ussher_during a "your system has updates" type update with the muon updates system, it ias stopped at "Running post-installation trigger libc-bin"  What is the best practice to do here.  in the past i have just killed it, rebooted then tried to fix whatever errors occurred.  Is there another way of doing things?00:04
ussher_Think i have found the answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/89401/first-update-after-fresk-kubuntu-install-hangs-because-of-dpkg-now-what00:05
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JarliSo im a day one user of kubuntu, literally just completed install, and I need ventrilo00:42
Jarlifound a post of a guy who says he figured out how to install it00:42
Jarlibut i have no idea what any of it means00:42
Jarlianyone care to help?00:42
JarliAnd thanks in advance if you do00:43
JarliIs anyone home?00:45
JarliHi Knusper00:48
KnusperGood morning!00:49
JarliEvening for me00:49
Jarligot a dumb question00:49
Jarlihow do I add repositories...00:49
Jarlithis is day 1 for me with Kubuntu00:49
Knusper2 ways00:50
JarliHI Avihay00:50
Knusperu can add them in the update manager under edit and then sources00:50
Avihayhi Jarli00:50
Jarlisorry, where is the update manager?00:50
Jarliim totally new to linux00:51
Avihaywell, last time nepomuk managed to trick me, but this time I've disabled it for sure00:51
JarliHi qw_Russian00:51
Avihaymmm, well there's an update notifier00:51
Avihayand it just runs the package manager for you00:52
Knusperhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu ( here is everything explained) @Jarli00:52
KnusperI recommend the terminal way ...its way faster when u get used to it00:52
Jarliterminal, sounds like dos00:53
Knuspersudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports00:53
JarliI know this sounds horrible, but I don't want to read... lol00:53
Knusperthis command for example to add backports for kubuntu (KDE 4.8)00:53
Knusperjust copy and paste the line into your terminal00:54
AvihayI'm guessing Jarli want's to update to 4.800:54
Knusperthen copy this line then00:54
JarliI actually want Ventrilo00:55
Knuspersudo apt-get update00:55
JarliI saw a post of a guy that is using Vent, and kubuntu, and I need it for a clan im in00:55
Jarlisome games I play :)00:55
EvilResistanceJarli:  Ventrilo's linux client doesn't work with their latest server release00:56
EvilResistanceit hasnt for the past 4 major version numbers00:56
Avihaywell, linux's ventrilo client is called mangler00:56
Jarlican i hit ventrilo servers?00:56
Knusper......ventrilo?.......Teamspeak 3 is much better and has a Linux Client.....Vent is kinda"behind with the linux client)00:56
Jarlithat's all that really matters I guess00:56
EvilResistanceKnusper:  yeah, but they want Ventrilo so we have to discourage it ;P00:57
JarliI know, I know00:57
EvilResistancealthough some clans ahve used Vent for a long time00:57
Jarlithats the issue00:57
Jarlimy clan has been using Vent for over 8 years00:57
* EvilResistance says to that: "Oh well, deal with it, go get TS."00:57
Jarlihow am I, a peon "not really" in the clan gonna change that00:57
EvilResistanceJarli:  i convinced a clan i used to be in to switch to TS3 when i pointed out there's a mobile client00:57
* EvilResistance won that battle00:58
JarliVent also has a mobile client00:58
Jarliat least for my droid it does lol00:58
Jarliso can mangler hit vent servers?00:58
EvilResistanceJarli:  there's no ventrilo for the rest of Android and iOS00:59
EvilResistancenot to mention the other thousand mobile OSes including Windows Mobile00:59
EvilResistancealso not to mention ventrilo's extraordinarily lacking in licensing00:59
JarliEvil, I'll bet you 100 bucks I can get an android to connect to a vent server00:59
Jarliand be as clear as a normal computer using it00:59
JarliHow do I get Amarok to "keep playing" the next track01:00
EvilResistancei'll bet you nothing because your opinion and my opinion don't have to agree01:00
KnusperJarli good news mangler is in ur software packet already!01:00
Knusperjust open Synaptik01:00
Knuspertype in mangler , mark it then isntall it finish01:00
JarliI dont know where Synaptik is lol...01:01
JarliI've been using linux for about 15 minutes01:01
EvilResistanceyou could just do this: apt-get install mangler01:02
EvilResistancewith sudo01:02
Knusperalt+f1 or go to the "start" button01:02
EvilResistanceKnusper:  11.10 doesnt come with Synaptic installed by default01:02
EvilResistance11.10 and later dont ship with it01:02
EvilResistancethey replaced it with thet Ubuntu Software Center01:02
EvilResistance(which I call a piece of  crap and burned)01:02
EvilResistancesubsequently, Kubuntu doesn't come with Synaptic either01:02
JarliYeah I have something called Muon Package Manager01:02
EvilResistancesince Synaptic is GNOME01:03
EvilResistanceJarli:  in a terminal: apt-get install mangler01:03
EvilResistanceif you're on 11.10 or later it should work01:03
EvilResistanceyou might need sudo01:03
JarliAlready did, it's downloadinhg01:03
Jarlier downloaded*01:03
Knusperand now u can run it it shoult be in ur menu (it adds automaticly) menu+"start" button01:04
Jarliyep, just trying to figure out how to connect to the server now01:05
AvihayJarli: also do yourself a favor and sudo apt-get install synaptic     . It's a good mature package manager01:08
Jarlican I setup my gmail account into the mail client for free?01:08
