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* micahg wonders how tumbleweed got cairo-dock-foo to build05:34
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benonsoftwareThis is proberly a silly question but if I wanted to package a Java program could I just folllow the Packaging Guide?08:06
benonsoftwaregeser: Thanks08:08
geserjust make sure that you recompile any .jar files instead of using the prebuild upstream ones08:08
benonsoftwareOk, thank you very much08:09
tumbleweedmicahg: given its dependencies, it gave me no trouble (they're in NEW)08:50
micahgtumbleweed: ah, I looked :)08:50
micahgdidn't see them there, but I trust you08:50
tumbleweedotoh, bug 923688 is pretty high on the annoyance list atm08:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923688 in bzr-builddeb (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with AttributeError in tree_unapply_patches(): 'DirStateRevisionTree' object has no attribute 'last_revision'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92368808:51
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azeemso how many hours till feature freeze, or is it frozen already?11:31
azeemrequestsyncs from Debian NEW are not possible, right?11:32
ajmitchI don't think they are, because it's not accessible11:32
micahgwell, the only way they certainly are11:34
ajmitchif you've got the source package itself, then it's possible11:35
micahgyou can dget from NEW11:36
ajmitchoh you can now?11:36
* ajmitch guesses it's been this way for awhile :)11:36
* micahg thinks you can at least11:37
Laneyubuntu new, yeah11:52
Laneyactually that might be the case in which you still need dgetlp11:53
Laneythere is still one, I forget what it is11:53
micahgLaney: no, was referring to Debian NEW11:53
Laneybut debian new, no I don't think so11:53
Laneyeven if I ssh to ries I can't access the files11:54
micahghmm, must have been confusing it with something else11:59
tumbleweedyou can get thnigs from incoming.debian.org, but that's not NEW12:10
tumbleweedand of course, many packages are in VCS...12:10
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LaneyI would much prefer people to wait and FFE than do fakesyncs13:11
* tumbleweed too13:12
tumbleweedbtw, any opinions on the tesseract FFe? Its in the grey area for me13:13
tumbleweedmuch better OCR, but have to remove a reverse-dep13:13
Laneywill look later13:14
* Laney begins writing an annoucement of the uninstallable packages challenge13:20
tumbleweederr, requires login13:22
Laneyi made it public13:22
Laneyand I am editing it without being logged in right now13:22
Laneyyah boo13:23
Laneynigelb deleted his blog post for the ftbfs jam13:23
Laneyoh, no, just broke old links13:23
Laney(or the link in tumbleweed's original email was wrong :P)13:24
* tumbleweed refuses to beleive that possibility13:25
Laneythe graphs aren't that convincing that the jam made a difference13:25
tumbleweedwe were at ~300 FTBFS packages at the time...13:27
Laneyas in13:28
Laneythere's a steady downward trend that seemed to start before the jam happened13:28
tumbleweedwe got one or two new people in, working on it. And they mostly evaporated again13:29
* tumbleweed discovers a qa-ftbfs cronjob still running on his server, and kills it13:30
Laneyis there a better link for oneiric-historical.html?13:32
tumbleweedno, I couldn't find one13:32
Laneydidn't know if it moved to ubuntuwire13:33
tumbleweedit did, but not at that time13:33
Laneyhuh, sub-50?13:33
tumbleweedprimary archive, not rebuilds13:34
Laneyi suppose the archive rebuild would be worse13:34
Laneybut still that's better than i would have necessarily thought13:34
tumbleweedwgrant isn't using my graph additions in his rebuild-ftbfs-test reports13:34
tumbleweed(poke poke)13:35
tumbleweedI don't think we should do automated bug filing for the uninstallability issues, just for the jam. So collaborate with an etherpad?13:37
adhordenHi all, having a few issues updating a package for Precise, build log is here https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93036528/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.ruby-rvm_1.10.2-0ubuntu4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, i am getting permission errors but not sure where to look to get to the bottom of the problem13:46
Laneyyou can't write to the 'real' filesystem when building a package; make the build system install to pkgbuilddir/debian/tmp13:48
tumbleweedadhorden: it's no trespecting the DESTDIR provided13:48
tumbleweedalso, it should not be installing to usr/local at all13:49
Laneyit's probably a broken install script in this case13:49
adhordenLaney: this is what I was thinking the install script seems to be breaking things here, might have to hack that up so that it uses DESTDIR13:54
