snadgedash autohide is broken.. fix it01:08
snadgecompiz is still broken with fglrx.. fix it01:09
DaekdroomDash autohide was fixed already, wasn't it?01:12
DaekdroomI mean, it wasn't working for me - Launcher would never reveal by cursor - and now it is01:12
snadgein trunk or not released yet?01:12
snadgepretty sure i have the latest precise packages installed.. and with autohide enabled, mouse pointer will not reveal it01:13
snadgenice :)01:13
DaekdroomShould be in the repos sometime soon.01:13
snadgewhat about this one?01:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:13
snadgethats been there for the longest time :/01:13
snadgeobviously isnt a simple fix01:13
DaekdroomI'm not using fglrx, so I can't tell.01:14
snadgethat seems to be half the problem.. nobody does01:14
snadgelinux users seem to be almost 100% nvidia fanbois :p01:14
DaekdroomThat, or they think the opensource ati drivers are enough.01:15
snadgeradeon driver works okay01:15
snadgebut it lacks quite a bit functionality01:15
snadgeand performance01:15
Daekdroom2D performance is much better in radeon (but fglrx is catching up)01:16
snadgefglrx probably works alright with gnome-shell.. but i cant be bothered confirming that01:16
DaekdroomAnd I'm so into development version of Ubuntu that most of the time I would be unable to use fglrx.01:16
snadgewell.. im running the latest catalyst from amd01:16
snadgeits pretty simple to install.. ./ati-blah-installer --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise01:17
snadgethe repo versions of fglrx are usually a few releases behind01:17
DaekdroomI know. But there's always a little wait between a new X.org or Linux kernel and a working Catalyst.01:17
snadgei think amd have significantly picked up the game there01:17
DaekdroomBy the time a Ubuntu version is released, the driver is installable, so it doesn't matter much.01:18
snadgei was building fglrx for development 3.3 kernels.. not sure about xorg01:18
snadgebut i think xorg edgers packages the latest fglrx versions01:18
snadgebut yeah.. its a bit insane to use edgers01:18
DaekdroomI'm used to edgers.01:19
DaekdroomIt breaks from time to time, but what bothers me is that I always stumble into an graphical artefact here and there.01:20
thumpermhall119: ping01:46
thumperhey everybody01:47
thumperis there anyone here getting issues drawing menus?01:47
thumperwith bits missing?01:47
thumperyou'd have to be on the latest compiz I think01:48
thumperso grabbing stuff from the ppa01:48
mhall119thumper: I am01:49
thumpermhall119: all the time/01:49
mhall119thumper: errors drawing window decorations too01:49
mhall119thumper: not all the time, but frequently01:49
thumperhow frequently?01:49
mhall119on menus, probably close to 50% of the time01:50
mhall119on window decorations, less frequently01:50
mhall119all menus too, global menu, context menus, etc01:50
mhall119thumper: I filed a bug about it01:50
thumpermhall119: you did01:51
thumperthat's what I'm following up01:51
mhall119thumper: I'm getting this running the precise repos, not PPAs01:51
thumperI saw it once, not since01:51
mhall119I also had Unity freeze and crash on `unity --replace`01:51
mhall119so I'm beginning to suspect it may be a driver bug for my GMA965, not necessarily a compiz or unity bug01:51
thumpermhall119: well there is certainly a driver bug, as jasonwarner was getting it01:52
thumpermhall119: which closer matches your window decoration transparency issue01:52
thumpermhall119: but the menus not painting correctly is something else01:52
thumpermhall119: sam just proposed a fix that we think may fix this issue01:53
imnicholDoes anyone know what language myunity is written in?04:17
bschaeferthomi, hey04:33
thomi...I thought you were asleep :-/04:33
bschaeferthomi, so I can't find this python test in that branch04:33
bschaeferonly 8:30 pm here haha04:33
bschaeferI searched for ibus and abc04:34
bschaeferthrough the entire branch04:34
thomiI forgot to 'bzr add' it :(04:34
bschaeferI see, and also the problem might be that you hide the dash before you press ctrl + space04:34
thomiOK, new revision is up now04:35
bschaeferok, so to run these test do I need to build anything?04:37
bschaeferas I was thinking I could just "python ibus.py"04:38
bschaeferthomi, also nice looking code :), better then my python haha04:40
thomibschaefer: sorry - I didn't see your test04:41
thomieasiest way to run them, is:04:41
bschaeferforgot to ping you!04:41
thomicd tests/autopilot04:41
thomipython -m testtools.run autopilot.tests.test_ibus04:42
thomiif you want to run the entire suite you can type 'make' from that same directory...04:42
bschaeferwhen I make I get this04:42
thomiit's cool to watch, but takes a while and gets boring fast04:42
bschaeferImportError: Start directory is not importable: 'autopilot.tests'04:42
bschaeferand a stack trace04:42
bschaeferhmm I wonder what im missing04:43
thomihmm, I had that earlier today, but I fixed it...04:43
thomitry launching the python interpreter and typing "import autopilot.tests"04:43
bschaeferdynamic typed languages give a lot better error messages haha04:43
thomihad an issue with recursive imports this mornign04:43
bschaeferImportError: No module named Xlib04:44
thomiahh, you need python-xlib installed04:44
thomitesttools should give better error messages :)04:44
bschaefersweet, I was going to look through sudo apt-get install python- but to many!04:45
bschaefernow I get this error..04:45
bschaeferAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'test_ibus'04:45
bschaeferthis is  a fresh install I must be missing a lot of stuff haha04:46
bschaeferactual stack04:47
thomithe command you're running is correct04:48
thomiwhat do you get if you do:04:49
thomipython -c "import autopilot.tests.test_ibus"04:49
bschaeferImportError: No module named compizconfig04:50
thomiyup :)04:50
thomiyou're probably missing a few other bits and pieces as well04:50
bschaeferit ran this time!04:51
bschaefero yeah im running a hacked version of IMTextEntry...which isn't working correctly haha04:51
bschaeferumm, its putting abc1 out now I have to look through the ibus test04:52
thomiif it was working that should come up as:04:52
thomiI have no idea what that says - it's possibly offensive ;)04:53
bschaeferyeah I have no clue either!04:53
bschaeferyeah it would, I just have to change 2 lines of code or recompile, one sec04:53
bschaeferbut it does put the abc1! haha04:55
bschaeferthomi, does the autopilot wait for the dash to open? or is it on a timer to start input? (out of curiosity)04:56
