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maksare there plans to add drm+1 for 3.2 again?08:20
maksthinking of various improvement with mesa 8.0 08:25
smbmaks, Not as far as I know. 08:27
* apw yawns08:31
makssmb: I see, hmpf bad news for rc6 param.08:39
apwmaks, how so ?08:39
FudgeI am trying to find out if speakup is also in the ubuntu server kernls08:41
smbIMO rc6 is indipendant of moving to a completely new drm08:41
smbFudge, Likelyhood should be there as those are the same kernels for precise08:42
apwFudge, as far as i know they are modules which are enabled08:42
Fudgethank you very much, server installs dont actually load a desktop for install, its a text installer?08:42
Fudgeas far as I know that is08:42
smbFudge, It is the same text installer like alternates. But you asked about the kernel08:43
Fudgeyep, thanx loads08:43
makssmb: well it is a great battery life improvement and afaik still needed some fixes after 3.2 (even not turned on by default in 3.3 :|)08:46
apwmaks, right and we have an ongoing effort to get those fixes working and enabled in precise08:46
smbmaks, I know. And there is some testing going on about that. But one does not want to pull a whole new drm for that. ;)08:46
makscool, been watching with a bit of distance due to personal thesis constraints.08:48
maksthat is cool news, hope that we can coordinate that with debian again too.08:48
maks(now that 3.2 is official there too)08:49
apwwe are likely to have the same kernel base version so that the patches ought to be as applicable there if we get them working and applied08:49
apwof course that relies on patches which appeared in the last two days being perfect and covering all the cases08:49
apwwhich isn't very likely really08:49
maksright they need to settle a bit didn't knew they were that fresh.08:52
apwthey have only just figured out what they want to do, whether that is valid, and whether the patches do that are both in doubt at the moment08:57
jjohansenapw: so I am not pushing the AA patches today, I hit a kitten killer with the rebase and missed feature freeze so the plan is to do some more testing and push early next week08:59
smbpoor animals08:59
jjohansensmb: indeed, /me is now living in fear of peta or alf finding out09:00
smbjjohansen, Alf should not be a problem as long as you got ketchup and fries... ;)09:01
jjohansenanyway /me is going to bed for at least a couple of hours09:02
smbjjohansen, That sounds like a very sensible plan. :) G'night!09:02
jjohansensmb: hehe, I forgot about him09:02
jjohanseng'night smb09:02
* cking reboots11:04
* ppisati -> lunch11:56
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apwbjf i take it you saw all teh shankbot moaning about universe etc14:29
tgardnerapw, pitti has already responded14:31
apwtgardner, thanks14:32
ogasawaraapw, tgardner: I'm gonna start prepping the upload.  Do you guys have anything else that needs to go in?14:39
apwogasawara, nothing thats ready no14:40
tgardnerogasawara, serge has a bug report about headers not being right, but I don't think it should be an upload stopper.14:40
apwtgardner, got a reference to that ?14:40
tgardnerI guess it causes some lxc build issues. I'll have to back and look. One of my unity crashes happened before I wrote it down.14:41
apwtgardner, if you find it ... pass it over14:41
tgardnerapw, I'm pretty its assigned to hallyn14:41
tgardnernot that launchpad can do that search without timing out14:42
apwtgardner, indeed14:42
tgardnerapw, but it will be a bug against linux or linux-meta14:43
bjfapw, just sitting down, sigh14:43
* apw hopes for linux-meta14:44
ogasawarabug 93304514:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933045 in linux "headers incompatible with eglibc" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93304514:44
tgardnerogasawara, thats the one14:44
apwbjf, didn't we have an arsenal script to pick up new linux-meta bugs and shove them to linux14:45
apwbjf, seems to have stopped working me thinks14:45