Laneyyes, that is the standard interface13:55
adhordenI was thinking this would be an easy script to package up, its been nothing but headaches13:55
Laneylife is made much easier when people use standard build systems13:56
tumbleweedruby packages also seem to have that affect on people13:56
Laneyi have still managed to avoid it completely13:57
* tumbleweed too13:57
adhordenyup, and in this case rvm does not use a standard build system it uses its own install shell script13:57
tumbleweedI thought iamfuzz promisdet o look after rvm? (I seem to remember being hesitant to want it in the archive at all)13:58
adhordennot sure who the maintainer is, there was a bug in the package so I took a look into it and bumped the upstream version as it was really out of date, I was going to submit my patches to bring it upto date14:01
tumbleweedadhorden: ubuntu packages don't have maintainers, and this one needs some maintainance14:02
adhordenah right, well I am taking a look into it as I am using precise on my systems at present and would be nice to have a native working package for rvm14:02
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pabelangertumbleweed: re: bug 408757, I talked to the upstream maintainer and they don't have a problem with what you suggested. I already submitted the patch into Debian, working on updating the debdiff15:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408757 in nsca (Ubuntu) "init sscript has no Usage option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40875715:47
pabelangerit's actually bug 897006 but the debdiff is in the other issue (trying to close both of them in one shot(15:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 897006 in nsca (Ubuntu) "Build nsca-client package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89700615:48
tumbleweedwe've got through "grave" in rcbugs. It'd be nice if we could get through all the serious bugs that are fixed in new upstream versions, but that's a lot for one evening :P16:01
nigelbLaney: I did? Looking16:29
Laneynigelb: nah, I think it was a wrong link in the initial mail16:29
nigelbah, quite possible.16:29
nigelbLaney: http://nigelb.me/ubuntu/2011/06/27/fix-ftbfs-jam.html16:30
Laneythe link said /07/16:31
tumbleweeddraft maybe?16:32
nigelbHrm, interesting.16:33
tumbleweedok, I'm through all the low-hanging serious-severity rcbugs that are fixed with new upstream versions (well, one still test-buliding)16:51
tumbleweedpoor non-x86 buildds16:52
ajmitchtumbleweed: nice work with the rc bugs18:05
ajmitchtumbleweed: so you did decide to sync yaws in the end? I wasn't sure what the changelog was meaning by removing erlang patches18:07
jtaylorso, time for some last minute merging ;)18:14
ajmitchstill a couple of hours let I think18:15
jtayloryes 21:00 utc I was told18:16
* ajmitch is still getting his laptop back to usable18:17
jtaylormeh scipy built a couple minutes to early and did not pick the new numpy :(18:18
jtayloron armel18:18
ajmitchhow long did it take to build?18:22
jtaylor4 hours18:23
jtaylorscipy numpy less18:23
jtaylorrebuilds of -ubuntuX just increase X? or add a buildY to the version?18:25
pabelangermerge, merge!18:28
jtaylorhm ok how do I merge a 13.5 mb package with my 11kb/s upload connection?18:29
jtaylorI could sync it and then add the diff in a second upload ;)18:29
stefanctdo you have a time machine at hand? :)18:30
jtaylorhm can I dput from alioth? (after I signed it locally?)18:30
stefanctwhat's the latest possible time i could file a sync request and get it merged into 12.04 without exception? also 21:00 utc or does it need to be processed already by that time?18:31
ajmitchjtaylor: I don't see why you shouldn't be able to dput from alioth18:32
broderstefanct: my understanding is that we will be accepting sync requests without FFes if they are filed before FF18:33
stefanctam i allowed to file a sync request even though the debian package has not hit the archives yet? (yes i am quite desperate :/)18:35
jtaylorif its new ffe's are usually easier to get18:36
stefanctwe are preparing a release upstream atm... but i doubt that it gets ready in time18:36
jtayloroh its only an update not completely new?18:37
ajmitchwhat are you updating?18:37
stefanctflashrom, app to flash bios chips etc. last release was last summer18:37
stefanctjtaylor: not a completely new package, no18:37
valdur55Hey. i is possible to patch one package?18:42
pabelangerdon't want to rock the boat, but another other sponsors care to comment on bug 40875718:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408757 in nsca (Ubuntu) "init sscript has no Usage option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40875718:49
