cythesI have returned-ish :D00:09
InHisNameSeem I am trying to use xRDP.   I am now logging into an account but desktop is empty and NO  ctrl or alt commands exist.00:45
jthancythes: I'm sorry - have we met?01:30
cythesjthan, Yeah about.... 2-3 years ago. "Alexander Azimov"01:31
jthanAh. Alright. I'm on board. How are you?01:31
cythesSo you do remember me? I mean I stopped frequenting this IRC about a year and half ago.01:32
jthanI remember the name. I couldn't say for sure what conversations we did or didn't have :-P01:32
jthanPeople come and go here all the time.01:32
cythesI'm alright, just working on arch (Moved up in the linux food chain lol or maybe down since arch aint that popular...)01:33
jthanThat's a good deal.01:33
jthanI am a gentoo fan, so I can't complain too much about arch01:33
cythesHow is that?01:36
jthanI like it.  I don't use it as much as I'd like to.  most times I'm on my laptop (MacBook)01:38
jthanI've learned a significant amount using Gentoo.  Just installing it once will teach you wonders.01:40
cythesYeah it was the same with arch, if I ever get a chance at another hard drive I might give it a proper shot.01:41
jthanI am tolerable of any OS these days, and I respect peoples' opinions for why they use them. But It's great to see Linux communities thriving01:45
cythesYeah I have come to realise that any linux OS is a linux OS, meaning we all might run diffrent OS's but we are all part of one community.01:47
cythesBy it before I mean gentoo.01:48
cythesI have been thinking about it since it seems like the next big challenge.01:48
cythesBut for the moment I have tons of pride in my arch install so I dont really want to let it go :)01:49
jthanNahh.. Might as well roll with it for awhile01:52
jedijfnext drive i get, i'm doing windows01:52
jthanjedijf: you never got me powdered milk01:54
jedijfjthan: how did the bakingwork out?01:57
jthanI never got to do it.. I can't coordinate my schedule with rise times right now, it seems02:00
jthanI'm fine for the first rise overnight, but the second one takes too short a time while I'm at school so it collapses before I get to it02:00
jthanso I need a day off02:01
jedijfyeah, don't cut to bake02:01
jthanSounds like a good idea to me.02:02
cythesjthan, Yeah I think I will for a while, I love how arch is what you make it, its pretty good if you want to build a linux from the ground up.03:13
cythesIn essence I made my own distro as I use it.03:13
jthanAs long as it works for you, that is what is important.03:14
cythesIt works just how I want to which is cool :D03:30
cythesbe back soon03:30
cythesAnd back :D03:41
ChinnoDogI lied, I forgot to come back.04:23
ChinnoDogand now I need to sleep04:23
cythesChinnoDog, I forgive now go forth and multiply :D04:31
andrewcythes: You know me?05:19
cythesandrew, I think lol06:20
andrewIt's possible06:21
rmg51morning JonathanD10:02
JonathanDMorning rmg5110:04
jthanAnyone use google music? Is that a good service?15:49
rmg51I've been using Last.fm16:21
MutantTurkeyi've been buying CD's and then uploading them to my computer...16:21
rmg51I've done that as well16:23
* adom uses Google Music.16:33
adomjust set directories you want uploaded and anytime new music appears in them it uploads to your Google Music account16:33
adomthen i stream from my phone16:33
adomso i dont have to keep any music on my phone, but i can access any of my music via google music16:34
adomonly downside is you need solid network connection to stream16:34
adom3G/4G cell will work, but not when you're moving around usually16:34
MutantTurkeyyeah 3G on train sucks I am considering getting a antenna16:43
JonathanDI've had pretty good success with clear on the train.16:43
adomit is freeing though. i download music at the office or at home on laptop or desktop. then google music uploaded uploads it all to my google music so i can listen to it on my phone.16:50
adom*then google music *uploader* uploads it...*16:50
