philipballew_Can someone add a member cloak too my name?06:52
* philipballew_ would do it himself but the laws of nature prevent it06:52
philipballew_if noone does it's okay. but in the mean time feel free to see my ip address and scan my ports. might be fun.06:57
pangolinphilipballew_: 5 hours ago you had a @ubuntu/member cloak06:57
pangolinwhat happened to it?06:57
philipballew_pangolin, i have a desktop and laptop. my laptop is currently the name with the _ on it. figured i should identify both names06:58
pangolinright but the cloak is applied to the account and not the ip, so if you are identified to the account that was cloaked you should be cloaked at the moment06:58
Unit193pangolin: account  : philipballew_06:59
pangolinif you have multiple accounts. I suggest you /msg nickserv identify account_with_cloak password06:59
philipballew_pangolin, i identified my account 10 minutes ago!07:00
pangolinI don't believe you will be given a second @ubuntu/member cloak but i could be wrong07:00
* philipballew_ high fives Unit193 07:00
pangolinphilipballew_: so why was your cloak not applied?07:00
Unit193philipballew_: See /msg nickserv help group07:00
Unit193pangolin: Two accounts.07:01
VorTechSphilipballew_: do you have an alternative account to the one you are using now?07:01
philipballew_^ yeah! Unit193 stole the words right from my fingers07:01
pangolinUnit193: exactly, and is why i don't believe the IRCC will ACK another cloak for him07:01
pangolinphilipballew_: identify to the account that has the cloak applied07:01
philipballew_i could, but the other account is open on my desktop a quater mile away.07:02
pangolinyou can ident with multiple clients07:02
pangolinto the same accoun07:03
philipballew_thats true... but thats not the default and its not gonna always log in with that07:03
pangolinLike I said I do not believe that the IRCC will allow the same cloak on multiple accounts07:04
philipballew_i know, but thats why I did ask. What is the harm in asking my friend :)07:05
pangolinin the mean time you can /msg nickserv identify account password07:05
Unit193philipballew_: Is there a reason you don't just group the nick?07:05
philipballew_Unit193, what do you mean?07:05
Unit193Group, have more than one nick on an account.07:05
pangolingroup allows you to link more then one nick to the same account07:05
pangolin/msg nickserv help group07:06
philipballew_idk. never thought about.07:06
pangolinyou should :)07:06
* Unit193 has done it07:06
* head_victim has 5 grouped nicks07:06
* pangolin has 14 nicks on this account iirc07:07
pangolinI also only have one account07:07
philipballew_would that apply my cloak to my new name07:07
head_victimHah, pangolin wins :/07:07
Unit193pangolin: Wow...07:07
Unit193philipballew_: Yeppers07:07
philipballew_I should look into it probably.07:07
philipballew_irc confuses me07:07
pangolinah, 13. I dropped a few07:07
Unit193That's still quite a number, I have less, but two accounts (one bot acct)07:08
pangolinphilipballew_: you really should, it is the correct way of doing what it is you are asking07:08
philipballew_is it possible to have both my desktop and laptop logged in as philipballew at the same time?07:08
pangolinonly one client can use a nick at a time07:09
pangolinyou can have philipballew_ and philipballew both identified with the same password07:09
Unit193philipballew_: Both on same account, but different grouped nicks.07:10
pangolinwell, actually if you are using a bnc you can have multiple clients using the same nick but that is a little more involved07:10
philipballew_thats what i have currently. same password and same email. there not grouped though afik07:11
Unit193Or irssi...07:11
pangolinphilipballew_: ok, first you will need to DROP this account /msg nickserv help drop and then you will group this nick /msg nickserv help group with the account that has the cloak07:12
philipballew_now all the people i troll on in irc wont have my ip address!!!07:13
pangolinyour an Ubuntu member, you shouldn't be trolling!07:13
* philipballew_ still wonders why he's a ubuntu member sometimes...07:14
philipballew_if only they know i have no idea what i am doing07:16
Myrtti we all just fake and wing it07:16
Myrttinothing wrong with that ;-)07:17
pangolinMyrtti: you are staff, am I correct in assuming that multiple accounts don't get the same cloak?07:17
