wallyworld_lifeless: there's a mp to remove person location stuff. just double checking that you've approved that?00:03
lifelessI haven't reviewed it00:06
wallyworld_lifeless: i don't mean a review, just that you are ok with the work item?00:06
lifelessI'm aware of it; I wouldn't expect approval to be needed00:06
wallyworld_i assume no one uses the location stuff then00:07
wgrantActually, someone generated images from it just a couple of weeks back.00:08
wgrantBut it's not possible to set it any more; I agree it should be removed.00:08
lifelessmaps were nuked way back00:10
lifelessthis is hangover; we need tz and should keep that00:10
wgrantDamn. Missed buildbot by 90s.00:10
wallyworld_ok. just wanted to check, thanks00:10
jcsackettsinzui: it would appear changing my login email on kanban deleted all my cards.00:13
jcsackettoh hurray! it just changed my icon to the same one wgrant uses, so my eye slid over them.00:22
wgrantOh, I wondered why I had so many cards.00:22
wgrantDidn't think about that.00:22
jcsackettyeah, i updated gravatar and now all is well.00:23
jcsackettwgrant: we need to get you a gravatar acocunt, if only so i stop seeing bastardized power button symbols everywhere. :-P00:24
wgrantjcsackett: btw, https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/multipolicy-3 is the WIP branch for the new AccessPolicy model.00:24
wgrantShould be pretty much stable by the end of today.00:25
jcsackettwgrant: awesome! thanks.00:26
jcsacketti look forwards to adding actual data to the sharing elements soon. :-)00:27
rick_hStevenK: ping, have a sec?00:57
StevenKrick_h: Hmmmmm?00:58
rick_hStevenK: bit OT, I'm curious about the packaging of something00:58
rick_hStevenK: I see the convoy stuff seems to have branches that are just the debian dir?00:58
StevenKThe packaging stuff we use is everything00:58
rick_hok, yea I couldn't figure out how to see ours00:59
rick_hStevenK: so do you just have a packaging branch then with the debian dir?00:59
StevenKrick_h: https://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+recipe/launchpad-convoy00:59
rick_hand pull trunk, merge over, etc?00:59
StevenKrick_h: That recipe builds into the LP PPA.01:00
StevenKrick_h: Our packaging is in lp:~launchpad/convoy/trunk; but it contains everything01:00
rick_hok, I've got to hit up the recipe docs then. So does that recipe merge in the main convoy into ours then to build?01:01
StevenKrick_h: The recipe checks out lp:convoy01:01
StevenKrick_h: It then merges lp:~launchpad/convoy/trunk into it01:01
rick_hok, and the recipe updates changelog/etc then in some generic sense?01:02
StevenKIt generates a version, sets the message to Auto build01:02
rick_hgotcha, ok makes sense01:02
rick_hI'm tinkering with a pyinotify driven JS build script and trying to package up the js minification stuff out of tree01:03
rick_hand wanted to see if I could figure out how to package it up in some way in ppa first01:03
StevenKHeh, okay01:03
StevenKPackaging is ... fun to learn01:03
rick_hyea, I've tinkered and done a few things01:03
rick_hbut I've never used the recipe stuff and was surprised to see the landscape branches that were pure debian dir files01:04
rick_hStevenK: any word on the RT?01:04
rick_hall the test branches landed so starting to peek at actually looking at opening up, finding/fixing bugs, and optimizing01:05
StevenKIf we want a higher priority on it, we can ask lifeless to raise it at the meeting01:05
rick_hthanks a ton for all the help with it01:05
rick_hmeh, I know there's some discussion up the chain started which is why I wondered if you'd heard anything01:05
StevenKrick_h: I've gotten most of the pieces ready for webops when they want it01:06
rick_hnow I'm tried of doing make jsbuild so want it to auto build :)01:06
StevenKTwo configs diffs are in my home directory on carob01:06
StevenKrick_h: sinzui mentioned an issue with it too -- not all of our views are under LaunchpadView01:08
StevenKrick_h: I'm looking at that today01:08
rick_hAh, like the graph that was broken?01:09
rick_hor don't use base-layout-macro?01:09
StevenKrick_h: We added a property to LaunchpadView that constructs the combo loader URL.01:09
StevenKIf the main page view doesn't have LaunchpadView as a parent, it will oops01:09
