grmlscan you explain me the different between http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ and http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/00:04
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Riddellgrmls: they are different websites?00:22
grmls*gg* 00:23
grmlswhat are the different between the isos on these websites00:23
Riddellcdimages.ubuntu.com has daily ISOs for testing, iso.qa.ubuntu.com has forms to fill in test reports from when you test those ISOs00:24
grmlshow old are the ISOs from iso.qa.ubuntu.com?00:35
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tsdgeosapachelogger: "Phonon5: Port to GTK+ " ?10:33
KRFanyone else experiencing graphical glitches in 12.04 (likely caused by nvidia drivers)?10:52
KRFgetting weird artifacts like line edits with backgrounds / flickering when opening yakuake / etc.10:53
KRFline edits with *black* backgrounds even :)10:53
KRFwell, fixed by rebooting.11:06
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Riddellaww barry didn't upload a fix to telepathy-qt4, that'll be fiddly12:30
debfxwhat's wrong with it?12:33
Riddelldebfx: I turned on the tests and they didn't pass in a buildd chroot12:34
Riddelldebfx: so it needs some magic to add LD_LIBRARY_PATH or similar12:34
Riddellbut it's cdbs and I seem to have forgotten all about how to use cdbs12:34
Riddelland I think the only way to test is uploading to a PPA which will take ages to get test results12:35
debfxseriously, cdbs?!12:35
debfxI was hoping we could get rid of cdbs in kubuntu packages ...12:35
debfxusually cmake manages to set rpath correctly during the build12:36
Riddellit's not well maintained in debian12:36
Riddellit might be worth just changing it do dh912:37
Riddelland debian might well pick it up from us when they get round to packaging telepathy-kde12:37
debfxunless cdbs thinks it's smart and disables rpath completely ...12:37
Riddelldunno, it builds locally but not in a buildd chroot12:37
Riddellbut dh9 will have more of a chance to just do the right thing since it's more modern and maintained12:38
debfxyeah switching to dh has my full support :)12:38
Riddellok maybe I'll just do that, or feel free to take it yourself if you've spare time12:39
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apacheloggertsdgeos: why not? :)13:17
apacheloggerKRF: glitches is not quite the right word, I cannot watch any prn because xv decided to cause crashes of X :(13:18
KRFapachelogger: reboot13:18
mikecb_new parental control drm in X13:20
BluesKaj'Morning All13:28
mikecb_haha, I'm reading the gettinginvolved section on development, and at the end is Career:  1. Ninja, 2. Legend, 3. apachelogger13:28
BluesKajhmm, no more DD or DTS passthru with pulseaudio 13:29
mikecb_BluesKaj: since the 4.6 upgrade?13:45
tsdgeosapachelogger: because Qt is muuuuch better? :D13:46
BluesKajmikecb_,  no , since yesterday , and I've been on 4.8 for a while13:48
BluesKajdamn pulseaudio is like an addictive drug , the audio devs got lazy and became dependent on a halfbaked soundserver that works on most soundcards but with crappy audio that most pc audio masks anyway13:52
BluesKajthat's my rant for the day13:52
BluesKajin order to avoid all the added distortion I use the digital passthru to feed the DAC in my amplifier , thereby avoiding pulseaudio's "effects",mbut now the passthru doesn't even do it's job...something is definitely amiss 13:55
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mikecb_I don't think pulse can do passthrough14:04
BluesKajmikecb_,  it does,14:05
mikecb_reading an old thing14:05
BluesKajask the guys at #pulseaudio14:05
mikecb_yeah, sorry, was reading an old setup guide14:07
BluesKajmikecb_,  I've been using the passthru for 5mos or so . Previously I was using my onboard soundcard which didn't need pulse to play web/flashaudio . However, my new pci soundcard requires pulse to do so .14:10
mikecb_I hate when that happens14:10
BluesKajalsa used to be enough14:11
mikecb_what maudio card is it?14:11
BluesKajthe audiophile 19214:15
BluesKajanyway im just purged pulse..gonna reboot14:16
