djathorisxibalba - what doe "ls -l" say about the directory?00:00
terminhellfrom terminal, cd into your index.php then lynx (or w3m) index.php00:00
xibalbaone moment and i'll check00:01
NaddIn "additional-drivers" I can choose between "version-current" and "post-release-updates". Which one is right?00:01
mun_how come alt-f2 doesn't work in Gnome 3 in 11.10?00:02
eightyeightwhere is support for 12.04? i need to know if the kernel has been frozen00:02
djathorisNadd - how close to the cutting edge do you dare to go?00:02
icerooteightyeight: #ubuntu+100:02
eightyeighticeroot: thx00:02
Nadddjathoris: I just want it to work right. Right now, system information says "driver: unknown"00:02
xibalbahere is the output, http://paste.ubuntu.com/843752/00:03
xibalbaif i Lynx indx.php it asked me if i want to download or cancle00:03
djathorisNadd - current is usually safer00:03
mun_is there a way to set alt f2 in Gnome 3 to Run?00:03
xibalbaterminhell : i've also tried a2endmod php5, reinstalling lamp-server, restarting apache2, etc...00:04
xibalbai was able to get it working on a fresh install of ubuntu on another vm guest, but not this sandbox i've already had in place00:04
Nadddjathoris: thanks a lot :) Do I have to mind at all what the system info says about the graphics driver?00:04
xibalbaany thoughts?00:05
xibalbanormally it's not this complicated :)00:05
djathorisNadd - it counts. You basically have a choice between the generic vesa driver or using the particular driver for your card00:06
xibalbahere is my php5.conf and load file, http://paste.ubuntu.com/843756/00:06
starteI just installed ubuntu on my mac. I'00:06
starteve been running it on my windows00:07
starteand I00:07
xibalbaah shoot he timed out00:07
startesorry for the accidental enters. how can I connect my macbook with ubuntu to a hdmi in my computer. i did it successfully with my mac parition00:07
bobweaverHi there I am a server and can not connect to it via ssh I have opened the ports in my firewall and also in my routers firewall and I still can not connect any idea of what I might be doing wrong00:08
Nadddjathoris: Ok, thanks. So I think I stick to the working one right now... the shock I got when it wasn't booting anymore still works :)00:08
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startebobweaver: you mean a irc client server?00:09
xibalbaif anyone else wants to try and help me, let me know :)00:09
djathorisxibalba - it sounds like you've set up lamp servers before00:10
bobweaverstarlon,  nope00:10
bobweavera web seerver00:10
bobweaverI think00:10
bobweaverit is not for IRC00:10
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startebobweaver: you can't connect to the internet?00:11
xibalbadjathoris , i have but this one is stumping me.00:11
djathorisxibalba - I assume you did everything the same as usual?00:11
xibalbai'd like to think so, but some how i must have pebcac'd it00:11
startebenassi: what00:12
xibalbai think i just need someone to review my configs, 2nd pair of eyes, i'm pretty blind :)00:12
djathorisxibalba - is the apache httpd.conf file set up to execute it?00:12
ubottubenassi_:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:12
benassi_starte How can I install curl ono my ubuntu server ?00:12
xibalbadjathoris : i will double check now00:13
Muellibenassi_: aptitude install curl  I guess00:13
startebenassi: "sudo apt-get install curl"00:13
xibalbathe main apach2e.conf includes both mods-enabled/*.conf and *.load00:13
benassi_ubottu sry  I wrote the word wrong00:13
ubottubenassi_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:13
xibalbaphp5 .conf/load are active in that directory00:13
wagnordjathoris: It works! I got artifacts all over the screen, but it works. I was able to run it in 800x600x16 in 60hz. Thanks for help.00:13
booh-I use now ubuntu 11.04 and I wonder if I upgrade to 11.10, will I have the crappy version of gnome that a lot of people hate?00:14
startehey I'm trying to hook up my macbook with ubuntu to my tv screen. i know how using Mac OS but I'm stumped on how using ubuntu. Any help?00:14
djathoriswagnor - if you're getting artifacts in vesa mode, there might be something wrong in your system bios settings00:14
Muellibooh-: that's probably unity what you mean ;-) And well, you can kinda switch to real GNOME if you ilke.00:14
booh-Muelli: I want my actual gnome won't be destroy...00:15
diegohola a todos00:15
zykotick9!es | diego00:15
ubottudiego: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:15
booh-Muelli, I just want a smooth upgrade... because I need some app new versions now...  But I fear "this" dist-upgrade... about losing all my gnome config and actual look and feel00:16
djathoriswagnor - also, is the card seated right?00:16
startedoes anyone know how to hook up a macbook with ubuntu to a tv screen? i have a mini-dvi to hdmi connector already00:16
cfhowlettbooh-   or you could try it and actually decide for yourself rather than "a lot of people"00:16
benassi_starte I did install but I get error again Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Facebook needs the CURL PHP extension.00:17
wagnor_djathoris: I'm pretty sure its graphic card damage - I get same type of artifacts just after the reset and same artifacts when windows is loading. I was able to repair the card for about 1.5months using kitchen oven without any changes in bios/drivers.00:17
djathoriswagnor_ - you cooked your video card in an oven?00:17
wagnor_djathoris: yes00:17
cfhowlettbooh-   xubuntu kubuntu lubuntu offer alternatives.  You can sample them harmlessly in your present installation via virtualbox00:17
catcherHey y'all, how good is support for triple-headed graphics card these days? (assume nvidia)00:18
mustafaerhannactually i prefer wubi on windows better than virtual machines.00:18
catcherIs it pretty easy to set up?00:18
cfhowlettdjathoris   just looked at irc thread and see "cooked your video card"...what the fandango00:18
djathoriswagnor_ - if it wasn't broken before, it probably is now00:18
startebenassi_: facebook? why's facebook part of your error message?00:19
zykotick9cfhowlett: you know, HDs go in the freezer and VideoCards in the oven - doesn't everyone know that?  </sarcasm>00:19
wagnor_djathoris: no, cooking did help, it was okay for about 1.5months, now I get the same artifacts as before cooking.00:19
djathoriscfhowlett - that can't be good for it00:19
cfhowlettzykotick9   darn.  I better go move the veggies and make room00:19
kostaszi have xubuntu 11.10 with compiz and after changing appearance styles not all of the windows undergo the change. Any idea?00:20
wagnor_and cooking while doesn't sound serious is just resoldering, it works quite often if you don't overcook it00:20
kostaszFor example: Ubuntu Software Center, gcalctool, synaptic..00:20
djathoriswagnor_ - if the problem came back, maybe it was something else like the bus frequency or a conflict with another device?00:21
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eclipse_11I just built a computer and Ubuntu is booting and restarting fine but when I shutdown from the terminal it wont shutdown completely: "Could not get a system bus. Make sure the message bus Daemon is running! Message: Failed to connnect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_so" anybody wanna help a newb?00:23
wagnor_djathoris: From what I've googled (and afair) it's just damaged memory banks - people reported same kind of artifacts - pink or green vertical stripes with gaps and random crashes00:23
kostaszany idea about compiz?00:23
zykotick9eclipse_11: what command are you trying to use to shutdown?  "sudo shutdown -h now"?00:23
eclipse_11oops might have forgotten the -h like i said...newb00:24
xibalbai think i need to go put a dunce cap on for a while00:24
djathorisxibalba - did you figure out the problem?00:25
NaddIs it still possible to activate/deactivate desktop effects in 11.10 and if so, where?00:25
xibalbadjathoris , ha no i wish. i must be serioulsy missing something trivial.00:25
cfhowlett_Marcus   greetings00:26
Nickname123is there an apt-get package for google v8?00:26
xibalbai've gotten closer00:26
xibalbaat least00:26
xibalbait's working under /var/www/ at least ofr now00:26
maestrohell everyone, i am presently talking to u all via live cd of ubuntu. i need to recover my ubuntu. Please someone guide me00:26
_Marcusmaestro: What is wrong?00:27
maestro_Marcus: I need to recover my ubuntu 11.10.00:27
maestroIt crashed recntly00:27
_Marcusmaestro: Well how did it crash?00:28
maestro_Marcus: I have no idea. I was doing normal c++ coding and had amarok and chromium on meanwhile. And suddenly it blacked out00:28
_Marcusmaestro: Just went black?00:29
_Marcusmaestro: Could you not get back in afterwards?00:29
_Marcusmustafaerhann: To leave just type /part #ubuntu00:29
maestro_Marcus: Yups...:(00:29
djathorismaestro - can the live cd mount your ubuntu partition?00:29
_Marcusmaestro: That's weird.00:29
maestro_Marcus: Yeah seriously.. I myself am confused why the hell it even happened00:30
_Marcusmaestro: You shuold answer djathoris, he may be able to help you better than me.00:30
MarioMarquesalguem me ajuda, instalei o ubuntu hoje, como faz pra instalar programas com extensao tar.gz00:30
whoeveris there a password on the guest account00:30
maestrodjathoris: Sorry but i dont get you. I am a noob here not a regular ubuntu user. I began using it recently00:31
ubottuMarioMarques: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:31
induzi have thunderBird and its setup to get gMail account...can I delet the ThunderBird folder from my /home folder00:31
whoeveror do i need to set it and do i need to do anything to enable it00:31
induzits getting big00:31
_Marcusinduz: Does Thunderbird need that folder to run?00:31
djathorismaestro - the question is, is your ubuntu parition so corrupted that the files will never be recoverable? Not being able to boot it is a bad sign.00:32
_Marcusinduz: Since it's getting big, I'm guessing it's the folder that holds the emails. Why would you delete it if it needs it?00:32
maestrodjathoris: i am able to access my partition where i installed my ubuntu via live cd00:32
djathorisso you can access the partition but not boot from it?00:33
cfhowlettmaestro   back up your /home - just in case a re-install is called for00:33
maestrodjathoris: yups00:33
maestrocfhowlett: how do i do that?00:33
djathorismaestro - if you are fortunate, you might just need to reinstall grub?00:34
catcherHas anyone gotten a 3-head graphics card working in ubuntu?00:34
induz_Marcus, buts its gmail account00:34
Canadian1296cfhowlett: Hello again… :)00:34
_Marcusmaestro: Do you have an external hard drive, such as a flash drive, that you can use for backing up?00:34
maestrodjathoris: Please help me man if u can00:34
cfhowlettCanadian1296   eh?00:34
_MarcusCanadian1296: Hi00:34
maestro_Marcus: No00:34
zykotick9catcher: i've heard there are issues with Unity and 3 headed displays, other DEs/WMs should work.00:34
Canadian1296cfhowlett: I solved the problem with virtualbox, and gave to solution to _Marcus, but you had already left.00:34
djathorismaestro - how far does it get when you try to boot it?00:34
cfhowlettCanadian1296   victory!00:35
_Marcusinduz: If you cant support the hard drive space the emails take up, you shouldn't use Thunderbird.00:35
maestrodjathoris: When i selected ubuntu from the grub it just rebooted00:35
_Marcuscfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842521/00:35
maestrodjathoris: Actually i am having dual boot ubuntu - windows machine here00:35
Canadian1296cfhowlett: Yes :)00:35
Canadian1296And thank you _Marcus, I lost the link :)00:36
djathorismaestro - that would tend to imply that reinstalling grub might work00:36
cfhowlett_Marcus   glad you're back up!00:36
induz_Marcus, true...I dont have much space on my Hdrive...but if I delet the folder is it going to be deleted from Gmail server too00:36
maestrodjathoris: How do i reinstall it?00:36
djathorismaestro - there should be an option on the live cd for that00:36
cfhowlettmaestro   agree that reinstall grub should work - tho I still don't understand how it scrambled.00:36
_Marcusinduz: It shouldn't. If you just want to get rid of thunderbird, type "sudo apt-get remove tuhnderbird"00:37
ChotazCan I get support for Linux Mint here? Since it's based on Ubuntu? If not, where can I go for help(ITC preferably).Can I get support for Linux Mint here? Since it's based on Ubuntu? If not, where can I go for help(ITC preferably).Can I get support for Linux Mint here? Since it's based on Ubuntu? If not, where can I go for help(ITC preferably).00:37
_Marcusinduz: thunderbird*00:37
zykotick9!mint | Chotaz00:37
ubottuChotaz: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:37
_MarcusChotaz: No need to say it multiple times.00:37
maestrocfhowlett: I have not even a single tiny idea what went wrong00:37
altincan anyone help me with this:00:38
waheedI have ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop my DVD driver doesn't work..how to solve ths??00:38
altinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:38
altin gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed00:38
altinE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:38
Chotazzykotick9: Thanks00:38
waheedI have ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop my DVD driver doesn't work..how to solve ths??00:38
cfhowlettmaestro   same here.  recovery/reboot and maybe look @ some logs00:38
Chotaz_Marcus: sorry about that00:38
djathorismaestro - chrome is made by google, that's dangerous by itself00:38
_MarcusChotaz: It's okay00:38
cfhowlettwaheed   what make and model is your dvd player00:38
jhfjhgfjhgfwhy is ubuntu so bloated?00:39
jhfjhgfjhgfunnecessary bloated00:39
djathorisit's a lot less bloated than win 7 or server 200800:39
cfhowlettjhfjhgfjhgf   plz take this question to #ubuntu-offtopic00:39
jhfjhgfjhgfmakes my machine like a rtard.00:39
maestrodjathoris: when i booted from cd it gave me no menu bu directly took me to the options where i had to choose in between live cd or to install it and when i choose install. i had the 3 options install alongside windows, use all hd, something else. I saw no recover option00:39
_Marcusjhfjhgfjhgf: It's not very bloated00:39
_Marcusjhfjhgfjhgf: Just remove what you don't want.00:39
waheedcfhowlett : there is no model written on it, but m laptop is toshiba satellite l65500:39
altincan anyone help me with this error please00:39
altinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:39
altin gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed00:39
altinE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:39
Myrttijhfjhgfjhgf: did you have a Ubuntu support question or a problem?00:40
cfhowlettwaheed   wait 1...00:40
Canadian1296altin: Run "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade" then "sudo apt-get autoremove"00:40
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djathorismaestro - ttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:41
Canadian1296altin: Then let me know if it works00:41
maestrodjathoris: there?00:41
cfhowlettwaheed   is this lappy ubuntu only?00:41
djathorismaestro - just posted a link00:41
waheedcfhowlett : what do you mean?00:41
cfhowlettwaheed   does your computer also boot windows?00:42
maestrodjathoris: Yeah i am reading it now00:42
altinCanadian1296: still the same error, im trying to install gimp here00:42
waheedcfhowlett : yes00:42
_Marcusaltin: What's happening?00:42
altinCanadian1296: gimp was installed but then removed from an update :/00:42
altin_Marcus: this is my error00:42
altinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:42
altin gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed00:42
altinE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:42
Canadian1296altin: I know. I'm trying to fix the dependancies. Did you run the 4 commands i gave you in order?00:43
CiDhedI fixed it.00:43
cfhowlettwaheed   boot windows, see your accessories, system tools, system information.  GEt a make and model of your optical drive.  We may be able to locate the correct driver from there...00:43
altinCanadian1296: yes I did00:43
zykotick9altin: could you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy gimp" for us?00:43
altinzykotick9: ok 1 sec00:43
_Marcusaltin: And you are trying to install gimp?00:43
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altin_Marcus: yes00:44
_MarcusWelcome back, jhfjhgfjhgf00:44
_Marcus!info libglib2.0-000:44
ubottulibglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): GLib library of C routines. In component main, is required. Version 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 1117 kB, installed size 3680 kB00:44
jhfjhgfjhgfi was having 'audio' problem. my pc would freeze up for a sec or so , any idea how to fix that?00:44
Canadian1296altin: then try "sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0" ( zykotick9 It might fix his dependancy issue)00:45
jhfjhgfjhgfi looked up the logs it was something to do with xaudio00:45
altinCanadian1296: libglib2.0-0 is already the newest version.00:45
waheedcfhowlett : it was working before in ubuntu00:45
zykotick9Canadian1296: it says it's getting the wrong version of libglib2, thus i suspect his gimp must be coming from a different repository (but can't confirm, as no pastebin has materialized)00:46
_Marcusjhfjhgfjhgf: Would you mind changing your name? It would make it easier to help you by alerting you when we type your name. jhfjhgfjhgf is kind of hard to type(I copied it so I can paste it)00:46
maestroCanadian1296: If u dont mind sharing, what is your pastebin about?00:46
cfhowlettwaheed   good to know.00:46
waheedcfhowlett : then what is the problem00:46
altinzykotick9: _Marcus Canadian1296 http://paste.ubuntu.com/843803/00:46
Myrtti!tab | _Marcus00:46
ubottu_Marcus: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:46
waheedcfhowlett : wh it stopped working?00:46
zykotick9Canadian1296: altin yup - PPA problem.  altin good luck.00:47
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cfhowlettwaheed   something changed...something got overridden due to update, you changed a configuration, hardware failed, lots of possibilities00:47
almoxarifehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1923311 <-- why gimp does not work00:47
_MarcusMyrtti: I'm using a web-based chat. To be exact, it's webchat.freenode.net. Pressing tab goes to the next link or text box.00:47
z3r0n0idis there a file in /etc that lets me know how many users are defined on the system?00:47
djathorismaestro - here's a another link, same topic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158109900:47
altinzykotick9: lol :P00:47
maestrodjathoris: well that should solve the problem i guess the link you gave me earlier00:47
waheedcfhowlett: then can I restore default settings for the player00:47
Myrtti_Marcus: btw your own nick starts with a character that *sane* IRC clients don't automatically know how to nickcomplete00:48
zykotick9z3r0n0id: "wc -l /etc/passwd"00:48
_Marcusz4r0n0id: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/user-management.html00:48
cfhowlettmaestro   wonder if now is a good time to sudo apt-get purge gimp then resinstall00:48
cfhowlettwaheed   log in to your computer under a different user and see if the drive works.00:48
z3r0n0idzykotick9: thank you00:48
maestrocfhowlett: what does purge do?00:48
stevecamis it possible to tell banshee to scan the media library for missing files?00:49
cfhowlettmaestro   as I understand it, removes everything except the /home config and date files00:49
almoxarifemaestro: purge will remove the app and the confs00:49
zykotick9maestro: purge removes config files (but not from home directories)00:49
cfhowlettalmoxarife   so it DOES remove user/home/config?00:49
cfhowlettalmoxarife   so it DOES remove user/home/configs00:50
almoxarifecfhowlett: no,00:50
cfhowlettalmoxarife   OK00:50
coder_how to know what version of xubuntu i am using from the cmd?00:50
bastidrazorcoder_: lsb_release -a00:50
cfhowlettmaestro   suggested that to as a complete starting over for installing gimp.  should be considered radical surgery00:50
maestrocfhowlett, almoxarife, zykotick9: Then what am i supposed to do next? And will the softwares i installed on my ubuntu be saved?00:51
victicomcoder, cat /proc/version00:51
almoxarifecfhowlett: did you look at the link i put up?00:51
altinzykotick9: so you cant help in this case :/ ?00:51
cfhowlettmaestro   that command would remove ALL default gimp packages.  Your data should be safe but feel free to back up.00:51
zykotick9victicom: FYI that's the kernel version info, not the "ubuntu" info00:51
victicomYes... I just realized it.00:52
victicom*shake my head*00:52
coder_how do i install new themes in xubuntu 11.10?00:52
cfhowlettalmoxarife   I did - that's why I suggested purge/reinstall.  NOT my first choice for a fix...00:52
victicom*facepalm* lol00:52
* _Marcus 00:52
maestrocfhowlett: Ok after i purge gimp, what m i supposed to do next?00:52
UndergrounDcoder gnome tools is an easy00:53
almoxarifecfhowlett: a re-install will have the process repeat itself, reverting to the last good gimp is the better choice(my opinion)00:53
uni4dfxwhat kind of a sadist created autotools... no wonder nobody wants to develop linux software00:53
truexfan81i just got xfce to run on xfce lol now i can use my gnome 2 themes on it :-)00:53
cfhowlettmaestro   almoxarife good suggestion there to fall back with gimp00:54
truexfan81was supposed to say i got metacity to run on xfce*00:54
_Marcusuni4dfx: I want to develop Linux software :(00:54
Canadian1296zykotick9: Most likely… And altin, we need a pastebin to help you.00:54
Lintuni4dfx, there are some alternatives though00:54
altinCanadian1296: I just posted what you asked in pastebin...00:54
djathoris_Marcus - what are you looking to develop ?00:54
zykotick9Canadian1296: we got a pastebin, and it is a PPA version of Gimp (thus their issue with versioning)00:55
Canadian1296maestro: It's solving a problem with ubuntu cli in virtualbox.00:55
_Marcusdjathoris: Something. I don't know.00:55
=== uw_ is now known as uw
maestrocfhowlett almoxarife: so do i run this command? "sudo apt-get reinstall gimp"00:55
coder_I am trying to install a theme in xubuntu 11.10 but I am new to xubuntu, can anybody tell me how?00:55
almoxarifemaestro: no00:55
djathoris_Marcus - what programing languages are you good with?00:55
Canadian1296zykotick9 altin Yeah, I didnt see that (I was away from the computer).00:55
almoxarifemaestro: you using 11.10?00:55
_Marcusdjathoris: C++, Java00:55
victicomlsb_release -a didn't give me much useful info... however, lsb_release -r did... so... coder, I'd read the man pages of lsb_release00:55
maestroCanadian1296: mind telling me what cli is?00:56
victicomAs for themes...00:56
maestroalmoxarife, yes00:56
djathoris_Marcus 0 think you'd be up for some gtk programming?00:56
uni4dfxwhy is automake saying Makefile.in not found when it is clearly there.... ffs makes you wanna punch the author00:56
_Marcusmaestro: CLI is command line. tty. text.00:56
Canadian1296maestro: Command line interface. No gui (graphic user interface), so no desktop or anything. Just a command line.00:56
_Marcusdjathoris: I don't have a GUI.00:56
almoxarifemaestro: did you look at the link? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1923311 ??00:56
victicomCLI means Command Line Interface?00:56
_Marcusvicticom: Yes00:56
victicomI know.00:56
djathoris_Marcus - no X? :(00:57
victicomI was stating that as in... "I thought you knew?"00:57
maestroCanadian1296: Oh...! now that was very ignorant of me. I read that... Well thanks for telling though00:57
UndergrounDuse gnome tools to install themes00:57
Canadian1296maestro: No problem, that's what we're here for :)00:57
* zykotick9 used to use the TLA CLI a lot, but recently heard it's really a Microsoft-ism, so stopped using it ;)00:57
ServerSalerI am selling dedicated servers (VPS) in different countries Windows XP, 2003,2008, Seven, Cent OS, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, FreeBSD, Arch Linux. Write only PM who need them.00:58
_Marcusdjathoris: Nope. Running text mode saves resources, and since I'm not using the GUI, I can remove it. I saved resources and hard drive space by using CLI.00:58
almoxarifedoes cli have a gui?00:58
_MarcusServerSaler: Not on topic.00:58
_MarcusServerSaler: And spam00:58
ServerSalerwhat spam?00:58
ServerSalernot spam00:58
_Marcus!ot | ServerSaler00:58
ubottuServerSaler: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:58
ServerSaleri am sale servers00:58
icerootServerSaler: this is for ubuntu support00:58
Canadian1296cfhowlett: Thank you. I was about to ask what the ubottu tag was for spam00:59
icerootServerSaler: please dont use this channel for other topics00:59
icerootServerSaler: thank you00:59
djathoris_Marcus - at least you could always write a command line utility. or maybe go graphical with svga lib. Though you could always reinstall X. Xfce is lighter weight00:59
Lintwow real russian spammer00:59
overclucker_Marcus: ncurses01:00
_Marcusoverclucker: What?01:00
_Marcusdjathoris: I can always just make another virtual machine if I want a GUI, I'm running this one in Virtual Box already.01:00
maestroalmoxarife: Ok i will try these commands. But before i leave from here i have some more doubts.01:00
cfhowlettmaestro   back up your gimp data.01:01
almoxarifemaestro: your /home/................... data is safe01:01
djathoris_Marcus - so think of an idea and then start writing your app?01:01
Canadian1296_Marcus: What host machine are you using?01:02
overclucker_Marcus: ncurses is for pretty cli programming01:02
almoxarifemaestro: you could upgrade to the new ubuntu, and have the new gimp, not sure if that is an option01:02
_Marcusdjathoris: What do you mean by "app"01:02
_MarcusCanadian1296: What do you mean "host machine"?01:02
djathoris_Marcus - you said you wanted to program something for linux?01:03
Canadian1296_Marcus: I mean you're running Ubuntu in VirtualBox. What OS is installed on the physical computer you're at?01:03
_Marcusdjathoris: Oh.01:03
_MarcusCanadian1296: Windows XP.01:03
Canadian1296_Marcus: Okay, I was just wondering. It explains not being familiar with "app" (more of a Mac idea)01:04
coder_how do you install themes on xubuntu 11.10?01:04
maestroalmoxarife: My computer has broadcom wifi and bluetooth card installed on motherboard. On my installed ubuntu i was not able to access my bluetooth. And even to access my wifi i had to do this :http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http://tuxcanfly.appspot.com/2011/10/Ubuntu-11-10-Broadcom-Wifi-driver-43xx&usg=AFQjCNFCvkQ7lcwy5qJ-dG3aWxhajd_Stw01:04
djathoris_Marcus - one other thing you could try. if you write your app in tcl/tk you can write it in windows and have it runnable in linux X01:04
maestroalmoxarife: Can u help me out with my bluetooth problem here?01:04
_MarcusCanadian1296: I had 2 Macs(iMac and Macbook) for awhile, though I always called them programs. I called smartphone applications "apps" though.01:04
_Marcusdjathoris: Cross platform compiling? I've heard of it but never got how it worked.01:05
altinCanadian1296: _Marcus fixed the problem01:05
altinthnx :001:05
_Marcusaltin: Great01:05
_Marcusaltin: Have fun with Gimp01:06
coder_how do you install new themes on xubuntu 11.10?01:06
=== _Marcus is now known as _Marcus|NotHere
overclucker_Marcus: just use code that can be compiled on either system. nothing (or little) that is platform dependant01:06
bagelsis nobody ever awake in #winehq?01:06
Canadian1296altin: Well I didn't really do much, but glad to hear you got it :)01:06
maestroalmoxarife: U here?01:06
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djathoris_Marcus - http://tcl.tk/01:06
bastidrazorbagels: bankers hours01:07
cfhowlettcoder_   http://mydigitalbath.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/howto-install-themes-on-xubuntu/01:07
coder_thank you01:08
bagelsbastidrazor, lol seriously?01:08
cfhowlettcoder_   be safe/have fun01:08
maestrocfhowlett: can u help me with this problem?01:08
maestroMy computer has broadcom wifi and bluetooth card installed on motherboard. On my installed ubuntu i was not able to access my bluetooth. And even to access my wifi i had to do this :http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http://tuxcanfly.appspot.com/2011/10/Ubuntu-11-10-Broadcom-Wifi-driver-43xx&usg=AFQjCNFCvkQ7lcwy5qJ-dG3aWxhajd_Stw01:08
WhiteEyeHellow marchmellows01:08
cfhowlettmaestro   sorry IDK anything about bluetooth01:09
cfhowlettWhiteEye   greetings01:09
WhiteEyewhats going on ?01:09
maestrocfhowlett: no problem. u know any one who can help me with this01:09
WhiteEyemaestro: what u need help with?01:09
maestrocfhowlett: My computer has broadcom wifi and bluetooth card installed on motherboard. On my installed ubuntu i was not able to access my bluetooth. And even to access my wifi i had to do this :http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http://tuxcanfly.appspot.com/2011/10/Ubuntu-11-10-Broadcom-Wifi-driver-43xx&usg=AFQjCNFCvkQ7lcwy5qJ-dG3aWxhajd_Stw01:10
FatsDT'adduser user group' adds a user to a group (both /etc/group and /etc/group-).  'deluser user group' removes the user from the group in /etc/group but not /etc/group-.  Is this a bug?01:10
jn_how can i Disable "Allow Pixelshader" in the very latest version of wine ?01:10
jn_option dose not appear the usually place in winecfg tab01:10
maestroWhiteEye: Sorry by mistake i sent it to cfhowlett. hope u saw my trouble01:11
WhiteEyemaestro: Im running backtrack, we got a LOT of bluetooth and wifi tools, lol.01:11
cfhowlettmaestro   ask the channel about blue tooth support - and skip posting the wifi article since you've already got that working01:11
WhiteEyebut I only know how to hack them. lol01:11
maestroWhiteEye: i rememeber wen i was installin ubuntu on the first place i had it disabled from the windows.01:12
Canadian1296WhiteEye: respect01:12
maestrocfhowlett: sorry about that last post. i mistakenly sent it to u. sorry abt that01:12
cfhowlettmaestro   no prob.  Good luck with the fix.01:13
maestrocfhowlett: yeah thanks..:)01:13
maestroWhiteEye: Do i need some module other than Broadcom STA Driver in order to have the bluetooth working?01:14
jn_can i run a wine command and disable pixelshader with some kind of parameter?01:15
WhiteEyeI really enjoy this channel! all the channels for backtrack are full of arogant silent people. logged in 24/7 but responds only to "hi level" hackers...-_--01:15
cfhowlettsirkaya   greetings01:15
WhiteEyeits like a freaking ghetto01:15
bobweaverrotflmao WhiteEye01:16
maestroWhiteEye: lol..:D01:16
Kush2burnim new to linux im digging it01:16
WhiteEyewell. feel free to ask. thats what we are kinda here for. ask and answear01:16
bobweaverright on O.GKushto Burn01:16
bobweaverright on L.A  Kush to Burn01:16
Kush2burnmy first question is whats the best computer language to learn for databasing/or even just cracking into networks01:17
ubottuA hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy01:17
WhiteEyeI know its not the right place to ask but Im willing to give it a shot! anyone know anything about ssh keys?01:17
ubottukush2burn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:17
pconwellquick question, I need to set up a symlink to a directory that I do not own (but have access to)01:18
goathouse774I've got xubuntu burned as an image to a cdr.  what's the best way to test it:  restart the comp with cd in drive; or run it in windows?01:20
tensorpuddingyou can't run it in windows01:20
cfhowlettgoathouse774   checksum!01:20
ubottugoathouse774: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:20
tensorpuddingchecksumming is a good idea01:20
tensorpuddingcompare with the md5 or sha-101:20
tensorpuddinga checksum is a function which takes a file and collapses it down to a brief string of characters, called a hash01:21
WhiteEyeim running backtrack, but its based on ubuntu so nuthing wrong in hanging out here in my favourtie room01:21
jswagneri thought there was a feature on the boot menu that allowed you to test the content of the disc01:21
tensorpuddingyou can compare the hash you get from the file with a hash on record to verify that the file is complete and unmodified01:22
WhiteEyejswagner: I know there is, I got it on my ubuntu server01:22
Canadian1296jswagner: There should be, but I'd still recommend a hash check01:22
tensorpuddingbecause small changes in the original file will make large changes in the hash01:22
tensorpuddingbesides verifying disk images it's also good for making sure that the image you have is not tampered with by an untrusted third party01:23
bobweaverWhiteEye,  this room is for ubuntu question you are more then welcome to hang out look at some question. but if you would like to  talk about cracking and div's of ubuntu best in the #off-topic channel01:23
tensorpuddingcracking is not ontopic on #ubuntu-offtopic either, it goes against freenode policy01:24
WhiteEyebobweaver: yeah I know :) sure thing!:D01:24
foenixanyone know how i can get a world clock on the desktop again?01:24
bobweavergood point tensorpudding01:24
jn_How can i disable pixel shader in wine ?01:24
jswagnerjn_: this is answered on the official Wine wiki01:25
bobweaverjn you are talking about http://wiki.winehq.org/DirectX-Shaders   ?01:25
WhiteEyehave anyone tested the new ubuntu server?, really hard to install. Ive tried like 4 times but i feel like an super noob since I cant get it up01:25
jswagnerWhiteEye: what specifically are you having issues with?01:26
cfhowlettWhiteEye   fee free to check in a #ubuntu-server01:26
bobweaverWhiteEye,  12.04 ?01:26
jswagneri can't imagine it's vastly different than any previous ubuntu server release01:26
jn_<jswagner> could you give me a link? I can't find it, also im using the latest version of wine, did the option not use to be under a tab in winecfg? becouse its not there anymore01:27
jswagnersomeone just linked it01:27
jswagnerit was the first result on google for 'wine disable pixel shader'01:28
WhiteEyejswagner: well. it freezes on first boot. like all the processes just wont load01:29
jswagnerduring install or post-install?  could be a kernel/module issue?  might be a good idea to file a bug.01:29
pconwellI'm trying to write to a symlink directory that I do not own. In other words user1 is trying to write to a directory owned by user2 that is symlinked in user1's home directory. What is the best way to make this happen?01:31
goathouse774Check sums are the same01:33
TheCowboyHi, I was having no problems and then rebooted and I get the following error when I try to boot into Ubuntu: error couldn't read file01:33
TheCowboysearching I see a couple different things suggested and i'm not sure which to try first01:33
zombyfiedwhen is XerxeS coming out?01:35
zombyfiedi heard it will be awesome GUI and nice gnome 3 experience.01:35
cfhowlettgoathouse774   then you downloaded a good .iso.  To be certain, check that the cdrom burned properly.  See "Checking the CD directly:  http://www.eslcafe.com/jobs/china/index.cgi?read=2481601:35
cfhowlettgoathouse774   then you downloaded a good .iso.  To be certain, check that the cdrom burned properly.  See "Checking the CD directly:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM01:36
cfhowlettgoathouse774   sorry, dual firefox tags01:36
mustafaerhannfoenix try screenlets.01:39
bobweaverdang no matter how many time I install ubuntu server I get a busybox every time01:40
bobweaverI will try to install debian and see if it happens01:41
aleksaare any tvs tested01:42
z3r0n0idI need to move all files that the file name is lowercase into another folder01:42
paideiaoi galera01:43
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes01:43
ubottupaideia: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:43
delkinÉ a rasgar!01:43
goathouse774What is the help taking about?  I'm not familiar with command line.01:43
bobweaverdelkin,  you have tried with the -i option in mv ?01:44
paideiabr my ass01:44
goathouse774Can't I just check it upon reboot as it offers as another method?01:44
bobweaverz3r0n0id, ,  you have tried with the -i option in mv ?01:44
bobweaversorry delkin01:44
cfhowlettpaideia   hm.  my google-fu said it's a portuguese saying.  No disrespect intended01:44
delkinbobweaver, bob the builder?01:45
ubottupaideia: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:46
delkincfhowlett, WE ARE ANONYMOUS !!!01:47
ob1thi people,01:47
z3r0n0idbobweaver: i dont know how to type the cmd; mv -i ~/etc upperc?01:47
paideiayou don't forget01:47
cfhowlettob1t   greetings01:48
a123join #newchannel34501:48
cfhowlettdelkin   do you have an ubuntu support question?01:48
goathouse774Which method for checking the disc is simplest, the automated script?01:49
bobweaverz3r0n0id, try your question on the #bash channel01:49
ob1ti need some help01:49
z3r0n0idbobweaver: ok il do that, thanks.01:50
cfhowlettob1t    ask away01:50
bobweaverz3r0n0id,  sorry could nbot help01:50
ob1ti installed ubuntu 11.10 and i'm having problem with the sound card01:50
Shortstraw8I just did a update and was using mozilla all the sudden it stopped responding so I quit and restarted both the browser and computer because my videos online do not work everything says it is installed and up to date any Ideas.01:53
goathouse774I typed the example for scripted in cmd.exe and it is fail01:55
Shortstraw8I just did a update and was using mozilla all the sudden it stopped responding so I quit and restarted both the browser and computer because my videos online do not work everything says it is installed and up to date any Ideas.01:56
cfhowlettob1t   see this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188524002:00
ob1tok thanks02:01
