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mwhudsonis this a good place to ask upstart questions?01:47
slangasekyes, though not the ideal time :)01:47
mwhudsoni guess that01:48
mwhudsonslangasek: do you know things about job instances?01:49
mwhudsonso we have a lava-instance job that has01:49
mwhudsoninstance $LAVA_INSTANCE01:49
mwhudsonand lava-instance-uwsgi that has01:49
mwhudsoninstance $LAVA_INSTANCE01:50
mwhudsonstart on starting lava-instance01:50
mwhudsonstop on stopping lava-instance01:50
mwhudsonwhen we do start lava-instance LAVA_INSTANCE=foo a lava-instance-uwsgi instance with LAVA_INSTANCE=foo is started01:50
mwhudsonwhen we do stop lava-instance LAVA_INSTANCE=anything, all lava-instance-uwsgi jobs stop01:51
slangasekhmm, really?01:51
mwhudsoni guess this isn't so surprising, and we should say stop on stopping lava-instance LAVA_INSTANCE=$LAVA_INSTANCE ?01:51
mwhudsonslangasek: well, that's what seems to happen01:51
slangasektry 'stop lava-instance anything' instead01:51
mwhudsonuh really?01:52
slangasekIIRC yes01:52
mwhudsonstop: Env must be KEY=VALUE pairs01:52
slangasekoh, n/m, I think I see the issue01:52
slangaseklava-instance-uwsgi should be01:52
slangasekstop on stopping lava-instance LAVA_INSTANCE=$LAVA_INSTANCE01:53
mwhudsonthats what i was leaning towards suspecting01:53
mwhudsonor something like that01:53
mwhudsonslangasek: it's slightly funny that the instance-ness propagates 'down'01:54
mwhudsonbut i guess that's because there are really environment variables involved here?01:54
slangasekyes, there are01:54
slangasekwell, at some stages ;)01:54
slangasekat other stages it's just key,value pairs being passed in a dbus call01:54
mwhudsonand when you do start on starting <mumble>, you inherit the env mumble starts in?01:54
slangasekhmm, not entirely... I think init(5) explains the various idiosyncracies01:55
slangaseksorry, afk now :)01:55
mwhudsonwe also have01:59
mwhudsonexport LAVA_INSTANCE01:59
mwhudsonin lava-instance01:59
mwhudsonthe murk parts, slightly01:59
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RAOF@pilot out02:25
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Feature Freeze in effect. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/or6CHJ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
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mwhudsonargl bargl02:37
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slangasekbroder: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844050/ looks good to me for sysvinit, yes05:12
broderslangasek: ok, cool. i'll go ahead and upload it05:12
broderand i'll start working on the srus for that as well05:12
slangasekbroder: thanks :)05:19
broderthanks for the review05:19
broderslangasek: oh, hmm. is there any way for me to ensure that the sysvinit update gets taken after the insserv update? i could do a breaks, but that wouldn't technically prohibit, e.g., not-fixed-oneiric insserv + fixed-natty sysvinit05:33
micahgwhy wouldn't sysvinit breaks << fixed precise insserv prevent oneiric insserv + precise sysvinit/05:35
broderit would, but i also need to sru this fix to lucid through precise, inclusive05:36
slangasekbroder: you could breaks: insserv (<< 1.14.0-2ubuntu1), insserv (= 1.14.0-2.1)05:36
broderooh, breaks with an =. never thought of that05:36
slangasekalthough breaks doesn't actually require the broken insserv to be /removed/, just /deconfigured/, so it is technically possible to still get breakage after initscripts has been upgraded05:37
micahgwell, seemingly, each release gets its proper breaks (is there any problem with insserv getting upgraded before sysvinit on dist-upgrade?05:38
slangasekif necessary, we could have initscripts use a versioned depends on insserv; initscripts already depends on sysv-rc | file-rc and sysv-rc depends on insserv and file-rc isn't actually installable in Ubuntu because upstart depends on sysv-rc05:39
slangasekso it wouldn't break the world to have initscripts depend on insserv directly05:39
slangasekmicahg: the problem is that the old insserv breaks things and the new initscripts tries to clean it up... we don't want to leave insserv in a position to break things again and force us to do /another/ round of srus to clean up05:40
broderso what would i do in that case? oneiric's initscripts would depend: insserv (>= 1.14.0-2.1ubuntu1) | insserv (= 1.14.0-2.1ubuntu0.1) ?05:41
broderand then i keep adding disjunctions as i go further back?05:41
slangasekfugly, innit :)05:41
rectecIs there any way I can check the HUD's development? Like its stages? (Alpha, beta, etc.)05:42
broderslangasek: we could survive without that dependency in precise, right? which at least means that the fugliness is temporary?05:42
micahgthat would also couple any other insserv SRU with an initscripts upload05:43
slangasekbroder: yes, for precise I think it's fine to drop the disjunctions05:43
pittiGood morning05:43
slangasekmicahg: this is the only time we've done an insserv SRU to date05:43
* slangasek waves to pitti05:43
pittiyay empty precise_probs \o/05:43
pittiand that at FF time05:44
micahgpitti: new glib-networking broke ia32-libs, I subscribed you to the bug, needs multiarching05:44
micahgerr..deps need multiarching05:44
pittimicahg: for libproxy? I thought that already was05:44
pittimicahg: thanks, will have a look05:44
micahglibproxy's deps I think05:45
broderslangasek: ok. well, for starters, would you mind rejecting the oneiric initscripts i just uploaded?05:45
brodererr, sysvinit that is, of course05:45
pittimicahg: ah, libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-005:45
slangasekbroder: done05:45
pittii. e. webkit05:45
pittimicahg: acually, I'd rather not have it depend on that in the first place, it's rather big05:46
pittiwill ask Laney about it when he comes online05:46
micahgsounds good05:47
broderslangasek: and you think the depends is the best option here?05:47