RiddellScottK: the only comments I've seen from other teams on splitting pyqt is "not much to gain because QtCore and QtGui are the largest modules"14:18
Riddellwhich is accurate enough14:18
koolhead11hi yofel 14:18
koolhead11hello Riddell 14:19
Riddellhi koolhead11 14:19
Riddellso what should I put in this weeks Kubuntu release team report?14:19
RiddellI might just point them towards my blog :)14:19
ScottKRiddell: OK.14:31
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mikecb_riddell, good post.  It'll get people excited.  Maybe add what got in before the freeze?14:40
Riddellmikecb_: post to ubuntu-release list?14:40
Riddellor blog post?14:41
mikecb_blog post14:41
Riddellthat is mostly what got in before feature freeze, another update for one of the betas would be a good idea14:41
mikecb_re: "what shouldI put in this weeks kubuntu rt report?"14:41
mikecb_the new stuff in phonon was also cool14:42
Riddellmikecb_: what's new in phonon (besides being 0.1 better)?14:43
mikecb_replacement of the whole pipeline, gapless playback, removal of 2k lines of code for the gstreamer backend, and vlc-2 support for the vlc backend14:45
mikecb_oops, wrong one: http://wm161.net/2012/02/16/phonon-gstreamer-4-6/14:46
mikecb_and the vlc supposedly got more stable14:46
Riddellooh gapless playback works!14:49
mikecb_ooh, and digikam 2.6 right?14:52
Riddell2.5 we're going for, 2.6 is in beta14:53
mikecb_those guys move fast14:54
mikecb_for those who do a lot of c++ kde stuff, do you prefer kdevelop or qtcreator?15:01
Riddellmikecb_: emacs or kate :)15:03
Tm_Tnano or kate15:03
Tm_Tdon't know why, but I never learned out of nano ):15:04
mikecb_nano is where it's at15:04
Riddellnano for programming?  it's word wrap is way too limited15:04
mikecb_or ed15:04
Tm_TRiddell: yeah, but that has never bitten me badly enough it seems15:05
Tm_Tit's syntax hilight works well enough too15:05
Tm_Tits too15:06
mikecb_nano has syntax hilighting?15:06
Riddellfriendly words in #kubuntu 15:13 < designbybeck> kudos all KDE/Kubuntu developers and contributers! Thank you all!15:24
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apacheloggertsdgeos: that is a myth a GTK+ dev told me :P15:47
apacheloggeryofel: ping15:48
apacheloggermikecb_: pvlc  is not only more stable but also faster15:48
apacheloggerthe amount of classes got reduced by 50%15:49
apacheloggeras 50% were utterly pointless abstracton15:49
apacheloggerback from when the backend was for both vlc and mplayer15:49
apachelogger(which is a utterly bogus idea to begin with)15:49
Riddellapachelogger: so mplayer backend is gone or just less functional than it could have been if it was well maintained?15:54
apacheloggerwell, it was never maintained by us, so I might not be the best person to comment15:55
apacheloggerbut I get the impression it is pretty non-functional15:55
yofelapachelogger: pong16:01
apacheloggeryofel: did no one backport the krandr in startkde stuff to oneiric ppa?16:01
yofelhm? I believe I did16:02
* yofel rechecks16:02
apacheloggerSput claims it is still there16:02
BluesKaj mplayer seems ok here 16:03
Riddellapachelogger: wasn't there a distro that used the mplayer backend?  like debian?16:03
apacheloggerI dunno, there own fault then :P16:04
apacheloggerthe phonominals only support vlc and gstreamer16:04
BluesKajaltho it's my last resort mplayer is working , just no digital passthryu other than pcm16:04
apacheloggerwhich was announced many times since new management took over :P16:04
Sputapachelogger: oneiric with the KDE backport stuff16:05
BluesKajdigital audio passthru that is 16:05
yofelSput: which kde-workspace version?16:05
Sputyofel: how do I figure that out? :)16:06
yofel4:4.8.0b-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa2 doesn't have the broken patch16:06
* Sput is an apt noob16:06
yofelSput: apt-cache policy kde-workspace16:06
yofelkde-workspace-bin to be precise16:06
SputInstalled: 4:4.7.97-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa116:06
Sputwhy don't I have 4.816:06
yofelyou have the beta ppa enabled, not backports16:06
yofelsudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports16:07
yofeland update16:07
Sputok, thx :)16:07