thomithere's no intelligent waiting - we just sleep for a bit04:56
thomiit's hacky I know, but it works04:57
thomi...most of the time04:57
bschaeferyeah, since I run a VM it is slower and was wondering04:57
bschaeferif it was waiting, it started just in time though!04:57
thomiI think is waits for a second04:58
bschaeferyeah I just saw the code!04:58
bschaeferso what Im hoping the problem is when you close the dash and THEN hit ctrl+space it doesn't register that for the dash04:59
bschaeferso ill move the ctrl+space right after you enter the abc1, and that should exit the ibus04:59
bschaeferalso when you set_global_engine it automatically activates the ibus05:00
thomiI think I tried that... maybe not though05:00
bschaeferso you dont need the initial ctrl+space05:00
bschaeferthat is weird that the initial ctrl+space isn't exiting the ibus05:01
thomiprobably nux is grabbing the keystroke05:01
bschaefersince it activates it then ctrl+space (should exit it) then type abc1 should be just abc105:01
thomiOK. I'm past EOD, so I'll fix that up tomorrow morning05:01
thominow we just need some better test data than 'abc1'... I'll leave that to someone else though05:02
bschaeferIll play around with it while code compiles from time to time to see how it works05:02
bschaeferALSO, ill test it with the new TextEntryIM05:02
bschaeferwhich could fix that05:02
bschaeferas your using IMTextEntry atm05:02
bschaeferthomi, and agreed about getting better testing later haha (like using arrows, tab key and stuff to navigate through possible entrys)05:03
bschaeferbut sweet none the less, also have a nice nux version as well now :)05:04
bschaeferjaytaoko  put together a nice automated TextEntry05:04
bschaeferthomi, yeah putting this line "kb.press_and_release('Ctrl+Space')" above "dash.ensure_hidden()" seems to work for me05:09
thomisweet - thanks. I'll fix it up now...05:10
bschaefercool! hopefully that works for you, as im using nux::TextEntryIM05:11
bschaefer(what the search bar is using)05:11
thomibschaefer: I don't think that's in trunk yet05:12
bschaeferno it is what im working on ;)05:13
bschaefershould be soon05:13
bschaeferbut thanks for the test, will use it to test it!05:13
bschaeferandyrock, hey, would you be willing to test a crash out for me?07:50
andyrockbschaefer, hey07:59
gotwigcould me say a python programmer, why this is not working? http://paste.ubuntu.com/844075/08:00
bschaeferandyrock, could you open the dash type "abcd" then Ctrl + a then Ctrl + c then Ctrl + v08:01
bschaeferim making sure im not going crazy, as I don't see how that wasn't caught08:01
andyrockbschaefer, crash08:03
bschaeferok, well good thing im working on this chuck of code08:03
bschaeferandyrock, I thought I was causing that with some new changes to text entry haha08:03
bschaeferandyrock, thanks!08:04
bschaeferalso sorry for the inconvenience of a crash!08:04
andyrockwelcome :)08:05
gotwigbschaefer: lol :D I  want crash, too ^^08:09
bschaefergotwig, go for it! It will be fixed soon :)08:10
gotwigI have problems with dependencies, you also?08:11
bschaeferumm, while compiling unity?08:11
gotwigwith normal upgrading08:13
bschaeferhaven't ran into any, sorry08:13
gotwigbschaefer: I have also many problems with focus08:14
gotwigbschaefer: text gets autoselected from my mouse touchpad08:14
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
gotwigmhall119: I already have all the data I need, now I only have to filter it, for my recipefy scope in one output, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844105/08:50
kappesfSomebody of the unity team there?09:48
kappesfOk even if not, maybe someone will read this: I'm again a user who will switch his pcs to Linux Mint, since i find Unity is unusable for productive work and even my girlfriend (casual user) HATES it. I would give it a try if there would be some possibility to customize anything. But even with the compiz tools there is almost nothing. Why do you throw all conventions which have grown over decades into the trahs by changing everyt09:57
kappesfand i simply can't understand that ...09:57
* gotwig laughs09:59
snadgeits called unity cos its meant to work the same way for everyone ;)10:05
snadgemy issue isnt the change in mentality10:05
snadgethats actually fine, i personally dont notice any functionality regressions10:06
snadgeits the bugs that piss me off, but its still relatively early days yet.. its showing signs of maturity, and as far as using something with its defaults.. unity has gnome-shell beat10:07
Saviqgreyback, hey, do you have anything in particular off of the list you'd like me to take care of?10:12
greybackSaviq: I was just about to ask you :)10:12
greybackCould you please figure out a way to get the active application tile?10:14
greybackMy attempt was using a Filter on the LauncherApplications model, but I failed to get it to work10:14
Saviqok I'll take a look10:15
greybackthank you10:17
gotwigmhall119: problem solved :D!10:26
Saviqgreyback, I just noticed one more thing with the hud10:59
greybackSaviq: just one? :)11:00
Saviqgreyback, in Unity, the first entry is preselected whenever there're any results11:00
Saviqand the tile respects that, too11:00
greybackSaviq: ah I hadn't noticed that11:00
greybackbut interestingly in Uity's code, it asks bamf for the active application icon11:00
Saviqgreyback, yes11:01
Saviqthat's because in Unity focus remains with the window11:01
Saviqin our case we get the focus11:01
greybackahh of course11:01
Saviqwe need to ask for the previously active window11:02
Saviqthe obvious difference will be that with Unity the window decorations don't change11:02
Saviqwith us - they will11:02
greybackyeah. I don't see how we can avoid that11:03
Saviqnot without tweaking the WM11:03
SaviqI'll get the initial tile done, then, and the preselection should be trivial11:04
greybackGreat, thanks11:05
SaviqKaleo, greyback, since I'm going to use LauncherApplication outside of the Launcher, do you want me to rename it to... Application? UnityApplication?11:11
KaleoSaviq: Application sounds good11:12
SaviqI'll have that as a separate MR against lp:unity-2d then11:14
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gotwigmhall119: there?11:39
gotwigdo you know how I can read out the language ?12:15
gotwiggotwig: of an user12:15
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
mhall119gotwig: os.environ['LANG']12:53
mhall119didrocks: ping12:55
didrockshey mhall11912:55
mhall119didrocks: hey, I started a quickly template last night12:56
