thafreakMorning Ohio15:43
paultagthafreak: morning15:43
thafreakI need an idea database...15:43
jrgiffordthafreak, ideas are overrated.15:43
thafreaksome place i can put ideas...and associated notes, urls, etc15:44
thafreakyes, but they distract me15:44
thafreaki'll be working on something and have an idea and feel the need to fully pursue it15:44
paultagthafreak: newt gingrich has something like that, I'm told15:44
thafreakso i want to archive my ideas for later15:44
thafreakoh brother15:44
thafreaki'm serious people15:45
paultagah nevermind15:45
paultagThe joke going around in the late 1980s was that the NRCC had a whole room full of file Cabinets, with every drawer in the room labeled “Newt’s ideas.” Well, every drawer but one. The drawer in the bottom corner of the dingiest file cabinet was labeled “Newt’s good ideas.” . . .15:45
thafreakdon't start talking about assholes15:45
paultagit was a joke, i'm told new15:45
thafreakyou been hanging around them sunlight people too much ;)15:46
paultagthafreak: true :)15:46
thafreakis it really a front for an ancient sect of vampire hunters?15:46
paultagnot so loud15:46
thafreakcause that would make good fodder for a trillogy15:46
thafreakanyone hear of this new "e-hammer" technology for optical drives?15:48
paultagno, but it sounds scary15:48
thafreaksounds like it ruins recordable media so you don't have to shred the disks or scratch them15:48
thafreakprobably just fills in the entire disk with pits...15:49
dzhoe-hammer, don't hurt 'em15:49
thafreakso, my in-laws hired a new designer...who seems more of a windoze person and uses some software called rhino or something15:50
thafreakwhich is winblows only15:50
thafreakbut they bought her a mac15:50
thafreakand put parallels on it15:50
thafreakand bought...32bit windows 715:51
thafreakso this rendering software which sounds like it gobbles ram, they're running virtually15:51
dzhorhino is the name of a javascript environment, for one thing.  that doesn't sound like it fits here.15:51
thafreakneedless to say, it doesn't work so hot15:51
thafreaknah, it's some 3d rendering stuff15:51
dzhoah, right, I see it now rhino3d.com15:52
thafreaki don't know why they spend all this money on stuff and don't bother asking my opinion15:52
dzho"NURBS modeling for Windows"15:52
dzhowhat sort of business are they in, thafreak15:52
thafreakif something needs tons of ram...i wouldn't run it on a mac...ram is REALLY expensive on those things15:53
thafreakthey build trade show exhibits15:53
dzhowell, expensive, or inconvenient, or both15:53
thafreakThey just did an exhibit for SMS audio at CES15:53
dzhoif the ram slots are exposed, getting it 3rd party is not so bad15:53
dzhothafreak: as in, they design the booth?15:53
thafreakprobably not, they probably filled it with small sized dimms15:54
thafreakyeah, designed, built, transported, set up, etc15:54
thafreakSome times I feel i should work there...to prevent them from making bad choices about technology15:54
dzhoI get the feeling Blender has sucked a lot of the air out of a lot of the areas it touches on for FOSS15:55
thafreakbut everyone else in the family works there...don't want to fall into that trap15:55
thafreakwhat do you mean?15:55
thafreaklike taken some of the thunder from other foss projects?15:55
dzhothat, and attention of developers and demand from customers and so on.15:56
dzho"it's ok, we've got GIMP and OpenOffice" that sort of thing.15:56
dzhoand in the meantime, people stick with Photoshop and MS Office15:56
thafreakI wonder if I can get them to use blender at my inlaws...that'd be awesome15:57
thafreakwell, the average person "knows" ms office's interface15:57
thafreakit's all about familiarity15:57
thafreakthey don't want to learn something different15:58
thafreaki should say, the average business user15:58
thafreakbut, if they use MS office at work, that's also what they want to use at home15:58
thafreakAlso, an example from my life, my mom was working on her associates degree, i told her to try open office15:59