slangasekbroder: I think it's the safest option that's most certain to kill this bug dead05:48
broderslangasek: do you think it's an acceptable risk that this would break users who have their own insserv (e.g. from a ppa) installed?05:54
slangasekworst case, they need to either rev their ppa build of insserv, or do a ppa build of sysvinit with it05:55
broderslangasek: ok, really bad idea: have initscripts trigger on /usr/lib/insserv?05:59
slangasekyuck :)05:59
broderbut...i think it would work, no?05:59
slangasekI can see a couple ways that could be made to work; none of them appeal to me06:00
slangasekwhy do anything with a trigger that could be expressed as a declarative package relationship06:00
broderbecause the declarative syntax only lets me express an approximation of what i'm really trying to say?06:01
slangasekok, but suppose the user upgrades insserv to a version (local or otherwise) that doesn't include /usr/lib/insserv06:02
slangasekthis may or may not trigger06:02
slangasekand it may or may not result in insserv being run and breaking things again afterwards06:02
broderwe could clean up the rc*.d links in the initscripts upgrade case and the trigger case06:04
slangasekbut the point at which things get *broken* again is when $random_other_thing calls insserv06:04
slangasekand there's no way to ensure the postinst is called at that point to fix it up06:04
broderbut that's still a problem with the dependency plan06:05
slangasekthe only versions satisfying the dependency are ones that have moved insserv off the path06:06
broderunless it moves back into the path in the future, which i thought was what you were worried about06:06
slangasekbroder: I'm not worried about it moving back into the path in an *archive* version06:07
slangasekbut a *ppa* version could be doing the wrong thing06:07
slangasekhmm, let me check if that makes sense06:07
slangaseknah, I officially don't care about any broken versions of insserv packages in anyone's ppa06:08
slangasekwhat if the user installs the initscripts SRU but not the insserv one though?06:09
broderwith the dependency approach, they can't06:09
slangasekare you doing the dependencies?06:09
broderwith the triggers approach, they're still screwed until they get the insserv update, but when they do, it'll be cleaned up06:09
slangasekI thought that's what you were trying to talk me out of06:09
broderi'm currently banging my head against a table trying to keep all of this straight :)06:10
broderbut not yet writing any code06:10
slangasekI would prefer to deliver an SRU that forces the upgrade to a good version of insserv immediately, so that their shutdown is un-screwed and stays that way06:10
broderok. i think that seems right06:11
slangasekfwiw I wouldn't reject either approach if uploaded06:13
slangasekI also wouldn't accept them at the moment, because I'm headed for bed ;)06:13
pittimicahg: uploaded a fixed libproxy which drops the webkit dependency FYI, I updated bug 93391307:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933913 in libproxy (Ubuntu) "libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-0, libicu48 need to be multiarched" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93391307:00
micahgpitti: great, thanks07:01
rickspencer3pitti, nice to wake up to a beer this morning! http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/precise_probs.html07:25
pittirickspencer3: indeed!07:25
pittirickspencer3: we got new armel panda buildds yesterday, they nicely managed to catch up with the backlog07:25
pittiand compiz fixed07:25
rickspencer3pitti, looks like the server smoke tests are in less good shape07:29
* rickspencer3 braces for the desktop tests to run07:29
pittirickspencer3: these look odd; maybe the same QA lab problem that didrocks was experiencing with his unity mergers?07:30
pittierror: internal error process exited while connecting to monitor: libvir: error : cannot execute binary /usr/local/bin/kvm: Permission denied07:30
didrocksno, doesn't seem the same issue07:30
pittirickspencer3: so, once the alternates and desktops build, that'll hit them as well07:30
rickspencer3oops, looks like a lab issue, indeed07:30
didrocks(it was a network one)07:30
pittididrocks: right, sorry; should have checked logs before07:30
pittijibel: ^ halp07:30
didrocksno worry :)07:31
rickspencer3day after FF, bad luck!07:31
rickspencer3pitti, did 10.04.4 go out as expected?07:32
pittirickspencer3: yes, it's out and announced07:32
rickspencer3big day yesterday07:32
pittihttp://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/10.04.4/, too07:33
dholbachgood morning07:34
* pitti hugs dholbach07:34
* dholbach hugs pitti back07:35
rickspencer3morning dholbach07:36
dholbachhey rickspencer307:36
pittiRiddell, debfx_: hmm, kubuntu-docs wants to go to universe; is that intended?07:39
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jibelpitti, good morning08:11
pittibonjour jibel08:11
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jibelpitti, permission denied on kvm in the lab. that's weird.08:14
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pittiYokoZar: indeed, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html now has dssi-vst which needs to change its b-dep to wine1.408:53
YokoZarpitti: Aye, I'll get it right after I get this wine1.4 upload going.08:53
dholbachdoes anybody else have issues with thunderbird too?08:55
dholbachas in widgets being completely empty?08:56
micahgdholbach: bug 93395108:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933951 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Precise) "Messaging menu extension interacts badly with lightning in precise making thunderbird unusable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93395108:56
dholbachah, thanks micahg08:56
sabdflit's a real friday when you don't have to cram as much email as possible in between conversations08:58
