velcomi have a lenovo G550 with 15.6 inch for 2 years now, it`s mobile and i can also watch movies like a boss00:01
glosolizzecool: XBMC ? ;D00:02
zzecoolglosoli: yes its a media center that BLOWS00:02
glosoliWhy would I need that ? :D00:02
zzecooland there is quite good suport for linux too00:02
zzecooli use it on my windows mahcine output to the TV with hdmi and controling it with a PS3 bluetooth remote lol00:03
glosolizzecool: aa, I don't use any windows machine, and don't own TV with HDMI ;D00:05
zzecooltoo bad then :(00:05
zzecoolXBMC runs on ubuntu too00:06
glosoliYea i know ;D  Seen that name in the past00:06
glosoliok, gotta go to sleep tomorrow to college00:06
glosoligood night :)00:06
zzecoolglosoli: ill go sleep too00:06
velcomok, gn to you too00:07
zzecoolvelcom: goodnigh00:07
velcombbye :) thanks for help00:07
zzecoolnp anytime i hope we will meet again00:07
zzecooli usally trolling on omgubuntu comments lo00:07
logI hate it when my crash reports are marked as duplicates of private bugs...00:20
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iguestInstalled updates today - looks like unity or X is now in an endless startup/fail loop. Any ideas what happend.01:51
aQuteI updated my 12.04 alpha 2 yesterday and guess what my unity is uninstalled I am greeted with shady unity 2d well then I install unity again and its crappy as hell now my question is what are they trying to do make ubuntu stable and good or sink its name in sewers?05:47
aQutei there any place wherre I can give feedback on this cause I definitly like the ubuntu i had before my last update05:50
urfr332g0aQute, your running a development did you make sure you did not upgrade a partial upgrade?05:55
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huayrahi there08:26
huayraI found out that when I log in the keyboard works as expected08:26
huayra(since some characters in my password re actiually in the numlock rea of the external USB keyboard08:27
MrChrisDruifSo the layout in lightdm isn't correct huayra ?08:31
Fudgeis there a channel or ppl here involved in ubuntu alternate installer08:44
Stanley00Fudge: I dont know, you can ask !alis, or ask the question here.08:49
* MrChrisDruif isn't anyway08:50
FudgeStanley00 I am wondering from a blind persons perspective the best way to accessibly install ubuntu server08:51
Stanley00Fudge: well, there is a ubuntu-server image, did you try it?08:51
FudgeStanley00 not yet but plan to, I am gathering informatino after reading a long thread about people trying to do it, other blind folk08:54
FudgeStanley00 information is my friend, such as if a console is available outside of the installer to set volume, load espeakup software synthisizer etc08:55
vega-hm, thunderbird seems to not work at the moment (it starts but with a blank screen, only top menus visible)08:55
Stanley00Fudge: well, I think after installed, you just need irssi (IRC client) and links (www browser) and an internet connection, if something go wrong, you can get whatever you need from those two :D08:56
micahgvega-: bug 93395108:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933951 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Precise) "Messaging menu extension interacts badly with lightning in precise making thunderbird unusable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93395108:57
vega-micahg: thanks, will check that08:57
FudgeStanley00 I agree completely, it's the installing part which may be a problem, I shall try08:58
Stanley00Fudge: well, it's not so hard... I think :D08:59
FudgeStanley00 I appreciate the confidence, care for a challenge? turn your monitor and off and do an install then :p09:00
Stanley00Fudge: ah, now I know what you mean by "a blind persons perspective", your monitor doesn't work??09:03
vega-micahg: thanks, that fixed it09:24
FudgeStanley00  it works great, my eyes dont though, accept for seteing boxes come up on the screen, that is aout it09:26
vega-seems the calendar/clock is missing from my top bar also09:26
jo-erlendbah. Todays upgrade of Unity has loads of regressions. :(10:11
jo-erlendand Thunderbird is completely defunct. :/10:12
jo-erlendThe system works about five minutes at a time, then I have to log out and back in. Everything stops working. Not good.10:15
brendandjo-erlend - i see the thunderbird thing (or rather, don't see it :P). unity is fine though, what graphics card you have?10:19
jo-erlendRadeon HD310010:19
jo-erlendit works when I log in, but then it seems everything stops listening to my keyboard. I can switch to another console, but that's it. The Unity launcher responds to clicks, but nothing else.10:20
jo-erlendand it doesn't hide. Menus react to clicks, but the menus doesn't appear.10:21
jo-erlendit the apport dialog also made non-resizable now? I don't like all this scrolling. I don't understand why dialogs shouldn't be resizable.10:23
jo-erlendhorizontal scrolling is really annoying.10:23
jo-erlendmakes it extremely difficult to understand what the bug report contains. I hope that's just a bug and not a conscious decision.10:27
vega-jo-erlend: https://launchpad.net/bugs/93395110:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933951 in lightning-extension (Ubuntu Precise) "Messaging menu extension interacts badly with lightning in precise making thunderbird unusable" [Undecided,Triaged]10:45
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jo-erlendvega-, I don'ẗ have lightning installed though.10:46
Daekdroomjo-erlend, me neither, and my thunderbird is unusable as well.10:54
jo-erlendhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/93154739/thunderbird-empty.png <-- looks like that, right?10:55
vega-mine was like that too10:56
vega-started with -safe-mode and checked "disable add-ons" and it worked10:56
vega-could be something similiar even though you don't have lightning?10:57
TeTeT does anyone else have a corrupt xsession on precise? Instead of unity a single xterm is launched after login, can't figure out what's going wrong11:02
vega-i had that11:02
vega-fixed by "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"11:02
vega-apt removed unity at some point, due to something having to do with i386/amd64 packages and/or multiarch11:03
TeTeTvega-: I did that too, but the session remains corrupted. Oh well, I can start gnome-settings-daemon and unity manual for now, maybe need to remove some user specific config files11:11
DaekdroomOn the Thunderbird matter, I could activate Global Menu Bar integration, but it won't work with Messaging Menu and Unity Launcher integration enabled11:14
vega-TeTeT: you could create a new, test user to verify if it's something in your home dir11:22
TeTeTvega-: good idea, will do so, thx11:22
micahgdon't bother, a fix was uploaded to the archive already11:23
TeTeTmicahg: awesome, thanks11:24
micahgthunderbird (11.0~b2+build2-0ubuntu3)11:24
TeTeToh, bummer11:24
TeTeTon the non working unity session, 20x11-common_process-args from Xsession.d gets the arg '/usr/bin/xterm'. Not sure where this is specified. any advice on how this Xsession.d stuff is being handled?12:00
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webm0nk3y[   63.337953] unity-greeter[7840]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000040abb8 sp 00007fff44f69b50 error 4 in unity-greeter[400000+26000]12:26
alkisgIs anyone else experiencing thunderbird empty windows after today's updates?12:26
webm0nk3ymy computer is stuck ^^12:26
Daekdroomalkisg, start it in command line with 'thunderbird -safe-mode', disable all addons, select to restart it. Then leave the unity messaging menu integration addon disabled.12:31
DaekdroomThe package is being rebuilt with a fix.12:31
alkisgThank you Daekdroom12:31
DaekdroomOh. The update is available already :D12:33
alkisgHaha, ok, let me re-enable them and update instead...12:34
glosolianyone else is getting screen coruptions while logging in using proprietary drivers ?12:35
