psypher246rye: hi rye, are you there?07:43
ryepsypher246, hi, yes08:29
psypher246hey rye, how are you?08:33
ryepsypher246, well, it is still morning over here but doing fine, thanks, you? were you able to get the backup of the files that you deleted from Ubuntu One folder?08:34
psypher246rye: where in the world are you? No my files have still stopped after 5000, nothign since then08:42
ryepsypher246, and did you receive my message from yesterday? The one that stated that if you put the files back into Ubuntu One folder then if they are identical, they will not be reuploaded but will appear immediately after MakeFile processing/08:54
psypher246rye: no i didn't get that one08:56
psypher246I would have to restore my data from another cloud provider anyway09:01
psypher246rye: ok i have started my restore from crashplan09:10
psypher246rye: really good speed they have, is there any plans on improving U1 download speed?09:11
JamesTaitGood morning all!09:30
mandelmorning !10:06
facundobatistaHola mandel10:23
mandelfacundobatista, buenas!10:35
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gatoxgood morning!11:09
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mandelgatox, morning!11:32
gatoxmandel, hi11:32
mandelgatox, can you help me with something11:32
gatoxmandel, of course (if i can :P)11:33
mandelgatox, should be very small.. I have problems doing the point 2 point tests of the creds dialog11:33
mandelgatox, in the setup.py of the sso project we copy the bins to /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client11:33
mandelgatox, and therefore the bin is not present in my path, is that correct?11:34
gatoxlet me check11:34
gatoxmandel, mmmm i'm not following.... i did a setup.py install from trunk to my machine the other day, and the result went to that folder, yes11:37
mandelgatox, ok, are the bin files in your path11:37
mandelthat is can you execute ubuntu-sso-login-qt11:37
mandelgatox, meh.. so how is spawn_process suppose to find them?11:38
gatoxis not in the path11:38
gatoxmandel, hmmmm good question11:38
mandelgatox, I suppose I can find the full path11:38
gatoxmandel, yes..... you are always going to know (or suppose to know) where they are in linux and windows11:39
mandelgatox, but that seems ugly..11:40
gatoxmandel, agree11:40
gatoxmandel, but what choices do you have??.... i assume in windows was going to be even more difficult11:40
gatoxto add it to the path11:41
mandelgatox, well, adding to the path is easy in the setup.py11:42
mandelbut I'll work using the get_data_file call11:42
mandelgatox, should get_data_file return the correct path? as in get_data_path('my-creds-bin')11:44
mandelI get an error..11:45
gatoxmandel, which error?11:45
mandelgatox, File "/usr/lib/python2.7/posixpath.py", line 68, in join11:47
mandel    elif path == '' or path.endswith('/'):11:47
mandelexceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith'11:47
gatoxmandel, maybe i'm wrong, but it seems the method is trying to do some folder operation with the string, and doesn't have the separator char11:49
gatoxmaybe not with your string, but with something inside11:49
gatoxi've seen errors that like before in other project11:51
mandelgatox, hm.. I'll try to find what is going on..11:51
mandelgatox, to set debugging for control panel is U1DEBUG, right?11:51
gatoxmandel, yes11:51
gatoxmandel, i'm pretty sure that any of the past that this function is checking is trying to determine at somme point if that string is a folder or something, and the python lib that does that using the string try to check to some info in the string for example ending with '/' and can't find that char that was expected11:52
mandelgatox, pdb for the rescue :)11:54
mandelgatox, although with the stupid qtreactor is a huge pain in the ass11:54
gatoxah osrry..... i didn't see the nonetype :P11:57
mandelgatox, sys.modules.get('ubuntu_sso.constants')11:57
mandelthat returns none11:57
gatoxthe idea is the same..... python lib try to check if the string has folder-shape.... but in this case is none11:57
gatoxalecu, hi11:57
alecugood morning, #ubuntuone!11:57
alecumorning gatox, mandel.11:57
mandelalecu, morning!11:58