didrocksmhall119: I saw the blog post, it's a pity that I lost some time yesterday to start one as well :/12:57
mhall119didrocks: I'm going to need to package it, is there anything specific I need to do?12:57
mhall119now that I have this one, the others I need should be easy to copy/paste12:57
didrocksmhall119: hum, is it already fully working? I think we should review the import list12:58
mhall119didrocks: it's not 'fully working' yet, but create and package work12:58
didrocksmhall119: I can review it tomorrow if needed and package the template12:58
didrocksthen, we can push it to universe12:58
mhall119that would be awesome, I still have some work to do on this one (quickly run doesn't work)12:59
mhall119then I'll need to copy/paste/tweak it to make 2 other templates12:59
didrocksmhall119: ok, just push to your trunk today, and I'll review tomorrow, hopefully all the rush will be behind me :)12:59
mhall119cool, thanks12:59
didrocksmhall119: let's get the first one right, and then, it's easier for you to copy/paste12:59
didrocksmhall119: I saw though that you removed the "search" method13:00
didrocksmhall119: and finally, don't generate the .lens and .service file13:00
didrocksmhall119: I would then suggest to put the metadata in the config file13:00
didrocksso that it's clear people shouldn't change them13:00
didrocks(I had a quick look this morning)13:00
mhall119didrocks: the search method on my Lens sub-class?13:05
didrocksmhall119: right13:06
mhall119right, because the base Lens class doesn't do it's own searching13:06
mhall119when I copy/paste that template for SingleScopeLens, I'll add the search stub back13:06
mhall119same for when I copy/paste it for a base Scope template13:07
didrocksmhall119: ah ok13:07
gotwigmhall119: my parser finaly works13:07
mhall119gotwig: yay!13:07
gotwigthe guys from #python helped me13:07
didrocksmhall119: but so a "lens" template isn't a lens + one scope, it's the global one?13:07
didrocksmhall119: I think the main one should be SingleScopeLens, we need to take that into account13:08
didrocksso that it's clear on the template name :)13:08
mhall119didrocks: a "lens" template, as I have now, is an empty lens13:09
gotwigmhall119: but than I get just the UTF 8 thing13:09
mhall119I'll make a singlet-singlescopelens template too13:09
mhall119gotwig: from os.environ?13:09
gotwigfrom the $LANG variable13:10
mhall119I get en_US.UTF-813:10
didrocksmhall119: I mean, people will want to create a "lens", and they expect getting a lens + scope13:10
gotwigmhall119: yes, that I mean13:10
gotwigmhall119: how can I cut that, till the en?13:10
didrocksmhall119: I think we should make it clear that what people want is the lens + scope choosing a right template name13:10
mhall119didrocks: well they shouldn't13:10
didrocksmhall119: the opportunistic programmer won't focus on undestand the difference between lenses and scope IMHO13:11
mhall119didrocks: people may want an empty Lens and then separate Scopes13:11
didrocksyeah, people "may"13:11
didrocksbut most won't13:11
mhall119ok, I can see your point13:11
didrocksI'm fine with the 3 templates13:11
didrocksI just think we should guide to the right template by default, the easy one13:11
didrockslike calling the lens template "lensonly"13:12
didrocksor something like that13:12
gotwigmhall119: how  can I use the first dot as a seperator, so I only get en in the variable, e.g?13:12
didrockswe will discuss that tommorrow, back on compiz :)13:12
gotwigmhall119: sry, I mean _13:12
mhall119gotwig: one second13:12
mhall119gotwig: os.environ['LANG'][:os.environ['LANG'].index('_')]13:15
mhall119didrocks: do you think I should give "placeholder" categories and search results, so that the user has a technically working lens after quickly create?13:22
mhall119or leave them commented out like I have13:23
mhall119mhr3: ping13:23
didrocksmhall119: yeah, basically, we had that kind of stuff in the ubuntu-application template13:23
didrocksmhall119: then, we added the "add" command13:23
mhr3mhall119, sup13:23
didrockswhich try to uncomment13:23
didrocksquickly add scope13:23
mhall119mhr3: hey, does Unity 5.2 or 5.4 support hot reloading of Lenses yet?13:23
didrocksand quickly add search13:24
mhall119didrocks: ok, I'll look at those scripts13:24
mhr3mhall119, no13:24
didrocksmhall119: yeah, look at the add from ubuntu-application (like adding the indicator support IIRC)13:24
mhall119mhr3: please, please, please tell me that feature is coming13:24
mhall119unity --replace as part of the development cycle is a horrible thing13:25
mhr3mhall119, sorry, i can just tell you i'm not working on it13:25
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
mhall119mhr3: do you happen to know off hand if it would be really difficult to implement a unity --reload that does that?13:26
gotwigmhall119: thanks for all13:26
gotwigthe fish ;P13:26
mhall119you're welcome13:26
mhr3gord, do you know of any special reasons we don't monitor the lens directory to support new lenses on the fly?13:28
gordmhr3, uh, i know me and njpatel discussed it at some point like a year ago now and we definitely had reasons why we couldn't do it at that moment in time - i'm willing to add it to my list of things to do if you'd like :) - i can't see any blockers right now anyway13:30
njpatelno, I think it's perfectly possible now13:30
njpatelmhr3, I didn't have time last cycle, is all13:30
mhall119it would make writing and installing lenses significant better13:31
mhall119from a user experience point of view13:31
njpateljust FilesystemLenses needs to be updated, the rest will react accordingly13:31
mhr3in an ideal world :)13:31
mhall119njpatel: second request, would it be difficult for Unity to also look in ~/.local/share/unity/lenses/ ?13:31
mhall119so people testing locally don't need to install system-wide13:32
njpatelmhall119, the rest is async, so they wouldn't be expecting things to be only done at runtime, it wasn't the case before, but it has been since 11.1013:32
mhr3mhall119, yes, because lenses are dbus-activated, you can't do that from home dir13:32
njpatelmhr3, , i mean ^13:32
njpatelmhall119, right, what mhr3 said13:32
njpatelwe could do Exec activation, but that's future stuff13:32
mhall119njpatel: the .lens is dbus-activates? or just the .service?13:33
njpatelmhall119, .lens tells us which service to start, so at the very least you'd still need the .service file in /usr/*13:33
njpatelhowever the .service file could happily point to an executable in ~13:34