adomi dont like streaming music via browser, it sucks RAM16:51
adomso i usually only listen to google music via phone16:51
MutantTurkeyI stream on my desktop16:51
MutantTurkeybut it doesn't suck my memory....?16:51
MutantTurkeynot with a browser16:51
adomyou probably dont have a single core CPU with 2GB of ram16:51
adomand 2348857 Firefox tabs >.<16:52
MutantTurkeyadom: I know the feeling trust me.16:59
MutantTurkeyand no16:59
rmg51I listen to Last.fm in Rhythmbox17:04
MutantTurkeymocp lets you do m3u's and such17:05
adomi want to get into mpd, because a lot of apps can access/control it. like a conky config or a docky dock?17:08
adomthen again maybe that will work nicely with banshee, just never tried17:08
adomand bansee is getting nixxed for 12 release17:09
EvilResistanceadom, will it still be available in the repos?17:09
adomim going to upgrade to 12.04 because its the new LTS. whether or not i grind my teeth and leave unity on there is another matter17:09
EvilResistanceif it is then i wont have any reason to complain17:10
EvilResistanceif it isnt17:10
EvilResistancebad things.17:10
MutantTurkeywhy does it matter?17:10
MutantTurkeyhow many people use Internet Explorer because it's default?17:10
MutantTurkeywait bad question XD17:10
adomi personally like banshee a little more, but either will do as a general media player17:10
* EvilResistance glares at MutantTurkey17:11
MutantTurkeyboth suck17:11
MutantTurkeylol :p17:11
adomMutantTurkey: im a fan of command line apps like you, but for music, i like visual stuff somewhat17:11
MutantTurkeyme too17:11
MutantTurkeythere are better players out there that aren't bloated down17:11
adomlike being able to click twice on a systray icon to change music and other stuff17:11
adomi thought you were referring to that command line one17:11
MutantTurkeyI like gogglesmm, clementine, deadbeef (its like foobar2k)17:12
MutantTurkeythose are what I used back in the day of actually using gooey apps17:13
adomlots of improvements since then17:14
MutantTurkeyI've used the new apps recently as well17:14
MutantTurkeystill pretty set on deadbeef17:14
MutantTurkeybasically because foobar2000 rocks17:14
adomlooks too simple for me17:16
adomnormally i like simple, but theres small features i like my music player to have17:17
MutantTurkeyyeah yeah yeah17:17
MutantTurkeydeadbeef is written by an archer :P17:18
adomwe talk a lot about arch being much more lightweight than ubuntu...is there anyway to get ubuntu stripped down with a minimal WM like awesome or i3? or would that not be effective because ubuntu has more heavy stuff installed besides just the WM/gnome?17:23
adomlike, everything replaced with lightweight stuff...the WM (obviously), the file manager, music player, etc. all that stuff17:24
* adom starts eyeing up crunchbang.17:26
adomif sometihngs "debian-based" does that automatically mean it uses aptitude/apt-get?17:30
jedijfadom: ubuntu alternate install cd cli only is like doing arch sort of17:32
jedijfadom: re:deb based yes17:33
jedijfhttp://jedijf.blogspot.com/2009/05/custom-ubu-system.html  http://jedijf.blogspot.com/2009/06/thinkpad-a21m-jaunty-window-managersdes.html  http://jedijf.blogspot.com/2009/04/dell-latitude-lm.html17:34
jedijfprobably more but that's what cli only search returned17:36
adomjedijf: didnt know that cli only option existed17:37
adommight have to cehck that out17:38
* adom fires up virtualbox.17:38
EvilResistancewho's the channel owner (or better question, who's in charge of the LoCo)?17:41
EvilResistanceohai lamalex17:42
jedijfEvilResistance: what do you need?17:42
EvilResistancejedijf:  question regarding one of my bots, /query?17:43
jedijfno one is in *charge* , i am team contact17:43
EvilResistancewhomever is authorized to authorize bots in here, thats who i need to talk to :P17:43
jedijfthis is irc so that's andrew pleia2 and wiki maybe ChinnoDog17:43
