Myrtti!pm > jhfjhgfjhgf00:43
Myrttigood night folks00:48
bazhang<LoganShaw> but the phone came with a dumbed down version of ubuntu03:14
bazhangubuntu is on phones now?03:14
Tm_Tbazhang: I suspect that was android05:58
bazhangTm_T, ah ok05:59
Tm_Tubuntu = linux, android = limited linux, so, android = dumbed down ubuntu06:00
bazhangyeah he was majorly hostile in -ot yesterday13:15
ikoniaI've seen him before13:17
ikoniashame, clearly a star trek deep space 9 fan13:17
* Pici thinks about the rules of accquisition13:21
ikoniaa wise set of guidelines to live by13:22
MyrttiI would have perhaps pointed out the existance of this channel, but oh well.13:24
Myrttinot a big loss13:24
ikoniaMyrtti: seen him before, discussion is not an option13:25
ikoniahe knows what he's doing, hence why he joined offtopic straight away to complain13:25
Myrttias I said, not a big loss.13:26
bazhangattack, not complain13:26
ikoniahe's currently trying to get around the ban by changing his nick to uncle_rom_13:26
bazhang* [Carmivore] (~carmivmor@unaffiliated/hardfu/bot/carmivore): Carmivore IRC Bot14:41
ikoniaI wonder what that does14:41
bazhangthe owner hardfu was just in #freenode talking about his bot PMing 10k users. nothing so far14:41
bazhangie would it be banned if it did that14:42
ikoniathen it goes14:42
ikoniaif the owner is talking about it in freenode - that is hte bot14:42
bazhangnothing yet reported and it does not respond to comments14:42
MyrttiI must be blind but I can't see him talking about it14:43
Myrttioh yeah.14:44
bazhang<HardFu> mquin: I have a scenario, a bot that freenode users can subscribe to for certain events, but I could have a problem if the bot would notify 10k users at the same time (again hypothetically speaking)14:44
bazhangtired of all the lies and nonsense from Lint.14:56
ikoniano more slack14:56
bazhanghe was going on and on earlier about "Ubuntu's password nonsense", ie not being able to login as root14:57
ikoniayah, enough of it14:58
ikoniaI've warned him 3 - 4 times about it14:58
bazhangin here?15:07
ikoniathank you15:07
ikoniasorry about that15:08
ikonia SheTuggedOnmypen15:10
ikoniaI wonder what his nickname is meant to be15:11
ikonia(he just changed it to that)15:11
ikoniaand again SheTuggedMyPenor15:11
bazhangany clue what lint is talking about? ignore broken packages, remove without removing?16:03
Picisounds like he wants to remove their them from the apt database but not actually uninstall them.16:04
bazhangand he saids he needs to ignore broken packages16:04
bazhangerr says16:05
LjLthe answer is he can't because APT needs to at all times know what is on the filesystem, because APT is Big Brother16:05
theadminWhat's up with this Lint person in #ubuntu ? He keeps joining and asking how to do normally impossible things, looks like some troll to me honestly :/16:11
ikoniaI'm inclined to agree16:11
bazhangyeah, we're watching16:11
bazhangthanks theadmin16:11
ikoniahe complains that the impossible can't be done and then $product is rubbish16:11
theadminI don't think rpm actually does that either.16:13
theadminThen again rpm has just too many frontends, can't know all of them16:13
bazhangstandard option in rpm haha16:15
theadminrpm, rpm... I have no idea how people can actually use a package manger without an official frontend which can pull stuff from repos in a sane manner16:16
bazhangit's not that bad. but if he thinks it's standard, then he's wrong16:17
theadminNow he claims he doesn't need dependencies for a package but needs the package16:18
theadminThis is actually somewhat amusing16:19
bazhanghomemade distro!16:19
theadminlol... Bet someone else just discovered remastersys16:20
bazhangthats no longer developed last I checked16:21
theadminAh... last *I* checked it was in like 2009 so pardon me16:21
mneptoktheadmin: do you see bazhang and myself addressing cloudgeek in #u?16:23
mneptokyou're aware we're ops, right?16:23
theadminmneptok: Yeah, I just replied to him/her too16:24