AvihayJarli: yes, gmail give that service for free with instructions for various mail clients01:09
Jarliif I can only get my password right, then I might actually get signed into mangler01:17
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Jarlinow, is it worth it to install win 7 pro, 64 in a virtual box under kubuntu?01:22
emhow come a fresh install of kubuntu without kubuntu-restricted-extras can play youtubue videos but a fresh install of ubuntu without ubuntu-restricted-extras cannot.01:30
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Knusper@jarli....if u wanna play NO, its not worth it....if u wanna use some software (special programms u cant find under linux) then yes01:37
XartaoXI was just going to browse desktop widgets, but the Plasma Desktop Shell Add-On Installer is reporting an Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error (0)01:50
XartaoXi know it worked yesterday01:50
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artaoin synaptic i just did a 'fix all broken' which found nothing, and am now doing an upgrade via 'mark all upgrades'01:52
artaothen i'll reboot i suppose01:52
LinkmasterIm in a jam between two graphics cards for a rig I'm setting up. the GTX 550 Ti, or the AMD HD 7770/7750. I've done research to find which is the 'better' of the two cards, and this is(in essence) what I have found to be true: the HDs have faster core clocks, however, are limited to 128-bit. the GTX has a better effective memory clock(by almost 4 times as much), and a 192-bit memory interface. This meals the HDs are limited to 01:53
LinkmasterI asked in ##hardware, but they are pretty busy at the moment, anyone have an idea about the question I shall pose:01:53
Linkmastermy question is, would the 110MHz core clock difference be noticeable, especially with the difference in memory bit between the two cards?01:53
emis it a bitcoin mining rig?01:55
Linkmasterno, this is a rig Im buying with actual USD01:56
Linkmastermotherboard, RAM, the whole nine yards01:56
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artaono luck on reboot either01:58
JarliHow can I change the right hand bottom aduio device01:58
Jarlii've looked through the settings and set the one I want as the prefered device01:59
Jarlianyone home?02:17
Knusperyes ;)02:19
Jarlioh thank god02:19
Jarligot another question02:19
JarliI know how to increase the volume for my head set, but the default volume in the bottom right, is set to another device02:20
Jarlihow do I change it to use my prefered device02:20
Jarliwhich I have checked the setting, at least as far as I can see02:21
Jarliand thanks again for the help02:21
Jarlii might frequent this channel :P02:21
Knusperopen the KDE mixer (click on the specker symbol in the panel)02:21
Jarlii hav eit open02:21
Jarlihave *02:21
Knusperplayback devices put them all on max02:22
Jarlimax would blow my ears out for the one02:22
Jarliit's playing music lol02:22
Jarlione second02:22
Jarlilet me kill th emusic02:22
Knusperyes but u can change the Global volume then easy02:22
Jarliok, both maxed, I can hear electric static coming from the main sound card02:23
Jarli(head set)02:23
Knuspernow close the mixer02:23
Jarlithe window is closed02:24
Knusperand make the volume smaller (overall)02:24
Knusperdont open the mixer02:24
Jarlishould I quit Kmix?02:24
Jarlithe only device displayed is the HD4802:24
Jarliit doesn't say global02:24
Jarliwhich is why I was confused02:24
Knusperit is global02:25
JarliI have the HD48 and the Internal Audio02:25
SentynelJarli: does right click on volume icon -> select master channel do what you want?02:25
SentynelI don't have a multi-output system but it seems like it should02:25
Knusperwhen u make it small does ur headsetsound also goes down?02:25
JarliI want the Internal Audio Channel, which is set02:25
Jarlibut the mixer shows the HD4802:25
JarliIs there other info I can some how get to help troubleshoot this?02:27
JarliWhen I reduce the volume from the mixer (bot right) the volume doesn't change02:27
JarliHD48x) audio Digitial Stereo (HDMI) and Internal Audio Analog Stereo are the two devices02:28
JarliHD48x0 **02:28
JarliAH, found it02:30
Jarlithe prefered device doesn't update the mixer02:30
Jarlithe kmix needs to be closed and reopened with Ctrl Q02:31
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wallisonI'm installing 11.10 and setting up an encrypted LVM.02:48
wallisonShould I still encrypt my home directory?02:48
Jarliim completely new to linux02:49
Jarliit's an option when you install02:49
Jarliso i dont see a reason not to02:49
Jarlibut dont ask me02:49
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oratedHey almoxarife05:19
oratedAs mangdood suggested, can you have a look at bootcharts to help me mix boot time? I don't find 60s boot time to be normal05:20
almoxarifeorated: pastebin the bootchart05:20
oratedThat's recent05:21
almoxarifeorated: really need firestarter?05:22
oratedpurging that package.05:23
almoxarifeorated: run blutooth apps?05:24
oratedonly the one default05:24
oratedKubuntu 11.10 KDE 4.705:25
oratedalmoxarife:  Do you see vmware and java process before nmbd? I don't get how java is starting in boot time. Even fsck is checking fs too often05:28
almoxarifeorated: does vmware need to be a boot process?05:28
almoxarifeorated: it is right now, no?05:29
almoxarifethe process 'kerneloops' can go to, my opinion05:30