webm0nk3yglosoli: I get it with nvidia-common12:36
webm0nk3yglosoli: more like a collage of all the history of using my computer12:36
glosoliwebm0nk3y: Hmm but when it loggs in completely it dissappears yes ?12:38
webm0nk3yglosoli: yep12:38
webm0nk3yglosoli: the system worked fine12:38
glosoliwebm0nk3y: Is it reported in launchpad ?12:38
webm0nk3yglosoli: i do not know, would not know how to even search for it on LP12:39
webm0nk3yoh my... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/845730/12:50
webm0nk3yi wish i could boot12:50
jo-erlendcan someone please confirm that the apport dialog to show what will be reported is not resizable?13:19
jokerdinoit is not resizable.13:20
jo-erlendthat is an extreme regression.13:20
jo-erlendit's nearly unusable.13:20
jo-erlendjokerdino, is it supposed to be that way?13:23
jokerdinoI can't verify that.13:24
jokerdinoi haven't seen any bug reported regarding this behavior.13:24
jokerdinojo-erlend: i suggest you file a bug report regarding this13:30
jo-erlendjokerdino, it's relatively far down the list of regressions from todays upgrade.13:30
jokerdinojo-erlend: i agree. i note that a lot of bugs have creeped in.13:31
micahgjo-erlend: bug 930562?13:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930562 in apport (Ubuntu) "Problem report window can not be resized" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93056213:31
jokerdinomicahg: you could be right13:31
jo-erlendjokerdino, my system became almost unusable after the upgrade today. To make things worse, I forgot to take a snapshot before upgrading. Beating myself up over that one.13:32
jokerdinohah, taking a snapshot might have been useful13:33
jo-erlendyes, that's why I switched to btrfs in the first place. :)13:34
jokerdinoi have another peculiar bug. open a terminal window, try to move it by clicking on the title bar and moving it around. and have fun with the bug.13:35
jo-erlendjokerdino, that causes no issues here. What happens?13:36
jo-erlendI had to switch to metacity with gnome-panel, though. Compiz is completely unusable now.13:36
jokerdinoif i click on it and try to move it, it grabs my mouse and keeps moving the terminal around. i can't escape it in anyway possible.13:36
Ian_Cornepress the windows key!13:37
jo-erlendmy numlock LED went insane earlier today. I think it thought it was the HDD LED or something. It's always fun when you get these amounts of regressions on a Friday afternoon.13:37
jokerdinoi press alt + f4 and close the darn window13:37
jokerdinooh yeah, it keeps you occupied over the weekend.13:38
jokerdinoIan_Corne: pressing windows key does no difference.13:39
jo-erlendif ubiquity supports btrfs now, I think I'll test it.13:40
jokerdinoi think being able to revert to a previous version should be useful. if i remember, there is a system restore in windows that lets you do exactly that.13:42
jokerdinowith version i mean a previous state.13:42
Ian_Corneok jokerdino :p13:42
jo-erlendjokerdino, with btrfs you don't even have to revert. You can just boot the system as it was at a specific point in time.13:47
jokerdinoi wonder why it is not implemented.13:48
jo-erlendwhy what is?13:53
jokerdinobtrfs that is.13:53
jo-erlendit is implemented. I'm using it now.13:54
jokerdinodoes your menus and buttons have icons now?13:54
jo-erlendin gnome-panel they do.13:54
jokerdinoi see, i never used btrfs13:54
jo-erlendit's not particularly user friendly yet, though.13:55
jokerdinolearning something new should be fun,13:56
jokerdinoi can't disable menus with icons. :(13:57
jo-erlendbtrfs is certainly worth spending some time to learn.13:58
jokerdinoalso, the expo using mouse over is broken.14:01
jokerdinoi had set compiz to show all applications when i mouse over to the top right. now it is no longer working :(14:01
glosolijokerdino: it's already reported14:01
jokerdinobug ##?14:02
glosolijo-erlend: it just shows applications from current workspace yes ?14:02
glosolijokerdino: '''''' this was meant for you14:02
jo-erlendglosoli, what does?14:02
jo-erlendoh. :)14:02
jokerdinonothing gets exposed.14:02
glosolijo-erlend: sorry14:02
jo-erlendno worries. :)14:02
glosolijokerdino: even Super (Windows Key) +W doesn't work ?14:02
jokerdinoand well, super + w only shows the apps in the current workspace.14:03
jokerdinosuper + w works. partly.14:03
glosolihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-core/+bug/933776 << Affects you14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) ""Super + W" Compiz Scale Addon "All Windows" not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:04
jokerdinosubscribed to it.14:05
glosolijokerdino: you might write in comments that screen edge also not orking for you14:05
glosolialthough screen edge works for me just fine, but only for current workspace in btw, have you done updates already ?14:06
glosolithere was a couple of compiz updates in the morning14:06
jokerdinooh wait, it works now.14:07
jokerdinojust updated.14:07
glosolijo-erlend: but still for current workspace yes ?14:07
jokerdinoglosoli: yep14:08
jokerdinoi am sorry jo-erlend14:08
glosoliah :DD once again, that tab button fails me :(14:09
glosolijokerdino: press in that link that bu affects you too14:09
jokerdinoyes i did :)14:10
jokerdinoThis bug affects you and 4 other people Edit14:10
jokerdinoand i find it really hard to read the shortcut overlay14:10
jrgiffordjokerdino, it works fine here.14:12
jokerdinojrgifford: i can only see through the overlay14:13
jrgiffordodd, http://i.imgur.com/s38oi.png14:14
jrgiffordoh, did you get the *latest* compiz update?14:14
jrgiffordthat might fix it.14:14
jokerdinohow latest?14:14
jokerdinoi see that it is being chameleonic like the dash14:15
jrgiffordum, hangon. lemme grab the version14:15
jrgiffordcompiz-core:amd64 (,
jrgiffordthat was what I installed at 12:50 UTC14:17
jokerdino$ compiz --version14:18
jrgiffordthere is a unity update that just come up since then though, let me install that and see if i can replicate it.14:18
jokerdinoi see, you are on PPA?14:18
jrgiffordyes, but i haven't gotten anything from the PPA so far today, but the unity coming at me from the archive is 5.414:19
jokerdinonot here though, still on 5.214:20
jo-erlendCompiz 0.9.7 seems to be extremely slow compared to previous versions. Do others have the same experience?14:20
jrgiffordjo-erlend, not for me. what graphics card?14:20
glosolifor me everything is fine :)14:21
jo-erlendRadeon HD310014:21
jokerdinono graphics card here. so no diff.14:21
jo-erlendthis is on my mobo.14:21
glosoliI have ATI mobility Radeon HD57301GB14:22
jo-erlendI had to take out my HD5850 in order to connect external disks. :)14:22
glosoliyou have laptop ?14:22
jrgiffordI have a Radeon HD 6320, working fine here.14:24
jo-erlendglosoli, this is a desktop.14:25
jrgiffordjokerdino, brb. going to try the unity update that landed and see if i can replicate it.14:25
jo-erlendis 5.4 available now?14:25
jokerdinoit is from the staging ppa14:25
jrgiffordjo-erlend, yes 5.4 is available in the main archive.14:25
jrgiffordthats what I just updated to.14:25
jokerdinoi am upgrading now then.14:26
jokerdinojo-erlend: what packages should i be installing for btrfs?14:26
jo-erlendoh... It might not be Compiz that's slow after all. I just noticed that gnome-settings-daemon uses 100% CPU.14:26
jo-erlendjokerdino, btrfs-progsa14:26
jo-erlendjokerdino, btrfs-progs14:26
jo-erlenduhm... That's not right14:27
jrgiffordjokerdino, its working fine here.14:27
jrgiffordcan't replicate the bug you talked about14:27
jokerdinowell, never mind then.14:27
jokerdinoyou know, i can't get lightdm to show my wallpaper either :/14:27
jo-erlend«apt-btrfs-snapshot - Automatically create snapshot on apt operations» <-- That's certainly interesting! :)14:28
jokerdinodo you use the contest one or the individual wallpaper?14:28
jrgiffordjokerdino, do you have an encrypted homedir?14:28