bazhangwell mneptok is.16:24
bazhangI'm here for the cookies16:24
theadminwhy what?... I mean... Rules are rules... Nothing wrong if I try to explain right?16:24
mneptoktheadmin: well, yes, there is.16:24
bazhangtheadmin, redundancy16:24
mneptok1523 users. what is 1521 of them plus myself corrected someone?16:25
theadminMeh okay *remembers not to correct anyone when an op is doing so*16:25
theadminmneptok: Sorry, but um, why are you so angry at me recently? Don't do this, don't do that... I'm not breaking the actual rules (or am I?...)16:26
mneptoktheadmin: look, no offense intended here. but the other day i mentioned you using "our" and "we" when discussing policy and procedure. i wrote that off to someone just feeling very connected to the project, and i think that's a positive.16:27
theadminmneptok: "our" and "we", I no longer am using those, well, at least I'm trying not to16:27
theadminmneptok: Just feels somewhat like you want to get rid of me or I offended you somehow16:28
mneptoktheadmin: today you insert yourself into a discussion between ops and a user. if this stuff keeps happening, i'll start to wonder if it's genuine enthusiasm, or some other, less altruistic need.16:28
theadminHeh if not for altruism I wouldn't really hang around trying to help people when I can on #ubuntu would I?16:29
theadminmneptok: Again, I mean no offense or anything like that by my actions, and if they are wrong I'm glad if you correct me, it just makes me wonder if it's something personal16:30
mneptoktheadmin: i tend to agree. so please, *do* hang around. but let ops handle users, and remember that there are people who have made years-long contributions that don't use possessive terms to describe the project.16:31
mneptok(agree with that altruism inputline)16:31
theadminmneptok: I did stop using possessive terms... Very well then. As for users... Well, for instance right now PlaneCrazy1 has inserted an offtopic statement. Can I fire !offtopic or should I sit and wait for an op normally? I fail to understand what I'm supposed to do anymore16:33
mneptoktheadmin: when you see ops dealing with an issue, well, then ops are dealing with an issue.16:33
mneptoktheadmin: in fact, it's rare for us ops to get involved once one of us starts dealing with something.16:34
theadminmneptok: Ah cool. Well, correct me if this happens again, because I don't remember all ops by names and am at #ubuntu-ops only when I'm either seriously annoyed by something or when I have a question that's related to, well, ops16:34
mneptok /names #ubuntu-ops16:34
mneptokthis channel is not +s16:35
LjLtheadmin: as a general rule, avoid basically repeating what others have said, whether or not they're ops, especially if it's offtopic stuff.16:35
theadminLjL: Ah. Makes more sense now :)16:35
theadminLjL: Thanks16:35
mneptoktheadmin: sadly, the biggest offtopic offenders are all in this channel. because discussions of rules and procedures is not Ubuntu support. ;)16:36
LjLright, so we try to keep those to a minimum in #ubuntu16:36
LjLsometimes we fail16:36
theadminmneptok: Hm, well, why not perform such things in PM then? (more noticable, less disturbing the channel)16:37
LjLtheadmin: well that's not optimal either, because 1) you don't know whether someone else has done the same 2) you don't generally educate the channel about rules16:37
theadminAh wait, silly question16:37
LjLthe problem is when what could have been a one-line warning turns into a debate, in #ubuntu16:37
mneptok"I just got 1521 PMs telling me about some -offtopic channel!"16:38
mneptokwhich is then offftopic itself.16:38
mneptokand gets another 1521 PMs16:38
theadminmneptok: ...Does #ubuntu really have 1521 ops? wow.16:38
mneptoklather. rinse, repeat.16:38
mneptoktheadmin: no, 1521 users16:38
theadminmneptok: Ah, k. Well I just realized how stupid that suggestion was myself :D16:39
mneptok(or whatever)16:39