mhall119njpatel: the .service file isn't necessary if I'm going to run the lens daemon process manually from a terminal (again, local testing)13:35
mhall119that's less important than hot reloading of lenses though13:35
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
mhall119JohnLea: ping13:43
gotwigmhall119: why dont you recommended me lxml sooner :P?13:46
gotwigit is perfect for parsing & etc.13:46
mhall119gotwig: I've never heard of lxml before13:48
JohnLeamhall119; pong13:48
mhall119JohnLea: hey, could you get me 4 or 5 areas where the Ubuntu community can be involved in the design aspects of Unity?13:48
gotwigmhall119: its realy a mighty thing13:48
mhall119I already have running the prototypes (launcher, multi-monitor lightdm)13:48
mhall119JohnLea: and while we're on the subject, will there be any design prototypes or anything that users could try during the upcoming Global Jam?13:49
JohnLeamhall119; I've just written an article about how to participate in Unity design that which hopefully I'll be able to publish in a day or two ;-)13:49
mhall119JohnLea: perfect, will you send me a link when it goes up? (or email me an advanced copy?)13:50
JohnLeamhall119; it's quite a long article13:50
* mhall119 enjoys reading13:50
JohnLeamhall119; do you subscribe to the design blog?  I'll be posting it there13:50
mhall119JohnLea: I think so13:50
JohnLeamhall119; cool, I'll try to get it posted very soon13:54
huayraJohnLea I found a post yesterday14:05
JohnLeahyia huayra14:05
huayra(actually on Tuesday) which gave me a very concrete idea of how to help you, and so I did the unity test (did skip some of the 171 tests, but still...)14:05
huayrait was on a pink website14:06
huayralet me check if I can find the link14:06
mhall119huayra: pink or orange?14:07
huayraI believe it was pink14:07
mhall119huayra: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/ ?14:08
huayraPink with orange in the URl: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/unity-54-whats-new-and-call-for-testing.html14:08
huayrayes mhall119 :D14:08
huayragreat, simple and inspiring post14:08
mhall119balloons: ^^ :)14:09
AlanBellis HUD ready for testing for orca users yet?14:14
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
mhall119tedg: good morning14:19
mhall119AlanBell: do you think you could put together a list of steps for people to do accessibility testing on the various Unity components during the Global Jam?  Something simple enough for people not familiar with accessibility to follow14:21
AlanBellyeah, we discussed doing that last night14:23
AlanBellbasically running orca and doing the unity testing script would be great14:24
AlanBellI need some help packaging up a speech dispatcher plugin that takes the orca output and gives you a transcript in a file14:24
mhall119AlanBell: if you can blog about those two, with steps for testing with orca, and links to the speech dispatcher that needs packaging, I'll put it on our list14:25
tedgHowdy mhall11914:26
tedgWhen is global jam?14:26
mhall119tedg: March 2nd to the 4th. http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/14:28
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/file.conf goes in /etc/speechdispatcher/modules and a line needs to be added to /etc/speechdispatcher/speechd.conf14:28
AlanBellAddModule "file"  "sd_generic" "file.conf"14:28
tedgmhall119, So that puts it after UI Freeze...14:28
AlanBelland then it generates output in /tmp/orca.out, thats about it14:28
mhall119AlanBell: I'm making a list of "targets" for global jam, so if you have that somewhere I can link to it would be more helpful14:28
tedgmhall119, One thing that'd be good is making sure all appindicators set their title's, but those should really be translated.14:29
mhall119tedg: are you talking about in HUD?14:29
AlanBellmhall119: yeah, I will blog it, but thought I would state it here as well14:29
mhall119AlanBell: send me the link when you blog it please14:29
AlanBelltedg: the things that are all called "image"14:30
tedgmhall119, So for app indicators we use the title in the HUD.  So if the title was "Tomboy" the entry would be "Tomboy > Create New Note"14:30
mhall119tedg: ok14:30
tedgAlanBell, ?14:30
mhall119tedg: if you could blog about HUD testing, with steps for what to do, what to look for, and where to report problems, I'll link to it14:30
tedgmhall119, The way it will be without a title is "Untitled Indicator (tomboy-notes) > Create New Note"14:30
AlanBellthe indicators in the top panel, there is "messages image" and the rest are just called "image" to orca users14:31
tedgAlso another good thing there would be checking for a11y strings.14:31
tedgAlanBell, Hmm, that's odd.  We're setting some a11y information on them, or at least we're passing it up the stack.14:32
AlanBellthat might have changed recently I was going to do a full test of 5.414:32
tedgAlanBell, You should talk to Luke, he did that work, not sure if it's a regression.14:32
AlanBellhow do you test the a11y strings?14:32
tedgAlanBell, Luke tells me when they're broken :-)14:32
tedgOr for App Indicators?14:32
AlanBellit is possible to use orca with eyes14:33
tedgWe can do that programatically.14:33
tedgAlanBell, Sure of course.14:33
tedgThere's lots more things that I could test.  It's the joy of testing, there's always more to do.14:34
AlanBellprogrammatic testing doesn't find things like the calendar widget trapping you14:34
cjohnstonCould someone please take a look at bug #933464 and let me know if theres anything else I need to add14:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 933464 in unity "On a multi-monitor setup, the system indicator appears on the wrong screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93346414:39
didrocksgreyback: everything is fine on the unity-2d side? didn't spot any issue on the released version?14:42
greybackdidrocks: nope nothing major, I think it's ok14:44
didrocksgreyback: awewsome!14:44
greybackdidrocks: any ETA for freeze-end?14:44
didrocksgreyback: we have an issue in unity still now14:45
didrocksgreyback: I don't see an unfreeze before tomorrow morning14:45
didrocksgreyback: what you can do though14:45
didrocksis branching trunk14:45
didrocksto another branche14:45
didrockswhere you merge stuff (you have to ensure it builds and the test passes)14:46
didrocksthen, tomorrow14:46
greybackdidrocks: sure14:46
didrockspropose a merge14:46
didrocksthen, we will be sure it actually builds and test passes and will be pushed to the ppa14:46
greybackdidrocks: we don't have a big pile up yet, was just curious14:46