sabdflthanks, somebody :)08:58
dholbachhaha, thanks sabdfl :)08:58
dholbachluckily it's easy to workaround it08:59
Riddellpitti: kubuntu-docs rescued09:17
pitticjwatson: any opinion on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kickseed/+bug/810068/comments/13 ? I'm inclined to just reject the maverick-proposed uploads; we had enough trouble verifying this for lucid already09:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 810068 in partman-iscsi (Ubuntu Maverick) "kickstart iscsi option broken" [High,In progress]09:45
Laneypitti: it would have been OK were that still a module09:45
Laneybut I think disabling mozjs stops that being so09:46
pittiLaney: this probably needs to be split into several source packages at some point?09:46
Laneywhy source packages?09:46
Laneyhaving them in separate binaries was alright wasn't it?09:47
pittiLaney: you can't build-dep on universe packages, though09:47
Laneyit would be good to disable mozjs and have webkit still be a plugin09:47
pittii. e. if we want the mozjs plugin in universe, it needs to be in an universe source package09:47
pittiLaney: yes, but webkit doesn't build without mozjs apparently09:47
pittiwhen I disabled mozjs, webkit wasn't built09:47
Laneyit was09:47
Laneyit's just a part of the main package now09:47
pittiah; could this be split out again somehow?09:48
LaneyI think — let me check09:48
pittipulling in an extra > 1 MB package just for this seems a little exaggerated09:48
pittihaving it in the plugin would be fine09:48
pittialso, we shoudl check whether it builds against libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev09:49
Laneyfor ubunt2 we had " * pacrunner_webkit"09:49
Laneyi.e. webkit is builtin09:49
LaneyI'm pretty sure it has webkit3 support09:51
pittiok, SRU queues processed as much as possible09:51
Laneynext week I'll speak to upstream about the module thing09:51
Laneyor … actually, see libproxy/cmake/modules.cmk:2109:52
jamespageany archive admins around?  I'm reviewing a proposed new package (see bug 930422) and wanted a second opinion on what they are doing with qtrpc210:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930422 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] rds Resara Server" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93042210:07
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Laneypitti: bug #93408810:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934088 in libproxy (Ubuntu) "Re-enable webkit plugin as a module (and build against webkit3)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93408810:27
micahgpitti: did you see my ping before?10:28
pittimicahg: only the one about libproxy10:28
micahgpitti: can you please copy firefox/lucid-oneiric from ubuntu-mozilla-security to $RELEASE-security?10:28
pittiLaney: sweet, thanks! sponsoring10:28
pittimicahg: uh, not in backscroll; weird10:28
pittimicahg: sure, doing10:28
micahgpitti: I've been having IRC issues, I'm hoping after I dist-upgrade they'll go away :)10:29
smboptimism seems to die last... :-P10:33
pittimicahg: done10:40
micahgpitti: thanks10:40
hrw~curse thunderbird10:41
micahghrw: fix already uploaded and buidling10:42
hrwmicahg: cool10:43
hrwtime to run dget - will be faster then waiting for archive10:43
hrwmicahg: can TB be built in 7GB of disk space?10:44
* micahg checks10:44
micahghrw: umm, cutting it very clsoe10:46
hrwhope it will fit - 7GB is my pbuilder tmpfs10:46
micahgoh, on armhf it's less10:47
RAOFhrw: Someone has too much ram!10:48
hrwRAOF: 16GB was <100€ so why bother with 8GB :D10:48
RAOFFair call!10:49
hrwRAOF: when 8GB DDR3 sticks will be around price of 2x4GB DDR3 I will consider 16->24/32GB10:49
RAOFYeah, I guess I could build a desktop... :)10:49
pittihrw: "swap? what is that?"10:51
hrwpitti: can you speak english? :)10:52
hrwpitti: with low price of ram I do not see sense in having swap10:53
pittierr -- WTH11:00
pittiall my copying of kernels to -proposed were just silently forgotten by LP11:00
pittiah, no, seems just the publisher is veeery behind11:01
cjwatsonbdrung: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845621/11:11
cjwatsonpitti: maverick> I guess; I was just uploading it for everything without especially thinking about it, really11:11
karel_ffAccording to omgubuntu (http://goo.gl/vXnPf) the sun java packages were going to be pulled from the partner repos yesterday.11:16
karel_ffIt appears they're still there for natty. Can anyone enlighten me if they are going to be removed there as well?11:17
pittigo, ev, go!11:33
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hrwmicahg: thx - ubuntu3 tb package works11:42
micahghrw: chrisccoulson fixed it11:47
debfxcould someone please close https://code.launchpad.net/~marcelstimberg/ubuntu/precise/scribus/merge-1.4-from-debian/+merge/9262311:53
hrwchrisccoulson: thx for fix11:53
debfxa newer version has already been merged, see bug #93063911:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930639 in scribus (Ubuntu) "Please merge scribus 1.4.0.dfsg+r17287-1 (main) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93063911:53
hrwmicahg: and you confirmed that this version will work11:53
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chrisccoulsondoko_, you around?12:33
* TorpedoSkyline thinks doko_ disappeared.12:38
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mdeslaurbdmurray: sorry, the oneiric update-manager security update superseded your package in -proposed...13:12
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dokochrisccoulson, yes, what's the issue?13:15
chrisccoulsondoko - i could use some help on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=694594 :)13:29
ubottuMozilla bug 694594 in JavaScript Engine "Crashes with gcc 4.4.3" [Critical,New: ]13:29
dokochrisccoulson, that's what you get when backporting new upstream versions :-/13:30