oratedWell, the whole strip related to a process in the bootchart shows time its alive and the dark part of it shows how much boot time it taks. firestarter.sh and bluetoothd hardly take 1s.05:31
oratedalmoxarife:  I understand its a big chart to check but I'm not sure what exactly to remove and how, hence asked :) The service manager in system settings doesn't list all services. So apart from removing package or changing exports/fstab config startup, is there a file to edit services on boot?05:34
almoxarifekubuntu-low-fat-settings  <-- i installed it, did see an improvement05:35
oratedSure, I'll try that. Thanks.05:37
almoxarifei am installing boot chart, so i can give you a comparison, i run lean, so it mean very little05:38
oratedYes, sure05:39
almoxarifebe right back05:39
almoxarifeorated: http://imagebin.org/19935005:44
oratedEven yours is crossing 1min05:44
oratedIs 60s normal for Kubuntu? I thought its 20-30s05:45
almoxarifeorated: i never counted the time, i dont boot often, neither should you, and i am no purist about re-boot05:46
oratedalmoxarife: Yes, I'm not concerned about boot time usually but I felt 1 min is not normal05:47
oratedalmoxarife: So, you simply put it on suspend to ram/disk when not required? BTW how to start kubuntu-low-fat-settings?05:48
almoxarifeorated: is it installed/? low fat?05:48
oratedYes, I installed kubuntu-low-fat-settings package05:49
almoxarifeorated: i expect that the changes were auto managed, and i suspend, alot, thats what its for05:50
almoxarifeorated: now that you brought it up i need to check that, the low fat may need input05:50
almoxarife/etc/X11/Xsession.d/50lowfat <-- looks like it is handled at boot time05:52
oratedYes, even I saw that in installed files05:53
almoxarifei never looked, i assumed it,05:53
almoxarifeorated: want something to fixate on??? pick a task, any task, use task-scheduler to set it up, it wont work, and i hear gnome does the same thing, thats something to fixate on05:55
oratedeh fixate05:56
almoxarifebetter yet, strip akonadi out without crippling the rest of the system,05:57
`KorvinHey, I just installed the most recent version of kubuntu, and cannot run shell files05:58
oratedalmoxarife: remove akonadi-server ? BTW what does $KDEDIRS mean?05:59
almoxarifeorated: cant remove it, it removes alot of system with it06:00
oratedYes. And got $KDEDIRS to be kde dir..06:01
almoxarifehttp://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=61892 , orated06:02
oratedalmoxarife: Yes, I'm on the same page. I'm not getting how you would strip akonadi w/o affecting remaining of the system06:04
almoxarifeorated: that is my fixation06:05
oratedU alright06:09
oratedThanks almoxarife06:10
almoxarifeorated: welcome06:11
orated`Korvin: Are the script files executable?06:20
`Korvinorated, the issue was that I had it on an ntfs formatted filesystem06:21
oratedWas? So its solved? My guess is that for ntfs/vfat they got text files as non executable where bash file or sh file helps06:23
`Korvinsomething like that06:24
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jschallnotifications no longer pop up when they occur (in 4.8). The notification icon appears, and my notification pops up if i click it, but it does not pop up otherwise. Is this a recent change?07:58
jschallwell, one just popped up... guess they just don't always.08:00
Promethesupdate notification not working in kubuntu 11.10 - no yellow icon in tray, no popup. In muon notifications are enabled, anyone knows how to fix this?09:41
Promethesi have 3 computers with kubuntu 11.10 and problem occurs only on one of them09:42
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tayfunCan anyone help me get my touchpad running again ?? I've googled enough but couldn't do it11:12
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JarliMorning all12:51
BluesKaj'Morning All13:28
JarliMorning BluesKaj13:29
BluesKajhi Jarli13:30
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JarliAnyone here use Qmail server?13:35
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KnusperLol jarli is like a sponge xD she sucks all the knowledge out of us ;)14:00
Jarli<- is a dude14:00
JarliBut yes14:00
Knusperthen he xD14:00
JarliYesterday I was at home, now im at work14:00
Knusperim still at work too....10 pm....it sucks14:01
JarliTrying to figure out if there is a way to get an out of office feature into Thunderbird, so the end user doesn't have to login to the web interface to set out of office14:01
JarliWe were sold a system, and the guy who sold it to us is really helpful, but he'd busy at the moment14:02
Jarliso im trying to find something that might do this14:02
JarliThat sucks, were you at work last night when I spoke to you?14:03
Jarliit's been like 1 4hours14:03
Jarli14* hours14:03
Knusperthat was morning....yes....but they pay well so its ok and im lucky enough to love my work14:03
Jarlicool cool14:05
Jarliwhere are you based?14:05
Knuspershenzhen china14:06
Jarliother side of the world14:07
JarliNew York, USA14:07
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jcook_5xdataneeds some help I am tring to install a i386 deb file in a 64 bit install. in ubuntu (gnome) the installer will down load the need i386 package and install the app. how do i do this kd15:02
sithlord48sudo apt-get install <package>:i386 ?15:03
designbybeckit is advised to use 'kdesudo' over just 'sudo' when doing any commands in the terminal?15:04
