danweehello everybody, need help as usual for juju08:40
danweei copy pasted the error i m getting if anyone be kind to check it out : http://paste.ubuntu.com/844334/08:42
danweeanybody can help with juju ?11:09
koolhead11danwee: try mailing list. As not every developer is present every time, because of the timezone constrain11:11
danweemmm ok11:34
jamespageanyone having problems using the local provider with juju from ppa on precise today?14:19
jamespagecan't seem to get more that one lxc instance started :-(14:19
koolhead11jamespage: the juju path migh have log about the services you wanted juju to execute. the container log might help :)14:21
jamespagehmm; well container.log does not contain anything useful14:23
jamespageI can see from the unit logs that the first lxc instance is fine;14:23
jamespageI then: juju add-unit14:23
jamespagethe second instance never manages to connect to zookeeper14:24
jamespagethe first instance drops its connections14:24
jamespageand I can't access either the first or second instance :-(14:24
jamespageI think the second lxc instance networking trounces the first - I get DUP pings back14:34
jamespagehmm - both instances have the same mac address - that sounds bad...14:41
jamespagelooks like the template configuration gets a hwaddr which then propagates elsewhere14:49
jamespageah - I see - lxc-clone does not scrub the hwaddr15:03
danweebitte helfen sie mie mit juju15:10
danweehelp needed with juju15:13
jamespagedanwee, what help do you need?15:19
danweejamespage, when i try to connect juju to a machine i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/844334/15:30
danweejuju installed on orchestra server15:30
jamespagedanwee, OK - so what command did you run previous to that one?15:30
jamespagejuju bootstrap maybe?15:30
danweejuju bootstrap15:30
danweeand it finished successfuly15:31
danweeany ideas15:32
hazmatjamespage, oops indeed15:38
jamespagehazmat, bug 934256 raised15:39
_mup_Bug #934256: lxc-clone should replace/change hwaddr when cloning containers <amd64> <apport-bug> <precise> <lxc (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/934256 >15:39
jamespagedanwee, OK - so that just means it initiate the process - not that it completed15:40
jamespagecan you see that the remote host being used at the bootstrap node is running?15:40
danweeyes its running, i net booted it with cobbler and aquired by juju15:42
danweeit can see the node , but you can see on the log that the server itself is refusing the connection to the client15:43
danweemy guess is that juju is the client , and the server refusing the connection juju trying to make15:44
danweewhy , i dont know15:45
jamespagedanwee, so the juju client is trying to connect to "testata" on port 218115:47
jamespagethats the bootstrap node15:48
jamespagecan you see if that is up and running?15:48
danweejamespage, i think juju client trying to connect to the orchestra server on port 53402, but is failing , i think that after the juju command , the server ssh to the machine and succeeds but when juju tried to make a connection to this machine using the local port 53402 on the server inorder to connect to the remote port , the server refuses the connection from juju16:31
jamespagedanwee, it would indicate that zookeeper is not running on the boostrap node16:53
jamespagerather than the node not running at all16:54
jamespagecan you ssh to testata and take a look16:54
danweetake a look at ?16:55
danweei got to go, you take care and thanks for help16:56
danweewe ll be in touch16:56
jamespagebye :-)17:00
_mup_Bug #934350 was filed: Upgrade charm should work from any state <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/934350 >17:23
danweehello, need help in juju19:30
SpamapSdanwee: what can we do for you?19:58
danweeSpamapS, tell me what you think  http://paste.ubuntu.com/844334/20:00
danweeSpamapS, any ideas ?20:26
SpamapSdanwee: sorry I'm on phone calls20:41
danweeSpamapS, guess no help is coming20:43
hazmatSpamapS, do you have manual tests in any of the charms extant?22:37
hazmatSpamapS, nevermind i see some22:38

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