SputI thought I had backports enabled... mmh.16:07
Sputhmm. indeed I have16:08
apacheloggerwith the oneiric pocket?16:09
SputI'll just copy the beta file in sources.list.d and patch that, as add-apt-repository fails miserably behind a proxy16:10
apacheloggerso it does16:10
apacheloggeras does python in general :S16:10
Sputok, that looks good16:12
Sputthx :)16:12
Riddellrandom e-mail du jour, launchpad help request http://paste.kde.org/424040/16:25
RiddellI don't even know the one lines answer on where to point him16:25
Riddelllaunchpad help wiki?16:25
RiddellDarkwing: happy birthday!16:28
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Happy birthday Darkwing! | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr
yofelhappy birthday Darkwing16:29
Ezimhi channel16:47
shadeslayervalorie: Did I mention they released booktype? http://news.slashdot.org/story/12/02/16/141235/booktype-an-open-source-cross-platform-approach-to-e-book-publishing16:53
Riddellwhat's that?16:53
shadeslayerRiddell: the newer version of the platform that we wrote our KDE Guide on16:54
shadeslayer*alot* smoother16:54
shadeslayerImprovements by the bucketload16:54
shadeslayeralso, I'm on /. :P16:54
* shadeslayer ponders what happened to his composting16:55
Riddellshadeslayer: that's not what the thing nightrose is using is?16:55
shadeslayerI don't think so, but I think it's a awesome platform16:56
shadeslayerI'm not sure what Nightrose is using for her book tho16:56
Riddellyou might want to point her at it incase it's usefl16:56
shadeslayerGood idea, I think she already knows about it16:56
Riddellgetting on slashdot is truely a sign you've made it in the geek world.  alas it's sometimes a bad sign16:57
shadeslayerbad sign? :O16:58
* shadeslayer hopes not in this case16:58
mikecb_3 gigs of ram required?17:02
mikecb_is that bc of the collaborative stuff?17:03
kubotushadeslayer meant: "huh?"17:06
shadeslayerRiddell: is there a lightdm kcm module shipped with the greeter?17:07
shadeslayerderp, there it is17:08
bambee_woo pgst 4.6 is packaged! <317:10
Ezimhi guys I am trying on making package from source. If any one can help with som question plz write PM to me.17:35
Ezimthis application does is not in our repo. maybe good to mention that.17:35
shadeslayerEzim: Is it a package related to KDE?17:36
shadeslayerif so, you can discuss it here ...17:36
Ezimshadeslayer, yes .17:36
EzimI have created debian-folder17:36
shadeslayerEzim: you can just discuss the issue here17:36
Ezimnow on debian/control I need to write Build-Depends17:37
Ezimthere is already after creating debian-folder17:37
Ezimdebhelper (>= 8.0.0), cmake17:37
shadeslayerright, and the problem is?17:38
Ezimshould I try to build and se if it ask for me build-depends in debian/control?17:38
shadeslayerEzim: those are the basic build depends for any KDE Package, you need to go through CMakeLists.txt to find out what else is required to build the package17:39
Ezimshadeslayer, thx. that was what I was searching for. thx.17:39
shadeslayersure np :)17:39
Ezimshadeslayer, it is not clear to me which is needed.17:41
shadeslayerEzim: pastebin the file somewhere :)17:41
shadeslayerI can guide you through what is needed17:41
Ezimshadeslayer, http://paste.kde.org/424106/17:42
Ezimhttp://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Cantata?content=147733  (trying to build this one)17:43
shadeslayerEzim: lines 166 to 168, you need libqt4-dev17:43
Ezimpackage from repo and build new one is easy (most times).17:43
Ezimlibqt4-dev <<--- that I know. also easyiso needed when i build it.17:44
shadeslayerFIND_PACKAGE( KDE4 ) << kdelibs5-dev should do the trick there17:44
shadeslayerline 199 : libtag1-dev17:44
Ezimshadeslayer, say to me how you know which one to pick?17:44
shadeslayerEzim: it comes with practice :P17:45
Ezim:( that does not really help me to understand17:45
shadeslayerEzim: okay, so do you want to know which dev headers to pick or how the variables are set?17:46
Ezimshadeslayer, first one I suppose?17:46
shadeslayerah ok, so, lets take line 19917:47
shadeslayer    find_package(Taglib)17:47
