itayמי כאן10:54
trew100איזה כיף12:55
trew100שוחרר בלנדר 26.212:55
trew100ויש חידושים מלבלבים :-))))12:55
trew100מה שכן יש לו מסך פתיחה חזק אששששששש12:56
trew100שיווו אני מתלהב כמו ילד חח12:57
LenMeאהלן אנשים14:31
LenMeOnly enlgish?14:36
LenMeאני הולך להתקין אובנטו14:37
LenMeהמערכת עצמה, לוקח זמן להבין?14:37
Avihayno, not only english14:37
LenMeאז למה אתה מדבר באנגלי14:38
Avihaywell, I han't played with gnome3 or unity, so I can't tell14:38
AvihayI don't like switching languges, and mixing hebrew and english14:38
LenMeאני חדש בעניין הזה אין לי מושג מה אמרת כרגע14:38
Avihaywell, Explorer.exe, gnome3 and unity are desktop environments14:39
Avihaythey are the software that provides you the desktop icons start menues and stuff like that14:40
LenMeמה זה גודל ההתקנה?14:40
LenMeהורדתי את ההתקנה של ווידנאוס14:41
Avihaywell, you can get ubuntu on a 710MB cd, it needs about 4GB on the HDD minimum14:41
LenMeאוקיי אני מפעיל מחדש, תאחל לי בהצלחה14:42
Avihaygood luck14:42
LenMEYo, Im Having some problems16:44
LenMECan anyone tell me how to change the languge in the keyboard?16:44
LenMEplz plz plz16:44
AvihayLenME: hi16:44
LenMEI just installed Ubuntu, Its awsome.16:45
LenMEExcept the basic face, I dont know how the change the languge im writing :/16:45
Avihaywhat environment are you useing? unity or gnome3/gnomeshell?16:45
LenMEAre you using gnomshell?16:45
Avihayno, I'm useing kubuntu / KDE16:46
Avihaysec, I'm googleing it for you16:46
LenMEThanks man :)16:46
LenMELet me read it and ill comeback.16:47
AvihayI wanted to suggest first trying to work from the live-cd to see if ubuntu works for you16:49
LenMElol yea i got it but now how to switch it?16:50
LenMEALT+SHIFT isnt workin g.16:50
Avihayalso an article compareing GnomeShell, Gnome unity and KDE: http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/what-s-the-best-linux-desktop-environment--1045280?artc_pg=116:50
AvihayLenME: it's in the article, they show you how to set the layout switching key16:50
LenMEOKay man ty.16:52
LenMEIts working.16:52
LenMEIll check the system out now.16:52
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