trailblazerz11The one left behind attempting ext400:00
trailblazerz11Im trying that code from before now.00:01
trailblazerz11It seemed to work.00:02
trailblazerz11Never mind... i think it did the same thing gparted did created unknown partition. After awhile i can hear my hard drive getting unmounted/turn off00:08
trailblazerz11No go for ext2. Yeah i ll get my hard drive checked.00:13
trailblazerz11Holstein how should i test the drive?00:16
tk_hey wsup everybody00:22
escotttrailblazerz11, the disk-utility gui will give you smart status you could also use smartctl00:23
tk_do anybody in here use fedora?00:24
Unit193tk_: This is #ubuntu-beginners, that said, a few might.00:26
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tk_thank you00:30
trailblazerz11Smart ctl passed..00:31
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ashickur-noorHow to solve this problem?06:15
Unit193!details | ashickur-noor06:27
ubot2`ashickur-noor: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:27
ashickur-noorI was fool06:28
ashickur-noorIt is a pc name06:28
ashickur-noorI just see it06:28
ashickur-noorHow it is going ther?06:35
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goddardhas anyone gotten the zenbook?08:48
Unit193Heard about it though.08:50
goddardthinkin about gettin it08:51
goddardbut its gotta run ubuntu08:51
goddardi know ubuntu's hibernate has been bad on my other laptop08:51
Unit193goddard: Due to the wiki system being a royal pain..... Here you go https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbook09:09
david_Hi all, I just got a hp laptop. it comes with windows 7 . I want to set up ubuntu 11.10 alongside it. So, I run the wubi.exe ubuntu installer for windows, click on "demo and full installation", select "reboot now" but when it reboots, it doesn't offer the opportunity to start in ubuntu. it's as though nothing happens but when i try to redo it, it says the program already exists and must be deleted first. It does not app09:57
david_ear in the programs list. Any ideas?09:57
fr33r1d3david_ Do it with the Ubuntu live-cd. Then you can make a separate partition on you hd for Ubuntu, and dualboot to Ubuntu or Win7. It usually is the best way to go.10:02
david_ok, what's the best way to make a live disk? do you have a download link maybe?10:33
ubot2`Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!10:34
david_ok, the laptop has a 64 bit OS with an Intel processor so would i choose 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD option/10:44
david_and would that link make a live cd?10:49
fr33r1d3david_: You can download an ISO-file there, which you make make into a live-cd with your favourite cd burning app.10:55
david_ok, the laptop has a 64 bit OS with an Intel processor so would i choose 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD option from releases.ubuntu.com. I have already downloaded the i386, 32bit...would that do or....?11:21
fr33r1d3If you have a 64 bit processor, download the 64 bit...11:28
david_OK, great, so downloaded 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD, now to make a LIVE CD....how do i do that?12:33
david_say with xfburn...i just burn the image?12:37
duanedesigntheir is a good wiki page for burning an iso12:41
duanedesigndavid_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto12:42
david_thanks duane but do i do anything different for making a live cd?12:57
david_sorry found it13:00
duanedesigndavid_: just follow the steps in the wiki page and use the slowest burn speed available13:18
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chorgoxi like this IRC client (x-chat) im using more than the web one , however i found really annoying the messages of "xx has joines .. " and bla bla bla19:14
chorgoxthere is any way to avoid that junk and only see the real people talking ?19:15
ubot2`To disable joins and parts from being displayed in all future channels you join, type /set irc_conf_mode 1 . To apply this setting to all current channels, type /gui apply. To disable the prints for only certain channels, right click on the channel tab and click Settings -> Hide Join/Part Messages19:30