shadeslayerthat makes CMake search for Taglib, now in Ubuntu/Debian, most libraries are called libfooSOVERSION and development headers are libfoo-dev17:47
shadeslayerif you  do something like : apt-cache search libtaglib | grep dev , you get ... libtag1-dev17:48
shadeslayerno wait : apt-cache search libtag | grep dev17:48
shadeslayerEzim: so it's a bit of trial and error17:49
shadeslayerEzim: try line 246 for yourself17:49
Ezimshadeslayer, okey lets take one thing first then jump to other. okey? this is to much for newbie me :).17:52
shadeslayerEzim: sure, what's the problem? :)17:53
Ezimfrom 166-168 how did you know it was libqt4-dev?17:53
shadeslayer"SET( QT_USE_QTNETWORK TRUE )" <- Uses Qt headers17:54
shadeslayermore specifically, the QtNetwork components17:54
Ezimshadeslayer, I see. 17:54
Ezimshadeslayer, is it okey I copy/paste all the things you write now?17:54
Ezimgood to read afterwards17:55
shadeslayerEzim: http://qtnode.net/wiki/Qt4_with_cmake#cmake:_enable.2Fdisable_parts_of_the_qt_library17:55
Ezimshadeslayer, sorry but what exactly supposed this link tell me?17:57
shadeslayerEzim: a brief explanation of the CMake vars that you can use to select certain parts of the Qt Library17:58
Ezimshadeslayer, let me see if I understand correctly. "QT_USE_QTNETWORK TRUE" line 166 I now they want libqt4-dev.18:00
shadeslayerEzim: nope, that's just saying, Use the QtNetwork component of Qt18:00
shadeslayerEzim: line 171 says I need Qt to build18:01
Ezimshadeslayer, now I see.18:01
EzimFIND_PACKAGE( KDE4 ) <<--- this always indicates on < kdelibs5-dev?18:02
shadeslayerEzim: yes, you can also specify the exact version of KDE you want like : FIND_PACKAGE(KDE4 4.6.90 REQUIRED)18:04
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shadeslayerwhere REQUIRED means you *have* to have KDE headers18:04
Ezimshadeslayer, danke sire.18:04
Ezimnow let us see if I can find answer on find_package(Mtp)18:05
shadeslayersure no problem :)18:05
shadeslayerI'm right here, feel free to ping18:05
Ezimshadeslayer, :) I will bing do not worry.18:05
Ezimshadeslayer, answer is: libmtp-dev  ?18:08
shadeslayeryep :)18:08
Ezimshadeslayer, apt-cache search mtp | grep dev  <<---- correct searching way or should I use muon?18:09
shadeslayerEzim: apt-cache offers more flexibility as compared to Muon, but then it's completely your choice18:10
shadeslayerapt-cache allows me to pipe output to multiple grep's etc18:10
Ezimshadeslayer, okey boss.18:10
shadeslayerheh :P18:11
shadeslayerRiddell: does yahoo work for you?18:11
shadeslayererm, on KDE Telepathy I mea18:11
Ezimlibqt4-dev,  kdelibs5-dev, libtag1-dev and libmtp-dev are does that are needed?18:12
Ezimbeside the default ones18:12
shadeslayershould do the trick18:12
Ezimshadeslayer, danke sir. 18:13
Ezimshadeslayer, thx :) it worked.18:17
Ezimshadeslayer, is most of the kde/qt apps cmake or qmake?18:19
shadeslayermostly, yes18:19
Ezimhey HakanS :).18:19
HakanSEzim: Hi.18:19
EzimHakanS, :) you know who I am? 18:20
Ezimchanged my nick recently. 18:20
HakanSEzim: Yes. Kurdistan.18:22
EzimHakanS, :) good.18:49
Ezimshadeslayer, :) read my PM comment. 18:49
debfxshadeslayer: is anyone from telepathy-qt4 upstream on irc?18:52
shadeslayerdebfx: yes, andrunko in #telepathy18:53
shadeslayernp :)18:55
Ezimshadeslayer, is there any good debian/(k)ubuntu way making patch with quilt?18:59
Ezimdocument or so.18:59
shadeslayererr ... maybe, lemme have a look19:00
shadeslayerEzim: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/QuiltMagic19:01
Ezimshadeslayer, thx.19:03
CIA-42[kubuntu-default-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20120217191346-m2f7hg05msiysixc * lib/plymouth/themes/kubuntu-logo/ (background.png kubuntu-logo.script) more wip19:13
apacheloggerohhhh the postal service19:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: yo19:15
shadeslayeryo yo apachelogger19:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: how does one make ktp autoconnect on startup?19:16
* apachelogger appears to be too stupid to make that happen19:16
shadeslayerGood question, I can't seem to find such a option as well19:16
apacheloggeruh, that is one big pita 19:17
shadeslayerI'm guessing you add the presence plasmoid and set your presence to online when you start :P19:17
