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YogsterrAnyone here?05:45
YogsterrI made some japanese dishes can you tell me if they look authentic?05:46
Emmanuel_Chanel_I don't know... Where are you from?06:57
Emmanuel_Chanel_Hvordan har du det?06:57
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YogsterrAre you danish?06:58
Emmanuel_ChanelNo, Japanese.06:59
Emmanuel_ChanelThere is ##japanese on this network.07:01
Emmanuel_ChanelMaybe, better for you to ask the question on that channel.07:01
Emmanuel_ChanelThis channel is also a social channel, though.07:02
Yogsterrhere is a gallery of some of my food creations.07:02
YogsterrIts a few pages long, maybe 5-6 pages long07:02
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