somnambulantHello I'd like to change the default/global screensaver settings for all users (using kubuntu as a terminal server)... and also so the users can't change the setting02:07
somnambulantany ideas?02:07
dejahthorissomnambulant - you could edit the xorg.conf (maybe?)02:08
FireboltI get "ASSERT: "interface->childCount() == children.count()" in file adaptor.cpp, line 200" when I try to run some Qt-based programs, any fix that isn't running them as root?02:08
rksiihello, anyone here?02:09
dejahthorisno, we're not here02:10
rksiilol, it just seems awfully quiet02:10
cfhowlettrksii   greetings.  What's the problem?02:10
rksiiI am trying to get suspend/hibernate to work on my Toshiba L77502:11
rksiiI've tried all the quirks options and several of the scripts I found searching the community forums and other places but no luck02:12
rksiithought maybe someone here would have some advice02:13
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_Marcusrksii: What exactly is happening?02:13
rksiiin both cases (suspend and hibernate) it goes to a black screen with what looks like a non-blinking text cursor in the top-left corner. It doesn't power off the screen, wireless lan, fans, or anything else that I can tell. And, it will not resume from this state. It is frozen and I have to hold the power button until it powers off and then reboot02:15
rksiiIf I do a hibernate, it will sometimes restore from the saved state when it reboots.02:16
_Marcusrksii: I can't tell if that is a problem with Ubuntu or with the Tobisha hardware.02:16
Jimuanyone know how to alter the unity launcher style? bonus points if you know a resource for how to create GTK3 themes - should be easy using CSS02:16
Canadian1296mun:  Hi02:16
rksiiI'm not sure either _Marcus02:16
muni'm using Gnome 3 in 11.10, but how do i set the default to compiz?02:16
_Marcusrksii: I found this online: http://nixliving.blogspot.com/2010/03/workaround-for-broken-ubuntu-suspend.html02:17
rksiiI have looked in the pm-suspend.log and pm-powersave.log but there doesn't appear to be any error messages or anything that gives me a clue02:17
_Marcusrksii: How long are you waiting until you force shutdown your machine?02:18
WabsI was wondering if someone could recommend a VNC client so I can remote my systems at work?02:18
cfhowlettwabs vinagre02:19
WabsThank you cfhowlett02:19
rksiiI have waited for over an hour before forcing it to power off02:19
rksiiI will try the advice on that page to see if it works for me02:20
_Marcusrksii: Intresting. As I don't have a Tobisha laptop, I cannot reproduce the problem. You should read that page though.02:20
rksiiunfortunately it looks like I will have to track down the powersaved -- apt-get is not finding it02:21
_Marcus!find powersaved02:22
ubottuPackage/file powersaved does not exist in oneiric02:22
_Marcus!find powersave02:22
ubottuFile powersave found in alsa-base, e17-dev, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux, kde-icons-mono, laptop-mode-tools, linux-doc, linux-headers-3.0.0-12-generic, linux-headers-3.0.0-12-server, linux-headers-3.0.0-12-virtual, linux-headers-3.0.0-13-generic (and 15 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=powersave&mode=&suite=oneiric&arch=any02:22
_Marcusrksii: There you go02:22
heloi just installed a new motherboard with onboard (apu) ati video, and my monitor just goes to sleep when i boot02:23
_Marcusrksii: I'm guessing you want one of the laptop-mode-tools one02:23
heloi tried disabling lightdm so X wouldn't start, and added "nomodeset" to the grub options, but it still goes to sleep every time02:23
dejahthorishelo - your monitor literally goes into powersave/sleep mode?02:24
heloi see the initial boot console messages, and then it just goes to sleep02:24
rksiiok, its been a while since I ran linux and when I did I ran slackware -- where do you run that !find command to get that info?02:24
heloi'm using the vga port (don't have the right kind of dvi adapter)02:25
dejahthorishelo - have you tried this m/b with other monitors?02:25
_Marcusrksii: That was a command for ubottu, the bot here. It just gave you info about it02:25
heloit seems to be a mode setting problem, or something that is triggering that port to stop sending a signal02:25
heloi installed fglrx, but no change02:25
_Marcus!info powersave | rksii, see the link:02:25
ubotturksii, see the link:: Package powersave does not exist in oneiric02:25
diverdudehow do i restart rsyslog with -r switch?02:25
_MarcusJust look up02:26
_Marcusrksii: Do you have an intel processor?02:26
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dejahthorishelo - which video driver are you using generic vesa or ati?02:27
heloi tried vesa and fglrx in xorg.conf02:27
rksiiok, yes -- I see the link now where it says it doesn't exist in oneiric02:27
dejahthorishelo - what resolution/refresh rate are you trying to run it at?02:27
somnambulantdejahthoris: after a little digging its actually in /usr/share/kde4/config/....02:27
rksiiyes, I have an intel processor -- an i302:28
=== carlos is now known as Guest35749
dejahthorissomnambulant - that good info to know02:28
_Marcusinfo laptop-mode-tools02:29
_Marcus!info laptop-mode-tools02:29
ubottulaptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.57-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 99 kB, installed size 568 kB02:29
_Marcusrksii: Try "apt-get install laptop-mode-tools"02:29
rksiiI just did that -- it installed fine but no powersave or powersaved on my machine02:30
rksiino, sorry, there is a /sys/module/i915/parameters/powersave02:30
dejahthorisrksii - did you reboot after installing?02:30
_Marcusdejahthoris: I don't think you need to reboot after install software.02:30
dejahthoris_Marcus - when it's a system daemon you're installing ...02:31
rksiithat powersave file is just a text file with a single character:  102:31
_Marcusrksii: I don't know what the solution to your problem is. If laptop-mode-tools isn't working, then do "sudo apt-get remove laptop-mode-tools"02:32
rksiiI don't know if its working or not...should I try to do the pm-suspend again?02:33
_Marcusrksii: yes02:33
rksiithat webpage said to do a powersave -u but there was no powersave program installed02:33
meskarunepm-suspend isn't laptop mode tools02:34
SoulSurvivorWhere is the Ubuntu Development channel?02:34
dejahthorissomeone named azathot got it working at http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/Powersave-25227.shtml02:34
meskarunebut you can set laptop mode tools to use that if pm-utils is intalled02:34
rksiipm-suspend did the same things as before -- black screen but not powering off02:34
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bazhangSir_Konrad, #ubuntu-devel02:35
_Marcusrksii: So I have no idea on how to fix it. Ask again in the channel, someone else may be able to help.02:36
dejahthoristo quote Azathot on October 20, 2011 5:57 am "It worked well on my Toshiba l775-13V with Ubuntu 11.10 :)"02:37
rksiiI will try downloading that powersave, dejahthoris.  It looks like it comes as source so I will have to build it02:38
meskarunerksil: when you type "sudo pm-suspend" in the terminal your screen goes black but the computer stays on?02:39
rksiiyes, meskarune, that is correct02:39
helodejahthoris: not sure... whatever the defaults were02:39
magmahow do I kill a logged user through the command line?02:39
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cfhowlettFuZi0N   greetings02:40
FuZi0Ni was trying to setup a ftp server in ubuntu02:40
FuZi0Ni installed serv u02:40
FuZi0Nim able to login fine02:40
FuZi0Nbut i cant write to the directory02:40
_MarcusHello FuZi0N02:40
FuZi0Ni think i need to change the home directory permissions from terminal02:40
_Marcusmagma: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/xkill.1fun.html02:40
FuZi0Nanyone know how to do this?02:40
cfhowlettmagma   http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-kill-unix-linux-user-session/02:41
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meskarunerksii: http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt#17802:41
_Marcusmagma: go to cfhowlett's link, it will be much more simple02:41
dejahthorisFuZi0N "chmod <permissions> directoryname02:41
FuZi0Ndejahthoris which parameters should i use for read/write/list/delete/make ?02:42
rksiiI tried the stuff on that page meskarune -- no useful info (at least not useful to me) is being logged02:42
dejahthorisFuZi0N - what kind of access do you want to give to strangers?02:42
FuZi0Nits not a stranger here02:42
FuZi0Njust download/upload/list/append/make dir02:43
meskarunerksii: I see. you could try using a different suspend backend like tuxonice02:43
FuZi0Nand delte02:43
mustafaerhann777 is ok then.02:43
dejahthorisFuZi0N - then "chmod 777 directoryname"02:43
rksiihaven't tried that -- I'm willing to use whatever will work. Other than this suspend issue, everything is working perfectly02:44
meskarunerksii: what is your laptop model?02:44
rksiiToshiba Satellite L77502:45
cfhowlettrksii  see software center toshutils02:45
_MarcusWith all the people putting Ubuntu on the Toshiba Satellites, I'm suprised it doesn't work perfectly with them already.02:45
rksiiI always used to use toshiba laptops with linux and this is the first real problem I have had02:46
rksiiI guess it is a newer model02:46
FuZi0Nso for example "chmod 777 /home/user/Downloads" ?02:46
meskarunerksil: if you use any proprietary graphics drivers, try unloading them and see if you can suspend02:46
mustafaerhannyes FuZi0N02:47
dejahthorisFuZi0N - yes, that will leave your ftp directory wide open02:47
rksiicfhowlett: there is nothing matching toshutils in the software center. I searched for just tosh and I already have toshset installed (guess it did that for me) and there are a few other things that don't seem like they have anything to do with suspend or power02:48
Canadian1296Goodbye all02:48
FuZi0Nstill no luck :/02:48
Jeremy3Danyone know how i can get xchat into the toolbar on Ubuntu 11.10?  i tried clicking the checkbox in preferences but it does nothing02:48
dejahthorisFuZi0N - try "sudo chmod 777 ..."02:48
FuZi0N[1] MKD test02:48
FuZi0N[1] 550 /test: Permission denied.02:48
rksiimeskarune: no proprietary drivers -- it is using intel video02:48
bazhangJeremy3D, xchat-indicator installed?02:49
dejahthorisFuZi0N 0 sorry, assumed you were root. use sudo02:49
Jeremy3Dbazhang, not sure. i'll check02:49
FuZi0Nyes i am logged in as root02:50
FuZi0Ni already did a sudo su02:50
Jeremy3Dbazhang, i'm not seeing it. where should i look?02:50
dejahthorisFuZi0N - then I don't understand. chmod should work for any directory you've created02:51
Jeremy3Dnot getting any sounds either02:51
meskarunerksii: to your kernel line in grub you might have to add "pci=noacpi"02:51
LoganShawHello people, can anybody tell me what computer programming language ubuntu is made from?02:51
dejahthorisLoganShaw - mostly C, with lots of shell scripts02:51
bazhang!info xchat-indicator | Jeremy3D02:52
ubottuJeremy3D: xchat-indicator (source: xchat-indicator): XChat Indicator Plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.10-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 8 kB, installed size 84 kB02:52
rksiidon't forget python -- that's my personal favorite :-)02:52
dejahthorislots of different languages02:52
LoganShawThanks but now I am even more confused.02:53
dejahthoriswhats to be confused about?02:53
rksiiit's not just written in one language, LoganShaw. It's not even just one program. It's lots of programs written in lots of languages02:53
LoganShawI was told C is obsolete and C++ is the best.02:54
cfhowlettLoganShaw   see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Academy02:54
bazhangLoganShaw, thats not on topic here.02:54
dejahthorisC and C++ are usued interchangably in conversation02:54
meskaruneLoganShaw: linux is primarily written in C02:54
_MarcusLoganShaw: C++ is okay at times. C is better at some areas though. This is Ubuntu support channel anyway. Type "!ot" for the off topic channel02:54
LoganShawOh okay, then that clears things up,thanks02:54
meskarunealso C is not obsolete. :P02:55
shellcode28I had my resolution set to 1920x1080 on ubuntu 11.0402:55
shellcode28I down to 1270x76802:56
fenemfolks...is there a minimalist version of ubuntu that just contains the basics...no applications other than required linux and perhaps X only?02:56
bazhangfenem the minimal iso02:56
_Marcusfenem: There is a minimal version that doesn't contain X.02:56
bazhang!mini | fenem02:56
ubottufenem: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:56
_Marcusfenem: You can always install it though02:56
_MarcusThe Minimal CD is evil.02:57
_MarcusYou have to configure CLI to work in the GRUB settings02:57
_MarcusOr it will try to load a GUI.02:57
bazhangfenem, if you need a gui, then lubuntu (lxde + openbox)02:57
_MarcusAnd there is none.02:57
bazhang!lubuntu > fenem02:58
ubottufenem, please see my private message02:58
=== ixela_ is now known as hatop
tenXJermBob: what racing flavour?02:59
meskaruneyou can run GUI applications in x without a window manager or desktop enviroment02:59
dejahthoristhere was one linux that fit on a floppy disk02:59
OerHeks<_Marcus> The Minimal CD is evil. ??? be carefull with your drunk talk, friend.03:00
_MarcusIt is evil03:00
meskarunedamn small linux and puppy linux are pretty tiny03:00
_MarcusI spent from Sunday to Tuesday trying to configure it to work03:00
_MarcusSometimes it hanged at install03:01
_MarcusSometimes it just sat there and didn't load tty03:01
tenX_Marcus: drunk support is my specialty03:01
meskaruneits not evil just because you have to configure things. :P03:01
_Marcusmeskarune: It's evil. That's that.03:01
_MarcusI gtg. Goodbye everyone!03:01
bazhangJermBob, actual support question?03:02
=== Guest25259 is now known as Termana
zacharyCan someone point me towards a Jolicloud IRC help channel?03:03
=== zachary is now known as Guest94214
mustafaerhannFuzi0N try to log in with normal user and then sudo chmod 777 /directorytoftp03:04
FuZi0Ni managed to get it working :)03:04
Dwade09How do i mess with the bar on the left side of ubuntu 11.10 like the delay on it or moving it around the screen so on?03:04
Guest94214Can anyone help me install Mono on Jolicloud?03:04
FuZi0Ni just reconfigured the ftp home directory not sure what went wrong the first time03:05
OerHeksunfortunatly not on freenode, Guest9421403:05
FuZi0Nbut the chmod also helped :D03:05
FuZi0Nthank you very much :)03:05
bazhang!alis | Guest9421403:05
ubottuGuest94214: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:05
mustafaerhannvery wellcome FuZi0N03:05
BrandonBoltonGuest94214, It should be actually the same as Ubuntu seeing how it is based off of Ubuntu.03:05
mustafaerhannby ppls. have to sleep03:06
Guest94214I just am needing to try and run an old .exe game from Windows03:06
Guest94214Its a 2D MMORPG made with VB but I keep getting an unexpected error03:06
bazhang!appdb | Guest9421403:06
ubottuGuest94214: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:06
Guest94214I have wine, that is how I installed it03:06
bazhangGuest94214, install wine, check appdb /join #winehq03:06
Guest94214Its not on the list03:06
cfhowlettGuest94214   either it hans't been done or hasn't been documented03:07
bazhangGuest94214, then it may not run. #winehq is the place to take those types of questions03:07
dejahthorisGuest94214 - what's the game?03:07
Dwade09Guest94214: have you tried it in a vmbox running windows since it is 2d03:07
Guest94214It's called Odyssey Classic03:07
Guest94214Old game from 1991 that I play03:07
Guest94214Do I have to have a windows xp copy for that?03:07
meskarunedid they have MMO's from 1991?03:08
tensorpuddingGuest94214, check the wine appdb to see03:08
dejahthorisGuest94214 - you could boot a 1991 version of dos froma single floppy03:08
Guest94214Sorry it's from like 1997-903:08
hatopi'm more amazed that it was VB in 9103:08
Guest94214Not 1991, not sure why I said that03:08
Guest94214Been playing it for years though03:09
bazhang!ot | Guest9421403:09
ubottuGuest94214: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:09
Guest94214The game opens fine, I select the server, then it pots up with that unexpected error03:09
Dwade09Guest94214:  what is the name of the game?03:09
tensorpuddingthen it might not work right03:09
Guest94214Odyssey Classic03:09
tensorpuddingmake sure you run it with windows 95 compatibility or whatever03:09
tensorpuddingthere's a way to configure that for a particular app using the wine configurator03:10
Guest94214I'm attempting to find it03:10
tensorpuddingbut i mean, it's not guaranteed to work right03:10
tensorpuddingstarcraft doesn't work properly either03:10
tensorpuddingspeaking of a popular game from that time period03:10
Guest94214I've got it to work on a previous linux distro03:11
hatoplots of things don't that require old versions of directx and directdraw03:11
Dwade09Guest94214:  here http://www.odysseyclassic.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=7&id=6958&Itemid=5603:11
hatopespecially since wine changes pretty constantly and they sometimes ruin support for programs in the process03:11
=== manu is now known as Guest89648
tensorpuddingthere is the possibility of virtualization but if the game requires fancy graphics it might run terribly03:11
Guest94214Wow didn't think to check their forums, lol...03:11
Guest94214Ohhhh no its far from fancy03:12
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support03:12
Guest94214Almost like an old Zelda type03:12
Guest94214Thanks for your help03:12
tenXzelda :>03:12
LoganShawI want to install ubuntu on my phone but the screen is 540x960, ubuntu minimum requirement claims 1024x768, should I even bother trying?03:13
goathouse774I'm probably just going to skip checking the disc because it's simply too complicated, or the linked instructions are ambiguous.03:13
hatoploganshaw: probably not. also i'm assuming your phone runs android so you'd probably also encounter a lot of driver issues03:13
hatoploganshaw: and the display would be very odd if you stuck with unity03:14
LoganShawbut the phone came with a dumbed down version of ubuntu03:14
cfhowlettLoganShaw   dumbed down for a reason...03:14
sx_usr__hi guys, im currently using kernel 3.2.6 for my Ubuntu 11.10, but it seems that the SUSPEND doesn't work for my notebook hp elitebook 8540w? anyone has this similar problem?03:14
ohdaeHey does anyone happen to know a good desktop recording app for Ubuntu?03:14
bazhangohdae, kazam or eidet03:15
cfhowlettohdae   gtkredordmydesktop03:15
tenXhatop: what is the main justification for unity in 20 words if i may ask?03:15
cfhowlettohdae   gtkrecordmydesktop03:15
Dwade09How do i mess with the bar on the left side of ubuntu 11.10 like the delay on it or moving it around the screen so on?03:15
ohdaeI'm looking for something that can preferably be able to edit the video afterwards, like zoom in on certain areas, add a sound track, etc03:15
bazhangtenX, #ubuntu-offtopic for that03:15
hatoptenx: i don't even have 1 word03:15
ohdaethanks guys, that was quick :D heh03:15
sx_usr__ohdae:i think u can configure that from compiz03:15
=== root is now known as Guest10406
LoganShawunity:think differently03:15
ohdaesx_usr__, ahh gotcha03:15
cfhowlettohdae   record the video then edit.  openshot is nice03:15
tenXbazhang: only for interest03:15
bazhangtenX, right, and thats the chit chat channel, NOT here03:16
ohdaecfhowlett, yeah i was thinking i'd have to record then edit separately03:16
tenXhatop: i could imagine. difficult to describe a wm in short03:16
fizyplanktonif the SATA cable fell (melted) off of a harddrive while it was running, could that cause the "read error rate" to be 14,605, the "Seek error rate" to be 59,303,348, and the "hardware ECC recovered" to be 14,605, yet the overall status say "disk is healthy"03:16
hatoptenx: i'm more than happy to take this to pm or go to that chan03:16
cfhowlettohdae   right, then strong them into one with openshot03:16
ohdaeI'm trying to make a demo video for a project im working on. Showing screenshots of a console-based app only does so much :p03:16
tenXbazhang: that was only meant to aim for a quick info03:16
hatopfizyplankton: your drive is most likely dead/dieing. How it managed to melt is amazing, but I'd just try to salvage data and get a new drive.03:17
OerHeksfizyplankton, did it melt ?03:17
ohdaehmm ill reboot into Ubuntu and start looking :D03:17
ohdaethanks guys03:17
cfhowlettfizyplankton   melted?  Yes, I'd suspect some hardware issues?03:18
tenXbazhang: all set for myself, this was simply for interest. been wondering why unity became the primary wm on ubuntu03:18
hatopyeah anything melting is bad03:18
Dwade09how do i mess with the settings for the bar on the left side of this picture? http://imagebin.org/19915203:18
OerHekshe didn't say it melted, ..if...03:18
hatopdwade09: you don't really03:18
FuZi0Nwhats the best remote desktop/vnc server to use in ubuntu?03:18
urfr332g0fizyplankton, there is a ##hardware channel they might be of some help in this.03:19
hatophe said fell(melted)03:19
hatopso I'm assuming it means it melted apart and then fell down03:19
hatopeither way sounds like the drive connectors are bad and causing the issue and yes ##hardware would probably be more helpful03:19
tenXhappyface: qry03:19
Dwade09hatop:  not one way at all?03:19
fizyplanktonhatop: OerHeks the drive seems to be fine. the meltdown occured several months ago. my airconditioner broke, and my room is the hottest room in the house, and it was in the middle of the summer (i live in georgia. HOT). just that much was enough to melt it off. i still have the carnage on my desk. oddly enough, even 59 millioin errors wont cause the report to say an error, yet my other disk has 2 bad sectors and it return03:20
Dwade09hatop:  i like the bar but i want it on the bottom and a bit smaller.03:20
hatopdwade09: not that I know of really in 11.10. the new alpha stuff yes03:20
hatopfizyplankton: man, I'm in North Alabama and I've never actually seen the inside of a case hit the melting point of plastic03:21
fizyplanktonhatop: if i really wanted too, i could send you a picture of the oval SATA connector03:22
hatopoh its fine, i'm just amazed is all03:22
cfhowlettfizyplankton   ah don't be greedy.  Paste it so we can ALL see...03:22
hatopI'd still replace the drive or go buy a dead one and transfer the board up03:22
fizyplanktonhatop: all i use it for is as an archives drive, for huge files / backups / isos and other such things. my main drive is fine (except for the 2 bad sectors)03:23
K`zanHi folks, I'm trying to turn off mousekeys and I had tried a number of google found solutions, none of which work, help appreciated!03:24
hatopYou could replace some of the connectors pretty cheaply with a dead drive03:24
researcher123how do I kow how much RAM my PC has? what command line or system program to use?03:24
K`zanI found two places where it exists and disabled both but it is still there and still active :-(.\03:24
bazhangfizyplankton, ##hardware please03:24
WabsResearcher123, top works for showing memory03:25
urfr332g0researcher123, free in the teminal will tell you03:25
ex0vmstat also is goo03:26
fizyplanktonhatop: i replaced the sata cable 6 months ago. im just wondering why i have millions of errors. a part of me thinks that when it melted off, it could have shorted out its statistics. for instance, it says its powered up time is 3 yrs. thats not impossible, as it is a relatively old drive, but i wouldnt be surprised if thats inaccurate03:27
researcher123my system which was once very fast suddenly became slow. What can be done NOW?03:27
bazhangfizyplankton, lets take this to the appropriate channel03:27
OerHeksfizyplankton, maybe your motherboard is damaged too.03:27
hatopIts more likely that its shorting out on the board03:27
boyhimasHi. I got ubuntu 9.10 here. Do I get all the features of oneric (except the unity interface) if I just run automatic update?03:28
hatopand thats causing a ton of read/write errors03:28
WabsResearcher123, use terminal and run top to see whats killing your processor03:28
=== BigWeed is now known as bluegrue
OerHeksboyhimas, you need a lot of updates, i guess you better reinstall a fresh 11.10. ,much faster.03:28
ex0researcher123, use the command:  ps -aux       to see whats going on also03:29
bazhang!eolupgrades | boyhimas03:29
ubottuboyhimas: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:29
researcher123Wabs: gvfsd-trash is using highest  memory.What an I do now?03:29
ex0do you have an ipod or iphone plugged in?03:30
fizyplanktonbazhang: were almost done. hatop my other 2 drives arent reporting that level of data. the hdd end melted off, not the mb end. also, the way i had them arranged in the case before, this drive was the most likely to overheat, but that was the only possible config. now, i bought a bracket to mount it in a cd slot for better air flow across all 3 drives.03:30
boyhimasOerheks, I was thinking of that but I'm not a big fan of Unity. Are there other options?03:30
cfhowlettboyhimas   lubuntu xubuntu kubuntu03:31
bazhangfizyplankton, PM or ##hardware. this is not the channel for it03:31
researcher123when I ran Top command in terminal I found one application using lot of memory.How do I stop that application?03:31
ex0researcher123, gvfsd is usually signs of ipod or iphone03:31
K`zanAnyone know how to get rid of mousekeys?  Turning it off in the control panel and commenting it out in the two places I have found it (/usr/share/X11/xkb/... ...) has not worked.03:31
hatopfizyplankton: yeah, thats what I figured. hence why i'm betting its the melted interface.03:31
cfhowlettresearcher123   kill -9 processnumber03:31
ex0researcher123, kill -9 (pid)03:31
Jordan_Uresearcher123: cfhowlett: ex0: Only use "kill -9 pid" if "kill pid" fails to kill the process.03:33
boyhimasthanks guys!03:34
cfhowlettjordan_ ok.  will see the man page...03:34
Esquire 03:36
OerHeksK`zan, check keyboard settings, to disable mouse-emulation numpad03:36
newhoaboyhimas, Just from personal experience...  a lot of the time upgrades (especially that far between releases) don't always go so well, and at the least could give you a lot of problems with config files. I always like to do fresh installs over upgrades because for me it's much safer, more reliable, and like OerHeks said, much faster.03:37
goathouse774I'm trying to burn the xubuntu image to a dual layer dvd and it asks me if I want to split it equally over multiple layers.  Should I say yes?03:38
cfhowlettboyhimas   you might also consider skipping the 6 month update cycle and just boot LTS versions.03:38
newhoaOops, my screen froze, so I was answering something pretty late!03:38
boyhimasnewhoa, thanks man!03:39
urfr332g0goathouse774, you down load the cd or dvd, check the size.03:40
goathouse774It's small enough to fit on cd03:40
goathouse774Is there a dvd version?03:41
newhoaboyhimas, No problem! Have you tried Gnome-Shell yet? I'm not caring for Unity much myself, but I think gnome-shell is a bit better.03:41
urfr332g0goathouse774, I would keep it on one side if it was me burn as an image.03:41
cfhowlettgoathouse774   the dvd version contains ALL language support plus some other stuff03:41
goathouse774I don't need that03:41
cfhowlettgoathouse774   exactly...03:42
goathouse774I have the image and my cd drive burned out so I'm trying to burn to what I have...  A dual layer dvd.03:42
boyhimascfhowlett, i'm not sure but is 10.10 the latest LTS release?03:42
cfhowlettboyhimas   10.04 is the latest.  12.04 is the next03:42
urfr332g0goathouse774, dvd=  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download03:43
boyhimasnewhoa, yeah I've tried gnome shell in fedora 15. Didn't like it very much03:43
goathouse774That looks like ubuntu.  I'm working with xubuntu.03:43
boyhimascfhowlett, maybe I'll just wait for 12.0403:43
cfhowlettfyi: 10.04 SHOULD directly update to 12.04 ...03:44
shellcode28when i try to add resolution it gives me a error03:46
goathouse774Specifically, the message is: "this image (when split in two) has an L0 (1st layer) that is smaller than the media specified 'read compatibility LBA'.03:46
shellcode28xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default03:46
goathouse774"do you want to split it equally over multiple layers anyway?"03:47
goathouse774Yes, no, or cancel?03:48
jierohi, where I can find if a package is supported ?03:50
Mike9863'm currently using an emerald theme and I installed AMD proprietary graphics drivers. Now when I hover over window buttons (minimize, maximize, and close) they don't highlight. This is a problem because with my theme the buttons do not show unless I over over them. Is this a cause of the new drivers, and if so is there any way to fix this?03:51
Jordan_UMike9863: Unfortunately emerald hasn't been maintained or supported by anyone for years.03:52
newhoaboyhimas, if you don't like Xubuntu or Lubuntu, you could try Linux Mint 12. As part of the default install, it includes MATE desktop, just a fork of Gnome 2. So it may be the best of both worlds... updated distro based on Ubuntu, but "classic" Gnome 2 style desktop.03:53
Jordan_Ujiero: If it's in main, it's supported by canonical and the community. If it's in universe then it's only supported by the community.03:54
jieroJordan_U: how do I know it is main or universe...03:55
jieroJordan_U: I want to report bug of gnumeric03:56
OerHeks!info gnumeric03:56
ubottugnumeric (source: gnumeric): spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.17-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 2436 kB, installed size 7444 kB03:56
Jordan_Ujiero: apt-cache show packagename03:56
Jordan_U!bug | jiero03:57
ubottujiero: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:57
K`zanOerHeks: Did that and disabled it in /usr/share/X11/xkb/ ... in the two places I found it and it is *still& there, been working on this for two days now...03:58
newhoaArtwork question - If I'm playing with a theme using the Unico engine, but with a few tweak could just use the Adwaita engine... are there any advantages to using one over the other? Speed, future support, etc?03:59
newhoaGtk3 theme that is03:59
Thurin1How does Gnome 3 run on older video cards like (the famous) Nvidia FX520004:00
cfhowlettThurin1   new cards are better04:00
=== mflame is now known as NlNJ4
Thurin1cfhowlett: Indeed, but has anyone experienced it with an older card?04:00
Thurin1I'm thinking if it's worth the download time to my other machine.04:01
Jordan_Ujiero: You're welcome.04:01
Thurin1In Arch, it comes to a screeching halt... Gnome 3 that is. I don't know if it's the card, or the Arch version of the package.04:01
_Brun0_How do I configure the terminal line format? I mean my terminal shows username@hostname:~$.. id like to shorten it.04:01
cfhowlett_Brun0_   see http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-unix-bash-shell-setup-prompt.html04:02
dr_willis_Brun0_:  see bash prompt howto04:02
_Brun0_cfhowlett, dr_willis ty both of u04:02
newhoaThurin1, for a bit I was using a Geforce 7200, and if I remember it was running okay. I'm using the 8400GS now which is itself fairly old, and Gnome3 runs great.04:03
slicer77hi all....question...has anybody used netextender in 11.10?04:03
dr_willisexport PS1="-->"04:03
Thurin1Ok, well I'm going to give a try. See what happens, might as well I have nothing better to do right now. See-ya, thanks,.04:04
goathouse774Can anyone give me a firm answer on burning over multiple layers on a dual dvd?  (xubuntu)04:06
newhoaDoes anyone here use the Victory Gtk theme, and/or would anyone here want to try a Gtk3 version out to see if it works?04:08
goathouse774I know it's sort of off topic, but only have a scarce few dvds so I don't want to make a coaster right now04:09
cfhowlettgoathouse774   your question isn't OT04:10
slicer77well...ok...when I try to install netextender, i get missing libssl.so.6....anybody have that problem?04:10
WabsI have a disco wind chime of my old distro disc from over the years goathouse77404:10
absolutionxJust curious but are there any US based ubuntu stores that sell merch? I'd rather not pay $40 for a t-shirt and lanyard04:11
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=== ndk is now known as ndkelly
cfhowlettgoathouse774   dual or multi layer dvd - as I understand it the primary difference is image longevity.  Not sure it matters overly much for a bootable image...04:16
cfhowlettndkelly   greetings04:17
SimonTamI have a problem04:18
ubottusimontam: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:18
cfhowlettSimonTam   ask away04:18
SimonTamEveryone I log in, it takes me back to the login screen04:18
cfhowlettSimonTam   so you can't actually login?  what version of ubuntu and what kind of installation, i.e. dual boot, wubi or what?04:19
SimonTamThis has happened with lxdm, gdm, lightdm and kdm04:19
SimonTamJust ubuntu04:19
goathouse774Image longevity?  So either yes or no will result in a bootable disc?04:19
cfhowlettgoathouse774   as I understand it...04:19
cfhowlettSimonTam   you should be able to boot into recovery mode...04:20
sx_usr__anyone here using HP EliteBook 8540w notebook running Ubuntu 11.10 kernel 3.2.6?04:20
SimonTamSame results. It loads the desktop, and then the smallest mouse movement kicks me back to login04:21
cfhowlettSimonTam   by chance did you install a clean version of ubuntu 11.10 or did you upgrade from previous version?04:21
SimonTamUpgrade. I've been going since 10.0404:22
goathouse774Why are the instructions for checking the boot disc so complex?  If I simply opt to run the check upon restart will it be automated?04:22
=== WhiteEye is now known as BlackHawker
SimonTamThis has only just come up tonight though, and it's been months since upgrading04:23
ndkellyDoes anybody have a Two Finger Scroll fix for Synaptics Trackpads for 10.04 per chance?04:24
cfhowlettSimonTam   I've seen more than one post that upgrading to 11.10 causes more problems than a clean install - which is usually the case.  No obvious solution other than re-install.  IMHO, you're better served staying with LTS, but that's must me...04:24
mattalexxWhat is the purpose of the group "users"?04:24
rabbi1My gnome (11.04) panel always has a problem, on every restart it deletes one or the other applet, will reconfiguring gnome will solve this problem ?04:24
cfhowlettmattalexx   on your buntu? User's have lower lever powers than administrators.04:25
SimonTamIs there a way to reinstall from command line?04:25
mattalexxI see04:25
Kismacgroup users you can define different levels of access….04:25
cfhowlettSimonTam   boot ubuntu at and choose the text installer.04:25
cfhowlettSimonTam   boot ubuntu CDROM at and choose the text installer.04:26
SimonTamI have no cdrom04:26
StepNjumpYou want to go back to a previous version SimonTam?04:26
StepNjumpoh ok sorry. nevermind SimonTam04:26
cfhowlettSimonTam   download iso, burn or cdrom or create a USB startup stick04:26
linociscohi all, is there anybody who is using ICT stock inventory or asset management like camera, toners, DVD, mobile phones ? what software to use??04:27
cfhowlettSimonTam   although since it just came up....04:27
SimonTamThat's simple with brasero.... But no gui04:28
cfhowlettSimonTam   hold.  for some reason your responses are being delayed.04:28
linociscoI dont want to record software installed, serial no. of network cards or something like that04:28
cfhowlettSimonTam   wait one...04:28
cfhowlettSimonTam   see this  http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-unix-bash-shell-setup-prompt.html04:30
agentgasmaskHi all. I've installed xmonad. When I choose it from the GDM menu, it just shows the GDM background and does nothing. What can I check? Has anyone else got this to work? Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.04:30
fabianvampiroWhich Open Office  is very similar to MS 2700?04:31
somsipagentgasmask: do you know how to do anything with xmonad? I use a tiling WM and that's what they look like until you open a window - just a background. Try ALT-Enter04:31
Kismacwho is real in here and not a bot lol04:32
SimonTamThat's just a guide to bash commands04:33
KismacSimontam what where you trying to do?04:33
fabianvampiroanyone knows, Which Open Office  is very similar to Microsof office 2007 ?04:33
nathan28fabianvampiro: ?04:34
nathan28fabianvampiro: you probably want libreoffice04:34
ndkellyOpen office works04:34
ndkellyAlthough i've heard libreoffice is superior.04:34
fabianvampiroI have problems with margins04:34
SimonTamI'm hoping to clean install ubuntu from shell, because my gui is snafu04:34
ndkellyNo first hand experience with it as of yet. Fairly new to Linux myself.04:34
ponrajuganeshhi Greetins!!!04:35
Kismacredo the gui04:35
ponrajuganeshwhere to find the bash rc file? where will it be located04:35
agentgasmasksomsip: Oh, I'll try it again. But I think it is the GDM background. I'll check.04:35
nathan28fabianvampiro: margins in libreoffice are done as a 'page' setting, per page04:35
agentgasmaskponrajuganesh: /home/USER/.bashrc04:35
capcooki think open office is far better than libre office04:35
agentgasmaskponrajuganesh: do ls -a .bashrc to see it.04:35
capcookthey arent the same thing04:36
SimonTamUm... How?04:36
ponrajuganeshthanks agentgasmask :)04:36
capcooki think that libre office is unusable at all04:36
johnson17Hi everyone, I'm on 11.10, installed only a few packages for web dev (lamp-server, etc.). Problem is that recently, nautilus can't browse network or trash anymore. I've googled and found this bug has been reported, but can't find any clear resolution steps. Any clues as to what I should do?04:36
=== cindy_ is now known as chipmonk
somsipagentgasmask: not sure about xmonad, but check to see what the 'open terminal'  keystroke is and try that. It's WIN-enter in my case, not ALT-enter04:36