apwjsalisbury, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=014:45
tgardneryeah, was just gonna ask jsalisbury about that14:45
apwjsalisbury, we have a bunch of bugs on linux-meta ... often they are real linux bugs and we should be checking them and pulling them over14:46
apwjsalisbury, i thought we had a script which did it for New ones (real ones had to be moved Confirmed and shoved back)14:46
apwbut ... otherwise we need to keep an eye on it14:46
bjfapw, i i'll look into it. not sure we run that all the time, but can't remember14:47
apwbjf, we did when i ran them, when they moved to jfo things got less clear14:47
apwbjf, it is quite likely we don't get enough to care if jo just keeps an eye on them14:49
apwbjf we can hear you14:50
jsalisburytgardner, apw, yeah, I've been manually moving bugs to the linux package when they are marked as linux-meta by mistake.14:52
jsalisburyapw, thanks for that link.  I'll review all of them.14:52
tgardnerjsalisbury, well, there are 20+ new linux-meta bugs tat look like they should be linux14:52
bjfjsalisbury, we do have a script to find them all and move them, i'll get with you in a bit about it14:56
jsalisburybjf, great, thanks.  14:56
* ogasawara back in 2015:15
tgardnersforshee, has your MB Air stopped suspending when you close the lid ? pm-suspend works OK.16:11
sforsheetgardner, yes. I found the problem, see bug 93371016:13
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933710 in gnome-desktop3 "MacBook Air 4,1 does not suspend when lid closed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93371016:13
tgardnerah, user space16:14
sforsheeyeah, now gsd doesn't suspend if it thinks you have an external monitor attached16:14
sforsheebut it's treating eDP as an external monitor16:14
tgardnersforshee, so, this is a recent change to gsd, right ?16:15
sforsheemust have been within the last week or so, but I didn't check16:15
tgardnerand likely impacts a number of laptops ?16:15
sforsheeanything using eDP16:15
sforsheeand intel graphics at least16:16
tgardnersforshee, ok, I'll put some whammy on the bug (like its release critical, etc)16:16
sforsheetgardner, thanks16:16
tgardnersforshee, change the description to be more generic as this impacts more then just Macs16:18
sforsheetgardner, done16:18
tgardnersforshee, good catch by the way.16:20
sforsheetgardner, that was really bugging me. I use that machine a lot, and I hate having to use the menu to suspend it16:21
tgardnersforshee, have you played with the clickpad support from chase ?16:21
sforsheetgardner, I didn't realize there was new clickpad support available16:22
sforsheehow do I get it?16:22
tgardnerah, it came on the desk top list. I'll forward it to you16:22
sforsheetgardner, thanks. I've been looking forward to getting better clickpad support16:23
tgardnersforshee, i got it on the 11th. I guess I should have looked at the recipient list16:24
sforsheecnd, do you know why 52965cc "Input: bcm5974 - set BUTTONPAD property" hasn't been submitted for precise?16:43
tgardnersforshee, it applies cleanly. shall I just push it ?16:49
sforsheetgardner, up to you. I'm building a kernel now to test it.16:49
tgardnersforshee, ok, lemme know16:50
* smb thinks this week has been going on for long enough...16:51
smbCU next one16:52
tgardnerogra_, is there a page somewhere that describes how to create a Lucid ARM rootfs ? I'm messing around with a dreamplug and their default debian rootfs is kind of crufty.16:52
ogra_tgardner, dreamplug is armv616:57
ogra_wont run ubunt16:57
tgardnerogra_, it should run Lucid, right ?16:57
ogra_karmic would run16:58
tgardnerogra_, hmm, well maybe I'll stick with Lenny. the update from their distribution to Lenny 6.0.4 didn't go well.16:59
tgardnermaybe I should just start with a Lenny rootfs16:59
tgardnerogra_, I thought we didn't abandon v6 until after Lucid17:01
ogra_other way round17:03
ogra_jaunty was v5, karmic was v617:03
ogra_lucid v7 17:03
tgardnerogra_, dang, thats not very handy.17:03
ogra_not my choice17:04
