PainBankYo, is chc tonight?01:32
PainBankGuess you moved it, cause no one is at carribou.01:35
PainBankSweet se us on a few.01:36
rick_hdude, been here for nearly a year01:36
rick_hemail sent02:33
tjagodaI dont like replacing outdoor halogen lightbulbs02:42
tjagodathey scare me02:42
tjagodaalways pop and break when I touch them02:42
tjagodaI like Canonical's application system04:27
tjagodaVery clean.  Very quick.04:27
rick_hgood DOTD (maybe, haven't read it) today11:39
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, it's pretty good12:27
snap-land most of the reviews on the site are "doesn't measure with code complete", and "I don't like their commenting style"12:28
snap-l(most of the bad reviews)12:28
WolfgerWow. Thoughtful and insightful reviews.12:36
WolfgerNot used to seeing that. :-)12:37
snap-lI wish magazine sampler CDs came with at least a multimedia section that told you (once you toss the flimsy disk jacket they package it in) what was on the disc.12:43
snap-lHello from the other side. :)13:49
brouschother side of what?13:50
Wolfgerhis house13:51
Wolfger...or does he have a "real" job now? ;-)13:51
snap-lWolfger: I'm in an office now13:51
snap-land my other job was a "real" job13:52
snap-ljust didn't have me "really" doing much. :)13:52
Wolfgerbah. Working from home isn't a real job.13:52
WolfgerIt's having a benefactor.13:52
Wolfger(so says the voice of envy)13:52
snap-lWolfger: Heh13:53
snap-lLetting it slide before I rip you open like a pinata and tear out the candy bits inside. ;)13:53
Wolfgerno candy inside today. Only bagels14:02
Wolfgeryou know, if I'd never met snap-l in person, I'd think he was big, mean, and tough...14:15
brouschi think he's a teddy bear who likes to headbang14:15
Wolfgeryeah, pretty much14:16
Wolfgerbut he talks a mean game in IRC14:16
Wolfgerripping people open and whatnot14:17
brouschpinatas are not particularly hard to rip open14:17
brouschso his plan is to blindly tap you with a stick and hope you explode14:18
snap-lWolfger: I am big and mean. :)14:25
snap-lBut mostly I'm just into hyperbole. :)14:25
Wolfgersnap-l: more like big and ill-humored14:27
snap-lYou haven't seen angry me14:33
snap-lIt's not pretty14:33
snap-lI'm a laser-beam of destruction14:33
* snap-l listens to music to soothe the savage beast: Revocation - Chaos of Forms14:39
jrwrenanyone know what the ab "time per request mean across all concurrent" is actually measuring?14:43
snap-ljrwren: context?14:47
rick_hab the apache benchmark tool14:48
rick_hjrwren: I can't say for 100% just read into the description14:49
snap-ljrwren: ^^14:50
brouschrick_h: how did you know that i joined goodreads?14:56
rick_hbrousch: I got an email notification14:57
brouschthey wanted to spam all my FB friends, but i think i stopped it15:00
rick_hah, gotcha15:01
rick_hwell I wasn't on that list :)15:01
brouschi didn't realize it would email everyone in my contacts15:02
brouschgoing through these book ratings and lists makes me realize how little i've read15:03
brouschhm, going through children's books "neil gaiman: the graveyard book"15:10
jrwrenyeah, i googled and read adn found that serverault, but that didn't help.15:17
snap-ljrwren: What's the specific question, then?15:18
jrwrenafaict its actually just time per request mean divided by concurrency number.15:18
jrwrenwhich is fine.15:18
jrwreni am just not sure why that is a useful number.15:18
greg_gsnap-l: if you ever need to contact all of the lame-os on LP that are a part of Ubuntu Michigan, blog.launchpad.net/?p=319815:18
snap-lgreg_g: Oh, very handy. :)15:19
greg_g(lame-os == those who aren't subscribed to the mailing list)15:19
=== greg_g is now known as greg-g
_stink_oh, i thought you meant we are all lame-os.15:19
snap-l_stink_: that's how I took it. :)15:20
snap-lHey, I included myself in that set. :)15:20
brouschi don't use a lame os, i use kubuntu!15:21
snap-lYou're in denial.15:22
snap-lIt's OK. We're here to help.15:22
brouschscrew you guys, i'm going back to #kubuntu-us-mi they're much more supportive15:23
greg-ghow would you type/spell "lame-os"?15:23
brousch"greg-g" :P15:23
greg-gbrousch: liar15:23
greg-g /join #kubuntu-us-mi  --> empty15:24
brouschhm, i think i just spammed twitter with about 100 books that i read15:37
brouscher, facebook15:37
snap-lAs long as it isn't twitter, I don't care. :)15:38
brouschright, but i do15:39
greg-gbrousch: I also got an email from you16:05
greg-gFrom: Ben Rousch <noreply@mail.goodreads.com>16:05