mandelgatox, so, we are using sys.modules that just checks if the module has been loaded in this instance of the interpreter, which seems to be wrong11:58
gatoxmandel, yes, returning None here too11:58
alecumandel, I saw your branch had two reviews... but let me give it another anyway.11:58
mandelgatox, it should be using __import__, right?11:58
mandelalecu, yes please, I prefer to have 311:59
mandelgatox, alecu so, I see that get_bin_dir and get_data_dir won't work in ubuntu_sso.constants have not been loaded somewhere already11:59
mandelthat seems to be a bug, since we won't find the paths11:59
gatoxmandel, yep, it seems better (or at least working) with __import__12:00
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mandelnessita, may I pick your brain?12:14
nessitahello everyone!12:14
nessitamandel: sure12:14
mandelnessita, so, I've been doing a point to point test for the creds dialog and I'm noticed that the bin file is placed in /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client or /usr/local/lib/ubuntu-sso-client (if you use the setup.py and not the .deb)12:15
nessitayes, that is on purpose12:15
mandelnessita, that is not in the path, which means that spawn_process won't find it, right?12:15
nessitamandel: did you take a look to how we're using spwan_process in credentials.py?12:16
mandelnessita, so, I was using get_bin_dir form utils to pass the full path12:16
mandelnessita, no, I did not look at it, let me see12:16
nessitaright, that's correct12:16
nessitacredentials.py uses get_bin_dir12:16
mandelnessita, ok, the problem I was getting with get_bind_dir is that I don't import ubuntu_sso.constants anywhere, which  means that sys.modules doesn't have it and there fore I get an attribute not found12:17
mandelnessita, all this installing sso via setup.py12:17
nessitamandel: that's fixed since yesterday, was a bug12:19
mandelnessita, oh, so I need to merge trunk :)12:19
nessitathe problem is that tarmac may not be landing branches12:19
nessitalet me check12:19
mandelnessita, ah.. ok12:19
nessitamandel: you can merge against this one https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/find-me-bin-dir12:19
nessitaralsina: hola! you around?12:20
mandelnessita, ok, will do12:21
mandelnessita, hm.. then I'll block the merge 'til that is approve.. but will be good enough for my tests :)12:21
nessitamandel: yes, please depend your merge proposal on that branch12:21
mandelnessita, we are never going to support a local installation then?12:25
nessitamandel: what do you mean?12:26
ralsinanessita: hello!12:27
ralsinanessita: I finally managed to IRL the packages, they seem to work!12:27
ralsinanessita: I finished the upgrade like 20 minutes ago12:27
nessitaralsina: oh uh12:27
nessitamandel: I'm asking since from my definition of local installation, we support it. But perhaps you mean other thing?12:28
mandelnessita, I mean in /user/local/lib12:28
nessitamandel: we support that12:28
nessitamandel: the BIND_DIR constant is built at installation time, you can check that constants.py.in file12:29
mandelnessita, hmm weird.. let me check12:29
mandel>>> from ubuntu_sso import constants12:30
mandel>>> constants.__file__12:30
mandel>>> constants.BIN_DIR12:30
mandelnessita, ^12:30
nessitamandel: how did you install?12:30
mandelnessita, sudo python setup.py install12:31
nessita(in other order of things, I highly discourage having local installs of our projects, is misleading when testing and very easy to mix installations)12:31
nessitamandel: weird, at install time we replace lib_dir with what disutils tells us to12:32
nessitamandel: if you do: python  setup.py install --prefix=/tmp/foo, it works12:32
mandelnessita, let me check12:32
mandelnessita, it does12:34
nessitayes, I tested that several times, but never tested what you did... perhaps is a bug in distutils12:35
mandelnessita, could be, I don't think is a problem at all with our code12:36
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mandelI'm off to lunch, catch you in 30/45 min12:47
gatoxnessita, ping12:53
nessitagatox: pong12:53
