rbasakadam_g: sorry, I got distracted. Yeah, I think zul's on top of it.00:01
medberryHas anyone run Russell Coker's postal test (for testing mail servers)? I'm getting md5sum mismatches when running the rabid portion of the test.00:17
DyeAhello all, I am configuring postfix on my server and going through the guide on help.ubuntu.com. In the section on configuring postfix it says - Replace with the actual network and class range of your mail server. - being a dirty noob to this I don't know what that means... what should i do here?00:39
DyeAand then, the actual pre-filled value in the config panel is [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128___00:40
twbDyeA: pastebin the output of "ip a".  In particular, you're looking for IPv4 address ranged.00:40
twbThe pre-filled values are the loopback addresses, i.e. only the local machine will be able to send mail via your new postfix install.00:40
ovhanhello , anyone here ever run a minecraft server off of ubuntu?00:41
twb!anyone > ovhan00:41
ubottuovhan, please see my private message00:41
ovhantwb , what did that message mean ??00:42
DyeAtwb: this eh?
twbDyeA: /32 is a single host00:42
twbDyeA: the /N is called a "CIDR block"; look it up on wikipedia when you have time00:43
DyeAnot sure what that means?00:43
ovhanwell fine , my question is , HOW do i install a minecraft server on a ubuntu server, links would make me very h appy =)00:43
DyeAi don't have a range?00:43
DyeAtwb: ok i will tonight00:43
DyeAso just replace 128 with
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twbDyeA: no.00:44
twbYour paste is timing out here.00:44
twbTry paste.debian.net00:45
twbnm, works now00:45
twbOK, you're an OpenVZ container?00:45
DyeA? media temple ve?00:45
twbPlease also pastebin output of "ip r"00:45
DyeAcrap i cant00:46
DyeAi am being booted out the door00:46
DyeAtwb: thanks for the attemp to help!00:46
DyeAi will come back to this00:46
sp4zhas anybody installed the cisco vpn client on ubuntu-server?00:47
SpamapSadam_g: all good now with mysql?00:52
adam_gSpamapS: yeah, thanks00:57
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user10000does "bridge_portprio eth1 1" or 100? make connection respond quicker?01:48
twbuser10000: I have no idea what you're talking about01:49
user10000im setting bridge for my interfaces, and i dunno what bridge_portprio means01:49
ruben23hi guys i ahve erro on instaling ubuntu server see this error ---> installer cannot figure out how to install base system. no installable cd-rom was found and no valid mirror was configured---> any idea guys..?01:54
twbruben23: what install medium are you booting?01:55
ruben23DVD disc..01:55
ruben23twb: DVD disc..01:55
twbruben23: what release are you installing?  Is the DVD drive connected via SATA, PATA, or what?01:55
ruben23twb: any idea what could be the problem..?01:55
ruben23its conencted with SATA II..- hdd01:56
ruben23realease installing- Ubuntu server 10.04 LTS01:57
twbruben23: older releases cannot install from SATA CD/DVD drives.  I do not remember if that includes lucid.01:58
ruben23so i need to used higher release..?01:58
twbruben23: you could try booting from USB key instead01:58
ruben23twb: could this be write error....?01:59
ruben23on the disk..01:59
twbDownload http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/boot.img.gz ; gunzip it; dd it onto a USB key.  That is a minimal image so you will need ethernet (not wifi) to complete the install.02:00
qman___lucid can install from SATA CDs02:01
twbqman___: OK, thanks.02:01
qman___I want to say hardy could too, but that's near where the mark was02:01
ruben23thanks guys, i will try nw with usb02:02
twbruben23: don't forget to dd it to /dev/sdz (the key), not /dev/sdz1 (the partition on the key).  This will, obviously, trash any data already on the key.02:03
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DyeAtwb: are you still available for help?02:31
twbIf you don't mind me swearing at the same time02:32
twbGrub is being even more of an annoying fucktard than usual02:33
DyeAlol thats fine02:33
DyeAtwb: paste updated with ip r02:34
DyeAummm yes?02:36
twbYour VM is weird02:36
DyeAis it?02:36
twbThat's saying you have an IP of, and... something like a point-to-point peer, but not actually one, being
twbAccording to that your VE doesn't even HAVE a local network02:38
DyeAahhh (nods head knowingly)02:38
DyeAwell i have a second ve machine that I configured mail on, and on that one i just accepted the default value and it sends mail, but not knowing what the f is going on bugs me so I thought i would ask for help on this one02:41
DyeAplus this one has a client site on it instead so even more reason to know whats going on with this one02:42
twbIf you're just making satellite nodes and not MTAs, just configure them to relay all mail the the smarthost02:44