apacheloggerthat is flawed19:17
apacheloggerwhat if I forget :S19:17
apacheloggerwhich I do all the time19:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: please be fixing :P19:17
shadeslayerbut what if you forget to go offline?19:17
apacheloggeror tell someone19:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'm not entirely sure if I want to be online as soon as I login19:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, there should be a tickbox 'always connect on login'19:17
shadeslayerah ok19:18
* shadeslayer was debugging why yahoo stoppped working19:18
apacheloggerfrom a UX perspective restoring previous state woud be best :P19:18
apacheloggerfacebook is no worky for me19:18
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, there's this weird fb xmpp bug where I have to login into facebook to send messages19:18
shadeslayerhappens on OS X for me as well19:18
apacheloggernow it works19:18
shadeslayernot sure why19:18
apacheloggeryesterday it was failing claiming there was a network error19:19
shadeslayeryeah, fb is weird 19:19
shadeslayerthis is what happens when you use proprietary chat systems :P19:19
shadeslayerand then release half baked wrapper interfaces around them 19:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: xmpp is just a wrapper around facebook's own implementation afaik19:20
shadeslayerlike what MSN did19:20
shadeslayer"purple/yahoo-CRITICAL **: Authentication error: Account locked: Too many failed login attempts.  Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.. Code 1213"19:20
Ezimeven if they are now using xmpp, linux chat client will not be able to have webcam chat.19:21
apacheloggerwho uses that anyway?19:21
apacheloggerfrom what I heared their webcam stuff is utter fail19:22
Ezimapachelogger, :) people that uses msn?19:22
apacheloggereven skype does better19:22
apachelogger<df> i want to install android rom for my toshiba tg0119:22
apacheloggercurious question in a kubuntu channel ^^19:22
Ezimapachelogger, m$ is behind skype now. I think it will s-ck even more for us linux users.19:22
apacheloggergoogle hangouts are the only real thing anyway19:23
debfxRiddell: telepathy-qt4 package is ready: http://people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/telepathy-qt4_0.9.0+repack-0ubuntu3.debdiff19:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: microsof acquired skype like way back from ebay19:23
apachelogger2 years ago I think19:23
shadeslayerfrom ebay? are you sure?19:23
apacheloggerseems skype is still largely independent though19:23
shadeslayerI thought skype was independent from other orgs19:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: skype was acquired by ebay in like 2007 or so19:23
shadeslayerhmm ... never heard of that, was still in school and sweating about how to get into a Uni19:24
apacheloggeras long as amarok can eat my cpu everyone is happy19:24
* apachelogger shoots amarok19:24
apacheloggerwow, crash on exit19:25
apacheloggerI love those19:25
shadeslayerwhee, yahoo working again19:25
apacheloggeroh, akonadi also plays the cpu eating game?19:25
apacheloggerdo we have any software left that does not want to eat my cpu?19:25
Ezim:) clementine is the sh-t. 19:26
* apachelogger needs to buy a PC19:27
apacheloggerand a new laptop19:28
apacheloggerand new speakers19:28
* apachelogger doesn't have monies for either :(19:28
Ezimapachelogger, :) there are kde user out there does not agree that akonadi eats cpu. 19:29
apacheloggerit usually doesn't 19:29
apacheloggernot sure what is wrong here19:30
apacheloggerthe system has been acting up all day19:30
Ezimapachelogger, for me akonadi/virtuso likes eating cpu.19:30
apacheloggerthe trick is to not use nepomuk :P19:30
Ezimapachelogger, exactly what I am doing now.19:30
apacheloggerthat bugger never worked for me, primarily because I have a gigantic home with all sorts of files19:31
* apachelogger probably has a billion files in his home ^^19:31
Ezimapachelogger, I think there is lot of kde user that disables nepomuk.19:31
bulldog98apachelogger: try to exclude most of them for the indexing19:32