jo-erlendjokerdino, btrfs itself is in the kernel though.14:28
jokerdinooh i see.14:29
jrgiffordlet me change the wallpaper and have another look.14:29
jrgiffordjokerdino, confirmed that the wallpaper doesn't change.14:30
jokerdinoso, if i use the slideshow, it doesn't change. hmm14:31
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jrgiffordjokerdino, bug you're looking at looks like this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/+bug/92348114:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923481 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Selected user wallpaper doesn't change for slideshow wallpaper" [Low,New]14:32
jokerdinoconfirmed it.14:33
jrgiffordjo-erlend, thanks for the mention of apt-btrfs-snapshot, that'll come in handy for next cycle when we have all sorts of crazy things landing left and right. :P14:34
jokerdinoi believe we should document it in the site when 12.04 is released.14:35
jokerdinoask ubuntu site yeah14:35
jrgiffordjokerdino, what should we document?14:35
jokerdinothe brtfs thingie14:36
arandThe btrfs wiki page could use some love in general, a bit too much fluff there currently...14:37
jo-erlendI suspect that btrfs will be default in 12.10.14:37
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jokerdinowhat do you mean by default?14:37
jo-erlendthat if will be used instead of ext4 for clean installs.14:37
arandI doubt that... But you never know14:37
jrgiffordjokerdino, odd - when I run lightdm in --test-mode, wallpaper changes for me now.14:37
jo-erlendarand, why do you doubt that?14:37
jokerdinojrgifford: i shall take a look later14:38
arandjo-erlend: Because it's still marked as experimental.14:38
jrgiffordbtrfs isn't stable enough for right now, but thats what i use for / - i need ext3 for /home because of the lucid install I keep around. :P14:38
jo-erlendwell, if it's stable enough for use in enterprise Linux, I think it'll be stable enough for 12.10.14:39
jokerdinoi will be back later14:39
jrgiffordcya jokerdino14:40
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tomodachijrgifford: cant you use ext4 anyway?  i remember it being backward compatible with ext3, hence you can mount it as ext314:46
tomodachiin your older distribution14:46
jrgiffordoh? Ok, i wish I had known that.14:46
* jrgifford makes note to self about his next install14:47
jokerdinook i am back14:47
jo-erlendheh... Please don't install apt-btrfs-snapshots...14:55
jo-erlendit completely breaks apt.14:55
jokerdinoerr, i installed it and apt-get works here..14:56
jo-erlendit does?14:56
jo-erlendah, that's not so strange. It can't find a btrfs filesystem to take a snapshot of, so it'll probably just skip it.14:56
jokerdinooh i guess it is that way14:57
jo-erlendin my case, the root filesystem is a btrfs, and it fails, so all apt-get operations are aborted – including the removal of apt-btrfs-snapshots.14:57
jokerdinowow that sucks14:57
jcook_5xdataneeds some help I am tring to install a i386 deb file in a 64 bit install. in ubuntu (gnome) the installer will down load the need i386 package and install the app. how do i do this kde14:58
jo-erlendjokerdino, dpkg doesn't break that easily though. :)14:59
jokerdinoyou should be happy haha15:00
jcook_5xdatawrong channel should I go to Kubuntu?15:00
jokerdinoi guess that is a wiser move15:00
jcook_5xdataJust tring to get up to speed in plasma  when the sparkle  come out :)15:01
jo-erlendjrgifford, I'm upgrading now. Still unity 5.2 in main?15:03
jo-erlendjrgifford, sure you're not using a PPA?15:03
jrgiffordjo-erlend, yes.15:04
jrgiffordbe warned15:04
jrgiffordi ended up killing my theme15:04
jrgiffordand there is no known bugfix for that15:04
jo-erlendthat's the least of my worries.15:04
jrgiffordheh, figured as much, just wanted to warn you.15:05
jo-erlendeverything hit the fan here today. If I can start using Unity again at all, that'll be an improvement.15:05
petrovvwhat are the plans concerning Cinnamon inclusion (or any other Gnome 3.* forks)?15:07
arandIsn't cinnamon an extension rather?15:07
glosolihope they don't include cinnamon :)15:11
arandHmm, I'm thinking of another thing...15:11
glosoliin btw, hate seeing a lot of ubuntu forks growing up without future and asking people for donations while they do nothing just add different themes and icon sets15:12
arandWell, Mint does quite a lot of good stuff, but the decision to fork gnome3 may not be one of them, though in that regard they're in the same seat as Ubuntu ;)15:13
valdur55Yea. It's quite simple to add linux mint repo and istall cinnamon :)15:14
petrovvoic, thanks15:15
glosoliarand: yes, mint is different story, clem is doing lm as a full time job :) but I  and many of my friends from now on, are really liking unity, and feeling it has a bright future :)15:16
petrovvUnity - in the sense of WM environment?15:17
petrovvor lack of forking?15:17
glosoliCinnamon for me looks like  a ship with its anchor holding to the past and making pause for evolution :D15:18
petrovvglosoli, I tried Gnome 3.* on Fedora 15 and found it to be heavily mouse oriented, what about keyboard users (unless I miss somehting)15:19
arandIf cinnamon was included it would quite obviuosly be a universe package and non-default. And I guess it would enter via Debian rather than any Ubuntu-specific effort.15:19
glosolipetrovv: Cinnamon is also gnome 3.x :DD15:19
arandpetrovv: I use G3 and finds it quite keyboard-friendly.15:20
glosoliIMO, i have enough usage of keyboard in ubuntu with unity, quite like it from now on, was never a big keyboard shortcuts fan before15:20
glosolipetrovv: Would you mind telling us, what you can't do with keyboard in Gnome 3 ?15:21
petrovvglosoli, all the kb shortcuts I learned before do not work, I do not have the list handy, but if you compare the actual shortcuts assignments, Gnome Shell has something like 1/3rd of what Gnome 2.* provides15:22
glosolipetrovv: you are making a big mistake telling about it lacks of keyboard shortcuts for gnome 3 :) Gnome-Shell is WM15:22
glosoliGnome 3 is DE which is also used by Cinnamon15:22
petrovvglosoli, say, Ctrl-Alt-D for minimizind all the windows currently open15:22
glosolipetrovv: me either don't like gnome shell :) That's why I love Unity15:23
petrovvok, need to try unity then (I'm on 10.04 currently and cannot be happier for a while)15:23
glosolipetrovv: Wait for full version 12.04 :)15:23
arandpetrovv: Thats basically since minimise isn't really a concept in gnome-shell, I'd say you're meant to use a new WS for that...15:24
jokerdino12.04 has the snappier version of unity thus far15:24
glosolijokerdino: what does word snappier mean ?15:24
jokerdinosnappier meaning feeling nice to use and handle15:25
glosolijokerdino: ah, yes it is :) UNity 5.4 will soon be in repos15:25
glosolisome of the libs already upgraded15:26
jokerdinoi can't wait for 5.415:26
petrovvarand, what's WS?15:26
* petrovv thinks he need to read some FAQs like back in 1998 :-)15:27
glosoliarand: tryed some weeks ago to use windows, was feeling crazy not having workspace, after that, just kicked the MS ass out of my computer and left only pangolin here ;D15:27
petrovvhow is workspace different from WM and from Desktop Environment?15:29
arandglosoli: Hmm, I don't actually miss workspaces as much as the "scale" overview.15:29
glosoliarand: yes, this one too, but now I have nothing to miss, coz being fully ubuntized15:30
glosolipetrovv: Workspace is smth like the number of desktops15:30
glosolipetrovv: one desktop 1 workspace , 2 desktops  - 2 workspaces, talking by slang15:30
petrovvglosoli, then how is it different from pager in older WMs?15:31
jo-erlendjust upgraded, and now things are _much_ better wrt Unity, Compiz and graphics in general.15:31
glosolijo-erlend: I can't do dist-upgrade because of dependencies for now, if I do ,i will get unity ant unity-2d removed :D15:32