didrocksgreyback: it's kind of all fire around me since this morning :)14:47
greybackdidrocks: I can imagine. Well no pressure from us14:47
didrocksgreyback: thanks!14:47
nloewendoes lp:unity build right now?14:49
nloewenI keep getting errors and I don't understand why.14:50
nloewenunity/plugins/unityshell/src/IMTextEntry.cpp:49:3: error: ‘key_nav_focus_change’ was not declared in this scope15:06
nloewenhow do I fix this ^15:06
nloewenI guess there isn't anyone here who can help with compiling unity?15:30
mhall119didrocks: ^^15:36
didrocksnloewen: you need nux trunk15:37
didrocksfor that particular error15:37
nloewenok thanks. where can I get that?15:37
mhall119lp:nux most likely15:38
didrocksyeah :)15:39
nloewenah, ok.15:39
nloewendidrocks: I compiled nux and did a make install, that fixed the error one error I listed, but I still have another.17:11
nloewenunity/plugins/unityshell/src/QuicklistView.cpp:223:10: error: ‘NUX_KP_LEFT’ was not declared in this scope17:11
didrocksnloewen: hum, not sure about that one though, let's wait to other people around I guess17:12
nloewenI'm also getting it for NUX_KP_UP and NUX_KP_DOWN17:12
JohnLeamhall119; hyia, just posted the community design article on design.canonical.com18:03
mhall119JohnLea: thanks, I'll read it in a few18:09
om26erjjardon, ping18:39
om26eryou still fixing some of indicator-power bugs?18:40
om26erbug 93346618:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 933466 in indicator-power (Ubuntu Precise) "Power icon doesn't show charging or draining" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93346618:40
om26ertedg, hey ^^18:40
tedgcharles, ^18:41
om26eracpitool shows battery is discharging but the indicator does not update18:43
charlestedg: thanks for the ^18:44
charlesthat sounds like what mterry was seeing the other day, too. hmm, but the guy in this ticket says he's seeing the same behavior in the /old/ version of indicator-power18:47
charlesI'll test a bit with upower --monitor-detail18:48
charlesom26er: thx for the heads-up18:48
om26ercharles, that guy would be me ;-)18:49
charlesom26er: :)18:49
nhainesI am looking forward to testing HUD, but it doesn't seem to be enabled after all today's updates in precise.  :)19:28
nloewennhaines: its in the unity ppa.19:29
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
jjardonHi om26er, I commented in the bug19:39
VelmontI'm getting quite frustrated now. -- Unity and home-directories over NFS and/or pam_ldap really doesn't mix at all. -- It works some times.19:40
om26erjjardon, great! thanks :)19:41
VelmontI'm not able to find out when it is reproducable and when not. But often just hangs, -- a few reboots and yay it works.19:41
VelmontAnyone know anything about it?19:41
VelmontRight now seems to be hanging on "Adding plugins" (but not always there).19:41
om26erjjardon, I replied on the report :)19:44
* thumper does a little dance20:09
thumperunity 5.4 gets one step closer20:09
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=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
htorquechrisccoulson: hi! do you know if the thunderbird toolbar will stay light colored for 12.04?20:48
bschaeferjaytaoko, hey, ping20:56
malinmhall119: do you have time to look at my code again? I can not figure out what is wrong, but this code does not work https://launchpad.net/unity-buss21:08
malinI have installed the .service-file in /usr/share/dbus-1/services  both .lens and .scope in /usr/share/unity/lenses/buss/  and the file called "buss"  in /usr/local/bin/21:09
mhall119malin: so for lenses and scopes, they run in the background constantly, they don't get executed on each search21:11
mhall119malin: what you do is, in __main__, you create the lens/scope object, and put it into the Gtk MainLoop so that your process doesn't exit21:12
mhall119in the Daemon's __init__, you need to connect your search methods to dbus notifications, this will call your Daemon's search method when the user enters search terms21:13
mhall119malin: look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-sample/python-5.0/view/head:/unity-scope-wikipedia21:14
mhall119line 21 it connects the dbus signal "search-changed" to the Daemon class's on_search_changed() method21:15
malinso I have to run: chmod +x buss.lens  and so on?21:15
mhall119no, I don't think so21:16
malinI thought I puted it in the mainloop?21:16
malinah, okey21:16
mhall119the .lens is just information about your lens21:16
mhall119the mainloop just keeps your Daemon object in-memory21:16
mhall119the mainloop keeps your program from exiting21:16
mhall119look at line 103 of that same file21:16
malinso I have putted the code in wrong loop?21:17
mhall119it creates a new instance of the Daemon class, which connects itself to dbus's search-changed, then it enters the mainloop so that the program doesn't exit, removing the Daemon instance21:17
malinline 103 on tat example?21:17
mhall119malin: you search code belongs in a function inside the Daemon class21:17
mhall119you wire that function to the search-changed dbus signal21:18
malinso I have to write line 103 at end of my code?21:18
mhall119malin: you can take evertying from line 85 to the end of the file, and put it at the end of your code21:19
malinah okey :)21:19
mhall119then put line 32-57 of your code into a function in the Daemon class21:19
mhall119or, you know, you could just use Singlet21:20
mhall119which does all of this for you21:20
mhall119but only on Precise21:20
malinah, I run Precise21:21
malinso singlet is easier?21:21
mhall119Singlet just hides all of this other stuff so you don't need to do it yourself21:22
mhall119malin: look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/onehundredscopes/dictionary/view/head:/dictionary-lens to see how to do things with Singlet21:24
mhall119global_search and handle_uri are both optional21:25
mhall119all you are required to define is the search method21:26
gotwigmhall119: will the new video lens be soon in 12.04 :-)?21:26
mhall119davidcalle: ^^ ??21:26
malinDo lenses made with the old method work in precise?21:27
mhall119malin: yes, Singlet is just a wrapper around that21:27
malinokey )21:27
gotwigmhall119: do you have experience with encoding in python?21:28
mhall119string encoding?21:31
mhall119or media encoding?21:31
malinmhall119: I added those lines from that example-file + added my code to a function. Do I have to edit the code from that example-file somehow? I still can't get it to work. I have not looked at Singlet yet21:40