chorgoxgreat ubot2 amazing stuff!!!19:34
Unit193I generally like it on so I can see if the person I am talking to/helping left.19:35
chorgoxi get your point and is very nice from you,19:36
chorgoxhowever for a noob lurker that wnat to "learn some stuff" is good to skim conversations19:36
Unit193chorgox: Oh yeah, just saying a reason for the other side, I've thought about disabling them as well.19:43
chorgoxi used the [right click option] that ubot2 mention , however you say somenthing about [!quietxchat] should be /!quietxchat ??19:44
Unit193ubot2`: is a bot19:46
ubot2`Yes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots for all information.19:46
Unit193I was hitting a trigger to get it to say that.19:46
chorgoxlol askin to bot how to silence them .. lol19:46
chorgoxthat is what  call AI no the bloody "clippy"19:47
GeothstI'm having trouble getting to the CLI screen (just a black screen with a command prompt). When I hit the hotkey, my screen just shows random glitchy colors.21:05
GeothstIt's on a TV so I am guessing it has something to do with the resolution, but I have no idea how to fix it.21:06
TK_I am a beginner to ubuntu, what is some of the things that I should learn first21:12
TK_what are the basic commands21:16
GeothstThat's a pretty vague question.21:16
GeothstIs there something in particular you're trying to do?21:16
philipballewTK_, basic comands to do what?21:16
TK_I am just trying to better my skills up in linux. I have a interview coming up tuesday, and I am just trying to get good at some commands21:17
TK_I understand the LS command21:17
GeothstWhat kind of interview?21:17
TK_linux hardware tester21:18
TK_the qualifications are to know the commands21:18
TK_they said you dont have to be great at it, but they want to be able to see that I understand the commands21:18
philipballeware you booted into linux now?21:20
TK_yes. I have 3 laptops running, and i have ubuntu running on one and fedora running on the other21:20
Unit193The `man` command is very helpful, and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal may be of some use.21:20
TK_I didnt permantly install it yet, I wanted to understand it better21:21
TK_Thank you Unit19321:21
TK_these are what they want me to know.21:21
TK_Linux - Install and navigate (workstation is Linux based)21:21
TK_Hardware literate, able to read schematics, pick bug points and solder.21:21
TK_Have basic electronics background, know hardware.21:21
TK_Hands on debug skills on server. (Help desk(phone) does NOT cut it.)21:22
GeothstCould someone tell me why this happens https://plus.google.com/u/0/109243959957715423489/posts/CpwkQ9RjGv8 when I push ctrl+alt+f11?21:28
chorgoxunit193 , is man just a different way to have some help on the command or i missing somenthing ?21:33
Unit193Try  man nano  in the terminal.21:34
TK_how do I make my laptop wireless while running ubuntu21:37
chorgoxgood stuff , i was a bit lost to get out f the manual (ctrl c ) was not working  :S21:38
geirhaJust q21:38
chorgoxhere is my 2 cents TK_ (from a ultra n00b ) either work out of the box or you would find a long explanation21:39
chorgoxhowever ALWYAS there is a way  lol21:39
TK_lol, ok thank you. I guess I will just use my ethernet cord21:40
GeothstHow do I set up a text-based login? I don't want to uninstall my DE entirely. I can't find any guides on this. And for some reason whenever I hit ctrl+alt+f11, this happens: http://goo.gl/3vnhj21:40
chorgoxmaybe is already working !!21:40
Unit193Take out a 1 from that.21:41
geirhaless is the command the man command uses to display the manual. The most important keypresses you need to know for less is  'q' to quit, '/foo' to search for "foo", and 'n' to repeat the previous search to find the next hit.21:41
TK_chorgox_ it wont work wireless, but if i use my ethernet cord then the internet will work21:41
chorgoxare you running ubuntu / linux in a virtual box or somenthingh ?21:42
geirhaand of course, up/down and page up/down to go up and down21:42
Geothstme? no.21:42
TK_no, I havent even permantly installed ubuntu yet. I am just trying it21:42