glosolipetrovv: hmm, probably not much, just in Gnome Shell it's much more easier to use, and it is focused on it15:32
jo-erlendglosoli, right. I did a plain upgrade. I did a dist-upgrade this morning, which is when everything went pear shaped.15:33
glosolijo-erlend: with simple upgrade yiu probably don't have all unity parts 5.4 version15:33
zzecoolglosoli:  ;p15:33
glosolizzecool: Hey ;D15:33
petrovvglosoli, perhaps offtopic, but if you are forced to use MS Win at work or elsewhere you may want to try the DexPot WS manager15:34
petrovvglosoli, it gives you up to 20 workspaces and other things like rotating cube, for example15:34
glosolipetrovv: hmm, seen this one some time before, but I felt like it was pretty slow15:35
zzecoolglosoli: do you have dependencies for unity and unity 2d?15:38
zzecoolglosoli: it seems i cant do a dist upgrade yet15:38
zzecoolit is going to rmeove unity - 2d15:38
glosolizzecool: same here, waiting ;D15:39
zzecoolits beta freeze today15:39
DaekdroomI believe unity-2d has to be rebuilt against lastest libunity15:39
glosoliyeah, finally ;D15:39
glosoliDaekdroom: you're right15:39
zzecooli hope dodge active window stay as it is or all take my gun  lol ;p15:39
Daekdroomdodge active window was removed already.15:40
glosolihaha ;D15:40
zzecoolwhen ?15:40
glosoliweek ago :DD15:40
zzecoolim using it right now15:40
zzecoolyou are wrong15:40
zzecoolits there15:40
glosoliit won't be removed15:40
DaekdroomAh. That is because I'm using the unity-ppa15:40
glosoliit just became unsuported15:40
DaekdroomIt WILL be removed.15:40
DaekdroomI don't have it in CCSM anymore.15:40
glosoliso what  ?15:40
glosoliyou have it in system15:41
DaekdroomIt's just that the ubuntu repos have a slightly older version of Unity.15:41
glosoliIt can be set by gsettings15:41
DaekdroomAnd that 5.4 update will remove dodge (active) windows.15:41
DaekdroomCan it?15:41
DaekdroomI want to try15:41
zzecoolThey are stupid enought to kill the best launcher feature15:41
zzecoolwhata dorks15:41
zzecooli hope you are wrong15:41
DaekdroomI did like dodge active windows too.15:41
glosoliDaekdroom: wait I will try toget command from my friend15:41
zzecoolglosoli: no need for a command15:42
glosolibut he is using older version probably coz he is on main server too15:42
glosoliaa :)15:42
zzecoolDaekdroom: do you have gconf installed?15:42
DaekdroomSure I do15:42
zzecoolok wait15:42
zzecoolDaekdroom:  open gconf and navigated to /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options and then set launcher_hide_mode to 315:46
zzecooland please tell me the results15:46
DaekdroomNothing happened.15:47
zzecoolthe removed the code...........15:47
DaekdroomIf I set it to 1, it autohides. If I set it to 3, it stays as it was15:47
zzecoolis 2 working ?15:48
glosoligconftool -s -t int /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/ launcher_hide_mode 215:48
zzecoolglosoli: its the same think15:48
DaekdroomNot working either15:48
zzecoolso they removed the code15:48
zzecoolwe are doomed15:48
zzecooluntil some nice guy patches the unity with the cade again15:49
DaekdroomDodge windows did poorly in the user testing.15:49
zzecoolDaekdroom: BULLSHITS15:49
zzecooli dont wanna start this15:49
jokerdinozzecool: what is your issue here?15:49
zzecooljokerdino: nothing but its nice that if someone says a bad word activity appears15:50
glosoliHaha, Iam with canonical15:50
jokerdinouser testing involves people who barely know anything about interface and design15:50
jokerdinoso when they see launcher disappear they panick.15:50
zzecooljokerdino:  true15:50
Daekdroomjokerdino, most people that Ubuntu target don't know anything about interface and design.15:50
zzecoolmake the launcher always on bu default and leave dosge for us is not bad15:51
zzecoolWhy is autohide better than Dodge someone tell me 1 reason15:51
DaekdroomI honestly don't know.15:51
zzecoolThere is no reason15:51
glosoliThere is :)15:51
DaekdroomMaybe the 'dodge (active) windows' behaviour is confusing.15:51
zzecooltell me15:51
glosoliWhy is dodge windows better than autohide ? ;D15:52
zzecoolhow can be confusing when i deside to use it15:52
DaekdroomFor some time, I thought it was exactly the same thing as autohide, to be honest.15:52
jokerdinoprobably they didn't want to maintain something that they are not interested in.15:52
zzecoolbecause dodge give you the launcher when there is nothing on the desktop and Unity IS ALL ABOUT THE LAUNCER15:52
glosoliMark is going the right way - thinking of daily users, not power users, otherwise, ubuntu has no future.15:52
zzecoolActive icons etc15:52
tom95hi, I installed libsocialweb for using its dbus, but it doesn't show up in d-feet. do I have to run it explicitly or may the package be brocken?15:53
DaekdroomIt's not going to be exposed to the users under the appearance options, so they removed the option.15:53
jokerdinothat makes sense.15:53
glosoliDaekdroom: simplicity is the best15:53
zzecoolglosoli: you cant get it15:53
DaekdroomIt could stay there over ccsm, but what's the point if they're trying to move the options to the GNOME Control Panel, right?15:54
glosoliSure I can :) YOu think of yourself, Mark thinks of daily users :)15:54
zzecoola launcher always on = bug you can press icons on accident15:54
bazhangzzecool, lets get back to bug tracking and fixing please15:54
zzecoolwhile working15:54
glosoliDaekdroom: there is, people who has not enough knowledge might crash desktop with ccsm :)15:54
jokerdinohey, i honestly think there should be dodge windows, but not visible to everyone.15:54
zzecoolbazhang: i dont get you i can express my thoughts here no ?15:54
glosolizzecool: Mac OS X users have their launcher always on, they have no problem so far :) neither windows users15:54
DaekdroomI don't see why remove it. It shouldn't be that hard to maintain.15:55
bazhangzzecool, this is not the debate channel, no15:55
jo-erlendglosoli, I have a fair amount of experience, and I've been able to cause serious issues with ccsm without knowing why or how.15:55
zzecoolyes because most UIs dont have their control to the bottom15:55
glosolijo-erlend: as I said :)15:55
jokerdinobazhang: "#ubuntu+1 Discussion and support for Precise Pangolin"15:55
zzecoolbazhang: chill out15:56
glosoliThis can be debate channel if topic is Precise Pangolin15:56
bazhangjokerdino, within limits. bug fixing and tracking is the main purpose15:56
zzecoolthen what about ubuntu-bugs/15:56
KBentley57hey guys, can someone link me to the kernel config for the latest alpha build?15:56
bazhangzzecool, file a wishlist bug if a feature is removed15:56
zzecoolso its a bug for me and i like to discuss it15:57
zzecooldont continue on this please15:57
glosoliit's not a bug :)15:57
zzecoolit is for me15:58
glosolidon't act like a kid, Mark gave a public article why that feature will be removed, so it's not a bug dude.15:58
zzecoolit can result on different opperation i was expect too15:58
zzecoolglosoli: i read it and failed to understand any reason.   Because a first time user found that dodge is confusing we remove the feature?15:59
zzecoolglosoli: if we are going to adjust ubuntu like this for the first impression only remove the terminal too please16:00
glosolizzecool: CANONICAL doesn't feel like maintaining feature which is not needed for daily users.16:00
zzecoolglosoli: its confusing this black and white thing16:00
glosoliIf ubuntu continue on focusing to power users,  it will soon die16:00
zzecoolTerminal must be removed too16:00
glosoliTerminal is in Mac OS X also16:00
zzecoolnot an application for daily user16:00
glosoliwindows also has cmd16:00
glosoliah , no offense, don't want to talk with offensive people who are aged enough but acts like a kiddos.16:01
zzecoolit comes in conflict with canonical statement16:01
philinuxNo more dodge Windows article. For anyone who has not seen it. http://www.techdrivein.com/2012/02/no-more-dodge-windows-in-unity-global.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+techdrivein+%28Tech+Drive-in%2916:01