EvilResistancewhoever has jurisdiction over this channel is the specific contact i need to speak to, since it regards logging of stats for the channel17:44
EvilResistancesee privmsgs17:44
pleia2EvilResistance: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-us-pa list17:45
pleia2shows you the access list17:45
EvilResistancepleia2:  :p17:45
EvilResistancepleia2:  indeed, chanserv's having a fit with me though17:45
EvilResistancelagging into infinity :L/17:45
EvilResistance:/ *17:45
pleia2everyone keeps ":P" me today even when I try to be helpful17:45
pleia2I might go back to bed17:45
EvilResistancebut :/ is not :P :/17:45
EvilResistanceoops pennbot is dead o.O17:50
EvilResistancestupid freenode servers pinging out :/17:50
EvilResistancethere you are17:51
EvilResistance@load ChannelStats17:51
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.17:51
ChinnoDogjedijf: huh? What did you volunteer me for?17:51
* adom does the robot dance with PennBot.17:52
PennBotjedijf: I have 2 registered users with 2 registered hostmasks; 1 owner and 0 admins.17:52
InHisName                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            17:52
jedijfbest thought ever17:52
EvilResistanceits not configged yet17:52
adomwho are the two registered users?17:52
EvilResistanceprobably me and someone else17:52
EvilResistancei'm obviously regged if i'm the owner user xD17:53
adomregistered with Freenode? i am17:53
EvilResistancei think it means with the bot17:53
jedijfit does17:53
EvilResistancebut i'm not sure whether its pulling from channel stats or not17:53
* EvilResistance does some digging17:53
PennBotadom: Error: "pornography" is not a valid command.17:53
adomEvilResistance: your bots broke17:53
PennBotEvilResistance: On # there have been 24 messages, containing 636 characters, 110 words, 0 smileys, and 0 frowns; 2 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 1 join, 1 part, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 0 mode changes, and 0 topic changes.17:54
jedijfChinnoDog: you were an admin of something, couldn't remember if it was irc; it's not17:54
* EvilResistance thinks something broke17:54
EvilResistance@unload ChannelStats17:54
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.17:54
jedijfyou need to add that pretty graphical chumpy17:54
jedijfit may be a separate stat keeper17:55
jedijfmost lines - fewest lines17:55
jedijfniceness - eviltude17:55
jedijfoff the top of my head, most used term ....bacon17:56
PennBotadom: Error: "bacon" is not a valid command.17:56
adomoh come on17:56
JonathanDbacon is always valid.17:56
jedijfbacon is <reply> this channels food of choice17:57
PennBotjedijf: Error: "bacon" is not a valid command.17:57
EvilResistancejedijf:  that module isnt loaded yet17:58
jedijfok, this is ridiculous17:58
jedijfget bottin17:58
EvilResistancei've been without an SSH key the past month, cut me some slack :/17:58
* EvilResistance finally got Linux back up and running17:58
EvilResistancejedijf:  are you regged with the bot?18:01
EvilResistanceif not, you should, so i can dump you into admins so you can work with factoids and stuffs18:01
EvilResistance@bacon is <reply>This channel's food of choice.18:03
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.18:03
PennBotThis channel's food of choice.18:03
FooeyBarBaz@fail is <reply>What is this "fail"?18:04
PennBotFooeyBarBaz: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).18:04
EvilResistancethought so18:04
adomjedijf: im going to try that cli only install of ubuntu...you think id be able to run wine stuff ok?18:11
adomi dont see why not, just checking18:11
adomwell, i assume id need to install some WM of course18:12
adommaybe openbox18:12
adomor even awesome or i318:12
adomi just want the universality (is that a word?) of ubuntu and all packages made for ubuntu/aptitude, but with the minimalistic...ness of arch18:13
adomme xpert werd user18:13
jedijfadom: seems like you're on the right path18:20