twbYou probably don't even need postfix, just msmtp-mta02:44
DyeAim not sure what you just said but its a standalone server not a "satellite node"?02:45
twbDyeA: normally on a network you have one "real" MTA, and the rest just send all their mail to it.02:46
DyeAahh ok so if i had multiple servers I would install postfix on one and send mail from other servers through it?02:47
DyeAor just have a dedicated mail server02:47
DyeAThats not my situation though, i have my personal server where I accepted the default value and mailing works and  I have this other one for work where I stopped in the middle of the install to figure out what the correct way to do it was02:51
DyeAtwb:Well thanks for giving it a go02:56
Davieysmoser: your shell script, you didn't incremete uuid?03:12
smoseri did03:13
smosercalling uuid gets unique each time03:13
smoseri dont insert the id field so it auto inccrements03:13
* Daviey installs uuid03:14
Davieythat is better :)03:15
Davieysmoser: what did you do to screw your devenv?03:16
smoseri wiped it03:17
smoserand assumed that i could re-run devstack03:17
Davieysmoser: no bottleneck for me03:37
Davieysmoser: instance number i-58503:37
smoseryou *ran* 585 instances?03:38
Davieysmoser: no, your code03:38
smoserwhat times does it give for wget ?03:38
Davieyreal    0m 0.32s03:38
Davieysmoser: re-running populate.sh03:39
Davieysmoser: yep, and still face03:41
Davieyerr, fast03:45
Davieysmoser: it does grow fast with demand03:46
Davieysmoser: the issue i think is that it just does not scale03:47
Davieywhile [ 1 ] ; do echo $(time wget -O /dev/null 2>&1 | grep real) &  done03:47
smoserDaviey, .32 seconds is "normal" in my experience on my devstack systems.03:49
smoserwith a dozen or less instances (which is wnat i've only ever tested)03:49
Davieysmoser: one instance, hammering the service..03:50
smoserwell that is just going to oom it or something.03:50
smoserbut thats not the issue IS was seeing.03:50
smoserprobably a valid DOS concern03:50
smoserbut not related.03:50
DavieyI was suprised how quickly it grew03:51
smoserpython -c 'import boto.utils; print boto.utils.get_instance_metadata();'03:51
Davieysmoser: turns out cirros isn't the way of the future, has no python :)03:52
Davieyi could run it from the host i guess03:52
smoseryour wile loop above is going to fork-bomb the instance03:52
Davieysmoser: i killed it before it had a chance03:53
Davieythat isn't the concern right now.03:53
DavieyIt's how quickly it grew makes me wonder03:53
smoseryour first one was at 4 seconds there.03:54
smoserwell. i gues the others were in on it too.03:54
smoserrun it again03:54
smoserafter all things settled03:54
smoserwhat is it?03:54
Davieysmoser: it just seems suspicious that it is starting to show numbers we are expecting03:56
smoseri'm conused.03:57
smoserit *is*03:57
smoseranything over .3 is horrid03:57
smoseryou're seeing 4 second03:57
Davieysmoser: yep, with concurrent hits03:58
Davieyi think it's a scale issue03:59
smoserwell there is clearly a scale issue.03:59
smoserbut IS wasn't seeing that.03:59
smoserthere was no huge load03:59
smoserthey were fireing up 1 instance03:59
smoseror 203:59
smoseror 303:59
smoserand serially inside that instance crawling the MD04:00
smosernothing like you're doing04:00
Davieysmoser: i am not convinced04:00
smoserDaviey, go to a canonistack instance *right now*04:00
smoserand try it04:00
smoserits 3 second return04:00
smoserand there is no load04:00
Davieyjust running wget http:/etc & , UP enter, a few times i'm seeing 3-4 second requests04:00
smoserdo it serially04:01
Davieysmoser: sure there is no load?04:01
smoserwhy would there be?04:01
smoserand elmo said ther ewas not.04:01
Davieyhmm ok04:01
smoseron canonistack04:01
smoseryou will consistently get 3 second04:02
smoseror maybe 504:02
smoserdo it in a loop04:02
DavieyIs elmo no load and openstack no load compariable?04:02
Davieyas in, ~5 concurrent GET's is 'no load' IMO, but not according to openstack04:02
smoseri have no idea what you're saying04:04
smoserdo this:04:04
smoseryou're in cirros?04:04
smoseri=0; max=50; while i=$(($i+1)) && [ $i -lt $max ]; do time ec2metadata --instance-id ; done04:06
Daviey0.30s 0> 0.85s04:06
Davieyvarying 0.30s -> 0.85s04:07
Davieysmoser: interesting... it does use amqp for each request.04:11
smoserdaviey is concerned that smoser might be right04:11
Davieyin what regard?04:11
smoserthats what i initally reported as the problem.04:12
Davieysmoser: no, you said you were being spammed after running the sql?04:14
Davieysmoser: I'm seeing civilised behaviour, http://pb.daviey.com/0QYZ/ .. msg contruct, msg send, msg recieve, handle. .. but that does not scale IMO.04:15
smoserno. not after running the sql.04:16
smoserhm... well i saw all sorts of those04:16