dokochrisccoulson, did you test vanilla 4.4.6, or the Ubuntu packages? does 4.5.x work?13:33
chrisccoulsondoko, i tested the ubuntu 4.4.6 package. i've not tested a vanilla gcc yet13:33
chrisccoulson4.5.x seems to work though13:33
dokonote that there are backports for lucid in the ubuntu-toolchain-r/test repository, and in ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa for gcc-4.413:33
chrisccoulsonat least, we don't get any crashes from builds that are built with 4.5 :)13:34
dokook, but maybe not an option or the upload13:34
chrisccoulsonthanks, i'll try a vanilla build too13:34
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dokochrisccoulson, from the bug report I understand that you can work-around the issue?13:35
chrisccoulsondoko, sort of. it's not a good long term solution, as this code is pretty performance optimized. and there's no guarantee that we don't see the same problem in other places too13:36
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dokobdmurray, 933946 was closed with the wrong text (talking about apport, while it's a corrupt archive)14:05
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zumbihello, base-files fails to install on precise, when /var/run is not empty dir, there is a patch attached to a BR, is there something special that needs doing to get this applied? (BR: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/multistrap/+bug/874505)14:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 874505 in multistrap (Ubuntu) "Native Multistrap oneiric chroots have an error configuring base-files" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:39
roadmrzumbi: looks like  it needs to be reviewed, I see the review team is already subscribed so it should get some attention soon14:43
zumbiroadmr: ah! thanks14:44
pittiRiddell: ah, has there been a decision for telepathy-KDE now?14:50
pittiRiddell: (I'm just curious)14:50
pittiI read your blog a few days ago, and it didn't seem obvious which one was better14:50
Riddellpitti: not yet, I'm still a fan of telepathy-KDE because it's maintained but others are more cautious for the LTS.  It might come down to whether we can convince upstream to add message indicator integration :)14:51
Riddellwe'll make a decision in plenty time either way14:52
pittiRiddell: ah, I was just reading your -release@ mail14:52
Riddellpitti: I still hope to have it in but happy to accept if it can't be done14:53
pittiRiddell: tricky situation indeed; we had pretty much the same a few cycles ago14:53
pittiat least the telepathy stack settled down since then, it's actually surprisingly stable these days14:54
pittivideo connections used to be a bit unstable (sometimes you needed to try connecting twice), but that was some time ago; I don't use them often14:54
pittithe tubes for sharing your desktop etc. are really cool, though14:54
* pitti goes back offline until release meeting, bbl14:55
barryRiddell: good to see you got a version of telepathy uploaded that fixes the failure.  i got as far as disabling the fix_test_linkage.patch and getting that built in my ppa.  if you're happy with your fix, i'll move on to other things15:01
Riddellbarry: oh do I?  clever me!15:03
Riddellbarry: where is this?15:03
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barryRiddell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/telepathy-qt4/0.9.0+repack-0ubuntu215:12
pitticking: I have a first version of a power-usage-report script (WI in that spec) in https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/+junk/power-usage-report/15:13
pitticking: it can be run without arguments, does its thing (fatrace, powertop, and post-processing), and gives a reasonably meaningful output15:14
pitticking: I'd appreciate comments and suggestions that you might have15:14
pitticking: today I overheard in a bug report that you have an events-something script yourself, perhaps we can combine this somehow?15:15
ckingpitti, yes, that's doable - my code is free to be used + reworked15:15
ckingpitti, I will look at this in ~40 mins - I'm halfway through making a load of edits to a document that needs to be completed today15:16
pitticking: oh, not urgent at all15:16
pittiI'll go offline again until release meeting, and won't re-look at this until Tuesday anyway15:16
pitticking: thanks in advance!15:16
ionHeh. By chance the nicks of everyone who has been discussing here for the last 25 minutes end up having the same appearance in WeeChat. (It uses nick hashes to select attributes such as color for nicks.)15:17
pitticking: there's another WI to add stracing for the worst offenders, but that'll introduce some interesting problems (reporting passwords and what not), so that'll need some thought15:17
ckingok - well, I'm off on monday, so I will either get back to you end of day or on tuesday15:17
pitticking: I'm off on Monday as well15:17
pitticking: but I think in the end the automatic stracing might be overkill -- at that point it's better to analyze the offending processes individually anyway in bug reports, I think15:17
pittithis script should give a good overview where the problems are on a particular system15:18
pittianyway, /me waves, bbl15:18
ckingpitti, yep, I think one can has tools to identify rogue processes, debugging it is a strace + gdb effort15:18
ckingpitti, thanks for letting me know - I shall look at the tool with great interest! \o/15:19
rbasakDoes "pull-lp-source" fail for anyone else? Eg: "pull-lp-source hello".15:22
Riddellbarry: yeah but that has led to a new problem, needing LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something15:24
rbasakIt seems to work from my machine (authenticated) but not from an anonymous machine15:25
barryRiddell: yep.  but hey, a built package is a built package, right? :)15:27
rbasakHmm...rm -Rf ~/.launchpadlib fixed it.15:30
Riddellbarry: it's not built15:37
bdmurraymdeslaur: in oneiric or lucid?15:37