glosolidecission was made, you want it or not. Linux users have too much freedom, so when some changes come, they cry16:01
zzecoolglosoli:  ubuntu must listen to their usebase and if you read over omgubuntu  95% of the user  want the feature because its is a must for them16:02
glosoli95 omg ubuntu users are power users16:02
zzecoolglosoli: and please dont say to me that im acting like a kid16:03
glosoli95 percent''16:03
glosoliomgubuntu is quite a blog, but most of the community and commentators are power users.16:03
zzecoolso ?16:03
glosoliTHey don't like any restriction, And they will never like, but some day they will realise there was too much :)16:04
PiciI'm unsure what you hope to accomplish here zzecool.16:04
zzecoolnothing im just express my feelings about this16:04
zzecoolit sis somehting that i use every day and i dont like to be removed16:05
zzecoolsimple as that16:05
glosolizzecool: So develop :)16:05
Picizzecool: Well you're talking to users here, not developers, not Canonical, not Mark. And for the most part, no one wants to hear someone just endlessly complain about things.16:05
PiciIf you want to try to make a difference, you've been given your options.16:06
glosoliYou don't want to change it ? Start learning, be programmer, develop then you will understand, that you need resources to maintain such a big projects, and some features from time to time have to be dithec16:06
zzecoolglosoli: the code is there no need to develop somehting16:07
glosolizzecool: there need to keep support for it16:07
glosolidepending on version of unity16:07
glosolito make bug fixes if smth goes wrong16:07
glosolifor example16:07
glosoliwobbly plugin isn't updated since 200816:07
glosoliNow it's buggy with latest unity :)16:07
zzecoolwe are not speaking about 3rd party plugin here we speak about unity16:08
zzecoolnevermind soon a ppa while jump out with the feature back on16:09
glosolizzecool: here we speaking about your anger to the project and it's developers who make changes.16:09
zzecoolglosoli: i dont rly thing you know what you are saying16:11
glosoliI'm saying that from time to time there will probably come even more changes you don't like, and it will definitely happen, you need to accept some things and give and opportunity for replacements who will be supported, dunno why, but I like the way Mark is doing this, he wants to make Precise or any other release even better not for old users only, but to attract more public :)16:13
glosoliThis is abstract opinion not only about "dodge" feature16:13
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glosoliDaekdroom: Do you know if HUD will be available with Unity 5.4  ?16:14
Daekdroomglosoli, it is.16:15
glosoliDaekdroom: hmm, waiting patiently then :)16:17
zzecoolCanonical should listen to their users this is what i can say16:17
philinuxglosoli:  It's arrived. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/precise-changes/2012-February/010151.html16:17
glosolizzecool: from your point "power users" only :)16:18
glosoliphilinux: gotta apt-get update, to see if dependencies been fixed :)16:18
zzecoolof cource not16:18
philinuxglosoli: I'm just firing up my chroot16:18
zzecoolglosoli: when i have my app maximized i want to see the app and when nothing is maximized i want to see the laucnher and the info form the active icons.16:20
philinuxglosoli: dist-upgrade still wants to remove > ubuntu-desktop unity-2d unity-2d-launcher unity-2d-places16:20
glosolizzecool: I understand, I also liked dodge, but I live fine with always show now :)16:20
zzecoolglosoli: th firs time user after some months will not be first time user and gonna like features like this16:20
glosolizzecool: for me only wants to remove unity-2d now16:21
glosolihave anyone got any ideas if unity-2d is needed to run unity-3d ?16:21
zzecoolim not going to continue if they remove dodge16:21
zzecooli will wait till ppa comes out16:21
zzecooli cant work without dodge16:22
zzecoolgonna try on virtual machine16:22
glosoliphilinux: One dependency for me now, unity-2d fixed and I can dist-upgrade16:24
Daekdroomglosoli, it is not.16:25
glosolithen doing upgrade16:25
zzecoolits not a depend  they just upgrade gir1.216:27
zzecooloh he logged ;/16:27
valdur55Unity-2d uses HUD ?16:27
zzecooli dont know16:27
philinuxThe new video lens looks good16:27
zzecoolit is yes16:27
DaekdroomI wish it'd support YouTube, tho.16:28
zzecoolthere is allrdy support for youtube16:28
glosoliDaekdroom: Do I need to install thoose video search lens somehow ?16:29
Daekdroomzzecool, Not by default16:30
DaekdroomI mean, those options don't let me search through all YouTube content, apparently.16:31
glosoliI don't have it at all16:31
Daekdroomglosoli, unity-video-lens package16:31
glosoliE: Unable to locate package unity-video-lens16:31
DaekdroomMaybe it's unity-lens-video16:31
glosoliAh, yes16:32
philinuxaptitude safe-upgrade has sorted it here.16:34
glosoliphilinux sudo apt-get safe-upgrade ?16:36
philinuxglosoli: no that woulf be apt-get dist-upgrade16:37
philinuxAnd that give those packages above I qouted ans being removed16:38
DaekdroomI wouldn't use aptitude for now.16:38
glosolinothing being removed for me happy to use 5.4 niw16:38
DaekdroomIt can't handle multiarch.16:38
Daekdroom(which means it's ok to use in i386 :P)16:38
philinuxDaekdroom: Seem to have got away with it on this occasion -16:39
glosoliDaekdroom: Ubuntu Dash Icon is a bit greyed isn't it ?16:39
Daekdroomglosoli, Try changing your wallpaper.16:41
glosoliDaekdroom: aaah, i see what they done here :D16:41
DaekdroomI was a bit confused at first too because my wallpaper makes it greyish-blue.16:42
glosoliDaekdroom: sane gere ;D but with Edge Illimunate turned on for icons, it looks like it was before16:42
philinuxDaekdroom: I'm not sure its multi arch more this. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-meta/+bug/592336/comments/1916:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 592336 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Removal of aptitude from base installation" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:44
glosoliDaekdroom: But As I understand HUD is not searching only in current app, it searches in all, giving priority to the current ?16:44
Daekdroomphilinux, removal of aptitude happened some versions ago. The thing now is that 12.04 is moving on to multiarch for 32-bit packages in x64 systems, and aptitude can't handle that yet. So installing wine, for example, makes aptitude break everything.16:45
Daekdroombug 83176816:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83176816:45
DaekdroomAh. Oneiric used multiarch already. My bad.16:46
DaekdroomIf you're not going to use 32-bit packages, it doesn't matter anyway.16:46
Milos_SDHello guys16:48
Milos_SDI have little problem with compiz... I can't use expo plugin and applications switcher (not as it is attended to)...when I activate expo, it starts using a lot of cpu, there is a lot of I/O wait, everything freez for a moment, and if it shows the expo, all desktops are white. Sometimes after using expo, there is a lot of garbage on my screen.16:49
Milos_SDSomething similar is happening when I use applications switcher.  Previews of windows are all white, and sometimes I get garbage on screen while app switcher is active. What is the problem here?16:50
johnjohn101weird stuff going on with updates today17:00
Daekdroomjohnjohn101, for example?17:00
johnjohn101well update manager zonks out17:04
jo-erlendare you able to watch video with VLC in todays Precise? It was working very nicely yesterday, but now I'm logged out immediately whenever I try.17:05
jo-erlendhmm. come to think of it... I used the radeon driver and not fglrx yesterday. Perhaps that's the culprit?17:06