jedijfcli only and then build up, like a server install with a desktop kernel18:20
InHisName@fail is <reply>What is this "fail"?18:20
PennBotInHisName: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).18:20
EvilResistanceInHisName:  register with the bot :p18:21
* InHisName IS registered with irc18:21
EvilResistanceInHisName:  but not the bot.18:21
PennBotInHisName: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.18:22
EvilResistancethe bot doesnt use nickserv to identify users, its a supybot so it has its own registration system.18:22
adomi think i have a crush on openbox (don't tell gnome)18:25
PennBotInHisName: Admin, Channel, ChannelStats, Config, Google, Karma, Later, Misc, MoobotFactoids, Owner, Seen, User, and Web18:27
InHisNameadom: buying openbox is a great way to save over full retail18:28
EvilResistanceInHisName:  problems?18:29
InHisNamewhat is command to register18:29
EvilResistanceInHisName:  /msg PennBot @register <name> <password>18:30
EvilResistanceand then after you're registered, do @whoami to make sure it sees you.18:30
EvilResistancethen do @user hostmask add18:30
EvilResistance(in privmsg)18:30
EvilResistanceso that it will remember your hostname (or dont if you dont want autoidentification to the bot)18:30
InHisNamepriv to whom?18:30
EvilResistanceInHisName:  to PennBot18:31
EvilResistancei just gave you the command string :/18:31
EvilResistance/msg PennBot [command goes here]18:31
EvilResistancein this case, /msg PennBot @register <name> <password>18:31
InHisNameo i c18:32
adom /msg PennBot @register adom ircpass18:32
EvilResistance^ that18:32
EvilResistancejust without the space :P18:32
EvilResistanceInHisName:  on subsequent reconnect (or should you happen to /part), you will have to reidentify.  its a similar privmsg command: /msg PennBot @identify <name> <password>18:33
InHisName@fail is <reply>What is this "fail"?18:33
PennBotInHisName: Command Succeeded.18:33
PennBotWhat is this fail ?18:34
InHisNamenow are you good with xRDP ?18:34
InHisNameIt's a long shot, but I ask anyway.18:35
jedijfInHisName: have you tried the terminal rdesktop command?18:35
InHisNameNot sure, jedijf, I have tried so many.    xRDP  is only one to claim to use remote desktop client of win and play your linux box back at it.18:36
adom@rr is http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh18:40
PennBotadom: Command Succeeded.18:40
jedijfInHisName: what port is open on linux box?18:40
adomdoes piping work?18:41
adom@rr | jedijf18:41
PennBotadom: Error: "rr" is not a valid command.18:41
InHisName3389 should be open as that is the default one.18:41
jedijfInHisName: forget shoulds18:41
adomrr | jedijf18:41
jedijfwhat port *is* open18:41
jedijfubu remote desktop opens 5900 in general18:42
jedijfand then you would use vnc client on win to look into it18:42
PennBotrr is http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh18:42
InHisNamexrdp is supposed to work with both or either18:42
InHisNameI did an install of something that someone else fixed their xrdp with.  Need to reboot to test it out.18:44
InHisNameTrying to get caught up reading pidgin to do that.18:44
EvilResistanceand of course it doesnt respond :/18:47
jedijfbacon is awesome18:47
* EvilResistance facedesks18:47
PennBotThis channel's food of choice.18:47
EvilResistancei've got bots randomly crashing... :/18:47
EvilResistancethis one doesnt work, the bantracker in trekweb's channel is lagging18:47
PennBotThis channel's food of choice.18:47
EvilResistanceand my test bot is explodifying18:48
jedijfforget bacon18:48
EvilResistancei'll have to see if i cant get it to respond without the @ symbol18:48
jedijfforget @bacon18:48
adom@forget bacon18:48
PennBotadom: Error: "forget" is not a valid command.18:48
PennBotThis channel's food of choice.18:48
EvilResistance@list MoobotFactoids18:48
PennBotEvilResistance: factinfo, listauth, listkeys, listvalues, literal, lock, most, random, remove, and unlock18:48
jedijfforget @bacon18:48
