pangolincyphermox: anything happening about getting loco re-approved?17:52
cyphermoxwell, i think we ought to prepare a wiki page that demonstrates what we've been doing, or at least to update it17:53
cyphermoxdo we have a date for the reapproval?17:53
pangolinnot that i know of yet17:53
pangolinI think that gets sent only to the team contact17:53
pangolinI got an email saying we have expired.17:54
pangolinI have never done anything with loco approval stuff but let me know if there is anything I can do.17:56
cyphermoxok I'll take a look -- just not today as I'm already quite busy with other things19:18
ChexEtienneG: salut there21:10
Sebastiensalut salut, comment sa spasse ici :)21:27
cyphermoxca se passe rush :)21:45
cyphermoxmdeslaur: ca t'as l'air correct ca? --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/845035/21:51
mdeslaurcyphermox: ouais21:52
mdeslaurcyphermox: t'as besoin de link?21:53
cyphermoxeuh non en fait, bon catch21:53
cyphermoxen2k je crois pas21:53
mdeslaurje sais pas, tous les autres lignes ont l,air a l'avoir...21:54
mdeslaurbof, laisse le21:54
EtienneGsalut Chex!21:54
cyphermoxouan, j'ai juste copié l'entrée similaire pour connman21:56
cyphermoxce que ca fait c'est permettre a precise de faire un shutdown plus rapide :)21:56

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