apacheloggerbulldog98: nepomuk still has to do dir listing and whatnot19:32
apacheloggerotherwise the exclusion wouldn't make sense19:32
bulldog98Ezim: I have it on19:32
apacheloggerand doing that on my ~800 git repos + 300 bzr repos is a jolly bad idea19:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: did you spend all your GSoC moniez on booze again?19:32
apacheloggersheytan: \o/19:33
apacheloggersheytan: dude, we missed you19:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: yes :(19:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: and coke19:33
sheytanapachelogger i hope so! :D19:33
sheytanbrb, let me eat my lunch first ;)19:34
apacheloggerawww :(19:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: more like cigarettes19:34
apacheloggersheytan: I hope you are feeling creative today, coz I has great things that need doing19:34
apacheloggerfirst order of business: boot splash19:34
shadeslayeralright, I'm off to bed19:34
Ezimapachelogger, working on plymouth?19:35
Ezimbulldog98, not me. :)19:35
shadeslayersheytan: btw remember that asci mockup I made?19:35
shadeslayersheytan: muwhahaha : http://www.asciiflow.com/19:35
apacheloggeroh my I think I need to restart19:36
apacheloggerit is all falling apart19:36
apacheloggersheytan: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/16/plasma-desktopT12928.png19:36
apacheloggerI'd need a kubuntu logo for that19:36
bulldog98Ezim: I find it very usefull to search for content19:36
apacheloggersheytan: I was thinking about something sunken relief ... i.e. shadows going in as if kubuntu was carved into the wallpaper19:37
* apachelogger is rebooting now19:37
Ezimapachelogger, looks good but what is the difference from now?19:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: Might I suggest just using the Kubuntu Icon and not the entire text?19:37
Ezimbulldog98, oki.19:37
apacheloggershadeslayer: sure, if you tell me how in combo with aryia :P19:37
shadeslayeryou don't really need to use aryia ;)19:37
shadeslayerjust the logo, on a blue background19:38
shadeslayerkeep it simple, really19:38
apacheloggerblue doesn't work no more19:38
apacheloggerit looks like crap going from blue to aryia grey19:38
shadeslayerokay, something else, but just a simple gradient with the icon on it19:38
apacheloggerscrew gradients19:38
apacheloggerthis is not the 90s19:38
apacheloggerfor all I care I'd all give you a 50mib initrd :P19:38
apacheloggerlike mine19:39
apacheloggerjust to ensure that it looks sexxi19:39
Ezimnot big fan of current ariya splash screen19:39
apacheloggernow really reboot19:39
shadeslayerthink of the CD Size!19:39
yofelif you use a gradient, then you'll need to throw ariya out of kdm19:40
shadeslayerget it-s and sheytan to design something awesome then :)19:40
yofelas it would be: gradient -> ariya -> fuzzy grey (ksplash) -> ariay19:40
yofelthat's horribly inconsistent19:40
* yofel doesn't get why ksplash doesn't use ariya19:41
Ezimhi yofel :).19:41
yofelhi Ezim19:41
shadeslayeryofel: exams over? :D19:41
yofelyup :D19:41
shadeslayerLets hash out some specs for the automation script tomorrow19:42
* shadeslayer goes off to sleep19:43
shadeslayerfor real this time19:43
apacheloggeryofel: yeah, that is a bit curious19:44
apachelogger... the ksplash not using ariya19:45
apacheloggeralso lp:~apachelogger/+junk/ksplash19:46
bulldog98apachelogger: as far as I see it is supposed to use it19:53
apacheloggermaybe someone messed up then :P19:54
yofellikely me as I did the wallpaper and splash stuff back then19:54
apacheloggereverything is possible20:00
apacheloggerI think I am stupid or something20:03
* apachelogger fails to find the theme in kde git20:03
yofelhm, everything is properly installed20:03
yofelapachelogger: git clone kde-workspace?20:04
yofelhm, has no ariya though o.O20:04
apacheloggerthat's what I am saying20:04
yofeloh 20:04
yofelapachelogger: for some reason it's in svn trunk/KDE/kde-base-artwork20:05
apacheloggerthey forgot to take graphics into account when moving to git :P20:06
apacheloggeryofel: does it have ariya though?20:06
yofelnot particulary20:07
yofelat least it's a different background20:07