EvilResistance@remove bacon18:48
PennBotEvilResistance: Error: The command "remove" is available in the Later and MoobotFactoids plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "remove".18:48
EvilResistance@MoobotFactoids remove bacon18:48
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.18:48
jedijfuse infobot18:49
EvilResistancethis isnt the ubottu factoids thing, that has a memory hole that eats up memory like crazy18:49
jedijfor simil;ar18:49
JonathanDYou removed bacon.18:49
EvilResistancei know i did18:49
EvilResistance@unload MoobotFactoids18:49
JonathanDThis is not ok. :(18:49
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.18:49
JonathanDWe'll starve without bacon.18:49
jedijfis bacon hilighted JonathanD ?18:49
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  i'll fix it, but first i have to narrow down the InfoBot memory hole :/18:49
InHisNameHe's planning to change it to tufu18:49
jedijfturkey bacon is a sin against humanity18:50
JonathanDjedijf: no.18:50
jedijfturkey bacon?18:50
jedijf@turkey bacon?18:50
adombacon turkey?18:50
PennBotjedijf: Error: "turkey" is not a valid command.18:50
EvilResistance@load Infobot18:50
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.18:50
EvilResistance@list Infobot18:50
PennBotEvilResistance: stats, status, tell, and update18:50
jedijfbacon is yummy18:51
EvilResistance@bacon is <reply>BACON IS AWESOME18:51
PennBotI guess bacon is yummy, jedijf18:51
PennBot... but bacon is yummy ...18:51
jedijfforget bacon18:51
EvilResistance@no bacon is <reply>BACON IS AWESOME!18:51
PennBotI hear ya.18:51
PennBotGot it, EvilResistance.18:51
PennBotI don't know, EvilResistance.18:51
EvilResistance@bacon is <reply>BACON!!!!18:51
EvilResistancebleh, it doesnt like punctuation marks18:52
EvilResistancei'll hammer out the bugs in a bit, i'm in the middle of something18:52
adom@MutantTurkey is <reply>GOBBLE GOBBLE BABY. GOBBLE GOBBLE.18:55
PennBotGot it, adom.18:55
* adom <.< >.>18:55
PennBotjthan: Highest karma: "xkcd" (102), "naps" (34), "jedijf" (17), "PennBot" (17), "lamalex" (17), "cats" (14), "zsh" (13), and "linux" (13).  Lowest karma: "bvag" (-29), "morning" (-26), "mondays" (-8), "aa" (-8), "Dell" (-7), "old_news" (-7), "PennBotJr" (-7), and "surrogate_mondays" (-6).  You (jthan) are ranked 44 out of 1579.18:56
jthanThis PennBot sucks18:56
jthan@karma jthan18:57
PennBotjthan: Karma for "jthan" has been increased 11 times and decreased 8 times for a total karma of 3.18:57
PennBotBugger all, I dunno!18:57
PennBotWish I knew, jthan.18:57
PennBotNo idea, jthan.18:57
jthanAlright, I'm done.18:57
EvilResistance@part #ubuntu-us-pa18:57
* adom XD haha18:58
* adom =X18:58
EvilResistanceif i were to load andrews, it glitches out and explodifies :/18:59
EvilResistancelets see if i cant pull the infobot configs from the older pennbot before i bring it back in19:02
InHisNameu kiked him out ?19:03
EvilResistancefor about 5 seconds19:03
EvilResistanceor so19:03
* EvilResistance is fixing something system side and expects several timeouts and reconnects, and doesnt want to flood the channel19:03
EvilResistanceInHisName:  i dont see pennbot here, do you see it?19:04
EvilResistancenope, its not here19:04
InHisName5 seconds ?19:04
EvilResistanceits still stuck in a timeout thingy19:04
EvilResistance(5 seconds was optimistic)19:04
InHisNameyou said it !19:05
EvilResistanceokay, now i have to see if i can load the old pennbot's infobot configs and db19:05
InHisNameubunutpennsylvaina.org  has chat ref but no refs to logs /  stats ?19:06
pleia2InHisName: just go to irclogs.ubuntu.com19:06
EvilResistanceInHisName:  logs are done elsewhere i think19:06
pleia2the logs on ubuntupennsylvania.org don't work anymore because PennBot doesn't live on that server anymore19:07
EvilResistancestats arent web-facing on this pennbot (i dont have a stable connection to work with web-facing HTTP stats, not without configuring nginx to be public, and i dont want that atm)19:07