sithlord48no just gui programs15:05
designbybeckI'm writing some documentation for a training session we start tomorrow for kids. We had used Ubuntu15:05
designbybeckbut now i'm trying to understand how some of these comamands should go in Kubuntu(KDE)15:05
jcook_5xdataI know that :P it just give a a "wrong architecture i386" not what package or missing or needed15:05
sithlord48if its a gui program then you  need to use kdesudo , if its a cli program then sudo should be fine15:06
designbybeckso if you are going to launch something gui you should use (kdesudo) is that correct sithlord48, other than that you can just use (sudo)15:06
Avihaydesignbybeck: that15:06
Avihays what I understood too15:06
designbybeckso any 'sudo apt-get' is ok as is15:07
Peace-designbybeck: kdesudo => for gui programs ; sudo for shell program15:07
designbybeckno need for 'kdesudo apt-get'15:07
designbybeckOk thank you Peace-15:07
designbybeckare there any programs you "run" normally by going to the command line and luanching the gui with 'kdesudo' ?15:07
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why15:07
Riddellhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/10.04.4-lts-release  10.04.4 LTS update released15:10
sithlord48oh hi mr riddell .15:11
sithlord48thank you for all the great work you do on kubuntu !15:12
designbybeckI second that sithlord4815:13
designbybeckkudos all KDE/Kubuntu developers and contributers! Thank you all!15:13
Riddellyou're welcome sithlord48, designbybeck15:24
tektonkde or gnome?15:25
sithlord48i would like to help i just don't know what to help with..15:26
sithlord48kde or gnome what tekton?15:28
tektondoes kubu has widgets to show wallpapers from sites?15:28
tektoni hear that 4.8 has got DAY FOTO... what is that, i don't get it15:29
Jarligot a question, last night I was working on my system, and messing around with the audio controllers. I had two of them, well in order for me to change the default audio device (in the bottom right) I had to quit and reopen the Kmix app. But the app offers the option of " Select default device"15:30
Jarlishould it not change automatically?15:30
sithlord48it should, did u change it in system settings->mulitmedia?15:34
Dekalog@Aelingil I think you can install it from the repositories15:58
Jarlisorry for the delay16:03
Jarliwell i ctrl q the app, and started it again, then the default device changed16:04
Jarlibut was just curious if it was a bug16:04
Jarliso now, when I increase or decrease the volume using the kmix app in the bottom right, the volume changes accordingly16:05
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ScuniziIs Cononical really defunding the kubuntu project?16:53
Riddell_Scunizi: they're stopping me from working on it in work time16:54
Riddell_they'll still give it resources same as xubuntu does or oneiric when I wasn't working on it16:54
ScuniziSo it will remain part of the ubuntu family but will need more outside devs to help it keep up?16:55
Scunizivolunteer devs?16:55
ScuniziRiddell_: I ask because I use it on my production machine and need to plan for the future.  If it will remain and still get love that would be great.  If not I may need to jump ship to a different distro or fork. Unity is fine for my laptop but my dual monitor desktop becomes less productive with unity.16:57
Riddell_Scunizi: I expect it to remain and get love but we're still sorting out how and who would be involved16:58
Riddell_I don't imagine the kde packages in ubuntu would just disappear though, too many users for that to happen16:58
ScuniziRiddell_: that's some comfort.  Thanks for all your past help with the project. I'm not a coder but can appriciate those that can.16:59
Riddell_Kubuntu doesn't need coders usually, many other skills can contribute :)16:59
EzimScunizi, you can help Kubuntu by reporting bug or just be here and help others.17:00
EzimKubuntu have really nice team of people.17:00
ScuniziRiddell_: well I do file bugs.. the things that has always confused me is when kde release a new point update, how do we do that upgrade in kubuntu?  Enable backports? use a ppa?17:00
EzimScunizi, you add kubuntu backports ppa.17:01
Sentynelpoint releases are in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa17:01
EzimSentynel, +117:01
Sentynelminor releases are in /backports17:01
ScuniziAnd is that wise on a production machine or do I risk breakage?17:01
Riddell_Scunizi: instructions are on kubuntu.org.  for 0.0.1 releases it's a ppa then a bit later updates.  for 0.1.0 releases it's the kubuntu/backports PPA17:01
SentynelI've never had issues with the point releases from the ppa, personally17:02
Sentyneloccasionally some oddities with the minor releases, but nothing critical17:02
EzimScunizi, for me 4.8.0 on Kubuntu 11.10 have been more stable then 4.7.*17:02
EzimUsed it from day one17:02
Riddell_Scunizi: 0.0.1 releases in PPAs are usually fine, 0.0.1 in updates almost always fine, 0.1.0 releases less so17:02
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ScuniziI would think the 0.1.0 would be a higher release and thus a bit more stable.. not sure I understand the numerical sceme17:03
=== Guest37260 is now known as pvivek
SentynelScunizi: the standard for 3-digit release numbers is usually major.minor.point; point releases are bugfix only, minor releases add stuff17:04
Sentynelso stability should increase from point releases, but minor releases are more likely to introduce new bugs17:04
