uskerineis it possible to make LUBUNTU look like windows xp (in classic mode)?00:35
phillwuskerine: there are many skins available00:39
phillwuskerine: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/174396-make-linux-look-like-windows-95-98-a.html will give you a start, in these cases... google is your best friend :)00:41
uskerinecan you use UBUNTU themes in LUBUNTU?00:49
Unit193Ubuntu on Lubuntu? It generally needs GTK2/3, and Openbox elements.00:52
uskerinei want to use lubuntu, ubuntu is too heavy00:54
uskerineso lubuntu uses openbox as window manager00:55
uskerineDoes Openbox implement the desktop icons?00:56
Unit193That's the LXDE component PCManFM00:57
uskerinePcMANFM is the filemanager00:57
Unit193Yes, it is that as well.00:57
uskerinei tried icewm+idesk00:58
uskerineidesk was the one that implemented the desktop icons00:58
Unit193As an example, you can  killall pcmanfm  from terminal and watch all the icons go away, should logout and back in after though.00:58
uskerineand if i would like to make a similar taskbar like in windows xp (in classic mode)01:00
uskerineis that possible?01:00
Unit193Well, it's just lxpanel you'd have to look at.01:00
uskerinewhat about the icons, which icon set could i use?01:02
uskerinei would like to install a server to provide access to 20 users01:02
uskerineand it would be great if the system could look like windows xp01:02
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phillwuskerine: and then Bill Gates sues us for looking like his system? There are various skins and walk throughs for making linux look like Windows and Mac, that is my best suggestion to you.01:17
phillwuskerine: if you'd like to chat further about this, please join #lubuntu-offtopic01:20
Unit193phillw: He was asking a support question on themeing though...01:21
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uskerinei have just installed lubuntu12:54
uskerinewhen I type "top", in a 1Gb RAM system it shows that only 115Mb are free12:55
uskerineis that normal?12:55
pAt__Uskerine. Depends on if it includes the cache already or not. What does the command free tells you?13:03
pAt__Without the cache, Lubuntu needs about 160Mb memory13:04
pAt__On my laptop13:04
pAt__Using dropbox13:04
uskerine             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached13:07
uskerineMem:        977808     843476     134332          0      10928     23413213:07
uskerinei have done a clean standard installation13:07
uskerineand i am not bloated with many programs, just few windows in chrome13:08
pAt__Strange. What do you get directly after loggin in?13:08
Sentynelthe +/- buffers/cache line in free's output is the important one13:09
uskerine-/+ buffers/cache:     600360     37744813:10
uskerineSwap:      1002492      56552     94594013:10
Sentynelhm, 600MB usage is still higher than I'd expect13:10
Sentynelbut you do have about 400MB available, so it's not critical13:10
uskerine             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached13:11
uskerineMem:        977808     383032     594776          0      13968     17690013:11
uskerine-/+ buffers/cache:     192164     78564413:11
uskerineSwap:      1002492      38872     96362013:11
uskerinethis is closing chrome and all windows except terminal and this xchat window13:11
pAt__Just look into the task manager which programs are consumting the most memory and how much.13:11
uskerineit is critical sentynel, because I would like to have a system with up to 20 concurrent users (with more than 1Gb of course)13:11
uskerinetask manager reports 192Mb of 954Mb used13:12
pAt__That looks more realistic13:13
uskerineso what the hell is reporting "free" or "top"?13:13
Sentynelthe newer free output you pasted13:13
Sentynelagrees with task manager13:13
uskerinefree says 383Mb against 190Mb13:14
uskerinefor use dmemory, right?13:14
uskerinei see13:14
Sentynelthe free output you pasted here says 192MB used, 785 free, which agrees with task manager13:14
uskerinei see13:14
uskerinebut why does it says "383Mb" as used in the first line?13:14
Sentynelas I say the +/- buffers/cache line in free is the important one13:14
uskerinewhat does it mean?13:14
uskerineok ok13:14
uskerinebut what is the meaning of the first line13:15
Sentynelbecause in the first line it counts buffers and cache, because it isn't empty memory13:15
Sentynelbut anything used for those can just be booted out of memory if it's actually needed by a program13:15
Sentynelit's just using spare space to speed things up#13:15
uskerinewithout starting to make disk swaap?13:15
Sentynelit's used to speed up disk access for files and so on13:16
uskerinei am concerned because i will have to set up a server for up to 10 or 20 concurrent users13:16
uskerineno mather how much memory i put if each user starts to use large amounts of RAM it won't work13:17
uskerineis there an actual memory and CPU saving in LUBUNTU against UBUNTU?13:17
uskerinebecause UBUNTU desktop is by far much more fancy13:17
pAt__Unity needs much more.memory. More the double13:18
Sentynelubuntu requires over 512MB of memory for a single user13:18
Sentynelas you can see lubuntu is running at under 200 with a couple of pieces of software open13:18
Sentynel(I swapped my father's office machine off ubuntu to lubuntu after the unity switch, because it started swapping like mad, on a system with 512MB of RAM)13:19
pAt__I rarly need more then 1 gb with lubuntu13:19
SentynelI've never had memory problems on the 1GB netbook I run it on, and that's with running some KDE software13:21
uskerineyes but i plan to put around 15 users through xdmcp against same server13:22
uskerineso i guess i will need something around 16Gb, right?13:22
SentynelI'd think you could get away with 8GB13:23
pAt__If they all use it at the same time, it would be a good idea.13:23
Sentynelas I say, my father's office machine has 512MB and copes fine13:23
Sentynelare you expecting 15 concurrent users with heavy use? if they've all just got a web browser or two open 512MB will be fine13:24
uskerinewell, i guess the best thing is to get as much memory as you can13:25