Myrttiwe certainly try to avoid it07:23
pangolinphilipballew_: you don't need to go home to get this done07:24
philipballew_pangolin, why not? i cant be loged in from the same nick on two different comp's07:24
pangolin/msg nickserv identify philipballew password07:24
pangolin.... gimme a second07:25
* philipballew_ waits07:25
pangolin/msg nickserv drop philipballew_ password07:25
Unit193Drop, identify, group.07:25
philipballew_yeah, but i need to be logged in as philipballew when i group right?07:26
pangolinright and you will be07:26
pangolindid you drop philipballew_ yet?07:26
Unit193philipballew_: Just follow pangolin, he knows what he's doing.07:26
* philipballew_ follows pangolin 07:27
pangolinso first07:27
pangolin/msg nickserv drop philipballew_ password07:27
philipballew_hey! i dropped it07:27
pangolin/msg nickserv identify philipballew password07:27
Myrtti good07:27
pangolinthere ya go07:28
pangolinall done07:28
pangolinlast thing07:28
pangolin/msg nickserv group07:28
* philipballew_ does the last thing07:28
Myrtti congrats07:29
pangolinnow to see what nicks you have group to the philipballew account you can /msg nickserv info philipballew07:29
philipballew_I should hold a party now07:29
philipballew_if you guys come to San Diego right now i'll buy some cake!07:29
Unit193Only you can see the grouped nicks (well, and staff)07:29
pangolinthat command will show you a whol bunch of info about your account07:29
* Myrtti followed the gears go kthunk in the background 07:30
philipballew_so now if i re log in my cloak will be set07:30
pangolinyes now all you need is to identify to the main account, philipballew07:30
Myrttihe already is now07:31
pangolinyes sorry, I meant in the future07:31
Myrttibut for the future it's all set07:31
philipballew_but that is still logged in back home?07:31
pangolinphilipballew_: it is07:31
Myrttishould be yes07:31
pangolin* [philipballew] (~philipbal@ubuntu/member/philipballew): philip ballew07:31
* philipballew_ unless my computer crashed...07:32
pangolinit is still logged in07:32
philipballew_if it did, i'd beat the crap out of it.07:32
philipballew_gotta teach it a lesson.07:32
pangolindon't abuse the computer. user error is the main cause of most problems07:32
philipballew_i am a error when it comes to computers07:33
philipballew_i had a desktop once that the cd drive would only open when i hot on it really hard07:34
dholbachgood morning07:34
Unit193Good morning, dholbach.07:34
dholbachhi Unit19307:35
philipballew_how goes it dholbach ?07:35
dholbachphilipballew_, good good, thanks - how about you?07:36
philipballew_dholbach, Glad to hear life is swell. I am great, or at least I tell myself that until I believe it! :)07:38
dholbachautosuggestion always works - it has to!07:39
philipballew_well off to try to get some sleep! peace my friends07:40
Myrttidholbach: I've been thinking of the email to the CC and I am still missing words on how to answer it about eruSUL, I'm sorry07:42
dholbachMyrtti, don't worry - take your time07:42
Unit193Well, !wubi is just *slightly* outdated.15:17
Tm_Tupdate it then? (;15:22
Unit193I couldn't last I knew.15:22
Unit193And you can't do multi sed args with ubottu can you?15:23
Tm_Tprolly not multi15:23
Tm_Tyou can suggest new version15:23
Unit193Bummer, and Alan found me.15:24
Unit193Also, I noticed ubot2` is a little outdated....15:38
Unit193ubot2`: download15:38
ubot2`Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!15:38
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
pangolinUnit193: Nothing stopping you from doing a /msg ubot* THIS is <reply> Some stuff about what this is.20:15
Unit193pangolin: While that being true, this is about the same thing, only I don't hilight myself. :P20:16
Unit193Does it really help any?20:16
pangolinI don't understand what you mean20:17
pangolinwhat does hilighting yourself have to do with suggesting factoid edits?20:17
Unit193Does it help to do it the other way? And ubot2` is *supposed* to be in sync.20:17
Unit193pangolin: Nothing, ignore that part.20:18
pangolinwell you can send all factoid edits to ubottu if you like and yes the bots are supposed to sync but sometimes that does not happen20:18
Unit193Yes, just saying sending to that bot I wouldn't think would be the fix.20:20

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