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knomemadnick, you here?10:50
madnickknome: for a while :)11:40
knomemadnick, how well do you know the current lightdm greeter?11:41
madnickknome: the one that is in the image atm?11:42
madnickWell, I got the source code, and Ive looked at it a lot11:42
knomeokay, good to know11:43
knomewe're thinking that we might just try to fix some issues in that for P11:43
madnickwhich issues?11:43
knomewe'd like a bit better theming, maybe dark panel and dialog, and change the computer icon11:44
madnickoh okay11:44
knomelittle things like that11:44
knomeyeah, we know11:46
knomei need to take a shower11:48
ochosihey madnick 13:33
Unit193Did you end up with all the tests you needed for yesterday?20:20
charlie-tcaI am still running kubuntu lucid tests today20:20
Unit193I can't run 64, but I was doing the Xubu ones late.20:21
charlie-tcaI will run them tomorrow, probably. I won't be able to today20:21
Unit193It'll be easier to run some today, need a few still?20:22
charlie-tcasure. We don't have any done today20:23

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