smoserwhen i did a wget04:16
smoserfrom the instance.04:16
Davieyi wonder if it's possible to get a measurement of the amqp bus.04:17
Davieysmoser: i need to EoD04:22
smosergood night.04:22
smoserthis sucks.04:22
linociscohi alll, I would like to set up wifi which do not require any wifi client's browser's to set proxy and port entry. what do I do?04:41
adam_gsmoser: sup04:59
smoseri got it sorted.05:00
smoseri was using devstack from https://github.com/cloudbuilders/devstack05:00
smosernot https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack05:00
linociscohi alll, I would like to set up wifi which do not require any wifi client's browser's to set proxy and port entry. what do I do?05:00
adam_gsmoser: wtf is openstack-dev?05:01
smoserno idea.05:01
smoserbut it had what i needed05:01
adam_gsmoser: you're using the original keystone or KSL?05:02
smoseradam_g, openstack-dev is what 'stack.org' documents05:05
linociscohi alll, I would like to set up wifi which do not require any wifi client's browser's to set proxy and port entry. what do I do?05:06
adam_gsmoser: were you able to reproduce the crappy metadata response time?05:06
adam_gim about to poke it on the CI hardware while its quiet05:06
smosernot really. daviey seemed to see some issues with it under load05:08
smoserbut i really dont think its load that causes it.05:08
smoseri mean *any* given request is taking 3 seconds05:08
smoseradam_g, i've got to go to bed.05:10
adam_gsmoser: hmmm. its a lot quicker for me, 3s for a whole ec2metadata run, .035s a request05:11
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linociscohi all, i have two ISP IPs,  and THey can ping each other. I put 2nd ip (20.1) to wifi router WAN port and office uses local LAN network  ( I can't ping from 1st ISP to local address. How can I make it ping using ubuntu server?05:26
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Kismaclinocisco: what does arp say?05:32
josePhoenixHas anyone else experienced this bug? It seems to still be open: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=64662005:36
uvirtbotDebian bug 646620 in unattended-upgrades "apt-get defunct when run on unattended-upgrades" [Critical,Open]05:36
josePhoenixIt seems to be describing exactly what's going on here.05:36
twbAnybody remember offhand if lucid can drive an rtl8111e?05:39
sorentwb: You mean amd8111e?05:54
sorentwb: Or actually rtl8111e?05:54
twbrtl8111e, the nic05:55
sorenI don't even see such a driver in Precise.05:55
twbIt's probably folded into rtl8xxx something05:55
sorenDo you have PCI ID's?05:56
twbNo I don't have the device yet05:56
twbrtl8xxx series is the realtek gige nics05:56
twbusually on boards too stingy to get e1000s05:56
hallynstgraber: utlemming: need to test, but thinking of pushing lp:~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/precise/lxc/merge-utlemming-and-more tomorrow05:57
linociscoKismac no arp tested06:39
linociscodoes anybody tweak http://www.visionsystems.de/produkte/3175.html ?06:40
linociscoanybody with EMRunner 5622 's experience?? it is ubuntu based settop box . nothing can be customized06:42
koolhead11hi all07:26
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RootChaosi keep on getting these messages whilst trying to do apt-get update07:58
RootChaos99% [6 Sources bzip2 0B] [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (] 1,262B/s 0sbzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.07:58
RootChaosErr http://security.ubuntu.com lucid-security/universe Sources07:58
RootChaosSub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)07:58
RootChaosany ideas ?07:59
koolhead11RootChaos: cat /etc/lsb-release07:59
RootChaosDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS"07:59
koolhead11RootChaos: looks fine to me. can you ping machine security.ubuntu.com08:01
_rubenRootChaos: you either have a misbehaving proxy in between, or the archive got corrupted (tho i really doubt it's the latter)08:02
RootChaosroot@nms:/etc/squid# ping security.ubuntu.com08:03
RootChaos64 bytes from bignay.canonical.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=50 time=794 ms08:03
RootChaos64 bytes from bignay.canonical.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=50 time=894 ms08:03
RootChaos64 bytes from bignay.canonical.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=50 time=815 ms08:03
RootChaosit could be proxy through08:03
RootChaosok, let me look into that part frist08:03
RootChaoseeeck, seems like a proxy issue08:06
RootChaosrouted traffic elswhere,, now seems to work fine08:06
RootChaosGet:1 http://security.ubuntu.com lucid-security/main Packages [372kB]08:06
RootChaosGet:2 http://security.ubuntu.com lucid-security/restricted Packages [14B]08:06
RootChaosthanks guys08:06
_rubennp :)08:06