ScuniziSentynel: ah ok.. How do I verify which desktop version I'm running currently? numerically speaking?17:05
SentynelScunizi: any kde software has it in the help > about kde menu17:05
ScuniziSo I'm at 4.7.4 .. and the update looks like it would be worth it then.17:06
ScuniziIf I have backports enabled in my repo's and add the ppa/backports will there be conflicts?17:07
pviveki want to start contributing to kubuntu17:08
pvivekI have used linux from quite a sometime now. I am contributing for the first time. Would be very glad if someone can guide me how to get started.17:08
Ezimhave any one tested? Cantata? (kde application)17:09
BluesKajno , they aren't the same , one will upgrade packages , the other upgrades kde17:09
ScuniziBluesKaj: thanks.. adding and upgrading now :)17:09
jcook_5xdataanyone know where I can get daisy plasma widget?17:11
jcook_5xdatawow no anyone17:12
Scunizijcook_5xdata: perhaps here.. http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=10207717:14
jcook_5xdataScunizi: been there done that. if you click the download link it take you to a ppa and if you look in the packages it not there17:15
jcook_5xdataanyone know of a good dock for KDE then17:17
jcook_5xdatamost the one I know are for gnome/gtk17:17
Scunizijcook_5xdata: just a Jaunty/Karmic/Lucid/Maverick links.. once you're in the ppa you might send the owner an email and ask.17:18
Scunizijcook_5xdata: unless the widget is buried in one of the other packages.17:19
jcook_5xdataScunizi: I guess I will build it from source unless you know of a good docy for KDE17:30
DarthFrogjcook_5xdata:  Though it's not specifically KDE, Cairo is a nice dock.17:31
jcook_5xdatadoes that use QT or gtk?17:31
DarthFrogNot sure, probably GTK.17:32
jcook_5xdatacool I will check it out17:32
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excognachi all! My sysrem become super slow, the HD led is consatantly blinking, however only one strange thing inSystem activities: virtuoso-tuses 25% of CPU. Any ideas where to start?17:43
Avihayexcognac: it's the file indexing service / nepokum thing17:44
excognacAvihay: Thank you! What my cause this issue? Ho do I detect it?17:45
clone1018Anyone know how to disable the "title bar click to move" thing, I mean I still want to be able to move it, but I don't want mis clicks from Google Chrome moving my browser :P17:47
DarthFrogexcognac: It's all part of the KDE semantic desktop.  You should have a small icon in your systray, looks like a handwritten  uppercase "G".17:47
DarthFrogexcognac: Or you can disable it altogether in System Settings.17:48
Avihayas far as I understand, the issue is that the file-watcher service (watches which files change = need indexing) is limited by default to less then the number of files you have, so it takes no chanses and reindexes your entire filesystem every time17:48
AvihayDarthFrog: how?17:48
DarthFrogAvihay: And so far I've not found any use for it whatsoever, other than to be a nuisance and get in the way.17:48
DarthFrogAvihay:  System Settings / Desktop Search17:49
Avihayit has some nice features, especially if you tag your files, there are now even usefull scripts to take advantage of that17:49
AvihayDarthFrog: tried that, didn't work (removed all the checkmarks)17:49
Avihayexcognac: opendesktop.org/content/show.php?content=14891017:50
emclone1018: try going to System Settings > Window Behavior > click on window behavior on the left, then check the 'title bar' tab to see if anything there can help.17:52
clone1018I have and none of them seem to effect it at all17:52
emthen I do not know. Sorry.17:52
emsomeone might though :)17:53
excognacAvihay: Sorry, I don't quite get it...17:55
Avihaythere's software that uses the nepomuk infrastructure in a way that you may find usefull. it takes all the TV show on your HDD, and retrieves their chapter info and extra-data, and enable you to browse your collection17:57
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Dani_TMwhat's new in kubuntu 12.04 lts?19:28
DarthFrogDani_TM: Wrong channel.  You want #ubuntu+119:30
JarliHi Dani and Darth19:30
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sithlord48Jarli: sorry for my super long delay, i noticed this behavor also, i switch between hdmi and optical for sound out and everytime i have to close amarok and restart before the device changes.20:15
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Jarlithis wasn't aramark though, this was the sound controller Kmix20:24
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designbybeckLinuxMint has a nice 50+page PDF manual. I found this site, but I can't find anything else like a downloadable offline manual for Kubuntu: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Kubuntu_Oneiric20:58
designbybeckIs there such manual20:58
JarliThat manual is big though21:24
JarliWould be very nice if Kubuntu did have a manual like Mint does...21:25
designbybeckJarli: is there one to download?21:33
Jarlinot that I know of21:33
JarliI was looking for one the other day21:33
Jarliand didn't find anything21:33
designbybeckwell shucks!21:38
JarliI bet they hid it right inside of the operating system lol21:38
Jarlishould check there first21:38
designbybeckJarli: i was hoping to have an offline component for documentation. We are donating computers to kids, and some will not have internet access21:38
