tjaaltonoh cool, we now have the wacom goodness in g-c-c05:37
broderugh. the new vmware svga3d rendering is incredibly glitchy06:52
tjaaltonbroder: really? Prf_Jakob said it worked great when we first got it working07:20
tjaaltonbroder: sure you are not using normal swrast?07:20
tjaaltonwell, llvmpipe normal07:20
brodertjaalton: not positive. it was running unity 3d07:21
tjaalton_that_ is glitchy07:21
broderlet me bring the vm back up and check07:21
tjaaltonpastebin the logfile07:21
tjaaltonI'm not convinced yet :)07:21
broderbut there was a lot of flickering back to past frames and ghost images07:21
tjaaltonsounds familiar07:22
broderyeah, it's llvmpipe. what do i need to do to switch it?07:23
tjaaltonthat's empty07:25
tjaaltonI'm not sure what's needed.. pastebin the logfile07:25
tjaalton[  1374.489] (WW) vmware(0): Failed to initialize Gallium3D Xa. No render acceleration available.07:28
broder...oh. i bet i need to tick the box in the vm's configuration, don't i?07:28
tjaaltonwhatever that means07:28
tjaaltonso bug 926859 remains unfixed07:33
tjaaltonah, no ubotu07:33
broderhuh. i can't figure this out - vmwgfx is getting loaded, and i have a /dev/dri/card007:51
tjaaltonand still doesn't work?07:54
broderstill getting the same message07:55
broderwhere is that message even coming from? i can't find it in xserver-xorg-video-vmware or mesa08:00
tjaaltonno idea08:10
aratseliot, hola!11:49
tseliothola, ara!11:51
aratseliot, hey! one of the bugs that are blocking certification for 11.10 has been marked as incomplete (and assigned to you) waiting on your input for a little while:11:52
aratseliot, can you check it, please?11:52
tseliotara: sure. I have a thinkpad w520, maybe I can reproduce it here11:54
aracool, thanks11:55
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tjaaltongreat, can't turn numlock off13:51
tjaaltondoes nothing13:51
tjaaltonthough I get the event13:51
seb128tjaalton, going to be fixed soon13:53
seb128I'm impressed by how many people actually turn numlock off13:53
seb128I got surprised because I'm use to the screensaver having it wrong so I usually do an off-on13:53
seb128which didn't change the led13:53
seb128but I never turn it off otherwise13:53
seb128tjaalton, g-s-d issue, you can "gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.keyboard remember-numlock-state false"13:54
tjaaltonwell my keyboard doesn't have a separate keypad13:54
tjaaltonnumpad that is13:55
seb128tjaalton, let me know if the gsettings commands work13:55
tjaaltonit's a lenovo thinkpad usb keyboard, so hitting numbers instead of letters atm :)13:55
seb128I didn't try it but I assume it does13:56
tjaaltonI'll try13:56
tjaaltondidn't hit Fn+ScrLk but some combination of Fn, shift and capslok apparently13:56
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tjaaltonseb128: didn't seem to help13:59
tjaaltonthe running session anyway13:59
seb128tjaalton, trying stop gnome-settings-daemon13:59
seb128doh, can't type, "try stopping..." ;-)14:00
tjaaltonsurprisingly hard to "type" kill, I get 253314:01
tjaaltonwell, g-s-d is just reflecting what the state is, it apparently can't change it14:06
tjaaltonlooks like not even numlockx can change it, the led stays on on xkbvleds14:19
tjaaltonseb128: what's the bug# :)14:24
seb128tjaalton,  the gsd one is bug #93340514:25
seb128tjaalton, but that one is confirmed a gsd issue, downgrading gsd or settings that key to false fixes it14:25
seb128tjaalton, so I recommend you open a new one if yours isn't that14:25
tjaaltonwell I'm not sure where the bug is14:26
tjaaltonuh oh14:27
tjaaltonnow the keyboard thinks it's got a numpad14:27
tjaaltoneven though I managed to turn numlock off (via VT)14:28
tjaaltonso the keys act as a numpad or cursor keys14:28
tjaaltonok it is a bug in g-s-d, I can't change the state of numlock back to off with 3.3.514:36
tjaalton3.2 works14:36
tjaaltonthough to fully fix the state I had to go to the VT14:37
tjaaltoni'll upgrade my laptop to confirm14:39
seb128tjaalton, ok, the gsd bug is about to be fixed14:40
tjaaltonseb128: do you want me to test it before filing this one?14:40
tjaaltonin case it's the same14:40
seb128tjaalton, yes please14:40
tjaaltonthe workaround probably works if you reboot after it14:42
tjaaltonseb128: btw, the new wacom capplet works great14:46
seb128tjaalton, excellent, thanks for testing!14:47
seb128can you calibrate with it?14:47
seb128tjaalton, g-s-d with the fix uploaded btw14:49
tjaaltonno need, the one I have is not a tablet14:49
tjaaltonactually, the "map buttons" button is greyed out14:49
tjaaltonseb128: thanks! the new g-s-d works15:10
seb128tjaalton, excellent15:10
tjaaltonprintscreen doesn't fire the screenshot app though :)15:11
tjaaltonafter the updates this morning15:11
seb128tjaalton, it's not since today, it's since a few days, or a week15:24
seb128tjaalton, it stored the images in your xdg Images directory15:24
seb128upstream GNOME design decision15:24
seb128it should do the graphical effect and sound though15:24
seb128like tablets,phones do it15:24
tjaaltonah ok, yeah there they are..15:25
jcristaudo people actually enable sound effects on their computers?15:25
tjaaltonthey don't need to, it's on by default :)15:26
jcristauwell ok, leave them enabled then15:27
Sarvattbryceh: bah whoops, need to remove .git from the cgit urls too16:44
brycehSarvatt, oh, ok18:01
brycehSarvatt, cgit hasn't been working for me the past couple days18:01
tjaaltonso, mesa and wayland* merges before FF?18:01
tjaalton3h to go :)18:02
Sarvatteh 8.0.1 was supposed to be released today, might as well wait18:03
tjaaltonwe're still on rc2, debian has 8.018:03
brycehI fear for upgraders right now18:03
* Sarvatt hasn't been able to upgrade for over a week18:04
Sarvatti keep hitting it at bad times18:04
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