gatoxnessita, are you able to run sso-qt in linux from trunk and get the captcha image?? it's failing here since yesterday (retrieving the captcha)12:54
nessitagatox: is working just fine here, used it heavily yesterday, and today12:55
nessitagatox: the GTk sso, no?12:55
nessitagatox: perhaps the Qt UI has a bug regarding captcha generation?12:55
gatoxnessita, is working in gtk..... i don't understand why is failing in qt from trunk12:55
nessitagatox: BUG! :-)12:56
gatoxnessita, but you said that is working for you12:56
nessitain Gtk12:56
nessita(09:55:09 AM) nessita: gatox: the GTk sso, no?12:56
* gatox debuggging mode ON12:56
pmatulisrunning oneric and i do not have the 'ubuntu one' option in the Synchronization tab under Presferences.  normal?13:03
nessitaralsina: puedo setear una ventana en QT para que se abra centrada en la pantalla?13:11
nessitaspanish invasion13:11
ralsinanessita: yes, but the WM may not let you13:11
nessitaralsina: is ok... how can I try?13:12
ralsinanessita: you can use move() to put it anywhere, and there is a way to find the screen size, let me find it for you13:12
ralsinanessita: QDesktopWidget has the info about the screen: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qdesktopwidget.html13:13
ralsinanessita: can't say I have *done* it though :-)13:13
nessitaralsina: ack, thanks13:14
gatoxralsina, i've done that13:14
gatoxnessita, let me show you the code13:14
nessitaI was hoping to use something like in GTk, where you say: window.set_position(Gtk.POS_CENTER)13:15
ralsinanessita: not that I know of, sorry13:15
ralsinanessita: not too hard: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Center_a_Window_on_the_Screen13:16
ralsinanessita: I would never had thought of that way to do it to be honest :-)13:16
ralsinagatox: look at that solution   ^13:17
gatoxralsina, cuack.... i was used to the one calculating the coords :P13:18
ralsinagatox: yes, me too! It's what alignedRect does anyway, but hey, it's neat :-)13:19
alecumandel, ping13:21
alecumandel, needsfixing on https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/webclient-use-dialog/+merge/9324813:22
alecumandel, please let me know if you need to discuss it, because I found some deep logic issues.13:22
nessitadobey: when you're around, let me know if you had any chance to review my controlpanel packaging branch13:48
nessitaI will start uploading the ussoc packaging branch13:48
dobeynessita: the switch to plain dh looks fine13:57
nessitadobey: awesome, thanks!13:58
dobeyugh, hungry. :-/14:06
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gatoxbriancurtin, nessita this branch needs yours re-review :P https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/931452/+merge/9300314:16
nessitagatox: ack!14:20
briancurtingatox: will do14:21
mandelalecu, ok14:33
mandelalecu, I understand the comments regarding libsoup, is not terribly hard, I simply did not know that we should pause the message14:35
mandelalecu, I do prefer to use is not None, I find it more explicit14:35
mandelnessita, ping14:38
nessitamandel: pong14:38
mandelnessita, I found an interesting thins with the runner package.. in sso the twisted.internet.reactor is in sys.modules yet is not running, so the if, elif finds that twisted is there and does not use the glib spawn_process14:39
mandelnessita, can you corroborate this? I might be wrong14:39
nessitamandel: hum, sorry, it may be the heat, but I could not parse you14:40
nessitamandel: when running the tests, only the twisted runner is used14:40
nessitamandel: when running IRL, on linux, either the glib or the qt will be used, never the twisted one14:41
nessitamandel: is that what you were asking?14:42
Chipacaralsina: I'd need to mumble with you, nessita, diego and mandel, and lisette, in a few14:43
mandelnessita, well, I'm seeing when using runner in my branch that 'twisted.internet.reactor' is in sys.modules (maybe some package is pulling it14:43
mandelChipaca, sure, when is a few since we have the weekly mumble in 16 mins more or less14:43
nessitaChipaca: we have the weekly call in 16 minutes... perhaps before or after that?14:43
nessitamandel: is that from tests? windows?14:44
Chipacaright now would probably be ideal14:44