designbybeckgood point ;)21:39
designbybeck*looking at Kubuntu Help now*21:39
designbybeckthis does seem to be pretty straight forward Jarli21:40
JarliIm at work at the moment, and only installed kubuntu on my personal computer last night21:40
Jarlibut things are pretty well planned21:40
JarliIm trying to get mint to run on an old P4 system... with 256k memory...21:41
Jarlihaha lets hope that it works21:41
designbybecki don't know about LinuxMint on something that old, have you looked at Xbuntu?21:41
designbybeckor Puppy Linux Jarli?21:41
Jarliwhat's Puppy Linux?21:41
designbybeckJarli: http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview%20and%20Getting%20Started.htm21:42
designbybeckIt is very cute and cuddly and runs on old hardware21:42
JarliThat would probably be better, as all I need on this machine is word processing.21:43
Jarliand maybe, in the future internet21:43
Jarlithanks for the tip21:44
designbybeckno prob Jarli, pay it forward21:50
Jarlireally?? Pay it Forward... totally stole that line from the movie "Pay it Forward"21:54
Jarlianyways im headed home21:55
Jarlihave a good night21:55
designbybeckgood luck with it Jar21:58
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Uncle_Festeri have a real problem with ubuntu\22:23
Uncle_Festeri have no sound22:24
Uncle_Festercan anyone help22:24
nusei'm using kde 4.8 through the backports ppa, for some reason i can't blacklist radeon(my graphics card)22:24
nusei put the arguement "blacklist radeon" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and then updated grub22:24
nusethat generally works22:24
Uncle_Festerit was working for months, and just now it stopped22:25
nuseUncle_Fester: dude can't you see i'm asking questions right now22:25
nusei'm joking22:25
Uncle_Festeroh, i wasn't aware that i was pm'ing someone.  i thought this was an open chat22:26
macoUncle_Fester: it is an open chat22:26
macoUncle_Fester: nuse is just being silly22:26
Uncle_Festerwell hopefully i can get some assistance on my sound issue22:27
macoUncle_Fester: have you by any chance rebooted since it stopped woring?22:27
nuseyeah, i was just joking22:27
macoUncle_Fester: did the breakage coincide with you doing updates?22:27
Uncle_Festertried a cold boot also22:28
Uncle_Festerthere was some updates after it happened22:28
macobefore is more what i was concerned about22:29
Uncle_Festeri know my sound is good cause i can boot into windows and get sound22:29
nuseopen up a terminal and type this uncle_fester22:29
nuseps -A | grep pulse22:29
macoUncle_Fester: if you do "speaker-test -c 0" do you hear white noise?22:30
Uncle_Festershould it start on its own22:30
macopulse or the white noise?22:31
Uncle_Festeri put the commands you told me22:31
Uncle_Festerno sound\22:31
Uncle_Festerits playing front left22:32
Uncle_Festerand still i hear nothing22:32
almoxarifeUncle_Fester: what are your phonon settings?22:32
Uncle_Festerwhat is that?22:33
almoxarifeUncle_Fester: using kubuntu?22:33
Uncle_Festerno ubuntu22:33
nusemore importantly why can't i blacklist my graphics card22:33
nusehaha, i'm sorry, once again i'm joking22:33
almoxarifeUncle_Fester: and kubuntu is going to fix it?22:33
Uncle_Festeri dont understand22:34
almoxarifeUncle_Fester: the channel you are on is for 'kubuntu'22:34
Uncle_Festerwell how do i get to ubuntu?22:35
nusetry #ubuntu22:35
nusethey might could be of more help22:35
nuseno problem22:35
Ezimnuse, you want to blacklist?22:36
almoxarifei want a gui for cli22:36
nusei've never had a problem blacklisting it before22:36
designbybeckwhere does the word Muon for the Software Center come from?22:36
nusefor some reason it won't work22:36
nusei'm assuming its a grub issue maybe22:36
Ezimnuse, what do you have for card?22:36
canis__My laptop screen is blank without a hook up to an external monitor...I keep trying to change the settings, and save them but it is not having an effect.  how can I make kde show up on my monitor?  Force it to show up on my laptop default monitor?22:36
designbybeckBecause i see a Software company called Muon22:37
nuseati radeon 665022:37
Ezimnuse, kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf22:37
nusei put the proper arguements in there via nano22:38
nuseto no avail22:38
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why22:38
nusegenerally "blacklist radeon"22:38
nusegenerally that works22:38
almoxarifenuse: cant you ignore the card at the bios?22:39
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Ezimnuse, cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf22:40
Ezimplz paste pastebin22:40
nusealmoxarife, if so i never noticed you could22:40
nuseaight give me a second22:41
almoxarifenuse: might look22:41
nuseyeah i will check into that22:42
nusethat last arguement generally works like a champ22:42
Ezimnuse, it looks correct.22:43
nuseyeah, i've updated grub as well22:43
Avihaycanis__: laptops usually have a key-combo to switch between screen output modes, in my laptop, it actually works, so you might aswell try in yours22:44
almoxarifeany try the 3.2 kernel from x-orgers?22:44
Uncle_Festerall they tell me in ubuntu is to unmute.22:44
Ezimnuse, does this work instead: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36268/how-do-i-blacklist-the-gallium-ati-driver22:44
artao|sasquatchhai:  just installed KDE this week after using Ubuntu Studio with XFCE for a couple weeks .... none of the screensavers work properly anymore ... most disply nothing, others show wonky, blocky, screwed up graphics22:44