* StevenK hugs /usr/bin/sponge01:11
* wallyworld_ stabs X - hard to work with all this rubbish being left behind on the screen01:51
huwshimiwallyworld_: Are you talking about the window shadows?02:07
wallyworld_huwshimi: yeah02:07
huwshimiwallyworld_: The compiz update that's supposed to fix it just came through02:07
huwshimiI'm just about to restart to make sure02:07
wallyworld_huwshimi: awesome! thanks! will look02:07
huwshimiwallyworld_: All fixed for me :)02:10
wallyworld_huwshimi: excellent. will update02:10
huwshimiugh, but something killed thunderbird :(02:11
wallyworld_huwshimi: you mean it won't start?02:19
huwshimiwallyworld_: It starts, I just get blank panels02:21
huwshimiwallyworld_: Like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=212818&d=132944055502:22
huwshimioh, you'll have to login to see that image02:22
wallyworld_no login02:22
wallyworld_oh well, might need to revert to previous tb version02:23
huwshimiwallyworld: How do you revert a version these (post synaptic) days?02:50
wallyworldhuwshimi: install synaptic :-)02:51
wallyworldthat's what i used02:51
huwshimiwallyworld: haha02:51
wallyworldhuwshimi: i wasn't joking :-)02:51
huwshimiwallyworld: I know, it's just funny02:51
mwhudsoncommand line is pretty easy too :)02:51
mwhudsonapt-get install mozilla-thunderbird=$VERSION02:52
mwhudsonerr maybe ==02:52
huwshimimwhudson: How do I find out the previous version? :)02:52
wallyworldi use synaptic to see what the previous versions are02:52
mwhudsonnot sure :)02:53
huwshimimwhudson: It's ok :)02:53
StevenKapt-cache policy02:53
lifelesshuwshimi: apt and dpkg log updates02:53
lifelesshuwshimi: in /var/log/02:53
huwshimilifeless: cheers02:54
wallyworldStevenK: want a small +22/-6 review? https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/optional-extended-choice-popup-933743/+merge/9351802:56
lifelessstub: oh hai03:27
stublifeless: yup03:29
lifelessshall we call/sykpe/hangout/mumble/voip/smoke signal/...03:31
lifelessstub: ^03:35
stublifeless: whatever. skype is up, hangout virgin03:36
stubJust try and ignore the hedge trimmer outside my window :-/03:36
wgrantHangouts should really take an s/out//03:36
wgrantThe plugin seems to be even shittier than Flash.03:37
StevenKstub: I guess your stats patch needs an FDT?03:39
wgrantIt was live03:39
wgrantSo Monday is workitems.03:39
wgrantTuesday is my -0, Wednesday hopefully my -203:39
StevenKAh, so I should request DB r11382?03:40
wgrantDoesn't really matter.03:40
wgrantBut you could, yes.03:40
StevenKWell, either I do it tonight, or you do your rev which includes it all on Monday03:41
wgrant"it all" is the null set.03:41
wgrantSo it makes little difference :)03:41
StevenKIt includes another patch that isn't in devel03:42
StevenKSo it changes the merge into devel a little03:42
wgrantTrue, but it affects nothing.03:42
StevenKwgrant: How about a NDT of r14820?03:46
wgrantThere's nothing interesting.03:47
wgrantApart from your rev, but that's just one rev.03:47
StevenKI was about to say :-)03:47
StevenKWhere is wallyworld's work ...03:47
* StevenK kicks buildbot03:48
wgrant10 hours away03:48
wgrantie. next week03:48
StevenKThe death of lp/contrib is interesting. To me.03:48
wgrantThe death of lp/contrib in this manner is a mistake.03:49
wgrantI nearly reverted it.03:49
wgrantI entirely object to the principle of it, but not quite enough that I will revert it.03:51
lifelessstub: https://launchpad.net/launchpad-results03:52
StevenKIs utilites/on-edge even useful anymore?04:08
StevenKwgrant: But it's disgusting04:14
StevenKAnd probably mostly deprecated by the deployment reports.04:15
StevenKwallyworld: How do you feel about a 470 line diff?04:17
wallyworldStevenK: already on it04:17
wallyworldStevenK: r=me. can we delete those old bug redirection views?04:26
StevenKI'm not sure. I thought about it, and figured it was just easier and less risky to bring them into line.04:27
wallyworldbrad's comment on one of them seems to indicate it can be gone.04:28
StevenKIt's still mentioned in bug's ZCML04:29
wallyworldi think that is also obsolete, but not sure04:31
wallyworldsince the redirection is done elsewhere04:32