EvilResistancepleia2:  ubottu doesnt have a web-facing channel stats page does it?19:08
EvilResistancethe plugins i'm finding that do web-facing stats all explodify19:08
pleia2ubottu doesn't even do logging19:08
pleia2ubuntulog just does logging, no stats at all19:08
EvilResistancethought not.19:08
EvilResistanceyeah, that's what i figured, i'll have to debug the plugins then19:08
* EvilResistance fires up evolution and sends off emails19:08
InHisNamejthan: was online for a bit while I was rebooting.     Anyone care that pennbot is lawless concerning jthan ?19:12
InHisNameNow to test the xrdp once again.   Will I get more than an empty desktop ?  Maybe some Icons and or Unity?19:15
EvilResistancetry again, i loaded the old factoids db (i think)19:22
EvilResistance@load Infobot19:22
PennBotEvilResistance: Error: Infobot is already loaded.19:22
EvilResistanceyep, its back19:23
EvilResistanceooh the old pennbot didnt have bacon o.O19:23
PennBotfifth_law is under no circumstances is jthan to get a cookie, rmg5119:38
EvilResistancermg51:  this is courtesy of andrew giving me the tarball of the old pennbot, so i can restore all the old dbs19:38
rmg51we're good now19:38
EvilResistancethe old karma db is whats currently loaded in karma, too19:38
PennBotInHisName: Highest karma: "xkcd" (102), "naps" (34), "jedijf" (17), "PennBot" (17), "lamalex" (17), "cats" (14), "zsh" (13), and "linux" (13).  Lowest karma: "bvag" (-29), "morning" (-26), "mondays" (-8), "aa" (-8), "Dell" (-7), "old_news" (-7), "PennBotJr" (-7), and "surrogate_mondays" (-6).  You (InHisName) are ranked 1081 out of 1579.19:39
EvilResistancethe trick is correctly grafting the old file onto the correct location for the new PennBot19:39
EvilResistancefailure to do so explodifies everything19:39
PennBotRumor has it inhisname is for the moment, jthan, InHisName19:39
InHisName@karma inhisname19:39
PennBotInHisName: Karma for "inhisname" has been increased 1 time and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 0.19:40
EvilResistancegranted it might have my old nicks...19:40
EvilResistance@karma CaptainTrek19:40
PennBotEvilResistance: CaptainTrek has neutral karma.19:40
EvilResistance@karma Trek19:40
PennBotEvilResistance: Karma for "Trek" has been increased 2 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 0.19:40
EvilResistancethat it does have :P19:40
adomhi @mutantturkey20:16
* adom glares at PennBot.20:16
PennBotMutantTurkey is weak. =/ or invalid, jedijf20:18
PennBotmutantturkey is weak. =/ or invalid, adom20:18
jedijfold db20:18
adomjedijf: mine was better20:19
jedijfforget MutantTurkey20:19
jedijfredo it20:19
PennBotI guess mutantturkey is GOBBLE GOBBLE BABY. GOBBLE GOBBLE, adom20:19
adomat least i thought it was.20:20
adomforget MutantTurkey20:20
adom@10-20 is <reply>teh interwebz20:21
PennBotteh interwebz20:21
adom@mutantturkey is <reply>GOBBLE GOBBLE BABY. GOBBLE GOBBLE.20:21
adom@RTFM is <reply>Roger That Friend of Mine!.20:27
PennBotGotcha, adom.20:27
MutantTurkeysorry sorry sorry!20:31
MutantTurkeyi was busy20:31
PennBot/me is testing20:31
* adom waves at MutantTurkey 20:32
MutantTurkeyhey oh20:32
MutantTurkeythat is what I miss the most about pennbot20:32
MutantTurkeythe auto answering20:32
* Sadin_ like20:33
PennBotIt has been said that Sadin is really hoping i dont have to even though i love ubuntu more then windows because i need PS, Sadin_20:34
Sadin_thats old20:34
* Sadin_ laughs maniacally no one should have showed him this20:35
MutantTurkeyhow do you set it again?20:35
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog is barking up the wrong tree?20:36
PennBotSomebody said ChinnoDog is trying to install my company's product in cxoffice again. This will never work. hehe or is, and has always been, 3 days late or someone who doesn't care much about the less fortunate or "I think I have a plan for a workaround." or a Windows expert, MutantTurkey20:36