artao|sasquatchi only installed the BASE KDE plasma desktop enviroment, and have been adding in bits and pieces as i need 'em22:44
nusealmoxarife: yeah, it kind of breaks my trackpad22:45
artao|sasquatchopenGL screensavers worked fine under XFCE ... also under Live distros with KDE22:45
Ezimnuse, do you have hybrid card?22:46
artao|sasquatchi imagine i'm only missing some component(s) but have no idea how to figure out which one(s)22:46
nusewhat do you mean hybrid card?22:46
nusei'll try the askubuntu method right now22:47
Ezimnuse, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics22:47
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: is this package installed?? xscreensaver-gl22:47
artao|sasquatchi'll check ...22:47
Ezimnuse, lspci | grep VGA  <<--- plz paste information you get.22:47
nuseoh, no i don't have switchable graphics22:48
nuseand that askubuntu method is irrevelant to me, thats not my model ati card22:48
artao|sasquatchyes. also xscreensave-gl-extra22:48
Ezimnuse, I see.22:48
canis__What would that key combo be, or where can I find it?22:48
nuse0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)22:49
nuse01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc NI Seymour [AMD Radeon HD 6470M]22:49
nuseexcuse me i have 6470 not the 665022:49
Ezimnuse, :) it is a hybrid card.22:49
canis__Avihay: <canis__> What would that key combo be, or where can I find it?22:49
artao|sasquatch.... also xscreensaver, xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-data-extra22:49
nuseEzim: oh, i must have misunderstood the question, i honestly didn't read your link, heh22:49
Avihayon my laptop, it's Fn + f2 , the fn button is blue, and there is a picture of a box (approximation of a screen) on F222:50
nusei thought you meant did i have switchable graphics setup where i could switch between my card and intel's intergrated graphics22:50
Avihaysometimes it's f5 or f7, but there is nothing preventing it from being anything else22:50
Ezimnuse, read that link and also: http://linux-hybrid-graphics.blogspot.com/22:50
artao|sasquatchhmmm ...... mesa appears to not be installed22:50
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: is the option to use opengl screensavers checked?22:50
Ezimnuse, you can also if you only want to use intel, try in bios disable ati.22:51
nuseall those sites are how to setup switching when i just want to disable/blacklist my card22:51
Avihaynuse: maybe the GFX card driver name changed? look up for an ATIish name in lsmod?22:51
nusei'm gonna try that now22:51
nusestill radeon i think22:52
artao|sasquatchalmoxarife: i don't see that option in the screensavers settings panel22:52
nusexorg updated so that might have something to do with it22:52
Ezimnuse, some laptop have option to disable ati.22:52
nuseyeah, brb, gonna mess with bios22:52
Ezimnuse, if you disable in bios :) xorg update does not do a thing22:52
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: the 'random' tab does not offer up option for 'use opengl'??22:52
tony_hi guys22:53
tony_is anyone here? :)22:53
artao|sasquatchahhh ... yes, it does ... rather merely to "use OpenGL screensavers" ... not a "just" option tho22:53
tony_ah, i guess its pretty empty then22:54
artao|sasquatchregardless, i've just been 'trying' them, and none of them display right22:54
artao|sasquatchi'm wondering about this mesa thing now .... what would i install to simply 'get it all' in one go?22:54
artao|sasquatchi do 3D cgi, so i imagine i'll be needing mesa at some point anyhow ..22:54
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: look at your xorg log22:54
artao|sasquatchoh dear22:55
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: assuming you have intel graphics you want 'mesa'22:55
tony_Do you guys think you could help me something once you're done?22:56
almoxarifetony_: ask!22:56
tony_I installed KDE's plasma desktop over Unity and now when I restart I get the Kubuntu splash and login screen22:57
artao|sasquatchhmmm ... don't see any errors ... i could !pastebinit ... console command would be?? um .....22:57
tony_Personally, I liked the layout of Unity's login screen more, as well as its splash...22:57
almoxarife'tony_thats correct22:57
tony_Do you have any idea on how to revert?22:57
almoxarifetony_: install 'lightdm' remove 'kdm' , and good luck with the issues that may cause22:58
artao|sasquatchwhere would my x.org.log be? $HOME ??22:58
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: /var/log/.....22:59
artao|sasquatchcat $HOME/X.org.log22:59
artao|sasquatchoops, this isn't the console .. heh .. sry22:59
artao|sasquatchthink i got it. here :: http://paste.ubuntu.com/846547/23:02
artao|sasquatchi didn't see a X.org.log .. just Xorg.0.log .. and that's it23:02
artao|sasquatchi see it's pretty gorarm long there ... i have no clue what to look for23:03
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: your driver is not fglrx, what is it?23:06
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0)23:07
artao|sasquatchummm .... ati x600 ... just whatever got installed, i changed nothing23:07
nusemy bios doesn't have a setting to disable my card23:07
artao|sasquatchi know i can't use the radeon drivers23:07
artao|sasquatchi'll be replacing my gfx card within the next few weeks with an nvidia gtx 500 something .. prolly gtx 56023:08
