CIA-70choose-mirror: cjwatson * r1176 ubuntu/ (choose-mirror.c debian/changelog):11:24
CIA-70choose-mirror: The fix in choose-mirror 2.39ubuntu3 for cases where the selected11:24
CIA-70choose-mirror: country has no mirror broke preseeding of mirror/country=manual. Fix11:24
CIA-70choose-mirror: that.11:24
CIA-70choose-mirror: cjwatson * r1177 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.39ubuntu411:27
cjwatsonev: aha; the problem was that GtkTable doesn't support height-for-width geometry management13:38
cjwatsonev: the fix is to switch to GtkGrid, which does13:38
cjwatson*much* better layout13:38
evwas that documented13:38
evor were you just expected to read the source?13:38
cjwatsonoh and http://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkTable.html too13:40
cjwatson"Note that GtkGrid provides the same capabilities as GtkTable for arranging widgets in a rectangular grid, and additionally supports height-for-width geometry management."13:40
cjwatsonso it was very clear once I realised that the problem was with the container, not the widgets it contained13:41
cjwatsonI'm still getting a pixel or so of shifting when displaying labels that wrap, but that's just a matter of making sure the label is big enough in advance and should be a much easier problem to deal with13:42
CIA-70ubiquity: cjwatson * r5208 trunk/ (debian/changelog gui/gtk/stepUserInfo.ui):13:49
CIA-70ubiquity: Port the user page from GtkTable to GtkGrid, so that we get sensible13:49
CIA-70ubiquity: height-for-width geometry management (LP: #830933).13:49

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