DelphiWorldsalam all21:42
DelphiWorldhi EgyParadox21:42
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: salam21:43
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: in egypt now!21:44
seiflotfywelcome back to egypt21:44
seiflotfyi am not in egypt21:44
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: :)21:44
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: where so? ;)21:45
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: :D21:45
DelphiWorldseiflotfy: i'm algerian but in egypt now21:45
* DelphiWorld slaps EgyParadox around a bit with a large trout21:45
DelphiWorldhey! thelinuxer !22:39
thelinuxerhi DelphiWorld22:40
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: cairo now ;)22:40
thelinuxerI am sorry, but have we met before ?22:40
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: we talked befaure in pm, remember? :)22:41
thelinuxeri think i remember ur nick :)22:41
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: :D:D:D22:41
thelinuxerbut I don't actually remember what we talked about :D22:41
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: HAHA22:42
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: i talked about blind users and ubuntu, remember? ;)22:42
thelinuxersorry i have a horrible memory, want to start over :D ?22:43
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: HAHAHA so good night:)22:43
thelinuxerDelphiWorld: good night :)22:46
DelphiWorldthelinuxer: :)22:46

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