jonojcastro, around?00:00
jonoactually nm00:00
akgranerjono, you have mail :-)00:04
jonothanks akgraner00:05
dholbachgood morning07:34
czajkowskidholbach: morning07:43
dholbachhi czajkowski07:43
dpmgood morning all07:45
* benonsoftware waves hi to everyone :P07:45
dholbachso Germany just lost its president10:06
czajkowskias in passed away?10:06
dholbachhe resigned10:07
pangolinI was thinking they misplaced him10:07
dholbachthere were many many reports about affairs about accepted favours by businessmen in the last few months10:09
akgraneranyone help me test google hangouts on air  try to join https://plus.google.com/hangouts/635cbfe8abc22185852378f2b73b73350f01e803?authuser=1&hl=en-US#   I need to see what happens when more than 9 people join me :-)10:20
czajkowskidholbach: ahh ok that makes more sense10:22
czajkowskiwill it have a massive effect on the country ?10:22
pangolinakgraner: that link doesn't work for me, gives me a 404 when I try to sign in10:24
akgranerahh -let me invite you10:24
jussiakgraner: invite me also?10:25
akgranerheck let me just make this public10:25
jussibazing! :P10:25
pangolinnow we're talking10:25
jussino we arent!10:26
dholbachno, the function of the president in Germany is mostly a representative one, presidents can sign laws and hold speeches - it's meant to be a voice of the collective conscience, have a reminding and unifying function - which is why you need respect and dignity10:26
jussino niin!10:26
dholbachczajkowski, ^ so that's why it was obvious that after some time with affairs he would have to go at some stage10:26
akgranerjussi, pangolin if you go to my google+ page the akgraner@gmail.one the hangout is public now10:27
pangolinI need to install the plugin.10:27
czajkowskidholbach: nods same as ours, ours signs off the laws and is a figure head where as our Taoiseach is the one that rules the government10:30
* popey joins the hangout10:31
dholbachI guess that's like our chancellor10:31
dholbachor chancelorette10:32
akgranerpopey, thanks10:33
MrChrisDruifAwesome name for the hangout popey ;-)10:45
jo-erlendeverything hit the fan on my Precise today. I can use IRC, but that's about it. >:|10:46
pangolinhey come talk to me https://plus.google.com/hangouts/efb76e490d7a775ece7eaaef205a927866a16594?authuser=0&hl=en&source=1#10:48
MrChrisDruifThat's not good, but I think a better channel to ask for help is #ubuntu+1 jo-erlend10:48
MrChrisDruifpangolin; you want us to talk to you? ;-)10:49
jo-erlendMrChrisDruif, I wasn't asking for help. I was just reminded that I have an appointment to have a call with jono today. Seems unlikely that will happen now.10:50
jo-erlendI forgot to snap my system before the upgrade too, so I can't just revert either. Looks like this might become a long weekend. And not in a good way either. :)10:51
popeybah, left mouse click broke11:00
popeyakgraner: you creating a new one?11:16
akgranerpopey, yeppers11:17
popeyakgraner: I have to drop off11:42
akgranerpopey, thank you11:44
akgranerAlanBell, thank you12:09
akgranerpopey, jussi pangolin thank you as well :-)  I finally got on air to work12:09
pangolinglad to help12:10
pangolinwas nice putting faces/voices to the nicks12:10
akgranerlooks like it takes an hour or less to be accessible on youtube once the broadcast finishes12:10
jo-erlendpopey, how do you create a new left mouse click?  :>12:14
akgranermhall119, This is brilliant! - http://mhall119.com/2012/02/the-many-sides-of-jono-bacon/13:25
duanedesignakgraner: hahaha13:25
duanedesignthanks, i needed a good laugh this morning13:26
czajkowskidpm: if a person finds an error with a translation is it better to file a bug or a file a question?13:29