afuentessuddenly all of my servers stopped showing /etc/motd.tail i noticed in some of the it got renamed to motd.tail.old... after a few minutes, it started working again09:46
afuentesi googled a little bit the issue without luck...09:46
afuentescan anybody clue me in what happened?09:46
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phretor"sudo mount -o rw,remount / -> mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sda2 read-write, is write-protected" - will I still be able to remount rw the / without physical access to the machine?11:20
_rubenyou'll need to figure out why /dev/sda2 is read-only11:21
krautphretor: there is a reason for write-protect11:21
krautphretor: dmesg should tell you why11:21
krautphretor: maybe broken disk or problems to access the disc, i.e. problem with your hba11:21
_rubenin my experience it tends to be related to overloaded storage arrays causing too long delays, i tend to just reboot the vm and it'll be back to normal :)11:22
krautsure but i would double-check this because it could also another problem and he could be able to backup data at the moment11:24
phretorkraut: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551903/11:24
koolhead11rabbitmq-server uses upstart isn`t it11:37
koolhead11now when i do /etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server i get msg on screen "Stopping rabbitmq-server: RabbitMQ is not running rabbitmq-server."11:38
koolhead11am using oneiric, going to test the same on precious now11:39
* koolhead11 wonders if anyone is here11:42
* RoyK wonders slightly about the best way to do a clean drive kill - this drive has been 'erronous' for some time, but not enough for warranty...12:12
koolhead11RoyK: any idea where can i see info about a pkg as it uses upstart or sysv12:17
koolhead11apt-cache showpkg  doen not mention tht12:17
afuentesI make apt-get remove --purge dhcp3-relay, after that i dpkg -l dhcp3-relay and i get this --> rc  dhcp3-relay (r=removed, c=configurationfile)12:23
afuenteswhy its not purging the package?12:24
VivekWhat is this new component called mass in the Ubuntu Orchestra Suite ?12:34
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Vivekhttps://launchpad.net/mass says 'Page not found'.12:41
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RoyKhm... I have this disk here, 7200rpm, that fails sometimes, sometimes not, so in an attempt to reproduce things, I grab the drive while it's spinning and yank it hard to the side, repeat, suddenly I can reproduce the failure without any problem...13:08
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uvirtbot`New bug: #933480 in openssh (main) "Picks hmac-md5 over hmac-sha1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93348014:23
stgraberhallyn: looking14:26
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stgraberhallyn: looks reasonable. What happens if you have multiple network devices defined in your .conf or if you have none?14:32
stgraberhallyn: also, one unrelated thing I noticed the other day, we should probably flush and re-generate the SSH keys when creating a container14:32
zulDaviey: keystone should build in the openstack-ci now, it was missing a dep14:34
zuler...once its re-enabled14:35
hallynstgraber: hm, if multiple nics, I guess my change will only assign a hwaddr for one?14:38
hallynyeah, really, i'm not happy with how i've got it14:38
hallynmore to the point what if the user wants no network14:38
hallynsuppose i could count the # of lxc.network.type entires inthe config file at create, but...  yuck14:40
hallynstgraber: what do you think?  should i just add one hwaddr entry, only if there is at least one lxc.network entry?14:46
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stgraberhallyn: I guess the safest is to add a hwaddr entry if there's exactly one lxc.network.type entry of type veth14:51
stgraberhallyn: so then we don't have to worry about the corner cases, like 'none', 'phys' or any similar network option where you don't want to change the mac14:51
hallynand if there are more, assume the schlep knows what he's doing?14:52
hallynstgraber: new version pushed but not tested14:57
hallynstgraber: btw, the udev containers fix, that's the one still sitting in the packaging branch waiting on upstart fix for arm+ppc right?15:00
stgraberhallyn: yeah, anyone with more than one network already had to read the manpage and do manual changes :)15:00
rbasakjamespage: around? I have a build failure due to the -Wl,--as-needed thing but am struggling to understand the Debian wiki page in order to fix it.15:01
stgraberhallyn: yes, I need to check that upstart built fine with the new version and if it did, upload udev15:01
hallynstgraber: btw i didn't understand what you actually meant about the ssh keys15:01
hallynoh you mean the host keys?15:02