ndkellyjohnson17 I'd say if you're using it for a server, to choose a stable, certified release.04:37
tenXcapcook: unusable?04:37
fabianvampiroI use open office but when I print to a cybercafe margins move04:37
capcookyes in my ubuntu 11.10 freeze many times04:37
goathouse774Well, I booted from the disc into xubuntu and it works.  I touch sluggish, but not bad.  Internet works and basic functions.  What should I do now?04:37
cfhowlettSimonTam   did you get straightened out?04:37
cfhowlettgoathouse774   install!04:38
Kismacjohnson17: we use natty on some 123 servers….04:38
Kismactho we run nginx on them only :)04:39
chipmonkhow do i add a second harddrive to ubuntu04:39
cfhowlettfabianvampiro   personally I'd go with the Libre Office packages.  transfer between MS office is still not exact, but you save/export in office formats.  All else fails, export as PDF to lock in your formatting.04:39
johnson17ndkelly: this is just a dev machine, so there isn't anything critical if it all melts down - I'm just surprised that nautilus suddenly stopped working04:39
cfhowlettgoathouse774   have you installed xubuntu or did you live boot?04:39
agentgasmasksomsip: Hmm... no joy. No problem though, I'm messing with wmii now... :)04:39
goathouse774Live boot04:40
chipmonkit is mounted but programs willnot use it for data storage says won't write04:40
somsipagentgasmask: ok - give AwesomeWM a go if you feel like trying another :)04:40
fabianvampirothx all people je je04:40
ndkellyjohnson17 ah, well did you run sudo apt-get update after installation?04:40
cfhowlettgoathouse774   live boot is always slower - everything you see is loaded in ram04:40
goathouse774Will installing wipe the computer?04:40
cfhowlettgoathouse774   yes but...04:41
tenXgoathouse774: not really04:41
ndkellygoathouse774 no, you can choose which partitions you want to format or install to.04:41
tenXgoathouse774: toe make sure you should "null" the device04:41
cfhowlettgoathouse774   depends how you set it up.  For instance if you have a separate /home you can choose to skip formatting that partition.04:41
cfhowlettgoathouse774   is this a dual boot machine or buntu only?04:42
goathouse774"null"?  /home?04:42
johnson17ndkelly : yep, today I got a couple of other updates showing up though - I'm updating right now, since they look like they're major.04:42
goathouse774I don't know, it has windows on it currently.04:42
cfhowlettgoathouse774   and I imagine you plan to keep windows?04:42
goathouse774Should I?  Would it impede anything on the linux side?04:43
ndkellyjohnson17 let us know how that goes and i'll offer what advice i can04:43
ndkellyDoes anybody have a Two Finger Scroll fix for Synaptics Trackpads for 10.04 per chance?04:43
snowrichardi got a kernel update today04:44
cfhowlettgoathouse774   it wouldn't hurt your buntu.  Perhaps you may have a need for windows though - it's actually not that hard to "dual-boot" both.04:44
tenXgoathouse774: whatever you put on it it depends on your intention, how efficiently you like to erase04:44
johnson17ndkelly: Thanks, I'll take another look at launchpad to see the bug reports.04:44
cfhowlettgoathouse774   please see this before your do anything https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:44
Sebastienwelcome back bot.04:45
goathouse774If the buntu stuff is siloed then why wouldn't I keep windows around?  Is dual booting for quickly switching back and forth?04:46
cfhowlettgoathouse774   dual booting means completely rebooting - not hot/fast switching.  Why keep windows?  Up to you.04:47
goathouse774When booted to buntu windows has no effect right?04:48
cfhowlettgoathouse774   nor vice versa04:48
Toph2I'm running ubuntu 11.10 and my computer often slows to a crawl, especially when I have chrome and Thunderbird running. Htop indicates that Compiz is using almost 20% of my CPU capacity. Is this normal?04:48
goathouse774As I see it, the only thing you lose by keeping windows is hard drive space.04:48
goathouse774On a basic level, is that so?04:49
nathan28goathouse774: when you keep windows you can't control the partitioning scheme on the disk as well04:49
nathan28it makes it harder to keep something like /home intact if you reinstall04:49
cfhowlettgoathouse774   that's one arguement.  I do buntu 90% of the time 9% windows and 1% OSX.04:49
nathan28likewise you have to deal w/ bootloader issues04:50
nathan28which are easy enough but still another consideration04:50
goathouse774Bootloader issues?04:50
nathan28making sure GRUB and windows play nice04:50
goathouse774I thought they are siloed04:50
cfhowlettgoathouse774   no bootloader issues if you install virtualbox into windows and then install buntu into that.04:51
ndkellyI've kept GRUB on sda3 (my ubuntu partition)04:51
ndkellyAs i have to boot through Chameleon first, then GRUB04:51
cfhowlettgoathouse774   when running they are siloed.  On boot, the machine resources POST and the like...04:51
nathan28ndkelly: that's what i mean04:51
cfhowlettndkelly   but you're multi-booting as well04:51
nathan28goathouse774: the reason to keep windows is 1. to play games 2. you need a windows-only app for work/school04:52
goathouse774But they mess with each other on boot?04:52
ndkellynathan28 i assume you mean for document formats? Or is the method of your work also dependant on Windows software04:52
nathan28goathouse774: not likley to04:52
nathan28ndkelly: yes for document formats04:53
nathan28most of the world can't get off the MS office04:53
goathouse774But they...  dictate partitioning rules?04:53
cfhowlettgoathouse774  the most recently installed OS writes the MasterBootRecord.  Scrambled MBR = No boot.04:53
nathan28goathouse774: no04:53
ndkellyYou can always cross format. Most open source office programs allow you to save a file so it can be opened universally04:53
cfhowlettgoathouse774   YOU set the partitions04:53
nathan28goathouse774: windows can't read ext partitions04:54
goathouse774How would the mbr get scrambled?04:54
ndkellyWindows is stubborn and only likes NTFS. Or FAT32 depending on which release you're running.04:54
nathan28goathouse774: the last OS installed is going to want to overwrite the MBR04:54
nathan28IIRC in ubuntu you have to disable the overwrite from the installer04:55
ndkellyThere's a fairly decent guide that allows you to get Windows and GRUB to play nice04:55
goathouse774So you can't switch back and forth?04:55
nathan28ndkelly: true04:55
nathan28goathouse774: yes04:55
nathan28you reboot04:55
cfhowlettgoathouse774   gotta go quite soon but my suggestion to you is this: install virtual box on windows, install xubuntu into virtualbox.  Learn more.  THEN install a dual boot when you've a better idea of what you're doing.  *Dear Old Dad: "It's free advice son, and worth every penny!"04:55
nathan28you just need to configure your bootloader (GRUB) right04:55
ndkellyOr, might i suggest looking into Virtual Machines?04:55
ndkellycfhowlett beat me to it.04:56
nathan28goathouse774: the best way to learn is to do it04:56
nathan28goathouse774: use clonezilla to create a backup of your disk04:56
nathan28then find a guide to dual-booting04:56
nathan28then install whatver linux distro you want04:56
nathan28you will understand more04:56
nathan28just put it in a VM w/ virtual box04:57
ndkellyI've started with Ubuntu, and already learned quite a few things in the past 2 days.04:57
nathan28goathouse774: if you use a VM you may have to turn on virtualization support in your BIOS04:57
goathouse774Is it slower in a virtual box?04:57
nathan28goathouse774: probably but on a modern system it's much better than it used to be04:57
ndkellyOne of which being, I can EITHER have a slow-ish release and a perfect trackpad. Or a less than satisfactory trackpad and a solid release for my netbook.04:57
nathan28goathouse774: how much RAM do you have?04:58
nathan28and you run windows?04:58
nathan28are you sure?04:58
goathouse774Yeah, easily04:58
nathan28on 512 MB of ram?04:58
memyselfin windows we can search *.exe but in ubuntu how to do what ?04:58
johnson17goathouse774: which version of windows?04:58
nathan28memyself: find /whatever_directory -iname whatever_your_looking_for04:59
nathan28memyself: or if you have m/slocate, just "locate foo"04:59
goathouse774512 was a lot of ram not too long ago04:59
ndkellyI guess you're running XP04:59
memyselfnathan i want to find file extension05:00
nathan28memyself: linux doesn't do extensions05:00
ndkellyNothing wrong with that. It's a solid release. Anyway, XP of all things should play nicely with Ubuntu, as it's one of the oldest Dual Boot OS's out there05:00
nathan28memyself: are you looking for executables?05:00
nathan28memyself: or are you looking for files that end in 'foo'05:01
goathouse774Would it be that dangerous for me to go ahead and install without researching dual boot?05:01
ZillowI don't like the new UI05:02
nathan28goathouse774: he who doesn't read the manual now reads it later, with great sadness05:02
ndkellygoathouse774 yes05:02
nathan28if you have nothing 'mission critical' on the box05:02
nathan28by all means, do as you will05:02
memyselfno i'm lookin for a specific file that i can only remember its extension05:02
ndkellyMeasure twice, cut once. as my dad says.05:02
nathan28memyself: in ubuntu?05:02
nathan28"locate *foo_extension"05:03
nathan28otherwise, fine / -iname *exension  or more likely find /home/user -iname *extension05:04
h00k!dualboot | goathouse774 it's not too bad, just make sure you have backups just in case05:04
ubottugoathouse774 it's not too bad, just make sure you have backups just in case: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:04
magn3tsHow do I fix my gnome-terminal tab titles?05:04
magn3tsthey're always blank no matter what I do.05:04
ndkellygoathouse774 before i dual booted my netbook i did extensive research in forums and on peoples blogs to ensure i didnt screw up my machine05:04
ndkellyAnd it paid off.05:04
nathan28ndkelly: it's not that dangerous05:04
ndkellyNot only will you get it working, but you'll have the knowledge of how to fix it05:04
nathan28you just should maybe read one guide once or twice05:05
ndkellynathan28 It is if you're missing key install media like i am.05:05
nathan28ndkelly: you have linux install media05:05
ndkellynathan28 I dual boot with OS X on my netbook.05:05
ndkellyWhich is a pain for me to acquire another bootable USB as i don't own a mac.05:06
lolcat^ndkelly: LOL05:06
memyselfhooooooooooo hoooooooooo i can't find the file i'm lookin for05:06
nathan28ndkelly: oh05:06
rabbi1My gnome (11.04) panel always has a problem, on every restart it deletes one or the other applet, will reconfiguring gnome will solve this problem ?05:06
lolcat^What does bootable USB got to do with MACs?05:06
lolcat^Every OS can make them05:06
nathan28well OSX disks are only $3005:06
ndkellyNot for this netbook.05:06
ndkellynetbooks dont have optical drives either.05:06
damo22ndkelly, buy the retail osx disk and roll your own install usb05:07
Zillowhackintosh through vbox is nice05:07
ndkellyI intend to. But i need access to a genuine mac before i can make it. It never worked before in Linux or Windows.05:08
damo22ndkelly, i rolled one from linux05:08
nathan28ndkelly: if you have an OSX iso you're most of the way there already05:08
ndkellyreally? I couldnt get mine to work.05:09
Zillowwhy not just run OS X in vbox and do it from there?05:09
damo22ndkelly, google nawcom05:09
nathan28the ISO? yeah i'm not sure how apple feels about letting users checkum it05:09
ndkellyIt just seems to work better from a genuine mac. It's not impossible for me to get access to one, just selective.05:09
victicomwhat's cookin'?05:09
ndkellydamo22 have done. shall look into it, thanks05:10
whumphreyCan someone help me with a USB wireless adapter encryption issue?05:10
ndkellyAnyway, my netbook works for the minute so all good on that front. Minus the mouse but im still working on finding a fix.05:10
syddrafI have configured two of my 1TB drives in a RAID 1 setup. I've checked the configuration in the controller several times, and it appears to be correct, but Ubuntu is still recognizing the two drives as separate entities. Do I need to do something in Ubuntu to set this up properly?05:11
nathan28no mouse? i thought it worked better than a real mac?05:11
nathan28in *nix or in OSX?05:11
ndkellyIm talking about my Linux install.05:11
nathan28do you have the synaptics and mouse drivers installed?05:11
ndkellythe trackpad does work, but i cant get two finger scrolling to work05:12
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
nathan28that's X05:12
ndkellyIm not sure on this install, i've reinstalled 2/3 times today05:12
nathan28easy fix05:12
nathan28unless your install disk is corrupted no need to reinstall05:12
ndkellyI moved from 11.10 to 10.0405:13
whumphreyCan someone help me with a USB wireless adapter encryption issue? Pretty please05:13
ndkellynathan28 which package in Synaptic should i be looking at?05:13
johnson17ndkelly: Only bug report for my issue seems to be for the 11.10 amd64 beta: http://tinyurl.com/6m4lbyr. I don't think this is a serious issue. Probably an update that fixes it.05:14
ndkellyThe xserver-xorg one?05:14
ndkellyjohnson17 try moving back a step away from the beta?05:15
tammiHello room05:15
h00kjohnson17: 11.10 isn't in beta05:15
h00kjohnson17: are you talking about 12.04 alpha?05:15
nathan28ndkelly: see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics for two-finger config05:16
whumphreyI really could use some help05:16
nathan28also there are probably like ten front-ends that will turn it on for you automagically05:16
johnson17h00k: Check the link. It's an old bug report.05:17
nathan28whumphrey: what's the issue?05:17
johnson17ndkelly: Ok updates done - let me reboot and recheck. Be back in a few.05:17
ndkellynathan28 even though this is on Archwiki, will the fix apply to Ubuntu 10.04?05:18
whumphreynathan28, I have a usb wireless adapter. I have it working via ndiswrapper meaning it sees the network but I can only connect to it if I disable encryption05:18
nathan28ndkelly: it should05:19
nathan28you are still using X for your GUI05:19
nathan28whumphrey: i'm not familair w/ usb wireless05:20
ndkellyDefine X?05:20
nathan28whumphrey: what encryption, and is your network SSID not boradcasting05:20
nathan28ndkelly: X11, the window server05:20
nathan28whatver GNOME/KDE/unity/openbox run on top of05:20
ndkellyRight. Thanks.05:20
ndkellyI'll give this a shot.05:21
ndkellyI tried a previous 'fix' to run a startup script, but for some reason the script i created wouldn't show up in nautilus05:21
whumphreynathan28, It's broadcasting and I can see it but when prompted for the password, it won't connect. If I log into the router and disable encryption I can connect05:21
nathan28whumphrey: what are you using to connect?05:22
whumphreyI'm using a netgear wna3100 wireless usb network adapter05:22
=== cindy_ is now known as chipmonk
whumphreynathan28, I'm using a netgear wna3100 wireless usb network adapter05:23
chipmonkwould not moun05:23
johnson17ndkelly: Problem solved. :)05:23
=== root is now known as Guest24349
magn3tsCan anyone help me get my gnome-terminal title and tab title to be... not blank?05:25
magn3tsPlease :)05:25
syddrafI have configured two of my 1TB drives in a RAID 1 setup. I've checked the configuration in the controller several times, and it appears to be correct, but Ubuntu is still recognizing the two drives as separate entities. Do I need to do something in Ubuntu to set this up properly?05:25
ndkellyjohnson17 simply through updating?05:25
ndkellynathan28 I appear to not have this file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-synaptics.conf05:26
damo22syddraf, how do you know ubuntu is treating them separately05:26
johnson17ndkelly: Yep.05:26
ndkellyjohnson17 good stuff. glad it's sorted05:26
nathan28ndkelly: probably not, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ is for 'quirks'05:26
SimonTamLxdm main process terminated with status 105:26
chipmonki may have rushed the setup and not let it finish basic format that could account for lost and found directory that was unreadable05:26
nathan28ndkelly: try to find a synaptics touchpad app05:27
whumphreynathan28, thanks by the way for trying to help me out05:27
johnson17ndkelly: Me too. Now that this minor annoyance is fixed, I can get back to coding.05:27
nathan28whumphrey: sorry, jsut got back here05:27
syddrafdamo22: when I run fdisk -l, they show as different devices. Gparted manipulates them individually. However "dmsetup ls" shows a device as existing.05:27
whumphreynathan28, no worries man05:27
nathan28whumphrey: netgear's support on ndiswrapper sucks05:27
whumphreynathan28, lmao05:28
ndkellynathan28 gys05:28
syddrafdamo22: a raid device as existing*05:28
sun_devilIam trying to use the mv command to move a file and not sure if Iam creating the correct path05:28
nathan28netgear doesn't even support windows 64-bit on a lot of cards05:28
damo22syddraf, fdisk -l WILL treat them separately05:28
ndkellygsynaptics* for example? **05:28
nathan28ndkelly: probably05:28
whumphreynathan28, sheesh05:28
damo22syddraf, you shouldnt use fdisk on the actual low level device05:28
nathan28whumphrey: not "a lot" but enough05:28
syddrafdamo22: Wasn't aware of that, thank you. But how can I go about formatting the array so that I can mount it?05:29
damo22syddraf, what is the name of the array /dev/md0?05:29
whumphreynathan28, enough?05:29
nathan28iirc buffalo wireless is among the more reliable05:29
nathan28but what's the card?05:29
whumphreynathan28, You think we can get it working you mean?05:29
syddrafdamo22: It was /dev/dm-0. I just figured it out and used mkfs.ext4 on it. Thank you for your help.05:29
whumphreynathan28, mine?05:30
whumphreynathan28, wna310005:30
damo22syddraf, ok05:30
whumphreynathan28, n30005:30
ndkellynathan28 gsynaptics allowed more sensitivity, which is a partial fix. Still no two finger scrolling though.05:31
=== cindy_ is now known as chipmonk
nathan28whumphrey: you're in ubuntu, right? when you plug the card, do you get a 'proprietary drivers' thing showing up?05:34
sun_devilI did a find /www to find the www directory, tells me /www/bofh.html.  How do you move that dir into the /etc05:35
=== [1]mikester01 is now known as mikester01
whumphreynathan28, yes ubuntu 11.10, no proprietary pop up05:36
diuneighCan someone please help me setup my swap partition?  The installer did not do it correctly and GParted will not recognize the /dev/sdb5 partition.  I don't think this is a hard problem.  I would like someone to help walk me through it.05:36
=== whumphrey is now known as dizzyhump
cfhowlettdiuneigh   paste a picture of your disk utility shot05:37
=== dizzyhump is now known as whumphrey
chipmonkcan someone tell me what this means05:37
chipmonkcindy@cindy-EK470AV-ABA-SR1730Z-NA620:/media/Brett$ fdisk -l /media/Brett05:37
chipmonklast_lba(): I don't know how to handle files with mode 4070005:37
diuneighcfhowlett: hold on..05:37
sun_devilmv /www/bofh.html /etc   ??05:37
ubottuchipmonk: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:37
OerHekssun_devil, where did you find it? use that path05:38
OerHekssun_devil, i guess it is in /var/www/ ?05:38
sun_devilI did a find and it just says /www/bofh.html05:39
diuneighcfhowlett:  http://pastebin.com/2x7KJW7d05:39
nathan28whumphrey: were you able to get the card up w/out ndiswrapper?05:39
whumphreynathan28, negative05:40
cfhowlettdiuneigh   what size did you input05:40
ndkellyOk, finally found an option to two finger scroll. however it hasn't worked so im going to try rebooting.05:40
whumphreynathan28, If you wanna try I would be willing to though05:40
whumphreynathan28, Everything I read told me that I had to install windows drivers via ndiswrapper05:40
diuneighcfhowlett:  when I installed ubuntu I put 4096.  gparted reads it as 3.81 though.05:41
cfhowlettdiuneigh   normal...05:41
overcluckersun_devil: why are you trying to move it to /etc ?05:42
cfhowlettdiuneigh   this is a raid setup??05:42
diuneighcfhowlett:  how can I check that?05:42
diuneighcfhowlett:  probably not.. just a laptop.05:42
diuneighcfhowlett: from what I have learned I need to unmount the swap file and start over.. but I don't know how to do that.05:43
whumphreycomcast blows05:43
cfhowlettdiuneigh   immediately leap to mind is that you seem to have more than 4 primary partitions - which usually causes a choke on MBR05:43
sun_devilI have a group with /etc and need /www/bofh.html in it05:43
cfhowlettdiuneigh   df -h the HDD05:43
cfhowlettdiuneigh   i.e. list05:43
sun_devilI did a /etc and ls and did not see it in the dir05:43
diuneighcfhowlett: no.. only 3 (/, swap, and /home)05:44
cfhowlettdiuneigh   sdb"5"05:44
hemanthis it possible to pass password in cli to vinagre?05:44
whumphreysubliminal message >>>>>>>> comcast blows<<<<<<<<< subliminal message05:44
cfhowlettwhumphrey   stop pleas05:44
whumphreyGeez, this is the no fun channel huh05:45
cfhowlettdiuneigh   also, dual boot/wubi/anthing like that05:45
cfhowlettwhumphrey   see #ubuntu-offtopic for that05:45
diuneighcfhowlett: http://pastebin.com/i39MXwSd   yea I noticed that too.. not sure why ubuntu jumped to sdb505:45
overcluckersun_devil: what does 'a group with /etc' mean?05:45
diuneighcfhowlett: nope just ubuntu 11.10 on my hdd05:45
endafyI have an Nvidia GTX 550 and this is a new install of Ubuntu on a new machine which drivers do I use, Version Current or Version Current-updates?05:45
sun_devilI have a group called adm with the directory /etc in it05:45
nathan28whumphrey: your card may have native support, what does $lsusb say?05:46
ndkellyHm, the option is available and selected. But doesn't seem to work yet.05:46
whumphreynathan28, whumphrey@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ lsusb05:46
whumphreyBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub05:46
whumphreyBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub05:46
whumphreyBus 001 Device 016: ID 0846:9020 NetGear, Inc. WNA3100(v1) Wireless-N 300 [Broadcom BCM43231]05:46
whumphreyBus 001 Device 006: ID 0bda:0151 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Mass Storage Device (Multicard Reader)05:46
whumphreyBus 001 Device 012: ID 0424:2512 Standard Microsystems Corp. USB 2.0 Hub05:47
FloodBot1whumphrey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:47
sun_devilor a  directory called adm in /etc05:47
cfhowlettdiuneigh   encrypted yes?05:47
endafyhow the heck do I create a shortcut to an application on my desktop?05:47
endafyI used to just click create launcher what happened05:47
diuneighcfhowlett: yes.. encrypted05:47
diuneighcfhowlett: I only encrypted my /home during the installation though.05:48
whumphreynathan28, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844001/05:48
cfhowlettdiuneigh   tell you right now, I've not yet dealt with encryption....05:48
hemanthis it possible to pass password in cli to vinagre?05:48
diuneighcfhowlett: my swap partition should be encrypted though would it?05:48
overcluckersun_devil: so . . .you have want to put an html file in /etc/adm ?05:48
=== ohdae is now known as ohdae|away
whumphreynathan28, I just got flood botted or somethin, can you still see my messages?05:49
cfhowlettdiuneigh   IDK but I believe it might be...I seem to recall that encrypted swap is recommended05:49
diuneighcfhowlett: do you know how to umount it in terminal?  Gparted says that it doesn't like the high number sdb5 and prefers a 1-4.05:50
whumphreynathan28, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844001/05:50
overcluckerignore the 'have' in my last sentence...05:51
cfhowlettdiuneigh   I'm going to stop here - don't wanna risk messing up your system due to my ignorance.  Please ask the channel again.  Sorry I couldn't provide actual help05:51
diuneighCan someone please help me setup my swap partition?  The installer did not do it correctly and GParted will not recognize the /dev/sdb5 partition.  I don't think this is a hard problem.  I would like someone to help walk me through it.05:51
diuneighcfhowlett: np thanks for trying.05:52
whumphreynathan28, you looking for the chipset? ID 0846:902005:52
OerHeksdiuneigh, i thought swap is disabled for accounts with encrypted home, for security readons.05:52
OerHeksor reasons05:52
diuneighOerHeks... I'm not sure... I was able to get it working once before by modifying the fstab.. I did that again this time but no luck.05:53
sun_devilI did a find and it says /etc/bofh.html      I want to put bofh.html in the www directory.  I created a dir in /etc called /adm05:54
overcluckerdiuneigh: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit05:55
sun_devilSounds confusing05:55
ChymistC1risis there free software for drawing inorganic molecules?05:56
overcluckersun_devil: are you allowing http users access to /etc ?05:56
diuneighoverclucker: http://pastebin.com/sSj34Jyc   ubuntu is on sdb05:56
whumphreynathan28, did i lose you05:56
sun_devilI dont have any http users05:56
sun_devilI have not gotten to permissions yet05:57
overcluckersun_devil: seems rather risky to allow web users ANY access to /etc06:00
diuneighoverclucker: any ideas?06:01
cfhowlettChymistC1ris   open your software center and search for "molecule" PLENTY of hits...06:01
sun_devilI have not given permissions to anyone, its just directory06:01
nathan28_whumphrey: have you seen http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Netgear_WNA310006:03
nathan28_under ubuntu ndiswrapper needs some add'l love for yr card06:03
overcluckerdiuneigh: so, /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is on which partition?06:04
nathan28_hold on, previous client was hiding06:04
diuneighoverclucker: sdb506:04
OerHeksdiuneigh, line 36 Disk /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 doesn't contain a valid partition table > what means you messed it up, i am not sure how to get it right, the wiki says something like 'sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap' in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome06:05
whumphreynathan28, Is there a particular part you're referring to06:05
ndkellySay i don't own a file located in usr/lib/ but needed to replace it with an edited version, how might i go about it?06:06
diuneighoerheks: reading it now.. thanks.06:07
almoxarifendkelly: say you ask the owner?06:07
ndkellyI am the owner.06:07
nathan28ndkelly: you don't own the file in /usr06:08
nathan28root does06:08
nathan28whumphrey: the part about the uninitialzied variables06:08
ndkellyis there a way to acquire ownership?06:08
nathan28ndkelly: from something in /usr06:08
nathan28cp it to your home dir06:08
almoxarifendkelly: nautilus is the easiest with the sudo extention06:09
whumphreynathan28, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844016/06:09
ndkellyI've saved the version i need edited in /home06:09
ndkellyIt's the file i had to edit to apply the trackpad fix on Archwiki.06:09
diuneighoverclucker: do you have any suggestions?06:10
whumphreynathan28, does that apply to me I believe im on 32 bit06:10
ndkellyOnly it was in usr not etc06:10
dRounsewhats the difference between mini itx and micri atx06:10
nathan28whumphrey: you did the ndiswrapper -a part ?06:12
almoxarifendkelly: unless you want to get all terminal on it do this 'gksu nautilus' and use nautilus to copy/remove06:12
OerHeksdRounse, some inches06:12
whumphreylet me check06:12
dRounseOerHeks: oh ok thank you, i want to build am htpc and didnt want to mess it up by ordering the wrong motherboard06:12
Zillowquestion: how do I override the system's perl and only use the perl in my home directory?06:13
cfhowlettneo_   greetings06:14
whumphreynathan28, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844022/06:14
jswagneranyone know a good GUI-based module player (like mikmod)?06:15
nathan28whumphrey: sudo !!06:15
Rurd2dihey guys i need help, my smbd server just starts then stops straight after06:16
Rurd2disudo start smbd06:16
habanero_anyone notice that with the latest 11.10 update for flashplugin-installer, if using aptitude, it's trying to remove 75 other packages?06:16
Rurd2dithen servic stops again06:16
jswagnerI guess Rhythmbox works, I didn't even think to try it06:17
dRounseim reading online at newegg and google that people are using raid configs for an htpc, is that even neccassary? i think a real htpc would use one hdd or ssd just for the os and have everything run off a server, am i wrong?06:17
ndkellyalmoxarife thank you, that allowed me to edit it. Plus i learned a new trick.06:17
cypher-neohabanero_, Haven't noticed06:17
ndkellyHow might one restart X via terminal?06:17
cypher-neohabanero_, Ironically, I am installing that update right now.06:17
habanero_let me know how goes it06:18
nathan28ndkelly: ctrl-alt-f1, $killall X06:18
almoxarifendkelly: no need to make it all complicated :) , gui is our friend06:18
nathan28you may have ctrl-alt-backspace enabled06:18
cypher-neohabanero_, No packages have been marked for deletion. All are installing.06:18
nathan28almoxarife: gui's a fair-weather friend06:18
habanero_cypher-neo_, apt-get or aptitude?06:18
Zillowhey how can I use a version of perl in my working directory instead of the system version?06:19
cypher-neohabanero_, Both06:19
nathan28ndkelly: you're going to lose all your open windows though06:19
Zillower not working dir but home*06:19
overcluckerdiuneigh: is there any mention of swap in /etc/crypttab ?06:19
habanero_hmm.  crazy.  I've got 3 systems acting the same06:19
habanero_thanks for the input!06:19
nathan28habanero_: sounds like a reproduceable problem06:19
cypher-neohabanero_, I have aptitude mainly for a shell script I wrote to scan for new packages.06:20
cypher-neohabanero_, I use apt-get to install and remove them however.06:20
Zillowjoin #debian06:20
habanero_i'll try apt-get06:20
cypher-neohabanero_, I don't like aptitude for installing because it does weird things like that on occasion.06:20
habanero_i agree, so does aptitude full-upgrade=apt-get upgrade?06:21
Rurd2dihmm smbd wont stay on06:21
cypher-neohabanero_, I'm still installing. I'll tell you if anything else happens momentarily.06:21
Rurd2diit just dies06:21
Rurd2dias soon as it starts06:21
cypher-neohabanero_, The two commands you'll need to learn on apt-get are "apt-get upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"06:21
habanero_strange,  I'm running apt-get upgrade, and the result is "The following packages have been kept back" ... flash...06:22
cypher-neohabanero_, I only use apt-get dist-upgrade if apt-get upgrade doesn't install all the upgrades.06:22
cypher-neohabanero_, Packages will held back if the dependancies they require don't exist on the system. That's when you use dist-upgrade... to upgrade a package and it's local dependancies.06:23
Rurd2diigonre my issue guys06:23
Rurd2dii figured it out06:23
Rurd2dii fucked samba conf06:23
overcluckerdiuneigh: is there any mention of swap in /etc/crypttab ?06:24
dRounsehttp://www.avadirect.com/product_details_parts.asp?PRID=18324 does that look like a good htpc?06:24
whumphreynathan28, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844026/06:24
whumphreynathan28, same issue06:24
habanero_ahh.  i've notices every now and again issues with updates like that.  maybe a dependency is borked or something similar.  maybe i'll wait until tomorrow and try again.  thanks for your help06:25
diuneighoverclucker: I do not see that dir.06:25
diuneighoverclucker: wait.. yes there is:  # <target name><source device><key file><options>06:26
diuneighcryptswap1 /dev/sdb5 /dev/urandom swap,cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha25606:26
dRounse! | ubuntu06:26
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:26
nathan28whumphrey: looks like it installed tho06:27
whumphreynathan28, yea06:28
nathan28can't connect to the WPA network tho?06:28
diuneighoverclucker: brb need to reboot.06:28
whumphreynathan28, brb, let me try restarting, that's correct06:28
nathan28whumphrey: post dmesg | grep ndiswrapper to yr pastebin06:29
dRounse! | grep06:29
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:29
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Ben64dRounse: what are you doing06:29
dRounseBen64: what do you mean?06:29
nathan28dRounse: thx06:29
Ben64dRounse: the random triggers for ubottu06:29
dRounseBen64: ubottu is my friend06:30
nathan28Ben64: it's a bot for a bot?06:30
nathan28dRounse: are you human?06:30
Ben64dRounse: take it to PM if you want to do that stuff06:30
dRounsenathan28: yes im human06:30
nathan28Ben64: no he was being helpful06:30
nathan28on the grep06:30
dRounseconsidering this chat room is gettin dull, im adding some spice06:31
Ben64the room doesn't need spice06:31
kroonrsWhy does an open instance of Libre-Office not show up as an option when I alt-tab? (Unity on 11.10)06:31
nathan28seigor35: you might want to change that password now06:31
whumphreynathan28, paste.ubuntu.com/844031/06:31
ChipCherouI keep running into problems with the lack og xorg.conf .  how do I tell ubuntu to run radeon instead of the lacking nvidia card?06:31
dRounsepeople are quiting left and right the room def needs spice06:32
overcluckerthe spice must flow06:32
overcluckerthat's probably a split06:33
dRounse! | spice06:33
Ben64dRounse: seriously, if you want to explore the bot's triggers, take it to PM06:34
dRounseubottu doesnt know what spice is... ahhhhh06:34
ubottudRounse: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:34
shellcode84i locked out i did something in xorg.conf06:34
shellcode84im useing a different pc06:35
dRounseis an atom good for an htpc?06:35
shellcode84ubuntu does not reboot06:35
shellcode84i have to stay stuck in alt alt f106:36
overcluckershellcode84: did you back up xorg.conf before making alterations?06:36
ChipCherouMy X is failing at loading the NVIDIA driver....which is obvious since I have an ATI video card.  How do I fix this since xorg has been made depreciated?06:37
shellcode84yea i have a backup06:37
Ben64ChipCherou: which nvidia driver is it attempting to load06:37
shellcode84can i access it via ctrl-alt f106:37
ChipCherouBen64: fglrx06:38
Ben64shellcode84: yes, thats a full terminal you have access to there06:38
Ben64ChipCherou: fglrx isn't nvidia06:38
overcluckershellcode84: yup06:38
shellcode84alright how can i  access it06:38
shellcode84sudo /etc/x11/xorg.conf06:38
ChipCherouBen64: 2 lines down it says Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found).06:39
ChipCherouBen64: this aside, how do I tell it to use 'radeon'06:39
Ben64ChipCherou: 2 lines of what? down from what?06:39
ChipCherouBen64: the startx output06:40
overcluckershellcode84: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.confg /etc/X11/xorg.conf.broken06:40
Ben64ChipCherou: did you have an nvidia card previously?06:40
shellcode84imma try thatt06:40
ChipCherouBen64: yes06:40
overcluckershellcode84: you should probably fix my typo though...06:40
whumphreynathan28, I'm back06:41
overcluckershellcode84: that's to back up your broken xorg.conf06:41
Ben64ChipCherou: then you need to remove the nvidia drivers via apt-get06:41
ChipCherouBen64: isn't there a way for me to force x to load radeon drivers instead (this linux jumps between ati and nvidia)06:41
whumphreynathan28, now the wireless networks don't appear06:42
Ben64ChipCherou: you can create an xorg.conf06:42
ChipCherouBen64: in /etc/X11?06:42
Ben64ChipCherou: yep.06:42
ChipCherouBen64: Thank you, I thought it wouldn't work cause its depreciated.  Ill give it a shot06:43
nathan28whumphrey: your issue is w/ iw_set_auth and iw_set_freq... maybe hard-code it? it's past my bedtime so try to hit up google... good luck06:43
overcluckershellcode84: then sudo cp /path/to/xorg.conf.backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf change the first part to the the actual location of your backup06:43
Ben64ChipCherou: yeah, will still work, its just not needed anymore06:43
kroonrsWhy does an open instance of Libre-Office not show up as an option when I alt-tab? (Unity on 11.10)?06:43
ChipCherouBen64: is there a way to have X automatically use the correct driver instead of hard coding it requiring me to have xorg.conf?06:44
cfhowlettkroonrs  see http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/libreoffice-ship-global-menu-default-11-10/06:44
kroonrskroonrs: ok, looks like a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/88612106:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 842566 in bamf (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #886121 Libreoffice and unity integration broken." [High,Fix released]06:44
Ben64ChipCherou: it usually does, but if you have both drivers on i guess it can be confused06:45
kroonrscfhowlett: what is the impact of not having global menus?06:45
cfhowlettkroonrs   I don't use 11.10 but as I understand it, you can't use the shortcut method you described as broken06:46
kroonrscfhowlett: well, that's pretty crappy :( just because of menu style, you can't access an application you've launched, and need to terminate it with a kill signal if you switch from it06:47
cfhowlettkroonrs  hopefully a fix is forthcoming.06:48
kroonrscfhowlett: Fix released: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bamf/+bug/84256606:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 842566 in bamf (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Libreoffice and unity integration broken." [High,Fix released]06:49
kroonrscfhowlett: so how do i know when a "fix released" will make it to my desktop?06:51
cfhowlettkroonrs   gonna have to refer you to the bug report for that info.  Sorry.  I'm only  a user like you.06:51
endafyvlc media player 2.0 plays bluray on Linux06:51
shellcode84says cp not such stat ,'etc//x11/xorg,conf06:51
shellcode84no such file or directory06:52
endafyI cant believe it lol06:52