yofelhm, currently the splash is using ariya for me - I guess they switched that20:09
* yofel was using that minimalistic qml one for a while20:10
* apachelogger encodes video20:11
mikecbI like it20:19
* yofel pummles kconfig20:19
sheytanapachelogger: i have a vision of  a clean screen, without gradiented background for plymouth20:21
sheytani had a mockup somwhere even20:21
sheytani will not do it today, have to do a baner for my work20:21
apacheloggersheytan: also didn't you have a new ubiquity design?20:22
sheytanbut tomorrow is a good date i guess :)20:22
sheytanapachelogger: not really20:22
apacheloggersheytan: next week is ui freeze, if you get me something by then it is fine20:22
yofelapachelogger: did you adjust the colors for the text splash too?20:22
apacheloggeryofel: yes, unless the update overwrote it20:22
sheytanapachelogger: i should get it done till sunday :)20:22
yofelawesomeness then :D20:22
* apachelogger hugs sheytan20:22
apacheloggeryofel: the plymouth code of our splash is still shady :P20:23
apacheloggerreally messy beast20:23
sheytanapachelogger: i can't find that mock, but as I said. I will do it tomorrow :)20:24
apacheloggersheytan: http://madsheytan.blogspot.com/2011/03/instalator-kubuntu-pokaz-slajdow-mockup.html20:25
sheytanapachelogger: it's only for slideshow, not a ubiquity UI mockup :)_20:26
apacheloggeralso I am not sure how to implement that20:26
sheytanbut if you want to push this to next release would be grat :)20:26
apacheloggerwe might just want to redo the installer partially in qml20:26
apacheloggerso that be better done for precise+120:26
apacheloggeror at least the slideshow20:27
apacheloggeras that is a completely separate part anyway20:27
apacheloggerso potential for regression is minimal20:27
sheytantechnical side belongs to you 20:27
sheytani know how to make the UI, you - the code :)20:28
apacheloggerbut also from the design side that is not very useful :P20:28
apacheloggeri.e. what does the stage before the slideshow look like20:28
mikecbanyone worried that that statement isn't technically correct?  codec installation still isn't perfect20:28
sheytanas is now20:28
apacheloggersheytan: then the mockup does not match, does it?20:28
apacheloggerwhere would the slideshow go?20:29
apacheloggerwhere it is now?20:29
sheytanapachelogger: first you see the ubiquity installer as is now, you set all the stuff. In the end you type your user name, pass etc. Then you click "next" or something. After that, every thing disappears and you see the slideshow with a progres bar, information about kubuntu, the icons, etc20:30
* apachelogger fears then the carousel at the bottom would look a bit strange20:30
sheytani will not :)20:30
apacheloggersheytan: but the progress bar is there beforehand :)20:30
apacheloggerinstallation also starts before the slideshow20:31
sheytanthat correct20:31
apacheloggerso exchanging the entire ui at this point seems a bit weird to me20:31
sheytanstuff i made isin't to be putted into that small window (where the slideshow is now)20:31
apacheloggerperhaps with some snazzy animation or something20:31
apacheloggersheytan: yeah, I understand20:31
sheytanso trust me :D20:31
apacheloggerso we have x and we have y20:31
apacheloggerand I have no idea how to get from x to y without looking weird ^^20:32
apacheloggeroh, actually I have an idea20:32
apacheloggerbut that involves rewriting the entire installer in QML :P20:32
apacheloggeralso quite excessive animations20:32
apachelogger... the entire x ui (installer) falling apart, only the parts we need remain (progress bar) and move to a new position whilist the slideshow appears20:33
sheytancan't you just get rid of that ubiquity window and go to full screen stuff instead?20:33
apacheloggerthat is quite a lot of work TBH 20:33
apacheloggersheytan: get rid?20:33
apacheloggersheytan: ubiquity is full screen20:33
apacheloggerthe fake window frame is there for design reasons20:34
sheytanso the small window with all the information dissapears20:34
apacheloggerlike on a website you usually do not want full width etc20:34
apachelogger... hard to read and theme 20:34