cjwatsonivoks: I've merged your livecd-rootfs change, but two things15:38
ivokscjwatson: sure?15:38
cjwatsonivoks: firstly, in order to get a BuildLiveCD change deployed, you'll need to raise an RT15:38
mdeslaurbdmurray: oneiric...oh, looks like your lucid -proposed package dropped the new security update too15:38
mdeslaurbdmurray: d'oh...sorry about that15:39
barryRiddell: okay.  let me look in more detail15:39
cjwatsonivoks: secondly, the rest of Ubuntu nowadays only uses livecd-rootfs as a wrapper for live-build - the code for that is in the live-build/ subdirectory15:39
cjwatsonivoks: so in some ways you seem to be going in the wrong direction15:39
mdeslaurbdmurray: publishing security updates when there are packages in -proposed is painful :(15:39
Riddellbarry: it's cdbs so actually mine and debfx's preference is just to turn it into dh9 and hope that helps15:39
bdmurraymdeslaur: the lucid was just approved and had been pending queue15:39
ivokscjwatson: mrmh... ok :)15:39
cjwatsonivoks: live-build/auto/config is probably the main one to edit15:39
ivokscjwatson: ok, thanks i'll do that15:40
barryRiddell: i definitely support that choice :).  shall i just leave this one to you guys then?15:40
mdeslaurbdmurray: yeah, but while it was in the queue, a security update got published, and since you bumped the major version instead of the minor version, it superseded the security update15:40
ivokscjwatson: atm cloud-live is build with live-build; does that make any difference? should i still change livecd-rootfs?15:41
bdmurraymdeslaur: Is there anything for me to do besides upload new versions to -proposed?15:41
bdmurrayI mean in addition to15:41
mdeslaurbdmurray: no, you just need to remerge the security update and re-upload it15:42
cjwatsonivoks: how are you configuring live-build right now?15:43
ivokscjwatson: (sorry, i'm otp) i have whole live-build tree (lp:cloud-live)15:45
cjwatsonivoks: you mean you branched the whole thing?15:46
cjwatsonivoks: wow, that's ... interesting15:50
cjwatsonivoks: what I'd suggest is that you figure out how to do this with the stock live-build package in precise, using suitable 'lb config' parameters and possibly the odd hook15:50
cjwatsonivoks: then it should be a short step from there to expressing that in livecd-rootfs/live-build/auto/config15:50
ivokscjwatson: let me get back to you in few minutes (on the phone)15:50
cjwatsonivoks: sure, no rush15:50
cjwatsonivoks: ah, looks like you checked in the result of running lb config and creating hooks15:51
cjwatsonivoks: so that could be done on the fly in auto/config instead15:51
kelemengabordobey: ping. do you have time to review the proposed merge for bug #856728?15:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 856728 in Ubuntu Translations "Missing translations (Learn more, Install) in ubuntuone-installer window" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85672815:52
dobeykelemengabor: yep, i will poke at it shortly. i am working on installer right now :)15:52
dobeykelemengabor: thanks for the reminder15:53
kelemengaboryw :)15:53
dobeybdmurray: i'll try to poke at your lptools branch today too15:53
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bdmurraydobey: thanks15:55
ivokscjwatson: sorry, i had a meeeting16:01
ivokscjwatson: all those changes are now in the package, so that build mechanism is kind of obsolete16:01
ivokscjwatson: s/changes/hooks16:01
dylan-mLittle question before I file a bug report: why are the category icons for gnome-control-center named like preferences-desktop-personal-directory instead of preferences-desktop-personal ?16:12
pittiev: test_run_crash_known() test case in ui.py works for you? I still get a KeyError (just re-merged your branch 5 mins ago)16:13
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evpitti: ah, I wasn't sure if that one was related to the gdb weirdness I was seeing.  When I poked at it last night, it was raising an IOError inside collect()16:15
evI'll have another look16:15
evapols for that16:15
pittiev: no, I get KeyError: 'KnownReport'16:15
pittiPYTHONPATH=. python apport/ui.py -v _T.test_run_crash_known16:15
pittiev: that looks like a regression in the dupe detection16:16
evyes, but if memory serves, it's because the IOError is raised, setting self.report to None16:16
ev(and thus the KeyError)16:16
pittiev: bug report window looking nicely now, thanks for fixing that up!16:24
pittiev: btw, I'm not getting the gdb failures; I suspect it's a race condition, but I don't think that's related to your work at all16:25
evpitti: cheers!16:30
pittiev: I'm currently walking through all {bug, crash, symptoms} x {gtk, cli, qt} cases16:31
evthanks for that - I tried to understand them as best I could, to ensure I wasn't just making the test pass, but it was getting on in the evening and I could've made a mistake somewhere.16:32
SpamapSwhy does apt want to remove unity-2d?!16:34
SpamapS  gnome-session: Breaks: unity-2d (< 5.4~) but 5.2.1-0ubuntu2 is installed.16:34
SpamapSahh, that16:34
pittibuildd lag16:36
apwcjwatson, is it possible to increase 'something' on key packages like ubuntu-desktop to encourage apt's conflict resolution to prefer not to remove it16:41
smoserSpamapS, around ?16:43
SpamapSsmoser: I am16:43
smoser /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart16:43
smoseri'm looking tat that and wondering16:43
kelemengaboris there any unity dev around, who could take a look at the merge proposal in bug #923762 ?16:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923762 in unity (Ubuntu) "Files missing from Unity's POTFILES.in" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92376216:44
smoserif no interfaces are auto, will all interfaces ever be noticed as up?16:44
SpamapSkelemengabor: try #ubuntu-desktop16:44
SpamapSsmoser: lo is always going to be auto16:44
smoserwell.. yeah.16:45
SpamapSsmoser: and actually no, if there are no auto interfaces, all_interfaces_up will return 016:45