MutantTurkeyor something...20:36
adom@command is <reply>result20:36
PennBotGot it, adom.20:36
adomforget command20:36
MutantTurkey@ChinnoDog is barking up the wrong tree20:36
PennBot... but ChinnoDog is trying to install my company's product in cxoffice again. This will never work. hehe or is, and has always been, 3 days late or someone who doesn't care much about the less fortunate or "I think I have a plan for a workaround." or a Windows expert ...20:36
MutantTurkeyFORGET IT MAN20:36
EvilResistance#channelstats #ubuntu-us-pa20:36
PennBotEvilResistance: On # there have been 358 messages, containing 11312 characters, 1921 words, 5 smileys, and 11 frowns; 11 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 17 joins, 4 parts, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 3 mode changes, and 1 topic change.20:37
MutantTurkeythere was a point where jthan had the most recorded lines20:37
MutantTurkeyhe used to monologue alot20:37
EvilResistance@channelstats #ubuntu-us-pa\20:37
PennBotEvilResistance: On # there have been 363 messages, containing 11652 characters, 1981 words, 5 smileys, and 11 frowns; 11 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 17 joins, 4 parts, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 3 mode changes, and 1 topic change.20:37
PennBotSadin_: On # there have been 368 messages, containing 11955 characters, 2028 words, 5 smileys, and 12 frowns; 11 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 17 joins, 4 parts, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 3 mode changes, and 1 topic change.20:41
Sadin_MutantTurkey god id shoot myself if i had to sit through that20:41
EvilResistancei have to fix that...20:42
EvilResistance@unload ChannelStats20:42
PennBotEvilResistance: Command Succeeded.20:42
EvilResistanceit seems its borked...20:42
adom@adom https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/284507_10150273652144558_501709557_7293166_4304330_n.jpg20:42
PennBotBugger all, I dunno, adom.20:42
adom@adom is <reply>https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/284507_10150273652144558_501709557_7293166_4304330_n.jpg20:42
PennBotI hear ya, adom.20:42
adomITS USEFUL!20:43
adomforget adom20:43
adom@adom is <reply>http://bit.ly/zAnv8c20:44
adomshortened =D20:44
EvilResistance@load ChannelStats21:19
PennBotEvilResistance: Error: Channelstats is already loaded.21:19
PennBotEvilResistance: On #ubuntu-us-pa there have been 4 messages, containing 77 characters, 9 words, 0 smileys, and 0 frowns; 0 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 1 join, 0 parts, 2 quits, 0 kicks, 0 mode changes, and 0 topic changes.21:19
EvilResistancethere we go, that fixes that :P21:19
jedijfEvilResistance: http://pisg.sourceforge.net/21:36
PennBotTitle: pisg - Perl IRC Statistics Generator :: Home (at pisg.sourceforge.net)21:36
EvilResistanceyou're the second person to point me to that21:36
PennBotTitle: #bokairc @ SunnyIRC stats by StatsBot (at stats.sunnyirc.tk)21:36
jedijfor the same person twice21:36
EvilResistancejedijf:  come up with  a solution that scrapes all of the ubuntulog logs back to 2004, that gets the stats, and allows users to do funky things with them.  then give that information to AlanBell.  then ask for $20 and recognition of your dedication to the IRC Bots Team21:38
andrewEvilResistance: No problem22:24
ChinnoDogjedijf: I just took a loaf out of the oven. You'd be proud. This one could be sandwich grade.23:06
ChinnoDogYou have something against sandwiches?23:07
Resistanceyeah, i just had two23:07
ChinnoDogDoesn't sound like you have anything against them then23:08
Resistancenope, just sick of em today23:14
Resistance@karma sandwich23:17
PennBotResistance: Karma for "sandwich" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.23:17
jedijfChinnoDog: nice, another sour?23:35
jedijf@karma sammich23:35
PennBotjedijf: sammich has neutral karma.23:35

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