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charlie-tcacompleted kubuntu 64bit desktop and alternate ISO's. only complaint is the language pack does not fully install; this was an old bug report03:17
charlie-tcaGood night03:17
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njinHello guys, can we have a working Lucid iso so we can test upgrades too ?13:46
Riddellis this true?  "something is changed after lucid so if you make lucid startup disk in oneiric it won't work"  and if so how do I make a lucid USB startup disk?14:46
RiddellI get this when testing lucid "unknown keyword in configuration file gfxboot"14:49
jibelRiddell, bug 645818 , nothing new or regressed in .414:50
jibelit is in the release notes14:51
Riddellthat looks like it, any workaround?14:52
jibelat the 'boot:' prompt enter 'live' to boot to a live session or press 'TAB' to get a list of options14:56
charlie-tcaGood morning14:58
* charlie-tca is trying to run the Kubuntu desktop 386 tests this morning14:58
Riddellthanks jibel15:01
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charlie-tcaRiddell: all the kubuntu images work from cd. Should I keep testing them ?15:23
Riddellcharlie-tca: yes please, the bugs found aren't regressions so let's see if we can get all the test cases done to release it15:24
charlie-tcaOkay, will keep going then15:25
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Riddelldoes lucid work with alternate installs on netbooks?  I get "no common CD drive was detected"17:04
charlie-tcaMine are all desktops17:08
Riddelltesters needed for Kubuntu Alternate i386 in Lucid 10.04.4  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/207/builds/11918/testcases19:27
RiddellI can't do Install (auto-resize)19:27
charlie-tcaOkay, I will do that19:29
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charlie-tcaRiddell: I will go right down the line on those. I did not read the comments when I saw them started19:35
Riddellcharlie-tca: how do you mean right down the line?19:35
charlie-tcaI will just work through all the alternate tests that are not completed19:36
RiddellI am doing Install (OEM setup) but I don't have any machine to do resize on and iso tracker does not let me untick he "running" entry19:36
charlie-tcaYeah, it gets finnicky sometimes. There might be a delete button at the bottom, if you click the pencil in the right column19:36
charlie-tcaI can any of the tests you need me to, though19:37
charlie-tcaWell, except that netbook live session and wubi19:37
Riddellanyone My head is too ill to continue, please take over  Install (OEM setup) in Kubuntu Alternate i386 for Lucid 10.04.419:47
Riddellcharlie-tca: FYI ^^19:47
charlie-tcaWill do.19:47
charlie-tcaGet some rest. I will keep working on the image and try to get the tests done19:48
Riddellwe also need Wubi on Kubuntu Desktop i386 in Lucid 10.04.419:48
charlie-tcaOkay, will try to find someone for that19:48
charlie-tcaCan someone run wubi tests on Kubuntu lucid?20:00
* charlie-tca feels very lonely today in -testing20:01
charlie-tcaStill hoping someone can run the wubi tests for Kubuntu Lucid21:29
charlie-tcaMandatory Kubuntu Alternate 386 tests are done, starting the one-time tests21:31
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