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suihkulokkikalikiana: had time try out current gconf/bzip2 ?15:03
alexeilevitskycan i install unbuntu on my tablet?16:11
alexeilevitskyguys? is there an apk installer for rooted android devices/16:12
mephisto1911maybe this can help you http://androlinux.com/android-ubuntu-development/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-android/16:14
alexeilevitskywill ubuntu run on 1ghz and 256 mb ram?16:14
davidmalexeilevitsky, speed good RAM very tight, will likely want to swap16:16
alexeilevitskycan you dualboot android and ubuntu?16:17
xranby_ac100janimo`: did you manage to run libreoffice on armel yesterday?16:20
xranby_ac100janimo`: ahh.. i get it.. i ran out of stack on my machine.. i had tweaked ulimit -s to only use 256kb of stack by default16:21
xranby_ac100when i increased back to ubuntu default then libreoffice launched.16:22
xranby_ac100problem partially solved16:22
ogra_xranby_ac100, so it works for you ?16:27
ogra_from the archive ?16:27
ogra_oh, armel ...16:28
xranby_ac100ogra_: yes on armel/precise16:28
ogra_i thought hf16:28
xranby_ac100ogra can you wun the armel verion on armhf using multiarch now?16:29
ogra_i doubt that, feel free to try though16:30
xranby_ac100ogra_: hmm i can try the opposite.. to install some armhf app on top of armel16:40
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EpsilonorionHow do I get minicom within Ubuntu server 12.04.  I do not seep to have the correct package for it19:48
GrueMasterEpsilonorion: What are you trying to do?20:01
EpsilonorionGrueMaster: I am trying to connect to an XBee through minicom, however I am having no luck.20:01
GrueMasterHmm.  Minicom should be installable.20:02
xranby_ac100Epsilonorion: personally im using ser2net for all my serial port projects20:02
xranby_ac100easier to open a tcp/ip connection from any programming language and let ser2net handle all the serial io20:03
xranby_ac100you can then telnet to your serial port if you like20:03
EpsilonorionScratch the minicom issue.  I found another reason why it wasnt working and got it working.  As for ser2net, I haven't tried that one yet.  I already have code that worked on a previous board for XBees, but didn't seem to be working right now.  I planned on using minicom just to make sure I could talk to the XBee20:04
GrueMasterTheMuso: I finally have new images for omap4 with the latest alsa stuff and with the kernel patches.  Now seeing an issue when using alsaucm to configure a PandaES.  See http://paste.ubuntu.com/846505.22:31

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