apacheloggersheytan: well yes, but that looks crappy20:34
apacheloggersheytan: 'simply disappearing' involves creating a new window or simply swapping the ui20:34
apacheloggerwhich will look like crap, I can tell you that much :)20:35
sheytanyou can put invisible margins, i mean witout any fake windows20:35
sheytanwell, so we left with rewriting everything in QML :D20:35
apacheloggerthat is what I Am saying20:35
apacheloggerbut even so we need some sane transition animation for that20:36
* apachelogger wonders how youbuntoo does it20:37
apacheloggerto the youtube20:37
sheytani need to think bout that, but tomorrow :)20:37
apacheloggerubuntus ui is different to begin with20:38
apacheloggermore page-like ... i.e. you work your way through the installer left to right20:39
apacheloggerthen you get a slideshow20:39
apacheloggerwhich can also be navigated left to right20:39
apacheloggersheytan: I think this is definitely +1 material, also since we'd need to redo most of the stuff in qml anyway I guess we might as well redo the UI concept as a whole20:40
apacheloggerman that will be a drag -.-20:40
sheytanchallange accepted ;d20:40
apacheloggersheytan: meanwhile, perhaps you have a cool idea how to make the slideshow look less crappy http://www.linoob.com/wp-content/flagallery/kubuntu-installation/22-ubiquity-office.png20:41
apacheloggerperhaps some frame around it and some shadow or something20:41
apacheloggeragain sunken-relief style, so it appears more integrated into the present fake-window20:41
sheytanremove the background20:42
sheytanplease! :D20:42
sheytanno borders no shadows :)20:42
sheytanreflection to icons - ok20:42
sheytanno "blue arrows"20:42
sheytanuse dots20:42
sheytanin listing20:43
apacheloggerno background at all?20:44
mikecbhow about slightly more contrasting shades of blue?20:44
apacheloggersheytan: we need some sort of background -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall/Kubuntu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=snapshot17.png20:44
apacheloggerotherwise it will look weird again20:44
apacheloggermikecb: where?20:45
apacheloggermikecb: font color?20:45
sheytanapachelogger: sure, use tha same background as you just showed me here, aling it in the top too20:46
mikecbthe blues of the background, typewriter, icons, reflections, all very very close20:46
mikecbmake things pop a little if they had a little more range20:46
mikecbjust a thought20:46
apacheloggermikecb: that typewriter is ugly anyway IMHO ^^20:47
apacheloggersheytan: that might work20:47
mikecbjust a bit lol20:47
sheytanapachelogger: it has to ;d20:47
apacheloggernot sure how trivial to do though20:47
apacheloggeras I said, the slideshow is a separate component20:48
apacheloggeroh well20:48
apacheloggerI'll digg into it20:48
apacheloggersheytan: also I totally agree on getting rid of the arrows20:48
apacheloggerthey look really silly20:48
* sheytan thinks he pointed that out already some time ago :)20:48
apacheloggeroh mind me20:48
apacheloggerI cannot actually write the code  I think ^^20:48
apacheloggerubiquity is under canonical copyright assignment shit20:49
sheytanlets fork it ;d20:50
apacheloggeryeah ^^20:50
mikecbwhen in doubt20:51
debfxapachelogger: canonical doesn't require copyright assignment anymore20:51
apacheloggerI can code freely again20:52
JackyAlcineWhere do I go to help out with the KDE Games suite on IRC?20:56
* JackyAlcine wants to make a word search game.20:56
JackyAlcineWhere do I go to help out with the KDE Games suite on IRC?20:56
Ezimdebfx, what does that mean?21:01
apacheloggerJackyAlcine: #kde-games21:03
apacheloggerI guess21:03
JackyAlcineI took a wild guess :)21:03
yofelEzim: see http://producingoss.com/en/copyright-assignment.html21:07
Ezimyofel, will read later. thx again. 21:07
* sheytan goes to charge his batteris for tomorrow.21:44
sheytannight all :)21:44
Ezimshadeslayer, http://paste.kde.org/424334/ take look. I will soon give you dep. for it. see if I understand it :).23:06
Ezimkdelibs5-dev, libx11-dev, libkwinglesutils1, freeglut3-dev  correct?23:14
Ezim:) any one else can look if I have write.23:31

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