ScottLTheMuso, ack00:11
TheMusoScottL: Ah I see why it was failing to build properly using an orig tarball and a diff.gz... abogani used symlinks, and a .diff.gz cannot represent symlinks.00:26
TheMusoScottL: Ok a much improved low latency kernel now on revu.00:46
ScottLTheMuso, outstanding!01:13
ScottLi'll poke apw about it01:13
TheMusoScottL: Hold up. I am going to push my changes to a git repo so he can look that over if need be. Give me a sec and I'll give you the URL for it.01:14
ScottLokay :)01:14
TheMusoScottL: Ok, I've pushed the current state of things to git://kernel.ubuntu.com/themuso/ubuntu-precise-lowlatency.git01:18
TheMusoafk for a bit01:20
ScottLdigging into the theme not settings, the lightdm not settings, and the xsession not settings thanks to len 's notes02:51
scott-worki'm not sure what to do, i have ping apw (kernel UKT guy) several times about the lowlatency kernel, in particular to ask about an ETA for his check, and i've gotten no response17:20
scott-worki really don't want to be dorky about this and make him mad by continuous pinging though17:20
scott-workthat is NOT a bridge i would like to burn17:20
holsteinyeah... whats the timeline though?17:20
scott-worki believe today is the feature freeze (although i could check that fact), which has been infered as the date we would need to get this done17:22
scott-workof course, we could also file a FFe17:22
scott-worktgardner says he will look at it though now :)17:22
ailoFeature freeze should be today within a few hours17:35
ailoGreat work scott-work 17:35
scott-workailo: thank you, but i really didn't do any _real_ work...basically it was been abogani and TheMuso 17:36
ailoscott-work: Absolutely, but you will have done your bit to help get the kernel into the repo, which is where we need it.17:38
TheMusoscott-work: Anybody uploaded the kernel to precise yet?20:23
TheMusoscott-work: I only ask because Tim gave his ok on revu.20:24
ailoscott-work_: ping20:25
scott-work_TheMuso: ailo:  sorry, been away doing stuff20:25
scott-work_TheMuso: i am not aware that anyone has uploaded it20:26
scott-work_TheMuso: would you like me to query a specific channel about the potential upload?20:26
scott-work_ailo: thank you for pinging me again20:26
TheMusoscott-work_: No, I don't think it would have been uploaded yet, so I will do it, and we will see how things go. I am confident it should be ok given Tim's review.20:27
scott-work_TheMuso: outstanding!20:27
TheMusoscott-work_: We only then need to get a meta package into the archive, but that shouldn't be difficult.20:27
scott-work_quite an exciting milestone for us20:27
* TheMuso goes to push the button.20:28
scott-work_TheMuso: and update our seeds to include the kernel as well :)20:28
* ailo stands ready with the champagne20:28
micahgTheMuso: you still need a second MOTU to review it20:28
TheMusomicahg: Tim is a core-dev?20:29
TheMusoHe didn't actually advocate on revu, but gave it a +1.20:29
TheMusoin comments.20:29
* TheMuso checks to be sure.20:30
micahgyeah, he is20:30
micahgphew, saves me from doing it :)20:30
TheMusoOk, will go ahead then.20:31
TheMusoabogani: Please pull from git://kernel.ubuntu.com/themuso/ubuntu-precise-lowlatency.git when you get a chance, there are some packaging changes in there that will be going into the upload to precise, and your tree is still the given tree in the Vcs-Git field.20:33
TheMusoabogani: Tim basically redid your tree, removed the quilt patch and made it a git commit. I also removed the symbolic links, as they prevented the package from being built with the upstream kernel.org tarball.20:34
TheMusoscott-work_: Longer term, I think we need to move the tree to somewhere where all three of us can colaborate on it.20:35
TheMusoscott-work_: I'm happy to do the packaging legwork if you guys maintain it.20:35
scott-work_TheMuso: do you mean in bzr or in a git repository?  in the blueprint there was discussion about using git so we can easily rebase on kernel changes i believe20:37
TheMusoscott-work_: Yes git. You don't want to use bzr, and git means that you get all the commit history from the kernel team, and the upstrea kernel.20:39
TheMusoscott-work_: I was thinking we set up a team on gitorious or some such.20:39
TheMusoAnd, the kernel goes up with 20 minutes to spare. :p20:40
TheMusoAnd the kernel is uploaded.20:58
scott-work_thank you very much TheMuso and abogani for your work on this, it certainly would not have been possible without you!  :-D21:07
scott-work_i need to update the blueprint as well :)21:07
TheMusoThat reminds me...21:08
lenSO I take it the new kernel will show in tomorrows ISO?21:09
scott-work_len: not until we update the seeds and then update the metas21:11
scott-work_so this might be a week or so21:11
scott-work_BUT i can update the seeds for audacity and mudita during the same time21:11
TheMusoNot even then. It has to be approved in the new queue.21:11
scott-work_len: and thank you for your email for the lightdm stuff, i'm going to respond with details and i'm making the changes21:11
TheMusoWe also need to upload the linux-lowlatency-meta package which abogani has in git, but that shouldn't be a problem getting in.21:11
lenI am also looking at the jackd package. I am thinking we should be able to put a config file in the settings package that sets real time for jackd.21:13
lenActually it would tell the jack package we answered yes.21:13
lenscott-work: I will email what I think would work.21:15
lenThe other area that needs looking at theme wise is the second panel.21:16
lenIt has a number of selections for programs that we don't ship. I can edit that file too to at least remove the stuff we don't have.21:17
lenPersonally, I would remove the second panel, but then I have a small screen.21:17
lenscott-work_  ^^21:29
scott-work_len: aye, as you noted previously, there are menu items that don't work as well (as with the panel)22:16
scott-work_i was choosing not to address this quite yet until we get a working live-dvd, ubiquity working, yadda, yadda22:16
scott-work_but also because i wanted to address the menu structure at the same time as these items, even though we will be touching the default-settings package again22:17
holsteinwow!... thanks *so* much ScottL & TheMuso & micahg ...we have a kernel for RT!23:15
TheMusoLow latency anyway.23:42
holsteinyup... it should work23:44
holsteinour crack testing team indicates :)23:44
ailoIt works with flying colors!23:44
ailoEvery distro should have one!23:45
ailoEven better would be if the generic kernel was scalable somehow that you didn't need -lowlatency23:46
holsteini think we are close23:46
holsteini bet 14.04 doent need it23:47
ailoholstein: Don't bet on it23:47
ailoI mean, the code is already there23:47
ailoI don't know who controls whether a vanilla linux would be better or worse for realtime23:48
ailoBut, as long as there is no interest for that to happen, it might only happen by chance23:48
ailoAnd in that case, it might work well for one linux version for example, but the next one not23:48
holsteinwe'll see23:49
holsteinas long as we have our lowlatency one :)23:49
ailoIt's not in anyway a natural direction for kernel development AFAIK23:50
ailoIt might be. I'm just guessing23:50
ailo-lowlatency is pure gold23:51

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