kroonrscfhowlett: heh, see there are 28 duplicates of the bug06:52
endafyit actually works lol06:52
shellcode84says cp not such stat ,'etc//x11/xorg,conf06:52
shellcode84<shellcode84> no such file or directory06:52
overcluckershellcode84: that's probably because you specified a relative path from somewhere other than '/'.06:55
shellcode84i wrote how u wrote it06:55
kroonrsshellcode84: you have // in your path06:55
overcluckershellcode84: use an absolute path, meaning start the path from / ie: /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:56
kroonrsshellcode84: and xorg,conf06:56
shellcode84i know the x.config is on the file system06:56
overcluckerkroonrs: actually // shouldn't change the result, but the other typos should06:57
overcluckerkroonrs: ls ///////////etc////////06:58
shellcode84i typed extacly sudo cp /etc/x11/xorg,conf06:58
shellcode84saying missing destination file operand06:58
overcluckershellcode84: its a capital X in X1106:58
shellcode84o it is? lol06:58
overcluckershellcode84: i suggest getting more familiar with the command line...07:00
=== eboy is now known as sephr
shellcode84command no found07:01
shellcode84i type everthing u said even change the X07:01
overcluckerwhat command?07:02
overclucker!bash | shellcode8407:02
ubottushellcode84: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:02
shellcode84I type it like this07:02
swethaSuggest me a software for php editing???07:02
snowrichardswetha netbeans ide and eclipse both have php modules07:03
jswagnerswetha: sublime text 207:03
shellcode84sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.broken07:03
goathouse774my xubuntu install from a live dvd is taking forever at the end (about an inch left in the progress bar.)  Is this normal?07:03
jswagnerhow long?07:03
Ben64shellcode84: what does it say when you do "ls -lh /etc/X11/xorg.conf*"07:04
goathouse774It's been stuck there for about 15 min.07:04
shellcode84i havent tried that yet07:04
goathouse774the ethernet port is flashing quite a bit07:04
snowrichardis it downloading software at that point?07:04
goathouse774it isn't saying it is anymore07:04
jswagnergoathouse774: standard ubuntu install tends to stall at the end while it downloads updates and "language packs"07:04
=== sephr is now known as eboy
snowrichardprobably normal then07:04
goathouse774ok good07:05
jswagneresp. if you told it to download restricted extras, i think it does this then07:05
overcluckershellcode84: also what command ? bash should tell you, bash: fooberdeegook: command not found07:06
goathouse774what are some interesting things that a new-to-linux person can do to put it through the paces?07:06
shellcode84i try the ls -lh07:06
blackslikHelo everybody... I am having problems using makefile and ./configure on my latest ubuntu from the terminal07:06
shellcode84it says,"-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.8k07:07
urfr332g0goathouse774, the restricted-extras are not installed on the install just a heads up.07:07
overcluckershellcode84: you'll have to type in the *exact* command he gave you07:07
goathouse774they're not?07:07
shellcode84i did and it gave me that info07:08
blackslikwhich command to use to update all dependences07:08
shellcode84with quote or without?07:08
goathouse774by "restricted extras" are you referring to flash, etc.?07:08
urfr332g0goathouse774, no you can get some codecs with the install but that package is available after the install.07:08
overcluckershellcode84: ls -lh /etc/X11/xorg.conf*07:09
urfr332g0goathouse774, yes ms fonts and media codecs07:09
shellcode84alright,i did that and it show wat i posted it07:09
Ben64shellcode84: pastebin the whole output07:10
shellcode84-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.8k 2012-02-16 00:16 /etc/X11/xorg.config07:12
IsrafelUbuntu allows encryption of users directories, correct?07:12
IsrafelHow would someone SSH into their account if they're not currently logged in on that computer?/07:12
whumphreyanyone willing to try and help me with an encryption issue using a wireless usb adapter? I got it working but not with encryption07:12
IsrafelThey key would be encrypted.07:13
crizzy_Israfel: ssh'ing into the account is logging in, no ? :)07:13
overcluckershellcode84: can it ends with .config ?07:13
Israfelit's not.07:13
crizzy_umm, ok07:13
Ben64ssh is logging in07:13
IsrafelNot if you're using SSH keys.07:13
overcluckerignore 'can'07:13
crizzy_well, with ssh keys it doesn't work, then07:14
shellcode84Im sorry can it what07:14
IsrafelIs there a way to leave part of it unencrypted?07:14
IsrafelMainly the .ssh folder?07:14
overcluckersorry, my thoughts change direction too quickly. are you sure it ends with .config ?07:15
shellcode84lol well does it?07:15
shellcode84should i take out . than07:16
Ben64Israfel: this might work https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/362427/comments/1207:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 362427 in openssh (Ubuntu) "Public key ssh auth doesn't work with my Encrypted Home Directory" [Medium,Invalid]07:16
Ben64shellcode84: you're the one who ran the ls command, you should know what it said07:16
overcluckershellcode84: try this: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.config /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:17
shellcode84alright,i did and i post it what it said to me07:17
IsrafelBen64, reading it now, hope it's a working fix.07:19
overcluckershellcode84: i wanted you to verify that what you posted was correct, since you previously mentioned you were typing in chat from another computer07:19
shellcode84i see07:20
shellcode84command not found07:20
mikelissI think I may be in the middle of uninstalling the kernel on my server...uname -a shows the one that's currently uninstalling.07:21
mikelissIs this because the next version installed, and I need to reboot?07:21
overcluckershellcode84: waht command isn't found? what are you typing? what is the exact output?07:21
mikelissI'll admit I'm freaking just a bit.07:22
shellcode84 sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.config /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:22
Enginhow do I check why my /etc/cron.hourly script does no work07:22
shellcode84command not found /etc/X11/xorg.config07:23
Ben64Engin: look in syslog07:23
urfr332g0mikeliss, that command just shows the kernel, to remove one you woulf have to do it.07:23
Ben64shellcode84: you aren't typing it correctly07:23
bkerensa!justask mikeliss07:23
shellcode84thats what overclucker wrote07:23
bkerensa!justask | mikeliss07:23
ubottumikeliss: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:23
goathouse774Given that android is built on linux, is there a functional relationship between ubuntu and android?07:24
EnginBen64: no error, just: Feb 16 09:17:01 enda-plc-server CRON[26685]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)07:24
Ben64shellcode84: yes, but thats not what you typed into ubuntu07:24
bkerensaEngin: You could check System Log Viewer or /var/log/cron, /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog07:24
shellcode84I'M actually stuck at the crtrl alt f107:24
overcluckershellcode84: make sure you have sudo cp befoer thoose file names07:25
shellcode84i did07:25
Enginbkerensa: hmm i noticed i haven't used absolute paths in one of the commands... what would be the working directory of execution of this script i wonder07:25
shellcode84do that07:25
Ben64shellcode84: you forgot something, or it wouldn't say 'command not found'07:25
mikelissSo uname -a shows the kernel I'm using and /boot shows one with a higher version, and I'm currently uninstalling the one I'm running. Have a screwed up?07:26
shellcode84ok im type it see if is correct07:26
Ben64mikeliss: why and how are you uninstalling the kernel?07:26
urfr332g0goathouse774, there is a #android channel they might be helpful as well.07:27
shellcode84sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf is that correct?07:27
Y_Ichirohm, it never ceases to amaze me how the programs that i never use like Libreoffice somehow makes it onto the desktop but programs like Terminal which there are no shortcuts for in Ubuntu07:27
bkerensamikeliss: How do you know you are uninstalling it? What command did you issue?07:27
mikelissBen64: The boot partition was full of old ones...but I may have mis-calculated which I can remove. Removing it with apt-get.07:27
overcluckermikeliss: what do you plan to do if the new kernel doesn't work correctly?07:27
mikelissoverclucker: liveCD, I suppose...not a great option.07:28
Ben64mikeliss: you didn't install a new one before?07:28
mikelissBen64: Well, it's in /boot, so I suppose it's installed.07:28
overcluckermikeliss: it'd a good idea to keep at least one 'known' working kernel to fall back on.07:28
mikelissCan't say I pay a ton of attention since I typically just let Apt/update manager do their things.07:28
Ben64mikeliss: i wouldn't count on that, check using dpkg07:28
urfr332g0Y_Ichiro, shortcuts like ctrl-alt-t07:29
urfr332g0programs like I guesss?07:29
mikelissBen64: Dpkg shows ii next to the version higher than the one I'm removing.07:29
stephansOk so the funniest thing happened after I applied all the updates to my ubuntu laptop... no all of a sudden my mouse wheel scrolls the other way! I have to roll forward to go down the page. Tred several mice... same thing... what coule that be?07:29
mikelissBen64: Meaning it's installed, yes?07:29
Ben64mikeliss: should be good then, just run update-grub before you reboot07:29
mikelissBen64: that should have been run automatically already, right?07:30
mikelissBen64: Is there a way to tell if the system is awaiting a reboot from me?07:30
Ben64mikeliss: it can't hurt to do it again07:30
Ben64mikeliss: do you have a desktop07:30
trond-Y_Ichiro, most likely because Ubuntu doesn't want the perception of Linux = command line / shell to continue. Most people just want their system to work and if it doesn't, make it work without using the shell and a bunch of commands that they don't understand anyway.07:30
mikelissBen64: Naw, it's a server, and I a poor admin, but I notice now that the MOTD wants a reboot.07:30
prashant_123456chkdsk like utility for ubuntu 11.10 ??07:31
Ben64mikeliss: is it a server you can physically touch?07:31
n2diyprashant_123456, fsck07:31
urfr332g0prashant_123456, fsck07:31
prashant_123456n2diy, urfr332g0 ok thanks07:31
mikelissBen64: Nope, but I can find somebody that can....with some effort.07:31
n2diyurfr332g0, dvorak beats qwerty?07:32
Ben64mikeliss: then you'll want to make sure grub is good before rebooting :)07:32
dem0nhey has anyone here added "exploit-db" svn to their ubuntu system?07:32
urfr332g0!fsck > prashant_12345607:32
ubottuprashant_123456, please see my private message07:32
overcluckershellcode84: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.config /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:32
urfr332g0n2diy, ???07:32
mikelissBen64: Hahaha, eff, not my finest hour...but at least /boot will have some space, I suppose. Thanks for the help.07:32
n2diyurfr332g0, keyboard layouts, I'm using dvorak.07:32
urfr332g0n2diy, not a clue here. :)07:32
Ben64mikeliss: no problem. i've been managing servers for about a decade now07:32
mikelissBen64: Once it comes back up from the reboot, am I safe deleting all the other old kernel bits sitting around in /boot?07:33
Ben64mikeliss: apt-get should remove all those07:33
mikelissBen64: Excellent. I'll put it to work. Thanks again.07:34
wisniahi, how to change fonts in gnome ?07:34
overcluckermikeliss: use apt-get to remove them, else you'll miss all the modules07:34
Nicekiwiis there a graphical frontend for managing users and group for gnome/ubuntu avaliable?07:36
Ben64Nicekiwi: users-admin ?07:37
NicekiwiBen64, is that in the Ubuntu repos?07:39
Ben64Nicekiwi: it should come installed by default07:40
Nicekiwiits not07:40
Nicekiwinot with 11.1007:40
Ben64Nicekiwi: i just went to the ubuntu menu -> system -> administration -> users07:40
NicekiwiBen64, that dosnt let u manage groups does it?07:41
NicekiwiBen64, u can just set ur role and anme.pic etc07:41
Ben64Nicekiwi: it does07:41
urfr332g0ben225, gnome2 eh.07:42
=== nik is now known as Guest83694
NicekiwiBen64, ru refering to Gnome-system-tools?07:42
Ben64its called users-admin07:42
Ben64-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 138K 2010-11-26 05:42 /usr/bin/users-admin07:42
=== krups_v2 is now known as krups
NicekiwiBen64, hmm random, that doesnt come up form the shortcut u mentioned, but is installed and dosnt show up in synaptic -thanks07:43
blackslik_sudo apt-get install nmap07:44
blackslik_Reading package lists... Done07:44
blackslik_Building dependency tree07:44
blackslik_Reading state information... Done07:44
blackslik_Package nmap is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:44
FloodBot1blackslik_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:44
blackslik_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:44
Ben64blackslik_: what version ubuntu07:45
Ben64which would be...?07:46
blackslik_sorry 11.1007:46
Ben64!info nmap07:47
ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 5.21-1.1 (oneiric), package size 1584 kB, installed size 7064 kB07:47
Edicois there a package for aptana studio?07:47
Ben64blackslik_: you might have something weird going on in your apt sources, its a standard package07:47
blackslik_what to do boss07:47
blackslik_becos i cant even makefile or ./configure files07:48
Ben64nmap wouldn't affect that07:48
overcluckerblackslik_: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list07:48
dr_willisdo a.   sudo apt-get update.    recently?07:48
dr_willisupdate, upgrade try again07:49
blackslik_sudo /etc/apt/sources.list sudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: command not found07:50
blackslik_i did07:50
overcluckerblackslik_: try what dr_willis said first07:50
blackslik_yes i have done that jst some mins back07:50
dr_willisthat's a file..  not a command.  for sources. list07:50
blackslik_sudo /etc/apt/sources.list07:51
blackslik_sudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: command not found07:51
blackslik_bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied07:51
overcluckerblackslik_: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list07:51
dr_willisits a file. not a command.. .07:51
=== linuxgeek is now known as Guest82852
blackslik_ok ok07:52
overcluckerblackslik_: dapper?07:53
overcluckerblackslik_: what's the output of lsb_release -a07:53
blackslik_lsb_release -a07:57
blackslik_No LSB modules are available.07:57
blackslik_Distributor ID:Ubuntu07:57
blackslik_Description:Ubuntu 11.1007:57
FloodBot1blackslik_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:57
kroonrshi - I'm running an application inside an xterm, that is controlled by function keys, but when I press F10, my dropbox menu in the notification area drops down.  Any idea how I can get the F10 to actually reach my xterm? (oneiric, unity)07:57
Ben64blackslik_: somehow you have a sources.list from about 4 years ago, which is a problem07:57
blackslik_so what to do bro?07:58
Ben64blackslik_: replace it with one from 11.1007:58
overcluckerblackslik_: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/07:58
kroonrs(if I quit dropbox, the next application in the notification area's menu drops down)07:58
Ben64overclucker: nice! never knew about that07:58
overcluckerBen64: there's one for debian systems too. beats looking a sources.list online07:59
Ben64overclucker: yeah, looks great07:59
mallockroonrs, you need to look into xterm's options08:00
blackslik_ben64: kinda confuse08:01
blackslik_on downloading the sourcelist08:01
kroonrsmalloc: but unity is capturing the f10 before it gets to xterm, it seems (the other function keys work fine in Xterm)08:01
dr_willisaskubuntu.com may have a correct list. i cant imagine how your list changed.08:02
Ben64blackslik_: go to that site overclucker said, and use that to generate a new one08:02
mallockroonrs, oh i see.. well then perhaps you need to look into unity's own preferences.. probably some option to change that F10 function08:03
blackslik_ok thanks08:03
overcluckerblackslik_: pick your country, release (oneiric) and check 'Main', 'Security', and 'Updates' at minimum. you can check more if you want08:03
kroonrsmalloc: installed gconf-editor - looks like F10 is mapped to 6 different shortcuts in unity *sigh*08:04
goathouse774|Ok.  So I went to google.com and went for chrome.  Lo and behold there was a linux version.  I merely downloaded it and the app store thing popped up and now my comp is slow as mud.  I can't really do anything.08:04
goathouse774|The comp is making a bunch of noise like it's trying hard to accomplish something08:05
dr_willischromium browser is in the repos08:05
teweai have an external hard disck and i can't write to it what  shal i do just iam using linux and the hard disck format is FAT3208:06
dr_willisnoise? check dmesg output08:06
goathouse774|You know, just the classic noise computers make when working to open stuff08:06
dr_willistewea:  you want all users full write avcess?08:07
goathouse774|Dmesg?  I can't really do anything right now.  It's so so slow...08:07
teweadr_willis: yes08:07
dr_willistewea:  i tend to install and run the   ntfs-config tool   to enable it for ntfs and vfat08:08
goathouse774|Was it a mistake to download chrome from google.com?08:08
dr_willisgoathouse774|: i doubt if thats the issue08:09
dr_willisi use chrome on ubuntu normally08:09
goathouse774|This is xubuntu08:09
dr_willisits all the same core08:09
blackslik_overclucker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844084/08:10
goathouse774|I'm surprised to see this kind of slowdown with a fresh install...08:10
avisekhallow..... I have to install driver for SAMSUNG ML - 1676 Monocrome printer.............. i have a file for that on gr.tz format........... I do not know how to install it08:10
goathouse774|Is there an equivalent to ctrl-alt-delete?08:10
rzx237goathouse774|: I've heard that google chrome collect user statistic08:11
avisekcan some body help??????08:11
overcluckerblackslik_: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list08:11
goathouse774|I didn't install chrome yet08:11
damo22avisek, tar zxvf gr.tz08:11
dr_willisavisek: with what?08:11
goathouse774|The app store thing tried to open and basically stalled the whole system out08:11
urfr332g0avisek, have you looked i printers to see if the driver is available there.08:11
urfr332g0printer actually08:12
dr_willisdrivers may be in the repos.08:12
goathouse774|Is there a way to force close processes?08:12
dr_willisin extra packages08:12
=== sarah is now known as Guest24321
avisekyes...... i download it from the samsung site....08:12
Myrttiavisek: it might work out of the box, you don't necessarily even need to install anything if you're lucky08:12
avisekbut i don't know how to install it............08:13
dr_willisavisek:  that donload may not be needed08:13
damo22avisek, try the standard printer setup in ubuntu first08:13
aviseki also tried it...08:13
Useranonimohello, someone can see my ip? thanks08:14
avisekit is showing my printer...08:14
damo22avisek, so whats the problem? does it print?08:14
avisekbut it does not working...08:14
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:14
Useranonimohello, someone can see my ip? thanks08:14
goathouse774|I really need to force close or do a hard shut down.  This is grotesque.  :)08:15
urfr332g0Useranonimo, you xcan check it yourself08:15
teweadr_willis:alradey i  installe it then what is next?08:15
Ben64goathouse774|: run top or htop and see whats eating all the resources08:15
dr_willistewea:  run it :-)08:15
UseranonimoI'm connect to irc with tor, a proxy, how can I know my ip? Thank you!08:16
Ben64goathouse774|: fastest way is to ssh in from another computer, but you can open a terminal and do it there08:16
avisekthanks for answering......   i will try once more.............08:16
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
goathouse774|I can't even close my browser yet08:16
urfr332g0Useranonimo, run a whats my ip in your browser ruuning tor08:16
Ben64goathouse774|: or you can do CTRL+ALT+F1 and login from console08:17
goathouse774|And there are bars along the top and bottom (errors, basically).08:17
goathouse774|How do I do that?08:17
Ben64CTRL+ALT+F1 brings you to a console with a login prompt08:18
goathouse774|Ok now what do I do?08:19
dr_willisreboot command    :-)08:19
goathouse774|How do I "be root"?08:19
dr_willisor sudo service lightdm restart08:19
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:20
goathouse774|Ok, but what do I type to reboot now?08:21
dr_willisreboot   .....08:21
dr_willisis tge cimmand..08:21
goathouse774|I need to "be root" first08:21
dr_willisor restart x08:21
damo22sudo reboot08:21
dr_willisuse sudo08:21
Ben64or kill the process taking all the cpu08:22
goathouse774|Too late, I rebooted08:22
Ben64that works too08:22
damo22or you can go to console mode and press ctrl alt del08:22
dr_willisactually alt ctrl del. on the console may reboot08:22
damo22touch wood08:23
Ben64too bad ctrl alt backspace doesnt work anymore08:23
goathouse774|That was brutal08:23
damo22that was handy that command08:23
dr_willisit works for me. :-)08:23
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap08:23
Ben64yeah i think theres a way to...08:23
dr_willistheres always a way08:24
Ben64my x server doesnt mess up nearly as often as it did 5 years ago though08:24
dr_willisin linux.08:24
Ben64and if it does, i have my phone to ssh from08:25
dr_willisandroid ssh is handy.08:25
Ben64its the main reason i got a smartphone08:25
goathouse774|Android ssh allows you to what, exactly?08:26
damo22alt sysrq r e i s u b08:26
dr_willisssh into a ssh server08:27
damo22does a clean shutdown08:27
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:27
urfr332g0damo22, that is the reboot a shutdown is reisuo08:28
damo22too bad i dont have sysrq key08:28
damo22im on a macbook08:28
=== crash is now known as Guest70179
Guest70179i have unbuntu 11.10 and i tried to install updates but it will not allow me to do so if gives me an error message saying unable to connect to internet. can anyone help me?08:29
knoppiesI am having problems with direct rendering (using ATI HD5470 on ubuntu10.10), so I downloaded the new driver from the amd website and installed it, but "glxinfo | grep direct" still states "LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT set" which I googled and a forum post suggested "unset LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT" which works for my current terminal only, and does not work for wine. Can you help me to permenantly remove the environment variable "unset LIBGL_AL08:31
knoppiesWAYS_INDIRECT" for all terminal sessions (including programs run with wine). I have plenty more info, but I dont want to flood the channel.08:31
knoppiesreading that back to myself makes my IQ sound so low. :( Sorry if I over-compressed it.08:32
knoppiesGuest70179, are you connecting to this IRC channel using the machine in question?08:33
Guest70179yes i am08:33
knoppiesGuest70179, are you using apt-get or synaptic (or some other package manager?)08:33
Guest70179you will have to excuse me i am a n00b, i believe its synaptic08:35
goathouse774is it safe to install apps from the web vs. the software center?08:35
goathouse774for instance, I have the chrome installer downloaded, but should I run it or use Chromium?08:36
knoppiesgoathouse774, safe as in "Will it kill my computer because of some bug" or safe as in "Will there be a virus somehow embedded/associated with the software"08:36
knoppiesgoathouse774, I use Chromium Im not sure what chrome offers that chromium doesnt. Maybe flash?? I have installed both on the same machine before, and used both Simultaneously, its up to you.08:37
goathouse774safe as in "I've sort of come to understand that the libraries in linux distros are arranged in such a way as to make apps sometimes not play nice"08:37
knoppiesGuest70179, synaptic is the GUI in GNOME. Open up a terminal and type "sudo apt-get update" (you might have to close Synaptic first)08:37
goathouse774or is that more a developer thing than a user thing?08:38
overcluckergoathouse774: if you get the package from a trustworthy source, then you should be fine08:38
knoppiesgoathouse774, I have noticed similar things, but more so when I am installing outdated software which wants outdated/obsolete libraries.08:38
goathouse774so, for example, I can safely go find the latest Firefox for linux and install it safely without concern?08:39
knoppiesgoathouse774, Probably, I dont use firefox so much anymore.08:39
goathouse774what do you use?08:39
tensorpuddinglinux has some things which make such behaviors difficult08:39
knoppiesChromium (and Chrome)08:39
plusEVy0 I had a little scuare on my taskbar that i could choose what virtual monitor to go to. I managed to unpin that icon and now I cant find it. How do I put that back there? using pinguy os 11.04.108:40
goathouse774so how would one know if a program has or could soon have outdated libraries?  that sounds very high-maintenaince.08:40
tensorpuddingwhat do you mean "has outdated libraries"08:40
plusEVsquare even.08:40
=== max is now known as Visionaire
tensorpuddingis pinguy a supported derivative08:41
metaspikegoathouse774, the program will complain in stdin (terminal) or wont work at all if the libraries are outdated, assuming the program maintainer knows what they're doing.08:41
tensorpuddinggoathouse774, there's a tool called ldd, on the terminal, which searches the library path and will tell you what file corresponds to every dynamic library that the app is linked to08:41
goathouse774doesn't linux have a more regulated mass-update scheme that serves as one of it's main distinctions from windows?08:42
tensorpuddinggoathouse774, if there's a hole where no file is assigned, the program will not start08:42
tensorpuddinggoathouse774, each distribution updates its software at a different rate, to different versions08:42
tensorpuddinggoathouse774, it's a madhouse08:42
knoppiesmetaspike, when I said "outdated libraries" I meant that the software depends on such libraries. goathouse774 anything from new versions of the libraries to a release date that is set a few years ago. Another big clue is if you can no longer get the libraries from ubuntu's default repositories.08:42
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
tensorpuddinggoathouse774, instead of getting the latest version from mozilla it's much simpler to use the package included in your distribution08:43
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
goathouse774well that brings me back to chrome.  it's not included in my distribution so am I tempting fate here by branching out of my distribution and installing it?08:44
tensorpuddingit's not just about outdated libraries, it's about ABI changes08:44
zenonMorning, I'm on ubuntu 11.10, installed w3af & saved over one of the defult scans properties & details, I uninstalled then reinstalled to fix, after shutdown its reverted back, how would I restore the app?08:44
raatiniemianybody know of a good touchscreen calibration tool? :)08:44
knoppiesgoathouse774, yes, ubuntu based derivatives have a 'mass-update' scheme, but if a certain library or piece of software was abandoned 6 years ago it can be a pain to get it to work on the latest distribution. Not all linux uses a 'mass-update' schedule.08:44
knoppiesgoathouse774, with chrome not really, but I think that has something to do with the fact that google use some sort of ubuntu derivative inhouse (last I heard)08:45
goathouse774so it's more of a "oh this particular software is too old and wont work" than a "oh this particular software is too old and I just fried my computer by installing it"?08:45
zenonah I'll just reinstall & save the profile again.08:45
metaspikegnomeradio is defaulting to /dev/video0 - when try to switch to /dev/radio0 - it crashes. anyideas? :p08:45
stanman246hi, i want to install the latest ubuntu and need to make a backup. Is it enough to just copy my /home/user and it's hidden files?08:46
knoppiesgoathouse774, most of the time, but sometimes it causes havoc with some config file which might 'fry' (in the software sense) your computer.08:46
Myrttiraatiniemi: xinput-calibrator08:46
stanman246can i then put back thunderbird's and firefox' profiles?08:47
tensorpuddingit'd all be fixed if people statically-compiled everything08:47
tensorpuddingmaybe in the future that will actually happen08:47
metaspikestanman246, that would copy your user profile, documents and its settings. assuming nothing else has changed, this is fine.08:47
knoppiesstanman246, yes, provided that you havn't saved anything outside of your HOME folder.08:47
stanman246thanks, so i would be really really safe if i'd clonezilla-ed the entire disk to a usb image AND manual copy my home dir (include hiddens).08:49
IsrafelWhat's the default VNC servre with Ubuntu?08:49
metaspikestanman246, of course.08:49
stanman246the copy of the home dir is for easy recovering the profiles08:49
raatiniemiMyrtti, thanks, ive tried it and it seem to work but when swapping axes, the cursor starts to randomly jump to the side.08:50
stanman246thanks! will do and hope I'm running the latest ubuntu soon ;-)08:50
knoppiesI am having issues with direct rendering. direct rendering: No (LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT set). If I use "unset LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT" then I get direct rendering in that terminal, but not if I use wine. Does anybody know how to prevent LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT?08:50
knoppiesoh, if I run it with sudo, then I get Direct rendering, so LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT is only set on my user.08:51
opalepatrickwhere is a good resource to find current lists re wi-fi hardware & compatibility. I see the ubuntu friendly one, but that is only related to complete systems.08:51
=== uTiredToo is now known as uTired2
metaspikeopalepatrick, the kernel source? :)08:52
goathouse774I've noticed during my short time with xubuntu that is actually pretty tough for my computer to handle, which surprises me because, in its prime with windows xp and virus free, it was somewhat faster.08:53
metaspikeireally, or www.linux-drivers.org/08:53
MonkeypawsHi. I'm trying to run an executable elf32 binary in the current directoy. i run ./myprogram and i get command not found, even though its right there :x08:53
nicknickHey guys. I have a question. I just installed ubuntu and I have installed jGRASP also. I would like it to quit popping up the dialog box which indicates that the bash script to launch it is executable and asks if I want to run it or view it etc. How can I make it where, just with this particular file, it always just executes without any dialog?08:53
jasonmsphey all.  I just saved my terminal layout with the gnome-terminal --save-config=FILE command.  Is there any documentation that I can find to figure out how to run commands when those windows open?08:54
metaspikegoathouse774, was that a suuport question or just another lame linux vs windows statement? v_v08:54
opalepatrickthanks metaspike - I have just had enough of the tp-link dongle I bought and lack of decent driver. My fault should have checked it first08:55
metaspikeopalepatrick, ive had good success with wifi gear that uses the realtek chipsets eh,08:55
goathouse774well, I think it'd be natural to compare when switching...08:55
nicknickAnyone ? Anyone?08:56
nicknickThis is really starting to grind my gears that I have to answer the same question the same way everytime I want to run this script.08:56
goathouse774I'm just wondering if maybe I did something wrong, or should try lubuntu or defrag my harddrive or some such thing.08:56
kripzi want to give a friend a pc with ubuntu, i want to install it and then somehow still present the screen to select region, keyboard, username etc on first boot. how can i do this?08:56
metaspikenicknick, right click it? look for autorun properties? i have no idea! i dont use gnome sorry.08:57
goathouse774don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to be up and running with linux08:57
knoppiesgoathouse774, unless your data is in an NTFS partition, I am not sure degraging is relevant. You can try install lxde on your current system, rather than installing lubuntu from scratch.08:57
knoppiesdefragging, sorry.08:58
metaspikekripz, you cant. but you can reconfigure those things with the standard tools, sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales, sudo adduser etc.08:58
nicknickmetaspike: It's all good! I just thought there would probably be someone in here who had had the same issue and already figured it out08:58
metaspikenicknick, maybe if you opened a terminal, and made it executable. sudo chmod +x ./whatever - then it'll stop buggin you08:59
goathouse774I'll just give it some more time.09:00
nicknickmetaspike I had to give it +x in order for it to be executable in the first place. I would think that there would be some way to repress that. probably through a command? I would search it on the net, but I can't think of a concise way to word a search for that09:01
=== max is now known as Visionaire
Ben64goathouse774: you should always install stuff from the software center09:06
goathouse774Ben64 I just installed Chrome from the web...09:06
Ben64i know.09:06
goathouse774Is that bad?09:06
Ben64its not ideal09:06
doda-W: Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/InRelease  what does this mean ?, google search doesn't show anything valuable09:07
goathouse774should I uninstall it?  I like Chrome!09:07
opalepatrickcheers for that metaspike - researching now :-)09:07
Ben64goathouse774: you can get chrome from software center with a ppa09:07
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa09:08
goathouse774so I should uninstall Chrome09:08
Ben64yeah, i would09:08
doda-i have fixed it temporally by disabling the independent repo, is it depreciated or what ?09:08
Ben64http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/8 is google's ppa for chrome09:08
goathouse774ok.  btw, my visuals are displaying slightly too wide for my moniter; is there a natural setting for that?09:09
Ben64goathouse774: not sure what you mean by that09:09
=== Cameel is now known as de
goathouse774the left and right edges of my gui are running off chopped09:10
knoppiesBen64, do you understand overscan?09:10
Ben64goathouse774: you'd have to adjust your resolution to fit09:10
pv73I have a question to ask you all.09:10
pv73 can someone tell me if this is a SMP kernel? 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19?09:10
Ben64knoppies: kinda?09:11
=== max is now known as Visionaire
IsrafelIs there a better VNC server other than vino-server?09:15
doda-can anyone check is the independent repo workng ?09:16
doda-Israfel: if you need only cli check tightvnc09:16
aceperryI'm guessing that everyone else has probs updating their system09:17
aceperryanyone know what's going on with updates?09:18
doda-aceperry: what is the error that you get ?09:18
goathouse774how do you uninstall a program?09:18
knoppiesgoathouse774, synaptic can normally do that.09:19
doda-goathouse774: you search for it in software center09:19
aceperrydoda: I get this: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/pool/partner/a/acroread/acroread_9.4.7-1oneiric1_amd64.deb09:19
aceperry  Could not connect to archive.canonical.com:80 (, connection timed out09:19
goathouse774wow.  there's no built-in uninstaller...09:19
doda-or synaptic, which one you prefer09:19
MonkeypawsCan anyone think of a reason i would get "-bash: ./jtvlc: No such file or directory" when i know jtvlc exists and is set executable in the current director?09:20
llutz_Monkeypaws: "file ./jtvlc" "uname -m"09:21
doda-goathouse774: how do you mean there is no built in uninstaller ?09:21
Monkeypawsllutz looks like there may be some trailing characters i cant see09:21
doda-aceperry: it shows that error on only one repo?09:21
pv73greetings.. Could some one help with enabling hyperthreading on a 64 bit linux kernel?09:22
aceperrydoda: I tried setting to other repos, still no joy, is this a widespread problem now?09:22
lorild someone tell me how to enable the flash player09:22
=== lori is now known as Guest37030
Monkeypawsldd says its not a dynamic executable09:23
llutz_pv73: grep CONFIG_X86_HT /boot/config-$(uname -r)09:23
goathouse774doda, my bad, synaptic was installed, but how do I uninstall chrome?09:23
Guest37030how do u enable flash player to play videos on you tube and facebook09:24
Israfeldoda-, I have SSH for CLI. I just need VNC so I can log in the GUI on the server.09:24
dddddddddddWhat is the best linux version for beginners? Mint or Ubuntu?09:24
doda-aceperry: can you run apt-get update and post the output to pastebin09:24
aceperryflash is included with chrome09:24
goathouse774How do separate out the components of chrome in order to uninstall them and know I'm uninstalling the right things?09:24
dddddddddddWhat is the best linux version for beginners? Mint or Ubuntu????09:25
u890ddddddd, I recommend Ubuntu09:25
aceperrydoda: I'm in the middle of downloading packages on synaptic, will get back if/when it fails09:25
doda-goathouse774: well you can remove apps from the software center too, just search for the app that you like to install/uninstall09:25
juztenI use ubuntu09:25
llutz_pv73: so it's already enabled09:25
u890it is more widely used than Mint09:25
dddddddddddu890 WHY?09:25
Guest37030how do i get my flash player to work09:26
u890if you hvae any questions then you'll get more replies from Ubuntu users09:26
goathouse774but chrome isn't in the software center.09:26
Ben64!flash | Guest3703009:26