mandelnessita, linux14:44
Chipacalisettte: can you do now now?14:44
Chipacaand is diego around?14:44
nessitaChipaca: should be14:44
lisettteChipaca: yes14:44
nessitamandel: what branch?14:44
mandelnessita, let me push the latests version for you14:44
mandelnessita, I'd love to get somet help from you in this matter :)14:45
ralsinaChipaca: happy to14:46
ralsinaChipaca: mumble is rejecting my password14:47
dobeyoh weather indicator14:47
Chipacaralsina: quit and retry14:47
Chipacaralsina: it lies14:47
gatoxChipaca, here!14:47
Chipacagatox: hiya14:48
Chipacagatox: mumblez?14:48
dobeyhow you consistently fail to be indicative14:48
dobeyhrmm, i guess i should test that the progress bar actually works now14:55
alecumeeting time!14:59
* alecu fetches the laptop14:59
mandeldobey, I guess we are late for the meeting14:59
mandelalecu, ^14:59
dobeyit's early still14:59
dobey*now* it's 1015:00
mandelChipaca, qt dialgos that look like gtk: http://ubuntuone.com/6Jy5HEW17OhGKB2WVPdI4O and http://ubuntuone.com/4QbSsMvydxLNt3zhRXgO1f15:00
mandelChipaca, icon is grabbed from theme as well as font. link color is an issue due to the lack of propoer gtk3 theme support on qt15:01
Chipacamandel: that looks a lot, lot better than what I get on my machine15:01
mandelChipaca, those are the ones done for proxy with input from lisettte  and mpt, no the ubuntu one account15:02
gatoxquick lunch.... brb!16:20
gatoxnot quick lunch yet :P16:23
gatoxnoow  quick lunch.... brb16:29
ralsinabriancurtin: free now if you are!16:32
briancurtinralsina: yep, connecting in mumble now16:33
dobeyalright; lunch time for me16:46
nessitalunchtime here as well16:58
gatoxend of lunch17:06
alecuand lunchtime around here.17:13
mandelalecu, do you have time for a mumble?17:28
alecumandel, sure, lunch can wait.17:28
alecumandel, let me open mumble17:28
mandelalecu, should be very very fast17:28
nessitamandel: so, you still need my help?17:35
mandelnessita, yes, super small quick question, give me a sec, I'm on mumble with alecu17:47
mandelnessita, ok, done17:47
nessitamandel: you wanted to look at a branch of yours?17:47
mandelnessita, yes, although, better to do a very quick mumble, ok?17:48
mandelnessita, is not a crazy amount of code17:48
nessitamandel: can't right now, having a parallel chat17:49
mandelnessita, ok, then we type :)17:49
mandelnessita, in ubuntu_sso/runner/__init__.py I'm getting a true for 'twisted.internet.reactor' in sys.modules when running the control panel17:49
mandelnessita, I think it will be nice, as a save guard, to check if the reactor is running17:50
mandelso, if 'twisted.internet.reactor' in sys.modules: import reactor; return reactor.running17:50
mandelnessita, I don't know what in control panel bring the reactor in, but is there :(17:50
nessitamandel: what has the control panel to do with the runner?17:51
mandelnessita, the control panel uses webclient, right?17:52
mandelnessita, so, when ti tries to get through the proxy it needs the creds17:52
nessitamandel: may be, I never tested that flow17:53
nessitamandel: but you're not calling the spwanner from the controlpanel, right?17:53
mandelnessita, so, how is webclient going to get the proxy creds?17:54
nessitamandel: from the sso service? perhaps I'm missing something?17:54
mandelnessita, hm.. adding ipc to call sso to get the proxy creds, is that what you are thinking?17:55
nessitamandel: no... having all the proxy creds isolated in sso's webclient. Not sure why you're spawnning from the controlpanel code17:55
nessitaalecu: am I missing something there? ^17:56
mandelnessita, lets say the following, sso webclient gets a 407 and needs to get the creds, how would you show the ui?17:56
mandelnessita, he just went to have lunch17:56
nessitamandel: what's a 407?17:56
mandelnessita, proxy-auth http error17:57
nessitamandel: my point is that the spawnning should be in sso webclient's code, not in controlpanel17:57
mandelnessita, it is in sso code, yet, is not sso how executes it, since it will be the control panel process17:57
nessitaaahhh that's different17:57
nessitayou scared me!17:57
mandelnessita,  ;)17:58