uskerineat the end, i guess 8Gb is not so expensive13:26
pAt__In case you also have swap13:26
uskerinei was thinking in distributing them among different servers, but i would like they could share the same /home file tree13:27
uskerineis there something i could use as separate NFS server for /home that would allow concurrent access from 4 servers?13:27
uskerinecould someone help me to understand how openbox and lubuntu -in general- can be customized?13:41
uskerinehow can i manually setup a GTK+ color scheme file? (I assume LXDE / LUBUNTU uses GTK+)14:30
* Broam waves14:41
Broamhi folks. Heard something about you needing lubuntu/ppc testers?14:41
uskerinehi, pcmanfm does not respond to font and color changes done with lxappareance (in LUBUNTU)14:56
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pip__lubuntu-desktop & lubuntu-core have no installation candidates (along with a whole bunch of other stuff) apparently.  I'm working from 12.04 mini iso am I doing something wrong for this message to appear?16:38
Unit193sudo apt-get update ?16:39
pip__twas the first thing I did. I'll try it again to be sure though16:40
Unit193Can you check your sources.list?16:40
pip__hang on I've got some hash sum mismatches in the update16:41
stlsaintpip__: yep thats a problem16:41
pip__okay, any ideas for a fix?16:42
stlsaintpip__: try changing sources list16:42
pip__sorry to be a n00b what's the path?16:42
stlsaintyour server16:42
stlsaintpip__: first your main server16:43
pip__cool I'm in16:43
stlsaintin your srouces update16:44
Unit193Change them to the default, and if that's no help, that may mean you don't have the key and should just fetch it.16:44
pip__This is a just done install, so I've not altered the list16:44
stlsaintpip__: just change the sources server to something else and reload16:45
pip__ah mo sorry just in the sources list at the mo16:45
pip__clearly I'm too stupid to have tried this, & possibly to own a computer  :-D16:52
stlsaintpip__: did changing the server work?16:53
pip__I'm unsure what to change it to TBH16:54
stlsaintdid you open the sources menu16:55
stlsaintnot the sources.list conf but the graphical sources menu16:55
pip__I have no GUI16:56
Unit193stlsaint: lubuntu-desktop failed.16:57
stlsaintah crap16:57
pip__lol.  I've done a minimal install (12.04) & when I've tried to install lubuntu-desktop I get the initial error I mentioned - no installation candidate16:57
Unit193pip__: What does the first deb yatata yatta bleh say?16:57
stlsaintyatata yatta bleh?? awesome16:57
pip__http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted16:58
Unit193Make it closer to `deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted`16:58
stlsaintso desktop failed and youve been dropped into a prompt...hrm strange one there, never had that on lubuntu16:59
Unit193gb. may be weird.16:59
pip__oh sorry it's got the deb at the start, they all have16:59
stlsainthappens on Ubuntu all the time though smh16:59
pip__I was gonna try uk instead of gb16:59
Unit193pip__: Yeah, drop the "gb."16:59
stlsaintUnit193: gb is just their server in his home ocuntry16:59
pip__ok, that makes sense16:59
Unit193stlsaint: Yeah, that can be messed up.16:59
Unit193stlsaint: REALLY messed up my Oneiric upgrade, fixed that and it fixed a few issues.17:00
pip__okay I'm gonna give it another shot17:02
pip__h'mmm, now it's unable to locate the package...17:02
Unit193Gotta update if you haven't already.17:03
pip__oops update17:03
pip__yeah, I just realised17:04
pip__sweet, no error messages17:05
Unit193See? I almost know what I'm doing sometimes...17:06
pip__lol, thank goodness somebody does17:06
stlsaintUnit193: oh just take all the credit huh?? :P17:07
Unit193Oh, stlsaint did most of it, I just sat back and made comments (peanut crowd)17:08
pip__teamwork gentlemen, teamwork...& patience with n00bs17:08
stlsaintpip__: so now whats your next step? O_o17:09
pip__install the desktop, which is happening now & then see what happens17:10
stlsaintcool, just making sure ;)17:10
pip__I'm experimenting with a beaten up old laptop17:10
pip__& I mean BEATEN, it's got no screen so I use an external17:11
pip__the HDDs on its way out & it's got 256 MB RAM so I though it'd make a "good" test box17:12
stlsaintyep and lubuntu would be a good choice to test on17:13
stlsaintlater folks17:13
pip__thanks very much ttfn17:13
genmailhi all :) I'd like to increase the volume of capture of my laptop internal microphone, but I can't manage very well to have a decent capture sound...any advice please?17:45
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Broamgenmail: there's always alsamixer in a terminal. it's not LXDE-specific, but it works17:52
genmailBroam: can you please tell me which volume raise up to make it work at its best?17:53
Broamgenmail: depends on your sound card17:53
Broamgenmail: you may want to see if there's a Microphone Amplifier setting17:53
Broamgenmail: also called "Mic Boost" sometimes17:54
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genmailBroam: how can I check my soundcard from terminal?18:02
ReptillianI understand that linux is generally much more secure than windows though it usually comes down to the user using the OS, but I am interested into using CAVL from comodo inside lubuntu. any feedback with regards to this?21:20
ReptillianI'm testing lubuntu under virtual machine right now21:21
Unit193Basically: Why?21:22
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:23
Unit193It'd make sense for a email/file server though, but not as much desktop.21:23
Reptillianso I should get a firewall instead. ok21:24
Unit193There is iptables, UFW, and I don't remember what the "standard" GUI is.21:24
Unit193There should be clamAV if you really want to have one, or you can add other antivirus if it's really what you want.  One GUI for firewalls is `gufw`21:25
Reptillianalright then, thanks21:26
uskerinei have discovered that LXDM does not support XDMCP23:14
uskerinewhich is the easiest way to configure LUBUNTU as server for multiple concurrent thin client users?23:15

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