StevenKThe fact that it deals with IBug:+index in the ZCML makes me worry that it isn't04:32
wallyworldyeah, safest to leave as is i guess04:33
wallyworldStevenK: after you land your branch, feel like a small +22/-6 review for me?04:43
StevenKwallyworld: Sure.04:45
StevenKhttps://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/optional-extended-choice-popup-933743/+merge/93518 ?04:46
wallyworldStevenK: yeah04:46
StevenKThat's +22/-10 :-P04:46
* wallyworld gets out a birch branch04:46
* StevenK deals wallyworld a penalty card for 'Lying'04:47
* wallyworld accepts the punishment04:47
* StevenK peers at the removal of the math imports04:48
StevenKwallyworld: ^ That was lint cleanup?04:50
wallyworldStevenK: yeah04:50
wallyworldlint said they were not used04:50
* wgrant implements multirow and subselect inserts in Storm04:51
StevenKwallyworld: r=me04:52
wallyworldStevenK: thanks :-)04:52
* wallyworld lands04:52
StevenKAnd utilities/qa-ready has a copy-and-paste job from on-edge05:02
* StevenK deletes them both for being useless05:02
wgrantlifeless: I guess you're the Stormiest around. Could you glance at a small branch to vaguely implement bug #411556 and bug #61300?05:03
_mup_Bug #411556: Storm should support multi-row inserts <Storm:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/411556 >05:03
_mup_Bug #61300: Missing files in lout-doc <lout (Ubuntu):Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/61300 >05:03
wgrantBug #61330005:03
_mup_Bug #613300: Storm needs to support INSERT INTO ... SELECT <Storm:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/613300 >05:03
wgrantstub: Thanks. Can you please apply it?05:16
stubYup. On it.05:16
StevenKwallyworld: One more05:16
wgrantstub: Thanks.05:17
stubwgrant: Done except for _prod_2, which is blocked on the backups completing.05:19
StevenKWhich will take hours?05:20
wgrantstub: Thanks.05:20
stubCould be another hour or two05:21
wgrant3.5 hours, but yes.05:21
stubseems to normally be finished before 3pm my time, which is the fdt window05:21
wgrantnightly.sh completed Thu Feb 16 08:51:20 UTC 201205:22
wgrantnightly.sh completed Wed Feb 15 09:15:18 UTC 201205:22
stubNeed to reschedule that if it is overrunning the fdt window05:26
StevenKFDT is 1000UTC05:26
stuboh right - changed that to avoid webops shift change05:27
* wgrant hopes that archive will now completely drop off the list05:29
wgrantBah. #6 -> #27 :(05:30
wgrantMust be another evil query.05:30
lifelesswgrant: did stub review it ?05:32
wgrantlifeless: No, that was an index.05:32
wgrantI'm probably missing something, but it seems to work so I might use it anyway.05:33
lifelessthe first hunk is confusing05:35
lifelessI will write it in the review05:35
lifelessyou can get stub or jkakar or whoever is around to land; I'm well past EOW05:40
lifeless(we're about to enter phase 2 of operation put-cynthia-to-sleep05:40
wgrantGood luck05:42
wgrantI think abentley is trying to work around Storm's disability in another way05:54
wallyworldStevenK: sorry was picking up kid from school and buying dinner food06:02
StevenKwallyworld: Too late, self reviewed06:06
stubwgrant: I can do the second review, but would be better if jkakar or jamesh or gustavo does the second review - someone who understands the internals and trade offs better (but to me, the patch looks good)06:28
wgrantstub: Yep, that's why I didn't ask you.06:30
wgrantWas waiting for one of the trinity.06:30
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wgrantThe main scriptactivity query is unindexed.07:22
wgrantAnd bugbranch07:22
wgrantThat leaves BPPH as the only table with unexplained completely insane read volumes.07:24
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StevenKwgrant: I think BPPH can be explained with one word: Publication07:36
stubwgrant: I think I wanted scriptactivity trimmed so indexes would be unnecessary :-/08:38
stubSeems to have become an audit trail though.08:38
wgrantstub: Heh08:39
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
czajkowskimorning is there a reason as to why people cannot remove their opengpg keys ?  a user wants to add a new one and delete their old one ?09:45
maxbWell, there are some data integrity concerns, in terms of keys being used to track who uploaded packages09:49