dpmczajkowski, if it's for Ubuntu, the best thing to do is to file a bug against the translations project (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/) - from there we can triage whether it is a mistranslated string (and then we assign it to the right language team to fix it), or an i18n in the app, that affects all languages. Alternatively, going to #ubuntu-translations and asking there, someone will probably be around to provide guidance.13:32
czajkowskidpm: nods ok thanks13:32
dpmok, lunch time!13:32
dpmno worries :)13:33
czajkowskidpm: thank you !13:33
cprofittjcastro: ping13:44
cprofittI need a just do it nod13:45
* mhall119 nods13:45
* popey nods13:45
cprofittcan we have a global jam art contest?13:46
cprofitt1. poster13:46
cprofitt2. background13:46
cprofitt3. badge13:46
cjohnstonjcastro: balloons you guys need to join mhall119 and myself for ugj!13:47
popeyhehe, you want to get creative types to do stuff on demand? Good luck! :D13:47
cprofittnot on demand... announce it now...13:47
cprofitthave the art revealed over the global jam weekend13:47
popeydo we already have an art thing going on?13:58
cprofittnot sure...13:58
popeyworth checking13:58
cprofittwho do I check with?13:58
cjohnstonI'll get my daughter to make something13:59
popeyi think iain farrell might have set something up13:59
cjohnstonmaybe poke around in #ubuntu-design as well13:59
mhall119cjohnston: +114:02
mhall119cjohnston: does irssi's advanced window list support >99 channels?14:21
cjohnstonim at 35, so i dont know14:21
mhall119I'm at 79 :(14:21
cjohnstonI have tried hard recently to keep mine really lo14:21
mhall119me too14:21
mhall119it seems you've been more successful14:22
cprofittwhat is the flickr tag to use for the global jam?14:27
mhall119cprofitt: #ubuntu14:28
cprofittthanks... just wanted to confirm that14:28
mhall119everything is #ubuntu now14:28
cprofittmhall119: http://ftbeowulf.wordpress.com/?p=1023&preview=true14:29
cprofittcan you actually read that when its a preview?14:29
mhall119cprofitt: no14:30
cprofittjono posted this -- http://blog_uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/communitymanager.jpg14:33
cprofittlove it!!14:33
mhall119cprofitt: I posted it14:34
mhall119now everybody tell Jono how cool it makes him look, so he doesn't fire me14:34
cprofittmhall119: http://ftbeowulf.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/jam-jam-ubuntu-global-jam-art-jam/14:35
cprofittlet me know if it looks ok14:35
cjohnstonthats awesome14:35
mhall119cprofitt: you should linkify the handful of URLs you have14:36
cprofitt... yep14:37
cprofittgood catch14:37
mhall119cprofitt: dude, you know what would be cool?  Flip the text-bubble images and arrange it so that, when posted to FB or G+, it looks like its coming from your avatar14:37
* mhall119 is referring to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/Artwork14:38
cprofitthey hggdh14:59
hggdhhi cprofitt15:00
cprofitthey jono15:51
jonohey cprofitt15:52
cprofitthope that hits the mark on the art stuff...15:52
cprofittdo you know if any other 'art' related stuff is going on for the ugj?15:52
jonohi all15:55
jonomhall119, LOL at the picture :-)15:55
jonojcastro, dholbach, dpm, mhall119, balloons demo day in 515:55
balloons5 min warning...15:56
dpmjono, all set!15:56
dpmballoons, goes first today! :)15:56
jonodpm, throw that mofo under the bus :-)15:56
balloonsI'm SO close on something..15:56
jcastrojono: can you fire up the G+ thing early? I would like to debug something with the G+ thing15:56
jonojcastro, will do now15:57
dpmjcastro, I'll join in, once you've tested your thing, I want to test how well it works with 2 monitors15:57
dpm+ nvidia :)15:57
* mhall119 is ready15:58
jonoballoons, all set?16:02
balloonssure sure16:03
dholbachballoons, lost interest? :)16:19
balloonssorry... x crash :-)16:20
bkerensa:) 12.04 is not feeling so precise today16:37
jo-erlendbkerensa, I know… Everythings broken here. I get a feeling this might become a very long weekend. :)16:49
jo-erlendjono, hey. I'm sorry, but I really have to postpone that meet-up. I'm buried here.16:50