stgraberok, so new upstart built on armel, but still not on armhf and powerpc ...15:03
hallynstgraber: would you want to do the same locale fix that utlemming did in ubuntu-cloud?15:03
hallyni forget where we left that15:03
stgraberI think it'd be nice yes, but I won't have any time to look at it today :(15:04
hallynand by we i mean you doing the work and me back-seat driving15:04
hallynso i'll test my new upload and push?15:04
hallynutlemming: ^ would like your confirmation that you hadn't made more changes15:04
stgraberhallyn: yep, sounds good15:04
stgraberhallyn: if the locale issue annoys me too much, I'll file a bug about it and fix it as bugfix post-FF15:05
hallynstgraber: last thing - ssh key injection (like ubuntu-cloud now does)?15:05
hallyni dont know if that's key to some people's automation....15:06
stgraberhallyn: not having a non-C locale can in some cases give you data corruption in databases and makes perl complain a lot, so can probably be considered bugfix15:06
stgraberhallyn: well, if all it does is copy a key to authorized_keys, it's simple enough and won't hurt to add15:07
stgraberhallyn: I'm guessing people doing heavy automation probably either have custom templates or just cp stuff in the container directly ;)15:07
hallynyou apparently didn't look closely at how many commits it took me to get the network thing right just now :)15:07
hallynstgraber: the ubuntu-cloud image doesn't append the authorized_keys, but overwrites it.  i guess that's fine though15:09
stgraberhallyn: yep15:09
hallynall right i'll copy that code in to the same patch15:09
hallynthanks, ttyl :)15:10
stgraberthanks for all the work, ... Feature Freeze day is crazy ... ;)15:10
hallynff is when?  2100?15:15
koolhead11Daviey: got few mintues15:17
Davieykoolhead11: yah15:21
koolhead11Daviey: its about rabbitmq-server package. http://paste.ubuntu.com/844508/  Is it a bug?15:23
koolhead11i tried it in precious/oneiric both15:23
koolhead11unlike other services it should say you have non-root privileges and use upstart i suppose15:24
Davieykoolhead11: does it /actually/ stop the service?15:27
koolhead11Daviey: no. just gives wrong information :(15:27
koolhead11and it gives error message when i use it with upstart in non-root privileges15:28
koolhead11so this /etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server <result> is incorrect15:29
Davieykoolhead11: yeah, sounds like a bug - report it, and attach a patch15:31
koolhead11ok. sir15:31
mastrohi there: i installed ubuntu server, now Added on /etc/fstab a NFS disk. tested then rebooted.. at boot time it is not mounted but if I execut mount -a it get mounted so the configuration is fine. it's a virtualmachine receiving the eth0 IP from DHCP I only connect through SSH..15:34
mastrono network manager nor gui installed15:34
mastroI need the NFS disk to be mounted BEFORE the SSH server is brought up15:34
TeTeTmastro: guess you can change the upstart ssh job to wait for mountall-net?15:39
mastroTeTeT, ok.. but before that I need to make my NFS to actually mount at boot time so why isn't it mounting?15:41
mastroTeTeT, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/275451/comments/42 <--- is this still in place?15:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 275451 in sysvinit "nfs mounts specified in fstab is not mounted on boot. " [Undecided,Invalid]15:41
TeTeTmastro: I doubt it, it's a very old bug and also invalid15:41
TeTeTmastro: what release do you use? oneiric?15:42
mastroTeTeT, if you read it careful you see they just closed it because it was open since 200815:43
mastroMichael Thompson (mike-thompson) wrote on 2011-06-02: I as well have been plagued by this problem (NFS mounts failing on bootup) ever since upstart was introduced to Ubuntu.15:43
TeTeTmastro: it's for sysvinit, mount is done via upstart now15:43
mastroTeTeT, can you help me debug why this isn't mounting? I never had this issues.. first time using ubuntu server15:44
mastrowell.. first time with NFS15:45
TeTeTmastro: maybe you want to check the mountall--net.conf and add some debugging info there. for example if the mountall script is still running when it is called15:45
mastroTeTeT, hum.. ok let's try adding some "echo"15:46
TeTeTmastro: not sure you'll see any echo. what about 'ps aux | grep mountall > /tmp/nfs-debug.$$'15:47
TeTeTmastro: so you see in /tmp/nfs-debug.* if the mountall process was still running when the job was called15:47
mastroTeTeT, apparently I fixed following a suggestion in #ubuntu, I added the _netdev argument in fstab15:50
TeTeTmastro: cool, didn't know about _netdev actually15:51
mastroTeTeT, never had to use _netdev in other system, do you know which software use it?15:51
TeTeTmastro: man mount15:51
