philipballewjorge's link is put under the planet. i think it should be under cloud news. Am I wrong?00:40
bkerensaI put it under Planet and can move it01:28
pleia2ones from jorge's blog can sometimes go either way, the cloud.ubuntu.com always go under cloud news02:28
bkerensapleia2: Ahh ok :) next time Ill put it there and looks like someone moved it for me03:48
pleia2thanks for helping out :)03:48
bkerensapleia2: Things should be settling down for me in the next week and a half... I'm just finishing painting and decorating :)06:36
bkerensathen hopefully we can do the first walkthrough06:36
pleia2bkerensa: great :) I tend to do the release around 5PM pacific on Monday evening since that's when work ends for me06:43
bkerensapleia2: Ok :) I'm working on our Dev News right now :) waiting on dholbach06:44
bkerensahe comes on 11pm 12:00am our time :(06:44
* pleia2 nods06:44
bkerensathen I have to turn around and be up at 8am and do a meeting :P06:44
pleia2we have a CC meeting in the morning, end of his day, beginning of mine ;)06:44
bkerensaI have a meeting with jono and his team in morning06:44
pleia2ah yes, global jam stuff?06:45
bkerensaYeah... Jono asked me and uhh Randall Ross to help with North America stuffs06:45
bkerensaidk what we have left.... I just cant wait for April 26th06:45
pleia2I'm still hoping someone down here does something ;)07:22
dholbachbkerensa, hey08:04
dholbachbkerensa, do we have a picture of Robert?08:07
bkerensadholbach: It should be in the doc... I uploaded one08:09
dholbachoh ok08:09
dholbachI can't see it in the doc08:09
* dholbach reloads the page08:09
dholbachhere we go08:09
dholbachthanks muchly08:09
dholbachI'll get on it right away08:10
dholbachand see what I can add - I'll let you know when I'm done08:10
bkerensadholbach: So I added that area marked (idea) but I'm not sure after reviewing Planet if we have enough to develop that idea I had08:10
dholbachok, I'll take a look at it08:10
bkerensaIll let you crack at it then I can take a crack08:10
dholbachthanks a lot for your work on this08:10
bkerensaI need to be asleep by 1am though because I have a hangout with you at 8am :P08:10
bkerensaits 12am now08:11
dholbachok, best you hop into bed then :)08:14
dholbachI like the idea about highlighting developer blog entries08:14
dholbachso I'll see what I can dig out08:14
bkerensadholbach: Ok well then see you in the morning but if you need more help finishing let me know... I will be up for the meeting with your team in eight hours08:20
* dholbach hugs bkerensa08:20
dholbachsleep tight08:20
dholbachand thanks again :)08:20
dholbachbkerensa, so I went through all the posts in my "Ubuntu developer" G08:42
dholbachbkerensa, so I went through all the posts in my "Ubuntu developer" G+ circle and found lots of good stuff08:42
dholbachthis way we can let the developers speak for themselves :)08:42
Lionthinkergreatings all09:30
LionthinkerI would like to be involved with the weekly newsletter09:30
dholbachhey Lionthinker - that's awesome09:30
Lionthinkergreat, so how does this happen?09:31
dholbachI'm personally not too involved in the Ubuntu Weekly News, but more in Development news09:31
Lionthinkernot being a great programmer, or any type of programmer I figure its one area I could help in09:31
dholbachmaybe it'd be a good idea to check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter and the pages linked from there to learn a bit more about the organisation and how the team works09:32
dholbach...until somebody shows up who is a bit more experienced with UWN is put together :)09:32
Lionthinkeri read it, but it was sparce09:32
dholbachthere's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies and https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=18ZbtFHQq6uMj7iuRLd11VH8V5Uc_FA0IfgiRUcbMbQk where the actual work goes on09:33
dholbachI could imagine (I'll just say this now until somebody else can clarify) that it helps to work a bit on the summaries09:34
dholbachso checking out some of the news and writing a nice summary 3-4 line summary of what it's about09:35
dholbachmaybe you can mark all your contributions with a marker, so somebody else can double-check them (like "added by Lionthinker, please let me know on IRC if it is alright" or something along those lines)09:36
dholbachLionthinker, I hope that gives you a little bit perspective and is of some help (with me not being on the core team :-))09:36
Lionthinkerit does and thanks09:37
Lionthinkerthe world ubuntu is vast and very alive09:37
Lionthinkergotta go, later09:39
dholbachbkerensa, update posted11:23
bkerensadholbach: Excellent15:07
dholbachthat's something we can probably always do: just check whatever happened on G+ in a circle of Ubuntu devs15:11
bkerensadholbach: Heh... I have just two circles.... VIP and Pages15:12
bkerensaIt would be epic interesting to sort VIP into smaller circles.... I have about 800+ people in it15:13
dholbachI could probably add many more, but that's one I made a few weeks ago15:14
dholbachonce you're past all the kitten videos and "this is what my mom thinks I do" pics, there's quite a number of newsworthy things in there15:15
bkerensadholbach: You will have to tell me sometime what exactly Foundations does...15:20
bkerensaI know slangasek is on the team but he was unable to explain what they do in a way I understood15:20
dholbacheverything which does not happen in the kernel, but teams like desktop and server rely on15:21
dholbachbooting up15:21
dholbachpackage installation (although software-center is in a separate team)15:22
dholbachthings like that15:22
dholbachof course there's enough team overlap, and that's a good thing15:22
bkerensadholbach: I sent questions upstream (akgraner) to be routed to pgraner (Kernel Team)15:54
bkerensaso perhaps next week we can use that15:54
akgranerhe's got them, but he won't be working on them today19:20
pleia2I'll toss the 10.04.4 announcement on the fridge unless somoene else is working on it22:30
akgranerthanks lyz - I'm not as I am finishing a book chapter however if you need me to I will22:30

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