pabelangerand bug 89700618:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 897006 in nsca (Ubuntu) "Build nsca-client package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89700618:49
broderpabelanger: do you have any sense of when the debian maintainer is planning to release their new version with the split?18:50
pabelangerbroder: not sure, just pinged him but waiting to hear back.18:52
pabelangerThe package is not very active, last release was Dec. 201018:53
pabelangerNow that I am using it more for a customer site, I suspect I'll be pushing upstream to help keep it active18:53
broderpabelanger: oh, i see. the client just isn't getting shipped at all currently? i assumed that you were taking a monolithic package and splitting it up into smaller packages18:55
broderi'm much less opposed to what you're doing18:56
broder(splitting up a package - especially when you know debian's about to do it too - has enough risk of introducing subtle differences between debian's split and ubuntu's split that it always makes me uncomfortable)18:56
broderpabelanger: anyway, the patch seems conceptually reasonable, but i can't do a full review right now18:57
pabelangerOkay, thanks for the look18:57
jtaylorhm I want to sync the new plplot, but it requries a mini transition19:55
jtaylor3 packages19:55
jtaylorone of them ftbs but fix available in debian testing19:55
jtaylorshould I file a sync request instead of syncing that? because plplot will not be done building until freeze19:56
Ampelbeinjtaylor: Is the fix for testing a new upstream version? If not, you are fine, sync plplot now and do the rebuilds after plplot finished on all architectures.20:00
jtaylorit is20:00
jtaylornew upstream20:00
jtaylorthough a minor, not sure how extensive20:00
AmpelbeinIt isn't too hard to get a FFe shortly after freeze, especially when it's only a minor update.20:07
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jtaylorphew all done20:48
jtaylorall remaining numpy packages had new versions in debian..., so I pulled them all hopefully I don't have to much mess to clean up this weekend xD20:49
jtaylor(they all have very extensive test suites which were successful, so its unlikely)20:50
tumbleweedajmitch: I probably should have tested it, but it built...20:57
ScottKjtaylor: Re should you wait on syncing stuff: There's a long (unfortunate) tradition of tons of crap getting uploaded right at feature freeze, so I wouldn't suggest handicapping yoursef.20:57
tumbleweeddon't know if tulp is worth sneaking in. There's a much newer upstream verison in debian which builds unmodified, but maybe not on all archs...20:58
tumbleweedbroder: the nsca client is currently being shipped, just in the server pakage21:00
broderoh, i see21:00
broderwell, it's still using pre-existing packaging to do the split21:00
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tumbleweedthe pre-existing rules allows building a client-only package21:03
tumbleweedbut if it's going into the archive, I say let's split it properly...21:03
ajmitchso, feature freeze in effect now?21:04
tumbleweedyup, but FFes are cheap for the first few days :)21:04
tumbleweedah, I see someone hit the Debian NEW queue this evening21:07
ajmitchtumbleweed: so we can bug you or any other friendly release team member? :)21:14
tumbleweedthat's what we're here for (/me hides)21:14
=== Laney changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: REVU is back up | Precise: Feature Freeze | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://bit.ly/fz6AyQ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/
ajmitchLaney: thanks :)21:17
* ajmitch shall go back to lurking instead21:17
* Laney → pub21:18
* tumbleweed just got back from the pub21:18
ajmitchbit early for the pub for me21:18
aboudreaulthi, hey how can I pass the -j option (dpkg-buildpackage) via debuild...22:41
aboudreaultI did it.. but can remember how...22:41
aboudreault-j8 directly just fails.22:41
jtaylorworks for me22:41
aboudreaultjtaylor, debuild -us -uc -j822:42
aboudreaultsomething similar?22:42
jtaylorit passes it to dpkg-buildpackage which has the option in its manpage22:42
aboudreaultdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -j8 failed22:43
aboudreaultif I remove the -j8... I see it begins the compilation22:43
jtaylorwhich package?22:43
jtaylorno further information?22:43
aboudreaultshouldn't be related to any package22:44
aboudreaultgeneral question. using this with our packages.22:44
aboudreaultwill use dpkg-buildpackages directly22:44
aboudreaultoh well.... even the dpkg-buildpackages fails. will build slowly then22:45
jtaylorhm how do I fix this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845099/22:52
jtaylora figured it out, had to remove a -build-deps22:54

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