snap-lI didn't get spammed by brousch16:06
greg-ghe doesn't love you as much as me16:08
brouschsnap-l: interesting. you're probably using an email address i don't have16:11
snap-lIf you used GMail to create an account, then I'm likely not in there. :)16:13
brouschheh. sylvain hellgarouch accepted the friend request16:14
brouschi feel 133716:14
brouschi tried to add jodee and got "Sorry, you have reached our daily limit for the number of friend requests. Please try again later."16:17
snap-lYeah, you need at least 3 to friend her.16:26
snap-lShe's 1337^216:26
brouschgood reads is suggesting i read "Pro Drupal Development"16:45
WolfgerWell, get to it!16:48
* brousch tried to send Wolfger the 'pile of poo' symbol and fails16:50
Wolfgernow you're stuck with your own poo16:52
_stink_anyone know how to tell vim to use a different syntax file than the one it's trying by default for a particular file extension?16:57
_stink_looks like "au BufNewFile,BufRead *.stupidoldextension set filetype=goodextension"16:59
rick_h_stink_: permanent? or just once?16:59
rick_hyea, set ft=16:59
_stink_awesome, thanks.17:00
rick_hheh, I'd been avoiding looking at that one17:26
snap-lThe higher-rated comments are pretty good17:26
snap-lnot relying on regexes because Python has good string handling17:26
snap-lSeems pretty even keel17:27
WolfgerNot relying on regexes? Blasphemy!17:28
rick_hthat's one of the things I find appealing in the ruby camp17:29
rick_hdecent regex usage compared to python17:29
snap-lrick_h: Well, it's there if you need it in Python17:29
snap-lbut most of the time with Perl I was using regexes to find out if something was in something17:29
rick_hWolfger: yea, some people (crazy though they are) find if str.endswidth('txt') easier to read then str./txt$/ or whatever17:29
rick_hor better yet, if 'txt' in str:17:30
rick_hvs whatever perl concoction you feel like today :)17:30
Wolfgerif $str =~ m/.txt$/17:31
Wolfgerwhat's so hard about that? ;-p17:31
Wolfgershouldn't that be endswith?17:32
snap-lNah, it finds any three characters with endswidth. ;)17:32
* Wolfger ponders how the width of an end is calculated17:33
Wolfger(cue "I like big butts" joke in 3..2..1..)17:33
Wolfger"It'll help for Python3, which unlike Perl6 actually is here, although you wouldn't really notice it." nice comment17:34
snap-lIt's the truth17:35
snap-lPerl6 ended up stranded on some asteroid mining mission17:35
jrwrenthat is actually true17:35
jrwrenand a good point.17:35
jrwrenin a tight loop the cost of the pcre for simple matching like that is going to get really expensive17:35
Wolfgersame commenter: "To the folks hating on Perl, STOP IT. The Perl folks know their shit. Guido is an artist, he knows pretty. Larry Wall is a programmer, he knows performance, and other beardy shit like that. Perl may be one of the uglier languages out there, but it's got every modern paradigm, usually a decade before it gets popular. Feel free to hate on the Ruby folks, but the Perl folks are good.17:36
Wolfger We want them on our side."17:36
rick_hummm, I'm really not sold on the "but it's got every modern paradigm, usually a decade before it gets popular."17:37
WolfgerYeah, well...17:38
Wolfgerwords like "every", "all", "always", "never" really shouldn't be used17:39
Wolfgerbut people like them17:39
rick_hI'm having a hard time rewriting that in my head as "but it's got many modern paradigms, usually a decade before it gets popular"17:40
Wolfger"It had many modern paradigms before they were popular"17:40
Wolfgerthat's my un-hyperbolized translation17:41
WolfgerPerl also has some paradigms that still haven't become popular. :-D17:41
jrwrenwhat does a perl list comprension look like?17:42
jrwrennot the same17:43
jrwrenbut nice try17:43
snap-lWhere does it fall down?17:43
jrwrenoh right, grep is filter.17:44
jrwrenmy bad.17:44
jrwrenso nested map and grep... yes, i guess i recall that from perl, and i recall liking it.17:44
snap-lIt's not very pretty, though.17:45
snap-l(pretty as in pleasent to look at)17:45
snap-lIt looks like Perl 6 tries to rectify that somewhat:17:46
snap-lJesus, Perl 6 started the design process in 200017:47
jrwrenamazing that py3k eclipsed it.17:47
snap-lAt this rate, it'll be the Chinese Democracy / Duke Nukem Forever of programming languages17:47
snap-land likely suck as hard.17:47
WolfgerPerl6 already is the Duke Nukem Forever of programming languages.17:48
