not gotten done17:52
bkerensaapw: Good thing there are some of us who commit time to bitesize :)17:53
apwyep, thanks for that17:53
* apw wants his next song, now please17:53
apwno i mean now, really17:54
apwif its not tooooo much trouble17:54
* cking thinks apw needs a beer18:47
apwcking, if i wasn't starting to feel ill i might well18:49
ckingapw, time to stop working then methinks18:50
* tgardner -> lunch19:00
* cking -> EOD19:00
keestgardner: the commits look good -- the only thing I'd note is that "drop after 3.3" for the last 2 isn't correct.19:51
tgardnerkees, yeah, I figured we'll catch those when we start the Q series.19:52
tgardnerapw, password ?19:52
apwyeah unity failure19:53
apwluckily just a screen lock password19:54
apwabout the 5th time its been in here too, one reason i don't change it19:55
apwas it'll just be in here again next week19:56
tgardnerkees, ok, I updated the commit subject and removed '(drop after 3.3)' for those 2 commits19:59
Sarvattheh i've had to make sure to log in with with the mouse instead of pressing enter ever since we switched to lightdm for that same reason20:02
apwits awful and no mistake20:02
apwthey clearly don't have screen locks on their machines20:03
ogasawara /me lunch20:14
ogasawaralets try that again20:15
* ogasawara lunch20:15
keestgardner: I'm still trying to get the link protections into the VFS directly, but it's a very very long path :P20:21
tgardnerkees, no problem. I've been watching your struggles upstream20:22
keesI've eased back on pressure lately because I'm trying to not distract from drewry's seccomp_bpf stuff :P20:22
tgardnerkees, speaking of which, I don't think precise has any seccomp patches20:23
keestgardner: it doesn't and that's basically going to be the way it is unless things settle really quickly upstream.20:26
tgardnerkees, ok, just wanted to be sure you knew about it20:26
keestgardner: the old API never had any users, and the new API isn't confirmed really.20:26
keestgardner: I wish the timing was better. maybe it could get SRUed, I'm not sure yet.20:27
tgardnerkees, possibly, it is fairly separate from everythign else, and is easily tested.20:27
GrueMastersconklin: Question on the power meter.  For measuring a system that has multiple power feeds, would it be better to measure AC power consumption?  I have the meter setup now on a panda inline with the 5v power, but I need to test a PC and server.  Those have multiple DC inputs.20:31
keestgardner: the risk currently is that it does merge itself with the network BPF code now, so it's becoming less and less isolated. That's great for code size and runtime hit, but more scary for backporting.20:32
tgardnerkees, ah. well, perhaps those that are real concerned about seccomp can run an LTS backport kernel when they are released20:33
ohsixGrueMaster: measuring them one at a time would be more useful than measuring the AC20:34
ohsixunless you want to know the wall plug consumption, which can vary in efficiency20:34
sconklinGrueMaster: the problem with measuring the AC side is that you also measure all the power supply losses, and anything else that's connected like disk drives, etc20:34
GrueMasterI was going to eliminate as many hardware differences as possible by using the same drives, ps, etc.  Only change would be motherboard attached.20:35
GrueMasterBut I understand.20:36
GrueMasterJust a real pita with only one meter.20:36
sconklinYou may still find that the changes you want to measure are lost in the noise if you do that. 20:36
sconklini.e. CPU consumption changes may only amount to a range that's the least significant couple of bits in the meter20:37
GrueMasterTrue, but I think the goal here is system level.  It is fairly straight forward now, but when we get into blades, it will be much harder I would think.20:38
ohsixit's more work, but you can sum them in the end20:45
ohsixi want a 32 channel data logger so i can log everything, mouahouah20:46
tgardner9999 %CPU is not a number you see everyday.20:46
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* tgardner -> EOD21:05
scott-work_doh, i wanted to tell tgardner thank you again, i'll catch him manana22:19
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