ubuntuWi-Guesthello h00k this is rick01:50
h00khi ubuntuWi-Guest01:56
h00khi, yotux01:57
ubuntuWi-Guesth00k, is your eye better?01:58
yotuxhello:  hook02:00
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: mostly, yeah. It's still a bit fuzzy in bright light02:00
h00kI'll be right back, a guest is leaving02:01
ubuntuWi-Guestyotux: are you in Madison?02:02
yotuxClose enough Live in Portage02:02
ubuntuWi-GuestIs the Portage Plumber still living?02:03
yotuxyes that business is still alive,  think its now called the country plumber unless we talking about two difference entities02:04
ubuntuWi-GuestA guy use to run into Camp Randall for all the football games and get the crowd going crazy02:05
h00kthis is exigraff. I have taken over.02:05
h00kFEAR ME.02:06
ubuntuWi-GuestHe was from Portage so they called him the Portage plumber02:06
h00knah, h00k'll be right back.02:06
yotuxGuest sorry not sure of that person02:07
yotuxGuest sorry not sure of that person02:08
ubuntuWi-GuestI guess I am just showing my age again.02:08
yotuxWith age one gains wisdom or one would hope02:08
ubuntuWi-GuestHope is my only hope02:08
yotuxI am trying to multi task installing android SDK02:11
yotuxGuest:  where are you from?02:11
h00ksorry about that.02:11
yotuxnp welcome back02:12
h00kexigraff stopped by.02:12
h00kCool, so is it the three of us?02:12
h00kCheesehead volunteered to be another speaker02:12
ubuntuWi-GuestI think so.02:12
h00kDavidLevin, greppy, KBme, mikeputnam, ripps, zz_bigbash: Ping, we're going to start02:12
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: you can change your nickname by typing: /nick newnicknamehere02:13
=== ubuntuWi-Guest is now known as rickeee
h00kWell, yotux, you offered to speak, do you have any preferences on topic?02:14
h00kLet me link to the current idea for an agenda02:14
yotuxhook:  this would be my first time presenting to a group about Ubuntu so I am open to any ideas02:16
h00kyotux: take a look at that, page 2, "Concurrent tracks"02:17
yotuxlooking now02:18
rickeeeI would also volunteer to create a powerpoint for you02:18
h00kbut we're looking for two concurrent racks that will happen at the same time02:20
rickeeeThe tracks are suppose to be more demonstration than discussion02:20
yotuxhook:  could do a daul boot,  or a live cd install02:20
h00kthen the people will switch presentations02:20
yotuxtime wise dual boot could be time consuming depending how how part. are shrank02:21
rickeeeWith wubi can you just show the start phase which has the majority of the questions?02:22
h00kWubi won't require repartitioning, that's true02:22
h00kalternatively, I could have a laptop ready for demo/dualboot02:22
yotuxI used daul boot at the moment.  Use ubuntu 99% of the time02:23
rickeeeI can also provide a laptop with only XP on it.  We could then show the live CD environment first followed by a wubi install02:23
h00kwell, we certainly have the hardware02:25
h00kyotux: I suppose you're free to decide, if you're presenting ;)02:25
yotuxwhere is the greater need?02:25
h00kWubi, a live-repartition (usually safe if you use the end of a partition to put Ubuntu on)02:26
yotuxFor me I have made the leap to open source.   I am willing to make it work02:26
yotuxSome of the people there may not be so warm to the idea02:26
rickeeeI think the reason for the install demos is to calm the fears of newbies and also show them the options02:27
h00kand just pick one for demonstration sake02:27
yotuxrickeee:  good point....02:27
yotuxhook:  Live CD02:27
* h00k shrugs02:28
rickeeeI think we have to expect them to be hesitant to try this stuff on their own computers by themselves02:28
yotuxalso willing to do wubi...  double the commitment....02:28
rickeeeIf we have time, about 1 hour, showing both would be great02:28
h00kOr start one, start the other02:29
h00ktwo at the same time02:29
yotuxI have multiple machines that I can bring02:29
rickeeeI haven't done an install for a while.  How long does live CD take?02:29
yotuxabout 20 mins02:30
h00ka live USB takes 10, maybe, it's not too bad02:30
h00kon a decent machine.02:30
yotuxalt are taking much longer for me....  closer to 4002:30
rickeeeIs there some 'downtime" during the install to start the wubi ?02:30
yotuxI would say yes,  after the initial  install questions02:31
h00kSure, once you hit install, it asks questions. When you finish the questions, you're free to whatever until it's done.02:31
h00kAnd it installs while you answer the questions02:31
rickeeeSo we could start the Live CD until the 'downtime' and then start a second install using a pc with wubi already installed?02:32
yotuxyes,  I think that could be done02:33
rickeeesounds like a plan02:33