chorgoxthanks geirha, i find my way out but i was tempted to close the terminal lol21:43
TK_I am a beginner, so Im not to fond of the virtual box21:43
chorgoxso how are you "running" ubuntu cd? usb ?21:43
stlsaintTK_: hello21:43
TK_stlsaint_hey wsup man21:43
TK_chorgox_yes im running the cd21:44
TK_chorgox_when I get better at linux, I will install it for good21:45
chorgoxim not near to mediocre but im happy to use it lol however don't think of installing for good and say good by to xp21:45
geirhachorgox: :) oh and 'h' for help, which shows you the keypresses. I should probably have mentioned that one first ^^21:46
chorgoxyou can do dual boot and have the best of both worlds21:46
chorgoxhowever you may find yourself  using ubuntu more than xp/vista/w721:47
TK_chorgox_I heard about dual booting, but I dont really know how to do that yet. I would love to have windows 7,and ubuntu all on one laptop vs me having 2 laptops going at the same time21:47
TK_chorgox_why is that?21:47
TK_is linux that better than the rest of them21:48
chorgoxtrue to be told,  i find my computer work much better on ubuntu21:48
chorgoxif you uyse you pc for gamming maybe is worth win721:49
chorgoxbut for normal use linux would perform better21:49
chorgoxi mean most of what we do is in a browser nowadeys21:49
TK_I dont use my laptop for games21:49
TK_I use it for normal use, browsing things,facebook, etc21:50
TK_I know most companies use linux, so I am trying to convert over21:50
chorgoxi would suggest to try the dual boot thinghy would be the best way to learn (me thinks)21:50
TK_is your machine dual boot21:51
chorgoxlet say my netbook, comes with xp i still have it , for eventualy running somenthingh that need to work in windows21:51
chorgox99 times of 100 i use ubuntu21:51
chorgoxwell puppy but , does not matter21:51
TK_do you do alot of things in the terminal, with the commands21:51
chorgoxpuppy is like another distro but is linux anyways21:52
chorgoxi do webbrowser / skype / chat / and somenthimes notepad or somenthing like that21:52
TK_I thought the whole purpose of using linux, is to learn the commands21:52
TK_I mean, is to use the commands21:52
chorgoxto me the whole purpose of using linus is to have a pc that does not sucks21:53
TK_lol ok, i understand that21:54
TK_I heard everything is free also with linux, so thats a great thing over windows21:54
TK_I just want to know as much linux,commands,etc for this interview thats coming up next tuesday21:54
chorgoxlet say that most of it is free no everything21:55
TK_OOOO, really21:55
TK_I thought everything was free,from what i heard21:55
chorgoxdid you ever used the terminal in windows ?21:55
chorgoxi mean there is one you know that21:55
chorgoxwell with linux is pretty much the same21:55
chorgoxyou are not going to use if you don't want21:56
GeothstWhat is the difference between ctrl+alt+f1-f6 and ctrl+alt+f11?21:56
TK_I am very familiar with LS,PWD21:56
stlsaintTK_: have you installed ubuntu yet?21:56
TK_stlsaint_not permantly, but I have it up and running right now21:56
chorgoxlol i will say getting familiar with commands is somenthingh that would come with time21:56
GeothstYeah. If you just use it for a few months you will learn a lot.21:57
chorgoxi will say you will only learn commands if you need to use them21:57
TK_chorgox_ yea I think you right, its kind of cool how sudo-aptget command is cool21:57
chorgoxlet say, you can use cd / ls / or you can use a file manager right ?21:57
geirhahttp://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide is a good guide for learning bash, the default login shell in Ubuntu (and on most other linux distributions as well).21:57
TK_its easy to install certain things,from what I read, and from what I seen on the youtube videos21:57
chorgoxso in fact everithingh you do using programs can be done with  command line21:58
chorgoxbut sometimes is better to use programs21:59
TK_I dont kno what the file manager is, but i know what the other 2 is21:59
chorgoxwell explorer en windows21:59
chorgoxwhere you look at the folders and stuff21:59
TK_yes I heard. I was hearing that if you use sudo wrong, you can tear your machine up21:59