czajkowskimaxb: thanks for your help10:23
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
salgadoI don't think we can QA bug 933592 (it's only about adding some model classes); should I just mark it as qa-untestable?12:34
wgrantThat's illegal12:39
wgrantCode changes aren't meant to land on db-devel.12:39
wgrantsalgado: ^^12:40
salgadooh, perfect12:40
salgadowgrant, how does it work? we need to get the schema changes deployed first and then land the code changes?12:41
wgrantsalgado: Right.12:41
salgadoshall we revert that landing, then?12:41
wgrantHm, didn't that DB patch already get deployed early in the week?12:43
wgrantLast friday, in fact.12:43
wgrantThis branch should have landed on devel instead.12:43
wgrantSo it's not harmful, just illegal. You probably want to land on devel and pretend that the db-devel landing never happened.12:44
salgadooh, could be. how can I tell when a db patch has been deployed?12:45
wgranthttps://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/LaunchpadProductionStatus logs deployments, and I normally comment in the linked bug.12:46
wgrantBut it looks like this time there was no bug.12:46
salgadoyep, there wasn't one for the schema changes12:46
wgrantAnyway, it was deployed just over a week ago.12:46
wgrantDB patches tend to be deployed within a couple of working days.12:46
salgadook, sorry about that. I'll create a new MP against devel and ask somebody to land it for me12:47
salgadomabac, ^12:47
wgrantFar easier for me to just pqm-submit it now :)12:47
mabacsalgado, hi there. just a sec while I catch up12:47
salgadowgrant, oh, that works too :)12:48
salgadowgrant, although if there are schema-related changes the merge will fail, right?12:49
salgadoI mean, if one of our merges from db-devel into our branch included any changes in database/schema12:49
wgrantThose checks are no longer enforced, but are generally done manually.12:50
mabacwgrant, sorry about that. :) now I know what to do next time12:50
wgrantBut it only checks the delta between devel and your branch12:50
wgrantSo anything that's already in devel doesn't violate the check.12:50
salgadomabac, yeah, just so you're aware of the policy, I didn't know about it either12:50
mabacsalgado, thanks. learning new stuff every day12:50
mabacsalgado, wgrant let's see. the entire schema change is included in the models branch. I didn't quite get if that's going to be a problem12:51
wgrantmabac: It's not a problem, since I merged that into devel a week ago.12:52
mabacwgrant, ok, makes sense since it didn't show up in the mp diff12:52
salgadowgrant, right, but I merged db-devel into our branch a couple days ago and that brought in a bunch of new db patches.  I can't seem to find whether those patches have been deployed or not12:52
mabacwgrant, scratch that. the diff was from db-devel of course12:52
wgrantsalgado: There's one unmerged DB patch ahead of your branch, but that was applied live. I'm merging that into devel separately now.12:53
wgrantThen I'll merge yours in a sec.12:53
salgadowgrant, ok, thanks a lot for taking care of this12:54
wgrantI have three patches in the queue -- cleaning it up is entirely selfish :)12:54
salgadoheh :)12:54
mabacwgrant, thanks12:55
wgrantThe reason we're able to do DB patches with so little downtime is that they are kept separated from code changes. If we let normal code changes also land to db-devel, the DB patches are no longer necessarily passing the test suite with the deployed code.12:57
wgrantThat's why this restriction is in place.12:57
wgrantOK, submitted.13:00
salgadowgrant, ah, makes sense13:02
wgrantLanded on devel and bug marked untestable.13:02
mabacgreat! thank you13:05
wgrantSo, you can land any further branches on devel at your leisure.13:06
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mabacsalgado, I have added some code according to your email: lp:~linaro-infrastructure/launchpad/workitems-widget mostly hunting for references to whiteboard and mimicking that.13:29
salgadomabac, cool, are you going to be around a little longer? we can talk about that after I review your l-i-t branch?13:33
mabacsalgado, sure, I have a couple of hours left of today. thanks for picking up that review!13:34