nessitamandel: controlpanel does not use a reactor. So, if there is a reactor in sys.modules, some module added it to it17:58
mandelnessita, exactly, I don't know which, that is why I think adding that reactor.running test is a good idea17:59
mandelnessita, just to be super save17:59
nessitamandel: but that just masquerade the problem, no?17:59
nessitawhy we're getting reactor in sys modules if no one installed it?17:59
mandelnessita, well, maybe there is an def function(): from twisted.internet import reactor somewhere18:00
nessitamandel: I just grepped on controlpanel, there is only this:18:00
mandelnessita, I have not touched the controlpanel code, I know it is there due to a very annoying debugging process :)18:00
nessitaubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/main/windows.py:37:    from twisted.internet import reactor18:00
nessitawhich is inside a function call18:01
nessitaso that code should never be executed on Linux18:01
mandelnessita, maybe is this guy: ubuntu_sso/utils/tcpactivation.py:21:from twisted.internet import defer, protocol, reactor18:01
mandelnessita, it is not in a function and is not ignored on linux18:02
nessitamandel: but that is not imported from controlpanel... afaik. And if that were interfering, ussoc will not work on trunk right now (and it does)18:02
nessitamandel: I guess your solution can work as a workaround, but please file a bug about this18:03
mandelnessita, will do, so is it ok if I add that in my branch?18:03
nessitaand add the bug in a comment where you implement the workaround, ok?18:03
nessitamandel: I would do a separated branch18:03
mandelnessita, sure, should I then file a bug, propose the branch with the work around and a couple of tests to ensure it works?18:04
nessitamandel: no need for tests, this is not testable I think since we always have a reactor running in the tests18:05
mandelnessita, we can patch sys.modules, try without, then sys.modules with it and patch .running18:05
mandelnessita, but if you say I don't need to, I wont ;)18:06
nessitamandel: no need for now18:06
mandelnessita, great!18:06
dobeymeh, pyqt4 supports python3 it seems18:09
ralsinadobey: has supported it for 2 years or so18:11
ralsinadobey: the same source package builds for python 2 and 3 and for Qt 2 to Qt 4 which is completely insane18:12
dobeyyeah i know18:12
dobeywell, this is only qt4 afaict18:12
nessitaralsina: can I have a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/use-qtmainloop-by-default/+merge/9347218:18
ralsinanessita: of courses18:18
nessitadobey: would you know how to have gettext returning unicode translations?18:19
dobeynessita: uh, it does already18:19
nessitadobey: hum, on ussoc is giving me bytesstrings18:19
nessitasorry, "bytes" is what I meant18:19
dobeynessita: they should be utf-8 byte strings though18:19
nessitadobey: right, I want unicode, not bytes18:20
nessita(which is what makes sense for words)18:20
dobeynessita: then you'll have to do the python thing to convert it18:20
nessitadobey: I think there is way of telling gettext to return unicode18:20
nessitainstead of doing the decode by hand18:20
nessitawill google!18:20
dobeynessita: afaik the api we're using is a straight wrapper to the C api18:20
dobeynessita: and C does not have "unicode". it has arrays of chars18:21
nessitadobey: ins't this API? http://docs.python.org/library/gettext.html18:21
dobeynessita: yes18:21
nessitadobey: there it says "gettext defines a “translations” class which implements the parsing of GNU .mo format files, and has methods for returning either standard 8-bit strings or Unicode strings"18:21
briancurtinyou can set unicode=True when you call install18:22
nessitawe can pass a switch to unicode18:22
nessitabriancurtin: yeah! you won :-)18:22
dobeynessita: that is a completely different thing18:22
nessitabriancurtin: thing is that we're not installing it anywhere18:22
dobeythan what we are using18:22
nessitadobey: it is?18:22
dobeywe're not using th class based api18:22
dobeyconverting to it would be a pretty big change i think18:23
nessitadobey: any reason not ro?18:23
nessitadobey: how big?18:23
dobeyhmm, maybe not that big18:23
nessitaisn't just calling install() and not importing _ anymore?18:24