smoserso here s what i'm looking at right now.16:45
SpamapSbecause the for loop will be skipped16:45
smoserits mostly an edge case16:45
SpamapSactually this script will never be called in that case16:45
SpamapSand you'll failsafe boot16:46
smoserbut in cloud-init, i can now take an /etc/network/interfaces file from "config drive" or from DataSourceNoCloud16:46
Davieyjdstrand / mdeslaur (barry for info): bug 934295, not proud that i got it to build by giving back.. but you might want to be aware if it's not fixed before release.16:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934295 in python-django (Ubuntu) "FTBFS on buildd's testsuite (FAIL: test_timeuntil)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93429516:46
smoserthe order would then be boot... likely lo up, mount / , cloud-init, cloud-init writes /etc/network/interfaces and runs 'ifup --all'16:46
smoserbut if the new /etc/network/interfaces does not have any auto (other than lo) then nothing would emit that.16:47
jdstrandDaviey: gotta love it! thanks :)16:47
pittiev: for a crash report I still get the second window with the info colelction progress bar16:47
pittiev: you don't?16:48
smoserbut i guess that snot really all that bad, because anything waiting on that is probably actually expecting network.16:48
evpitti: Do you not get that error in test_run_crash_known with trunk? the error it's attempting to raise (but which gets swallowed by the except clause around collect_info) in both trunk and my branch is 'CRC check failed 0x6d754465 != 0x0L'16:49
evpitti: I do not. What's the command you're running where you're seeing that?16:49
pittiev: gedit &; killall -SEGV gedit16:49
pittiPYTHONPATH=. gtk/apport-gtk16:49
pittiev: that's with killall update-notifier, so that it doesn't get in the way16:49
pittiev: trying with trunk again16:50
evI'll give it a bash after this interview call16:50
pittiev: (I'm in release meeting, sorry for lagging)16:50
evno worries at all!16:50
evI appreciate your careful and thorough review of this16:50
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SpamapSSo, dpkg experts.. if I have a conffile, say, /etc/apparmor/profiles.d/usr.sbin.mysqld .. and it is owned by mysql-server-5.1 ...16:54
SpamapSand then mysql-server-5.5 Breaks/Replaces mysql-server-5.1 ..16:54
SpamapSand it also owns said file..16:55
SpamapSwouldn't one expect that the file would *only* be owned by mysql-server-5.1 ?16:55
SpamapSI would expect that the conffile would be owned by 5.5, and that it would be updated to the 5.5 version17:00
pittiev: I'm done with testing, I followed up to the MP17:03
pittiev: I don't get that _T.test_run_crash_known failure in trunk17:03
pittiev: then the second progress dialog, and finally the apport-kde crash (which might or might not be your fault)17:04
pittiev: oh, and the "dash" vs. "Ubuntu 12.04 internal", but I agree that we can sort this out later and it's not a blocker17:07
SpamapSslangasek: ^^ any ideas on the conffiles? Its showcased in bug 93401317:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934013 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu) "Mysql fails to start after upgrade to precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93401317:07
slangasekSpamapS: yes, Replaces should be sufficient to cause the mysql-5.5 version to take over17:09
jtaylorbarry: can you do a no change rebuild of libvigraimpex please17:12
SpamapSslangasek: its showing rc for mysql-server-5.1 .. and the content is still the 5.1 version17:12
slangasekSpamapS: the new version of the package doesn't ship that conffile at all?17:12
slangasekso since the old package is removed but not purged...17:12
slangasekthe old conffiles remain17:12
SpamapSslangasek: it does ship that conffile17:13
slangasekSpamapS: not according to dpkg -c / Contents.gz17:13
SpamapSruh roh17:13
SpamapS    if [ "$(DISTRIBUTION)" = "Ubuntu" ]; then \17:13
SpamapS      dh_apparmor -pmysql-server-5.5 --profile-name=usr.sbin.mysqld; \17:13
SpamapS    fi17:13
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SpamapSno.. hmm.. debian/apparmor-profile is there...17:15
SpamapSoh wait.. does dh_apparmor not actually pull that file in?17:16
pittiSpamapS: FWIW, if mysql is anything like postgresql, then uploading whole microreleases to -updates/-security is probably better than trying to cobble together large patches ourselves17:17
pittiSpamapS: a microrelease exception would be in order then, and likely granted provided that upstream has strict policy for microreleases and good QA17:17
SpamapSpitti: I was under the impression that postgres was far more careful abotu not introducing incompatible changes in patch releases though.17:17
pittiSpamapS: yes, that's the "if"; I am not familiar at all about the nature of changes that happen in mysql microreleases17:18
jdstrandSpamapS: iirc, when using dh_apparmor you need to rename apparmor-profile to what you are passing as the --profile-name17:18
SpamapSpitti: about every 2-3 releases they break something. To be fair, they usually identify it in their changelog.17:18
jdstrandSpamapS: ie, mv apparmor-profile usr.sbin.mysqld17:18
SpamapSjdstrand: indeed, looks like the file got missed17:19
jdstrandSpamapS: (in the debian/ directory of course)17:19
pittiSpamapS: not that helpful for production servers, though17:19
pittiSpamapS: if that is so, then backporting security fixes indeed sounds better then?17:19
SpamapS    install -D -m 644 debian/apparmor-profile $(TMP)/etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld17:19
SpamapSIn 5.1 packaging, not in 5.517:19
SpamapSok it all makes sense now. :)17:19
jdstrandSpamapS: yes, 5.1 did not use dh_apparmor iirc17:19
SpamapSpitti: we can't do that17:20
SpamapSpitti: Oracle *obfuscates* their security fixes17:20
jdstrand /o\17:20
SpamapSjdstrand: it did17:20
pittiSpamapS: hm, you think mariadb will have compatibility problems, too?17:20
