MarkDudedragon, ping05:44
Coreypleia2: Know anyone in the general SF area who might be looking for a summer internship doing a Ubuntu type job?06:32
FaqtotumCorey: :(06:33
Faqtotumit's like dangling candy in front of a baby, then yanking it away06:33
CoreyFaqtotum: Hmm?06:34
Faqtotumi'm from SF but temporarily indefinitely relocated to sacto06:34
CoreyFaqtotum: I work out of LA, I spend a week now and then up there. :-)06:34
Faqtotumi go to LA for SCaLE, except this year06:35
Faqtotumif sacto is still "in the general SF area" to you, i'm intrigued06:36
CoreyBut I've got Intern Budget so I figured I'd see whether there were decent folks.06:36
CoreyHey, it's your commute, not mine. :-D06:36
Faqtotumto LA?06:36
Faqtotumpart of what intrigues me is the idea of the commute to LA06:37
CoreyThat's my commute.  It's all in how you negotiate. :-)06:37
CoreyI live here in LA, the office is in SF.06:37
CoreyAnd no, my couch isn't available for three months. :-p06:37
Faqtotumhow long will the offer be on the table? i don't have all my ducks in order atm06:39
CoreyI'm trying to see what options I have.06:40
CoreyHence my pinging pleia2.06:40
Faqtotumpleia2: i'd consider it awesome to be peripherally in the loop as well06:42
pleia2Corey: unfortunately I don't really know much about internships in general06:44
Coreypleia2: Right.  I've got the internship (basically a summer job that ideally teaches them a bit about the Real World(tm)), I'm looking for folks who aren't rubbish is all.06:44
Faqtotumsadly, i AM rubbish06:45
pleia2Corey: looking for a systems person on a developer?06:45
CoreyThings like "fix my abortion of a Ubuntu package" build system, etc.06:45
Coreypleia2: Either or.06:45
* pleia2 nods06:45
Faqtotumdev here06:45
pleia2Corey: does it have to be a college student with related internship stuff, or just any young person looking for something?06:46
Coreypleia2: Good question.  I need to pry the answer to it out of our CEO come morning.06:46
CoreyI suspect if they're solid either would do.06:46
Faqtotumpleia2: why does the person need to be young?06:46
pleia2I don't know anyone off the top of my head, but I could certainly ask around06:47
Coreypleia2: I would appreciate this.06:47
pleia2Faqtotum: internships don't pay much :)06:47
Faqtotumthey are still valuable06:47
CoreyI have no idea about payscale at the moment.06:47
Faqtotumfoot-in-the-door can be more important than income in the long run06:48
CoreyI don't imagine it's enough to get rich off of, but a summer doing a bit of real work isn't horrid on the resume.06:48
pleia2Faqtotum: certainly depends on the person, pay-my-mortgage is most important for me now and in the long run ;)06:48
CoreyIf only dax were available. :-(06:49
pleia2Corey: last I knew he was already working like two jobs :)06:49
Coreypleia2: Exactly!  I already talked to him.06:49
Faqtotumyou have a mortgage on the place on new montgomery?06:50
pleia2Faqtotum: yep06:50
Faqtotumi didn't realize it was a condo06:50
pleia2some people in this building rent of course, but the units are mostly owned separately06:51
Faqtotumi thought it was a rental, like the vast majority of places in SF06:51
CoreyBut there are some fun Ubuntu related projects coming up.06:51
CoreyLike a migration to Precise!06:51
CoreyI figure "summer" is a good target for that.06:51
pleia2Corey: using LTS?06:51
CoreyWe are.06:52
* pleia2 nods06:52
CoreyIt's great to complain about. :-)06:52
pleia2this netbook always stays on LTS06:52
Coreypleia2: I tried that.  The LTS upgrade ate it.06:52
pleia2I use a web browser and ssh, not much to complain about06:52
bkerensapleia2: A mortgage on New Montgomery must be a fortune :P06:55
bkerensabut definitely a nice place to live and good investment06:55
Faqtotumbkerensa: corner of howard06:56
pleia2bkerensa: hah, a bit, but we both work in tech so we do ok :)06:56
Faqtotumthere were better times for that before06:57
pleia2only 800 sq ft though, so we're already trying to figure out where we go once we have kids06:57
pleia2(and as my mother loves to remind me every-time-we-talk, I'm not getting any younger!)06:58
bkerensapleia2: :P My fiancee is Middle Management at one of the largest consumer finance companies in the Pacific Northwest and I make off pretty nice with freelance but New Montgomery is out of the question :)06:58
Faqtotumhaving kids prior to the age of thirty is generally unwise07:00
pleia2Faqtotum: I'm 3007:00
Faqtotumi know07:00
Faqtotumi was reminding you that waiting until now was a good decision07:01
pleia2ah, thanks :)07:01
bkerensaMarkDude: You awake?07:34
MarkDudeWhats up bkerensa07:37
bkerensaMarkDude: Will PM07:37
bkerensaSimon & Garfunkel is excellent music to listen to at this hour07:58
philipballewCorey, looks like a nice internship08:09
Coreyphilipballew: It'll be a better one once I actually define the role, but I was hoping to find someone to fill it and build it around their skillset.08:29
CoreyI didn't realize pleia2 was old!  She's got... a good six months at LEAST on me!08:29
philipballewwell I will be in nor cal all summer so I thought it looked pretty interesting and that is why it caught my eye08:30
philipballewshe looks younger then she is :)08:30
philipballewCorey, about where would be a good place to get more info on this job?08:36
Coreyphilipballew: Here, most likely. :-)08:40
CoreyIt's not like I ever sign off.08:40
philipballewfor sure, well it looks like something i would like to know more about08:43
Faqtotum[Thu 2012-02-16 12:29:22 AM PST] <Corey> philipballew: It'll be a better one once I actually define the role, but I was hoping to find someone to fill it and build it around their skillset. <---- building anything around my skillset sounds like a dream come true14:45
Faqtotum[Thu 2012-02-16 12:29:56 AM PST] <Corey> I didn't realize pleia2 was old!  She's got... a good six months at LEAST on me! <----- meh, i was coding before she was old enough to walk or talk14:46
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dragonMarkDude: pong!22:06
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nhainesHmm, I now that Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS is out, I shuold probably restart my machine.23:20
jtatumnever restart or you lose the uptime game23:31
MarkDudeHey there dragon23:44
MarkDudeInterested in going to Deviant art party this Sat after bowling?23:44
MarkDudeAnd are you coming to art night tonight? Stacy should be there, most likely Niki23:44
dragonMarkDude: my family is in the town, so I'm caught up.23:45
dragonBarely making it to bowling, since I can't bail out.23:45
dragonI'd love to attend the party, but... how far is it?23:45
MarkDudeIn san fran23:47
MarkDudeI was sending link to Sam in a few23:47
MarkDudeArt night another time, maybe we should plan one for a Sat during day to make it so others can go23:48
* dragon considers taking this to off-topic. :)23:52
MarkDudeOh cool, I like how I can swear like a drunken sailor in that channel23:52
MarkDudeThis is relevant tho- its about a circle of friends.....23:53
dragonyes, it's relevant.23:55
dragon..but logged.23:55
* MarkDude waves fist vaguely in air regarding logging :D23:58
MarkDudeIts all good :)23:58

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