malinmhall119: I think I should start looking at Singlets instead, this is too difficult for me at the moment :)21:45
charlesom26er: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-power/+bug/933466/comments/921:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933466 in indicator-power "Power icon doesn't show charging or draining" [Critical,In progress]21:49
mhall119malin: if you push your latest code I'll take another look at it21:50
malinmhall119: okey :) thank you so much for being so patient with me :)21:53
mhall119malin: just passing it on, davidcalle did the same for me when I was getting started :)21:53
malinawh :)21:54
malinI don't take things very fast, but when I have taken it... :)21:54
mhall119malin: I hope that you'll mentor someone else who needs help, once you've caught it21:56
bschaeferthumper, ping, I have a good solution to that alt+f1 key nav thing21:57
malinmhall119: of corse :) I love to help others :)21:58
bschaeferthumper, also found a crash in IMTextEntry while copying/pasting but the fix is in my new ibus support branch21:59
malinmhall119: I will push the new code soon, just gonna check if I have the original buss.py-file somewhere21:59
thumperbschaefer: hi22:00
* thumper is running unity 3d using llvmpipe :)22:00
thumpereffectively doing everything in software22:00
thumperit is a little slower22:00
thumperbut nothing that makes it unusable22:00
thumperbschaefer: I was up until 1am debugging last night22:00
thumperbschaefer: but we found the fix \o/22:01
om26ercharles, confirmed the fix works for me as well22:01
thumperbschaefer: well, when I say we, I mean njpatel after I had gone to bed :)22:01
thumperhi om26er22:01
bschaeferthumper, haha22:01
thumperbschaefer: what is your alt-f1 fix22:01
om26erhey thumper :)22:01
bschaefer    case XK_F1:22:02
bschaefer      if (state & nux::NUX_STATE_ALT)22:02
bschaefer      {22:02
bschaefer        parent_->KeyNavTerminate(false);22:02
bschaefer      }22:02
bschaefer      break;22:02
bschaefersince it only gets to that switch statement when key nac is active22:02
thumperbschaefer: so... removing exit on alt keypress?22:02
thumperbschaefer: what about alt-tab ?22:02
bschaeferill have to add one for tab22:03
bschaeferhmm I wonder if there is a state for tab22:03
bschaeferwait nevermind had it backwords in my head22:03
thumperbschaefer: there is a XK for tab22:03
bschaeferi was thinking NUX_STATE_TAB haha22:03
bschaeferbut swtiched tab and alt around22:03
thumperI think the key ways to get out are:22:03
thumperesc, alt-f1, alt-tab22:04
bschaeferwhat was yours?22:04
thumperwere there others?22:04
bschaeferhmm alt+f4?22:04
thumperalt+f4 is normally "close window"22:05
thumperis that an expected exit from keynav mode?22:05
bschaeferim not sure22:05
bschaeferI was told ALL shortcuts22:05
bschaefershould exist from key nav...22:05
bschaeferwell at lease that is what it says in the bug report22:05
gotwighelp me pls in python22:06
gotwigdoes someone know how I can convert unicode to a bytestream?22:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 869122 in Ayatana Design "Launcher - difficult to exit from 'alt+f1' Launcher navigation mode" [Critical,Fix committed]22:07
malinmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~malinkb/unity-buss/unity-buss-experimental/view/head:/buss22:07
bschaefer- Pressing any keyboard shortcut should exit the 'Alt+F1' navigation mode and perform the keyboard shortcut action the user expects22:07
thumpergotwig: which language?22:07
thumpergotwig: python?22:08
gotwigthumper: python22:08
gotwigthumper: like I said22:08
thumpergotwig: u"\N{SNOWMAN}".encode('utf-8')22:08
thumpergotwig: sorry, missed your first line22:08
bschaeferthumper, so Ill have to go through and make sure all the shortcuts are working22:08
gotwigthumper: It's a bit more tricky22:08
gotwigthumper: 2 slow ^^?22:08
gotwigthumper: wait I have a paste22:08
mhall119malin: ok, __name__ won't be __main__ anymore, so get rid of that if and unindent the code inside it22:08
malinmhall119: if you wonder why the name is almost equal to bus as in dbus is just a coincidence. This lens is tend to be used to get info about when busses from the local transport-system in my town goes.22:08
thumperbschaefer: hmm...22:09
gotwigthumper: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844972/22:09
malinso I should comment out all the code inn __name__  ?22:09
mhall119malin: just remove line 3322:09
gotwigthumper: you dont know lxml, right?22:09
thumpergotwig: not really22:10
bschaeferthumper, which is going to get ugly when we have to keep adding in shortcuts...22:10
mhall119malin: then change buss() to buss(self, scope, search, search_type, cancellable)22:10
mhall119def buss(self, scope, search, search_type, cancellable):22:10
thumpergotwig: what does parse do?22:10
mhall119^^ line 32 should look like that22:10
WarriorIng64I just installed the Unity 5.4 PPA and haven't been able to log into Unity, and I was directed to come here if I had issues (http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/unity-54-whats-new-and-call-for-testing.html)22:11
thumperbschaefer: yes, we need a better solution22:11
thumperbschaefer: email the ninjas :)22:11
thumperWarriorIng64: what problems are you seeing?22:11
bschaeferthumper, alright!22:11
gotwigthumper: parse the output from the submit action22:11
malinah, and then I change indent. I missunderstood that as to comment out :p22:11
mhall119malin: finally, on line 22, add the following:22:12
mhall119self._scope.connect("search-changed", self.buss)22:12
thumpergotwig: the issue is that you have some code somewhere that is expecting a string22:12
thumperor doing a subtle conversion22:12
thumperand causing the explosion22:12
gotwigthumper: a bytestring yes...22:12
WarriorIng64thumper: I tried logging into Unity after following the directions for installing the PPA on that page, and I landed in GNOME Shell instead (already installed). When trying to run unity --replace in a terminal, it tells me Unity is not installed, and I can't install it via apt-get since it depends on compiz, which it won't install for some reason22:12
gotwigthumper: and I cant convert it somehow22:13
gotwigthumper: I already asked the python pro's22:13
gotwigthey said me that, too. but they dont realy know how to solve that22:13
thumperWarriorIng64: um...22:14
* thumper looks at the ppa22:14
malinmhall119: Now I will check with log out and in again to see if something happens :)22:14
gotwigthumper: realy sad situation :( couse this should be part of my scope22:15