dobeywell i don't know how it affects the other functions we need18:24
dobeyparticularly ngettext() or dngettext()18:24
nessitadobey: ack. Though we only use those in u1client18:25
dobeymaybe in sso it's not an issue18:25
dobeysince i guess there aren't any plurals18:25
nessitaand we're having a nasty error ATM because of mixing unicode and bytes18:25
dobeyor just switch to python318:26
dobeywhere everything is unicode18:26
ralsinanessita: +1 and looks trivial to me18:33
nessitaish, but yes18:33
ralsinanessita: launchpad is bouncing my +1 I am retrying18:34
nessitabu, any reason why is bouncing?18:34
ralsina"the following error: [OK]"18:34
ralsinanow it's in18:34
ralsinaok, so +1 for reals now18:34
beunoralsina, so, the bug where when you get a share, the messaging icon goes blue without telling you why18:35
beunois it targeted for 12.04?18:36
ralsinabeuno: we didn't get to it18:36
ralsinabeuno: if we have a few spare cycles, we may yet18:36
ralsinabeuno: but it's looking unlikely18:36
briancurtinwhile following https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuOne/DeveloperSetup on precise, i'm getting trouble at installing ubuntuone-developer-dependencies (complaint from database deps about postgres versions)18:37
ralsinabeuno: unless you buy dobey some rhum and convince him to work on saturday ;-)18:37
beunoI can do that18:38
briancurtinhttps://pastebin.canonical.com/60447/ is what i'm seeing while apt-get install'ing (pardon the potentially dumb question, i'm a windows guy :)18:40
beunobriancurtin, so, before I even look18:41
beunoour server is only currently guaranteed to work in Lucid18:41
beunowe're all using LXCs for that18:41
beunoany reason you didn't choose to do that?18:42
briancurtinbeuno: i just got a new P box setup and was just going through the steps on that wiki. basically i'd like to be able to test the stuff i'm doing on windows also on linux, rather than proposing branches and asking people to test for me18:44
beunobriancurtin, right, so lets get you set up in an LXC18:44
dobeybeuno: that might actually be fixed now18:46
beunobriancurtin, https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuOne/DeveloperSetup/LXC18:46
dobeybeuno: on precise, anywya18:46
beunodobey, you mean the envelope thing?18:47
beunoit's not, just happened to me with an updated system18:48
gatoxnessita, when you have a moment: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/sso-styling/+merge/9347518:52
gatoxnessita, i'm going to work in the captcha thing now18:52
nessitagatox: ack!18:52
beunoralsina, also, do you know that the existing P control panel tells you to install desktopcouch?18:53
beunoI'm assuming that's going to get smashed by the QT one?18:53
ralsinabeuno: yes18:53
beunocool cool18:54
ralsinabeuno: and the answer is "it depends" ;-)18:54
dobeyi think they put extra triptophan in my chicken18:54
ralsinaBut yes, the desktopcouch dependency makes no sense anymore18:54
dobeynessita's going to build a gtk3 control panel tomorrow, and we're going to get a ffe/uife to get it in ;)18:55
nessitadobey: yeah, and I also loved when you pull me up back in .ar (?)18:56
nessitaspeaking of which.... mate and medialunas!18:57
* nessita is hungry18:58
nessitaralsina: would you have at hand a screenshot of the current first screen of the windows wizard? the one that has a U1 specific image18:59
nessitaralsina: I would need that to finish filing the FFe19:00
ralsinanessita: sure, in 1'19:01
ralsinanessita: http://screencast.com/t/Zui8Y0Io1919:02
dobeyok, 2 hours19:04
nessitaralsina: may I ask some more screenshots? I would need those from the wizard pages that are not sso-related, to fill the other FFe19:09
ralsinanessita: sure, doing one of each19:10
ralsinanessita: you only need the non-sso ones?19:10
dobeyi think nessita will have to buy me mate and medialunas for touching pyqt19:16
nessitaralsina: yes19:16
nessitadobey: you can count on that19:16
ralsinadobey: consider it part of your yearly bonus19:17
ralsinanessita: http://screencast.com/t/xzPusNP1 http://screencast.com/t/0EIZHQ1PmXt am I missing any you need?19:24
nessitaralsina: bandwidth setttings?19:25