jonojo-erlend, np, we can reschedule16:51
cprofittjono: you got a few minutes?16:52
jonocprofitt, not right now, on a call16:52
bkerensanearly everything is broken here :) thunderbird, firefox, libreoffice, X and likely much more16:57
jo-erlendthat has to be the tenth crash today. :)17:02
jo-erlendheh... Eleven.17:06
bkerensa12 now17:08
jonodpm, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments17:19
jonoon there are instructions of how to install and write an accomplishment17:19
dpmjono, ah, cool, thanks17:20
jonodpm, if you want me to walk you through it on G+, happy to do so17:20
jonosome translations accomplishments would be awesome :-)17:21
dholbachjono, couldn't you cache something like "all the names of the teams in ~locoteams"?17:22
dholbachI mean it doesn't change every 5 minutes :)17:22
dpmjono, yeah, I've just pinged mhall119 for a quick hangout, but I think he's preparing his other call. let me wait a couple of minutes and if he's not there, let's do a hangout17:22
jonodpm, np17:22
jonoif you are pressed now, another time is fine too17:22
jonodholbach, I could, but I want to keep the system as generic as possible - but I think on the server side we could potentially do this17:23
dpmjono, nah, it's cool, this falls in the category of fun stuff :)17:23
jonodholbach, do you know if I can ask launchpadlib if team a is in team b?17:23
jonodpm, :-)17:23
dholbachjono, something like this?17:26
dholbachIn [9]: lp.people["ubuntu-dev"] in lp.people["motu"].super_teams17:26
dholbachOut[9]: True17:26
jonodholbach, so that checks if a team is a subteam of another?17:26
jonothat means I can avoid my issue with the loco-teams accomplishment17:26
jonodholbach, how can I check which teams someone is part of?17:26
dholbachbut I don't know exactly how many levels of subteams/superteams it checks17:27
dholbachlet me check the apidoc17:27
jonothanks dholbach17:28
cjohnstonIf anyone wants to check out google hangouts with a live view feature for more than 10 people, jump on https://plus.google.com/hangouts/stream/30ee630ee6690f5b83c20881d8124f1c0ffee8e7e21c2?authuser=1&hl=en&source=1  - it is being recorded though17:28
jonodpm, are you on a call with mhall119?17:28
dpmjono, I'm not, shall we do a quick hangout?17:29
jonodpm, sure17:29
jonodpm, invite sent17:30
dholbachjono, the "easiest" way I found for locoteams (could be ubuntu-dev or ubuntumembers too - they both have subteams) is:17:34
dholbachIn [12]: set([a.name for a in lp.people["dholbach"].super_teams]).intersection(set([a.name for a in lp.people["locoteams"].sub_teams]))17:34
dholbachOut[12]: set([u'ubuntu-de-locoteam', u'ubuntu-de-events', u'ubuntu-berlin'])17:34
dholbachin which case I would cache: set([a.name for a in lp.people["locoteams"].sub_teams]), etc.17:35
dholbachif 100000 users run this, they are going to hammer LP in any case :-(17:36
dholbachso maybe you need only_check_on_the_server accomplishments :-)17:36
jcastrohey guys17:36
jcastrothis firmware live test suite17:36
jonodholbach, cool, one sec just on a call with dpm17:36
jcastrowould be an awesome easy task for the UGJ17:36
dholbachjono, sure sure - I'll be online for a bit still - no worries17:37
jcastroone person needs a USB stick17:37
jonodholbach, :-)17:37
jcastroPass it around to the group17:37
dholbachjcastro, ask Colin about it - can they submit whatever they found somewhere?17:37
jcastroit doesn't submit automatically17:38
jcastrobut he has instructions on where to file the bug17:38
dholbachbrb - reboot17:38
* jcastro is asking him if it's useful as a general tool17:40
jcastroor if they only do it for certain machines or whatever17:40
dholbachFeature Freeze broke my machine17:41
czajkowskimine too17:42
czajkowskiI've no login17:42
czajkowskiwaiting on unity 2 d update17:42
jcastroand we were doing so good!17:43
dholbachand shutting down takes 5 times longer than booting up :)17:43