ubottuGuest37030: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:26
goathouse774chromium is, right?09:26
pv73llutz_: If it is enabled, it should show up in the system monitor... correct?09:26
aceperryI heard Mint has all of the easy stuff installed already09:26
u890Ubuntu is very user friendly09:26
llutz_pv73: no idea09:26
aceperryYou can find chrome browser from google09:26
u890ace .., so has Ubuntu09:26
Guest37030its installed beno it just wont play anything09:27
Ben64goathouse774: you should be able to uninstall chrome from the .deb package you used to install it09:27
doda-Israfel: well with ssh you can start whatever vnc servers you like, most are console line with no gui, vino on the other hand is integrated in gnome09:27
goathouse774I only see chromium when I search software center for "chrome."09:27
goathouse774oh the download?09:27
aceperryu890, it's been awhile, but I heard Mint had all of the codices that are used for playing all of the formats, without the nag messages09:27
pv73llutz_: I had seen 8 individual entries in the system monitor in my earlier install. I am stumped.09:27
Guest37030ben64ubottu it installed but will not play09:27
llutz_pv73: sry i don't know what systemmonitor is/shows/does.09:28
aceperrygoat: just go to google for the latest stable/beta/dev versions of chrome09:28
u890ace: maybe, I don't know Mint so well, but in Ubuntu it's really easy to install them, even a child can do it09:28
goathouse774I was told I shouldn't download chrome from the web09:29
doda-goathouse774: chromium is the name of the entry in internet apps, right ?09:29
Ben64goathouse774: use this for chrome http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/809:29
aceperryu890: I agree, ubuntu is easy, I've been told Mint is even easier, especially well suited for beginners, I don't use Mint though09:29
doda-if it is so then you have chromium installed09:30
goathouse774no it's "google chrome" in internet apps menu09:30
The_Last_Templarhey i have Ubuntu 9.10 and i can't install it on my computer??09:30
overcluckergoathouse774: at least try chromium first. if you don't like it, you can switch.09:30
aceperrygoat: best source for chrome browser is DIRECTLY from google09:30
Ben64aceperry: that isn't true09:30
aceperryben: what isn't true?09:30
Ben64shouldn't download apps from websites09:30
pv73llutz_: htop shows only 4 processors.09:31
u890ace: another argument for Ubuntu is that it has more tutorials in the internet than any other linux distrbutions09:31
doda-aceperry: +109:31
doda-Ben64: why not ?09:31
pv73llutz_: if ht was enabled, I think it should show 8 (4x2).09:31
aceperryben, I think chrome from google is the way to go09:31
Ben64because ubuntu works much better with apt than manually installing things09:31
pv73llutz_: it shows 8 cpus in my win install :(09:32
aceperryben: google's chrome browser is distributed as a deb file09:32
doda-chrome has its own repo09:32
Ben64right, but doesn't auto update and can conflict with things in the software center09:32
doda-that is constantly updated09:32
Ben64i pasted the link to google's ppa09:32
Ben64which is the best way to get it09:32
doda-i just upgraded it today09:32
aceperryben: it doesn't conflict with anything09:32
Ben64aceperry: it can09:33
doda-this is the repo09:33
aceperryben: what does it conflict with?  I've never had any probs09:33
Ben64aceperry: can != is09:33
pv73llutz_: anyway, thanks for your help.09:34
aceperryben: what?09:34
Ben64aceperry: "can conflict" is not the same as "does conflict"09:34
aceperryben: that applies to all deb files, including ones from ubuntu09:34
aceperryso what's up with ubuntu repos?  At first it was failing, now it's slow as hell09:35
satyanashaceperry, they are localised to the country.09:36
goathouse774I can't seem to uninstall chrome even if I wanted to09:36
satyanashaceperry, I think.09:36
goathouse774The software center is stuck loading after I opened the chrome installer09:36
aceperrysatyanash: there are repos in different countries, I only tried two, and they were slow09:37
Ben64goathouse774: you can't have two things accessing package stuff at the same time09:37
goathouse774chrome is closed...09:37
heizmannHi, all. I'm searching to install manually a lucid lynx, bypassing chroot (under virtualbox). My reason is to understand "how it works" exactly. More specifically, I wish know how commands are invoked during a classical install, bypassing an install CD (like: an alternate ubuntu CD). Under other distros, we can find lots of tutorials about this topic, but I cannot find a clear tutorial on the web which explains clearly how to do. :)09:37
heizmannthanks for advance for some helps or links ^^'09:37
heizmannBy starting point: a custom liveCD (launch from VertualBox :) )09:38
Ben64goathouse774: i mean software center and the chrome installer09:39
goathouse774when I open the installer the software center takes over automatically09:39
goathouse774anyway, I closed it and tried again and it worked09:40
goathouse774however, I only have the option to "reinstall".09:40
aceperrygoat: reinstall means that it's already installed09:40
aceperrygoat: what are you trying to do?09:41
goathouse774I'm trying to uninstall it to be safe09:41
Ben64goathouse774: try to remove it from command line09:41
aceperrygoat: then uninstall it, what's the prob?09:41
goathouse774I don't know command line at all yet09:41
goathouse774how do you uninstall programs in xubuntu09:41
aceperrygoat: do you know how to uninstall with synaptic?09:41
goathouse774It's a little overwhelming09:42
Ben64goathouse774: open a terminal, and type "dpkg --get-selections | grep -i chrome"09:42
aceperrygoat: what package manager are you using?  Synaptic?09:42
aceperrygoat: click on the package to highlight it, right click on the green box, and select Mark for removal, or mark for complete removal09:44
goathouse774is the package one thing or several entries?09:44
aceperrygoat: what package are you talking about, usually it's one line per package09:45
goathouse774there are like a thousand packages in there09:45
aceperrygoat: yea, there's lots of packages.  If you want to remove one package, highlight one package and select remove (that one package). Does that make sense?09:46
linociscocan I get my username@ubuntu.com email account using ubuntu server version?09:46
tensorpuddinguninstalling is easy for single packages09:46
aBoundHmm, I'm updating my Ubuntu machine and flash seems to either continuously download itself or it's going through an endless loop.09:47
goathouse774well yeah, I found it now, but in my defense when I searched for "chrome" the results centered on something pretty far away on the list so I had to scroll up09:47
aceperrygoat: unless you have the official google repo as one of your sources, you won't find chrome in your list, only something like chromium09:48
goathouse774I downloaded it from google.com09:48
goathouse774and it showed up as chrome09:49
aceperrygoat: what did you download?  and what is the problem?09:49
Lintgoathouse774, see the package content to guess where the executable could be09:49
goathouse774I downloaded chrome like I always have in windows.  then I was informed that I shouldn't install programs from the web, so I want to delete it.09:49
goathouse774I found it.  It says chrome.09:50
goathouse774Should I mark it for removal or "complete" removal?09:50
aceperrygoat: if you didn't install it, then you just delete it.  If it is the official chrome browser from google, then it is ok to install09:50
goathouse774I did install it09:50
goathouse774I downloaded it, installed it, and now I want to uninstall it.09:51
aceperrygoat: complete removal will get rid of your bookmarks/history etc.  But the official google downloads are good.09:51
aceperrygoat: uninstall with synaptic then, just like I said earlier09:52
goathouse774yes I will, but in my defense when I searched for chrome earlier like you said the results centered very far from chrome, which is why I was hung up there for a minute.09:53
goathouse774in synaptic, I did a search, because there are too many packages to scroll through...09:53
goathouse774and the search didn't really work right.  it's no big deal.09:54
goathouse774I found it now.09:54
aceperrygoat: ok, just fyi, my opinion is that the best source for google's chrome on ubuntu/debian is from google itself, always the latest or best stable packages09:54
Squarismwhere can one find09:55
goathouse774that's a problem for me, because I'm a noob and I'm getting diametrically opposed instructions on this point09:55
Ben64goathouse774: seriously, its best to add google's repository so chrome shows up in software center, you get updates and everything integrates all nice and pretty09:56
Squarismwhere can one find debian packages for old mysql versions fur current ubuntu  (11.10 64bit) versions?09:56
aceperrygoat: usually the official repos are best, and safest, but there are exceptions like google's chrome09:56
oratedHello! I'm getting error while update packages - http://imagebin.org/199194 . sources.list - http://paste.ubuntu.com/844148/. How can I fix it please?09:56
goathouse774alright guys, lol...09:57
aceperryorated: I was getting those errors too, I think there's a problem with the ubuntu repos09:58
goathouse774thanks for the help everyone.  good night.09:58
aceperrygoodnight goat09:58
aceperryg'nite all10:00
[eXception]where do I find the GUI for pulseaudio-qualizer ?10:02
normodhey, I'm doing a amd64 PXE install and I get an error about a corrupted Package file10:07
normodI googled it and touching it makes the installer not complain10:07
terminhellit likes to be touched10:07
normodmy question is, should I support a bug report?10:08
terminhellsupport away10:08
ikonianormod: what does touching do ?10:08
ikonianormod: how does it effect the file ?10:08
ikoniathat is the question, is it putting permisssions/execute etc on it10:08
ikoniatouching a file won't make it "non-corrupt"£10:09
normodno the installer bombs when it tries to ugzip Packages.gz wich is a zero length file10:09
ikonianormod: right, so touching that file won't change it's size10:09
ikonianormod: it won't fill it with the correct data10:10
normodyeah I know the file is fine but it shouldn't be there10:10
ikonianormod: what do you mean it shouldn't be there ?10:11
normodthe netinstall has to restricted packages for amd6410:11
normodbut there is a package file there anyway and it breaks the installer10:11
ikonianormod: sorry, could you explain that again please, I'm not following10:11
normodyes I'm not very good at this explining thing...10:12
normodI'll start over, the installer stops an complains that /restricted/binary-amd64/Packages.gz is corrupt10:13
ikonianormod: ok - first things first, where did you get this CD ?10:13
normodit's not, it unzips fine but is a zero lenght file and that's not something the installer likes10:13
normodcdimage.ubuntu.com, md5sums fine10:13
gulerDear All : Just installed W7 through virtual  box and need to setup shared folders ... And idea, tutorial ?10:14
RawProduceI just bought an Nvidia G210 and a couple of 1920x1080 monitors - nvidia-settings correctly detects one of the screens (the one plugged into VGA) but only detects resolutions of 640x480&320x240 for the one plugged into DVI10:14
ikonianormod: which CD are you using, the netboot ?10:14
RawProducewhat's the deal?10:14
ikoniaRawProduce: bad edid info from sloppy monitors ?10:15
normodikonia: the amd64 netboot for oneiric10:15
ikonianormod: ok10:15
RawProduceikonia: I tried getting past that by manually specifying the resolution in xorg.conf10:15
RawProducethink it's worth going for the OSS drivers instead?10:15
ikonianormod: so thats the mini.iso (just to confirm the file)10:15
ikoniaRawProduce: not really10:15
RawProducehm, what options do I have, in that case?10:16
normodikonia: no the tar.gz, sorry10:16
ikoniaRawProduce: configure it properly in the xorg.conf, try using xrand to set it, make sure you are using the propritary nvidia modules, and that they are being loaded10:16
ikonianormod: no problem, that's why I'm clarifying10:16
RawProduceikonia: nvidia drivers don't support xrandr :/10:17
ikoniaRawProduce: you can set a display mode with xrandr10:17
ikoniaRawProduce: you can set a display mode with xrand10:17
RawProduceno, you can't with nvidia drivers10:17
RawProducethey don't provide the RandR extension for xorg10:17
normodikonia: but the file I fixed in ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.is10:18
ikoniaRawProduce: ok, I'll take your word on that10:18
linociscowhich inventory software is cool for recording non-IT things? like toners, flash drives, camera??10:18
venky10Hi. When I downloaded VMWare player for linux, I got a "VMware-Player-4.0.2-591240.i386.txt" file which is a 126M file? How do I go about installing VMPlayer now?10:19
Ben64venky10: try "file VMware-Player-4.0.2-591240.i386.txt" on the command line and tell us the result10:19
ikonianormod: ok - so I'm looking at that directory structure now, what file is zero length10:20
venky10yeah. I thought it was supposed to download .bundle, but it is .txt. Either way, I opened it through vi and it was a shell script for the top part of the file and then the bottom part was executable (vi prints junk)10:20
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:20
venky10I tried "/bin/bash ./VMware-Player-4.0.2-591240.i386.txt " and it doesn't do anything. I get the command prompt back10:21
Ben64venky10: try the command i said earlier10:21
venky10no option mate.I have to use vmware.10:21
ikoniavenky10: what is in the text file10:21
jattpastebin the first few lines of the txt file10:21
normodikonia: /dists/oneric/restricted/binary-amd64/Packages.gz unzips to zero lenght10:21
jattand do10:21
jattfile ./VMware-Player-4.0.2-591240.i386.txt10:21
ikonianormod: that file system is not in the tar file10:22
venky10Ben64: one sec10:23
normodikonia: no I know, sorry! The iso with the file is ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso10:23
normodikonia: the netboot works fine you got me confused10:24
venky10Ben64: "VMware-Player-4.0.2-591240.i386.txt: a bash script text executable"10:24
Walthernormod: try ./VMware-restofthefilename10:25
Ben64venky10: did you download the ubuntu version of vmware player10:25
ikonianormod: sorry, I've lost interest now,10:26
auronandace!vmware | venky1010:26
ubottuvenky10: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware10:26
ndrobianyone know how to/ where to locate the 'roaming folder' for minecraft?10:26
venky10ikonia: see the pastebin10:27
ikoniavenky10: so you need to make that executable and then run it10:28
ikoniavenky10: to be honest, though if you are struggling at this level, I'd advise you against doing this10:28
yanahello #ubuntu10:29
venky10ikonia: It is executable. And I've done it many times before10:29
yanahow to change sidebar position in gnome ?10:29
venky10I'm not sucha newb10:29
imgreyanybody alive ?10:30
venky10ikonia: I've installed player many times. But never have I downloaded a .txt file from the VMware site10:31
ikoniavenky10: so why are you having a problem ?10:31
imgreydr_willis, what was the name of that cr%p that appear on left side of my screen, like in MacOS ?10:31
imgreyI need to move it to bottom of the screen10:31
Waltherimgrey: unity?10:31
venky10ikonia: not sure man10:32
imgreyWalther, how to configure that ?10:32
Waltherimgrey: wait 'til 12.0410:32
ikoniavenky10: what is the actual problem you are having ?10:32
Waltherimgrey: they haven't yet implemented all the configuration options10:32
dr_willisits the launcher. its not like macos10:32
Waltherimgrey: unity is so new, they first made it working and are now addind configuration options, replacing the hardcoded stuff10:32
venky10ikonia: I downloaded the player and I got this huge text file (part shell script, part executeable). I can't run it with bash or anything. It doesn't run10:33
ikoniavenky10: define "doesn't run"10:33
dr_willisthere arw some move it down hacks mentioned at tge webupd8 blig site10:33
Ben64venky10: fairly sure it would run if you tried10:33
venky10ikonia: I get the prompt immediately back. doesn't print any echo stuff inside10:33
RawProducesolution to the nvidia drivers detecting the wrong resolution was to turn of DPMS for the malfunctioning monitor in xorg.conf, manually set the horizonal and vertical refresh rates and manually set the resolution10:34
ikoniavenky10: how are you running it ?10:34
Ben64RawProduce: wow, nice.10:34
venky10ikonia: tried many ways. /bin/sh ./VMware...      ./VMware...     /bin/bash   ./VMware ....10:34
=== irenicus19 is now known as irenicus09
ikoniavenky10: then contact the vmware support resources and explain their script is faulty10:35
RawProduceI think the root issue was like the guy from before said - it was sending the wrong identifier, maybe because it's going through a VGA->DVI dongle10:35
venky10ikonia: I'd probably do that next. Just wanted to know if anyone else had seen it10:35
Ben64venky10: i think it needs to be run sudo10:36
ikoniano, vmware works fine for me10:36
ikoniathat would be a "given" for someone who has done this many times10:36
Feldegastvenky10 you have set it to excecutable right?10:36
Feldegastand yes it needs sudo10:37
venky10Ben64, Feldegast: I've tried sudo as well10:37
venky10And it is executable10:37
Ben64is it on a mount that is noexec10:37
Feldegastvenky10 just covering the possible simple issues ;-)10:37
llutz_Ben64: that wouldn't affect scripts10:37
Ben64llutz: you sure?10:37
llutz_Ben64: man mount | less -p noexec10:38
venky10On another thought, I've seen VMware ship vmware-install.pl files before. Has it changed now to the bundle file?10:40
Feldegastvenky10 yes, but they work the same way10:40
Feldegastsame as the .sh files, not seen a .pl for vmware10:41
dr_willissh foo.sh   perhaps10:41
linociscoI have canon LBP3050 Laster Black and white printer. I want to find deb driver for that10:41
infernal_Hello. Can anyone tell my why i get this error when i use gedit.10:41
infernal_(gedit:481): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.54AR9V': No such file or directory10:41
Feldegastsudo ./filename.bundle10:41
Feldegastinfernal_ are you running it as root?10:42
dr_willisa warning sould still let the app run10:43
Feldegastinfernal_ do you have plenty of free space?10:43
infernal_Feldegast, no10:44
=== _apostate_ is now known as [_A_]
imgreywalden, thank you10:45
infernal_Feldegast, even if i run it as root i get an error10:46
infernal_(gedit:2133): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: そのようなファイルやディレクトリはありません10:46
Ben64infernal_: pastebin the output of "df -h"10:46
dr_willisdelete that file and let it remake it perhaps.10:46
infernal_Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% マウント位置10:47
infernal_/dev/sda6             184G   24G  151G  14% /10:47
infernal_udev                  1.9G  4.0K  1.9G   1% /dev10:47
infernal_tmpfs                 774M 1000K  773M   1% /run10:47
infernal_none                  5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock10:47
FloodBot1infernal_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:47
infernal_none                  1.9G  268K  1.9G   1% /run/shm10:47
Ben64: /10:47
Feldegastlooks like a space issue to me....10:48
dr_willishd is 14% full i saw10:48
Ben64151GB free on /10:48
Feldegastthe rest have <1mb10:48
Feldegastis that normal?10:49
dr_willisrest are special10:49
Ben64actually none have <1MB10:49
imgreywhat is the alternative to unity in ubuntu ?10:49
infernal_Ben64, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844184/10:49
glebihan!notunity | imgrey10:49
ubottuimgrey: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:49
infernal_Ben64, is that a problem?10:50
dr_willisimgrey:  install whatever yiu want. or use that fallback mode10:50
Ben64infernal_: no its fine, means something else is the problem10:50
imgreyglebihan, I have gnome-shell installed10:50
Ben64infernal_: can you run gedit fine without sudo or root or anything10:51
nahkakuwhat is this10:51
airtoniximgrey: and so what's your real question10:51
dr_willisnahkaku:  what is what?10:51
infernal_Ben64, Yes, but i cant save anything in that case10:51
dr_willisinfernal_:  save what where?10:52
FuZi0NCan someone please help me create a proxy server on ubuntu?10:52
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak10:53
glebihaninfernal_, does that error prevent gedit from working ?10:53
imgreyairtonix, how to get rid of unity and get taskbar, like in this picture: http://habrastorage.org/storage/habraeffect/b6/dd/b6dd9c2fe01154ce9b74939c99ea75dd.png10:53
infernal_dr_willis, gedit gives me error in terminal10:53
FuZi0Ni want to create a proxy server10:53
infernal_glebihan, no it works fine, just a tad anoying10:53
tenXdr_willis: greetz10:53
FuZi0Nim not configure one in a client10:53
glebihaninfernal_, don't worry about it, it's just a warning indicating that the root user doesn't have a recently used documents history10:54
airtoniximgrey: tiny picture is tiny10:54
llutz_FuZi0N: http://www.squid-cache.org/Support/   read the docu then "sudo apt-get install squid" and configure it10:54
dr_willisinfernal_: those were warnings, hiw are yiu running gedit10:54
FuZi0Ni installed squid already10:54
FuZi0Nis there any alternative?10:54
llutz_FuZi0N: then do the 1st part10:54
infernal_dr_willis, as a user10:54
llutz_FuZi0N: an alternative to read documentation? no10:55
dr_willisimgrey:  loks like lxde to me10:55
FuZi0Nan alternative to using squid10:55
imgreyairtonix, http://habrastorage.org/storage/habraeffect/e3/0b/e30b330cbe944cb1bbb6682dd2f92da4.png10:55
infernal_glebihan, OK thanks, good to know. So if i set u the log, will they go away?10:55
overcluckerFuZi0N: privoxy10:56
glebihaninfernal_, "set u the the log" ?10:56
llutz_FuZi0N: sure, apt-cache search <whatever>    but for all you have to learn how to configure it10:56
glebihaninfernal_, oh, set up ?10:56
dr_willisgtk warnings are nit critical10:56
infernal_glebihan, Sorry. Set up the log.10:56
infernal_glebihan, Yes10:56
airtoniximgrey: you could try : http://www.webupd8.org/2011/12/cinnamon-gnome-shell-fork-with-gnome2.html10:56
glebihaninfernal_, I don't think that's possible (though I'm not sure)10:56
infernal_glebihan, well OK, i leave it for a free weekend :) Thanks again!10:57
sundarguys, i'd like to compile and install linux kernel to my 11.10. should i go for the linux-source package?10:57
glebihaninfernal_, you're welcome10:57
FuZi0Nprivoxy isnt for a server is it?10:57
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)10:58
FuZi0Ni thought its used with tor...10:58
dr_willisi think tor recvomends an alternative to privoxy10:58
shellcode28anybody had trouble changing to a higher resolution?? in 11.1010:58
overcluckerFuZi0N: I use it with polipo, with, and without tor.10:59
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sundarthanks dr_willis10:59
shellcode28cant get to 1080 resolution on this upgrade10:59
dr_willisshellcode28: what videocard11:01
shellcode28Nvidia geoforce 21011:02
emiliano_join #release11:02
dr_willisyou ran nvidia-settings ?11:02
Ben64emiliano_: i think you're missing a / there11:02
LxKermithas anyone noticed whether flash crashes more or less in chromium or firefox?11:03
shellcode28yea i ran the settings11:03
FeldegastLxKermit it crashes too often for me to count11:03
LxKermityah, like anytime you try to open more than one tab with it definitely11:04
Ben64flash never crashes for me : /11:04
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=== ZzZZZzzzZZ is now known as ZzZZZzzzZZZZzz
Feldegastin chrome i am running about 5 tabs with flash11:04
FuZi0Nyeah... but isnt polipo a client?11:04
dr_willisrarely see it crash. but i dont flash a lot11:04
LxKermitBen64: what distro and version are you using and browser?11:04
dr_willis!info polipo11:05
Ben64LxKermit: ubuntu 10.04, firefox 10 from mozilla-stable ppa, flash 64bit from adobe11:05
ubottupolipo (source: polipo): a small, caching web proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 180 kB, installed size 752 kB11:05
LxKermiti uninstalled chrome, but maybe ill install it and test it out with flash11:05
LxKermithrm, same browswer and flash, different version of ubuntu tho, but eh, 11.10 here11:06
m4kHow setup d-i instead of ubiquity into chroot11:07
dr_willism4k:  what?11:07
shellcode28dont see the nivida driver cuz im on virtualbox11:08
dr_willisshellcode28:  you use the vbox guest addations11:08
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:08
m4kHow setup debian-installer instead of ubiquity into chroot. For create alternate cd11:08
shellcode28it showed virtualbox on as a driver so i installed it11:09
shellcode28do i have to remove it11:09
dr_willisyou dont use the host machine drivers in vbox11:10
shellcode28oo i see it the Guest Addiations11:10
shellcode28i just clicked ity11:12
shellcode28i saw it11:12
m4kHow setup debian-installer instead of ubiquity into chroot. For create alternate cd11:12
shellcode28Addtional drivers11:14
m4kHow setup debian-installer instead of ubiquity into chroot. For create alternate cd11:14
shellcode28Oracle VM Virtualbox11:14
gast2roothowto remove fast user switching in top bar?11:15
m4kHow setup debian-installer instead of ubiquity into chroot. For create alternate cd11:15
teweai have an external hard disck but i can't write to eat  just iam using  fat32 format and alradey i installed  ntfs-config but still i coudn't write to it  any body who can help me11:22
terminhellis it mounted?11:23
computer_Say if I want to add more then one ppa at a time do I type; a) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:"ppa1" && ppa:"ppa2" or do I have to type; b) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:"ppa1" &&  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:"ppa2" ?11:24
terminhellor just space them?11:24
xslif you put && your executing a ppa:"ppa2" command11:25
damo22computer_, if you were thinking of saving the typing, youve already done more than that11:25
xsl&& means... execute after the previous finishes11:25
teweai have an external hard disck but i can't write to it  just iam using  fat32 format and alradey i installed  ntfs-config but still i coudn't write to it  any body who can help me11:26
damo22tewea, you dont need ntfs-anything for fat3211:26
Feldegasttewea did you connect it before or after the OS was booted?11:27
Nicekiwi.cache in my home directory is using up 86GB of space.. what can I do about that?11:27
terminhelltewea:  is it mounted, also dostools(something like that)11:27
terminhellNicekiwi: delete it....11:27
teweaterminhell: dostools mean?11:28
Nicekiwiterminhell, its ok to do that?11:28
teweaFeldegast:yeah it is connected11:28
terminhellNicekiwi: ya, its mostly temp stuff anyways11:28
terminhellNicekiwi: maybe skim thru it first...but it shouldnt be an issue11:28
terminhellNicekiwi: most of its going to be browser related anyways11:30
Nicekiwiterminhell, hmm k11:30
blackslikHello everyone ...i am back again , please how do i restore ubuntu to 2-3days back ?11:31
tigerohelloo all11:31
Natherulhello all, is it possible to download and use the nvidia drivers from their webpage or should one refrain from using that and just use the ones in the ubuntu additional drivers program?11:31
kameHi! How can I update xchat to 2.8.8 with apt-get?11:31
terminhellget the manufacturers drivers if possible11:32
kameI am a new linux user.11:32
terminhellkame sudo apt-get update xchat11:32
teweaFeldegast:it look like this http://dpaste.com/703934/11:32
blackslikHello everyone ...i am back again , please how do i restore ubuntu to 2-3days back ?11:32
teweaterminhell: it look like this http://dpaste.com/703934/11:32
kameterminhell I thougt      sudo apt-get install update will do this11:32
gpannwitzblackslik: that depends on how you do your backups11:33
Lintkame, xchat is in universe, years may pass before someone will update it11:33
paranain which package "glib-genmarshal" command installed11:33
scarleoblackslik, just restore from your backup11:33
kameLint i see11:33
terminhellnever used xchat11:33
Sentridohcan someone help me. I'm receiving an error in the terminal when i try to log in as the root. "sudo: unable to resolve host"11:33
terminhellyou dont log in as root using sudo11:33
blacksliki jst installed on 12 feb11:34
Sentridohwhat about sudo -s?11:34
paranause "sudo su"11:34
blackslikmy sources.list cant be updated11:34
terminhellits not exactly the same11:34
blackslikdont know why11:34
paranaNeed HeLP! in which package "glib-genmarshal" command installed11:34
Sentridohlet me see if su works11:34
kameterminhell Lint   I get an error. update don't accept arguments11:34
terminhellif you just need root previlages just use su or sudo -s11:34
Sentridohstill the same error.11:35
Lintkame it's 'install'11:35
terminhellis it a local install?11:35
Sentridohthis started happening when i changed my computer name11:35
Nicekiwiterminhell, its all from a single file: checkbox.log11:35
scarleoblackslik, what do you mean can't be updated? You want to edit it? use sudo11:35
Sentridohwhat do you mean local? it's vlc movie player11:35
Nicekiwiterminhell, any ideas?11:35
terminhellOH your new user name isnt in the sudo'rs group11:36
oratedHello! I'm getting error while update packages - http://imagebin.org/199194 . sources.list - http://paste.ubuntu.com/844148/. How can I fix it please?11:36
kalimojohi. whenever my system updates i have to reinstall my wifi driver. cant get it to work this time :(11:36
kameLint but I need the newest version.    sudo apt-get update xchat doesn't work11:36
Sentridohwhat is sudo'rs group? and how do i fix it? i'm sorry i'm new when it comes to the terminal. just started using it a few weeks ago.11:36
paranain which package "glib-genmarshal" command installed11:36
terminhellNicekiwi: *upgrade sorry11:36
quiescensmm, no, they changed the computer name, not their user name11:36
scarleoblackslik, what are you trying to do?11:37
ikoniakame: why do you "need" the newest version ?11:37
Lintkame 'install' will update it if it's in repos11:37
kameikonia  somebody said 2.8.6 is buggy11:37
Sentridohyea it use to be "dave@dave" but now it's "dave@holderman"11:37
blacksliki am trying to update my sources.list11:37
teweadamo22:her is the output of11:37
blackslikbecos i can run makefile command11:37
teweadamo22:her is the output of http://dpaste.com/703934/11:37
terminhellSentridoh: check your resolve.conf in /etc11:37
paranaall people has just problems here without knowing hot to solve them :)11:37
scarleoblackslik, gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list11:37
Lintkame look in debian for newer version11:37
quiescensoh good, someone said its buggy in an unspecified way11:38
ikoniakame: is it buggy for you ?11:38
faryshtaWhich is the best way to install the Android-SDK on ubuntu?11:38
kameLint can you tell me how?11:38
ikoniakame: I'm saying it's "not buggy" does that make it "ok" to use now ?11:38
kameikonia i dont want to show messages in xchat when somebody is connected. and i don't know how to switch this off.11:39
Lintkame check packages.ubuntu.com or packages.debian.org11:39
Sentridohterminhell, do you mind if i private message you?11:39
terminhellor just compile it from source...11:39
ikoniakame: ok - you don't need to upgrade for that11:39
scarleofaryshta, just follow the guide:  http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html11:39
terminhellSentridoh: go for it11:39
kameLint okay, thanks11:40
kameikonia thanks11:40
ikoniakame: that's just a setting, someone in #xchat can tell you how to do that11:40
ikoniakame: don't download packages from packages.debian.org11:40
ikoniakame: unless you have a real reason to upgrade xchat - don't11:40
faryshtascarleo, thanks do you know if there is a way to install it from repos?11:40
scarleofaryshta, no11:40
kameikonia can you tell me? the right-click doesn't work11:40
ikoniakame: you can disable join messages quite easy in the current version11:40
knittlhi. i have high user space cpu usage, but no process uses it (checking with top and ps)11:40
knittlwhat can be the cause/problem?11:41
computer_Hey there damo22 thanks for the reply, so which one works? Perhaps I should just try both and see what happens? I have just been trying to find out whether I need the command before each new ppa11:41
kameikonia i have a german menu here :/11:41
faryshtascarleo, you don't know or there isn't a way to do it?11:41
ikoniaknittl: pastebin a scren shot of top please.11:41
scarleofaryshta, there isn't11:41
ikoniakame: I don't know the german menu11:41
faryshtascarleo, thank you very much.11:41
kameikonia and in the english?11:41
ikoniakame: I don't have xchat on this machine, someone in #xchat can tell you very easy11:42
knittlikonia: just a sec11:42
computer_damo22, Oh and sorry for taking so long to reply I was out having a shmoke11:42
ikoniakame: /join #xchat and ask "how do I disable join/part messages in xchat" and they will tell you11:42
kameikonia i thougt this here is #xchat. sorry11:42
knittlikonia: http://fhlug.at/~dkf/top-cpu.png11:43
scarleokame, just right click the channel name ->settings->hide join/part messages11:43
ikoniakame: this is #ubuntu11:43
knittl40 % userspace (applet in gnome panel shows half full – 1 core at 100 % i guess), but processes only add up to ~10 %11:44
ikoniakame: look at cpufreq-applet and evince-thumbnail they are eating ram, I bet they are locking cpu, rather than using it11:44
ikoniaknittl: look at cpufreq-applet and evince-thumbnail they are eating ram, I bet they are locking cpu, rather than using it11:44
pigimanhey guys. I did something trouble today, changed permission to the wrong library and now I can't use "sudo": sudo: /usr/lib/sudo/sudoers.so must be owned by uid 011:45
ikoniaknittl: they have a massive foot print, I suspect something has gone wrong with one of them, if possible, kill them11:45
kalimojohi. whenever my system updates i have to reinstall my wifi driver. cant get it to work this time :(11:45
pigimanany ideas how to fix it ?11:45
ikoniapigiman: you'll need to change it from the recovery CD11:45
knittlikonia: \o/11:45
knittlevince thumbnailer was the culprit11:45
pigimanikonia: thanks man11:45
ikoniaknittl: I bet it was looking CPU, rather than using it11:45
knittlbut why is it not killed when I log out of X??11:45
ikoniaknittl: top can be annoying in that situation11:46
knittlikonia: anyway, thanks a lot!!!11:46
ikoniaknittl: no problem11:46
Natherulhey again all, im trying to (while root) to use telinit 3 and then im just moved to the login screen of ubuntu (need telinit 3 for nvidia install), any idea why or how to bypass this?11:46
maurizioHow could I see from terminal which video driver I've installed on my laptop?11:47
blackslikscarleo thanks11:47
quiescensNatherul: unless you have changed them at some point, most runlevels are the same by default in ubuntu11:47
kalimojohi. whenever my system updates i have to reinstall my wifi driver. cant get it to work this time :(11:48
Natherulquiescens: ok because the nvidia installer wants runlevel 3 and warns me of this, and if i dont use it the preinstall script fails11:48
Natherulquiescens: not really sure if i should continue when the preinstall script fails :P11:49
Kingsywhcih vnc server is best to use that is running before a user is logged in?11:50
quiescensNatherul: it likely wants X stopped, you can either reboot and add "text" to your boot options as you start or just stop your displaymanager service (which one you have will depend on your specific release)11:51
shellcode28I have Ubuntu 11.10 on virtualbox i dont see the xorg.conf11:51
Kingsyscrew it I will just try x11vnc11:51
Natherulquiescens: thats why i started in recovery mode as i did not know how to stop displaymanager temporarily :P im a newb at linux still :P though in recov it fails with preinstall script11:52
Kingsyor is vino better?11:52
screwedCan I login to ubuntu without running the .profile?11:52
Kingsyscrew it vino it is11:52
SegF4ultEhm.. why does Unity kill itself once something like OpenBox is installed?11:53
screwedCan I login to ubuntu without running the .profile? My .profile runs into an infinite loop?11:53
quiescensNatherul: all that said, i find it dubious that any recent installer is really tripping up over ubuntu's style of runlevels, are you doing anything that could be considered particularly uncommon11:54
quiescensNatherul: like an out of date release, or older drivers or anything11:55
Natherulquiescens: no idea, just following the instructions on the nvidia page, and its the latest drivers for x64 linux11:55
SegF4ultI have a slight snag with Ubuntu at the moment, I installed openbox just to check it out, but now my normal 'Ubuntu' session doesn't work as intended.. all I have is metacity and not the entirety of the unity shell anymore11:56
Natherulquiescens: they are not for ubuntu in particular, the drivers from the ubuntu hardware thingie is too old for my graphics card sadly, thats why im trying with the ones from the nvidia homepage11:56
screwedCan I login to ubuntu without running the .profile? My .profile runs into an infinite loop11:57
quiescensNatherul: well if you are sure you need the ones from their site and the ones ubuntu offers to install are inadequate you can try i guess, but i can't really say for sure if it will work or not, hardware support issues are hit and miss unless you find someone with the same hardware that has done it11:57
john-devhello, i deleted a folder holding a mysql database, what's the ebst point to start to recover that folder? my hdd is ext311:57
vimanI want to configure Openbox to make Alt-Tab circle through all desktop windows. Can someone help me?11:57
Natherulquiescens: ok thanks anyway mate :P i need drivers that support my card to use gnome-shell wich I want...11:58
Natherulquiscens: i'll give it a try, if nothing i can just reinstall this .P11:58