rickeeeI would think we can have an 'assistant' help you switching cables etc....02:34
h00kthat works. We don't have to catch every use case.02:34
rickeeeNo, we are looking for showing the 'normal' case02:35
yotuxI also have a couple of monitors.  2 LCDs02:35
rickeeeThat would be very helpful.  h00k, will you be able to get a projector?02:36
h00krickeee: I think I can try to round one up02:36
h00kI can probably find out for sure in the next week or so02:37
yotuxsorry I don't have one of those02:37
h00kThe only other thing we don't have is any lightning talks, which we should open to the mailing list02:37
rickeeeWe would need to know so we can plan accordingly.  I also have one LCD I can bring02:37
rickeeeI mentioned my use of Audacity last week for recording records and cassette tape.  Do you think this would qualify?02:39
h00kI think so, if you'd be illing02:40
h00khowever, you're already doing a lot, s don't over-burden yourself02:40
rickeeeI would be willing and I have a lot more time than you guys and I'm not a newlywed.02:41
h00kWe should certainly ask for any others, too02:41
rickeeewhat about Ian02:42
h00kHe volunteered to talk02:42
h00kI suppose Cheesehead gets Applications ;)02:42
h00kBrb, I have to check on the dogs, they're barking an awful lot.02:44
rickeeeIs cheesehead in our meeting tonight?02:45
h00kand here.02:48
h00khe's not curently around02:48
rickeeecan we find out if he will demo applications?02:48
rickeeewill you contact him?02:51
h00kYeah, I bet he reads the backlog for this, but I'll let you know as soon as I hear from him02:52
rickeeeI would like to start working on the install powerpoint and put it out for everyone to see/share.  Is that OK?02:53
yotuxthink that would be great02:54
rickeeeI will use ubuntu cloud again.  Yotux, I will need your email sometime so I can share with you.02:55
yotuxits an arrl address02:56
yotuxother wise you could look me up on launchpad02:56
yotuxshould also be listed there same a my irc nick02:57
rickeeeh00k, anything else tonite?02:59
h00krickeee: that's really all I had03:00
rickeeeMy dog just indicated a need to go outside.  I wil have to go.03:01
h00kI will send another email opening lightning talks to the mailing list03:01
rickeeeSounds good.  Good night to all!03:01
yotuxsounds like a plan...03:04
yotuxinstalling xubuntu on a older machine for a friend03:04
* Cheesehead reads the scrollback20:48
CheeseheadOh, I better answer some questions: Yes, No, five, tuesday, and "Ham and Swiss"20:48
CheeseheadHappy to do a bunch of presenting with Track 220:50
CheeseheadI'm not an expert on U1 (I don't use it and promptly uninstall it), nor Social Networking (I live under a rock and above another rock)20:50
h00kThat's okay, I can jump in on either of those20:51
CheeseheadBut I know my way adequately around Web Browsers, Backup, Networking, Multimedia, and LibreOffice20:52
Cheesehead...I suppose I better refamiliarize with Ubuntu apps. I've been using Xubuntu for so many years...20:53
h00kI wonder what's in this horrid-looking 'soup booster'20:55
CheeseheadUsually MSG and peyote.20:55
h00khttp://www.nissinfoods.com/bowlnoodles/hot-spicy/ these.20:56
CheeseheadAh. You know that kind of non-nutrition may shorten your lifespan?20:57
CheeseheadYou're in Wisconsin. Eat a stck of butter for lunch.20:57
h00kyep :(20:57
CheeseheadIt will also shorten your lifespan, but tastes better.20:58
CheeseheadIf we get questions about small-business software like Quickbooks integration, or LibreOffice-windows COM integration, I've learned quite a bit about those.20:59
CheeseheadI've also compiled a bunch of custom Live-USB sticks using Debian Live. Not installers, working systems.21:00
CheeseheadI suppose those are good for lightning talks.21:02
h00kOh, cool. That could work, too, but it'd be nice to get someone new to talk, to21:02
CheeseheadNice to have *something* on the list to start with.21:03
h00kthat's true21:07
h00kthe quickbooks, I'd be interested in21:08
CheeseheadQuickbooks on Ubuntu is easy: VM is the only solution.21:41
CheeseheadPython to interact with QB, to pull data and do transactions...that can be Win on Linux21:42
CheeseheadWin or Linux21:42
CheeseheadFor example, I use a python script every two weeks that pulls a filtered set of the QB database, and then creates Invoices in LibreOffice for printing and mailing (and e-mailing)21:44
CheeseheadBack to Wausau:21:54
Cheesehead[Idea] Wausau session: How to Get Your Questions Answered (support)21:55
Cheesehead[Idea] Wausau session: How to Install New Software (Software Center)21:55
CheeseheadI suppose those questions will pop up anyhow, though.21:56

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