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gholmssmoser: Is cloud-init start-local supposed to fail on EC2?17:23
smoseryou want it to exit success17:24
smoseri thoguth there was  bug on that.17:24
gholmsI'm looking at the new comment on bug 861943.17:24
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 861943 in cloud-init "Add systemd support" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86194317:24
gholmsI suspect I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what.17:25
smosergholms,  it does exit false if it fonds nothing.17:26
smoserit probably shoudl exit success.17:26
gholmsSounds like that should be a separate bug, then.17:27
gholmscloud-init start should later find the EC2 source and make everything work, right?17:27
smosergholms, no.17:48
smosercloud-init-local should start earlier and find nothing17:49
smosercloud-init should then come and find a metadata service from the network17:49
smosercloud-init would be bettter named cloud-init-net17:49
gholmsI was under the impression that start-local was just supposed to clean up the cache after previous runs.  Why is it looking for a data source?17:52
* gholms goes through the code again17:54
smosergholms, because there are local data sources17:59
smoserand i just added one for openstack "ConfigDrive" yesterday.18:00
gholmsSure, but can't those be done during start, not start-local?18:02
smosergholms, well they run earlier.18:03
smoserthey don't depend on network.18:03
smoserso they can influence more of boot.18:04
smoserthe configdrive one can write /etc/network/interfaces18:04
gholmsAh, that's why.18:04
gholmsSo should start-local *and* start exit successfully if there is no data source, or just start-local?18:04
smoseri really can't htink of a good reason to not make them exit 0 on non-failure but no datasource found.18:05
smoserinitially, i'm sure i considered it failure if there was no data source18:05
smoseri'm opne to input here.18:05
gholmsstart-local certainly shouldn't fail due to that.18:06
gholmsI could go either way with start.18:06
gholmsBoth use the same code path at that point, right?  It would probably be easier to just change them both.18:08
smoseryeah, the exit is the same place.18:18
smoseri just pushed that change.18:25
gholmsSo... as long as you're here... :)18:32
gholmsutil.runparts runs ``run-parts --regex .* foo''.18:32
gholmsCan we kill off the "--regex .*"?18:33
gholmsFedora's run-parts script is somewhat braindead.18:33
gholmsI suppose I should just file a bug.18:35
ganimedehello. Is there a way/program to run a partition in a virtual machine, please?19:52
smosergholms, sorry... regarding regex..20:10
smoseri tihnk i needed that for some reason.20:10
smoserand there is a bug.20:10
smoserby default, run-parts skips some files. man page says20:12
smoser ames must consist entirely of ASCII upper- and lower-case letters, ASCII digits, ASCII underscores, and ASCII minus-hyphens.20:13
smoserwhich would seem sufficient, but i sweare i did this for a reason20:13
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smosergholms, yeah.. if i search through logs i find20:17
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gholmssmoser: Would a condition of some kind make sense or would you rather I carry a patch?22:13
smoserif you can think of a way to do some condition, i'll take that patch for sure.22:14
gholmsI guess one test could simply be seeing if the file starts with #!/bin/bash.22:16
gholmsThe Debian one is a compiled executable.22:17
smoseryuck, thogh.22:17
smosermy othe rscary thought was to just implement run-parts in python22:17
smoserbut i'm almost certain i'll do it incorrectly in some sense22:18
smoserat least at first.22:18
gholms"for file in sorted(os.listdir(dirp)): subprocess.check_call([file])" ?22:18
gholmsSince the goal is to run *everything* and all22:19
gholmsBut yeah, there are bound to be corner cases.22:19

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