Wolfgeralthough supporters will tell you Perl 6 really exists and you can program in it....17:49
WolfgerI think they are delusional17:49
WolfgerMuch like anybody who thought KDE4 was usable when it got released.17:49
greg-gis that the article on oxymorons?18:10
Wolfgergreg-g: this is snap-l we're talking about... it's about heavy metal :-p18:12
Wolfger(is g'n'r considered metal?)18:13
greg-gWolfger: snap-l's link18:13
greg-gand gnr metal? no.18:13
snap-lWell, Metal is a tricky definition18:15
snap-lZeppelin is considered Heavy Metal18:15
snap-lso G'nR is technically metal18:16
snap-lThough I tend to put them in the less glam end of glam metal18:16
snap-lwe could spend all day with that definition18:18
Wolfgerkinda like "what is sci fi?"18:18
snap-lAnd when is Sci Fi no longer Sci Fi, but Fantasy18:19
Wolfgermost people would say Star Wars is definitive sci fi, but really it's much more high fantasy18:19
jrwrenthe grammys have a hard rock/metal category18:20
snap-ljrwren: The Grammys doesn't know the difference between Jethro Tull and Slayer18:21
WolfgerTull!!!! \m/18:21
snap-lThe fact that they still have a world music category means they're clueless.18:22
snap-lNo disrespect to Foo Fighters, but they shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Lamb of God / Testament, etc.18:23
Wolfgeryou mean, like you just did right there?18:23
Wolfgersnap-l is a paradox18:24
* snap-l preps to head to the gallows.18:24
snap-lright now I'm a paradockers and a sweater.18:24
* Wolfger groans18:24
snap-lI <3 that Sony got caught raising the price of Whitney Houston albums on iTunes after her death18:25
snap-l30 minutes afterward.18:25
WolfgerSomebody died. PROFIT!!!!!18:27
WolfgerThey are saying it was a mistake.18:30
Wolfgerin unrelated news, they are also trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge18:30
jrwrensnap-l: agreed. i LMAO when I saw foo fighters won that category.18:34
jrwreni wouldn't have called foo fighters hard rock.18:35
jrwrenits pop rock.18:35
jrwrenits pretty easy to argue that it doesn't get any more pop rock and foo fighters18:35
jrwren*than foo fighters18:35
Wolfgermmm.... Pop Rocks.....18:36
Wolfgerdo they still sell those?18:36
jrwren... i just realized how much the unity launcher bar looks like windowmaker's bar18:36
jrwrenyes, poprocks are still around. the react with coke almost a nicely as mentos18:36
brouschWolfger: pop rocks, yes. my son just had his first hit a couple of weeks ago18:40
WolfgerLOL @ "first hit"18:40
greg-gok, I just did my first all-on-github fork, change, send merge request thingy18:46
greg-git was a one-line patch, but that in-browser editor was cool18:46
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, it's pretty awesome.19:00
rick_hgreg-g: yea, it's perfect for that stuff.19:32
rick_h<3 https://twitter.com/#!/palendae/status/17022901311203328019:33
snap-lrick_h: Isnt that the truth19:37
snap-lEvery time I've upgraded Tracks and they add something to it, I wonder "What'll break now"19:38
WolfgerOh noes! The cancelled my Amazon order! (or so the e-mail in my spam folder tells me)20:01
WolfgerI guess if you send out enough of those, you'll get a fair number of people who actually are waiting for an order to be delivered.20:02
WolfgerCongress needs to pass a bi-partisan bill declaring "spam prevention" to be justification for homicide.20:03
brouschsnap-l: do you still have your kobo?20:36
brouschi have heard it's very hackable20:36
snap-lIt can be20:36
brouschyou can install debian on it20:37
snap-lThough there was one gent who was hacking it, and then abruptly stopped20:37
snap-lFor a while they seemed the most Linux friendly out of the eReader crek20:38
greg-gfloating down the ereader creek20:42
snap-l'bout the size of it20:43
brouschi think i tried that back in 2006/2007 as a remote desktop for people on dial-up20:53
brouschusing nx20:53
jrwrensnap-l: that is why I mentioned WM earlier.21:15
rick_hgah, buildout is getting annoying21:41
brouschat least you have figured out how to use it21:44
rick_hI don't think so...I can't figure out how the @#$@# to get this test runner working right21:45
rick_hit builds a package, but wtf...grrrr too much magic in here21:46
rick_hoh sweet, got it I think21:48
brouschrick_h: you'll be so proud. i just deleted my aptana pydev eclipse ide because vim is teh awesome23:29
Blazeixoh, didn't rick_h mention it? he's switched over to eclipse for his day-to-day python dev.23:32

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