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head_victimsagaci: I'm tempted to set the IRC Channel venue on loco.u.c to UTC+10 because it's been reported that might overcome the ical issues07:59
sagacisounds like a good idea08:00
head_victimI don't know if it will bugger with other things or not and you seem to be the most used to what does what on loco.u.c with timezones. I complete fail at TZ data and icals08:00
sagaciI'm sure most people are savvy enough to convert to other Aust timezones08:00
sagaciI don't think so, just point people to use the team default from now on, unless it's a local event08:01
head_victimWe'll give it a shot. My ical feed is so buggered it can't make it worse. Others have made the same complaint.08:01
head_victimI added a note to state that it was UTC+1008:18
sagaci2 weeks until the global jam08:22
head_victimsagaci: you look like you'll ahve your hands full this one, nice work with that btw08:23
sagacicrept up so quick08:23

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