johnjohn101i think i'll wait until Monday to do an update, same thing happened yesterday as well.17:08
jo-erlendyup. Removing fglrx seems to have fixed some of the issues.17:17
KBentley57would someone post their stock 12.04 kernel config?17:37
philinuxKBentley57: Sorry not got one here. cat: /usr/src/linux/.config: No such file or directory17:42
philinuxUnless it's kept in another location?17:43
trismphilinux: /boot/config-$(uname -r)17:45
KBentley57thanks trism, I never knew it was there. However, I still need the 12.04 config if you don't care to pastebin it17:48
trismKBentley57: once my update finishes I'll pastebin it unless someone else gets around to it first17:49
KBentley57thanks trism17:51
trismKBentley57: http://paste.ubuntu.com/846154/18:03
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zzecoolglosoli: and here we are ppl already start complaining  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93014818:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:24
zzecoolprobably he didnt know what was going on18:24
=== max is now known as Visionaire
glosolizzecool: But shouldn't it be marked as a wish not as a bug ?18:34
glosolizzecool: I am with you, if you get Dodge windows or smth like that back, I used to like it, but when it's gone it's gone, I am always for the evolution :)18:34
zzecoolglosoli: i didnt see anything like that before , i saw you offensive and acting like a kid "calling me old that act like a kiddo"     but i didnt want to continue on that way.18:35
zzecoolWe all have our opinions18:36
glosolizzecool: Sorry, but you were more offensive, as you seen many people responded and called you offensive :)18:36
glosolizzecool: You just like started screaming about everything and then calm down ;D18:36
zzecoolthis update ruined my workflow18:37
glosoliWell might be, that's why I got used to always shown dock, because i known that in some weeks dodge will be removed :/18:37
zzecooland soon or later more ppl gonna realease this18:37
zzecoolglosoli: imagine never hide on netbook   and tablets....    Unity: A desktop experience designed for efficiency of space and interaction.18:38
zzecoolNo further comment18:38
glosolizzecool: Yeah, for netbooks and tablets it would be too bad, but autohide there is18:38
zzecoolIf ppl cant understand its not my problem anyway18:38
zzecoolWith autohide you are losing what Unity is18:38
zzecoolYou are losing the launcher18:38
zzecoolCan you see now my logic18:39
quentusrexIs there a location on the help.ubuntu.com wiki for upcoming 12.04 documentation?18:39
glosoliWell since hud came out and everything unity isn't just a launcher :)18:39
zzecoolIts  a fial and not propper tested18:39
zzecoolHud doesnt gives you any feedback18:39
zzecoolit just take commands18:39
glosolizzecool: hmm, seems like you never used hud, or read about it18:40
zzecoolNot telling you about file tranfers about torrent about mails etc18:40
zzecoolHud is a fast way access to the application menu18:40
zzecoolits doesnt give you any status or feedback18:40
glosolizzecool: but as I see now ,not only current applications18:41
KBentley57trism, thanks for that18:41
glosolizzecool: ah, well yes, dunno, it depends on people needs, I find my self quite good with even Unity Dock always shown or autohide :)18:41
glosoliBut I will press that bug affects me18:41
mokolokoanyone else getting this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1919448 pic: http://ubuntuone.com/2PS8tpRgD7H5jNmLpnTiVS18:43
mokolokoDid appear after compiz upgrade under precise. I wonder if there's bug report already...18:45
jo-erlendlisten, is something wrong with my install? People tell me HUD is available, and all sorts of changes to Unity, but though I've updated my apt and installed upgrades, I'm not seeing those changes.18:50
htorqueis it me, or are the 'main' servers a bit slow today?18:51
glosolijo-erlend: press ALT ?18:52
jo-erlendglosoli, it isn't installed.18:52
glosolihtorque: Same here :) 300 kB/s from Main slow for me18:52
glosolijo-erlend: hmm dist-upgrade have you done ?18:52
htorqueglosoli: so it's not me. thanks!18:52
jo-erlenddist-upgrade wants to remove Unity altogether.18:53
jo-erlendI'll give it a go. I18:53
jo-erlendI'll still have ubuntu classic anyway :)18:53
htorquejo-erlend: are you using the main servers? the new unity should be upgradable by now (wasn't a few hours ago).18:54
jo-erlendarchive.u-c yes18:54
jo-erlendah, you're right. It just popped up. Upgrade manager refused to do it, but apt-get works. :)18:54
glosolijo-erlend: don't, just wait :)18:58
glosolijo-erlend: try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:58
glosoliand then check if dist-upgrade still wants to remove unity18:58
jo-erlendglosoli, I know how to install upgrades. :)18:58
jo-erlendit doesn't.18:58
zzecoolglosoli: take a look on my comment18:58
jo-erlendupdate-manager does.18:58
zzecoolglosoli: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93014818:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:58
jo-erlendbut update-manager has been rather buggy for a long time now.18:59
glosolizzecool: see19:05
Volkodavanybody has issues with nvidia module loading?19:13
jo-erlendright. The video lens obviously wants to create thumbnails of all video files on all harddisks. That's nice. I hope it'll finish before 12.04 is released. Load average is passing 200 now.19:14
jo-erlendis doesn't help that my md is resyncing either. :)19:15
VolkodavAnybody cares to look at t he log ? http://pastie.org/340332319:18
trismjo-erlend: try a unity --reset for your hud problems, the service wasn't starting here until I just reset the unity settings, and now it works with alt19:26
trismthat's pretty nifty, if you hold down super now it brings up a keyboard shortcuts listing19:43
jo-erlendtrist, installing the software is usually more effective.19:45
ganimedegood evening. I have installed ubuntu 12.0419:46
ganimedeand nothing works so far19:46
trismjo-erlend: it is installed with indicator-appmenu, so you have it if you still have menus in the panel19:46
jo-erlendtrism, nevermind. The problem was fixed a while ago. The problem was that update-manager itself wasn't upgraded, so I needed to use apt-get in order to upgrade my system.19:47
jo-erlendhowever, I get the show desktop button at the top of the launcher. That's not right, is it?19:48
ganimedeis there a way to run a partition in a virtual machine?19:48
jo-erlendganimede, if you can use raw files, it should be.19:49
jo-erlendyou'll need to have the right permissions, of course.19:49
ganimederaw files? not sure.19:49
jo-erlendganimede, but this doesn't sound +1-specific. Perhaps you should ask in #Ubuntu-cloud?19:50
ganimedewell, it was my intention to run that new version of ubuntu and ask the questions I had from within it, but it keeps crashing19:51
ganimedein any case, it appeared to have issues as soon as I have installed the 400+ updates using update-manager19:54
ganimedewhen restarting, I had no screen after the login. the only solution i found has been to install the NVIDIA drivers. So I managed to log in next time19:55
ganimedebut as soon as the login is completed, everything crashes, I am left only with the background and cannot execute anything in X, only Ctrl-Alt-F1 to have a text-mode bash19:56
jo-erlendand this is in some kind of virtualization solution?19:59
ganimedeno, this is a fresh, genuine install in another partition20:01
ganimedeand if possible is how i would like to have things running, especially because of what I need to use and try20:02
jo-erlendtry Unity 2D then?20:02
ganimedehow do i do it, jo-erlend?20:02
jo-erlendganimede, click on the button next to the password field before logging in.20:03
jo-erlendit's quite nice. More beautiful than Unity in some ways, I think.20:03
ganimedeok, here a VM would have helped. I need to reboot to check. See you in a bit20:03
ganimedeexcellent, unity 2D worked. now how do I convince my second monitor to switch on?20:11