nessitaah no, sorry!19:25
nessitaralsina: computer to cloud19:25
ralsinanessita: ok, trying to trigger that one now19:25
ralsinanessita: http://screencast.com/t/je9ffgCMF5uo19:28
nessitaralsina: thanks!19:28
ralsinanessita: de nada19:29
davidcalleralsina, MIR approved.19:36
ralsinadavidcalle: yay!19:36
ralsinaI meant, see above, Chipaca19:36
ralsinadavidcalle: with 27 minutes to spare!19:37
davidcalleHeh :)19:37
* Chipaca dances19:38
Chipacadavidcalle: I'm looking at adding more sources :)19:38
davidcalleChipaca, great :)19:38
Chipacadavidcalle: if I knew norse, I'd probably have figured it out already19:38
davidcalleChipaca, lol19:39
davidcalleChipaca, what about TED? But no API, RSS only.19:40
Chipacadavidcalle: is the RSS a full dump?19:40
davidcalleChipaca, let me check.19:40
Chipacadavidcalle: iplayer and vodo are rss only, but it's the whole thing19:40
Chipacaand that's fine :)19:40
ralsinawhat a perversion of RSS19:42
ralsinaOTOH: neat!19:42
Chipacaralsina: if you're not going to give me an api i can hit and get results in <1s, I prefer it :)19:42
Chipacavimeo is right there on the edge19:43
Chipacasometimes it'll take >2s to get you stuff19:43
Chipacanormally, <.5s19:43
Chipacaso probably worth including19:43
Chipaca(if you take more than 1s, you're not going to be in the results)19:43
davidcalleChipaca, TED rss not full dump, the only available full dump is here http://www.ted.com/talks/quick-list19:43
ralsinadavidcalle: close enough. That is very scrapable:-)19:44
dobeyralsina: 27 minutes?19:44
davidcalleralsina, indeed19:44
Chipacaunfortunately i don't have time to scrape19:44
ralsinadobey: isn't the FF in about that much time? Or am I missing the TZ?19:44
dobeyralsina: 1hr15 now19:45
ralsinadobey: oops, then19:45
dobeyralsina: although, MIR doesn't get it on the cd. it still needs to get seeded :)19:45
ralsinadobey: ack19:45
ralsinaChipaca: I am sure I can scrape that with a regexp! ;-)19:46
dobeywow, that jet was low19:48
nessitagatox is out of electricity19:56
dobeyi guess he better recharge then19:58
dobeyi didn't realize the pyqt changes would be this tedious20:02
dobeytrivial, but tedious :(20:02
ralsinaChipaca: here is the scraper for TED, knowck yourself out :-)20:04
ralsinaChipaca: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844896/20:04
dobeyand weather/sinuses making it hard to concentrate now, and making me tired :-/20:10
nessitadobey: I know I asked this before... but JIC, 2.99.4-0ubuntu2~precise1 is newer than 2.99.4-0ubuntu1 which is newer than 2.99.4-0ubuntu1~precise2, right?20:13
dobeynessita: can you get me a list of which pyqt modules we use exactly in sso and cp?20:24
nessitadobey: yes, give me a couple of mins that I'm debugging an issue deb found20:24
* nessita curses french20:25
=== Guest22071 is now known as gord
nessitadobey: this is what I got http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/844951/20:48
nessitagrepped over the project and got that20:48
nessitaso, basically: python-qt4-core, python-qt4-network, python-qt4-gui, and no idea where the uic module comes from20:49
dobeywell right now everything is in python-qt4 it seems. or most things are anyway20:50
dobeyuic is python-qt4-dev-tools or whatever it is20:50
nessitadobey: anything else I can do for you?20:52
dobeynessita: i don't think so. we will have to FFE getting qt stuff on CD20:53
nessitadobey: do we know if they fit yet?20:53
* nessita is not sure about that grammar correctness20:53
dobeynessita: no, the cd is still oversize20:55
nessitadobey: not-so-random FYI, i tried the installer the other day and after installing whatever it installed (the progress bar reached 100%), nothing else happened20:57
nessitadobey: but I guess we'll debug it when needed, if needed20:57
nessitaralsina: are you with time como para implement a small branch?21:06
ralsinanessita: no, pero quien sabe21:07
ralsinanessita: maybe tomorrow early21:07
nessitaralsina: so, in ubuntu_sso/main/qt.py, we need to implement the timeout_func21:07
nessitaralsina: perhaps you can apply your magical recipe from your blog?21:07
ralsinanessita: of course21:07
ralsinanessita: is there a bug for it?21:07