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deryckabentley, rick_h -- https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/orange-standup14:30
salgadoon bug 933910 I've just deleted unused code. should I mark it qa-untestable?14:40
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matsubarabac, hey there, could you do a review for me?15:02
matsubarabac, https://code.launchpad.net/~matsubara/lp-devops-dashboard/932768-lplib-credential/+merge/9320715:03
bacmatsubara: sure15:10
matsubarathanks bac15:17
salgadobac, hi there.  on bug 933910 I've just deleted unused code. should I mark it qa-untestable?15:25
_mup_Bug #933910: Remove TranslatableMessage & co <qa-untestable> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by salgado> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/933910 >15:25
bacsalgado: both of your reviewers mentioned some uneasiness with the branch pending a thorough QA.  so can you exercise translations functionality to see if anything breaks?15:27
salgadooh, sure, I'll do that15:29
bacmatsubara: in the environment where the devops dashboard is run, does it have access to the Gnome keyring?  it looks like your update to download-cache got a new version of launchpadlib which now (and for some time, actually) prefers to store credentials in the gnome keyring.15:34
bacmatsubara: if you have strong preference to use your existing credentials file then your changes look good.  but i wonder why you cannot use the keyring.15:35
matsubarabac, it's run on devpad15:38
matsubaranot sure if we have a gnome-keyring there. I wonder if is there a way to update the keyring with the existing credentials15:38
matsubarait's run by a cronjob under the lpqateam user15:39
bacmatsubara: it it possible to just reauthenticate?15:39
matsubaraI think so. not sure which user that token belongs to but it should be easy to find out or create a new token15:39
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bacmatsubara: actually, you're going to have a hard time given the restricted nature of devpad.  i think the code changes you've made are probably the right way to go.15:42
bacmatsubara-lunch: actually, you're going to have a hard time given the restricted nature of devpad.  i think the code changes you've made are probably the right way to go.15:42
bacmatsubara-lunch: i've approved the merge proposal but cannot mark it as such since i'm not in the QA team.15:44
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james_wwould someone please push https://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/python-oops-datedir-repo/bson-compat/+merge/92560 through for us please?16:22
rick_hjames_w: pulling down16:28
james_w\o/ rick_h16:28
rick_hjames_w: oh, this isn't lp16:28
rick_hheh, need to read better16:28
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bacrick_h: are you doing the push for james_w?  if not, i will.16:42
rick_hbac: working on it, tring to get the branches pulled/rnu tests on it16:43
bacrick_h: oh, ok.  thanks.16:43
bacjust didn't want to duplicate effort16:43
rick_hbac: thanks16:43
rick_hbac: ok, can you push it, evidently I've got something wrong in my setup for this setup.py and it hates me17:03
rick_halong with the buildout, and time sinking like no tomorrow17:03
bacrick_h: ok.  will do so after lunch.  <-- james_w17:04
rick_hbac: ty17:04
sinzuibac: will you have time to review a branch that fixes some stupid team links https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/usless-team-links/+merge/9361617:17
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rick_hbac: if you get a second please: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/fix_yui_934225/+merge/9362217:46
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matsubarabac, thanks!18:02
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
lifelessflacoste: I think you underestimate the frequency, and depth, of confusion caused :)18:26
lifelessflacoste: I seem to have put the cat amongst the pigeons with that thread; I think due to my comment in brackets; oops!18:32
rick_hlifeless: think of the kittens you meany :)18:33
lifelessevery time you disable a feature flag, yaweh kills a kitten?18:34