theadminBy the way, um, this question is probably for #ubuntu-irc but is #ubuntu-offtopic really intended for "everything" or just "ubuntu-related discussions"? I'm too lazy to join either of those channels, besides last I've been to #ubuntu-offtopic it was kind of freaky there16:41
popeyits way more than ubuntu-related16:41
mneptoktheadmin: !guidelines and !coc apply in -ot, too. but a LOT of leeway is given.16:42
theadminI see16:42
LjLtheadmin: it's not Ubuntu related, actually anything Ubuntu related tends to be seen as support and turned down lately ;(16:43
mneptoktheadmin: "One does not simply walk into #ubuntu-offtopic."16:43
theadminmneptok: I have no idea what you mean by that, but ok16:43
theadminLjL: lol even the Unity rants?16:43
theadminBet you get tons of those16:44
LjLtheadmin: well no those get turned down for other reasons16:44
theadminI see...16:46
ubottuIn ubottu, Somelauw said: nautilus is the file manager of gnome.16:47
ubottuIn ubottu, Somelauw said: metacity is the window manager of gnome. It is a very simple and archetypical window manager.16:50
theadminMeh anyway, see you everyone16:53
mneptoki don't think i'd describe Nautilus as "simple" any more16:58
bazhanginstall nautilus-elementary!16:58
bazhangfrom the webupd8 PPA16:59
mneptokdid i piss you off in some way? offend the family? what?16:59
bazhangmneptok, me? no, why would you think that?17:02
Myrttiwebupd8 :-D lol17:15
MyrttiI think it was a go at these omnipresent webpublications with their PPA's17:16
bazhangMyrtti, precisely17:16
bazhanginstall the superOS repos!17:17
bazhangmneptok, my apologies for the confusion17:19
mneptokbazhang: ;)17:20
bazhangMS access via ubuntu?17:29
mneptoki'm not surew that's possible, even with a cantilever.17:31
bazhanghe's a -ru speaker, that must be a google translate17:31
mneptokGOOG translates консоль as "cantilever"17:33
h00k!away > ohdae18:51
EvilResistanceI'd like permission to put a stats bot (which includes a private logging component that logs to files that are non-public-accessible) into #ubuntu.  it does nothing in-channel, but to remove any concern I'm happy to have a +q but on it.20:20
EvilResistanceits nickname is 'evidence', and it shares the nickserv account of the trekweb generic bot account, "TrekWebBot".  i can shift it to use the nickserv of the PennBot nickserv (which is the bot for the #ubuntu-us-pa loco channel) if you'd prefer, its got an unaffiliated nature.20:22
EvilResistanceactually, its going to use the PennBot nickserv, just so it doesnt show any real affiliation20:23
PiciEvilResistance: What does this bot do?20:26
=== Guest22071 is now known as gord
EvilResistancePici:  gathers generic statistics about #ubuntu, i.e. number of messages, number of users in-channel, maximum seen users in channel, etc.  stores that information so its available via direct privmsg to the bot only (so as not to have any misfires in #ubuntu).  Also simultaneously logs the channel traffic to a log file that does not face the internet and is only accessible via my local network, since i've decided i can't tr20:28
EvilResistanceust my ZNC to keep accurate logs of what happens while i'm away20:28
EvilResistanceoops, charlimits :/20:28
EvilResistanceit doesn't do anything in-channel, except silent stats and logging.20:29
EvilResistance(and the logging is private logging)20:29
PiciWell, I don't think that'll be an issue.  Let me just bounce it off the rest of the IRCC.20:31
EvilResistanceto be perfectly safe, i've lobotomized it for #ubuntu and every other channel, so it doesnt respond to anything in channel, but to remove any potential concerns of this, i'm happy with a +q on it if the ops team would like that.20:31
EvilResistancealright, i'll be patient20:31
EvilResistanceshould i wait in this channel for a response from you guys, or should i just /part here, and await the response in #ubuntu-irc?20:32
PiciEvilResistance: You may part, we'll get back to you20:32
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