shirgallbkerensa: your spotify script looks an awful lot like how I run chrome with multiple instances for multiple identies and eliminate the cache between boots00:35
bkerensashirgall: Huh... Interesting I have never had to run multiple instances of chrome but I will keep that in mind if I do.... I tried moving from Chrome to FF so I could make use of the LP GreaseMonkey Script that bdmurray works on but I just cant handle FF's use of screen and slowness00:37
shirgallbkerensa: There was a time when G+ was only available to certain google accounts. I have GAFYD for pun.org, and so does Canonical, so I have three separate google identities. I actually run separate google chrome instances for each identity so I don't constantly get asked which identity I want to use with each app.00:38
shirgallbkerensa: Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome should "just work"00:39
shirgallAt any rate, I wrote a script and a .desktop file for chrome-jrp for one instance of me, chrome-canonical for another, etc. :)00:40
shirgallAll of them create independent caches in /tmp and clean them out00:40
shirgallAnd it looks a lot like your spotify cleaner :)00:41
albrighashirgall, can you tell me more how you keep it all straight? having 2 google accounts is new for me as well, although I've been using firefox.  Is chrome eaiser at managing it?00:42
shirgallalbrigha: there is new stuff for managing it in chrome, but I've always done it by having separate instances of chrome00:43
shirgallalbrigha: /usr/bin/google-chrome --user-data-dir=${HOME}/.userdata/${INSTANCENAME}/00:43
albrighaah cool00:43
albrighai'll give that a try. i've been meaning to spend more time with chrome. for some reason i always forget. darn habits00:44
shirgallshirgall: I give each instance a slightly different them so I can tell them apart... and I throw them into separate workspaces00:44
albrighaah good idea00:44
shirgallalbrigha: I can even log into google+ on them at the same time and hang out with myself00:44
shirgallalbrigha: Although only one can control the camera since they share the google talk plugin :(00:44
shirgallalbrigha: but I have done it so one computer is sharing a screen and another is showing my camera so I can demo stuff00:45
albrighacool idea00:45
albrighahm i think i may need to get another monitor >_<00:46
albrighadidn't mean to hijack you guys though :)00:46
shirgallalbrigha: I was just chatting00:47
albrighaah cool00:47
shirgallalbrigha: I saw bkerensa's spotify script on omgubuntu and had to comment00:47
albrighashirgall, you work for canonical? what do you do?00:47
albrighai haven't checked it out00:48
shirgallalbrigha: I'm a project manager in Professional Engineering Serices00:48
albrighaoh awesome, the B2B side?00:48
shirgallSo, one of the things I do is help OEMs with thier releases of products with Ubuntu on them00:48
albrighaI'm Aaron, I just started on the Ubuntu QA team (canonical). well about a month or so ago00:49
shirgallalbrigha: Cool!00:49
shirgallalbrigha: There is a cluster of Canonical folks here...00:49
albrighashirgall, yeah i'm excited to meet more folks in oregon. seems to be quite a number00:50
shirgallalbrigha: Funny thing is that we all kinda work on totally different things00:50
albrighathat is funny00:50
albrighahow long have you been with canonical?00:50
albrighaare you in portland proper?00:50
shirgallalbrigha: Coming up on 2 years in April00:50
albrighashirgall, wow awesome!00:51
shirgallalbrigha: I'm across the river in Ridgefield, WA00:51
albrighaI'm down in Oregon City00:51
shirgallalbrigha: Not too far00:51
bkerensaalbrigha: He is in the Boondocks00:54
albrighaand one car between the wife and i make it that i'm rather stuck here right now00:54
albrighai  mean the chickens are good fun don't get me  wrong00:55
albrighabut i'm starting to feel a bit like a crazy chicken person00:55
bkerensaalbrigha: Sounds like you need more Ubuntu events :) and less Chicken Hours00:58
shirgallI used to have chickens, but I also have sneaky coyotes01:28
bkerensaI saw a raccoon in my new neighborhood01:30
bkerensahe was pretty large and I grew up in the country so yeah it was a big big raccoon01:30
albrighashirgall, aw really. i have 30! haven't lost any -yet-. *crosses fingers*01:36
albrighaat least not to predators01:36
albrighaif you all want any eggs i'll hook you up!01:37
albrighawe get 6-12 a day. at least right now01:37
albrighai eat a lot of eggs01:37
shirgallYeah, I used to have as many as 30, but over the year they dwindle slowly01:38
albrighaspeaking of..brb gonna try and put them in the coop. if i don't return, i've probably been eaten.01:39
albrighai really want to get one of those raptor crossing signs and put it outside off the drive way01:40
albrighaaand I survived.  I think.01:51
albrighashirgall, do you have some acres over there?01:51
albrighashirgall, wow awesome!01:53
albrighawe have 1.501:53
albrighait's all fenced too.  i did have a hawk try for one of the girls though. actually right at the start of my canonical interview. it made the interview extra difficult cause my brain was all over the place01:54