tgardnerogra_, does debian keep an armv6 rootfs tarballed somewhere, or do I have to debootstrap it ?17:05
ogra_i think you need to debootstrap 17:05
tgardnerok, thanks17:06
cndsforshee, because I haven't had a chance yet :)17:12
tgardnercnd, its a clean cherry pick. any reason not to ?17:12
cndtgardner, no, I literally haven't had time yet17:13
cndI sent it a few days ago17:13
cndand I've been in transit to the gtk hackfest and other feature freeze stuff17:14
tgardnercnd, just pushed it, so its in precise17:14
cndtgardner, thanks :)17:14
cndthe other reason I was waiting was there are three other patches17:14
cndone for hid-magicmouse17:14
tgardnerogasawara, added some cruft on to your tree17:14
cndand two for synaptics17:14
cndbut one of them I'm not sure of yet17:14
ogasawaratgardner: ack17:14
cndso I want to get some feedback first17:14
tgardnercnd, are those upstream ?17:14
cndtgardner, not yet, as far as I am aware17:15
cndI didn't even know bcm5974 was upstream yet17:15
tgardnerok, we can get 'em later17:15
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sforsheecnd, I tried your clickpad stuff on the macbook air, and when I've depressed the clickpad with one finger, each time I place a second finger on the surface the cursor jumps. Is that a known problem?17:50
sforsheecnd, the pointer jumps rather17:50
cndsforshee, it shouldn't...17:54
cndsforshee, you enabled clickpad mode, right?17:54
cndand you don't have the bottom area masked off?17:54
sforsheecnd, I updated from the ppa and ran both of the scripts you sent17:55
sforsheethat's all17:55
cndsforshee, can you pastebin the output of "xinput listprops <device>"?17:55
cndyou can get the device from running xinput17:55
* cnd has to leave though... :(17:56
sforsheebasically it's working, except for the jumpy cursor17:56
cndsforshee, please file a bug against xserver-xorg-input-synaptics17:56
cndwith a tag of "clickpad"17:56
sforsheecnd, ack17:56
cndand attach your xinput list-prop output17:56
cndand assign it to me17:56
tgardnersforshee, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug17:59
* tgardner -> lunch18:28
* sforshee -> also lunches18:33
DBOapw, I know you're upset, Im just genuinely trying to help18:49
DBOapw, can you just confirm if you are still getting the stuck super keys after upgrading and restarting your session18:49
DBOI need to know if I should put a freeze on trunk18:49
apwDBO not upset, just demotiviated from bothering to report issues18:51
apwas three of my team have tried today and got various handy handles added to them18:51
apwwhen all they wanted to do was tell you somethign was really brokted18:52
DBOIm sorry your team has been given the run-around, thats really not appropriate18:52
apws'ok we'll just file bugs from now on and leave it at that18:53
DBOthe stuck super keys though, can you please answer that18:53
DBOits quite important to me18:53
apwDBO, erm what was the question ?18:54
DBOif you press super+num18:54
DBOdoes your launcher get stuck18:54
DBOas if the super key is still pressed18:55
apwDBO no that one seems fixed, but i have seen two cases of the numbers getting stuck on without the associated loss of ability to work on the desktop that it had before -0ubuntu418:55
apwso there is something new in there.  i'll try and get a piccy of it18:55
DBOyou have seen the numbers stuck without continuing to hold the super key?18:56
apwyep, twice since i updated to -0ubuntu4, which would have been perhaps 3.5 hours ago18:56
apwthey just stayed on until i moved to a differnt viewport thingy (the thing on the lay18:57
apwlauncher with 4 tiles18:57
DBOdoes your launcher autohide?18:57
apwDBO yep normally, and when the get stuck it does not hide either18:58
* cking reboots18:59
DBOapw, I know Im asking a dumb question, you did restart your session after upgrading compiz yes?19:00
apwDBO, i did a lightdm restart cause my compiz died when i tried to compiz --replace it19:01
DBOif you find a reproducible or semi-reproducible way to cause the issue19:02
DBOplease let me know immediately19:02