thumperit seems that the compiz that is needed for unity isn't in the unity-team ppa22:15
thumperand isn't in main either22:15
thumperI'm running the daily crack of compiz22:16
thumperWarriorIng64: I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but I'm guessing that when you did the dist-upgrade, it removed unity due to unmet dependencies22:16
thumperor something strange like that22:16
WarriorIng64thumper: is there something I could try to correct it, or should I ppa-purge and wait?22:17
thumperWarriorIng64: I'd suggest backing out the ppa22:17
thumperWarriorIng64: and reinstall unity22:17
thumperthen comment on the post22:17
thumperI'm not sure who that is for orangenotebook22:17
om26erWarriorIng64, hey before reverting can you pastebin the result of sudo apt-get install unity from terminal22:18
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
mhall119thumper: orangenotebook is balloons22:18
thumpermhall119: ah... ok22:19
mhall119and for the record, that line, out of context, would make me look insane22:19
WarriorIng64om26er: already started ppa-purge, but I have that output here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/845065/22:19
malinmhall119: I changed the code, loged out and back in, but nothing :S22:19
mhall119malin: any of your print statements being run?22:20
WarriorIng64hmm, ppa-purge wants me to uninstall gwibber for some reason22:20
* om26er thinks you might be using another ppa with this one22:20
thumpergotwig: if you are utf-8 encoding your form22:21
thumpergotwig: you need to give a post header saying that you've utf-8 encoded the form elements22:21
gotwigthumper: and where22:21
gotwigthumper: dont realy understand22:21
malinmhall119: the print-statement for results is being run. the thing is. The lens is not presnted in dash either22:22
mhall119malin: look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~malinkb/unity-buss/unity-buss-experimental/view/head:/lens/buss.lens22:23
malinah or, no, i commented out a print-statement and I don't think I should do taht22:23
gotwigthumper: http://lxml.de/dev/api.html22:23
gotwigthumper: something like that? search for utf-822:23
mhall119malin: print statements don't do anything, so I won't matter22:23
mhall119malin: you have some problems in your .lens file22:23
mhall119DBusPatch should be DBusPath22:23
mhall119and the path should match what is in your lens code22:24
malinyeah, the lens should be presented with or without a print-statement :)22:24
malinokey, and what is the coresponding path in my lsenscode? :)22:24
malinI think that' where I have failed a lot, and what I feel is not described enough22:24
malintypically me to write patch and not path :p22:24
mhall119what you pass to Unity.lens.new22:24
mhall119malin: you'll also need to call self._scope.export() in your Daemon's __init__22:26
malinso I have to write this "/net/buss/lens/buss", "buss"  in the .lense or this: "/net/buss/lens/buss"22:26
gotwigthumper: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.lxml.devel/565022:26
mhall119just /net/buss/lens/buss22:26
mhall119no quotes22:27
malinwithout the quotes, okey22:27
thumpergotwig: what if you don't utf-8 encode the search string?22:27
thumpergotwig: it looks like the library you are using is encoding it22:27
gotwigthumper: yes22:27
malinmhall119: in python, is it right to have; at the end of a method-call? As I have done? I am more familiar with java22:29
malinjava syntax22:29
malinmhall119: hm.. I changed what you told me to, but still not presented in dash22:31
WarriorIng64thumper: okay, I got the current Unity 5.2 back and running now. Thanks!22:33
mhall119malin: in python it isn't necessary, but it's not a syntax error either22:33
malinokey :)22:33
mhall119malin: bzr push your changes again22:33
malinmhall119: okey22:34
malinmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~malinkb/unity-buss/unity-buss-experimental/files22:36
balloonshey.. saw a mention in here.. missed it before22:37
balloonsthumper, mhall119 unity 5.4 is due to hit the archive soon.. sounds like that might be the issue your having?22:38
thumperballoons: 5.4 probably won't hit until monday22:38
thumperballoons: and given I've just hit another serious issue...22:39
mhall119malin: un-indent line 61 down22:39
balloonswell.. yea.. I kind of suspected.. but the point is it was intended to go out22:39
balloonshence the unsteadiness22:39
malinmhall119: does that mean it should be indented one indent to the right?22:40
malin#something  <<--- from this to22:41
malin    #something <<-- tho this?22:41
mhall119malin: line 62 shouldn't be indented at all, everything else indented under that accordingly22:41
malinah, I see22:42
gotwigthumper: I think I know the error22:42
gotwigthumper: I think its becouse it takes in its standard version GET22:42
gotwigand the query is over 127 chars long22:42
gotwigcouse its POST, and POST queries can be quite long, right?..22:43
balloonsbut yea.. I'm the guy behind theorangenotebook.. just in case you ever need a target for the chair throwing.. heheh22:43
charlesom26er, ty22:44
malinmhall119: I can push thecode again, cause it still won't run22:44
om26eryw charles :)22:44
mhall119malin: anyting showing in the dash yet?22:45
mhall119malin: is your icon file where your .lens files says it is?22:45
malinI can of course double check it22:45
mhall119malin: and your buss file is where your .service file says it is?22:46
malinmhall119: icon file is where my .lens file says it is22:46
gotwigthumper: do you know at which place I have to place the .method ?22:47
malinmhall119: yeah, buss file is where my .service file says it is22:47
mhall119malin: run "python buss" in the directory you're developing the 'buss' file22:48
mhall119malin: oh, give your scope a different dbus path22:50
mhall119call it /net/buss/lens/buss/main22:50
davidcallegotwig, it's coming really (like tomorrow if things go well)22:50
mhall119malin: I'm about to end my day, but if you push your latest code we can pick it back up tomorrow22:50
malinhere is the output from terminal: http://pastebin.com/5N2uVUSB22:51
gotwigdavidcalle: ? what ^^22:51
davidcallegotwig, the video lens (sorry, was afk earlier)22:51
gotwigmhall119: can you help?22:51
gotwigdavidcalle: oh great !22:51
gotwigI always asked here22:51
gotwigfor that22:51
mhall119malin: oh, line 20 of your buss file22:51
gotwigwill it have a global scope?22:52
mhall119should be Unity.Lens.new22:52
mhall119with a capital L22:52
gotwigmhall119: can you maybe help?22:52
davidcallegotwig, local videos are available from the Home dash. For the remote ones, you will have to go in the lens.22:53