youtooeach time start system i get error "networking not yet configured"12:00
youtooi have edited /etc/network/interface12:02
youtoonot able to assigne static ipaddress12:02
shellcode28I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on Virtualbox12:03
shellcode28but xorg.conf is missing12:03
quiescensand is that a problem?12:04
Jordan_Ushellcode28: Ubuntu (and most current distributions) don't come with an xorg.conf by default.12:04
jameslordhi all12:04
jameslordwhat is the command to connect wifi ?12:04
shellcode28yes they do come default12:04
mahaDhello , i just made a mistake by pasting lines from my odbc.ini as root ; various comands like username=xxx hostname=xx password=xx got entered as command with no error output in the shell. what would nbe the effect of this on the system?12:04
Dr_willisshellcode28:  there is no xorg.conf by default12:04
jameslordi do not want to connect wifi using gui12:04
shellcode28i have ubuntu on a virtualbox12:05
shellcode28and is not showing up12:05
Jordan_Ushellcode28: What is not showing up?12:05
Dr_willis'not showing up' means what exactly?12:05
snowrichardmahad it would set environment variables with those names, not cause harm12:05
Dr_willisand what release of ubuntu.12:05
jameslordhelp ...12:05
shellcode28THE xorg.conf12:05
jameslordi need help:(12:05
shellcode28on /etc/X1112:05
Dr_willisjameslord:  that tends to get you ignored spamming the channel.12:05
Dr_willisshellcode28:  X has auto configured for the most part fotr the last several releases.  /etc/X11/xorg.conf is often NOT needed. but is used if it exists.12:06
jameslordDr_willis dude, don't do that :)12:06
shellcode28Well I'm trying to change the resolution12:07
Jordan_Ushellcode28: You probably need to install Virtualbox guest additions.12:07
shellcode28i did12:07
vimanshellcode: just go to settings -> monitor12:07
Dr_willisall ive ever had do with vbox is install  guest os in it. and enable the vbox guest addations.12:07
youtooany one have fair idea on ubuntu network troubleshoot before i get banned12:08
Dr_willisbut i havent used it in ages. I do recall some unity issues with it in 11.1012:08
shellcode28is already installed12:08
mlcyoutoo: what is your problem12:08
geirhashellcode28: And you rebooted the guest after installation?12:08
shellcode28i didn't reboot it said it was done12:09
shellcode28and exit the terminal12:09
Dr_willisyou have to reboot the guest os.. for it to use the guest addations12:09
youtoonetwork is not working for me.. i know the issue12:09
screwedCan I login to ubuntu without running the .profile? My .profile runs into an infinite loop.12:10
youtooi have edited /etc/network/interface but it is not applied12:10
mlcyoutoo: cabel?12:10
Dr_willistry ctrl-c  after you login via console?  screwed - ive never  managed to break .profile that way. :)12:11
Dr_willisyoutoo:  you restarted the networking service?12:11
youtoonope its vmware...some how eth0 is not default12:11
youtooDr_willis: networking stop/waiting12:12
jpdsyoutoo: Did you clone the machine?12:12
terminhelldo you have the guest user plugins?12:12
Jordan_Uscrewed: You can boot into recovery mode and fix your .profile.12:12
KrisedAny idea why an item added to the programs menu (submenu "Other") in gnome classic isnt showing after i did a remastersys ? The new iso isnt having that item.12:13
youtooit was working earlier after reboot.. it stop12:13
screwedDr_willis: will i be able to connect using another computer?12:13
jameslordvirtualbox is bullshit12:13
mlcyoutoo: it is virtial maschine?12:13
terminhellthe vm image will use a 'wired' connection, but your actual device is what matters12:13
jameslordnot designed for human use:(12:14
terminhellvm just bridges the connections12:14
jameslordvbox is designed for beast:(12:14
psycho_oreosjameslord, tried qemu?12:14
jameslordoracle has tried its best to kill vbox:(12:14
jameslordi use vmware:)12:14
mlcyoutoo: virtualbox, vmware... all gib shit12:15
jattvbox for beast?12:15
jattI use vbox12:15
v5632co mate za problem z vboxem...?12:15
v5632ja sem v celku spokojen12:15
mlci wanst a fan from vbox or vmware12:15
v5632na to ze je zdarma vicemene12:15
jameslordjatt mainly the truth:) vbox is designed for beast:*(12:15
youtoomlc:but they are so flexi12:16
youtoomlc:its luxary12:16
mlcyoutoo: yes i know, easy to use12:16
mlcyoutoo: can you open a terminal an send a ping ?12:17
mlcyoutoo: ping google.de -I eth012:17
mlcyoutoo: you must insert the right interface12:17
youtoomlc:eth0 is not geting ipaddress configured12:18
mlcyoutoo: wrong command: ping google.com -I eth012:18
youtoowhen i ifconfig eth0 no ipaddress12:18
mlcyoutoo: mom. shit copy and paste12:18
mlcyoutoo: here is the right: ping -I eth1 google.de12:19
ok_lackyu_ashow to check "wide" of system bus (in bit ) ?12:19
mlcok_lackyu_as: you mean 32/64 bit?12:20
ok_lackyu_as128/256, etc,etc - yes12:20
youtoounknown host12:20
mlcyoutoo: take a other host: google.com12:21
mlcyoutoo: ah mom, if the network isnt running12:21
angelete2i have a strange behavior on my cron12:22
mlcyoutoo: can you make a command to list the actve interfaces: ifconfig12:22
angelete2i launch some scripts in order to make daily backups12:22
youtoonetworking stop/waiting12:23
angelete2to ensure backups to be right, i also run some test scripts on them, but they are behaving wrong12:23
angelete2i'm going to paste it in pastebin12:23
mlcyoutoo: yea try this networking12:23
youtoofor command...service networking status12:23
bazhangX0Rc0re, why post that here12:24
X0Rc0reit was a mal functioned paste12:24
mlcnetworking: service networking start12:24
mlcyoutoo: service networking start12:24
glebihanyoutoo, networking isn't a daemon, so it's normal that it isn't running12:25
mlcyoutoo: but we must know which network controller are availabl12:25
angelete2if i run this script as root (or any other user) it works nice, i get a file with lots of "filename - length"12:25
angelete2but when it's launched by cron, instead of filename, it's geting modification hour12:25
angelete2what can i help and why is it working bad? what am i doing wrong?12:25
mlcyoutoo: can you not open the network manager12:26
piliakishello guys. Is anyone running eve online on Ubuntu here?12:27
mlcyoutoo: in most systems are a tray icon with the network manager12:27
piliakisI have a WINE question12:27
bazhangpiliakis, check the appdb12:28
youtooi am in run-level 312:28
bazhangpiliakis, then /join #winehq12:28
bazhang!appdb | piliakis12:28
ubottupiliakis: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:28
geirhaangelete2: find "$srcdir" -type f -printf "%s - %p\n"12:28
shellcode28i installed Virtualbox guest additions12:28
shellcode28and i went to the terminal and type xrandr12:29
shellcode28it shows a maxium of 3200x320012:29
geirhaangelete2: ls should never be used in scripts, it is only meant to be used interactively.12:29
mlcyoutoo: have you general no networking in the vbox12:29
piliakisthanks bazhang12:29
mcb_1angelete2: At the end os the ls command put: 2>file.err It will redirect all erros messages to file.err. So you can know what went worng if your script. Problably, the script when run by cron is anuble to find the path to one of the commands......12:30
blackslikhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/844285/   am getting this dont know what to do12:31
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ikoniablackslik: you are using PPA12:32
Ben64blackslik: have you fixed your sources.list12:32
blackslikBen64, yes i have12:32
ikoniaBen64: what was wrong with his sources.list ?12:32
Ben64ikonia: was dapper12:32
ikoniawhy was it dapper ?12:32
Ben64not sure what has happened the past few hours12:32
Ben64ikonia: no idea, he's on oneric12:33
ikoniathat sort of thing doesn't just "happen" someone or something has changed it12:33
geirhamcb_1: That'll only redirect stderr of the last part of the pipeline.12:33
blackslikso what to do bosses?12:33
mcb_1geirha: I know, but with it he will be able to know what went worng with the script.12:34
ikoniablackslik: why/how did your sources.list get changed to dapper ?12:34
LachlanHHey guys. Need a little help with screen res. Was all fine until I put a KVM between PC and Monitor. Now it's stuck at 640x480.12:34
Guest82852does any body know how to compile xbmc in eclipse?12:35
blackslikIkonia , i kinda wanted to encrypt my chat with simp so there installs needs me to change sources.list12:35
ikoniablackslik: please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update"12:35
Ben64LachlanH: you could take the kvm out, and generate a good xorg.conf with the monitor's info, so when the kvm is hooked up it can still remember the resolutions12:36
LachlanHBen64: Did it. Have a good xorg.conf I believe. Here is it, along with Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/ZEHaahTA12:36
ikoniablackslik: why have you set them to hardy ?12:37
ikoniablackslik: ben said you where using oneric not hardy12:37
Ben64LachlanH: on, then i'm not sure12:37
Ben64LachlanH: oh*12:37
ikoniaBen64: what ubuntu version are you using ?12:37
ikoniaBen64: sorry, not you12:37
ikoniablackslik: what version of ubuntu are you actually using ?12:38
ikoniablackslik: then why have you set your sources to hardy ?12:38
blackslikI wanted to change stuff to work with a programm i am installing didnt work12:38
ikoniablackslik: you can't just change the sources to other distros12:39
blackslikright now i need to install gstm-1.2 but i cant makefile or use ./configure12:39
blackslikwhat to do boss to make it normal12:39
ikoniablackslik: sorry, your machine will be really messed up now12:39
ikoniablackslik: I'm not going to support your machine until you re-install12:39
blacksliki will12:39
wliI'm looking for debs of very recent kernel versions, like 3.2 or later, and am having trouble concocting the right google search strings to turn them up.12:41
ikoniawli: why are you looking for these debs ?12:41
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theadminwli: "kernel ppa". But, this channel offers no support for third-party kernels12:41
wlitheadmin: I'll need no further support than just URL's of where to go for them. Even that's just a timesaver vs. brewing up my own (which I've done, but have issues with).12:43
bibic682Hello all, I have recently installed 11.10. Why does my cpu get pegged at 100% usage every time I run a flash video online in firefox?12:43
angelete2geirha: thank you very much12:43
ikoniawli: why do you want them ?12:43
wliikonia: remap_file_pages() is broken on a broad spectrum of 2.6.x kernels.12:44
ikoniawli: 11.10 uses a 3.X kernel12:44
bibic682should have mentioned... It always did that on every version I have ever installed12:44
theadminwli: This offers the 3.2 kernel: https://launchpad.net/~francisbrwn9/+archive/kernels12:44
Ben64bibic682: what cpu? what is the output of "uname -m" ?12:45
wlitheadmin: Also very helpful, thanks.12:45
bibic682athlon 64 single core  3200 mhz12:45
bibic682winxp uses 40 to 60 % during flash playback12:47
Ben64bibic682: what about the second part of what i asked? uname -m12:47
Guest82852has any one compiled xbmc in eclipse?12:48
Guest82852has any one compiled xbmc in eclipse?12:48
Guest82852has any one compiled xbmc in eclipse?12:48
Guest82852has any one compiled xbmc in eclipse?12:48
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FloodBot1Guest82852: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:48
unixbeardI'm missing any sort of menu (top bar or bottom) when using Gnome in Ubuntu 11.10.  I'm not using Unity.  Gnome Classic has a menu at the top, but I can't stand it because it won't autohide, even with some gnome-shell-extension.  Gnome-tweak-tool won't even show any extensions in that tab.12:48
Ben64bibic682: well that cpu isn't very powerful, and linux isn't the greatest at flash12:49
evenHawkhi can someone help me plz, i have troubles with my bandwith for a few days12:49
wliGiven this I may be stuck figuring out the iwlwifi issue myself.12:50
bibic682Ben64: I was hoping by now this latest version would have solved the resource issue. My 800 mhz android plays flash without a hiccup12:51
Ben64bibic682: you *might* get better performance from 64 bit12:52
bibic682Ben64: my only problem with ubuntu is the flash issue12:54
unixbeardWhen I log into "Gnome" (not gnome classic, etc) in Ubuntu 11.10, there's no sort of top menu or bottom menu, it's just a desktop.  a 3d desktop, but just a desktop with no ability to launch anything.12:54
Ben64bibic682: i'm just saying that cpu is pretty old to expect it to perform very well. i have an amd64 3200+ sitting in a drawer12:55
auronandaceunixbeard: can you take a screenshot?12:55
tumppuunixbeard: you have gnome3?12:55
petsoundsunixbeard: there is a shell extension for hiding the top bar, i believe it's called autohidetopbar. install and make sure it is inside /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder12:55
unixbeardtumppu: I do, gnome-shell.12:55
unixbeardpetsounds: I totally did.12:55
tumppupress windows-button or take cursor to top left corner12:55
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tumppushould open the dash12:55
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unixbearddrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4.0K 2012-02-15 17:19 autohidetopbar2@werewolves.us12:56
unixbeardtumppu: I tried that, but nothing happened.  I do have compiz and disabled unity (but I doubt that has anything to do with gnome3?)12:56
bibic682Ben64: Ubuntu used to brag about running on "old" machines. I used to run it on my athlon  xp2400 with 512 meg of sdram12:57
unixbeardI can try again and leave the mouse cursor up there longer and hold the windows key down.12:57
Ben64unixbeard: have you tried running "gnome-panel"12:57
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aguitelhow install java ?12:57
Ben64bibic682: but as you said, flash is your only problem. ubuntu doesn't control adobe12:57
unixbeardBen64: I can't run anything under Gnome because there's no launcher, but I'll make a copy of terminal on the desktop and log in and try it again.12:58
Ben64unixbeard: you could ssh in from another device and open things12:58
xslis it possible to install via apt-get a package from the next release ?12:58
bazhangxsl, dont mix release repositories12:59
bazhang!java > aguitel12:59
ubottuaguitel, please see my private message12:59
aguitelbazhang, ok but how i do with terminal ?13:00
bazhangaguitel, you read the link? or not13:00
xslbazhang: its because i have a 10.04 box that needs the PSPP of precise pangolin13:01
unixbeardI logged in under Gnome (not Gnome classic).  I opened up terminal from the desktop and ran gnome-panel, and sure enough it did come up... so it's not running gnome-panel automatically?  Also it still won't autohide even with the extension in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions :\13:01
bazhangxsl, wait until april then do the one step upgrade to the next lts13:02
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ukatirexsl: https://launchpad.net/~bojo42/+archive/pspp13:07
OnkeltemVideo editing q: what are differencies between OpenShot & Pitivi?13:08
janderson91zcould someone help me with an issue i'm having in xubuntu?13:08
sindileis libreoffice 3.5.0 going to be available for 11.1013:08
bazhangsindile, you mean backported?13:09
sindilebazhang: yes13:09
ThorneCan anybody help me with Ndiswrapper?13:10
bazhangThorne, with what chipset13:10
ThorneI installed it13:11
Thorneblacklisted otherdrives13:11
bazhangThorne, no need for ndiswrapper with the broadcom 43xx13:12
pipxA question:13:12
ThorneNah. It is not stable at all.13:12
ThorneMy wifi drops all the tie.13:12
ThorneI had Ndiswrapper installed. and it worked good.13:12
ThorneNow I had to reinstall the os13:13
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unixbeardOkay, wow, I fixed the problem by adding gnome-panel to /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/gnome.session, then I can winkey + alt + right-click on the menubar and select properties, then auto-hide.13:13
unixbeardThank you.13:14
uncle_romwtf? lol13:14
pipxIn the shell I write (example) gedit, the GEdit opens, but I can to write again in the shell. How I can to write again in the shell (without close de gedit)?13:14
pipxIn the shell I write (example) gedit, the GEdit opens, but I can to write again in the shell. How I can to write again in the shell (without close de gedit)?13:14
ikonia!wtf > uncle_rom13:14
ubottuuncle_rom, please see my private message13:14
uncle_romjust kick me next time you have a problem ikonia13:15
uncle_romdont sand me PMs13:15
xslukatire: tyvm13:15
OnkeltemAny news about screencasting software?13:18
bazhangOnkeltem, kazam is quite good13:18
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Onkeltembazhang: thats what I'm using now )13:19
Onkeltembazhang: ufort, lacking gnome3 integration makes it less usable :( Not way to "press Pause" quickly for example13:19
vageeshHi , can anyone guide me on how to install ubuntu 11.10 on oracle virtual box? I used to get errors that the iso file is unable to be mounted..13:20
ChaosRhello, my microphone is not recognized in pulseaudio (and therefore not working in skype). it does work however. I unmuted it in alsamixer and I can hear myself through it. anybody knows how to get the microphone into pa?13:21
bazhangOnkeltem, you could try eidete, but thats still under heavy development13:21
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wliLooks like the francisbrwn9 packages have the same problem as my own. Thanks anyway, though.13:22
compdocvageesh, maybe you have a bad downloaded iso file13:23
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thomashow i can change the wm from gnome > fluxbox?13:28
thomas cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager13:28
Nom-Hey guys, this is probably a little off topic.. anyone know how to open a stack of "screen" windows in say a bash for loop?13:28
bazhangthomas, install fluxbox, choose at login window13:28
thomasbut he start after the login gnome desktop13:28
vageeshcompdoc , i verified it13:29
compdocvageesh, problems mounting the iso to install ubuntu does not indicate a problem with ubuntu13:29
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Yaaaaaawhy does garbage flash always freeze if more than once audio is playing ?13:34
ikoniaYaaaaaa: what is garbage flash ?13:34
Yaaaaaajust referring to the fact that flash sucks ;-)13:34
ikoniaYaaaaaa: ok, so your question is "Why does Flash freeze while I'm trying to play audio"13:35
=== skip is now known as skipdb
Yaaaaaalike If I go to a webpage and it has 2 little flash ads both with audio, it will freeze13:35
Yaaaaaachromium or firefox13:35
meerkatsi have a problem with the update manager: since 2 weeks ago it automatically pops up, as its supossed to do, but then, automatically turns to grey, its blocked, and I can only force quit it, anu thoughts on this?13:37
LukeNukemhi, can someone help me in ripping music13:38
Yaaaaaaikonia: no idea then13:38
ikoniaYaaaaaa: sorry, I wasn't looking at your problem, I was just explaining how you may want to ask a question with real info rather than your personal views like "garbage flash"13:39
YaaaaaaI knew it was a bad idea to come here13:39
LukeNukemwhere else are you gonna get support for ubuntu opearting systems13:40
LukeNukemits the same people thats here on the forums too.13:40
ikoniaLukeNukem: what's the issue ?13:40
ikoniaLukeNukem: we do support the ubuntu operating system here13:40
Yaaaaaaits probably a problem with flash anyway not ubuntu.13:40
Yaaaaaamaybe pulseaudio but that kinda sucks too.13:40
LukeNukemikonia, i got a shakira cD(:D), its all wav files..playing is a bit slow(slow drive) so i want rip these music to my hdd in mp3 format13:40
LukeNukemany software to do that13:41
LukeNukemalso ikonia that support bit was for Yaaaaaa13:41
ikoniaLukeNukem: then Yaaaaaa should ask a question clearly if he wants support,13:41
YaaaaaaI did ask a question13:41
ikoniaLukeNukem: there are tons of audio extracting software,13:41
Yaaaaaayou just took offense to my personal opinion13:41
ikoniaYaaaaaa: not at all, I think flash is terrible also13:41
YaaaaaaLukeNukem: Sound Juicer comes to mine13:41
ikoniaYaaaaaa: xripper is old by very simple and easy13:42
ikoniaLukeNukem: xripper is old by very simple and easy13:42
mundoes anyone know how to set compiz to be the default in gnome 3 fallback under 11.10?13:42
LukeNukemi agree flash is terrible13:42
Yaaaaaayou can rip to .flac which is sort-of like a wav (same quailty) but smaller files13:42
ikoniaLukeNukem: also if you open the package manager and search for "ripping" or "ripper" you'll find a few more options13:42
LukeNukembut its also a great addition.13:42
LukeNukemthey should avoid using it for websites(lot of exploits)13:42
LukeNukemand use html5 players.13:42
ikoniaLukeNukem: does that answer your question ok ?13:43
ikoniaLukeNukem: there is also info on https://help.ubuntu.com on how to do common tasks13:43
LukeNukemsound juicer and xripper not found but it leads me to another software called Audio CD Extractor13:43
LintLukeNukem, html5 is no match for flash13:43
ikoniaLukeNukem: I'm not aware of that product, but try it, see what you think13:43
LukeNukemikonia, thanks for the help, i thought i would be ambushed by anti pirates.13:44
ikoniaLint: nor is it ontopic here13:44
snooopsHi im using ubuntu 11.10 64bit with an ATI AMD Radeon 5650 HD. I have 2 monitors (LCD) with a resulotion of full hd (1920 x 1080) but ubuntu only gives me a maximum of 1680x1050. how can i change this?13:44
LukeNukemLint, come to offtopic13:44
ikoniaLukeNukem: not if you own the CD - got to be realistic13:44
pros977I have a root account. I need to change the password without dealing with a prompt so I can write a script to do it. Any suggestions?13:44
LukeNukemikonia, i own the CD :D13:44
ikoniapros977: you shouldn't be having a root account13:44
ikoniaLukeNukem: then being realistic, you can rip it13:44
pros977Don't lecture me on not having root plz13:44
YaaaaaaLukeNukem: check out .flac if you are going to rip alot of cd's alot better than MP3. and same quality as the cd.13:44
ikoniapros977: then don't ask basic questions13:44
Kartagisdo you guys know if clementine rip a cd?13:45
ikoniano idea, try it13:45
ikoniaresearch it13:45
LukeNukemKarmaon, brasero can rip cd13:45
LukeNukemto iso, if thats what your asking13:46
tumppui understand rippig for taking songs from cd13:46
snooopsany ideas for my resolution problem?13:46
tumppunot copyin whole disk13:46
tumppubut rhytmbox/banshee can too do it13:46
mert* user_660 (~user@c-67-170-216-159.hsd1.ca.comcast.ne13:46
Caspercommert: ?13:47
LukeNukemtumppu, whats your issue13:47
InfernalHello. I'm trying to benchmark(reads/writes) my USB3 drive. Does anyone know why would i be getting an error: A partition table was detected - write benchmarking requires the disk to be completely empty13:47
snooopsHi, im using ubuntu 11.10 64bit with an ATI AMD Radeon 5650 HD. I have 2 monitors (LCD) with a resulotion of full hd (1920 x 1080) but ubuntu only gives me a maximum of 1680x1050. how can i change this?13:48
InfernalI formated the flash drive. And it does not have any partitions in it.13:48
ikoniaInfernal: how did you format it ?13:49
ikoniamert: please stop that13:51
Infernalikonia, Yes, has no partitions. Does not show up in Devices. Still seas cant be benchmarked.13:51
ikoniaInfernal: how did you format it13:51
Infernalikonia, Disk utility -> format drive13:52
ikoniaInfernal: that will put a partition on it13:52
Infernalmert, yes?13:52
Infernalikonia, how? I unmaunt drive -> Format Drive and it shows no partitions.13:53
ikoniaInfernal: what is the device name of the device /13:54
LukeNukemi used sound juicer and it extracted the files13:54
Infernalikonia, ADATA Classic C10313:54
LukeNukembut where are the files lol?13:54
ikoniaInfernal: sorry, I meant /dev/sd$13:55
LukeNukemikonia, can you help me out, idk where sound juicer extracted the files to13:55
meerkatsi have a problem with the update manager: since 2 weeks ago it automatically pops up, as its supossed to do, but then, automatically turns to grey, its blocked, and I can only force quit it, any thoughts on this?13:56
ikoniaLukeNukem: look in the preferences13:56
Infernalikonia, I'm not sure how to find out13:56
bazhangmeerkats, try  updating from the terminal, pastebin the output13:56
=== orated_ is now known as orated
ikoniaInfernal: open the application and look through the preference settings13:56
Infernalikonia, Do you mean the Disk Utility application?13:57
Infernalikonia, the mount point is at /media/New Volume13:58
ikoniaInfernal: sorry, I was actually talking to someone else and got the questions confused, sorry about that13:58
ikoniaInfernal: ok - so the fact that it's mounted means there is a partition13:58
ikoniaInfernal: open a terminal and do "sudo fdisk -l" and pastebin the output13:58
mlcmeerkats: you can make updates over synaptic too13:58
Infernalikonia, just reated one, sorry13:58
mlcmeerkats: you can install updates over synaptic too13:59
Infernalikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844413/13:59
Wouter[nl]Hi there13:59
ikoniaInfernal: ok - so as you can see /dev/sdb (your usb device) has a partition on it14:00
Wouter[nl]When my computer boots (1 os) i get a busybox. When i type 'exit' and press enter, my pc continues booting. This happened after i installed mdadm (linux software raid). I reinstalled and did it again, works till the point i install mdadm. How do i fix this ?14:00
Infernalikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844416/14:01
mlcWouter[nl]: boot with install cd14:02
Infernalikonia, I deleted it. I still get: A partition table was detected - write benchmarking requires the disk to be completely empty14:02
ikoniaInfernal: looks better14:02
ikoniaInfernal: what bench marking tool are you using ?14:02
Wouter[nl]mlc: And then ? The rest of the system works fine, i was hoping to not have to reinstall the os again.14:03
Infernalikonia, The one found on ubuntu 11.10 "Disk utility"14:03
ikoniaInfernal: that's not a bench marking utility is it ?14:03
Infernalikonia, No. Its just a general purpose disk utility that comes packed with the OS.14:04
ikoniaInfernal: ok, so I asked you what bench marking tool you are using14:04
Infernalikonia, You think it might be a software issue?14:04
mlcWouter[nl]: start a rescue shell and make this command: update-grub or update-grub214:04
KrisedIs it possible to have a script run ONCE ? that is.. after you install it it doesnt run next time you reboot ? Or how to put a icon on the desktop of the first user only14:05
ikoniaInfernal: please answer the questions I'm asking - not what you think I'm asking14:05
Infernalikonia, read/write14:05
ikoniaInfernal: what benchmarking software are you using14:05
mlcWouter[nl]: your problem is the bootmanager14:05
ikoniaInfernal: read/write isn't a software14:05
pixie79hi all, I have just noticed a problem that my password policies in pam are not being used when a user run the 'passwd' command on the console and thus as user can make passwords that are much to easy -here is my pam setting http://www.pastie.org/3394484 do you have any ideas ?14:05
ikoniaInfernal: what benchmarking software are you using14:05
Infernalikonia, Sorry, give me a sec.14:05
Infernalikonia, "Disk Utility"14:06
ikoniaInfernal: that is NOT bench marking14:06
Yaaaaaaikonia: it does benchmarking also14:06
ikoniaInfernal: Infernal there is some soft of "info" tools in it14:06
ikoniaInfernal: are you sure you are running the tool against /dev/sdb ?14:06
pros977ikonia: I didn't mean to sound snyde, but I didn't appreciate the 'don't ask simple questions' response. fyi14:07
Infernalikonia, it has benchmarking capabilities14:07
Infernalikonia, Yes, i selected the proper drive and using the benchmark functionality, thou it fails.14:07
ikoniapros977: if you know well enough how to enable a root account you should be able to do basic things, me informing you (who I have no idea of your abilities at this time) that the root account is locked is totally reasonable14:07
ikoniapros977: if you don't want to be told not to ask simple questions, then don't complain that someone is giving you simple warnings about not running the root account unlocked14:08
Infernalikonia, Wait, why is of importance that its against /dev/sdb ?14:08
ikoniaInfernal: because that is your usb disk14:08
ikoniaInfernal: /dev/sda is your internal hard disk14:08
Wargasmhow do I change my autostart options?14:09
Wargasmwhen I boot my netbook it keeps running Tor, without my firewall I wouldn't even know it14:10
Infernalikonia, I am trying to benchmark my Flash Drive.14:10
Krisedwargasm I belive you can set it in the settings if it starts at boot14:10
ikoniaInfernal: I know this, you've told me14:10
Wargasmchecking now14:12
arandWargasm: I guess you'd use update-rc.d14:12
Infernalikonia, I'm not sure whats the next step. I took a look at /dev/sda1-n if i try to open them up it seas There is no application installed for block device files.14:14
Wargasmarand: how do I use that?14:14
Wargasmarand: nm I got it, thanks14:15
arandWargasm: Something like "sudo update-rc.d tor disable" read "man update-rc.d" for full usage14:15
ikoniaInfernal: /dev/sda1 is your INTERNAL disk14:15
ikoniaInfernal: I've told you /dev/sdb is your flash drive14:16
Wargasmarand: it was update-rc.d -f tor remove14:16
Wargasmis there a way to see whats starting up?14:16
Infernalikonia, Sorry. found it.14:17
arandWargasm: Well, you can either remove or disable it, I guess it's hard to start it post-boot if it's removed.14:17
Wargasmeh, its ok... I actually don't even know how it got there14:19
WargasmI don't like things running unless I run them myself14:20
Infernalikonia, what do i need to do with it?14:20
arandWargasm: YOu could always check why using "aptitude why tor" (provided you have tor installed)14:20
arandWargasm: And maybe even uninstall it if you don't need it..14:21
Wargasmarand: I have the stand alone tor browser installed14:21
=== suporte is now known as Tio
Wargasmarand: tor seems to have been working without my knowledge for a while now14:22
=== Tio is now known as TioChico
TioChicogood morning14:22
helo 14:23
bazhangTioChico, ubuntu support question?14:23
diverdudeHow do i see the version of my apache?What do i install to use java in my browsers?14:23
RedruverHi guys.14:23
arandWargasm: So you will probably need to have the service running for that browser to work.14:24
RedruverJust a quick question; I've gotten bt5 running on my tablet, and the openjre isedtea plugin isn't working in firefox....14:24
arandWargasm: Well, as long as nothing connects to the tor service it doesn't actually do stuff, I guess.14:24
RedruverAs far as I know it's a ubuntu variant, any idea on what I shoud do?14:25
bazhangRedruver, ask in bt support14:25
bazhang!backtrack | Redruver14:25
ubottuRedruver: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition14:25
RedruverSweet, thanks.14:25
RedruverYeah, it says (404) cannot send in channel.14:27
RedruverI'm not on irc often, but it seems like they don't want any of my shit.14:27
Wargasmarand: only one way to know... I'm going to test it out14:27
paranaguys i have a problem, when i start my computer i cant see devices connected to usb. Even though "modprobe g_ether" or "modprobe g_zero" or "modprobe usbserial" and more.. But after plug out and plug in usb device, i can see them.. What is problem?14:27
Wargasmarand: it explains an error I was getting with tor before... it kept saying tor was already running... but thats before I knew about the killall command14:28
Justushi, I got the following setup in mind: local imap server on my laptop, thunderbird to access it, now I want to fetch mails automatically from several pop3 accounts, any tips on what server would be suited best and possible howtos?14:29
Wargasmarand: it works fine, so it looks like this was a different standalone process14:31
dvhhJustus : something like this ? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/central-home-mail-server-fetching-pop3-delivering-via-imap-with-linux-203458/14:32
Wargasmarand: thanks for the help14:33
Justusdvhh: Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much :)14:34
dvhhJustus : np , google pretty much gave the answer ;)14:34
Justusdvhh: I had difficulty because I couldn't get my search parameters right ^^14:35
Justusmaybe I think too complicated ^^14:35
ikoniaInfernal: what do you mean, what do you need to do with it ?14:35
bazhangCarmivore, hi14:36
mikeman76hey, xubuntu noob here, I have a ati driver problem. I have a acer netbook (aspire one) that has mobility HD4200. The propietory drivers wont install and I am stuck at 1024x600 and I need native res on my tv. Is there an easy fix? like an updated deb package?14:37
Infernalikonia, I bought it 3 days ago. I want to do a read/write benchmark so i can see if its faulty. It reads from 40-80, but if i write to it starts at 80 and by the end of the file transfers its at 5mb/s.14:37
mikeman76sorry the native res is 1920x1080 and its hooked through hdmi14:38
ikoniaInfernal: saying the same thing over and over isn't helping14:38
ikoniaInfernal: I %100 understand you want to bench mark the disk, I fully understand that14:38
Infernalikonia, Well thats it. The native app is not cutting it. I found way of benchmarking via terminal. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test.data bs=1k count=128k14:40
kalimojohi. whenever my system updates i have to reinstall my wifi driver. cant get it to work this time :(14:40
ikoniaInfernal: that isn't testing it !!!!!14:40
ikoniaInfernal: /tmp is your INTERNAL DISK !!14:40
ikoniaInfernal: how hard is this to grasp, you need to run the disk utility tool against the device /dev/sdb14:41
DinoMuffindo not run dd on /dev/sdb14:41
DinoMuffinif anything else14:42
kalimojoikonia : what is the disk utility tool ?14:42
serega_byHi all14:42
Infernalikonia, It seems it's working both ways. I told you before. I done it. And it gives me the error i pasted before.14:42
OerHeksi do readtest with "sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdb"14:43
quiescensmm, dd to /tmp would give me some fun numbers i expect14:43
bazhang!give me a test14:43
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!14:43
ikoniaInfernal: /tmp is NOT your usb flash disk14:43
ikoniaInfernal: that test is doing nothing14:43
serega_byWhy  bluetooth motorola does not work in ubuntu ?14:43
ikoniaInfernal: you are running that test against your internal disk14:44
Infernalikonia, I understood that. I didnt understand the terminal command, true. But if you are talking about "Disk Utility" when you say you need to run it against /dev/sdb, i have.14:44
serega_byI have Notebook HP pavillion with built-in bluetooth14:45
Infernalikonia, Sorry my punctuation was a mess there.14:45
ikoniaInfernal: don't worry about punctuation14:46
* quiescens blinks14:46
bosonHi there...i'm pretty much new to ubuntu 11.10. installed it 3 days ago, using all of my HDD since there were no important files or anything left. now i also want to reinstall windows 7 as a dualboot system but unfortunately i cant create a second partition with "gparted" or "KDE partitionmanager". gparted tells me i cant unmount my HDD and KDE tells me i dont have root-rights. didn't find any information in the forums/wiki. somebody here14:46
boson that can help me ?14:46
Lintboson, use livecd14:47
bazhangboson, booted from livecd?14:47
Wargasmcrap, didn't work14:47
bazhangboson, or are you trying to do this with a mounted filesystem14:47
bosonyea i read that...but...seriously i dont have a cd that i can burn knoppix on14:47
bosonwell i want to unmount it14:48
Logos01Anyone here familiar with how CentrifyDC affects /var/log/lastlog?14:48
Lintboson, and ubuntu cd?14:48
bosoncant i just create a "livecd"-usb ?14:48
bazhangLogos01, installed from where14:48
Logos01I'm having an issue with it claiming it's 407GB in length (and df -h / 'reading' that.)14:48
bosonbecause i have the ubuntu bootable usbstick14:48
Logos01bazhang: Ubuntu repo.14:48
bibic682went from 11.10 to 10.10.....comfort zone14:48
Logos01Ubuntu 11.10 amd6414:49
bazhangLogos01, which repo14:49
Logos01bazhang: Either universe or multiverse. Whichever it lives in. I forget which.14:51
bazhang!info centrifydc14:51
ubottuPackage centrifydc does not exist in oneiric14:51
kpas_boson, Have thought about installing Win7 first then installing U14:51
bosoni thought about that....but i think that would be a bit unprofessional :)14:51
sskalnikcan anyone look at a makefile and tell me where I borked it up? I get a good compile for "all", but not if I just use "modules" - even though the latter is called by the former14:51
Lintboson, and when you boot from usb stick...14:51
kpas_boson, why would that be14:52
Logos01ii  centrifydc                 4.4.3-464-0ubuntu0         Centrify Express14:52
Logos01bazhang: It's an ubuntu package.14:52
Logos01In 11.10.14:52
Logos01So try that again.14:52
carpediembabyhi. i am trying to set proxy settings for apt and following this link: http://blog.mypapit.net/2006/02/how-to-use-apt-get-behind-proxy-server-ubuntudebian.html but it doesn't seem to work14:52
=== muhammad is now known as Guest97531
carpediembabycan someone tell me an alternate or how to fix this ?14:52
rabbi11Guys, I got ubuntu 10.04 live cd, how can i restore or reconfig my gnome, xorg, and nvidia drivers ?14:53
dvhhboson : http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livehd.php14:53
Logos01carpediembaby: As a work-around, you can use the "http_proxy" environment variable when running apt via CLI.14:53
bosonwell i guess that would be an easy way but since i already have ubuntu...i thought it cant be that hard to make anoter parition14:53