apwDBO, yep will do, am playing with various emulations of my workflow to see if i can, but no luck right now19:06
DBOapw, once again, sorry about the disrespectful way you were treated, its not cool, I'll be looking into this race condition today with my team19:07
apwi'll let you know if we manage to repro any of them19:08
DBOapw, while Im here19:13
DBOwho can I talk to about learning how to make my multi-touch keys work?19:13
DBOerm, multi-media keys19:13
DBOsome of them are not even reported by the kernel, so things like udev keymaps dont help19:14
tgardnersforshee, ^^19:15
apwDBO there is a wiki guide on how to work out where the issue is19:15
apwthough i an not sure how up to date the info is these days19:16
apwDBO cirtainly we should try and work out if the keys are being emitted from the kernel or not19:16
apwnormally they either come out of one of your input channels, which you can find with input-events <n>19:16
apwor via acpi which acpi_listen thingy will show you if there are events there19:17
DBOapw, they come out neither acpi_listen nor from xev (with gnome-settings-daemon killed)19:19
DBOapw, I went through this from the X side with RAOF one time19:19
DBOand his conclusion was the kernel was not emitting anything when I press the keys19:19
apwDBO, what machine is this btw19:20
DBOapw, evtest either19:20
apwDBO, there is a command input-events, and a sibling command lsinputs.  the next thing to try is getting those installed19:20
apwand then use lsinputs to get a list of all your input streams19:21
DBOapw, actually its an external keyboard19:21
DBOlogitech wave19:21
apwthen for each of them use input-events 0, then input-events 1 etc19:21
apwand while each is running hit the key and see if it comes out19:21
DBOcan do19:21
apwif so then we'd want to see what came out, so do file a bug with all the things you have tried19:22
apwand get the bug number to jsalisbury19:22
DBOapw, if I unplug the wireless receiver19:23
DBOapw, then I plug it in19:24
DBOand see the diff in the inputs19:24
DBOwould it be safe to only test those inputs?19:24
DBO(it creates 2 inputs, one for the mouse, one for the keyboard, but some of the MM keys show up on neither)19:24
apwDBO hmm, well in theory yes, though i have seen some internal devices emit them on the internal keyboard for instance19:24
apwi woudl think for this one, its mostlikely the new ones19:25
apwand i would start with those, as if something is emitted its as likely to be19:25
apwthere as anywhere19:25
DBOyeah they dont emit on those19:25
DBOI'll go through them all19:25
sforsheeDBO, about your multimedia keys, is this on a laptop?19:25
DBOsforshee, it is a laptop19:27
DBObut on an external keyboard19:27
DBOI dock the laptop19:27
DBOapw, sforshee, none of the inputs emit an event when I press the button19:28
sforsheeDBO, what model of keyboard?19:29
DBOsforshee, brand new Logitech Wave19:29
DBOI gotta go for about 10 or 15, Im sorry19:31
* apw calls it a day19:38
* cking does a clean install, wish me luck19:49
DBOsforshee, back, anything i can do to help make this work? :)19:57
sforsheeDBO, how were you checking for scancodes?20:03
DBOsforshee, evtest20:03
sforsheeDBO, it's not always the case that drivers report the scancode when they don't have a keycode to go with it, unfortunately20:06
sforsheedo you know what driver is handling the keyboard? usbhid maybe?20:06
DBOand hid_logitech_dj are loaded20:07
DBOsforshee, ^^ :)20:07
sforsheeDBO, what's the output of 'lsusb | grep 046d' ?20:09
DBOBus 003 Device 002: ID 046d:08d7 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate STX20:10
DBOBus 003 Device 005: ID 046d:c52b Logitech, Inc. Unifying Receiver20:10
DBOthe quickcam is a webcam I have sitting on the external monitor20:10
DBOsforshee, I did hack my udev rules at one point to make it match the Unifying Receiver20:10
DBOsince the current wave rules dont look for that20:10
DBObut that didn't fix it20:10
sforsheeyou mean to load a keymap?20:11
sforsheeDBO, anything in dmesg when you press those keys?20:12
