dpmmvo, on my local machine, where can I see the icons of all applications available in the software center, regardless whether they come from the archive, ppas, extras... ?14:24
mvodpm: /usr/share/app-install/icons14:26
dpmcool, thanks!14:26
mvodpm: and ~/.cache/software-center/icons14:26
mvofor the downloaded stuff14:26
dpmmvo, cool, that's what I was looking for. Another quick question: is there any way to get the icons in other sizes (either locally or via api), if they are available? Most of the local icons seem to be 64px14:33
mvodpm: I don't think so14:33
mvodpm: I mean for myapps or the local ones?14:34
dpmmvo, either14:34
mvodpm: so for the local ones there is a data extraction run that we do14:35
mvodpm: and I could try to generate bigger ones from the raw data14:35
mvodpm: its relatively expensive though (i.e. takes some time to run etc)14:35
mvodpm: as for the remote service, the data is available at http://software-center.ubuntu.com/api/2.0/applications/en/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/14:36
mvodpm: but it only has "icon_url" in there, not icon_urls with different sizes14:36
mvodpm: there are multipleones in the db, I thought they are exported, but apparently I misremember14:37
dpmmvo, no worries, no need to do anything. I was just interested to know how to get them easily, if possible. Thanks!14:38
zoopsterIt is awfully quiet out here15:20
dpmzoopster, indeed15:28
zoopsterit's the post feature freeze chill out15:28
ajmitchzoopster: sorry, I'll try & file a few bugs against developer-portal to give you something to do :)17:40
jarek^ what is the average number of downloads for top selling apps on Ubuntu Store?19:09
jarekis it above 500 sells / month?19:10

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