rick_hlifeless: I'm pulling out the jsmin stuff out of utilites into a separate package, is it enough for it to be a python package or would a .deb be the one true way?18:34
lifelessrick_h: AFAICT we have to keep two deps systems - .deb and buildout - indefinitely.18:34
rick_hlifeless: ok, so as long as I can get the python package on pypi, just a python package is good enogh?18:35
lifelessrick_h: we can't do seamless upgrades of .deb's on appservers, so yeah a python package is fine18:35
lifeless(by seamless upgrades I mean that when a deb version X is upgraded to Y, any appservers still consulting X are now out on a limb and not safe if they do late imports or try to restart;18:36
lifelessthis /shouldn't/ matter if the thing is api compatible, but its still a risk (and how often are things 100% compat)18:36
lifelessrick_h: yes, pypi is good enough18:36
rick_hlifeless: ok, thx. Sounds like a plan18:36
lifelessrick_h: have you seen the CreatingNewProjects wiki page ?18:36
rick_hlifeless: no, haven't looked18:36
rick_hwill now18:36
salgadolifeless, hey there.  I didn't quite understand your suggestion for updating the work items... it's not clear to me whether you're saying it's fine to just update all objects normally and flush() at the end or something else?18:42
lifelesssalgado: you raised a concern about race conditions between sequence changes and other changes18:43
rick_hlifeless: wrt the longpoll discussion, I've not peeked at it a ton, but would moving the longpoll to only pages that need it help at all? prevent all lp urls from making lp connections?18:43
lifelesssalgado: I was noting that using a flush() to well, flush, the other changes, and then doing sequence changes, would give you some safety18:43
rick_hlifeless: from seeing the JS it looks like it's started on every page in base-layout-macros?18:43
lifelessrick_h: well, that would probably reduce the impact, but consider that we'd like every page to be able to update in realtime...18:44
salgadolifeless, did I? I was just pointing out that even if we manage to update all the sequences with a single update we could still end up issuing multiple updates for the status column18:44
rick_hlifeless: yea, reaching for quick/dirty helpers18:44
lifelessrick_h: I mean, if LP:18:44
lifeless - was fast18:44
lifeless - had a built in dashboard / notification list18:45
lifeless - easy to navigate18:45
lifeless - fast search18:45
lifelessfolk might open less tabs18:45
lifeless-> virtuous circle18:45
lifelesssalgado: ah, well I read it wrongly then :P18:45
lifelessnot unheard of :>18:45
flacosterick_h: unless i'm mistaken, we actually only opens the connection on page that requires it now18:46
rick_hlifeless: definitely agree, but since things a bug page doesn't use LP that I recall if the issue is 6 tabs and we can get it to 6 MP pages or what not might make a sig. impact on usability18:46
lifelessrick_h: we wouldn't want it to be a timebomb though18:46
salgadolifeless, ah, that explains things, then ;)18:46
lifelessrick_h: consider that a bugs page that shows new comments is bug desired18:46
lifelessrick_h: bug searches that update when someone adds/removes a bug to the resultset18:46
rick_hflacoste: ah, yea I see in the comment that it checks for a lp.cache.longpoll, missed that18:47
lifelessrick_h: longpoll is a gateway to a -really- wonderful UI18:47
rick_hlifeless: ok so nvm, it's more prevelent than I've realized18:47
lifelessrick_h: also remember the desire to move to one domain for the appservers18:47
lifelessrick_h: if there is no code., then the impact would be less isolated18:47
lifelessso, I don't think we need to panic; if flacoste can find resources to finish it, we can disable the flag until a scheduled rotation to do the work, and then we'll be all good.18:48
lifelessI *really* want this working, but I don't want us paying interest we can avoid in the meantime.18:48
lifelessflacoste: (did you see what I did there :P)18:49
rick_hlifeless: yea, I can imagine 6tabs being a pita to work around18:49
lifelessrick_h: the thing is that even wgrant, who a) knew about the issue, and b) isn't exactly clueless, got confused and spent 5-10 minutes asking webops questions about operational status, only to realise it was this foot-gun.18:49