mastroTeTeT, In other distro I didn't have to use it, I'm asking if this is something "new" or why on ubuntu it is needed, even the official nfs documentation do not say it is needed: http://nfs.sourceforge.net/nfs-howto/ar01s04.html15:53
TeTeTmastro: I do not know. maybe it's a new mount option that is not available in older versions of mount15:55
mastroTeTeT, I thought it was fixed but it's random...16:06
mastroTeTeT, I tried to add mount /mnt/repos on rc.local logging on a file this is the output when failing http://pastebin.com/JV68NksG16:07
TeTeTmastro: maybe a race between mountall.net and statd?16:08
stgraberhallyn: yep, 21:00 UTC16:08
TeTeTmastro: can you file a bug with this info and your problem on Launchpad against mount? maybe some developer has an idea16:08
mastroTeTeT, no problem in creating the bug.. but I need a workaround :/16:11
TeTeTmastro: maybe add an 'emit statd-started' to /etc/init/statd.conf and wait for it in mountall-net.conf16:13
TeTeTmastro: I'm no upstart wizard, so you might want to check that first16:13
mastroTeTeT, ok I'll open the bug then try16:15
mastroTeTeT, sorry but.... how do I report a bug without Ubuntu CLIENT installed?16:17
TeTeTmastro: use the webinterface, let me get the URL for you16:17
mastrohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu <--- I'm registered but I don't see how to create a bug from here, clicking "report a bug" bring me to the wiki16:17
TeTeTmastro: I get timeouts on LP right now16:20
mastroTeTeT, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect16:21
TeTeTmastro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+filebug16:22
TeTeTmastro: this way you file it against mountall, which hopefully is the correct package16:22
kklimondamastro: most of the time you should be using ubuntu-bug to report the bug16:24
mastroTeTeT, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/93357516:28
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 933575 in ubuntu "NFS not being mounted at boot time - rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking" [Undecided,New]16:28
mastroTeTeT, sorry I read it after filing the bug16:28
mastrokklimonda, I don't use ubuntu on my PC the only ubuntu I have are ubuntu server on some virtual machine with no gui16:28
mastrokklimonda, and I think assuming an user will have the GUI installed when firing a bug is not very cleaver, what if the bug is in INSTALLING ubuntu in the first place?16:29
mastroTeTeT, there is an /etc/init/statd-mounting.conf and it has this as header comment: description "Block the mounting event for NFS filesytems until statd is running"16:31
kklimondamastro: ubuntu-bug works fine without UI16:31
kklimondamastro: you can either use links, or if it does't work (it did some time ago, haven't tested it recently) you can copy url returned by ubuntu-bug and open it in your browser on another computer16:32
TeTeTmastro: maybe it's not always working16:33
mastrokklimonda, I don't see why16:33
kklimondamastro: it gathers some useful informations (like package version and all installed dependencies) that make triaging bug easier for developers16:33
mastrokklimonda, also, it is not explained in the wiki page and it doesn't solve the issue if your client doesn't have ubuntu / the issue was in installing ubuntu16:33
mastroTeTeT, :/16:34
kklimondamastro: yes, it doesn't solve all problems, that's why we have ?no-direrect - but it should be used as the last resort16:34
mastrokklimonda, not very easy to find anyway16:35
kklimondayes, it's hidden at the end of the wiki page also for that reason - we just receive so much bugs, using apport makes it easier for us to process them16:36
mastroTeTeT, I modified the package to mountall16:45
TeTeTmastro: working now? if so add the work-around to the bug report please16:46
mastroTeTeT, no not working16:51
mastroTeTeT, I did it in a really ugly way, by a crontab entry that run at @reboot and a script that keep trying mount -a every 5 seconds until it find a file .check in the mount point17:05
TeTeTmastro: hmm, if you want something quick & dirty, go the rc.local path. check if the mount is there and if not, mount it17:07
VivekDaviey: Are you around ?17:07
Vivek Daviey: https://launchpad.net/mass is showing me a Page not found message.17:07
VivekDaviey: Is this a new component in OpenStack ?17:08
mastroTeTeT, that was my FIRST solution as you see in the bug report that DID NOT worked...17:08
mastrokklimonda, is there a way to collect the bug report with that tool to a file and attach it to the bug report in a second time?17:09
mastrokklimonda, for instance: ubuntu-bug --> choice 5 (other) --> Error: No package specified You need to specify a package or a PID. See --help for more information17:10
kklimondamastro: there is apport-collect for gathering additional info for the existing bug report17:11