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
ganimedewell, the nvidia-settings sees it. let me reboot and check20:16
johnjohn101if i get a segmenation fault on xfreerdp, is this something i report on ubuntu+1 channel or freerdp.  This is the application that came with the system21:08
trismjohnjohn101: apport should generally pop up a dialog asking if you want to report crashes, if not check out /var/crash for a .crash file for xfreerdp and run: ubuntu-bug /var/crash/filename.crash; or failing that just: ubuntu-bug freerdp-x1121:14
ganimedeit doesnt work. my second screen is not properly recognized21:25
ganimedeand I am still not at the issue :(21:25
xocolatlhello.  is anyone else having trouble with a trackpad?  this is almost unusable21:53
glosolixocolatl: what exactly ?21:54
DebolazYes, mine seems to live a life of its own. :-)21:54
xocolatldo we know what's causing it?  it precise is shipped like this, it will be a catastrophe!21:55
Debolazglosoli: Here, merely holding your finger on the trackpad, without moving the finger, will cause the pointer to move around.21:55
* Debolaz is able to live with it, but its really weird. :-)21:55
xocolatlglosoli, it's as if someone else also has control of the point and is playing a sick game.  that's fun for a few seconds but this doesn't ever stop21:56
xocolatlit jumps all over the place and even sometimes clicks on its own :(21:56
glosolireport a bug ?21:56
xocolatlI've found that using two fingers will sometimes stabilize it (but sometimes make it worse)21:56
* Debolaz is still waiting for someone to take notice of the last bug he found. :)21:57
xocolatlglosoli, that's what I'm doing isn't it?21:57
glosolilaunchpad is for reporting bugs21:57
glosoliNoone in here will fix you if you write just here21:57
xocolatlso what's the point of this channel then?21:57
DebolazTitle fonts looks slightly messed up on my installation.21:57
DebolazApparently it happens for other people too.21:58
glosolixocolatl: it's discussion and supports, it doesn't mean bug fixing or developing :)21:58
glosoliSupport is giving away to go forward21:58
xocolatlI don't want to have to create an account on launchpad.  if bringing my issue to an official channel means my voice is not heard, then fuck it21:59
glosolixocolatl: Hmm, you're being to rude21:59
jcoleis there a gnome meta package in ubuntu, like kubuntu-desktop for kde and xubuntu-desktop for xfce22:00
glosolipasting bug in launchpad is mch more effective :)22:00
xocolatlrude?  because I report a problem and am told to go away?  fine.  going away.22:00
jcoleubuntu-desktop appears to be unity22:00
glosoliwhat a kiddo...22:01
glosolijcole: there is ubuntu-desktop and it doesn't consist just of unity22:01
glosolijcole: there are more packages in that ubuntu-desktop22:02
Debolazglosoli: I'm not sure if I'd agree posting bugs on launchpad will always be more effective, been waiting a week now for someone to notice my favorite bug. :)22:03
jcoleglosoli: if i install kubuntu-desktop, everything defaults to kde... what can i install to default to gnome22:03
glosoliDebolaz: YOu think developers will sit here ant be fast enough to read 100 users reportinkg bug in the real time chat ? lol, you must be kiddin aint you ?22:03
jcoleglosoli: i am aware of that22:03
glosolijcole: hmm not sure, but what do you want to do ?22:04
Debolazglosoli: I don't think that. But they've had a week to notice it on launchpad now. Would be nice if someone either acknowledged it or asked for more information if there were doubts about it.22:04
zzecoolDebolaz: bad thing is that they dont use channels like this and even if they do they dont speak22:05
glosoliDebolaz: Bug is being filled as real only when multiple users are being affected. Next time you ask some friends to log in and press "Affects me", then I will be shown as real bug :)22:05
Debolazglosoli: It affects 4 people according to launchpad.22:05
glosolihmm, so they have seen it :)22:05
zzecoolDebolaz: post the bug link22:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:06
zzecoolok let me check22:06
DebolazI'm not demanding that this is fixed or anything, its only a small visual thing that doesn't really affect me much. I just want to be sure that it has in fact been seen. :)22:07
glosoliDebolaz: when was the last time you did upgrade ?22:07
Debolazglosoli: 2 days ago if I recall correctly.22:07
jcoleglosoli: i maintain a customized version of ubuntu (and debian) using packages ive created... i have a blacklist package (which conflicts with unity) since my users are using "gnome classic"... but, i depend on ubuntu-desktop as well to get the "core" of ubuntu (im using gnome-desktop on debian)22:07
Debolazglosoli: It was still there at that time.22:07
jakubohi, there,22:07
jakubowil wine 1.4 be available without installing all of those i386 libraries?22:07
jcoleglosoli: so, im asking what "core" package can i use on ubuntu22:08
glosoliDebolaz: Maybe it is already fixed, and since there as a lot of updates in 2 days period, you didin't to upgrade, that might be your problem22:08
micahgjakubo: no, it's not a pure 64 bit app AIUI22:08
glosoliDebolaz: Updates don't accur without your permission.22:08
zzecoolDebolaz: i see i dont have this bug22:08
jcoleglosoli: i alread have post install commands to set the gdm login for gnome-classic/gnome-2d as well22:08
glosolizzecool: you are up to date, he is 2 days out of updates22:09
jakuboso i need the i386 libraries aswell?22:09
zzecooli never had this either22:09
zzecoolDebolaz: what vga and what vga drivers ?22:09
Debolazglosoli: I think you're missing a point here: What I'm asking for is that the bug has been noticed by developers, I said above I'm not demanding that it'll be fixed. I don't have the luxury of being on my ubuntu machine all the time (It's at work) so I'm unfortunately not able to check if it's been fixed right now.22:10
Debolazglosoli: But it was up to date after the bug was reported, so please don't suggest there's something wrong with the bug report. :)22:10
glosoliDebolaz: Don't you think it's logical to pay more attention to bigger bugs at the moment ?  There are so much people reporting :)22:10
jcoleglosoli: basically, im looking for a gnome meta package that does not include unity (so my blacklist package can remove it entirely)22:10
glosolijcole: Don't think you might find one22:11
Debolazglosoli: A bug that is seen whenever the machine is on, no matter what application I'm in, is perhaps not important in the sense that it doesn't crash the OS, but it's extremely noticeable and eventually quite annoying. It makes the UI look defective.22:11
zzecooljcole: there is ubuntu-desktop22:11
zzecoolthis is the only meta  with all the packages22:11
glosoliDebolaz: Would you might doing upgrade ?:))))))22:11
jakubobesides... has anyone else transparent panel and missing icons?22:12
jcoleglosoli: that is too bad22:12
zzecooljakubo:  screenshot or never happened :p22:13
Debolazglosoli: I'd of course be happy about keeping that bug in place if it meant all the horrible bugs in compiz were fixed. But even then, people tend to want to be sure developers has at least seen their bugs, because otherwise you give people the feeling that the right people don't even know about it.22:13
Debolazglosoli: It doesn't have to be malicious, maybe the bug was misfiled somehow. By acknowledging a bug, you give people one less thing to worry about.22:13
glosoliDebolaz: Instead of being offensive, try upgrading your system, unity package was updates many times in two days, maybe it's already fixed, how long will you complain about problem that you don't know if still exists.22:13
zzecoolDebolaz: why dont you just update ?22:14
Debolazglosoli: I've not been offensive. I've not said one bad thing about anyone or anything (Except compiz, which everyone I know agrees with).22:14
