ZooMonkeyHi guys. I am trying to compile Openbravo from source using ANT and the instructions from the wiki, unfortunately it never gives me a JAR, and, I get 1Error 1Warning evertime I try to compile. What am I doing wrong? I'm running on the oldschool Sun JAVA (1.6) using 10.04LTS Ubuntu. No reason for it to not compile. Brand new machine and Linux install - no customization.00:44
ZooMonkeyI see other people getting my Warning message but when they compile on XP for some reason they get a JAR afterwords. When I try via terminal, it only puts things into /build/classes/ it seems??? ANd I get no JAR :(00:46
ZooMonkeythe error keeps telling me to recomile with Xlint:unchecked for details , however, when I run "ant -D Xlint=unchecked" ,,, it just says same things00:48
ZooMonkeysame happens with "ant -D Xlint=false"00:49
ZooMonkeywhooop! wait I just found its an option in the XML i hav to add00:50
ZooMonkeyhmmmmm it's not adding into my XML happily at all00:54
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