kklimondamastro: and you can save data gathered by ubuntu-bug to /tmp instead of sending it to LP (if your server has no internet connection etc.)(17:11
mastrokklimonda, what about the error above?17:12
kklimondamastro: you have to call ubuntu-bug with either package name or program pid for it to work17:13
kklimondamastro: that's what the error is saying17:14
mastrokklimonda, and what if I don't know a package and have not any pid? anyway I used apport-collect https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/93357517:18
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 933575 in mountall "NFS not being mounted at boot time - rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking" [Undecided,New]17:18
kklimondamastro: if you don't know the package then you can't really report the bug anyway17:19
kklimonda(reporting bugs against Ubuntu project isn't really helpful)17:19
undecimI need a quick and dirty way to limit my server's bandwidth to a few KB17:24
undecimor perhaps limit IO on a given device17:25
undecimbut the latter might cause more problems for me17:25
TeTeTmastro: any luck with modifying the scripts?17:37
mastroTeTeT, ?17:37
TeTeTmastro: for the nfs mount problem17:37
mastroTeTeT, I'm not modifying any script anymore.. I'm fine with my workaround until the bug is fixed17:38
TeTeTmastro: ok17:39
TeTeTmastro: can you quantify in the bug how often the mount was absent and how often present?17:40
mastroTeTeT, sure17:42
hallynzul: hey17:43
hallynzul: have you been using the libvirt 0.9.9?17:43
hallyn(apparently i'm using it here and didn't realize it :)17:43
hallynzul: today's the last day to upload it, i think17:44
adam_gsmoser: can you please +1 this if this got you going last night: https://review.openstack.org/#change,414917:45
smoserits notmuch value, but ok17:47
adam_gsmoser: also i was playing with the meta-data handler last night. as it is, a single request turns into the handler gathering all metadata for instance from every possible source (db, amqp calls to network, compute, both), then returning only the bit that was requested.17:56
smoseradam_g, right.17:56
smoserthat is known.17:56
smoser(i didn't know it did ampq, and i assume that is the huge slow down)17:57
smoserthat needs cleanup17:57
smoserbut it has some benefits.17:57
smoseradam_g, why does it do ampq ?17:58
adam_gsmoser: network_api.get_floating_ips_by_fixed_address(context, fixed_ip)  stuff like that and compute_api.* end up as messages on the queue17:59
tjaaltonkklimonda: got collab-maint already?-)17:59
adam_gsmoser: i was playing with api/metadata/handler.py last night, not anything in the ec2 pipeline17:59
zulhallyn: yeah ive been using it, i dont think there is any big difference between the version we have in the archive and the ppa so I dont see the point18:10
hallynzul: ok, so we'll stick with 0.9.818:11
hallynjjohansen: is apparmor able to filter bind to abstract unix socks based on name?18:11
hallynstgraber: have you used macvlan or vlan in containers?18:12
jjohansenhallyn: not in precise18:12
stgraberhallyn: nope18:14
hallynjjohansen: ok, thanks18:14
hallynstgraber: ok.  i'm looking for the easiest way to start a container and have it visible to other machines on the lan18:15
hallyni *assume* macvlan would accomplish that...18:15
uvirtbot`New bug: #933656 in euca2ools (main) "euca-describe-instances --ipv4 does not include public ip address" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93365618:31
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adam_gzul: regarding bug 931236, the dbconfig-common stuff was taken from debian, no?19:03
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 931236 in keystone "keystone install is unnecessarily interactive" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93123619:03
uvirtbot`New bug: #578283 in asterisk (universe) "[needs-packaging] asterisk-moh-opsound, asterisk-core-sounds" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57828319:03
uvirtbot`New bug: #579045 in asterisk "[needs-packaging] openr2 -- MFC/R2 call setup library" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57904519:03
adam_gzul: are there plans to do the same for other projects like glance/nova?19:04
zuladam_g: it was in the back of my mind but im still mulling it over19:04
adam_gis there a way of avoiding that using debconf?19:05
zuladam_g: yeah you can probably set the debconf priority level19:05
adam_gzul: ah, also: which is the correct place for KSL now: lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/keystone/essex or keystone/ksl ?19:07
zuladam_g: essex19:07
zulill delete the other branch19:07
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mtaylorhey guys - if an oneiric server has been installed with byobu byobu/launch-by-default boolean true in its preseed, how do I globally disable it?19:31
