dekarlsuperm1: hmm, I wonder how it worked for them in the first place. the 0.25 mythweb package has never worked for me since installing vanilla Mythbuntu 11.0400:15
superm1dekarl: yeah i dunno.  i mean it looks like it should all be correct now00:27
superm1maybe everyone with the problems manually made changes to symlink into /var/www/html?00:27
superm1is that a default directory used for apache perhaps?00:28
dekarlI'd love to have most of the issues fixed by 0.25-final but you can make an omelette without breaking eggs.00:30
superm1yeah well this is why you do it before 0.25 is stable. people can't complain as loudly when stuff breaks along the way :)06:11
dekarlmorning, I'm updating to the latest nightly now and will see if I can just remove/reinstall or have to fix something myself06:59
superm1as in 20120216 build right?07:01
dekarlhmm, a bit07:15
dekarlsome packages are still 20120215... mythtv-common, mythtv-transcode-util, mythtv-backend, mythtv-frontend, but others are 20120216 already07:16
dekarlwhich means I can't install mythweb which requires 20120216 of  mythtv-common, ohh the joy of transactional consistency in software repositories :D07:17
dekarlthe build log hints at our fixes having broken something so it failed http://paste.ubuntu.com/844055/07:24
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin07:24
dekarlsuperm1: seems like three "rm" without " || true" in debian/rules07:29
superm1dekarl: oh you're on amd6407:29
superm1yeah it failed because arch all only happens on i38607:29
superm1the fix is either || true or rm -rf (doesn't fail on non-exist file)07:29
dekarlthen its already fixed? (got rm -rf in the checkout but not in the log from 5 hours ago07:30
superm1it is fixed if you do a build yourself yeah07:31
superm1but it won't be fixed until next autobuild otherwise07:31
dekarlahh, then it has to wait at least 36 hours :(07:31
superm1i can try to kick off another build manually, but it has a tendency to be dependent upon the git hash incrementing07:33
superm1so it might not work07:33
dekarlno worries, it has to wait due to me working and other appointments... nothing to do with the build or so07:39
dekarlmuch more important, should not forget to wear a dispensable tie for work, due to Old Maids' Day :)07:42
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EclipseHi.  I've just tried using the 11.04 mythbuntu livecd.  I was given with the menu option to try/install.  After selecting the `try' option, I'm now presented with an error: "Unable to load a failsafe session".  Is there any way to rectify this?09:17
superm1Eclipse: sounds like you might have a graphics card that isn't working in standard or failsafe modes15:46
superm1is it a fairly new graphics card?15:46
FabriceMGthe 0.25 on ppa don't compile for amd6418:04
superm1FabriceMG_: fixed in packaging, just waiting for next autobuild18:37
superm1tgm4883: could you try to push another autobuild manually?18:41
FabriceMG_thx superm118:55
FabriceMG_my slave is down ( 2 days ) and my wife factor increases ! :)18:57
superm1FabriceMG_: yeah it sounds like more people were already using 0.25 than any of us thought with how many are up in arms with the breakage the last few days :)18:58
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superm1amejia: you there?20:05
superm1amejia: http://irc.mythtv.org/ircLog/channel/4/2012-02-16 you might want to read through the short discussion libav/ffmpeg.20:22
Zinn[irc.mythtv.org] Beirdobot, irc.freenode.net :: #mythtv20:22
tgm4883superm1, building now21:01
tgm4883superm1, would it be beneficial to add a way to just do a single version (eg. don't try to build 0.24 if we only want 0.25 built)?21:03
superm1tgm4883: i think we added that recently didn't we?21:03
tgm4883I haven't looked at the script, but I thought it built the latest version of the fixes branch anyway21:03
tgm4883and just didn't push it to LP21:03
tgm4883if we have that, I don't know how to do it21:04
superm1tgm4883: it's the FORCED_REBUILD functionality21:05
superm1eg FORCED_REBUILD=fixes/0.2521:05
superm1you just set that environment variable before calling the build process21:05
superm1i wonder if we should start including the packaging revno in the version string though21:06
superm1that would guarantee we could always do it21:06
tgm4883the GIT rev?21:06
superm1bzr rev21:06
superm1of packaging branch21:06
Eclipsesuperm1: That was it.  I appreciate your help.21:23
superm1Eclipse: cool, guess it's good you had an older one sitting around? :)21:33
EclipseI did indeed.21:50

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