nusealso my desktop minimize effect is being weird, instead of minimizing to the task tab it scales out sometimes23:08
emartao|sasquatch: goram*23:08
nusesometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't23:08
nusekde is really starting to piss me off23:08
Avihay<Avihay> nuse: maybe the GFX card driver name changed? look up for an ATIish name in lsmod?23:08
emnuse: Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop.23:09
nusei did, still says radeon to my knowledge23:09
nuseem: yeah i know23:09
Riddellem: "KDE's Plasma Desktop" :)23:09
emI like it :)23:09
Avihaynuse: pastebin it for me?23:10
nuseAvihay: http://pastebin.com/nd8nJTNh23:10
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: are are using radeon drivers23:10
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: you are using radeon drivers23:10
artao|sasquatchi see23:12
almoxarifenuse: pastebin Xorg.0.log from /var/log/23:12
artao|sasquatchi was JUST NOW going to install the fglrx package ... Go??23:12
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: go,23:12
artao|sasquatchit looks like i can install EITHER fglrx OR fglrx-updates23:13
Avihaymkey, then I'm clueless. you can go and remove the package, or locate radeon.ko and delete the stuff, that's how I was forced to deal with nepomuk23:13
artao|sasquatchas my card is older, i assume i want just fglrx23:13
artao|sasquatchthis i will do23:13
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: both, or fgrlx first23:13
nuseoh snap! i didn't even think to just delete radeon.ko23:14
artao|sasquatchinterestingly, selecting fglrx-updates deselects fglrx23:14
Avihaytry the package manager first23:14
nusei'm gonna let almoxarife check out my xorg log before i commit to that23:14
nusebut that sounds like whats gonna happen23:15
artao|sasquatchinstalling ...23:16
artao|sasquatch... and how should i feel about mesa??23:16
artao|sasquatch... i wonder if this 'fglrx' thing is why i seem to get no textures in Spring Engine games as well ... hmmmmmm23:17
DaemonFCJockey advertising FGLRX is like advertising sharp toys with lead paint23:19
DaemonFCsome people can only learn by hurting themselves I think23:19
almoxarifenuse: i dont see 'mesa' drivers23:20
almoxarifeartao|sasquatch: 'mesa' is intel, you are ati, forget mesa23:20
almoxarifenuse: do you have the updated graphics ppa in sources?23:21
nusei just want to blacklist it honestly23:22
nusewhere can i find the ppa though?23:23
Ezimnuse, did bios work for you?23:23
nuseno option there, i was pretty sure but i figured i would check23:23
Ezimnuse, http://linux-hybrid-graphics.blogspot.com/2012/01/improved-support-for-amd-hybrid.html23:24
almoxarifenuse: add this to your sources http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu/           distribution 'oneiric'   components 'main'23:24
almoxarifenuse: using synaptic?23:25
Ezimnuse, really read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics23:25
XartaoXthat completely broke my settings23:26
nuseusing muon mainly23:26
nusereading now....23:26
XartaoXnow not only DON'T screensavers work, neither does my dual display ... it insists on cloning the display and won't let me set them side-by-side23:26
XartaoXremoving fglrx and rebooting23:27
almoxarifenuse: the same applies to muon,23:28
nuseyeah i know23:28
nusemuon has pretty much the same functionality as synaptic so i use muon mainly these days23:29
almoxarifenuse: the simple ppa add 'ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa'23:32
nuseyeah i've already added it23:34
canis__hello, someone recently mention that there was a keyboard shortcut to change monitor outputs?  Does anyone know what it is?23:34
almoxarifenuse: i notices that once i was running the updated drivers i stopped crashing opengl, being a ppa you need to be aware of the down side23:34
nuseyeah, i'm gonna update right now and reboot and see if i can notice any differences23:35
nusethanks for the info23:35
XartaoXfglrx removed .. system back to normal23:35
XartaoXtrying installing mesa23:36
Avihaymuon doesn't have the feedback that synaptic has...23:36
canis__My systems settings monitor config will not save I guess.  I keep changing the setup, and saving, but everytime I boot without an external monitor my screen goes blank.  At least in KDE it does, in E17 it works fine.23:36
almoxarifeXartaoX: mesa is intel23:36
almoxarifei stayed with synaptic , muon confuses me23:37
canis__muon has a retarded search23:39
nusemy desktop effects seem a little smoother, could be in my head though23:44
XartaoXsystem back up and normal ... still no screensavers23:44
XartaoXjust looking at one of the fractal screensavers .. coral it was ... it LOOKS like it's setting the screen resolution ridiculously low ... like 320 x 240 or so23:45
XartaoXas i said ... screensavers worked FINE under XFCE and Live KDE distros23:45
almoxarifenuse: i guess it worked :)23:46
XartaoXjust double checked and yep .. all the screensavers work fine under XFCE ... including the one's installed FOR kde23:50
XartaoXi must be missing some kde component, or there's some kde settings mishmash somewhere23:50
=== XartaoX is now known as artao
artaowell. i guess screensavers really aren't all that important to me ... and everything else appears to work fine23:58
artaoso i'll leave this issue for later and see if a new vic-card fixes it23:58

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