nessitaralsina: I think so, let me find it21:08
nessitabu, no, I'll file one21:08
nessitaralsina: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/93375821:10
ralsinanessita: ok, got it, will have something tomorrow21:11
nessitadobey: is it correct that Gtk API will return string bytes when asking get_label(), get_text(), etc? (instead of unicode)21:17
dobeynessita: yes. gtk has no concept of the unicode object in python21:18
dobeyyou'd have to convert if you want a unicode object21:18
nessitadobey: but I can certainly give to set_text() an unicode21:18
nessita(I'm doing it and it works...)21:18
dobeynessita: because python converts it to a string internally21:18
nessitaah... and why not convert when going in the other direction?21:19
nessita(curious now)21:19
dobeybecause python doesn't wrap the API. pyboejct does and it isn't doing it21:19
nessitaok, got it21:20
dobeypassing it as an argument though, python is doing the same thing as if you were to do: print "%s" % u'♥' or something similar though21:21
dobeyhrmm, we will have to find a light of room on the CD to fit, i think :(21:21
dobeybecause it's oversized already21:22
nessitadobey: how much webkit gives us?21:22
dobeyso if the langpacks refresh gets it back down to full disc size with no oversize, we'd still have to find almost 7 MB21:22
dobeywebkit was about 7MB i think21:23
dobeyand the CD is still 10MB oversized after that i think21:23
dobeyand if langpack refresh drops 10MB, then we'll be at 0MB oversize, but still no room for new packages21:24
helowhen can we buy music with bitcoin?21:54
beunohelo, no  :)21:55
heloi can wait till november, no prob :D21:57
beunohelo, November?21:58
beunowe're not going to be supporting paying with bitcoin in any forseable future21:58
heloopen source system, open source payment system ftw!22:11
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeynessita: well, i got us 40K back. but it's a long way to 7-8M at this rate :P22:26
nessitadobey: yey! and :-(22:26
dobeyanyway, my brain is pretty spent at this point, and freeze was 1.5 hrs ago, and time to ride the bike/rest up/something22:27
dobeyso, later :)22:28
nessitaok, I'm gone too22:49
nessitais too late already22:49
nessitabye all!22:50
Chipacaanybody with a little more german than me and google translate around?23:02
* Chipaca looks at thisfred 23:02
Chipacaneeding some help with the last Q&A of http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/hilfe?flash=off23:03
alecuChipaca, my wife has some german blood...23:03
alecuwould that help?23:03
Chipacaalecu: probably not, unless it's the kind of blood that tells me what Sendungs is in the context of that answer23:03
alecuChipaca, surely not then. :-)23:04
alecuChipaca, pindonga is the most germanish I know otherwise.23:04
alecuChipaca, perhaps it means "send dungs"?23:06
ChipacaNever mind. I think “Die Nutzung des Angebots ist ausschließlich nicht-kommerziellen Inhaltsanbietern gestattet.” kills it anyway.23:07
pedronisChipaca: yes23:10
Chipacanon-commercial use, yes?23:11
Chipacaand I suspect our use would be considered commercial, us being a company and them being a non-profit and all23:11
pedronisyes, non-commecial use only23:11
Chipacapedronis: thanks23:11
Chipacai'd say "awesome, thanks!" as usually, but, not awesome23:12
Chipacai was excited about having some german content :)23:12
Chipacaoh, hold on23:14
Chipacawe're just a search engine23:14
* Chipaca looks at robots.txt23:14
Chipacapedronis: does it say the use of the *rss* is non-commercial, or of the media itself?23:14
pedronisChipaca: the RSS feeds, at least for that paragraph23:17
Chipacapedronis: rats. thank you, again.23:17
thisfredChipaca: what'd I do?23:50
Chipacathisfred: nothing23:50
thisfredah german23:50
* briancurtin eod23:50
thisfredI moechte es versuchen23:50
Fury1306hi, is there any chance that contact sync will ever work again?  And if not I'd like to be able to export my contacts from the ubuntuone website and import them locally in evolution.23:51
thisfredlooks like all your questions were answered23:57
Chipacathisfred: yes, thank you :)23:58

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