zzecoolDebolaz: and please tell me what is your vga and vga driver22:14
glosolizzecool: I am asking him ten minutes for a same question :)22:14
Debolazzzecool: Its hard when glosoli keeps this up.22:14
zzecoolDebolaz: what is your vga and vga driver i asked you like 4 times allrdy22:15
jakubohow do i post it here?22:15
Debolazzzecool: I'm trying to look it up. Asking the question repeatedly will not make google faster.22:15
zzecoolyou dont know what is your vga?22:16
glosoliDebolaz: It's hard, that you blame something when you don't upgrade. what's the point of using alpha/beta then ?22:16
zzecoolglosoli: this looks like more like a vga driver problem than anyhting22:16
Debolazzzecool: I said this before: I don't have the machine in front of me, its in a remote location. I can't look up information on it.22:16
glosoliDebolaz: Have you access to terminal in that machine ?22:17
jakubohow do i post screenshot?22:17
Debolazglosoli: I haven't blamed anyone for anything. I said that people feel a sense of peace if the existence of a bug is acknowledged, even if not fixed. To this, you replied "DUDE" and said I was being offensive.22:17
zzecooljakubo: upload it to a image site like imageshack22:17
zzecooland post the link22:17
zzecoolDebolaz: stop argue  with glosoli  and lets look at your problem22:18
DebolazIts hard to stop arguing when someone repeatedly accuses you of stuff. :)22:18
jakubohere you go22:19
zzecoolDebolaz: he done this before with is younk and restless22:19
zzecoolyoung* lol22:19
zzecoolhave you ever saw the pc with the problem  or do you only have remote access?22:20
DebolazThe machine is at work. Right now, I'm at home.22:20
DebolazThere's no remote access to it.22:20
zzecoolok so this isnt a problem with the remote application it happens on the actual monito too?22:20
zzecoolright ?22:20
DebolazIt happens on the machines own LCD screen.22:20
DebolazThe graphics hardware is Intel GMA 950.22:21
DebolazI'm not sure which driver is used though.22:21
DebolazI'm going to drop by work tomorrow. When there, I'll do an upgrade. If that doesn't resolve the issue (I kind of doubt it will tbh), I can look up any information needed from the system.22:22
zzecoolDebolaz: is the resolution the naive one22:22
glosolizzecool: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/930515 read the second comment in the bug report... :)22:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:23
DebolazThe problem did not occur with 11.10 either, so it's a new one.22:23
zzecoolsometimes if you dont use the native resolution you end up with problems like this22:23
zzecooloh i see22:23
zzecoolglosoli: i dont get it the automate one ?22:24
zzecoolDebolaz: you need to search about the driver support for your vga card22:25
zzecoolDebolaz: but other than that a simple update may fix the problem22:25
trismDebolaz: don't know if you saw the thread posted earlier: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1919448 might want to mention your bug report there (doesn't seem to affect people with nvidia, based on comments there and that I don't see it either)22:25
Debolazzzecool: What commands do I use to retrieve the information needed? I'll attach the output to the bug report.22:26
zzecoolDebolaz: its can be many reason behind this from a bug to the the font rendering xorg server window decoration .................and more22:26
glosoliMy friend with Intel GMA450 have no problems.22:26
zzecoolDebolaz: on terminal type     ubuntu-bug <package you think is the problem name>22:27
zzecooland it auto collects the log files22:27
zzecooland push them on a report22:27
jakuboany ideas on the icon missing thing?22:27
DebolazWhich package should I use? Unity?22:27
glosolinot unity22:28
glosoliI would recommend compiz22:28
glosolizzecool: what you think ?22:28
zzecooljakubo: i dont know22:28
zzecooljakubo: there are missing icons form the unity launcher too right ?22:29
zzecooli advice do a unity reset22:29
jakubozzecool: i tried that22:31
jakuboas well as i emptied the compiz folders, and treid alle the hacks in hte ubuntuusers site22:31
zzecooland didnt change nothing ?22:31
glosolijakubo: Thoose apps in the dock that are icons missing, was missing when you added it or appeared lately ?22:31
jakuboit appeared when all the others dissapeared too22:32
zzecoolmaybe the launcher is pointing to a wrong icon path22:32
DaekdroomX just restarted on my face, with no apparent reason at all.22:32
DaekdroomI just got bumped back to lightdm22:32
jakuboas you can see my top panel has fewer items, and sound is also missing22:32
zzecooljakubo: did you dried to change theme?22:33
zzecooland ?22:33
jakuboit just changes window looks22:33
zzecooland what about top panel ?22:33
jakuboin unity2d its grey at least22:33
jakubolooks like the fallback22:33
zzecooli see22:34
zzecooljakubo: try this please unity --reset-icons22:35
zzecooland tell me22:35
glosolijakubo: the same question like always, but, when you last time updated :) ?22:35
jakuboin the gues sessoin its displayed correctly, though VERY slowly22:35
zzecooljakubo: ok22:35
zzecoolwe gonna fix it22:35
jakuboi update everyday at least 3 times XD22:35
jakuboim very impolite XD22:35
zzecooljakubo: run unity --reset-icons22:35
jakubopatient i mean XD22:35
zzecoollog in and log out after22:35
zzecoollog out - log in sry22:35
zzecooljakubo:  so ?22:38
jakuboso im back.. it resetted the items, but hardly the icons...22:38
jakuboit got worse as my home folder has no icon now XD22:38
zzecooltype  "    gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1     "22:39
zzecooland then    "      unity --reset     log out and log in again22:40
zzecooland tell me22:40
zzecooljakubo: ?22:40
jakuboi tried that a while ago, but ill try again22:40
zzecoolthere is one more hardcore trick  if non will work :P22:41
jakubothere was some killall gnome thingy right?22:41
jakubohow do i relog without the panels?22:42
zzecoolyes there is a full unset for all the gnome settings22:42
jakuboi have had that to i think, but it somehow failed22:42
zzecoolbest thing to do is ctrl + alt + f1   it will throw you22:42
zzecoolon terminal22:42
zzecoollog in there22:43
zzecooland type22:43
zzecoolsudo reboot22:43
jakubook, i thought there was some more delicate version22:43
zzecoolthe power button  lol22:43
jakubothere is no more panel at all22:46
jakuboyet the font is still black.. and icons in natilus are missing22:46
zzecoolyou said that everything is ok on guest session write?22:47
zzecooljakubo:  ?22:47
jakuboyeah, except for the peformance, its awkward22:47
zzecoolthe best thing to do is to make a new user22:48
jakuboso now for the 3rd hardcorish thing?22:48
zzecoolmake him administration too22:48
jakuboi treid that, but the settings window would crash22:48
zzecoolwhat settings window?22:48
zzecoolthe users?22:49
zzecoolsomehow you manage to fuck your system and you have multiple problems then not only icons not loading22:49
zzecoolsry for the "fuck"22:49
jakubono big deal22:50
zzecoolbackup your stuff make coffee and have fun :)22:50
zzecoolFrsh install is always nice and clean :)22:50
jakuboyou mean reinstalling?22:50
glosolijakubo: or creating user by command line :)22:50
jakuboi hate installing on a software raid...22:50
zzecoolYou seem to have multiple problems probably you messed with system files22:51
zzecooli cant think any different22:51
jakubooh by the way, do you know anything about pulse audio crashing and missing alsamixer?22:51
zzecoolno i never had sucka a problem22:51
jakuboi have reported it many times and alle the answers pointed on damaged hardware, the problem does not appear on older systems though22:53
jakuboits a cmedia 1569 or something which is being addresed as USB22:53
jakuboi mean older OS - ubuntu versions22:54
zzecooli dont know jakubo22:54
zzecoolim off22:55
zzecoolc ya guys22:55
jakubook, thanks anyway22:55

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