dzhonevermind that absent bulk license agreements the version you use at work is more expensive than anyone wants to pay15:59
thafreakshe said she liked it, but felt she will be using M$ office at her potential future job, so she wanted to "learn" that15:59
thafreakoh yeah, my mom also found that out15:59
dzhothis is where I like to emphasize the difference between "training" and "education"15:59
dzhotraining is what you do to an animal, to get it to do what you want it to do for you16:00
thafreakshe was all, i really want to "leanr" M$ office, but I don't want to pay $120 for the student version16:00
thafreakshe was trying to get me to tell her how to get it for "free"16:00
dzhoeducation is an improvement of general understanding, relating to things that are basic truths, rather than ephemeral design features16:00
thafreaki laughed, and told her that's illegal16:01
dzhoit's tough, I know16:01
thafreakdzho: this is very true16:01
thafreakwill you please talk to all the universities and community colleges16:01
thafreakand convince them to stop offering "Microsoft Office" "classes"16:02
thafreakI want to apply to teaching jobs at smaller universities, until I see that their "Technology" instructors teach classes about M$ office16:02
thafreakand tell all the HR people to stop putting "proficinecy in Microsoft Office" as job requirements...16:03
dzhowell, sounds like they've already got covered what you don't want to do, and have needs in an area that you do want to do :-)16:04
thafreakno they don't16:04
thafreakthey don't offer classes on linux16:04
thafreakU Akron is the only one I've found so far that specifically has a series of linux classes!16:05
dzhothey need *new* classes is my point16:08
dzhoeg, a class you do16:08
* canthus13 yawns.16:09
thafreaki know that, but they don't know that16:13
yanoanyone use DuckDuckGo?16:13
thafreakunless some one gives them buckets of money, they won't change16:13
thafreaki don't care for duckduckgo, but I try to use it16:13
thafreakto help mint out16:13
dzhothafreak: have you had this conversation with anyone at any of those places?16:14
dzhoI mean, maybe you're right.16:14
yanoapparently they passed the 1 million searches a day: http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2012/02/duck-duck-go-passed-1mm-searches-per-day.html16:14
dzhoyano: I've set the default page on several of my browsers to https://duckduckgo.com/html16:15
dzhoso I go back and forth quite a lot between it and google16:15
yanodzho: me too, i've been using ddg as my primary search engine for a few months16:16
dzhoyano: you default to SSL and non-javascript?16:19
yanodzho: yep16:19
* dzho daps yano16:19
yanodzho: occasionally i'll try their tor hidden service16:19
dzhoI haven't gone that far, but I salute you16:19
* dzho should dig more into tor16:20
yanoi'm surprise the Tor Browser Bundle doesn't default to using DuckDuckGo's Tor hidden service as the main search engine16:20
thafreakit should say something that I basically only have a windows vm for watching netflix right?17:48
yanothafreak: i use to do that, but the fps were way too slow17:49
yanoi only watch android on my phone or my ps317:49
thafreakwatching on my tablet is nice...but i usually leave that at home18:01
thafreakanyone know of a way to determine which of your firefox tabs is causing the browser to peg at 99% cpu usage?18:02
dzhoI just start killing flash instances18:06
thafreakAnd now I've seen it all22:45
thafreakgot a spam that used ASCII art22:45
Unit193I could PM spam you ascii. Email? What for? :P22:46
jrgiffordthafreak, i <3 duckduckgo.23:29
jrgiffordalthough for a lot of things i end up doing !bing $query23:29
jrgiffordso it doesn't really help me haha23:29
jrgiffordthe oneboxing thing is nice though.23:30
* Unit193 Google23:33
* canthus13 yawns.23:40
Unit193You sure do yawn a lot. :P23:47
canthus13Haha. there's a guy on ebay selling XP OEM CDs with broken laptop drives to get around the hardware requirement for reselling OEM CDs.23:47

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