flacostelifeless: first, let's agree on what finished means18:50
lifelessflacoste: good point18:51
flacostelifeless: and if finished means it requires a 'rotation', then let's scrap this here and now18:51
flacostewe finish this on maintenance or we scrap it18:52
lifelessso, lets look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?field.tag=longpoll18:52
lifeless876325 is small but fiddly18:52
lifeless906482 is the key user facing thing, and wildcard polling domains are probably sufficient to address it18:52
lifelessits not perfect (but I'm not arguing for perfect)18:53
lifelessbug 850790 we may be able downgrade18:53
_mup_Bug #850790: Enable dynamically allocated development services to communicate their configuration to other processes <longpoll> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/850790 >18:53
lifelessbug 809139 just needs some examination of how rabbit reports its zomg's in its logs and either nagios or oops glue for that18:54
_mup_Bug #809139: rabbit deployment lacking automated error gathering <longpoll> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/809139 >18:54
lifelessbug 903186 looks shallow - a normal operation (race condition probably) generates an oops that we don't want, we should filter on the longpoll server18:55
_mup_Bug #903186: Closed: Method(name=close, id=40) (404, "NOT_FOUND - no queue 'longpoll.subscribe.091adf46-9097-4d50-97bc-8d20e8c18417' in vhost 'launchpad.net'", 60, 20) content = None  <longpoll> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by redsquad> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/903186 >18:55
flacostelifeless: right, like i said 906482 is what was the killer18:55
lifeless902117 may be unactionable18:55
flacosteat the time, Julian thought that implementing Bayeux was the solution18:56
flacosteand that would have taken too much time18:56
lifelessor it may be a precursor to 90318618:56
flacoste(not to say useless in the end)18:56
lifeless901844 will be fiddly but isn't hard18:56
lifelessflacoste: so, I don't know if that needs a rotation or not19:00
flacosteit doesn't19:00
lifelessflacoste: it -may- have a long tail, but I don't see a lot of reason to expect one.19:00
flacostewe don't have LP rotation available anyway19:00
flacosteso it will have to be done on maintenance19:01
flacosteand 4 bugs is definitively maintenance turf19:01
lifelessflacoste: I missed some19:03
lifelessflacoste: nothing major though19:03
lifelessflacoste: fiddly integrate-with-ops for the most part19:04
lifelessimportant to do before going live19:04
* lifeless is sssstubborn on that19:04
lifelessflacoste: so, I'd still like to disable the flag for now19:04
lifelessflacoste: because it is causing confusion and taking up time, even in our tiny pool of users19:05
lifelessflacoste: (and, we should generally have the same experience of LP as our users)19:05
flacostelifeless: i'm +0 here really, my only concern was about the 'we need to schedule a squad to finish this' part :-)19:06
lifelessheh :>19:06
flacostewe could probably have a notification-service-beta team19:06
flacostefor those who really want the feature, or develop it19:07
lifelessthat just adds permutations for debugging headaches19:07
flacosteand are not confused or serial tabs opener ;-)19:07
lifelessI'd be totally happy with the feature being back on for devs when the connections issue is resolved19:07
rick_hbac and if you get another sec pls https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/standardize_js_934401/+merge/9363719:08
bacrick_h:  ok19:09
bacsinzui: working on yours now19:09
deryckflacoste, I'm -1 on disabling this. if only because tabs are the drug and lifeless is the junkie. I love him too much to see him drown in his own multitasking.19:10
rick_hdr deryck with the presciption of "quit doig that crap to yourself!" :)19:10
* sinzui waits for quote page update19:11
lifelessderyck: lol :P19:13
lifelessderyck: not that I'm not the one running into issues and getting confused :>19:13
derycklifeless, heh, I know. Just having some fun.19:13
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bachi rick_h, why do you cp the yui2 stuff instead of creating a symlink as done for yui3?19:56
