mhall119paultag: there was a Java curses-based UI toolkit at one point03:40
paultagmhall119: that only makes it worse ;)03:41
mhall119it matched the Swing API, so you could just replace javax.swing with it's namespace in your imports, and suddently your Swing app is a curses app03:41
paultagthat's great!03:41
mhall119but I never got it working right03:41
mhall119still, I thought it was clever at the time03:41
mhall119paultag: did you see http://mhall119.com/2012/02/singlet-quickly-better-faster-simpler/03:42
paultagmhall119: I missed it03:42
mhall119it's been on planet for minutes! how could you miss it?03:42
paultaggot it up now though03:42
paultagoh hahaha03:42
paultagerm, if it loads03:42
mhall119oh no, is my t1.micro being beaten down again?03:43
mhall119damn search bots03:43
mhall119I need to make a robots.txt or something03:43
mhall119give it 30 minutes and it'll be fine again03:43
paultagmhall119: if search bots take down your box, you're doing it wrong03:44
mhall119paultag: Amazon rate-limits the CPU when apache starts doing even a little bit or work03:44
mhall119that's what you get for $15/month03:44
mhall119I need to start looking at rackspace and others03:45
paultagmhall119: for 5 more a month you could have a linode03:45
mhall119is that cloud of vhost?03:46
paultagmhall119: VPS03:47
mhall119I like the flexibility of a cloud host03:47
mhall119though admittedly I rarely use it03:47
mhall119maybe I should just switch to octopress like Jorge did03:47
mhall119no apache, no php, no wordpress03:48
paultagI'm fairly OK with the blogging software out there04:02
paultagall I need is a decent window manager, text editor, and mail client04:02
marcushi all. I am trying to add an event to the loco calender. while creating the event it says Local Start Time but afterwards the time is displayed as utc. how can i change this, or do i have to set the time in utc?08:50
marcusah, and it's not only displayed as utc, but also rendered this way09:22
YoBoYmarcus: hi, the timezone of the venue is correct ?11:06
marcusYoBoY, thanks for the hint, that was the reason ;)11:52
YoBoYyou're welcome :)11:53
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marcusYoBoY, could it be that the location is not rendered into ical?15:16
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bkerensamarcus: There was a bug at one point where I was having issues with timezones but not sure if it still exists15:26
mhall119marcus: is this the loco.ubuntu.com ical feed?15:27
marcusthe tz problem could be solved with the tip from YoBoy, but the location is not rendered into the ical, e.g. loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-swiss-users/1556/detail/ical15:28
mhall119marcus: the times should be right in the ical though, once you set the venue's timezone15:30
mhall119it'll convert it from the venue's localtime to UTC15:30
mhall119so people's calendar apps can convert it from UTC to their own localtime15:31
mhall119marcus: you can file a bug against the loco-team-portal project on launchpad to have Location: fields added to the ical15:31
marcusthere is already one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+bug/79355715:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 793557 in loco-team-portal "iCal events do not show location" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:51
bkerensakinouchou: Hello17:02
kinouchouhello bkerensa 17:04
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