ohsixsforshee: can i piggyback on this and get some assistance with my touchpad disable key later? :]20:14
sforsheeDBO, I haven't worked with hid devices before so I'll have to do some digging. Probably best to file a bug and assign it to me.20:18
DBOsforshee, Im willing to do some hacking of my own20:18
DBOsforshee, if you point me in a direction and say go20:18
DBOI really just would like a brief lay of the land20:19
sforsheeDBO, well drivers/hid/hid-logitech-dh.c is the driver matching your USB id20:19
sforsheethat's where I'll start20:19
sforsheeI need to survey the landscape though, and if you file the bug with 'ubuntu-bug linux' I'll have the hw information readily available20:20
DBOokie dokie20:20
DBOI'll do that :)20:20
sforsheeohsix, I'd say the same to you. If you file the bug I won't have to keep asking questions about your hw :)20:20
ohsixwell i filed a bug already, nobody had any pointers or troubleshooting steps when i kept flogging it either, let me dig it up20:21
ohsixsforshee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/739922 i've since changed my motherboard so the having ran .37 isn't important now, if it ever was20:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 739922 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "touchpad disable key does not work (acts as if no key was pressed, no event in xev)" [Undecided,Expired]20:27
ohsixi don't know if that was even the right place to report it, but nobody pointed me elsewhere, shrug20:27
ohsixi did go through the troubleshooting guides that i could find on the wiki but none were very relavant or revealing20:28
sforsheeohsix, did you try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting ?20:29
ohsixyes, but i can go through it again20:29
ohsixiirc the conclusion i came up with is that the event device showed the presses, but xev didn't (like x changed its input selection criteria)20:29
sforsheeokay, go through it again and post what you find on the bug. It may just need a keymap.20:30
ohsixshould i reopen it or just post a new one? and against synaptics again or something else?20:31
sforsheesynaptics is definitely wrong, but reopen it and post what you find and we'll figure out what package is correct20:32
ohsixokie dokie, thanks20:32
ohsixi'm still on natty, i can try oneiric sometime next week though20:33
sforsheeohsix, okay, even testing a live CD should be enough20:33
DBOsforshee, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/93448020:33
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934480 in linux "Logitech Wave keyboard multi-media keys don't all work" [Undecided,New]20:33
DBOI tried to add everything I could about it20:33
ohsixthat's what it will be :]20:34
DBOand now its assigned to you sforshee :)20:34
sforsheeDBO, ack. I'll look at it as soon as I can manage.20:34
sforsheeohsix, there's two devices you're keypress could be coming from. One is name "HP WMI hotkeys" and the other "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"20:35
sforsheebe sure to check both20:35
ohsixwill do, i do recall it coming on a different device than the AT one, but not which20:36
ohsixbbiab, nose running]20:36
* tgardner -> EOD20:41
ohsixsforshee: hm it's different now getting this on _deactivation_ twice, and nothing on activation, still going through article: keycode 146 = (keysym 0xff6a, Help), state = 0x1021:06
sforsheeohsix, sending press and release events on button release isn't unusual for hotkeys21:08
ohsixit's the same message twice, wouldn't the keycode or the flags be different?21:08
ohsixit's weird it used to work ages ago, i didn't see if there was a keymap for it back then though21:09
sforsheeI'm not sure what everything in your output represents -- what are you using to see the events ?21:10
ohsixoh, just the first step in that wiki article, killing g-s-d and the xev oneliner21:11
ohsixi'll just carry on :]21:11
ckingyay, unity3d now working - clean install and nuking ~/.gconf/apps/compiz* fixed it21:20
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