TK_ooooooo, ok, I got you21:59
TK_my bad21:59
geirhanautilus in ubuntu (though unlike windows, you can replace it with another one if you like)21:59
chorgoxthe good thingh of linux as geirha pointed22:00
stlsaintTK_: wubi is not something i suggest for a long term solution to running linux22:00
chorgoxis that you can "build" you own set of tools22:00
chorgoxso if you not happy with the explorer you install another22:00
TK_stlsaint_what is wubi22:00
chorgoxif you not happy with "start" button to launch programsd you can use another, an so on22:01
TK_chorgox_ o really, thats so good information22:01
stlsaintTK_: something you need to know about. It is a method of installing linux without actually dual booting22:01
chorgoxfollow what stlsaint says and try to install wubi22:01
geirhaYou can get by just fine without using bash or another commandline shell, but knowing how to use one is very useful.22:01
chorgoxis aeasy way to install ubuntu in your HDD22:01
stlsaintgeirha: aye but TK_ as a interview that will require him to be knowledgeable with cli22:02
TK_stlsaint_if I install it the way you just said, wouldnt I erase my original OS22:02
geirhaThen I'd start with learning bash, then get aquainted with commands commonly available on linux systems.22:03
TK_Im not fo familar with bash yet22:03
stlsaintgeirha: aye that is what i have referred him to before22:03
chorgoxyou can't really learn many commands in 4 days but at least you can install ubuntu and mess around and in 4 days if they sit you on front of a pc with linux at least you dont look afraid22:03
TK_'I only know the basic commands22:03
stlsaintTK_: the only way you will erase your windows is if you tell your system to22:03
geirhajust stear clear of the bash guides at tldp.org22:03
TK_I been doing linux for about a month now, or a lil less22:04
TK_stlsaint, so using wubi is the first thing I should do?22:04
chorgoxTK_ remeber at the moment you have the idea of is either linux or windows .. that was on the past, today you can have both running without a problem22:04
stlsaintgeirha: lol that site still up and kicking ?22:04
geirhaunfortunately, yes :)22:05
TK_geirha_ I will start trying to learn bash, I seen a little bit of information on bash22:05
chorgoxyeah wubi would install linux in your HDD without problem and when you are tired you delet that22:05
geirhaTK_: Be aware that most information you find about bash on google is crap.22:05
geirhaSticking with the links in the /topic of #bash is the safest.22:06
TK_I need to install wubi then, wubi is my best bet from yall opinion22:06
chorgoxi think this is quite simple of how to install http://www.groovypost.com/howto/howto/install-ubuntu-using-wubi-walkthrough-guide/22:07
TK_geirha_ is that tldp.org some good information about bash?22:07
TK_I am about to install wubi on my other laptop22:08
TK_how would I go about deleting it when im tired of it?22:08
stlsaintTK_: no dont use that site. Its latest info on bash is last updated in 200822:09
GeothstCould someone help me find a howto for making a text-based login?22:09
TK_I was just about to install it too. Thanks stlsaint_22:09
geirhaThere's a reason we don't have the tldp.org guides in the topic of the #bash channel :)22:09
TK_geirha_if bash is some good information to know, then I will learn about it22:10
TK_I dont want to understand the crap part tho. I want to understand the part you are telling me about22:10
stlsaintTK_: IMO there isnt much crap to bash22:13
TK_is bash a command22:13
TK_like would I go into the terminal and type bash22:14
geirhaThe bot in #bash: <greybot> The overwhelming majority of bash scripts, code, tutorials, and guides on the Internet are crap. Sturgeon was an optimist.22:14
geirhaTK_: When you open a terminal, it will by default run bash inside the terminal22:15
geirhaThe username@hostname:~$  you see is the bash prompt22:15
TK_good example there22:15
TK_i lost for a while on bash22:15
TK_ok, thank you all22:17
TK_I have to go, I will be back later on, i ahve to make some runs22:18
chorgoxgood luck22:18

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