bazhangLogos01, its in partner repo14:53
Logos01carpediembaby: I.e.; "export http_proxy=http://user:pass@url"14:53
bosonah thx dvhh14:54
kpas_boson, yeah I hear ya - it was just a thought14:54
Simon1245Hey guys, you know Ubuntu TV, is it possible to get it on ubuntu 11.10?14:54
rabbi11Guys, I got ubuntu 10.04 live cd, how can i restore or reconfig my gnome, xorg, and nvidia drivers ?14:54
LintSimon1245, ubuntutv is a vaporware14:54
dvhhboson : I knew the solution existed, already done it before14:54
bazhangSimon1245, its not a released product, and for tvs only, so no14:54
carpediembabyLogos01: let me try it .. i type it at the commandline just like that?14:54
Logos01bazhang: That's nice. My question still stands, however: /var/log/lastlog is claiming it is 407GB and df -h / recognizes this (as does ls -lh)14:54
bazhangLint thats false14:55
Logos01carpediembaby: Well, you want to replace the user:pass@url with the correct info for your situation, but yes.14:55
Simon1245bazhang, Lint  Oh so that means you can't have ubuntu TV on a laptop?14:55
bosonbut anyways, why cant i unmount my filesystem ?14:55
bazhangSimon1245, correct14:55
Logos01boson: Because it's in use?14:55
Simon1245bazhang, Ah ok, I thought it was gonna be for laptops so you could watch TV and shit directly from it, would be awesome if that was possible :D14:55
carpediembabyLogos01: of course. but it is global or just for that terminal session?14:56
bosonyes sure but....i didnt really get what that mounting is all about14:56
Lintboson, why would you ever have your hd mounted if you booted from usb stick?14:56
bazhangSimon1245, www.ubuntu.com/tv14:56
bosoni didnt lint, that was just a first step14:56
dvhhboson: you can but not with everything running14:56
ejv!language | Simon124514:56
ubottuSimon1245: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:56
Simon1245bazhang, checking it now :) Thanks14:56
Logos01carpediembaby: The "export" command only applies to the shell you are in, and any child processes of that shell.14:56
carpediembabyLogos01: i keep getting 40414:57
Simon1245ejv, My bad used to say "shit" in like every sentence whenever I forget a word lol, I'll try to watch what I say :)14:57
Logos01... this channel really needs to grow up about the language thing. It's a serious black mark agains the channel.14:57
bosonmy windows 7 (and pretty much everything else of my pc crashed a couple of days ago. so i used ubuntu via usb to safe my files on an external hdd. then i installed ubuntu on my hdd.14:57
Monstershould i install drivers if everything works?14:57
Logos01Monster: No.14:57
Logos01That's in the kernel.14:57
Logos01Do not screw with the kernel.14:57
Logos01carpediembaby: cut-and-paste it into pastebin.org.14:57
Monsterhow do i get that icon to disapear14:57
Logos01Monster: "Additional Drivers available" you mean?14:58
Lintboson, now boot from whatever media you installed ubuntu14:58
rabbi11Guys, I got ubuntu 10.04 live cd, how can i restore or reconfig my gnome, xorg, and nvidia drivers ?14:58
bosoncya soon :)14:58
dvhhSimon1245: should be already possible if you've got a TV tuner that work with linux on your laptop14:58
Monsteryes additional drivers14:58
Monsterfor my wifi and video card14:59
Logos01Anyone familiar with how centrifydc affects /var/log/lastlog? df -h / is claiming that I'm using 415GB when I've only got 28GB used, and lastlog is (sparse) at 408GB according to ls -lh.14:59
Simon1245dvhh, Ah, I don't have that, I thought it would be possible to get it directly from the internet or something like that :D14:59
Monsteri installed them before but then ubuntu would freeze and i had to reinstall it14:59
Logos01Monster: Those are okay to install. It's just a thing to let you *choose* if you want to use closed-source stuff.14:59
Simon1245But how are you supposed to get Ubuntu TV then? You gotta buy it from their site or something? Or they gonna sell it in the shops or how will it work?14:59
Monsterahh ok14:59
mlcrabbi11: save your home /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:59
Logos01Open up the dialogue; it should have an option to not do it.15:00
Monsterthanks logos15:00
mneptokLogos01: AFAIK Centrify is available from the partner and third-party repos. not main Ubuntu repos.15:00
dvhhSimon1245 : so you want a pretty interface for streaming ?15:00
Logos01mneptok: Yes, and I have it installed.15:00
Monsterdoes anyone on here know how to use aircrack?15:00
Logos01That's why I'm asking here.15:00
Simon1245dvhh, What do you mean?15:00
Hamedhello, i tried 10 times to make open as administrator shortcut in right click menu  but i couldn't i want easy way to make chmod to files and this way is the easiest for me15:00
rabbi11mlc: i can't find it :(15:00
mikeman76can someone please help with my ati mobility driver problem. I have HD4200 and Jockey will not install driver, or post driver.... im lost15:00
mneptokLogos01: if you think Centrify is filling log space, try asking in Centrify-specific venues about such stuff (e.g. dialing down verbosity).15:00
Logos01mneptok: It's not.15:01
Logos01The file is actually 4KB in size.15:01
Simon1245dvhh, I was hoping that this thing could be something like "Apple TV" but which would work directly from the computer where you could save all your images and shit and view them directly from your computer and see them on the TV or something like that wher eyou also could watch TV and youtube videos and all that15:01
Logos01However, it is a sparsefile and because of how CentrifyDC assigns UIDs it is reporting itself as 407GB in size.15:01
Logos01And df -h / is 'honoring' that.15:01
mneptokLogos01: so unmount what you have to to run an fsck15:01
=== jordan__ is now known as jordan
Logos01mneptok: That would not help.15:01
Logos01Could not help.15:01
magnum54Looking for some suggestions on recov ering lost files via software program. I am not having luck with /scalpel , foremost15:01
dvhhSimon1245 : how about xbmc ?15:02
rabbi11mlc: it's not there in the folder15:02
mneptokLogos01: if you say so. good luck to you.15:02
Logos01mneptok: The file is not 'damaged' or 'mangled'.15:02
Simon1245dvhh, What's that?15:02
Logos01It is -- and *should* be -- a sparsefile.15:02
mneptokLogos01: that's not what fsck checks.15:02
ejvAgain, watch your language Simon1245, thx.15:02
Logos01mneptok: Then what would its effect be in this case?15:03
Simon1245ejv, sorry once again, I'll try to be more careful when typing.15:03
rabbi11i am in the live cd Desktop, can i install the nvidia driver from here and can i solve the problem in the main ubuntu ?15:03
dvhhSimon1245 : http://xbmc.org/ mostly what you described15:03
mneptokLogos01: checking allocation blocks to find allocated space that has been marked such in error.15:03
Logos01mneptok: There's no misallocated space.15:03
arand_magnum54: photorec is another alternative.15:04
=== arand_ is now known as arand
mneptokLogos01: right you are if you say so. i would run an fsck on the filesystem before anything else.15:04
magnum54thanks arand, I have used it. Have to go now15:04
Logos01Let's go ahead and say I've done that.15:04
Logos01What now?15:04
eagles0513875|||hey guys i have a more lighter weight DE im setting up using compiz and the cairo dock15:04
mneptokLogos01: i go to get coffee and stop wasting my time.15:05
eagles0513875|||for some reason though my network doesnt automatically connect to wifi after loggin gin any ideas as to my issue15:05
mlcrabbi11: no that is not posible, you can start a rescue shell and install packages via aptitude15:05
Logos01mneptok: Indeed, since you clearly don't want to understand the actual issue at work here.15:05
mikeman76hmmm linux mint it is I guess15:05
Simon1245dvhh, Do you know how I can set this up?15:05
Monsteri've tried for about a week and about 5 different dirstros of linux and finally i got natty to work on my net book15:06
Logos01Anyone at all? CentrifyDC is causing my /var/log/lastlog to report (sparsefile) as 407GB, and `df` is "honoring" this. Anyone familiar with this?15:06
mneptokLogos01: i do not have this problem. most users do not. you yourself are blaming Centrify. which is not provided by Ubuntu developers. if *you* want to understand the issue, try following advice, or if the advice given does not suit you, go ask Centrify. it's their product that is seemingly failing.15:06
dvhhSimon1245 : there are some debian package I think15:07
Logos01mneptok: It's an Ubuntu-branded package on an Ubuntu system. I was hoping that someone in here would be competent enough to handle edge case situations.15:07
dvhhSimon1245 : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Installing_XBMC_for_Linux#Ubuntu15:07
Logos01If you are not qualified, please stop wasting my time.15:07
Simon1245dvhh, I'm using ubuntu atm, btw, what do I need for thsi to work? An apple TV or just a TV or anything else?15:08
mneptokLogos01: it's no more "Ubuntu-branded" than a muffler that says "Fits Chevy" on the box is "Chevy-branded"15:08
dvhhSimon1245 : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO_install_XBMC_for_Linux_on_Ubuntu,_a_Step-by-Step_Guide15:08
Logos01 "15:08
Logos01" /ignore mneptok" it is.15:08
epaphusHello, i just installed Ubuntu 11.10... but it looks very different from 11.04.. can I roll back to the classical interface of gnome?15:08
mkb73ciao a tutti15:08
mneptokLogos01: bad idea.15:08
Hamedhello, i tried 10 times to make open as administrator shortcut in right click menu  but i couldn't i want easy way to make chmod to files and this way is the easiest for me i installed nautilus gksu15:09
Simeon@epaphus: yes you can if you have it installed15:09
ethereticanyone running wmspaceweather had an update the last 3-4 days?15:09
dvhhSimon1245 : linux/any distro or windows or apple whatever15:09
epaphusSimeon, how?15:09
Logos01Anyone willing to be helpful to my circumstance? CentrifyDC is causing my /var/log/lastlog file to report (sparsely) as 407GB in size; and `df` is 'honoring' this. Anyone familiar with this situation?15:09
Simon1245dvhh, Will this connect to the TV aswell?15:09
Simeonon login.its listed in your login screen. i think its a little wheel you click on.15:09
Wouter_When my computer boots (1 os), i get a busybox (intrinfs) and i have to type 'exit' before my computer continues to boot. (after that it works fine). this happened after i installed mdadm (software linux raid). I tried reinstalling ubuntu but every time when i install mdadm i get the busy box again and i have to type exit before it continues. I tried to go to the commandline (in ubuntu) and type sudo update-grub (and grub2) but when 15:09
Simeonif it isnt listed, you need to install it.15:10
=== |DM| is now known as SheTuggedOnmypen
dvhhSimon1245 : on your laptop only, you would need to connect your laptop to your TV via the correct video cables15:10
WargasmSimeon: the cog?15:10
Logos01No one at all, then?15:11
WargasmSimeon: I think thats what its called15:11
Simon1245dvhh, Ah so I would need like a HDMI cable to do that, right?15:11
=== SheTuggedOnmypen is now known as SheTuggedMyPenor
dvhhSimon1245 : or a vga cable15:11
Hamed sudo apt-get install nautilus-gksu but i can't see open as administrator i want easy way to make chmod without writing any codes every time15:11
ikoniaSheTuggedMyPenor: ok - change it again to something nice15:11
Simon1245dvhh, I thought it was like wireless thing15:11
SheTuggedMyPenorah derp, forgot I was in here, will part untill I change it back15:11
kalimojohi. whenever my system updates i have to reinstall my wifi driver. cant get it to work this time :(15:11
dvhhSimon1245 : I don't think your TV is yet that smart15:11
Simon1245dvhh, Hmm yeah it's like 3-4 years old now I think15:12
Simon1245dvhh, I think we bought it in 2008 or something if I remember right maybe even older15:12
Logos01Hamed: What you're after is explained here: http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/15:12
dvhhSimon1245 : If it could browse DLNA sources you could15:13
Logos01Hamed: Alternatively, create a simple script and place it on your desktop; that script will contain a line, "sudo nautilus ."15:13
Logos01This will open up your filebrowser to your desktop, but it will be opened as root/administrator.15:13
rabbi1how can i restore my gnome, xorg, and nvidia drivers with a live CD ?15:13
ethereticwmspaceweather stopped updating simultaneously with the local weather applet.15:13
Simon1245dvhh, I doubt it can15:13
Logos01That will then let you interact with things with those privileges. @ Hamed15:13
Logos01rabbi1: Look into chrooting.15:14
Simon1245dvhh, What about the xbox? Some sort of way to connect it together with this?15:14
dvhhSimon1245 : Does your TV got any network connection at all ?15:14
mneptokLogos01: "sudo" is not for use with GTK apps. "gksu" is used for that.  <--- Hamed15:14
Simon1245dvhh, I don't think so, it's not that advanced, although Xbox does, I've been able to use the Windows media center thing and the xbox connected together15:14
dvhhSimon1245 : yeah you could use your XBOX like that, but XBMC remain superior in every way (it was developed for the original xbox)15:16
Logos01Anyone willing to be helpful to my circumstance? CentrifyDC is causing my /var/log/lastlog file to report (sparsely) as 407GB in size; and `df` is 'honoring' this. Anyone familiar with this situation?15:16
metallicohi guys, how do i install php 5.2 on Ubuntu 11.04?15:16
Simon1245dvhh, So it should work on Xbox 360 too, rihgt?15:16
dvhhSimon1245 : then you could install a DNLA server on ubuntu for your xbox36015:16
Logos01metallico: You need to add a repository that contains it.15:17
rabbi1Logos01: u mean this http://www.tuxation.com/chrooting-into-a-linux-environment.html ?15:17
dvhhSimon1245 : no it worked on craked xbox, as an homebrew15:17
Simon1245dvhh, :D I'm a noob at this honestly :D Wanna show me how? :D15:17
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
mlcmetallico: sudo aptitude install php515:17
quiescensLogos01: 407gb is not actually entirely out of the ordinary for /var/log/lastlog, if df is claiming that it is actually being used like that then that might be a problem, but the displayed size of lastlog has been seen higher than that depending on various factors15:17
Logos01The easiest is sudo apt-add-repository ppa:andphe/php , followed by replacing "natty" with "maverick" in the files it adds in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/15:17
Wouter_When my computer boots (1 os), i get a busybox (intrinfs) and i have to type 'exit' before my computer continues to boot. (after that it works fine). this happened after i installed mdadm (software linux raid). I tried reinstalling ubuntu but every time when i install mdadm i get the busy box again and i have to type exit before it continues. I tried to go to the commandline (in ubuntu) and type sudo update-grub (and grub2) but when 15:17
metallicowhere can i find the repo?15:17
Wouter_Anyone have any ideas?15:17
metallicomlc, that gives me php 5.315:18
Logos01quiescens: I'm aware of that.15:18
Logos01lastlog is *supposed* to be a sparsefile.15:18
Logos01Trouble is, df is honoring it.15:18
Hamedis there is any way to make chmod to folder from right click after choose run as nautilus or something like that15:18
ikoniametallico: I would strongly advise you agaist using an external repo/package from outside hte ubuntu repos15:18
Logos01rabbi1: That looks right by the url.15:18
dvhhSimon1245 : is your laptop powerful enough to trancode video in real time ?15:18
Logos01Hamed: Not really. You can change the executability of it and who is permitted to read/write it from the 'permissions' tab though.15:18
rabbi1Logos01: please can u let me know, i am new to this, hope i won't screw it up15:19
Simon1245dvhh trancode means? It has 4gb ram, 500gb harddrive, 512mb Radeon grapich card15:19
dvhhSimon1245 : http://superuser.com/questions/242986/what-is-the-best-dlna-server-for-ubuntu15:19
Logos01rabbi1: There are youtube videos that talk about restoring GRUB on a system via chrooting. Watch a few. It's not a rough concept.15:19
Hamedi must enter from gksudo nautilus at first15:19
dvhhSimon1245 : http://askubuntu.com/questions/1755/what-dlna-server-to-choose15:19
rabbi1Logos01: ok , thank you15:20
quiescensLogos01: do you actually know that it is lastlog that is showing up in df?15:20
dvhhSimon1245 : trancode mean recoding media for the target player15:20
Logos01Hamed: That's why I suggested a script on your desktop that contains "sudo nautilus ."15:20
quiescensLogos01: and not files that have been "deleted" from the filesystem heirarchy but are still open by a process?15:20
Logos01quiescens: I've only got 28GB of data on the server.15:20
mneptokHamed: if you want to change permissions of things not owned by you, and do it from a GUI, then yes, "gksu nautilus"15:20
Logos01Max has never been above 40.15:20
mneptokHamed: be very, very careful what you do.15:20
Logos01It's reporting over 400.15:20
Simon1245dvhh, No idea if it is15:20
Logos01ls -lh /var/log/lastlog shows 407GB.15:20
kamewhat does "ls ~ " mean?15:21
Logos01kame: It lists out the files in your "home" directory.15:21
mneptokHamed: do not run the "sudo nautilus" command that Logos01 gave. use "gksu nautilus"15:21
Logos01kame: man ls15:21
kameLogos01 thank you15:21
mastroI've set up nfs in /etc/fstab. It is not mounting at boot time, if I mount -a after the system has been booted it works15:22
Simon1245dvhh, Can I open a private chat with you maybe?15:22
keyna(j miui15:22
mastroHow do I make an NFS filesystem boot up on ubuntu server?15:22
mastrosorry I meant mount at boot time15:22
crizzymastro: place it to /etc/fstab15:22
quiescensLogos01: still, i would probably check lsof for deleted files just in case, it seems unlikely that df would suddenly decide to misbehave15:23
Logos01mastro: Add it to your /etc/fstab is correct. Be sure to use the IP address rather than the DNS address, for stability.15:23
mastrocrizzy, that's what I did15:23
Logos01quiescens: There aren't any. I've checked.15:23
CharminTheMooseIs there such thing as top for networks?15:23
mastroLogos01, I did.. but it's not mounting at boot time15:23
Logos01Plus; there's simply never been that much data on my system.15:23
mastroLogos01, crizzy and I can mount it with mount -a. So the configuration is correct15:23
mastrocrizzy, Logos01 I would think of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/45842 but it's old and closed already15:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 45842 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "nfs shares not mounted at startup" [Medium,Fix released]15:24
Logos01mastro: Then it's a network issue; your machine isn't getting network connection "in time" to pick up those shares at boot.15:24
Infernalikonia, Well i managed to make a test. I wanna thank you for your patience :)15:24
Hamedok thank you it's done but every time i must to go to opt then choose lamp then htdocs then my website then    then   then  any way to do it easier than that15:24
mastroLogos01, how so? It's eth0 and I have connection at boot time15:24
theadminHamed: Make a link?15:24
mneptokmastro: are you using NetworkManager to configure interfaces? or is that all defined in /etc/network/interfaces and such?15:24
=== ixela is now known as hatop_
Logos01mastro: Try adding those mount commands to /etc/rc.d/15:24
mastroLogos01, it's ubuntu service, no gui15:25
mastroLogos01, ah.. ubuntu server15:25
theadminHamed: ln -s /opt/lamp/your_website/htdocs ~/htdocs15:25
Logos01mastro: Different things happen at different points in the boot process.15:25
Logos01If the network isn't up when the mount calls are made, nfs mount will fail.15:25
CharlieSuWhen doing a 'apt-get update' I see an 'Ign' which i think is ignore..  Why woudl this happen?   (Ign http://ppa.launchpad.net/eternicode/rtorrent-0.8.7/ubuntu/ lucid/main Translation-en_US)15:25
mastroLogos01, I know.. but on any other system (not ubuntu) I always just placed nfs in /etc/fstab and it booted, so this is probably a bug15:25
theadminCharlieSu: Means the file is unchanged and therefore the old one is used15:25
theadminCharlieSu: Normal, nothing to worry about15:26
mneptokmastro: try adding 'sudo mount -a' to rc.local15:26
Logos01mastro: It's probably a hardware issue.15:26
Logos01Boot order, or network issue.15:26
CharlieSutheadmin: is there a way to list all the packages in this PPA?  I thought i  could install a more recent version of rtorrent w/ it15:26
Logos01If it were genuinely a bug then you would have trouble mounting via mount -a15:26
mastroLogos01, no it isn't I connect to the system with ssh only15:26
theadminCharlieSu: Well, the ingored one is the translations...15:26
mastroLogos01, and it's a virtual machine15:26
theadminCharlieSu: And no, I know no way to list all packages in a repo15:27
mneptokmastro: rc.local gets executed very late in the boot process.15:27
mastromneptok, ok that's an hack tough15:27
mneptokmastro: are you using NetworkManager to configure interfaces? or is that all defined in /etc/network/interfaces and such?15:27
mastromneptok, and I need the NFS to be up BEFORE ssh server15:27
Hameddo you want me to write this code in terminal15:28
Logos01mastro: That's irrelevant.15:28
mneptokmastro: is the network-manager package installed?15:28
Logos01I assure you, your machine -- VM or not -- is not connected to network at boot-time.15:28
Logos01The boot order varies. Try adding the mount -a command to your relevant rc#.d/ directory.15:29
Logos01(I believe for server it's still rc3 ?  Ubuntu's different on that than a lot of distros.)15:29
mastromneptok, I did an ubuntu server installation, no GUI so no NetworkManager (for instance dpkg -l network-manager show "un <none>") and I use DHCP to get up15:29
theadminLogos01: All runlevels are equal... And actually don't exist anymore15:29
CharlieSutheadmin: if there are multiple repos that have the same package how will it choose which one to use?15:29
Logos01theadmin: Grr. that's a Debianism right?15:29
theadminCharlieSu: apt will just use the most up-to-date one normally15:29
theadminLogos01: Yeah15:29
theadminLogos01: Well, actually that's just being used to the sane SysV Init system...15:30
Logos01theadmin: I'm too RHEL these days. Which is alright since I'm adminning ~500 of them.15:30
Logos01... don't even get me started on Upstart. >_<15:30
FischerFritzI am trying to boot into Ubuntu (11.10) on a macbookpro 5,1 but without any success, even with rEFIt --> the boot process end with the error message "missing operating system". Any hints?15:30
mastroLogos01, and how would that happen? usually there's only a place when network is brought up15:30
Logos01mastro: The boot order varying? It just depends on when the hardware is initialized.15:31
CharlieSuis there a difference between lucid and lucid1 ?15:31
martianmastro: I didn't see the original question, but are you trying to get a network mount to work in fstab?15:31
Logos01mastro: Also, are you using IP addresses or DNS entries?15:31
mneptokmastro: can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces?15:31
mastromneptok, nothing special on it... it's the default: auto eth0 \n iface eth0 inet dhcp15:32
mastromneptok, and the loopback interface just before that15:33
FischerFritzforgot to mention that I am trying to boot from a usb flash drive, since the built-in CD/DVD-drive is gone15:33
Logos01quiescens: Any thoughts on why df would be behaving that way?15:33
mneptokmastro: OK, and is the mount point in fastab defined by IP address or name?15:34
martianmastro: does your fstab entry have _netdev in the options?15:34
mastromneptok, martian  /mnt/repos   nfs      rw,hard,intr  0     015:35
timursjoin #chef15:35
mneptokmastro: relevant? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/27545115:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275451 in nfs-utils (Debian) "nfs mounts specified in fstab is not mounted on boot. " [Unknown,Incomplete]15:35
mastromneptok, Reported by kenjo on 2008-09-28 <--- I hope not :)15:36
meerkatsi have a problem with the update manager: since 2 weeks ago it automatically pops up, as its supossed to do, but then, automatically turns to grey, its blocked, and I can only force quit it, any thoughts on this?15:36
mneptokmastro: see Keybuk's reply (S.J. Remnant)15:36
mlcmeerkats: can you open synaptic15:36
meerkatsmlc, yes15:36
bc81hello all.  i'm writing a script and looking for a way to periodically (every 5 seconds or so) reload a specified nautilus window via a terminal command.  i figured out how to close the window (wmctrl -c <window>) but could really use some help finding a way to reload it.  any ideas?15:37
adomhi all15:37
martianmastro: Hello? Does your fstab entry have _netdev in the options?15:37
mastromartian, I pasted you the fstab entry15:37
mlcmeerkats: choose source from status15:37
mlcmeerkats: i mean left side bottom15:38
mastromneptok, sorry don't see that even searching in the bug page15:38
mastromneptok, no Keybuk's reply (S.J. Remnant)15:38
adomi have a 2.5in WD Scorpio Blue hdd that won't show up when I plug it in (either with Sata-to-USB adapter or with SATA cable inside PC). what would my next step be to trying to recover the drive or at least getting it to be recognized by my PC? running ubuntu 10.04.15:39
mastromneptok, ah... sorry I was mistyping Remnant with Renmant15:39
mastromneptok, ok so you are saying this is an open issue since 2008 for ubuntu?15:40
adomi do have the firmware for it downloaded, but dunno how id get it flashed to it if the drive isn't showing up in Ubuntu or WIndows?15:40
meerkatsmlc, you want me to write "source" in the synaptic search bar? I clicked on "status"; it only reloaded a smaller list15:40
martianmastro: I don't see a paste anywhere.15:40
metallicoin what file are the Launchpad PPA Repositories stored? (it's not sources.list)15:41
CharlieSumetallico: look in the sources.list.d directory15:41
CharlieSumetallico: under /etc/apt/15:41
mlcmeerkats: no sry. choose left all and down select status15:41
meerkatsmlc, ok, i clicked on "status"15:42
mlcmeerkats: ok, select left installed (updateable)15:43
meerkatsmlc, ydo you want me to go to installed(upgradable)P=15:43
mlcmeerkats: yea right15:43
meerkatswhat does linux-source synaptic's package do?15:43
mastromartian,  /mnt/repos   nfs      rw,hard,intr  0     015:44
mlcmeerkats: hmm. have you empty the text in the search filter15:44
socrates_johnsonhello, i'm using 11.10 and am trying to convert an .ogv files to .avi or .mp4 using ffmpeg, winff, and openshot without luck (there are lots of stray gray pixels scattered throughout the video)...however, it works uses handbrake in linux, winff in windows, and ffmpeg on a redhat machine... thanks for any thoughts15:44
meerkatsmlc, no, what for?15:44
* camoval camobal15:44
metallicoCharlieSu, it's not there either  (i've used the command add-apt-repository)15:44
mlcmeerkats: the filter blocked all other items15:45
rabbi1how can i restore my gnome, xorg and nvidia drivers15:45
firekraagsocrates_johnson: wich codecs do you want to use?15:45
rabbi1in 10.04 ?15:45
mlcmeerkats: we need all updates15:45
CharlieSumetallico: then go into your /etc/apt directory and do a recursive GREP for the Repo...  it will show you what file has it..15:45
SliMMI have a problem with pulseaudio and network configuration15:46
martianmastro: I am fairly certain that you need to add _netdev to the options like: _netdev,rw,hard,intr15:46
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: sorry i'm not great with the codecs stuff...basically an unpixeled .mp4 and/or .avi is all i'm interested in15:46
martianmastro: that tells the system that you need networking first to mount that device15:46
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: this is the command that works in redhat but not my ubuntu machine: ffmpeg -i out.ogv -vcodec mpeg4 -sameq ffmpeg.avi15:46
metallicoCharlieSu, i just found it, thanks15:47
mlcmeerkats: have you clear the text in the search filer?15:47
firekraagsocrates_johnson: avi and mp4 are containers. basically, just boxes. but depending on the device that is going to read your video you will have to choose a proper encoder15:47
SliMMfirstly, the pulseaudio daemon doesn't seem to be starting properly, because I cannot use "pactl" to load modules or "pavucontrol" (I get "connection refused")15:47
meerkatsmlc, yes15:47
CharlieSumetallico: no prob15:47
firekraagsocrates_johnson: if you just want to watch on your computer I suggest you encode it to h264/avc in a mkv or mp4 container15:47
mlcmeerkats: good. have you now right a list with packages?15:47
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric, and now my neighbours hate me. I need help with audio volume settings. Everytime I login my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm. Any idea how to fix this?15:48
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: okay, i was just going to say that i've been using h264 in handbrake and that's fine15:48
meerkatsyes mlc15:48
CocaColaIs it possible to have "dock gnome extension" on bottom?15:48
mastromartian, ? ok I'll try thanks15:49
rabbi1please help, I got ubuntu 10.04 live cd, how can i restore or reconfig my gnome, xorg, and nvidia drivers ?15:49
mlcmeerkats: ok, the best is now if you select all packages and make then a richtclick15:49
firekraagsocrates_johnson: then `ffmpeg -i <input.ogv> -acodec libfaac -ab 256k -ac 2 -vcodec libx264 -vpre fast -crf <from 15 to 25, the lower the better, the higher the faster> output.mp4'15:49
mastromartian, never had to do so.. is this an ubuntu modification?15:49
=== companion is now known as Companion
mlcrabbi1: if you save your home directory15:51
martianmastro: I don't really know, but I've had to do it on my machines. I guess the kernel will normally try to mount devices before making network connections, or do them in parallel, so with that option it forces it to wait for networking to complete before attempting to mount15:51
mlcrabbi1: sorry, i mean save your home directory15:51
rabbi1mlc: i am just confused following lot of different ways and posts :(15:51
mastromartian, thanks it worked but I wonder why on any other server (redhat, debian, ...) I never had to add that argument15:51
mlcrabbi1: yea that is normal in irc15:52
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: thanks, but that's still pixelated...i don't know if this is useful information or not, but if i crop the video in openshot and try to export it in ogg it's still pixelated15:52
rabbi1mlc: ok, i am saving, i am just rebooting from the CD. .... brb15:52
mlcrabbi1: your moste importend settings are stored in you home directory15:52
martianmastro: beats me!15:53
firekraagsocrates_johnson: weird, I never experienced such a problem. does ffmpeg output any warnings?15:53
mlcrabbi1: and you can save the apt cache15:53
CharminTheMooseHow do I stop upstart from clearing the screen of its own bootmessages? The system boots to starting init grand, then starts the upstart services and then finishes, but clears the screen, leaving only the initial starting init message and the login prompt15:53
henricosomeone here from california?15:54
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: no, i don't see any warnings15:54
mastromartian, anyway thank you15:54
henricosomeone here from californiaplease pvt me i need some information about ths place15:54
rabbi1mlc: apt cache ? how ? i also have lot of things in /var/www and all :(15:54
OerHekshenrico, this is ubuntu support, join #Ubuntu-offtopic for other questions.15:55
bazhang!loco > henrico15:55
ubottuhenrico, please see my private message15:55
mlcrabbil1: save apt cache with AptOnCd15:55
theadminHow good is runit support on Ubuntu, if at all? I'm reading up on it and it looks extremely interesting15:55
eagles0513875|||hey guys where are desktop images located on the ystem15:55
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: thanks for trying...i'll keep experimenting. i'm interested to see if I can convert other formats with ffmeg or if it's only an ogv problem15:55
malcolmI tried to download and dpkg -i a .deb file that apperently ubuntu has dependency issues with, but now i cant install anything as it keeps giving me the dependency error on the package i was trying to install.  how do i make it forget about the package it can't install?15:55
henricono one in this whole chatroom from california?15:56
theadmin!ot | henrico15:56
ubottuhenrico: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:56
firekraagsocrates_johnson: maybe the ogv file is somehow corrupted and most encoders fail to read it properly15:56
bazhanghenrico, check the loco list15:56
firekraagsocrates_johnson: but I think there would be warnings15:56
bazhang!loco | henrico15:56
ubottuhenrico: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/15:56
firekraagsocrates_johnson: is the audio okay?15:56
mlcrabbi1: have you any written /var/www15:56
Linthow to make apt-get to ignore broken packages?15:57
rabbi1mlc: i can copy the home directory and how to save apt cache ? and what should i do with my other apps and /var/www ?15:57
theadminLint: You can't just ignore that.15:57
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: it's just a desktop recording so no audio to check unfortunately15:57
mastromartian, no apparently that doesn't worked... it's random15:57
Lintbut I need to15:57
theadminLint: What you need to do is fix it :/15:57
mlcrabbi1: aptoncd15:58
rabbi1mlc: can't i just repair install, so that i leaves my apps and directories alone and installs only the OS files ? :(15:58
Lintor even better: how to "uninstall" package without deconfiguring it or removing files?15:58
theadminLint: Without... removing files? How is that even an uninstall?15:58
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: just as a sanity check...i can convert mp4 to avi just fine15:59
suboneIs there a cli image viewer?15:59
mlcrabbi1: yes, but that is not easy15:59
martianmastro: bummer. Any valuable information in dmesg?15:59
rabbi1mlc: yeah, i have the aptoncd and os is loaded to ... should i just copy apt cache15:59
CharminTheMooseHow do I stop upstart from clearing the screen of its own bootmessages? The system boots to starting init grand, then starts the upstart services and then finishes, but clears the screen, leaving only the initial starting init message and the login prompt15:59
MariusKarthausHI, i've switched to unity and I like it. There is one thing I miss *very* much and that is a 'searchable' clipboard. In KDE  I used klipper, while the history was open, i was albe to type chars and the list would be filtered accordingly. This makes a lot of sense when multiple lines are copied and you need to find the correct one. Is something like that available in unity?15:59
Lintit's uninstall because dpkg thinks that packat has gone15:59
firekraagsocrates_johnson: try `ffmpeg -i input.ogv -an -vcodec rawvideo out.avi' to see which of the encoder or decoder is failing15:59
bazhangLint, clarify15:59
Lintbazhang, dpkg has this package as 'uninstalled' while he's still physically installed/configured16:00
mlcrabbi1: for future installation: you can create very easy a seperate home partition16:00
bazhangLint, you never ignore broken packages16:00
xanguaMariusKarthaus: there are some clipboad managers for gnome, i use Glippy wich supports ubuntu Indicators16:00
Lintbazhang, i.e. its files are untouched16:00
firekraagsocrates_johnson: this will put your video unencoded in an AVI encoder (takes a lot of disk space though)16:00
firekraagAVI container*16:00
xanguaMariusKarthaus: it has no searcheable box but it has other useful stuff like upload the text to pastebin like sites16:01
rabbi1mlc: can we PM ?16:01
Lintbazhang, "I never ignore" because apt-get is a junk and has not this option? or why?16:01
mlcrabbi1; yea16:01
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malcolmhow do i get apt-get to forget about a package that failed install due to dependency issues.  I can't install anything now without -f16:02
bazhangLint, apt-get is not junk. you fix broken packages not ignore them16:02
Lintrpm has an option to remove package from its base only, does dpkg have its analog?16:02
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: is the only orange message i get (warning?) [ogg @ 0x900540] max_analyze_duration reached16:02
Lintbazhang, I want to fix it by removing broken package, but I need its files to remain on disk16:02
MariusKarthausyea, I really need searchable. I use it all the time while coding.16:02
bazhangLint, that makes not a whit of sense16:03
Lintbazhang, why is that, let me ask?16:03
firekraagsocrates_johnson: hmm and is the raw avi file looking okay?16:04
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: it's also pixelated unfortunately16:04
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric and now everytime I log in my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm. Any idea how to fix this?16:05
Lintor you want to tell rpm designers were idiots for providing that option?16:05
firekraagsocrates_johnson: okay I don't have a clue why then, sry16:05
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OerHeksLint use the -f option to fix broken packages, like the manual says so16:06
socrates_johnsonfirekraag: no worries, thank you for your help16:06
PiciLint: There should never be a reason to do that.  Why not fix why it is broken instead of breaking your system further?16:08
suboneIs there a cli image viewer?16:08
cloudgeekany current usenet irc for downloads plz any body tell me16:08
theadminsubone: fbi16:08
bazhangcloudgeek, not this network16:08
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cloudgeekbazhang: any link or irc name if you know16:09
LintPici, because if I need a file from a broken package to be present16:09