SpamapSpitti: yes17:20
pittirock <-> SpamapS <-> hard place17:21
jdstrandcan we migrate mysql users to postgresql?17:21
SpamapSs/SpamapS/Ubuntu & Debian MySQL users/17:21
* jdstrand is obviously kidding17:21
SpamapSjdstrand: lol17:21
pittiSpamapS: for psql I found that users didn't appreciate the backporting fixes that I used to do17:21
SpamapSpitti: to be fairl, neither do a lot of MySQL users.17:21
pittiSpamapS: they wanted the full microreleases, even though they had larger changes (but usually no incompatibilities, except to fix security holes)17:21
pittiSpamapS: just giving that as a data point17:22
pittiSpamapS: so maybe the odd incompatiblity is ok, as users can then go directly upstream to discuss/log bugs/etc.17:22
SpamapSIts really not about the users perception.. they'll take 5.1.61 and use it. Its just that we are going to be the first point of contact for when it breaks their app.17:22
pittijust giving that as a data point; I can't make a solid recommendation what to do for mysql17:22
SpamapSpitti: heh.. except that bugs.mysql.com is now a 2nd class citizen at Oracle.17:23
SpamapSpitti: you have to pay to get access to the private bug tracker.17:23
SpamapSto be fair, they have been responding a bit more to community bugs17:23
pittigood night everyone!17:24
SpamapSbut.. yeah.. its just the suck.. what made MySQL great... nimble openness .. is gone. Its now just "Mini-Oracle"17:24
jdstrandSpamapS: ignore me on the apparmor-profile/dh_apparmor bit. I was confused. dh_apparmor just needs the profile to where it expects it to be based on --profile-name. whether one uses 'install -D -m 644...' or a debian/*.install file doesn't matter. sorry for the noise17:24
SpamapSjdstrand: indeed, I'm fixing the files sections now17:24
SpamapSsomehow missed the apport hook too17:25
SpamapSUgh.. I really want to rewrite this packaging from scratch17:26
ion“what made MySQL great” /me snorts17:27
SpamapSright, its not great.. it just accidentally dominated the database market for the last 10 years. ;)17:28
ajmitchion: not a fan? :)17:28
ionajmitch: For a toy database, SQLite is easier to deploy and maintain. For a real database, one might want to use a real database. :-P17:29
SpamapSmysql is to databases as sitcoms are to television.17:29
SpamapSyes.. a toy that runs facebook and google... just a toy. :)17:29
ionAn awesome piece of history: http://sunsite.univie.ac.at/textbooks/mysql/manual.html#Broken_Foreign_KEY17:30
SpamapSdid you just quote the 3.23 manual?!17:30
ajmitchit may be old, but it's an amusing read :)17:31
ajmitchSpamapS: I don't envy you or other maintainers trying to keep up with security fixes from oracle though17:31
SpamapSajmitch: we're not going to. We're going to ship the micro releases.. period. :-/17:31
* ajmitch relies on mysql at work, so it's sort of important to have it still function 17:32
jdstrandSpamapS: yeah, I just don't see any other way atm :(17:32
ajmitchjust have to hope that the tests catch any regressions17:32
SpamapSjdstrand: neither do any of the experts .. people who have been developing mysql for years cannot find the way to get the security patches out17:32
jdstrandSpamapS: to add insult to injury, its my understanding that there most recent 5.0 release was their last17:32
SpamapSjdstrand: yeah.. we're on thin ice for the next 14 months w/ hardy17:33
jdstrandSpamapS: well, maybe they'll wait 14 months to group security vulnerabilities together like they did last time :P17:33
ajmitchisn't that a problem with any upstream that doesn't provide fixes over a long period?17:33
jdstrandajmitch: the problem is there isn't any path to backport from 5.1. the fixes are all obfuscated with no access to the bugs17:34
SpamapSjdstrand: the reality is that many of the CVE's they reported as being fixed in 5.1.61 were fixed in earlier releases17:34
* ajmitch could write some things about that situation, but has to adhere to the CoC17:35
jdstrandajmitch: you and me both17:35
SpamapSjdstrand: but 5.1.61 is just the first release where they're 100% using oracle's machinery17:35
jdstrandI see17:35
SpamapSjdstrand: in fact the mariadb guys were pretty convinced that some of them were duplicate CVE's of publicly disclosed bugs.17:36
SpamapSI say bring on Drizzle17:36
jdstrand'pretty convinced'17:36
jdstrandthat is from the experts. man, what a mess17:37
* ajmitch wonders if he can move to postgresql17:37
SpamapSajmitch: You're going to have a lot less friction moving to Drizzle.17:37
SpamapS99.9% compatibility.. just all the stupid stuff removed.17:38
jdstrandSpamapS: seriously :)17:38
ajmitchSpamapS: you're probably right, the drizzle packages in precise look to be a few months old though17:38
SpamapSlike   update table set timestamp column = NULL; ... in mysql a select from that column will give '0000-00-00 00:00:00'17:38
SpamapSin drizzle it gives.. SURPRISE.. null17:38
SpamapSajmitch: I'll be uploading the GA release of drizzle to precise next week17:39
ajmitchSpamapS: great17:39
SpamapSajmitch: its beta right now17:39
ajmitchSpamapS: are you currently the only person touching php & mysql in ubuntu?17:39
SpamapSajmitch: mostly yeah17:43
SpamapSajmitch: zul helps some too17:43
ajmitchthat figures17:44
zulsecrets and lies!17:44
ajmitchzul: oh hello there17:44
SpamapSso.. I wish dh_apparmor actually installed the file into the intended package..17:44
SpamapSbecause it makes it really hard to sync packages between debian/ubuntu if you have to change the .install or .files ..17:45
ajmitchSpamapS: where is the best place to help out with php-related stuff these days?17:56
lamontlamont    3722  0.3 60.0 6779384 2310004 ?     SLl  Feb14  15:24      \_ nm-applet18:01
SpamapSajmitch: testing testing testing testing. :)18:01
lamontwhat has my machine done to itself that nm-applet has chosen a 6GB footprint in memory?18:01