rick_hbac: the yui3 one is a symlink from build/js/yui -> build/js/yui3.3.019:57
rick_hbac: the cp is a copy of what we're doing in bin/combo-rootdir19:58
bacrick_h: ok, thanks19:58
rick_hI'm reloading to see if the yui3.3.0 is a symlink or a copy, it might be able to be a symlink, not compared19:58
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wgrantabentley: Hi, https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/storm/bulk-insert may be of interest.22:09
abentleywgrant: You're still using execute, so this looks complementary to executemany.22:12
wgrantabentley: It does it in a single statement.22:12
wgrantSo executemany is not required.22:12
abentleywgrant: In my tests, a single insert statement via execute took 3x as long as via executemany.22:13
wgrantabentley: That's a bit of a worry.22:13
wgrantBecause executemany indeed just calls execute lots of times, so there's even more statement parsing overhead.22:17
abentleywgrant: I can repeat my tests on monday, but at one point I had something much like your code and the branch scanner too 10 minutes.  Then I changed it to use executemany, and it took 3 minutes.22:18
wgrantabentley: Did you use execute directly with a string, or did you use storm?22:19
abentleywgrant: Directly with a string.22:19
abentleywgrant: executemany is intended for bulk operations, so it doesn't surprise me that it's more efficient.  It does surprise me that you say it just repeatedly executes the statement.22:22
wgrant    if (!PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords(args, kwargs, "OO", kwlist,22:22
wgrant                                     &operation, &vars)) {22:22
wgrant    while ((v = PyIter_Next(vars)) != NULL) {22:23
wgrant        if (_psyco_curs_execute(self, operation, v, 0) == 0) {22:23
wgrantIt just parses the Python argument structures and then throws them into execute :/22:23
wgrantNot preparing the statement or anything.22:23
wgrantINSERT INTO ... VALUES is also intended for bulk operations, and should win because it's only parsed once... I shall attempt to reproduce your results.22:23
abentleywgrant: The branch I was scanning was bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~irar/gcc-linaro/slp-for-any-nops-4.6/22:25
abentleywgrant: I'm scanning it with ~abentley/launchpad/branchscanner-timeout-bug-80893022:26
wgrantabentley: Oh, real code, even better. Thanks.22:33
* wgrant tries.22:33
wgrantabentley: How big's that branch?22:42
wgrantDo people really survive with <6 Launchpad tabs open?23:02
jelmerwhat's the issue with having multiple tabs over23:04
wgrantabentley: my way (ie. insert_many == store.execute(Insert(columns, table=[table], expr=rows))) looks to be maybe 10% faster, but I haven't tried on gcc-linaro yet.23:04
wgrantjelmer: The current longpoll implementation means that each MP page (and hopefully eventually more than just MP pages) keeps a persistent HTTP connection23:05
jelmerI'm in the lp team, but I haven't seen any issues with longpoll IIRC23:05
wgrantApparently it's exceptional to have lots of LP tabs open.23:05
wgrant(since firefox limits concurrent connections to each hostname to 6)23:06
cody-somervillehmm... I think my test run has hung on setting up something in the functional layer :(23:16
wgrantabentley: Scanning lp:launchpad (deleting the branch and truncating branchrevision cascade each time) takes 2:15 with your insert_many, and 1:55 with Storm bulk Insert.23:40
wgranthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/846588/ is the diff23:42
wgrantThat Storm rev is just lp:~wgrant/storm/bulk-insert merged into the normal LP storm branch.23:42
abentleywgrant: well, I'll certainly look into that on my next workday.  Which is actually Tuesday.23:43
wgrantabentley: Oh, Canada has Monday off too?23:44
wgrantThought that was just the US.23:44
wgrantThe difference may be more pronounced on prod, where there's greater DB latency than a UNIX socket.23:44
abentleywgrant: Yeah, Family Day.23:44
wgrant... intriguing.23:44
wgrant(er, truncating revision, not branchrevision, obviously)23:45
abentleywgrant: Well, Ontario has it, anyway.  This stuff varies by province.23:45
cody-somerville\o/ yay Family day.23:59

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