bkerensaMy mother has chickens up in the mountains between Hillsboro and Seaside... I think she has 20 or so Araucana and Rhode Island Red's01:54
bkerensafunny thing is their coop sits along a river and I'm pretty sure they have quite a raccoon population out there01:55
albrighaI have 16 Delaware, 2 RR, 4 Amaracunas, 3 Jersey Giants 1 maran. 2 wyndottes..well 2 ducks and 4 chuckars01:55
albrighalittle variety01:56
albrighatrying to convince the wife to let me eat the chuckars..not sure if it's gonna happen though01:56
albrigha"they are so cute! make a cute noise!" argg01:56
bkerensaalbrigha: What do you use Ducks for?01:57
bkerensauhh nvm01:57
albrighaducks eggs are good. i hadn't had them before we got the ducks01:57
bkerensaWhen I was in High School we raised Rabbits... Professional Breeding mostly and idk we ate a couple on occasion and I didnt like it so much01:58
bkerensaplus the process of ending a rabbits life and processing it is not exactly my cup of tea01:58
bkerensaalbrigha: Duck Eggs? :P No thanks... Maybe some Roasted Duck01:58
albrighayeah..honestly i'm not sure i could kill the chukars.  i looked up how people kill chickens..and I..think I could do it if i had too. but i've never specially killed something to eat. but i'm afraid i'd feel guilty about it.01:59
bkerensaalbrigha: I'm not sure how chickens work but rabbits you have to knock them in the head and then bleed, gut, skin etc... its very gross and messy and not worth the meat.... imho the meat taste horrible but then again it could have been becaue I like rabbits02:02
bkerensaWe did it like twice and then I was like uhh no more of this02:02
albrighai bought a rabbit once from..QFC i wanna say? it seemed like a lot of work for the little meat. and it reminded me a lot of human..well all the muscles, etc. It was an interesting experience, but I haven't bought another02:03
albrighai've gotten rather attached to the chickens so i couldn't hurt any of them. i'm kinda a big softie02:04
albrighathe duck eggs are good though. i was really hesitant at first as well. but i've gotten used to the idea02:07
albrighai usually like to mix them into bread i'm making, etc. as they are a bit larger than the chickens eggs and it's not so much like i'm eating a duck egg per se as eating bread.02:08
bkerensaalbrigha: Yeah it is very rough with muscle and lots of bones in the way02:08
albrighai'm off to do some reading. ttyl guys!02:10
bkerensaEarly morning meetings = fun15:06
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bkerensaalbrigha: Good Morning15:37
albrighabkerensa, morning!16:15
bkerensaalbrigha: Interesting meeting17:02
bkerensajcastro: For the social media efforts it might be nice if ubuntu-marketing list could be utilized to share event related posts around the web that could then be re-shared17:05
bkerensawrong channel :P17:05
albrighatrying to catch up on #-meeting, darn meetings all over the place!17:20
bkerensaalbrigha: The CC meeting? :P17:28
bkerensaalbrigha: You have to go?17:30
albrighai'm just hanging out in meetings and try and pay a little attention. just to learn more about what groups there are, names i should know or come up frequently, that sort of thing.17:31
albrighaeh #-meeting anyway17:31
albrighabut i don't as any sort of priority17:32
bkerensa^ thats the place to idle :)17:33
albrighacool! thanks!17:33
bkerensaoh geez I better go... Comcast will be here soon and I need to ask the guy to drop some fresh coax and do wall fishing17:35
albrighaanyone know if there is a way to link a phone number to google voice with html? for example, something like mailto: that instead dials throuh google voice if clicked19:05
albrighaMarkDude, request timed out >_<19:14
albrighai've been waiting all day to say that19:15
sbeattiealbrigha: google voice> hrm. I recall they used to have widgets you could embed that would advertise "click me to call me on google voice"; never looked at how it did it or whether it used javascript or flash19:17
albrighaah cool perfect. i'll have a look at their code19:17
MarkDudemaybe .... lead timed out?19:21
albrighahaha yeah19:21
c_smithwell, got my laptop in the repair shop to fix the hinge. found out how much RAM this desktop has, and it aint much at all, only 512MB.20:22
albrighawow that's not much at all20:27
c_smithno it isn't, barely runs Xubuntu, and even then, if I have much more than Firefox open, I end up eating into the Swap space. so I can pretty much at maximum run Xchat, Firefox, and Gmusicbrowser aside from the core programs, after I know how much the repair on my Laptop will cost, I will then look into getting a 1TB SATA hd, and 1GB RAM to add to this PC.20:32
* c_smith is going to get some info about the RAM in his desktop he can only get through opening it up, as dmidecode fails here.21:22
* c_smith is back22:09
albrighabkerensa, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-beer-with-wil-wheaton23:47
c_smithalbrigha, lol23:57

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