SpamapSajmitch: We've diverged from debian recently, as they've removed suhosin, and we're keeping it18:01
ajmitchyeah I saw that in your latest upload18:02
slangaseklamont: hahaha18:03
lamontslangasek: yeah, something like that18:04
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lamontnetwork mangler has expanded its scope to include swap manglement18:04
* lamont dist-upgrades again before rebooting18:05
dylan-mHey, I noticed the Wacom settings panel has a Map Buttons button, which is disabled. Anyone know what's going on with that? (WIP upstream, or is it a missing dependency?)18:12
slangaseklamont: hmm, so, the postfix resolvconf hook still fails miserably in early boot18:17
lamontslangasek: somehow, this does not surprise me18:17
slangasekit's weird though18:18
slangasekthings fail, then /etc/init.d/postfix status exits zero :P18:19
slangasekoh, ah yes18:19
slangasekbecause postmulti fails, enabled_instances() returns an empty list18:20
slangasekso "all" 0 instances are running18:20
Sarvattdylan-m: it looks like its just a stub and hasn't been implemented yet18:35
dpmhi pitti, the latest precise langpacks are dated from 0209 and were disabled for the beta freeze. I haven't seen any other langpacks, but the cron job is enabled. Did you just enabled it recently, or is something happening with the builds?18:37
SpamapSjdstrand: hey, is there any reason that an apparmor profile containing package should include the dir etc/apparmor.d/force-complain18:38
jdstrandSpamapS: the force-complain directory is used for upgrades from a release of Ubuntu that shipped the package without a profile (or non-enforcing) to a release that ships an enforcing profile18:39
SpamapSjdstrand: ok, so 5.1 has always shipped enforcing profiles18:40
jdstrandSpamapS: idea being, that if you upgrade from a release that didn't have the profile present, we don't have enough information to be sure we won't break your system, so we force it into complain mode18:40
SpamapSI think, let me check lucid..18:40
jdstrandI think mysql has since hardy tbh18:41
SpamapSjdstrand: ok, so we don't need that dir anymore seems18:41
jdstrandyes, it was in hardy18:41
jdstrandshouldn't, no18:42
SpamapSjdstrand: should I leave the bit in postrm to remove the symlink?18:42
SpamapSseems like yes18:42
SpamapSor is that dh_apparmor's job now?18:42
jdstrandSpamapS: yes-- the user could have done it18:42
jdstrandoh, good point18:43
* jdstrand looks18:43
jdstrandcat /usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts/postrm-apparmor18:43
jdstranddh_apparmor does it18:44
* SpamapS <heart> dh18:44
jdstrandSpamapS: fyi, it got easier in Debian. apparmor in Debian ships dh-apparmor now so everyone can start using it18:45
jdstrandSpamapS: we need the apparmor merge to happen though in Ubuntu first before we can then pull those Debian packages into Ubuntu (should happen next week)18:45
* jdstrand thanks kees for his tireless work with debhelper upstream and finding a solution for us18:46
SpamapS# no DEBHELPER here, "update-rc.d remove" fails if mysql-server-5.5 is installed18:47
SpamapSI bet thats not the case anymore.18:48
SpamapSjdstrand: thats awesome!18:48
jdstrandyeah-- next cycle we can start removing that delta and push all this up to Debian, now that they have an apparmor18:51
slangasekjdstrand: hmm, I don't see a dh_apparmor in the current debhelper package in unstable?19:06
keesslangasek: it's in the dh-apparmor binary package in unstable19:06
slangasekoh, he kinda said that already19:07
dylan-mOkay, thanks, Sarvatt19:16
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m4n1shev: ping19:41
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bdmurraydoko: thanks - I've pushed a fix for that20:38
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barryRiddell: well, at least i can reproduce the failure in my sbuild now, not that i have a fix yet21:35
Riddellbarry: debfx says he has a patch http://people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/telepathy-qt4_0.9.0+repack-0ubuntu3.debdiff22:26
Riddellah well a port to dh22:26
Riddelldebfx: have you tried it in a PPA?22:26
barryRiddell, debfx that's probably the best longer term fix.  i'll give that a try in preference to the fix/hack i've been developing22:28
barryRiddell, debfx your debdiff works for me locally.  tests pass, package gets built.  i'll try it in a ppa to double check.  don't know if you're still online, but if there are no objections, i'll go ahead and sponsor this upload.  will be nice to get this one fixed22:52
Riddellbarry: yes please22:52
broderslangasek: spent some more time thinking about initscripts/insserv23:38
broderdoes it make any sense to put the postinst code in insserv just for the srus, and not sru initscripts at all?23:38
broderwe've have the better fix for the long-term, and the "short term" of the srus would have a fix that was guaranteed ordered correctly23:39
slangasekit makes a certain amount of sense, yes23:39
slangaseknotwithstanding my dislike for insserv messing with links belonging to initscripts23:39
brodersure, that's not ideal, but at the same time, it is insserv cleaning up its own mess, which seems appropriate at some level23:39
broderand my head doesn't explode trying to think about the edge cases in possible upgrade paths23:40
slangasekyeah; I wouldn't reject this solution either23:40
broderok. i think i prefer doing it this way. would you mind rejecting the insserv srus i've already uploaded, and then i can roll this in and reupload?23:41
slangasekbroder: rejected23:43
ScottKdobey: Where's your split python-qt4 package?23:46
lamontslangasek: bind9 9.8.1.dfsg.P1-3 uploaded to debian, I figure we can sync it monday23:54
slangaseklamont: sounds good to me23:54
lamontI'll work on postfix next,sometime this weekend23:54
* slangasek nods23:54
bdrungcjwatson: around?23:54
* lamont wanders23:54
slangasekbdrung: he isn't23:55

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