bazhangcloudgeek, nope sorry16:09
mneptokcloudgeek: discussion of such things is not welcome in this channel16:09
theadmincloudgeek: Offtopic on this network --this network does NOT support piracy at all.16:09
mneptokLint: fix packages. get dpkg happy. remove packages you will not use. then download the .deb files from the http repos and put what you need where. but i wouldn't do it.16:10
Lintmneptok, so I can unpack and configure deb file without marking it as installed/configured?16:11
LintI need commands to do it16:12
mneptokLint: what i proposed is not for the inexperienced.16:13
LjLLint: "unpack and configure", no you can't, not automatically. but you can extract it and if needed run the postinst script manually.16:13
Lintif you don't want to help me, I'll do it my way16:13
LjLLint: feel free. and no, people here generally won't help with things they find terrible ideas.16:14
Lintthis is a STANDARD OPTION in rpm, don't make excuse for dpkg stupidity please16:14
leifmadsenmorning all; I'm trying to figure out why I can't get the audio on my 11.10 system working. This is an upgrade from 10.10->11.04 where audio used to work. I've tried googling and tried all the suggestions I can find; deleting the ~/.pulse directory, reinstalling sound drivers/modules, but i can't seem to get past the sound settings showing anything but the Dummy Output16:14
mneptokLint: it's not that i don't want to help you. it's that anyone experienced enough to start messing with packages the way you propose does not then say, "give me the commands."16:15
OerHeksLint what packages are you ranting about ?16:15
LintOerHeks, gtk-doc-tools16:15
Lintit wants its dependencies16:16
=== mongy_ is now known as mongy
theadminLint: Uh, okay, install them?16:17
theadminLint: All you need is likely: sudo apt-get -f --reinstall install gtk-doc-tools16:17
Linttheadmin, don't want them, don't need them, only this package is needed16:17
Lintbut it's 'broken' without them and that completely blocks apt-get work16:17
theadminLint: This makes no sense you know, if you need a package and need it to work (and you do), you need the deps as well. Familiarize yourself with the content of packages.16:18
LjLLint: if they're dependencies but the package is not actually dependant on them, then file a bug.16:18
MeXTuXWhat is the best free tool around to access Linux partitions from Windows??? :D16:18
SomelauwWhat is the commandline way to change a wallpaper?16:19
cloudgeekmneptok: bazhang theadmin  ,i am not using for piracy or don't want hurt channel rules i want use this for hign speed download of software16:19
LintLjL, this package is a buch of shell scripts, it cannot depend on anything16:19
LjLLint: uh, now that makes no sense.16:19
mneptokcloudgeek: stop asking about it or you will be removed.16:19
LjLLint: why can't shell scripts depend on things?16:19
SomelauwI already tried     #GSETTINGS_BACKEND=dconf gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "file://$wallpaper"16:19
theadminLint: Sure can... I mean, shellscripts can call almost any binary, they can depend even on KDE lol16:19
skypcehi guys , can add here a link of a home made distro ?16:19
ikoniaskypce: no16:19
theadminskypce: No, sorry16:19
firekraagLint: Then create your own deb package without the dependancies, and file a bug16:19
mastromartian, anyway no it didnt' fix the issue, it was random and apparently there's something else going on16:19
cloudgeekmneptok: i am not asking now about that16:19
qw-Russianhemp me please install MS Acces from Linux in 016:19
kingfisher64anybody know how to solve printing problems with Scribus in Ubuntu 11.10? My printer works with every program except Scribus - in which is says it's printing and the print job has completed successfully, but it hasn't printed a thing out.16:19
ikoniaqw-Russian: not going to happen, that is a Microsoft product, not available on linux16:20
Lint!appdb > qw-Russian16:20
ubottuqw-Russian, please see my private message16:20
cloudgeekmneptok: but but you can't say you can be removed16:20
LjLcloudgeek: sure he can say that. this channel is about Ubuntu technical support, everything else is offtopic.16:20
martianmastro: you should check your dmesg to see what if any error is being thrown.16:21
* Lint is confused with debian developers who think that messing with /var/lib/dpkg/status manually is a Right thing16:21
ciprianwhat ys hapening16:22
cloudgeekmneptok LjL every body have own freedom no one is bound anyone ,one more yep i respect rules of this channel want ask about only ubuntu by next time but you can behave like that you can remove , freedom is right of everybody16:22
haidarabug ???16:22
haidaraplease help16:22
bazhangcloudgeek, not here please16:22
jigspanhow can we see during improper shut down  message on screen ?16:23
cloudgeekbazhang: now i don't ask about that topic be calm never wanna to ask that thing here expect ubuntu realted stuff16:23
theadmincloudgeek: This channel has rules. Rules are to be followed.16:23
theadmin...does *anyone* actually read them :(16:23
bazhangcloudgeek, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please16:23
haidarasoft were center doesnt work and its bugged plzzz help ???16:23
cloudgeektheadmin: okay +116:23
Linthaidara, that's OK, install synaptic package manager instead16:24
haidaraok thanks16:24
OerHekshaidara what is the problem ?16:24
primenumberMorning all! I'm a newbie and having some trouble choosing a Ubuntu interface. Is this the right place to ask opinions?16:24
LjLprimenumber: #ubuntu-offtopic would be better for subjective opinions16:24
mlctheadmin: yea here16:24
mlchaidara: can you start the software center in a shell16:24
klyncjigspan: it may have been written to /var/log/messages before shutdown16:24
theadminmlc: Sorry, what?16:25
haidaraim trying to open it but suddenly a msg apperas that there is a bug16:25
meskaruneI love how people always say "go to offtopic" when they disagree with someone else. :P (ya'll should pm each other, for reals)16:25
jigspanklync: how to find what problem when we have improper shut down16:26
LjLmeskarune: that in turn was random and unneeded.16:26
meskaruneLjL: it happens every single day in this channel though16:26
suboneLooks like jp2a does what I need16:26
meskaruneand pointing out people's behavior encourages them to change16:27
klyncjigspan: that's a very broad question, there's no simple answer. but messages written to screen may have also gone to /var/log/messages or other files in that dir; looking through there is a good place to start16:27
meskarunehaidara: can you open software center in the terminal and see if there is an error?16:27
jigspanklync:i have this problem since i have installed 11.10 i dont know what to do can u explain little more?16:28
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meskarunehaidara: you can also use aptitude to isntall software if you really need to update/install something in the mean time16:28
klyncjigspan: no, i have nothing more to explain. can *you* explain a little more about the symptoms of your problem and any diagnostics you've done so far? Have you found anything in the logs?16:29
Lintmeskarune, synaptic >> aptitude16:29
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails16:29
haidaraeskarume thanks a million man16:29
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists16:30
ljsoftnethow do i know if im using ubuntu 32 bit or 64 bit?16:30
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?16:30
firekraagljsoftnet: uname -a16:30
ljsoftnetit says x86_6416:31
ljsoftnetfirekraag it says x86_6416:31
firekraagljsoftnet: then it's 64-bit16:31
ljsoftnetfirekraag ok thanks16:31
PlaneCrazy1Is anyone else fed up with 11.10 or is it just me!?16:32
jigspanklync: last time i got message that system is halted and control were lost i have not made any diagnostics16:32
firekraagPlaneCrazy1: I use 10.04LTS cause I really don't like unity/gnome shell16:32
haidarabut where i can find aptitue ????? im using KUBUNTU ??? where i should look to find it ???16:32
PlaneCrazy1Yah I think that I am going back to 10.04 as well16:33
theadminhaidara: sudo apt-get install aptitude16:33
xxdigitolxxcan someone help me figure out how to stream video with htaccess in place on apache?16:33
xxdigitolxxbefore htaccess was setup i was able to just copy a link from a directory listing to play it through vlc or any video player16:34
xxdigitolxxbut now htaccess is in place..i believe it requires authentication on each video link16:34
xxdigitolxxso the video player will not play without authentication16:34
onceltucahi im running 11.10. i have a problem.  when im trying to login as my user i come back to the login screen. it is ok to log in as guest though.. someone that recognizes this problem?16:34
xxdigitolxxnot sure if there is a way around this16:34
haidarathanks a lot16:34
xxdigitolxxor an option i have to set in my apache configuration or htaccess config16:34
=== marco is now known as Guest51550
PlaneCrazy1If I was to go back to 10.04 I guess I would have to repartition and reinstall 10.04...correct?16:35
meskarunelint: actually GUI are not always better16:36
onceltucahow can i start ubuntu without starting X?16:36
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, put your htaccess on pastebin16:36
rumpe1PlaneCrazy1, yes. Clean, fresh reinstall. Maybe make a backup of /home before that, because user profiles could get invalid16:36
rumpe1onceltuca, "text" as kernel parameter in grub boot menu should work16:37
xxdigitolxxplanecrazy1....if you run setup from 10.04 cd it should guide you through the whole process of repartitioning and reinstall of 10.0416:37
meskaruneonceltuca: you can add an entry in grub that has ubuntu boot in run level 316:37
xxdigitolxxonceltuca, um...try using ubuntu-server edition..there is no x installed.16:38
onceltucarumpe1: how do i get to grub16:38
meskaruneonceltuca: in grub legacy you would add "ro 3" to the end of the kernel line. but its probably a different procedure for grub216:38
rumpe1onceltuca, the boot screen should be grub16:38
PlaneCrazy1Thanks. Can the home folder be copied to the the newly installed 10.04 if I do side by side install of 10.04 next to 11.10?16:38
onceltucaxxdigitolxx: but i have already installed it. Actually im logged in as aguest right now16:38
haidaraok i think its done but should the terminal window close automatically to assure its done ???16:38
=== ixela is now known as hatop_
onceltucarumpe1: it just starts ubuntu right away16:39
meskarunehaidara: you don't have to close the terminal window. :)16:39
rumpe1PlaneCrazy1, you can copy your home folder, yes. You might sometimes get version conflicts though.16:39
onceltucameskarune: doesnt this require root access ?16:39
rumpe1onceltuca, how did you add the kernel parameter?16:39
onceltucameskarune: im logged in as guest.16:39
PlaneCrazy1yah I kind of figured...thanks16:40
meskaruneonceltuca: I see. you will need root access to edit grub parameters16:40
onceltucarumpe1: havnt added any parameters.16:40
mneptokPlaneCrazy1: why not keep 11.10 and just change the UI?16:40
onceltucai just couldnt log in today with my user name.16:41
PlaneCrazy1what do u mean by changing the UI?16:41
onceltucameskarune: thats the problem16:41
haidaraim sorru 4 bothering you ... but its the first time i use kubuntu ??? now i think i installed that thing what sgould i do next ???16:41
theadminPlaneCrazy1: Replace Unity with Gnome Shell, Gnome Fallback, XFCE16:41
meskarunePlaneCrazy1: you could just share your home with both install's. (if home is on its own partition) you'd just have to mount it in fstab16:41
xxdigitolxxbluefrog : http://paste.ubuntu.com/844609/16:41
=== marius is now known as Guest51919
xxdigitolxxany help would be appreciated16:42
meskaruneonceltuca: if you don't have root access you need to talk to the system admin of the computer you are using :P16:42
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, gues the answer is in the question. yes it will ask for auth16:42
onceltucameskarune: haha16:42
SomelauwHas anyone got wmii to work on ubuntu?16:43
Lintmeskarune, and have the mess with uids? lol16:43
onceltucameskarune: ok, he says he cannot log in as he used to do before this problem arised.16:43
meskaruneonceltuca: .... so no one has root access?16:43
vltHello. What can I do to get rid of the green square I see in chromium browser on Oneiric instead of the video? (It works in Firefox.)16:44
xxdigitolxxbluefrog..do you know if there is an option if you know the exact path to the video link . you can just stream it in vlc without authentication?16:44
xxdigitolxxi would only like to have authentication to the directory listing16:45
onceltucameskarune: yed. there is one more account that has root but shes no around right now16:45
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, dunno but there's maybe an option in vlc to pass credentials16:45
xxdigitolxxbut as per file..if the direct link is known..not authentication is required16:45
xxdigitolxxi'll try looking for that.16:45
meskaruneonceltuca: well, you should only let the person who owns the system and has root access edit things like grub :P16:46
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, then Options -Indexes should suffice for you16:47
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, in yourvhost directory  directive16:47
xxdigitolxxthanks i wil try that out.16:47
xxdigitolxxyeah..i'm still new to linux..16:48
skragQuestion: Im trying to lock a file in place so that people cannot move the folder, i want to give them full access inside the folder i just want to make it so they cant move the main dir.... suggestions?16:48
xxdigitolxxi'll try figuring out where that goes16:48
Gentoo64skrag, you could chown the folder to root and chown all the files inside it as user16:49
skraggood idea16:50
skragthat would make it so that they couldnt make files in the main dir though, right16:50
bluefrogskrag, have a look at chattr command16:50
stanman246can a ff7 profile be copied to a ff10?16:50
Gentoo64ive only ever used chattr for immutable16:50
Gentoo64that wont let you write though16:51
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, hum? oh I copied a bit more than intended? for that path16:51
bluefrogxxdigitolxx, forget the path and concentrate in the <Directory ..;16:51
GalaxorIs there a utility that can use aalib to convert an image file into ascii?  I would've thought it'd be distributed in libaa-bin, but it doesn't seem to.16:51
rcmaehlPeople don't understand terminal at my school16:52
rcmaehlJust saying16:52
jiltdilchannel for backtrack?16:54
theadminjiltdil: #backtrack-linux16:54
bluefrogGentoo64, skrag yes indeed chattr won't do the trick. change ownership directly or thru acl16:55
jiltdiltheadmin,  thanks16:56
skraglooking into it, acl?16:56
bluefrogskrag, finer access control list16:57
mustafaerhannis it necesary to compile kernel from vanilla source in ubuntu cause i noticed that compiling native kernel in mandriva linux increases performans.16:57
meskaruneskrag: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chown https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chgrp16:57
ikoniamustafaerhann: you will not get a benifit16:57
ivanoatswhen I log in with the correct password, it just returns me to the login screen. I've tried answers on google, but no luck. This is in a VMWare Fusion VM so I'm not sure how to use fn keys to get to a bare terminal. any ideas?16:57
bluefrogskrag, chown in the first place will be easier for you as Gentoo64 says16:57
ivanoatswhen I log in with the correct password, it just returns me to the login screen. I've tried answers on google, but no luck. This is in a VMWare Fusion VM so I'm not sure how to use fn keys to get to a bare terminal. any ideas?16:58
skragalright, ill read some man pages.... thanks guys16:58
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
=== adante_ is now known as adante
ivanoatssorry for the double post, couldn't see first one16:59
theadminivanoats: ctrl-alt-f2 gets you to tty if that's what you want16:59
meskaruneskrag: to make the directory owned by root do "sudo chown root /<path to directory>" and I would suggest making a new group, then giving that group permission to the files, and add all the users you want to use those files in that group16:59
bluefrogskrag, http://beginlinux.com/server_training/server-managment-topics/1038-ubuntu-804-access-control-lists16:59
MonkeyDust!8.04 > MonkeyDust17:00
ubottuMonkeyDust, please see my private message17:00
ivanoatstheadmin, thanks. now I guess I'll try checking xorg configs?17:00
Yabadoocan someone explain me why canonical is wasting time on ubuntu tv while it clearly can't compete?17:01
MonkeyDustYabadoo  wrong channel17:01
theadminivanoats: More likely change the password, who knows, might have been set wrongly without you noticing, happens. That first. Then try replacing your current display manager with another one to see if that'll work17:01
bazhangYabadoo, #ubuntu-offtopic please17:01
Yabadoobazhang: ok, sry17:01
YabadooMonkeyDust: sorry.17:02
ivanoatsno, the password works. I can log in, in bare terminal17:02
OnkeltemYesterday I was asking about video linear editing software, and someone advised me OpenShot. Today I tried it but cound't find a way to save a file without full encoding. So, is there a good software for this?17:02
OnkeltemJust need to cut some parts from a video file17:02
meskaruneOnkeltem: avidmux ?17:03
meskaruneOnkeltem: http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/17:03
Onkeltemmeskarune: thank you!17:04
ivanoatsso, I did a dpkg-reconfigure gdm. Now using gdm instead of light... but still same problem, always returns me to login screen. even when I select recovery console session17:05
lvidalsimple question here17:05
qw-Russianhow me killed proccesed ?17:06
klynclvidal: no question there, actually ...17:06
meskaruneivanoats: do you have auto logon turned on?17:06
qw-Russiani am not see proced in the top17:06
ivanoatsmeskarune:  no auto login17:06
ivanoatsqw-Russian:  ps aux | grep -i <processname>17:07
qw-Russianbut as to know the name of process me ?17:08
SomelauwHas anyone got wmii to work on ubuntu?17:09
lvidalI installed ubuntu server in a VM for local Web Development. I name the hostname  "devserver" as anyone from any computer could access the files from the browser, and it worked. But something happened when the router we had was changed for another, now if I put devserver in the browser it doesn't find it. Am I missing something here?17:09
=== vincent is now known as Guest93797
tMHppl, pal of mine installed win7 on sda1 then xubuntu on sdb1 (preformatted ext4+swap partitions on it) and xubuntu installed grub on sdb1. now he installed some os manager on sda1 (win7 partition) and when the system boots up it shows that boot manager and if he select xubuntu to load - GRUB appears..17:09
ivanoatsqw-Russian: you don't know the process name? and you don't see it in top? how do you know it's there, please explain more17:09
tMHthe question is - how to remove grub totally from sdb1 yet leaving sdb1 bootable?17:09
meskaruneSomelauw: probably. if you are having problems, just ask for a solution.17:11
qw-Russianivanoats, I tried to set Access through a cantilever and the program hung up began to be knocked out very much many errors 3517:11
meskarunetmH: why do you want to get rid of grub?17:11
Somelauwmeskarune: I am having problems compiling libixp-hg17:11
Onkeltemmeskarune: avidemux is unable to detect FLAC audio?17:12
meskaruneSomelauw: do you have all the compilers installed? and are you getting any errors?17:12
SomelauwBut if I ask how to compile libixp-hg, I am actually asking an x y problem.17:12
meskaruneOnkeltem: do you have the flac codec installed?17:12
Onkeltemmeskarune: I've created a screencast using Kazam, and can't open it with Avidemux in other words17:12
popeyOnkeltem: tried openshot?17:13
Onkeltemmeskarune: I don't know do I have it actually. 'flac' executable is installed yes17:13
ivanoatstheadmin , meskarune or anyone: I'm seeing a lot of gdm-critical errors in /var/log/syslog like CRITICAL: gdm_session_direct_get_username: assertion `session != NULL' failed17:13
tMHmeskarune - because there are _two_ os managers.17:13
popeyOnkeltem: which version of kazam?17:13
tMHmeskarune - and if 1st one will be removed - then there will be no way to load grub.17:13
Onkeltempopey: yes, but openshot can't do trivial things like saving without re-encoding17:13
tMHbecause grub installed on sdb117:13
tMHnot sda117:13
qw-Russianhelp me please17:13
theadminivanoats: Do you have any proper desktop environments installed?17:14
Onkeltempopey: kazam 0.1117:14
ivanoatsit's a standard out of the box ubuntu 11.10, only a few days old17:14
popeyOnkeltem: try kazam 1.0.2, much better17:15
cypher-neoqw-Russian, How can I help?17:15
meskarunetMH: do you mean 2 boot loaders?17:16
Onkeltempopey: ohhh! thank you for pointing me out on that17:16
Onkeltempopey: would you link a ppa?17:16
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:16
popeyOnkeltem: it's linked from http://launchpad.net/kazam17:16
Onkeltempopey: _the_ ppa I meant17:16
meskaruneOnkeltem: this lists the audio formates avidmux uses: http://www.avidemux.org/admWiki/doku.php?id=general:output_formats   I don't see flac, but would it be possible for you to transcode that to ogg?17:16
qw-Russiancypher-neo, I tried to set Access through a cantilever and the program hung up began to be knocked out very much many errors 35 i would like killed this procced17:17
tMHmeskarune - once again. win7 on sda1 and grub on sdb1, yet boot manager on sda1 that gives ability to load win7 OR xubuntu from sdb1.17:17
Onkeltempopey: is 1.0.2 a stable version?17:17
Somelauwmeskarune: I get the following error when trying to build:http://pastebin.com/j7yZJZnj17:17
meskarunetMH: what boot manager do you have installed on sda1 ? I don't understand. do you have grub installed twice? or are you using a different boot loader?17:18
Onkeltempopey: don't mind, I found17:18
tMHmeskarune - if you choose to load xubuntu THEN grub appears and asks you to choose win7 or xubuntu. stupid enough?:) now I want to know how to _remove_ GRUB and leave xubuntu (sdb1) as active/bootable partition?17:18
tMHmeskarune - different boot loader. not me but my co-worker:)17:18
=== hassan is now known as Guest47678
Guest47678hello, how can I set up and configure a pptp vpn connection using a command line (in a server) .. thx17:19
meskarunetMH: ok, it sounds like the first boot loader is chaining to grub. first you need to edit the first boot loader to directly load xbuntu. THEN you can delete grub. If you don't do that first you won't be able to boot xubuntu at all. :P17:19
meskarunetMH: if you tell me what boot loader the first one is I can help you with that. (the only one I know besides grub is lilo)17:20
tMHmeskarune - I don't think 1st loader is chained to ubuntu. it loading sdb1 as normal drive and THEN grub appears.17:20
tMHmeskarune - now - how to remove grub AND leave sdb1 bootable as if it wasn't with grub at all?17:20
meskarunetHM: if you have a boot loader that is loading grub then they are chained :P17:20
tMHmeskarune - acronis OS selector.17:21
SomelauwDoes anyone understand that compiler error?17:21
tMHI can tell pal of mine to remove all partitions on sdb1 and REINSTALL xubuntu17:21
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
meskarunetMH: ok. I"ve heard of acronis actually, but I might need a little time to look up how to add xubuntu to it. :) once you boot xubuntu directly from acronis, then you can delete grub. just a sec. :)17:21
tMHbecause in that case - when partitions are created then there question appears - where to install grub or to NOT install it.17:21
RawProduceSomelauw: sounds like GPG needs a key to be generated, hold on17:22
tMHmeskarune - of course, that what I talking about - how to remove GRUB and keep sdb1 bootable;))17:22
deltafossplease guys, just mounted a ext4 filesystem on /mnt/usb. how do i run a program that has its dependencies in the "/" directory17:22
nils_deltafoss: is there a full blown linux system on that disk?17:23
RawProduceSomelauw: probably something like this: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-your-own-gpg-key.html17:23
tMHmeskarune - I think AOS (acronis os selector) did found sdb1 and put the bootable point in it's list, I am even almost sure thatn AOS give no flying fsck about GRUB at all. it just _loading_ bootsector from sdb1.17:23
tMHnow it's time to remove GRUB;)17:24
Dr_willisdeltafoss:  'dependencies in the / directory' does jnot make a lot of sence.17:24
SomelauwRawProduce: I don't understand why I would need to do this, but okay I'll try.17:24
RawProduceSomelauw: I assume that dpkg checks the validity of packages with GPG - does installing other stuff work?17:25
qw-Russianрудз ьу здуфыу17:25
qw-Russianhelp me please17:25
blitzwhat is your problem qw-Russian17:25
deltafossnot really, a new filesystem i created, so i installed a software from "/" to /mnt/usb which then created /lib, /etc /bin. i didnt get it to run because all its dependencies lives in "/"17:25
trismSomelauw: are you building a deb? (I just arrived so missed the error), the -uc and -us flags disable signing if so17:26
RawProduceqw-Russian: chto ne robotayet?17:26
Dr_willisdeltafoss:  installed it how exactly?17:26
qw-RussianI tried to set Access through a cantilever and the program hung up began to be knocked out very much many errors 35 i would like killed this procced17:26
tMH"rabotaet", from word 'rab' - slave, btw17:26
Somelauwtrism: Yes, I want to install wmii, so I am building a deb for it.17:26
meskarunetMH: ok, it looks like acronis doesn't support linux booting. so you'll either have to delete acronis and use grub, or leave it chain loaded.17:27
RawProduceqt-Russian: find the PID of the process with "ps -A | grep [program name here]"17:27
qw-RussianRawProduce, da blin pitalsya access pastavit a proga zavisla i ne znau kak ybit proses17:27
SomelauwRawProduce: Yes, I am making a deb to install something here.17:27
RawProduceqw-Russian: then run "kill -9 [PID number here]"17:27
tMHmeskarune - total wrong, if it cannot support linux loading then there will be "switch" to sdb1 at all:)17:27
capcooksorry for the offtopic request. i dont know where to ask. does anyone know a channel where i can talk about irc sed encryption?17:27
qw-RussianRawProduce, ya ne vigy ego v procese17:27
bazhangqw-Russian, english here only17:27
tMHmeskarune - and - I like acronis much more than grub:) is there ANY way to remove grub from sdb1, anyway? :))17:28
RawProduceqw-Russian: do you see it if you run "top"?17:28
meskarunetMH: its chainloaded. please see here: http://kb.acronis.com/content/158417:28
qw-Russiannot see17:28
bazhangqw-Russian, are you talking about MS access?17:28
deltafossDr_willis: actually handled by TP-link router17:28
RawProduceqw-Russian: "apt-get install htop", it's a top alternative that's easier to use17:28
meskarunetMH: if you remove grub you will not be able to boot linux17:28
trismSomelauw: yeah then: debuild -uc -us -b; should be what you want (well depending on how you are building it)17:28
nils_tMH: you could probably overwrite the boot sector...17:28
tMHnils_ - with what ?17:28
tMHwhat mbr?17:29
RawProducethen find the process, press F9, then 9, then enter17:29
RawProduceis it running in a GUI window?17:29
trismSomelauw: not that you can't sign it if you want to (if you were, say, uploading to launchpad for a ppa)17:29
tMHmeskarune - I am _almost_ sure that if _i'd had to install that xubuntu - I'd reformat sdb1 once again, partition it with / and swap and THEN I'd tell xubuntu to NOT install no OS loaders at all.17:29
Somelauwtrism: Can I also do sudo make install directly? What is the difference between doing that and installing a deb?17:30
qw-RussianRawProduce, see http://pastebin.com/AppteuwG17:30
tMHmeskarune - and THEN acronis will load sdb1 by itself w/o any problem.17:30
nils_tMH: well to overwrite the first 512 bytes you could do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb1 bs=512 count=117:30
SomelauwI didn't need to sign everything when I was building a deb before.17:30
meskarunetMH: I would suggest changing grub so that it boots directly to xubuntu without a pause, that way you won't have to see the grub screen every time you reboot. but you cannot delete grub without making linux unbootable. acronis is chain linked so that it sends you to grub when you click on xubuntu. please read the link I gave to you.17:30
nils_is arconis able to boot linux?17:30
tMHnils_ - I imagine that:) but if I'll overwrite those 512 sectors then sdb1 will be NON-bootable at all. right?17:30
SubjectOneanybody here a name for a program that i can use for creating databases ( with an ncurse interface ? )17:30
meskarunenils_: NO acronis is not able to boot linux17:30
nils_tMH: well yeah there will be zero were grub once was.17:30
RawProduceqw-Russian: that means it's already installed, so run "htop", find the program in the list, hit F9, 9, enter17:31
SomelauwThe only time I ever needed to mess with generating keys was when I wanted to use git.17:31
nils_meskarune: well then he'll need grub or lilo or syslinux anyways...17:31
Somelauwor github17:31
tMHnils_ - once again - if grub is NOT installed - are there zeros , normally ?17:31
meskarunetMH: please read this before you break your system: http://kb.acronis.com/content/158417:31
RawProduceqw-Russian: if it's in a GUI window, run "xkill" and click on the offending window17:31
qw-RussianRawProduce, join PM please17:31
mongSubjectOne: you could try sqlite3 for simple database work17:31
RawProduceanyone know how to join a PM in irssi? :)17:31
meskarunenils_: he wants to delete grub because its ugly. but since acronis doesn't boot linux, grub can't be deleted. :P17:31
tMHbtw. there was a LILO once upon a time17:31
tMHwhy don't use it instead of grub ?17:31
nils_lilo sucks17:32
nils_grub is far superior.17:32
meskarunetMH: you will notice I mentioned lilo eariler :P17:32
OnkeltemIts a scoff! Kazam either makes MKV or WebM. First, can't be opened in AviDemux. Latter is opened, but picture is broken and video runs two times faster then normal!17:32
ariestiyansyahhello there17:32
tMHmeskarune - btw, is there ANY way to tell grub _not stopping_ for loading xbuntu? I mean - remove all other entries from it's menu etc?17:32
SubjectOnethanx mong, i'll give it a try17:32
ariestiyansyahsomebody know config ipv6 in ubuntu ?17:32
meskarunetMH: if you don't want to see grub when you boot linux, get rid of the 30 second boot delay and it will boot directly into linux wihtout showing grub17:32
daweefolkhi, I'm trying to use youtube-dl but i want to specify where videos will download. Is there a youtubedlrc or something?17:33
tMHand - the main question is - if I'll set a pause = 0 - will it continue loading without pause or will fait forever?;))17:33
trismSomelauw: you could just make install if you wanted, building a package is generally nicer though, it is hard to say without knowing exactly what you are doing (where the packaging for wmii is coming from)17:33
mun_does anyone know of an applet for monitoring network speed that's usable in Gnome 3 fallback?17:33
daweefolkgenerally pause=0 pauses indefinitely i believe17:33
tMHmeskarune - delay set to 0 will load linux w/o pause OR will say grub to wait forever?;)))17:33
daweefolki have pause=1 on mine17:34
tMHso GRUB is not only multiOS manager - itself it a LOADER like lilo was...17:34
tMHnice thingie, fsck it...17:34
tMHI'll have to read about GRUB then..17:34
meskarunetMH: yeah, set the delay to 0 so that there is no delay and it boots linux right away17:35
undecimWhat would be the ill effects of installing the Natty dpkg package on Lucid?17:35
tMHmeskarune - ok, I'll tell pal to do that on tomorrow.17:35
tMHthanks all:)17:35
meskaruneundecim: you could have some libraries that aren't the right versions. its possible it could mess up your system17:36
undecimThen I have to compile dpkg 1.16 from source, I guess17:36
undecimBecause the sync() in 1.15 is hanging my system, thrashing my hard drives, and just generally ticking me off17:37
Somelauwtrism: I did a checkout from hg17:37
SomelauwI am not sure but I think building a deb makes it easier to uninstall, but building a dep itself is harder.17:38
meskaruneundecim: even compiling from source you can run into library version problems.17:38
meskaruneundecim: you could install natty as a chroot in /opt adn then run the programs you need from that17:38
capcooksorry for asking again. does anyone know a channel to talk about irc protocol?17:39
undecimmeskarune: I think it would be a little complicated running a package manager from a chroot....17:39
mongcapcook: maybe #freenode17:40
meskaruneundecim: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Installing_in_a_chroot_Debian/Ubuntu  that is a tutorial, though you might need to change some setting to version / OS you want to use17:40
undecimmeskarune: Yeah, but if I use the package manager in the chroot, then it changes the programs in my chroot, not my system17:41
meskaruneundecim: so instead of fiesty you would put natty17:41
capcookmong: thanks for your reply. ill try.17:41
meskaruneundecim: you could upgrade I guess :/17:42
meskaruneundecim: or use a rolling release linux distrobution that is more up to date17:42
mun_can the software centre be used to search using library names, e.g., libgtk2.0-dev? it somehow doesn't give any result in the software centre, but apt-get finds it.17:42
undecimmeskarune: Yeah, but I've got about 72 hours of file operations queued....17:42
cortmanmun_: that's what apt-cache search is for.17:43
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cortmanapt-cache search --names-only, if you just want names17:43
mun_cortman, is there any way to bring back synaptic rather than software centre?17:43
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trismSomelauw: I see, it has a deb target in the Makefile, if you look at the makefile, it is just running dpkg-buildpackage, you could always add -uc -us to disable signing to that line17:44
mun_cortman, or somehow search using library names in software centre?17:44
cortmanmun, is it not installed?17:44
mun_oh it's a package17:44
mun_installable package17:44
FloodBot1mun_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:44
magmahow can I see the specifics of my harddrive thgouth the command line? like if I have a SATA and buffer size17:44
mun_cortman, well it crashes. "terminate called after throwing an instance of std::out_of_range"17:45
meskaruneundecim: you should wait until your file operations are done, then either upgrade or use a more uptodate OS :)17:45
cortmanmun, you're saying synaptic crashes?17:46
mun_cortexman, yeah.17:46
cortmanuninstall/reinstall? Were you having any package trouble, or just with Synaptic?17:46
mun_cortman, just synaptic17:46
cortmanmun, Also, if you want to search package names, you can do so from the command line using the commands I gave earlier.17:47
undecimmeskarune: LTS is supposed to get bug fixes for 5 years17:47
llutzmagma: sudo hdparm -i /dev/sdX17:47
mun_cortman, i've fixed it now.17:47
cortmanmun, great. I'm curious, how?17:48
meskaruneundecim: don't complain to me about an unfixed bug. :P17:48
mun_cortman, gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface toolkit-accessibility false17:48
undecimmeskarune: Don't complain to me about my Ubuntu version XD17:48
cortmanmun, OH YES. I remember that fix.17:48
mun_cortman, no idea why though17:48
meskarunemagma: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-getting-scsi-ide-harddisk-information/17:48
cortmanmun, it's a bug. It's also used if you can't launch Synaptic except through a terminal.17:48
vltHello. What can I do to get rid of the green square I see in chromium browser on Oneiric instead of the video? (It works in Firefox.)17:48
meskaruneundecim: :P maybe ask the dev's if there is a fix in the works. or upgrade. I don't know what else to tell you. you don't want to break your system more. :)17:49
mun_cortman, i've only upgraded to 11.10 for a day, but it seems to me synaptic is far better than software center. am i missing something?17:50
cortmanmun, NO. Synaptic all the way17:50
mun_ok. i'm glad!17:50
meskarunemun_: I don't even use GUI pachage managers :P17:50
kallistiwhere can I find the Garamond typefaces for Ubuntu?17:50
cortmanmun, Way more control. Much more stable (i've helped many people on the forums fixing broken software centre), and has the nifty download script feature.17:51
mun_meskarune, i'm lazy :P17:51
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric and now everytime I log in my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm. Any idea how to fix this?17:51
celinahelp how do i configure java to play online games17:51
meskarunemun_: I feel that more complexity = more change for something to break :)17:51
celinano matter what install it don't  seem to work17:51
TheRedOctoberHi all, I have a pulseaudio issue in 11.10.  What are we supposed to use instead of padevchooser?17:51
meskarunecelina: have you restared after installing java?17:52
cortmanmeskarune, I'm with you on that one17:52
mun_the major problem i have now is i can't get hardware sensors applet to work...17:52
celinai'm just turned it back on17:52
mun_meskarune, sure.17:53
celinaalways says firefox crashed17:54
mun_cortexman, meskarune which desktop environment are you using?17:54
cortmanmun, Gnome shell17:54
TheRedOctoberCan anyone suggest the way to select a network pulseaudio device in xubuntu 11.10?17:54
meskarunemun_: I use fluxbox17:54
mun_i don't like neither unity or gnome 3 shell17:54
mun_i'm using gnome 3 fallback.. but the panel is messed up.