gotwighttp://lxml.de/lxmlhtml.html#forms says I can use .method to change the type of the form22:53
thumpergotwig: sorry, deep debugging an issue right now22:53
gotwigdavidcalle: np22:53
gotwigdavidcalle: are you doing it?22:53
davidcallegotwig, yeah22:53
gotwigdavidcalle: oh!22:53
gotwigdavidcalle: you're my hero22:53
davidcallegotwig, lol22:53
gotwigdavidcalle: why no youtube scope?22:54
gotwigdavidcalle: are you good in python?22:54
davidcalleThere is Youtube Movies and Youtube Education. But I'm not the one taking care of the sources, it's another dev.22:55
gotwigdavidcalle: I like Youtube Movies22:55
davidcallegotwig, it depends, do you need help with something?22:55
gotwigdavidcalle: but will they be location dependend?22:56
gotwigthe real youtube movies are22:56
malinmhall119: I did those changes. I will push the code again. There is still nothing in dash22:56
davidcallegotwig, they should be at release time.22:56
davidcallegotwig, it will be based on your IP adress.22:57
mhall119malin: run "python buss" again22:58
mhall119see if you have any more errors22:58
malinmhall119: okey22:59
malinmhall119: here is the errors:  http://pastebin.com/rdgSY7ES23:00
mhall119malin: oh, that's something from dbus, I'm not sure what it means, maybe davidcalle or mhr3 can help23:01
davidcallemalin, can't help on this one, I've learned to ignore these GLib-GIO critical... :)23:02
malindavidcalle: ah... so there I am stuck? :)23:03
malinanyway thank you very much for helping so far :)23:04
malinmaybe I can try google those dbus-errors23:04
davidcallemalin, the lens should work anyway23:04
malindavidcalle: it dosen't .)23:05
davidcallemalin, currently there is a regression and Unity needs to be restarted after each lens daemon restart.23:05
malinit's not present in the dash23:05
davidcallemalin, have you already seen it in the dash?23:05
davidcalleIs the code somewhere?23:06
malinit is23:06
mfischmhall119: in your community-lens there are entries in the results.append(), are these just temporary entries/placeholders since the real data is coming from the scope?23:13
gotwigcan anyone help me :(?23:19
davidcallemalin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/845134/23:21
davidcallemalin, i've simplified your .lens it appears now.23:21
davidcallegotwig, what's the issue?23:21
gotwigdavidcalle: like I said, i dont know how to apply .method on my form submit request in lxml :23:22
gotwigdash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845123/23:22
gotwigdavidcalle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845123/23:22
davidcalleOops, cat on keyboard crash.23:27
gotwigdavidcalle: cant help me :/?23:32
davidcallegotwig, http://www.recipefy.com/en/recipe-search?search[value]=tomato23:32
gotwigdash: page.forms[0].method = "POST"  does not work, e.g23:32
gotwigdavidcalle: is that GET??23:33
davidcallegotwig, wan't help you on the form method, but you can ask recipefy directly with this url :)23:33
gotwigdavidcalle: is that GET?23:33
davidcalleIt is :)23:34
gotwigdavidcalle: I asked them for GET23:34
gotwigdavidcalle: if they can enable it for me23:34
malindavidcalle: I changed the .lens as you sugested, but it dosen't appear here in dash23:34
gotwignice people ^^23:34
davidcallemalin, start the daemon, then restart unity23:34
davidcallegotwig, indeed :)23:35
gotwigdavidcalle: realy ^^23:35
malindavidcalle: ah, how do I do that?23:35
davidcallemalin, in another terminal "setsid unity"23:35
malinso i start the buss file like: buss &23:36
malinand then run setsid unity ?23:36
davidcallemalin, you should do it in another terminal, to see clearly what happens in your daemon. buss in one, setsid unity in the other23:37
davidcallegotwig, in fact, I always look for the form value, then try get with it (along the usual suspects : search, query, q, s). Works on a lot of websites.23:37
gotwigdavidcalle: realy nice people23:39
gotwigdavidcalle: now I did all this thing for nothing^^23:39
davidcallegotwig, hehe23:39
gotwigdavidcalle: but they did what I requested23:39
gotwigallrecipes wouldnt do that23:39
malindavidcalle: output from buss: http://pastebin.com/ceiW8Yuk   output from setsid unity: http://pastebin.com/rQAtrdbF23:42
davidcallemalin, from what I see, you should change your daemon header to #! /usr/bin/python23:44
davidcallemalin, and don't give the same dbus name to your scope and your lens. (but the lens one should equal the one in the .lens file)23:46
malinso there is something wrong in the .scope ?23:47
malinhm.. what should the one in the scope be called then?23:48
davidcalleYou don't need a .scope file when the scope and the lens are in the same daemon.23:48
malinso I can change it something else and it could be anything?23:48
malinso I can just delte the scope?23:49
malindavidcalle: then I got: Failed to own name net.buss.lens.buss. Bailing out. when running buss from a terminal23:50
davidcalleAnd in your daemon file, change the scope to "Unity.Scope.new ("/net/buss/lens/buss/main")" for example23:50
malinbut if I have deleted the scope file, how can I do that in the daemon-file?23:50
davidcallemalin, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~malinkb/unity-buss/unity-buss-experimental/files you only need the daemon (buss), and buss.lens23:52
malinstill get: Failed to own name net.buss.lens.buss. Bailing out.23:52
davidcalleand the service file, but that's not mandatory to test it.23:52
malindavidcalle: okey23:52
davidcalleThis is because your daemon is already running. Check your terminals to see if it's there. If not : type "ps aux | grep buss"23:53
davidcalleIt will show the running proccess, and kill it with "kill processnumber"23:54
malinah, it was running alreaddy yes23:54
davidcalle(it's the first number)23:54
malinwell.. it still not appear in the dash23:55
davidcalleWhat the terminal output from the daemon says?23:56
davidcalle(wow, excuse my english, it's getting late ;) )23:56
malinthere is no output from daemon23:56
malinah, I don't think my english is perfect either :) I am Norwegian23:56
davidcalleOk, don't stop the daemon. and from another term, "setsid unity".23:57
malinI did23:57
malinbut I can try again23:57
malinI can post the output from setsid unity if is of any interest?23:57
davidcalleCould you paste the daemon file and the lens file as they are now?23:57
davidcallemalin, not really23:57
malinI can paste them both to pastebin23:58
davidcalleYes please23:58

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