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dpmgood morning all07:02
dpmmorning happyaron :)07:05
dpmwell, good afternoon to you :)07:05
happyarondpm: thanks :)07:09
kelemengaborGwaihir: ping. could you submit a merge proposal for bug #923345 too? I think it would put it up onto the radar of developers.12:20
dpmbug 92334512:22
dpmoh, bugbot not running?12:23
Gwaihirkelemengabor, will look into it tonight :)12:36
kelemengabordpm: could you help me a little with bzr branch management?12:43
kelemengaborfor bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/92376212:44
dpmkelemengabor, I can try :) What's the question?12:44
kelemengaborso, the devs asked me to update the proposed branch12:44
kelemengaborbecause upstream changed12:44
kelemengaborso, I did bzr uncommit, bzr pull, bzr commit the new changes12:45
kelemengaborand bzr push to the same branch fails12:45
kelemengaborbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.12:45
kelemengaborI don't want to merge it into the previous, but overwrite it with the new12:46
kelemengaborhow do I do that?12:46
dpmlet me read the bug first12:47
kelemengabornevermind, --overwrite is the solution :)12:49
* kelemengabor is a potato :(12:49
dpms/potato/awesome :)12:49
dpmkelemengabor, I think the only issue here was the 'bzr uncommit' part. Generally, you'd simply do a 'bzr pull' to pull the latest upstream changes12:50
dpmthen manually fix any conflicts if there are any12:50
dpmthen commit12:50
dpmand then resubmit the merge proposal12:50
kelemengaborokay, resubmit is done, let's hope they will be quicker to review it this time :)12:55

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