dholbachwe should have stuck with this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Archives/4.10?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=gnome-splash-1.png17:43
czajkowskihave phone tethered17:44
czajkowskigot into a tty17:44
czajkowskiand then ssh to get irc17:44
czajkowskiand pulling in updates via phone on a train back to london!17:44
bkerensadholbach: +117:44
cprofittdholbach: lol17:52
cprofittsaw my post, heh?17:52
dholbachyep :)17:52
dholbachmhall119, jcastro - do you know if I can assign a sensitivity to the hud display?17:53
dholbachI keep opening it and dragging away focus, when I alt-<number> between terminal tabs17:53
mhall119dholbach: I believe that Unity 5.6 (coming next week) has a fix for that17:54
mhall119people have been complaining about the same when they alt+printscreen17:54
dholbachI hope so :-(17:54
dholbachdoes u-2d have the hud too?17:55
mhall119I think they've implemented something to check that it's a 'tap' on alt, not a 'press and hold'17:55
mhall119dholbach: that I don't know17:55
dholbachI'll try17:55
snap-lhttp://mhall119.com/2012/02/the-many-sides-of-jono-bacon/ <- I LOLed17:55
dholbachwow, because I didn't have unity-2d installed (currently uninstallable), I reinstalled gnome-fallback-session17:58
cprofittI nominate etneg_, the artist, for a community trophy!!17:59
dholbachwow - we've seriously come a long long long way17:59
dholbachthe use of unity is totally hardwired into my brain already17:59
cprofitt+1 dholbach - me too17:59
cprofittI have really gotten used to it.17:59
czajkowskidholbach: kenvandine says it's just after been released to fix the issue for login17:59
mhall119dholbach: yeah, I was using my kid's 10.04 box the other day, if felt so awkward18:01
mhall119dholbach: according to didrocks, no HUD in Unity2d right now, but "next week probably"18:02
dholbachmhall119, I'll try it out again when 5.6 comes out18:02
jonosnap-l, :-)18:02
jonojcastro, about set?18:03
jcastroI am all set.18:03
dholbachalright my friends18:19
dholbachI call it a day18:19
dholbachhave a great WE18:19
jono_balloons, will be one sec18:32
balloonsnp.. I'll work on fixing my hair18:32
jono_balloons, invite sent18:35
dpmhave a good weekend everyone!18:46
jcastrosnap-l: hey are you planning the michigan jam?19:19
snap-lSi si19:19
jcastrohey can I interview you early next week?19:20
jcastroI want to highlight and talk about planning and stuff19:20
snap-lSure, if you want. :)19:20
jcastroas an example for other teams that might not know what to19:20
jcastrohey mhall11921:31
jcastrodo you have a printer?21:31
cjohnstonjcastro: balloons: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1445/detail/21:32
balloonscjohnston, awesome21:33
cjohnstonyou two had better come21:33
mhall119jcastro: yeah, why?21:34
jcastroask me closer, I don't even know what I am doing for dinner, let alone march21:34
mhall119cjohnston: do we have a venue yet?21:34
jcastromhall119: I see I have a new think called indicator-printers21:34
jcastroyou should blog/G+ a quickie about it21:35
cjohnstonmhall119: probably my house like last time21:35
mhall119jcastro: oh, for active print jobs?21:35
mhall119jcastro: I haven't even used it yet21:35
jcastronot sure what it does yet, I haven't printed21:35
jcastrohaha, "who will print for the cause."21:35
mhall119cjohnston: dude, you're not even registered as attending21:40
balloonscjohnston too cool for his own parties21:41
cjohnstonyou know it21:41
mhall119which will be awkward, since it'll be at his house21:42
cjohnstonill get a dog and let the dog host it21:42
popeymhall119: need a "how to make a unity lens" tutorial :D22:00
popeyscreencasts ftw22:00
mhall119popey: dpm is working on one22:03
mhall119popey: his is for Oneiric22:03
mhall119I'll do one for Singlet/Precise once my quickly template is done22:03

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