mtaylor(I know how to disable it per-user, but I'd like to know how to switch the system setting to what it would be if I'd set that preseed option to false)19:31
mtayloris it just a matter of deleting the file from /etc/profile.d?19:32
TeTeTmtaylor: maybe you can try dpkg-reconfigure byobu and see if there's an option presented19:41
TeTeTmtaylor: if the question is not raised, try different priorities (-plow, don't remember the others)19:41
zulmtaylor: i think you can use byobu-config to disable it19:42
smosermtaylor, dpkg-reconfigure byobu ?19:44
smosermtaylor, http://askubuntu.com/questions/63118/how-to-remove-bottom-information-panel-in-terminal-window-on-ubuntu-server-ami-i/63166#6316619:45
kirklandmtaylor: yeah, dpkg-reconfigure byobu19:49
mjforkanyone here expereinced an "Alias already defined" message from an include file in sudoers.d?  It is in the file a single time.  I cannot track down teh error19:51
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mgwi'm looking for some input on how to manage non-cobbler managed DNS in a cobbler managed BIND setup20:14
mgwThat is, DNS records that are not created by cobbler20:14
mgwis there any provision for cobbler+bind for handling such dns records (cname, ptr, srv, etc)? Or should I just hack up named.template etc?20:35
gary_posterhallyn, hi.  We had some times when sshd was not ready in lxc-start-ephemeral, so it would fail unnecessarily.  Graham Binns just gave us http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844925 (see lines 143-164).  I have to run, but will be back in about 30--we can chat to see if we can get something like this included20:36
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uvirtbot`New bug: #933723 in bind9 (main) "resolvconf creating bogus resolv.conf file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93372320:58
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mgwok, so i've decided the best way to do what I'm trying is to add custom zone_templates in /etc/cobbler — but is there a way to get cobbler sync to pick up zone templates that don't have any host records?21:01
mgwmeaning, no systems that use that domain21:02
mtaylorkirkland: thanks21:14
uvirtbot`New bug: #933779 in lxc (universe) "lxc-start-ephemeral intermittently fails to connect to container" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93377921:41
smeloGreetings channel.  Is there a Ubuntu way to reconfigure a base install? (re-ip, re-name, re-key). Something along the lines of `dpkg-reconfigure base-system`?  I've cloned a template and need to reset the ip, hostname, ssh keys21:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #869635 in network-manager (main) "long delay at shutdown/reboot - network-manager doesn't close correctly" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86963521:51
hallyngary_poster: looks reasonable.  thanks22:18
flagg0204when using preseed files for automated installation is it possible to use  a custome location for a users homedirectroy, during the account creation part22:19
gary_postercool hallyn, thanks.  You probably saw I filed 933779 if you want to track it there.  Have a good night22:20
hallyngary_poster: thanks.  I'll upload that precise fix in probably 2 hours - gnight22:25
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nevreiserhelo room. i have a concern about the alleged intended attack on the main DNS servers. can this UDP attack to spoof IP updates actually really work to disrupt network traffic or is here some way to block it ever being a problem?22:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #933827 in samba (main) "smbd does not log anything to /var/log" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93382722:31
hallyngary_poster: fix uploaded22:49
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neohippie hi, i've created a group and i have added my user to the group using 'sudo usermod -aG group username' but when i type 'groups' I don't show as a member of the group. Any ideas as to why?23:31
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Davieysmoser: nova ip addresses displaying is totally sckewed23:46
RoyKwhat web server would you guys recommend for a small or tiny vm for use with php? nginx or lighty?23:46
Thermionixwith php-fpm23:48
adam_gDaviey: wrt to bug 933818 ?23:55
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 933818 in nova "public-ipv4 metadata url not working" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93381823:55
Davieyadam_g: might be related, http://pb.daviey.com/Bmx4/23:57
Davieyfloating_ip is null, for some reason23:57
adam_gDaviey: floating ips association doesnt update the iinstance info cache23:58
adam_g(for some reason)23:59

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